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A noxious weed, harmful weed or injurious weed is a weed that hasbeen designated by an agricultural authority as one that isinjurious to agricultural or horticultural crops, natural habitatsor ecosystems, or humans or livestock. Most noxious weeds have beenintroduced into an ecosystem by ignorance, mismanagement, oraccident. Some noxious weeds are native. Typically they are plantsthat grow aggressively, multiply quickly without natural controls(native herbivores, soil chemistry, etc.), and display adverseeffects through contact or ingestion. Noxious weeds are a largeproblem in many parts of the world, greatly affecting areas ofagriculture, forest management, nature reserves, parks and otheropen space. These weeds are typically agricultural pests, thoughmany also have impacts on natural areas. Many noxious weeds havecome to new regions and countries through contaminated shipments offeed and crop seeds or intentional introductions such as ornamentalplants for horticultural use. There is controversy about thedefinition of weed as well as the definition of noxious weed,particularly when it comes to how agricultural interests relate toconservationism. Some "noxious weeds", such as ragwort, producecopious amounts of nectar, valuable for the survival of bees andother pollinators, or other advantages like larval host foods andhabitats. Wild parsnip, Pastinaca sativa, for instance, provideslarge tubular stems that some bee species hibernate in, larval foodfor two different swallowtail butterflies, and other beneficialqualities. One study of restoration meadows using commercial mixesfound that several weeds greatly outperformed, in terms of nectarproduction, the top-performing annual flower planted for meadowrestoration in the meadows studied (cornflower). The bestperformers also quite significantly outperformed the top-performingperennial that wasn't classified as a weed (rough hawkbit). Thefarming practice of using beetle banks may also complicate thenature of dubbing certain plants noxious weeds, due to theirbeneficial qualities in that role. Support Language: ✔ Azərbaycan ✔English ✔ العربية ✔ հայերեն ✔ Magyar ✔ Tiếng Việt ✔ Galego ✔Nederlands ✔ Dansk ✔ עִבְרִית ✔ Espanٌol ✔ italiano ✔ català ✔ 中文 ✔한국어 ✔ Latviešu ✔ Македонски ✔ Deutsch ✔ فارْسِى ✔ polski ✔Português ✔ română ✔ slovensk‎ ✔ slovenski ✔ ภาษาไทย th ✔ Türkçe ✔українська ✔ Svenska ✔ eesti ✔ 日本語

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