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Naughty Kid - Action Game 1.4
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Naughty Kid Is among This Season’s MostPopular Skill Games and Action Games!Whether it is children, teens, tweens or adults, every one likesto play skill games or action games to loosen up and forget thedaily troubles and tensions of life. And the most popular entrantright now is little Naughty Kid, whose pranks and antics havecaught the fancy of the web world’s action games players. Thoughthere are various other games which may deal with this same theme,the adorable and cute boy, who is also very, very naughty at thesame time, is attracting players like nobody’s business! The gameis slowly but steadily making a place for itself in the extremelycompetitive games market.Currently, there are many other skill games and action games inthe market, so what is so interesting about this game that it haswon the hearts of so many people, including little naughty kids andgirls to teens and adults (who are not young themselves, but playit nevertheless!)? That’s easy – it’s the super awesome cuteness ofnaughty kid! So, what does the boy do in these series of skillgames that make him so adorable? The setting of the game has himplaying in a park. While playing there, the boy is adamant that hewants to fly from one of the big balloons in the park to other bigballoons. So, the player has to help Naughty Kid fly from oneballoon to another (and have fun themselves) in one of the bestskill games of this season!Playing different kinds of games is a favorite pastime for mostpeople. Be it games that are played in playgrounds or those whichare played on desktops, laptops or on mobile devices, all of themgive you temporary respite from the humdrum of daily life. Mostgames are of two types – skill games and action games. Whatever thetype of game being played, they are the best way to fill up youridle time and learn some fruitful and interesting reflexes at thesame time. All you need is a mobile phone to play games these days.Some people don’t play action games, but those games can teach youa lot of things and improve your thinking speed in many ways.The first type of games is action games, and nowadays they aregaining more popularity than skill games. In the genre of videogames the emphasis of action games is on physical challenges. Whencompared to skill games, these games are more adept at improvingthe hand to eye coordination of players and the reaction time ofplayers while they play on devices like mobile phones. There aredifferent types of this genre of game like shooter games, fightinggames and platform games. Among skill games there are games likechess, backgammon, poker or other different kinds of card games.These can be downloaded from application stores, while some arealready inbuilt in your mobile for easy accessibility.Different games have to be played differently. Generally inaction games there are different levels and a player has to crossthese levels and collect points or finish the story and become theultimate winner. The exciting nature of this type of game makes itpopular over different skill games in today’s fast paced worldwhere people have limited time. These games can be finished quicklyand without too much mental exertion. But that does not mean thatskill games have no place in people’s lives. The former had, hasand will always have a special place in a player’s life. These testthe mental scope of a person unlike action games which are based onthe physical agility of a person’s hands. Though there is a slightelement of chance in games like chess or poker, skill plays agreater role.Through skill games you have an opportunity of understanding andexploring your own capabilities. You also have a fair knowledge ofwhat your limitations are. Skill games encourage you to look ateverything from new and varied perspectives. They also sharpen yourmental faculties to give you better memory strength.
Toon Car Racing 1.4
Zada Games
3D Toon Car Racing with 7 racing cars and2race tracks.Tilt control for great driving experience. Use nitrotogo very fast! You can enjoy this racing game by collectingcoinsand spend them for buying a new racing car. This racing gamehas 2different race tracks as highway and city. More race tracksandracing cars will be added in the future. We also give youthechance to get free coins by simply watching a cool videoadreviews!
Four Dots 1.3
Zada Games
Four balls appear in the middle of thescreen.You just need to combine the balls coming from top, bottom,leftand right of the screen with the balls in the middle. It is averysimple and enjoyable game.