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It is no doubt that ripped jeans are the in thing now. Thankfully,you don't have to spend extra to buy new jeans as you can makeholes on your old jeans. For a while now, ripped jeans have beenall the rage in the world of fashion. And for this very reason,quite a number of big brands have seized the opportunity to adoptthe idea in their designs right before selling their merchandise atexuberant prices. Thankfully, you don’t have to part with huge sumsof cash in an attempt to fit in with the crowd. All you need to dois learn how to punch holes in your favorite jeans by simplyfollowing a few steps. The good thing about ripping your own jeansfrom home is that it’s easy, affordable and to some extent, fun.You’ll also need a few tools to help you go about this business.These tools will include a cheese grater, some sandpaper, a razorand a thread just to mention a few. Please note that if you don’tknow how or what to use the above-mentioned tools for, worry not.We’re about to give you a blow by blow explanation on how you cango about putting holes in your jeans using each one of these tools.Enjoy!!

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A spell, charm or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, whichare considered by its user to invoke some magical effect.Historical attestations exist for the use of some variety ofincantations in many cultures around the world. Spells can be usedin calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, deity or othersupernatural agent, or to prevent a person from taking some actionor in forcing them to remain on some path of action. Survivingwritten records of whole magic spells were largely obliterated inmany cultures by the success of the major monotheistic religions,Islam, Judaism and Christianity, which label some magic activity asimmoral or associated with evil. Spells would generally bedistinguished from magic symbols, words, patterns, recipes,practices and other forms of magic that were not directly exercisedby a collection of words. However, some spells were combinations orrepetitions of words that were considered to have magic power, butwhich were not in sentences or verse. Inside this app, we willfocus on magical words. Due to the surviving written record ofancient Egyptian culture, a number of references to magic andcomplete examples exist. In particular, the embalming and interringprocess involved the use of many documented spells, for examplefrom the Book of the Dead. How would you like to learn four spells(magical words) that can transform your love life, wealth andprotect you from harm? We have discovered these “spells" that foundtheir way to ancient India by way of Egypt. Magical words weretransported to the indus kush valley by the Dravidians who leftancient Kemet (Egypt ) 5000 years ago. Ever wonder how theEgyptians built the pyramids? This is how by going into a powerfultrance and using these words to change their consciousness. Here iswhat you will learn: -Why spells work -How to go into an alteredstate -The magical word for change -The magical word for love -Themagical word for wealth Inside this app, we will show you step bystep how to cast a life-altering spell on yourself that willelevate you to the next level. New Youtube Video Added-How tomanifest money, free pdf how to attract wealth and success... FreeNumerology Report!!!
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THE apocalypse is coming and the end of the world will happen in2021, according to Christian conspiracy theorists who believe weare on the brink of civilization being destroyed. Our culture hasbecome increasingly captivated by apocalyptic themes and storylines, with a plethora of popular TV shows and feature filmsembracing zombies, plagues and other terrifying end of daysscenarios. But the idea of a future Armageddon-like scenario isn’tmerely reserved for fictional entertainment plots, as the conceptis deeply embedded in Christian theology, impacting the waybelievers have read and interpreted biblical scripture over thepast two millennia. In fact, many contemporary theologians andpastors believe they’re observing numerous signs in the currentculture that mirror the supposedly prophetic contents of scripturesin Old and New Testament books like Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation.What has convinced these theologians and pastors that the end timescould be ramping up? Many of these theologians and pastors believethat sweeping moral decay, biblical disconnectedness and ongoingviolence in the Middle East are just a few of the prophetic markersthat they believe were foretold thousands of years ago in both theOld and New Testaments. But how can Christian leaders be so surethat the biblical end times are approaching? Inside this app youwill find 13 amazing modern signs the end of the world maybe near,backed by biblical scriptures.. Inside you will find • How theObama Administration may have triggered the end of times • Bitcoinand the mark of the beast • Recent NATURAL DISASTERS • Rise ofSpiritualism • War with North Korea • Global warming And much muchmore!!
How to Summon a Spirit 2.4 APK
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Summoning a spirit or evocation is the act of calling upon orsummoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in theWestern mystery tradition. Comparable practices exist in manyreligions and magical traditions and may employ the use ofmind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.The Latin word evocation was the "calling forth" or "summoningaway" of a city's tutelary deity. The ritual was conducted in amilitary setting either as a threat during a siege or as a resultof surrender, and aimed at diverting the god's favor from theopposing city to the Roman side, customarily with a promise of abetter-endowed cult or a more lavish temple. Evocatio was thus akind of ritual dodge to mitigate looting of sacred objects orimages from shrines that would otherwise be sacrilegious orimpious. The calling forth of spirits was a relatively commonpractice in Neoplatonism, theurgy and other esoteric systems ofantiquity. In contemporary western esotericism, the magic of thegrimoires is frequently seen as the classical example of this idea.Manuals such as the Greater Key of Solomon the King, The Lesser Keyof Solomon (or Lemegeton), the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mageand many others provided instructions that combined intensedevotion to the divine with the summoning of a personal cadre ofspiritual advisers and familiars. Inside this app we will learn howto summon a spirit using what the ancient Egyptians used in themystery schools. If you study any history the seeker willultimately see the most esoteric practice originated in the Hapivalley. Voodoo, Santeria, black magic and Wiccan are offshoots ofAncient Kemetic practices of speaking to the ancestors. How did theEgyptians build the pyramids? Through communication with theirancestors (spirits, ghost, etc.). How did the Dogon Tribe discoverSirius B, through ancestor communication. Here is what you willlearn inside this app. • How to raise your vibration to communicatewith spirits • How to Setup an Spirit Altar properly • How toAchieve an Altered State to communicate with spirits • How toMeditate More Effectively When Looking to Connect with SpiritGuides, Ancestors and Animals • How to Chant properly • You willalso learn an ancient word of power use for thousands of years tocommunicate with spirits
Cracked Heels Remedy 1.0 APK
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Cracked heels can be a sign of poor foot care, dehydration or anunderlying health issues. This problem manifests itself usually onthe outer layer of skin on the heels, but can also penetrate deepinto your dermis and cause severe pain. It usually occurs when theskin around the heels becomes too dry. It can deteriorate further,if you simultaneously walking or standing a lot. In some minorcases, this problem may occur because of a lack of zinc and omega-3fatty acids.Whatever the cause of your heel cracks, it is usuallyseen as an aesthetic and nasty problem that can cause you pain.Fortunately, there are plenty of home agents and treatments thatcan help treat dry or cracked skin on heels, make them normal againand keep it from becoming a more serious problem.Inside this guideyou will learn, the causes, symptoms and homemade cures. You willalso learn how to prevent them so that you never have to sufferagain. Inside you will find:• Symptoms of Cracked feet• How toprevent Cracked feet• How to create your own homemade foot cream•How to do a Paraffin Treatment• How to create Home-Made HealingFoot Salves & Ointments• And much more!!
How to open Your Third eye 2.6 APK
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What is the Third Eye? The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shapedlike a pine cone, located in the vertebrate brain near thehypothalamus and pituitary gland. Also known as the third eye, itis a revered tool of seers and mystics. Its significance appears inevery ancient culture throughout the world. For example, inAyurvedic philosophy, the third eye is represented by the Ajnachakra and in Ancient Egypt, the symbol of the Eye of Horus mirrorsthe placement of the pineal gland in the profile of the human head.The third eye is connected to clarity, concentration, imaginationand intuition. The Third Eye in Biology The pineal gland representsthe third eye in biology, which produces melatonin. Melatonincontrols circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones. This makesthe pineal a master regulator of time, affecting not only our sleeppatterns. Melatonin also affects our stress and ability to adapt toa changing world. This third eye activates when exposed to light,and has a number of biological functions in controlling thebiorhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamusgland which directs the body’s thirst, hunger and the biologicalclock that determines our aging process. Significance of the ThirdEye Developing the third eye is the doorway to all thingspsychic—telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and astralprojection. The illusion of separation between self and spiritdissolves when the third eye connection is cultivated. Metaphysicalways of being are connected to the third eye, such as how to beawake within the dream, to walk between realities and surpass thelimitations of humanity. Inside this Guide you will learn how tosafely open up your third eye! Free Numerology Report!! FreeYoutube Video "binaural beats for third eye activation"
Spells for beginners 1.0 APK
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If you're new to witchcraft, trying spells for beginners is a goodway to start to understand how spells work. And just because theseare spells for beginners, doesn't make them less powerful. They canbe potent magick if you practice. What is a spell, exactly? A spellis similar to a prayer, but with focused intention and harnessedenergy. Spells can be used for personal gain, as we are in controlof our own lives and where we go in life. They should not be usedto gain control over others, however. But ultimately morals are atthe behest of the spellcaster, and so the individual will deal withthe consequences. For those who feel the need to have a spellalready written for you, and one that is easy to follow andperform, check out these easy to do spells we have inside thisamazing app! Enjoy BONUS YOUTUBE VIDEO AND PDF INCLUDED!!
How to have twins 2.3 APK
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Many couples trying to conceive hope to have twins. Their reasonsvary, from ensuring that their child has a close sibling throughchildhood to simply wanting a large family. While multiple birthsoccur in about 3 percent of all pregnancies in the United Stateseach year, there are steps women can take to increase their chancesof having twins. Diet, ethnicity, genetics and lifestyle all play arole in whether a woman is more apt to have twins. Inside thisGuide you will learn a few tips on how you can increase your oddsof conceiving twins!! Enjoy and good luck!
Infused Water Recipes 1.0 APK
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You’ve heard it before: One of the easiest tricks to feel energizedand reach your weight loss goals is water, water and more water.Science says just one extra glass per meal can help you consumeover 1,000 fewer calories per week! That’s because water is a greatway to curb hunger, plus odds are good you’re passing up morecaloric beverages like sugary juices.Infusing water with theessence of fruits, herbs, and other botanicals helps you drinkplenty of liquids without the downside of excess calories, sugars,and artificial flavorings. It’s beneficial hydration in everyrefreshing sip. Download this app today and learn step by step howto make these thirst quenching drinks!!