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Nonograms Katana
Nonograms Katana: Sharpen your mind! Nonograms, also known asHanjie, Griddlers, Picross, Japanese Crosswords, Japanese Puzzles,Pic-a-Pix, "Paint by numbers" and other names, are picture logicpuzzles in which cells in a grid must be colored or left blankaccording to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hiddenpicture. The numbers are a form of discrete tomography thatmeasures how many unbroken lines of filled-in squares there are inany given row or column. For example, a clue of "4 8 3" would meanthere are sets of four, eight, and three filled squares, in thatorder, with at least one blank square between successive groups. Tosolve a puzzle, one needs to determine which cells will be boxesand which will be empty. Determining which cells are to be leftempty (called spaces) is as important as determining which to fill(called boxes). Later in the solving process, the spaces helpdetermine where a clue (continuing block of boxes and a number inthe legend) may spread. Solvers usually use a dot or a cross tomark cells they are certain are spaces. It is also important neverto guess. Only cells that can be determined by logic should befilled. If guessing, a single error can spread over the entirefield and completely ruin the solution. Features: - 1001 nonograms- All puzzles are free - All puzzles tested by computer program andhave unique solution - Black-and-white and colored - Nonogramssorted by groups from 5x5 to 50x50 - Download puzzles sent by otherusers - Create and share your own puzzles - 15 free hints perpuzzle - Use crosses, dots and other symbols to mark cells - Autocross out numbers - Auto fill trivial and completed lines - Autosave; if you stuck you can try another puzzle and come back later -Zoom and smooth scrolling - Lock and zoom number bars - Lockcurrent puzzle state, check assumptions - Customize background andfont - Switch day and night modes, customize color schemes -Optional cursor for accurate picking - Undo and redo - Share resultpictures - Save game progress to the cloud - Achievements andleaderboards - Screen rotation, as well as puzzle rotation -Suitable for phones and tablets VIP Features: - No Ads - ViewAnswer - 5 extra hints per puzzle site:https://nonograms-katana.com facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Nonograms.Katana
Sudoku Katana: Sharpen your mind! Sudoku is considered to be one ofthe most well-known numeric puzzles; they also call it a numeric ordigital crossword. Translated from Japanese, Sudoku means “numbersrescued from solitude,” and, according to statistics, this is quitetrue. You can find this “magic square” in many magazines,newspapers and collections, and not only in Japan, but around theworld! Solving these puzzles is so popular that it’s considered themost simple and exciting form of leisure entertainment. It’sinteresting to note its ability to develop logical and abstractthinking. The game field is a 9x9 stacked square, which is dividedby darker lines into 9 squares with sides of three cells. As aresult, you get a game field of 81 cells, each of which must haveits own special number. At first, some of the cells are alreadyfilled with numbers (from 1 to 9); they serve as prompts. You mustfill the remaining empty cells with numbers, so that in each row,column and smaller square, numbers don’t repeat; that is, they’reonly encountered once. With the game on “paper,” players often usepencil and eraser, and also various types of “tabs” to convenientlyfill in the field. However, our program has a series of specialcharacteristics that make the game more exciting and interestingwithout any sort of additional gimmicks. Features of our App: - 7levels of difficulty - 7 million Sudoku - All Sudoku are free -Identical numbers are highlighted - Available numbers arehighlighted - Auto-save for current puzzles - Save any interestingpuzzles - Lock a current field, check options - Undo - Choose afont for numbers - Choose a background - A picture bonus forwinning each level of diffiulty - Supports screen rotation -Supports tablets Features for VIP users: - No Ads
Uni Tarot (8 decks+) 2.9.5
Uni Tarot is unique app that unifies 8 wonderful decks and 15spreads. This app is useful for beginners and professionals.Everyone will find something interesting. Tarot is not just afortune teller. It is an opportunity for a fresh look at yourproblems, reveal previously unseen aspects of your life, it is workwith yourself. Try it and you will not regret. Your life willcertainly begin to change for the better! Features: - MultipleDecks Tarot: -- Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot -- Soprafino Tarot -- Tarotof Giovanni Vacchetta -- Tarot of Marseilles -- 1JJ Swiss Tarot --Grand Etteilla Tarot -- Grand Jeu de l'Oracle des Dames (EtteillaIII) -- Sola Busca Tarot - Decks can be downloaded separately onyour choice - Import and edit your own decks, include nonstandarddecks (22 card, 79 cards and more) - Easy way to compare cards frommultiple decks simultaneously - Handy Reference / Encyclopedia ofTarot - For each card information is provided in many aspects:Astrology, Numerology, Elements, Colors, Esoteric Title,Intelligence, correspondence in the Hebrew alphabet, position inKabbalistic tree of life and many more - Card meaning byRider-Waite, A. E. Thierens, P. D. Ouspensky - Full screen mode(long press or pinch a card) - All Cards in HD quality - 15 spreadswith detailed description for every position - OptionalSignificator - Draw 3 extra cards to any spread - User own commentsfor cards and spreads - Save spreads - Send spreads to friends viaemail and export to other devices - Share spreads on facebook andtwitter - Optional notification for Card of Day - Card of the Dayresizable Widget - Search card by name - Organize spreads infolders - Customize background (15 colors + 17 textures) - Visualshuffling deck and choosing cards - Screen rotation support -Tablet support Spreads: - Single Card - Three Cards (Past, Present,Future) - Relationship - Five Cards (Diamond) - Celtic Cross -Horseshoe - This Week - The Mirror - The Pentagram - The Hexagram -The Mandala - Tree of Life - The Key - The Ankh - The Chariot VIPFeatures: - Create and edit your own customized spreads - Enteryour real spreads to save and share - Extra deck - Import decks isunlimited - Install your own backgrounds - No Ads Troubleshooting:- To enable Widget and reliable Card of Day notifications the appmust be moved to internal storage - If app crashes on launch, makesure SD card is accessible and not mounted to PC via USB Facebookpage https://www.facebook.com/Uni.Tarot.Android
Zen Sweeper: Arrange the stones with Feng Shui The rules of thegame resemble Minesweeper in Zen style. Your task is to open allempty cells and put the stones to the cells with Yin-Yang symbol(You should put a stone before open the cell). However, unlikeMinesweeper, the game does not end on the first mistake, but youwill get penalty. Wrongly placed stones can't be removed, you alsowill get penalty for them. The number of dots indicates how manyYin-Yang places on neighboring cells. Lotus safely can be placed onany closed cell and opens all cells around, automatically placingstones. Also Lotus can be used to fix mistakes. Unused Lotusesadded to final score. Features: - Minesweeper based game in ZenStone Garden - Hexagonal cells - Huge game field up to 120x100cells - Perimeter is already opened, so you will not get stuck inthe corners - Meditative gameplay - Mistake is not the end, the winis not the goal - Relaxing sounds and animations - Zoom and smoothscrolling