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十三支又名十三张/13张、推罗宋、十三水/13水、中国扑克、Chinesepoker、Pusoy、拼道。------------------------有市场最专业的牌型智能推荐系统,让您快速的完成一局游戏同时。更可以迅猛提高牌技。 ------------------------[游戏特色] 1. 可以免注册,直接玩 2. 一个帐号可以在IPhone、IPad、 PC直接玩,与全球玩家共享十三张/十三支娱乐盛会3.每日登陆赠送游戏币 4.当你有特殊牌型,或打枪、全垒打的时候,更可享受完美的动画场景5.智能选型推荐系统,被许多资深玩家赞不绝口!让你轻松拥有高手的感觉 6.钱包功能:a)您可以把一部分银子放进钱包,这样别人不知道您的真实财富;b)游戏银子的输赢结算是桌面上的银子,比如当把所有的银子放进保险箱时,您可能无法进入各个房间,因为“桌面上的银子为0”Thirteenaka thirteen / 13 Tyre Song, thirteen water / 13 water, Chinesepoker, Chinese poker, Pusoy, fightroad.------------------------There is a market most professionalsmart card recommendation system that allows you to quickly finisha game at the same time. Licensing technology can improve morerapidly.------------------------[Game Features]1. You can avoidregistration, direct play2. an account can play in IPhone, IPad,PC, shared thirteen / thirteen entertainment event with globalplayers3. Get a daily landing game currency4. When you have aspecial card type, or fire a gun, when the home run, but also toenjoy the perfect movie scene5. Intelligent selectionrecommendation system, many of the senior players were full ofpraise! Let you easily have the feeling of a master6. walletfeatures:         a)You can put some money into the purse, so people do not know yourrealwealth;         b) thegame winning or losing the settlement money is money on thedesktop, such as when all the money into the safe, you may not beable to enter each room, because "money on the desktop to 0"