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☫ Welcome to the mystical world of “real jigsaw puzzles” for kidsand adults! ☫ Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle ☫ brings you twenty amazingimages of these mythical creatures of the world of the dragons!Download this brand new puzzle game and play it on your mobilewithout internet! “Dragon jigsaw” is a very fun, highly addictiveand totally “free puzzle game for kids and adults”. Match all thepuzzle pieces and get a reward – this dragon app offers you thepossibility to save the completed puzzles to the gallery and usethem as wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone and tablet! Hurryup, download these “dragon games free” of charge and enjoy the bestcollection of jigsaw puzzles for kids and adults! Main features: ☫Choose the difficulty – easy (9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces). ☫Every jigsaw game is different – various piece shapes every time. ☫Move pieces in groups – easier to connect a single piece with theentire group! ☫ Save all puzzles in progress – work on all of themat the same time! ☫ Use PAUSE button if you want to see the wholepicture, or to save your progress! ☫ No in app purchases – all the“picture puzzle games” are completely FREE! ☫ Play these puzzleswithout WiFi – great addicting game which you can play without anyobstacles! ☫ Visit our channel to find more puzzle games for kidsand adults! ☫ Besides being a fun pastime, this dragon puzzle gamebrings you many benefits: it is a great brain exercise for kids andadults, it improves your cognitive skills and observation anddevelops visual perception. Download ☫ Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle ☫ andtry to beat the clock while solving all the beautiful dragonpictures that this free app offers! The appealing graphics andvivid colors of these dragon games for kids and toddlers willeasily capture one's attention so that your children will be fullyentertained for many hours. Do not hesitate to download this“dragon puzzle box” for free – you will not only obtain fabulous“dragon puzzle games” but also beautiful dragon themes for yourphone or tablet. You will get ten free dragon pictures when you getthis app, and then you'll be getting a new puzzle photo every dayuntil you collect all twenty of them. Set the difficulty from easy(9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces) and become a professional puzzlesolver in no time! ☫ If you download ☫ Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle ☫,you'll get very fun puzzles for kids and adults and dragonwallpapers - free games and dragon images for mobile wallpapers caneasily become yours with free download. Play these puzzles withoutWiFi – enjoy your favorite “dragon games” wherever you are!Download this amazing collection of jigsaw puzzles free games 100pieces for kids and adults and play “all dragon games for free” onyour mobile device! You won't make a mistake – these jigsaw puzzlesare a great way to entertain your kids and yourself for a longtime! All of the wonderful dragon pictures featured in these “freeanimal jigsaw puzzles” are carefully chosen to satisfy the needs ofthe most avid puzzle solvers! Enter the enchanted jigsaw world freetoday and play the best dragon games for kids, toddlers and adults!☫ Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle ☫ is waiting for you!

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    Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle
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    December 27, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Fun Apps and Games by SCHACH
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Educational Puzzles - Letters 4.2 APK
It's time to learn some letters! Help your kids learn the alphabetin a blink of an eye by matching the colorful jigsaw puzzles!Perfect for kindergarteners, preschoolers, and 1st graders! GetEducational Puzzles – Letters and have a lot of fun! ⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗ Fivejigsaw puzzles to solve! Drag and drop the jigsaw pieces! Use helpif you need it! Solve the puzzle and get cup rewards! EducationalPuzzles – Letters contains five amazing puzzle pictures that yourkids will enjoy solving! It will help them with learning theletters, but it will also enhance their concentration and reasoningskills. Moreover, it will keep them focused and occupied whileyou're doing the chores. Jigsaw puzzles, matching games, and otherproblem solving games are a great way to entertain your childrenand to teach them the alphabet letters. Children learn best throughplaying, therefore, go ahead and educate them in a fun way. Installthis puzzle game on your fabulous Android phone and provide yourkids with necessary knowledge. Suitable for small children –kindergarteners, preschoolers, and 1st graders. However, the adultscan have some fun with this jigsaw puzzle app, too. Educationalgames such as this one will relax your busy mind and make youremember your sweet childhood years. They will activate your brainin a lovely manner because you only have to combine the pieces ofcolorful jigsaws. From our point of view, your kids will love thismatching game with letters of the alphabet. From the scientificpoint of view, they will develop logical thought and problemsolving skills. This puzzle game will enhance their abilities toreason, deduce, and analyze the pieces. Physically, they willdevelop eye-hand coordination and spacial awareness. Great, right?Basic jigsaw puzzles with less pieces can serve the purpose of anearly toy for babies, while the more complex ones with hundreds,even thousands of pieces are more suited for adults as a hobby. Ithas been proven that these games have numerous physical and mentalbenefits. Get Educational Puzzles – Letters from the market todayand see it for yourself! Even the simplest jigsaw puzzles withanswers benefit the development of reasoning and the type of skillsrequired for solving of various problems. They are important indeveloping fine motor skills required for picking the right piecesand slotting them into their place without breaking up the rest ofthe complete puzzle. These actions can be complex at the beginning,but a child will slowly learn and develop these skills gradually.Therefore, if you want to be a parent in vogue, you will provideyour kids with this beneficial learning app! A jigsaw puzzle thatdepicts the letters of the alphabet will be fun to complete butwill also provide a child with the ability to learn the letters andimprove their knowledge. With Educational Puzzles – Letters yourkids will learn the alphabet in no time! Enjoy! ⓟⓤⓩⓩⓛⓔⓢ
IQ Puzzles for Children 2.2 APK
Boost your kids' IQ with this brand new learning game forkindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary school children. Weoffer you incredible graphics with colorful pictures and simpletouch controls! Download IQ Puzzles for Children and have a lot offun! ❧Choose from five different puzzle pictures to solve; ❧Justdrag and drop the piece into the marked area; ❧Use help if you wantto see the whole picture; ❧Solve all jigsaw puzzles and get cuprewards; ❧An extremely fun and jigty game for kids! IQ Puzzles forChildren contains a collection of jigsaw puzzles with colorfulpictures that your kids will simply adore! This educational game issuitable for kindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary schoolchildren! There are five puzzle pictures that will introducechildren to the world of science and inventors and stretch theirmind in an entertaining way. Awesome for IQ testing! Brain traininggames, learning games, and other educational apps are verybeneficial for kids as well as for adults! Beautiful puzzlepictures will improve their cognitive skills and concentration, aswell as enhance their ability to reason and solve problems.Therefore, don't hesitate! Get this collection of free jigsaws nowand get jigty! Once the children solve the jigsaw correctly theyare awarded a trophy and motivated to continue playing. In casethey need help, they can see the whole picture and continue joiningthe puzzle pieces until they complete the whole jigsaw picture. Allin all, an extremely fun game for babies, toddlers or kids age 3,4, and above definitely worth downloading. Welcome to the jigsawworld! These brain games for kids are more than just fun. Not onlyare they totally attractive and engaging, but they are also greatlearning games and brain teasers. Jigsaw puzzles for kids can be anexcellent activity for keeping the brain sharp. These mind teasersfor children challenge dexterity, spatial reasoning, and logic.Even better, they work both sides of the brain simultaneously,something few other activities do. Test your IQ! If you, as aparent, are looking for a fun learning kids game to keep yourchildren occupied and engaged whenever you want, download IQPuzzles for Children free for your mobile device and let yourlittle ones entertain themselves and learn about the world aroundthem by playing. Both brain-teasing and curiously relaxing, a goodjigsawpuzzle is always one of the best ways to while away anafternoon. Be it easy puzzles for kids or hard puzzles for adults,these fun mind games can easily bring people together and offerrelaxation and entertainment. Starting from the early age childrencan be used to learning through preschool games such as logicpuzzles, picture puzzels or jigsaws that will have benefits fortheir development and further education. Jigsaw puzzles forAndroid™ available in this totally free puzzle app are truly someof the best logic games suitable for girls and boys equally.Therefore, do not hesitate any longer – just download puzzlegamesand be sure that your preschool and kindergarten age kids will bealways fully entertained while they are learning. Awesome IQ gamesthat will prepare you for your IQ test.
Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle 4.0 APK
❂ Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle ❂ brings you twenty amazing images ofdifferent animal species straight from the jungle! Choose yourfavorite jungle animal: elephants, dolphins, birds or zebras andsolve all of the wonderful puzzles with animals! If you arefascinated by wild animals, you shouldn't miss this fun puzzle gamefor kids and adults! Teach your kids about the interestingwildlife, the jungle and all of its inhabitants – your childrenwill learn and play with this entertaining puzzle game! Chooseamong difficulty levels and find the one that suits you. Dependingon the level you select, this game may become much more than aneasy preschool game. Kids can play easy jigsaw puzzles with 9 or 16pieces – it is sufficiently challenging for their age. On the otherhand, adults can choose difficult puzzles free games with 100pieces, and enjoy playing them offline. Obtain these logic puzzlesfor free by downloading ❂ Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle ❂ game and you'llget the best puzzles and brain teasers for any age. Have fun withthese jungle and water animals! Main features: ❂ Choose thedifficulty – easy (9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces). ❂ Every jigsawgame is different – various piece shapes every time. ❂ Move piecesin groups – easier to connect a single piece with the entire group!❂ Save all puzzles in progress – work on all of them at the sametime! ❂ Use PAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture, orto save your progress! ❂ No in app purchases – all the “picturepuzzle games” are completely FREE! ❂ Play these puzzles withoutWiFi – great addicting game which you can play without anyobstacles! ❂ Visit our channel to find more puzzle games for kidsand adults! ❂ Select your favorite cute animal from our hugecollection of animal pictures! ❂ Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle ❂ bringsyou twenty animal images which you can solve, and save later to useas an animal wallpaper for your home and lock screen! Choosebetween pictures of dolphins, fish, puma, birds of paradise,zebras, elephants, rhinoceros, fox, sheep, giraffes and otherbeautiful pictures of wild animals, set the level of difficulty andenjoy some of the best wildlife puzzle games for kids and adults!After you complete the big puzzle picture, select the option tosave the image to your gallery and set this cute animal picture asyour phone background. Wildlife HD wallpapers are going to beautifyyour screen to the maximum. ❂ Zebras puzzle game, dolphins puzzle,birds jigsaw, fox puzzles and many other animal games for kids andfree puzzle games for adults will fully entertain you and help youto relax. Shooting and matching games, then hidden object games,find the difference apps and jigsaw puzzles are very popular latelybecause apart from entertaining you, they also train your memory,develop logic, improve brain functions and visual perception.Download ❂ Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle ❂ and have fun with these wildanimals puzzle games. You'll get excellent brain teasers for adultsor puzzles for kids, free games and interesting mind games foreveryone. Download ❂ Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle ❂ app and have hours offun with this interesting memory game for kids and adults!
Roses Jigsaw Puzzle Game 4.1 APK
Hello, kids and adults of all generations! Here is an excellentcollection of jigsaw puzzles only for you! If you like playingeducational games, you're at the right place. Download ★ RosesJigsaw Puzzle Game ★ and let the puzzle-solving adventure begin!Main features: ★ Choose the difficulty – easy (9 pieces) to hard(100 pieces). ★ Every jigsaw game is different – various puzzlepiece shapes every time. ★ Move puzzle pieces in groups – easier toconnect a single puzzle piece with the entire group! ★ Save allpuzzles in progress – work on all of them at the same time! ★ UsePAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture, or to save yourprogress! ★ No in app purchases – all the picture puzzle games arecompletely FREE! ★ Play these puzzles without WiFi – greataddicting game which you can play without any obstacles! ★ Visitour channel to find more puzzle games for kids and adults! Veryinteresting preschool games for kids are puzzles because childrenlearn how to combine similar pieces to get a big puzzle picture.These flowers games are excellent puzzles for kids under 5. At thesame time, wonderful red, yellow and white roses on your screenwill be a rest for your eyes. Save any image you like, and set itas a rose photo wallpaper. Just as crosswords, word search games,hidden object games and other help you relax, this flowers puzzlegame with lovely music and cute design will do the same. Memorygames and apps for brain exercise are very popular on the marketwhich is why you mustn't miss these puzzles and brain teasers foradults. Download ★ Roses Jigsaw Puzzle Game ★ today, and you'll getfree puzzles games for adults, logic puzzles with pictures, jigsawpuzzles for girls and mind games which can entertain the wholefamily. An excellent feature of this Roses Jigsaw Puzzle game isthe option to save frozen puzzles meaning to save your progresswhen you stop playing so that you can continue where you stopped.To summarize, you can play these flowers puzzles with no Internet,you'll practice your memory, you can choose different difficultylevels – up to jigsaw puzzles free games 100 pieces and getexcellent brain teasers for adults or puzzles for kids free gamesfree download; plus, you'll also get white roses wallpaper, redroses background, glittering roses and other cute rose photos. So,do not hesitate any longer, take ★ Roses Jigsaw Puzzle Game ★, havetons of fun and decorate your screen with beautiful flower.Beautiful puzzles with roses are amazing and challenging braingames for kids and adults that you shouldn't miss! These lovelyfree flower jigsaw puzzles will also interest children, and triggerthem to match all these beautiful roses photos and win the game.Red roses, yellow roses, white roses, rose petals, bouquets offlowers and many other cute pictures of roses make this 2015 gamefor Android™ phones and tablets very interesting. If you arelooking for jigsaw puzzles free games that you can play offline,take these free games and puzzles for kids and adults – play rosepuzzles with friends or alone whenever and wherever! Incredibleroses pictures are waiting for you! Beautiful roses are here topresent you with their beauty. Nature jigsaw puzzles such as thesecontain puzzles for adults with 100 pieces. When you're finishedwith the whole jigsaw puzzle picture, you can save it to yourgallery and have roses wallpapers and backgrounds hd. This freepuzzle game for Android has been created with the aim to engage youin a fun puzzle solving activity. Enjoy!
Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle 4.4 APK
❤ Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle is a new and cute puzzle game for kidsand adults which brings you twenty adorable photo puzzles of theseamazing insects! Solve the best jigsaw puzzle pictures with theseamazing insect puzzles for toddlers, kids and adults! If you aresearching for free jigsaw puzzles with no WiFi needed, try thisamazing butterflies puzzle and have a lot of fun matching all thepieces and solving each and every of these beautiful “butterflypictures”! These “free puzzles for kids and adults” are suitablefor everyone who enjoy these mind boggling apps! Since thedifficulty level can go from easy to hard (9 to 100 pieces), evensmall kids and toddlers can enjoy this brand new memory improvinggame! Hurry to the market and get this 2015 puzzle game – try tobeat the clock while matching all the pieces and solving the mostbeautiful pictures of white, red, green, blue, yellow and purplebutterflies! Main features: ❤ Choose the difficulty – easy (9pieces) to hard (100 pieces). ❤ Every jigsaw game is different –various piece shapes every time. ❤ Move pieces in groups – easierto connect a single piece with the entire group! ❤ Save all puzzlesin progress – work on all of them at the same time! ❤ Use PAUSEbutton if you want to see the whole picture, or to save yourprogress! ❤ No in app purchases – all the “picture puzzle games”are completely FREE! ❤ Play these puzzles without WiFi – greataddicting game which you can play without any obstacles! ❤ Visitour channel to find more puzzle games for kids and adults! ❤ Chooseyour favorite butterflies image from our huge collection of jigsawpuzzles! Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle includes some of the most famoustypes of butterflies, such as the Monarch butterfly, whitebutterfly, red butterflies, yellow butterflies and other beautifulHD insect pictures! Solve all the levels of difficulty of thisfantastic “jigsaw puzzle game for kids” and adults – see whetheryou can beat the clock and obtain all the beautiful pictures ofbutterflies! This free game is for all those people who like “kidspuzzle games”, “puzzles for adults 100 pieces”, “puzzles for adultsand kids”, “puzzle games for little kids” and “educational gamesfor kindergarten”! Download the best collection of “jigsaw puzzlesfree games for adults” and kids and have tons of fun with thisinteresting puzzler! ❤ Download Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle, aninteresting combination of puzzles for kids, learning games fortoddlers, jigsaw puzzles free games 100 pieces for adults andeducational games for elementary school! With this fun “butterflygame”, kids “learn and play”, as well as improve their cognitiveskills and develop visual perception! Get the “real jigsaw puzzle”experience by combining all the puzzle pieces and creating apicture! Improve your memory and entertain your kids and yourselfwith this educative interactive game! Download this free jigsaw,install the app on your mobile, choose the puzzle size and get downto solve this new jigsaw puzzle game for Android™!
Cities Puzzle Game 4.3 APK
Get ready to solve some puzzles! If you like educational games,learning apps, and other games for better concentration and memory,you're at the right place. Download Cities Puzzle Game and be thefirst to combine all the jigsaws. Main features: Choose thedifficulty – easy (9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces). Every jigsawgame is different – various piece shapes every time. Move pieces ingroups – easier to connect a single piece with the entire group!Save all puzzles in progress – work on all of them at the sametime! Use PAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture, or tosave your progress! No in app purchases – all the “picture puzzlegames” are completely FREE! Play these puzzles without WiFi – greataddicting game which you can play without any obstacles! Visit ourchannel to find more summer puzzle games for kids and adults!Cities Puzzle Game contains a collection of beautiful puzzlepictures of famous cities – New York, London, Venice, Paris, Rome,Sydney, Barcelona, Moscow, and many others. Take a break from allarcade games and play a puzzle game which is going to improve yourmental skills. Enhance your focus, concentration, and cognition bycombining jigsaw pieces into a whole. Revise your knowledge ofpart-whole relationships, hand-orientation, and spatial-movement byfinding the appropriate missing puzzle piece. Get a sense ofself-appreciation and satisfaction for every solved puzzle andspend hours of fun and entertainment with this amazing collectionof free jigsaws. Have you ever dreamed of going to Paris or NewYork? Now is your chance to feel like you were there by looking atthese phenomenal pictures of city sights. If you're a fan ofgeography quizzes and geography puzzles, these cities puzzle gameare excellent choice for you. Landmarks jigsaw puzzles will makeyou travel the world in a blink of an eye. Visit all beautifulcities with cities jigsaw puzzle. Our designers have created anamazing user interface which is suitable for all generations ofusers: kids, teenagers, and the adults. The controls are simple andintuitive, so everyone can find their way easily inside this puzzleapp. Do you have a rusty memory? Are you tired of never endingarcade games? Now is your chance to shine bright like a star andshow everyone how great your mental capacities are. Download CitiesPuzzle Game and start combining the jigsaw pieces now. Practiceyour hand-orientation and eye-movement as well as your knowledge ofpart-whole relationships. Improve your speed of noticingdifferences between similar jigsaw parts while you assemble them onthe jigsaw plate. Enjoy lovely jigsaw puzzle pictures that ourdesigners have created especially for girls. It doesn't matter whatage you are – we are sure that you're going to love this freepuzzle game. Very small kids will be thrilled to complete the wholejigsaw puzzle game. In this manner, they will get a sense ofsatisfaction and self-appreciation which is very beneficial for ahealthy development. Moreover, they will become interested in othereducational apps and learning games, which will further advancetheir mental capacities. Teenagers will get a break from selfiephotography and Instagram by introducing a fun puzzle solvingactivity into their day, and the adults will revise theirproblem-solving skills, goal-orientation, and will also enhancetheir learning skills. So, no matter the age, start combining cityjigsaws today.
Zoo Animals-Children Puzzles 2.2 APK
Welcome to our little zoo! Here is the coolest jigsaw puzzle gamefor you! We have created five excellent puzzle pictures of yourfavorite zoo residents: a lion, a zebra, a bear and a hippo!Download Zoo Animals-Children Puzzles today and let the fun begin!Five different animal picture puzzles to solve; Just drag and dropone piece into the marked area; Use help if you want to see thewhole picture; Solve all free jigsaw puzzles and get cup rewards;Zoo Animals-Children Puzzles is a brand new puzzle app fresh fromour factory of the best free games. If you like playing learninggames like chess, sudoku or checkers, you will surely love thesefree jigsaw games for kids we've created just for you. So, you mustbe wondering what is so good about all these games available on themarket. Playing word search, dominoes, scrabble and hidden objectgames can have many benefits for human mental development. First ofall, picture puzzles develop logic because they involve puttingrelated pieces together to form the big puzzel picture. Secondly,in the world of constant stimulation through television andshooting games, we all need some quiet activity when we cancontemplate and focus attention on a problem solving task. Thirdly,educational games which make you find objects or look for an escapeplan from a complicated situation. For all these reasons, you haveto install these incredible brain puzzles on your phone. Go aheadand get this puzzle app and you will soon find the difference inyour puzzle solving skills! Let the jigsaw puzzle mania begin! Canyou escape from everyday worries in the animal world? Whether youare a devoted zoogoer or you simply enjoy playing zoo games, thismajestic puzzlemaker will certainly make your day. Download ZooAnimals-Children Puzzles and meet the mighty lion, the king of thejungle; an elegant zebra, with beautiful stripes; and a dangerousbear, ready for a winter hibernation. Suitable for kids of all ages– for kindergarteners, preschoolers, and for elementary schoolchildren. Let your family become an ultimate puzzle family! Whetheryou are in need of a memory trainer, or you have small kids, youneed to get these brain games immediately! Hurry up and get jigty!Excellent for adults, for boys, and for girls! Download thisawesome jigsaw puzzle saga and enter the magical jigsaw world! Getthis new puzzle app today and assemble some funny pictures ofanimals on your fabulous Android phone. These free logic puzzleswill bring jungle animals into your life and also enhance yourmental activity. Get Zoo Animals-Children Puzzles today and starthaving some fun. Download this excellent free puzzle game today andget jigzy!