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Welcome to the Real pool match-3D snooker! How about a nice littlegame of pool? Do you like to play Billiards game! This is the No.1Pool ball game in Android market and it's totally FREE. Play theReal Pool Match-3D Snooker game on your mobile and become thechampion! Refine your skills in the practice arena.Take on theworld in 1-vs-1 matches or enter. This is the most classic andamazing pool stroke buster game. This champion version is the onlyone that contains Practice and Two Players Mode.Become Pool BallKing by playing this game. play pool ball classic shots and breakthe pool with touch controls. Really amazing controls. have afun!Top Game Features:1. Realistic 3D ball animation2. Touchcontrol for moving the stick3. and 9 Ball Pool4. Single Player Mode5. VS Mode: Player vs. Computer/Player (with rules)6. Practice Mode(no time limit but no high score record)7. Arcade Mode: 180+Challenging Levels (no rules)How to play: 1) VS Mode: Player vs.Computer/Player (with rules)Play against the computer AI/Playerwith standard rules . Touch the screen to adjust the direction anddrag down the power-up in the RIGHT to strike. Touch and hold atany point to move the cue-ball and tap to confirm for Free-ball.2)Arcade Mode (New and no rules)You need to pocket all the balls onthe table within the given number of cues. There is no time limitand rules for this mode but watch out you have only limited numberof cues.

App Information Real Pool Match-3D Snooker

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    Real Pool Match-3D Snooker
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    December 13, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Wall Street Studio
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In Wild Dinosaur Hunting game, you are a survivor walking in anincredible and huge Jurassic world forest, where your mission is tostay alive. There will be one winner in this game, you or yourenemies- ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Wild Dinosaur Huntingprovides a beautiful Jungle environment to find and hunt differentDinosaurs with best sniper gun. First person shooter enters intojungle to hunt different Dinosaurs with sniper gun. In response offirst fire, Dinosaur will react with full anger and rush to hunt.You has to defend yourself wisely and shoot the Dinosaur. Thiswonderful Wild Dinosaur Hunting game is here for your greatenjoyment time with Lots of dazzling and action missions. Kill allthe dinosaur strike, with stylized graphics and thrillingenvironments. You can also feel smooth HD graphics and sound ofweapon shooting and dinosaur in this Jungle. Let shoot the realhunting experience of large dinosaur in this Wild Dinosaur Huntinggame. Your mission is soldier walking into the dark-forest onoff-road tracks and assassination the world huge dangerous animals.While playing this game, dinosaur is walking in the jungle, findtheir huge wild animal and kill them. Your task is fire the targetand secures the forest area. Then take your expert target with yoursniper. In a Jungle 3D Dino Hunting game we provided to latesthunting assassin, you can easily hit the target within limitedtime. Complete your mission and unlock the next excitement level.In this game if you does not shoot the dinosaur with specific timeor missed fire then your task will failed than your level willstart again. If you will see your target clearly then you can stopyour breath and easily hunt your target. As a First Person Shooter,you have to be very careful from other animals. As a sniper expert,you have to target your desired animal from a particular distanceso they cannot hurt you in any case. This Wild Dinosaur Huntinggame is free to play on play store. Features:• With real Jurassic,park stunning environment• Best sniper hunting experience in safaripark• Realistic first person shooting game• Easy to play• Unlimitedbullet• Stunning graphic• 3D game play and amazing sound effects•Hunting different dinosaurs.• With modern sniper shooting gun•Unique missions to playIn this game, you have to prove that you arethe best sniper shooter and show your sniping skills to shoot downthe world greatest animal. In this shooter Shoot DinosaursSimulator War simulation game, get ready to play your part inshooting. Dinosaurs are attacks on people and kill them. You haveto kill the entire dinosaur. Download this game available on Googleplay store. Enjoy all the interesting mission of this game. HaveFUN!
Real Farming Tractor Simulator 2017 1.0 APK
Wall Street Studio
PK Farm Tractor game is PK game, with lovely songs, Gear up for themost realistic farming experience, in all kinds of ways! Play as aPK farmer and cultivate your own land by sowing the crops using arealistic Seed Drill. Harvest and sell them in the market for cashand earn the proud title of the king or queen of agriculture. Learnto become self sufficient in this tough economy!Follow the step bystep tutorial and foster new skills you didn’t know you had. Youcan grow Barley, Wheat and Canola in the country. You caneffectively navigate farming equipment. Store, load, and pack tosell all your harvests! PK Farm Tractor game is PK game, withlovely songs, PK Real Farm Tractor is very engaging and challenginggame play available for free. Perform duties as village farmer andagrarian in countryside dairy ranch barn. Your duty is to play asvillage farmer, plantation and use your land to ploughed andharvest. Get ready for hay day with reaping wheat, canola cropsusing farmer equipment on your barn terrain. Learn and master theskills to steer your agricultural trailer truck as plantation. Getready to be a part of the super farming simulator and get your landprepare for hay day. Get behind steering wheel and prepare yourland for harvest and plough with threshers and other tractor tools,PK Farm Tractor game is PK game, with lovely songs, PK Farm Tractorgame is PK game, with lovely songs, Amazing farm and frenzy toolslike sprayer combine and more for irrigation process grain yourfields and use silage wagon for your farm animals.Plough your farmland, use grain seeding planter tool to aggregate your land. Yourland is ready for canola and wheat seeds crops, sprinkle water withwater sprayer attachment and silage wagon. Healthy seeding needcare so spray manure on your land before reaping canola and wheat.Be a part of agricultural life working in farmhouse cowshed,piggery, or dairy food yield collection. Cultivate fields and mowgrass make hay bales to feed livestock. Clean all chaff from grassand make manure like biogas plant to spray on your fields.Get,experience as village agrarian taking care of livestock, animals,cows and cattle. Grow food in your farm and store in silo andstorage barn. You had played many cargo transporter, parking, citygames. Get feel of real life farming simulator experience andmaneuver your dump tractor in farmhouse for cultivation process.Enjoy plowing, harvesting, seeding, thresher, driving and tractorparking simulator game in new and trendy fun way. Take care of yourcrops health with slurry spray and harvest it on time. Trucks likeCase IH, kuhn and krone and more. PK Farm Tractor game is PK game,with lovely songs, Features of PK Farm Tractor Simulator•Easystep-by-step tutorial•Realistic 3D Rustic environment•Multiplefarming machine including Tractor, Harvester, Seed Drill andSprayer•Grow Wheat, Barley and Canola at your farm•Sow and Harvestthe crops with realistic Farming machines•Find the selling placeoffering highest price to maximize your profits•Use the cash to buybetter machines and improve your yield•Purchase more land to becomethe wealthiest farmer in town.
Truck Parking Real Simulation 1.0 APK
Wall Street Studio
Welcome to the truck parking 3D game with challenging and inspiringtasks of driving and parking at different points with proficientskills. This truck parking drive simulation is amazing creation topark the long engine vehicle on different points. You have to showyour abilities to drive different truck and trailer. Many amazingand attractive views will come when you will move towards on thewell-planned roads and tracks. You need to follow the instructionsand strategies to take care of the obstacles and hurdles. You haveto manage the speed and acceleration of the truck at signals andyou have to prove yourself as a professional driver of this trucktransport parking game. Realistic graphics and multiple climate ofcity, hill and mountain will motivate you to play this truckparking simulator game play and this cargo truck driving parkingcreation is comfortable for all age of users. You have to steer thewheels cautiously to avoid the vehicle from accidents and mishaps.Your mental strength will entirely improve you when ever you willdrive the monster and heavy truck and trailer on the highways andyou will become an actual hero of park truck driving thrillingadventure.Truck Parking Real Simulation is the Advance 3D heavywheel truck parking simulator game. You will recognize the straitof being a typical truck driver. Enjoy this latest and challengingtruck driving simulation and parking game. Where your duty is topark your immense machine under several changed and progressivelyvery difficult conditions.You have to be a trucker that canAccomplish all the on screen missions and tasks without crashing ordamaging the truck. If you are at the stage of crash and your truckis damage then you will be lose the level and you have to start allover again. So you have to act like the actual truck driver, canyou drive in fast speed while facing a huge amount of obstacles andother vehicles on your way? Truck Parking Real Simulation is aAdvance thrilling truck driving and parking game for people withall type where you have just a need to try and pass your roaddriving test . This pleasing and Amazing parking 3D game have ademands of endless patience, also needs excellently expert drivingskills and a perfect level of determination.Truck Parking RealSimulation Features:- Perfect Truck Parking 3D simulator gamephysics- 3D camera views, check the location of your truck and getit parked- Are you ready for the challenges containing by thisgame?- Real 3D environments with surprising Advance graphics.-Multiple levels of parking madness funStarting the learning to movetrucks with trailers is something additionally driving around in asports car. This is the actual deal and if you will ever dreamed ofdriving a huge truck, this is your best chance. Are you ready forthe challenge? So if you have the potential like a typical truckerand you think you have the ability what it takes to park a wheelerthan this amazing and thrilling truck parking game offers youmultiple levels for kids and teenagers. Go up to the cab, slidebehind the heavy steering wheel and see if you can steer the truckand trailer into the space outlined by your driving schoolinstructors.
Hunting Animals in Jungle 1.3 APK
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.Get Ready for real jungle hunting sniper mission, you have enteredinto the wild forest of Africa, kill the animals or get killed. Youare on the mission of deer hunting, keeping in mind you will haveto face wild furious animals like Cow, Goat, Hen, Sheep, lion,elephant, and bears in the forest so it's not so simple to be theanimal hunter. Wild Hunting Animals in Jungle safari hunting maniais a complete package of action and entertainment. In this lionanimal hunter season, you will face the most dangerous animals ofthe jungle. Lion hunt simulator adventure is fascinated withbeautiful forest environment. Jungle hunting simulation is only asthe fun game to entertain you and to relief your tension of huntinganimals. By playing this archer animal hunting game 3d you willable to improve your shooting skills. Polar bear animal huntingsimulator is a complete adventure game which will provide you thereal experience of best attack snipers. Follow the instructionsgiven in the game play and avoid the routes that are prohibited andcompete for the mission in given time. This Hippo animal hunting 3dduty mission requires your boosted confidence.Ancient Dino HuntingAnimals in Jungle 2017 will take you the 20 centuries back whenpeople used to kill the animals with bow and arrows. Hunt for realanimals in Hunting Animals in Jungle Safari now! In this escapemission you will have to use all your skills for survive in thisjungle! Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills forshooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape. Come of age,like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey,and put your hunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wildanimals. It is time to load out your weapons and get your 5 starshooting fix! Angry Gorilla is in the crazy jungle and attacking onanimals by its big punch to survive. Lonely survival on a wildisland. Hunt different wild animals like Tiger, Heyna, Cheetah,Lion, Lioness, Elephant, Giraffe, Deer-stage, Gorilla, and zebra,Elephant, Hippopotamus and Buffalo. Use your sniper gun to shootthem. Kill or be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between youand willd angry gorilla. In deer Hunting Animals in Jungle gamesyou just have to shoot deer with your gun or riffles but in lionand wild animal, hunting these animal can attack on you and cankill you. You are equipped with a modern deadly sniper rifle tohunt the wild beasts. Even from old era soldiers are trained asarcher shooter and they also learn archery hunting. All warriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals at JungleIsland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguard missions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with unique combos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Arm yourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latest militarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that kills the bigfive of zebra, elephant, and buffalo? Escape from an Island like areal survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survival landadventures begins with a hard time from lost Island along withwilder tiger.Go for hunting adventure and sedate angry gorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadly attacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you need to be aSurvivor Hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills, Army Commandotraining test, power, assault shooting and wilderness to evolve asbrave hunting warrior in this thrilling adventures game for a lifeescape mission. Test your sniper skills by choosing targetscarefully; or go into assault mode as you clear the forest of thewild beasts! Become the best Commando on this Survival Island. Trapcarnivore and predator animal in Jungle Sniper. Use all thepossible tools and weapons to defend yourself from wildernesscreature.
Tuk Tuk City Auto Rikshaw 1.0 APK
Wall Street Studio
Tuk Tuk City Auto Rikshaw game represents real Pakistani rickshawculture it is based on real life’s of Pakistani Tuk Tuk rikshawdrivers, who drive their Tuk Tuk in different beautiful long routesof Pakistan with a local cultural Music and songs. The backgroundmusic resembles the real culture of Pakistan, which is anadditional attraction in this Tuk Tuk game. This background folkmusic will enhance your driving craze.TUK TUK AUTO RICKSHAW DRIVERis the most excellent Rickshaw driving games where you can enjoythe feeling of pick and drop job just like a crazy taxi. I you havenot travelled ever with a Tuk Tuk rickshaw when you went on aleave? No then it will be the best experience to drive a Tuk Tukrickshaw. The task is about to go out and taxi the passengers andcargo to their destination. So park on the exact point and make thepassengers happy.In this incredible rickshaw parking game you canget the feeling like you are on a holiday. Here you can show yourdriving skills.Just like local Pakistani passenger transport bus ortaxi you can drive rickshaw and can drop passengers at theirdesired destination or you have to do cargo transporting duty likecargo rickshaws. It’s fun to drive the rickshaw at the culturalenvironment. 3D real environment makes this game closer to the reallocal rickshaw driving. Transporting passengers on this Pakistanirickshaw in traffic at their destination is very quick and rapidduty as compared to the car, bus, taxi or any other auto vehicle.Pakistani peoples really like this auto rickshaw riding whiletravelling locally.In racing and parking Tuk Tuk Auto rickshaw game2017 there are beautiful environments in the Moto taxi rickshawparking game and very attractive scenes in the real tuk tuk rushdrive game.Now you can learn driving Pakistani rickshaw hereGame isvery easy and realistic. Your job is to transport passengersbetween the bus stops, more you transport passengers more you canearn. You can purchase more dominant buses from your earning. Atvery first start your engine then shift the gear, force down therace pedal to drive your passenger pick and drop Rikshaw from onedestination to next. Park your public transport bus withinavailable time because you have a limited time. So you have to doyour pick & drop duty with in the given time. You need to hurryup and perform your duty as soon as possible. Tuk Tuk Driver needsto be attentive because the traffic cop is inspecting the traffic.Be kind and obey traffic rules! Load your passengers or cargo intoyour Tuk Tuk Rikshaw and drop them safely to the desireddestination.You have to focus on your driving. Your small mistakewill appear in the form of level failure. Handle your rickshawcautiously on the dangerous and risky off road. You will become anskilled and great driver by playing this transporting rickshawgame.Real Tuk Tuk passenger Driving transportation and modernrickshaw parking mission can be fail on any spot by your smallmistake. Get to the far off locations by riding the tuk tuk racingauto rickshaw.Game play includes different attractive Rikshaws.Enjoy the real feelings of Pakistani Rikshaw culture.If you want toenjoy this game then download and play this Amazing transport game.It will be a great experience for you.This game will test yourskills of driving. If you can manage what this duty takes then youwill become an expert tuk tuk taxi driver.Everyone can enjoyamazing tuk tuk rickshaw. It’s an amazing tuk tuk rickshaw drivinggame.Game Features:- A real tuk tuk rickshaw - Pick and droppassengers service- 3D real environment- High Definition attractivegraphics- Multiple traffic challenging levels.- Simple and easy toplay- Smooth and realistic controls- Interesting game for peopleswith any age level.
Sniper Shooting : Counter Strike Fury 1.2 APK
Wall Street Studio
Combat Army Commander: Desert 3D shooting is the best realistic andunique action shooting game. You are not a contract killer, youfeel as a real army best commando, who save own city to hazardouscriminal and protect your country in any difficult time. Snipercombat elite strike game is full action pack game it’s absolutelyfree. Assassinate the enemies with your favorite sniper weaponbecause you are a finest commando from the army force. This game ishere for your great enjoyment period. Use your powerful sniperskills to shoot every target you can in this shooting simulation.Army commando shooting is not a board game; everybody likesshooting and action game. This is the best chance for bettershooter to test your sniper shooting abilities. Combat Commando:Desert 3D shooting best free games 2017, shoot and kill like a prosharpshooter of elite army sniper desert shooter games. In thisdesert storm and snowy mountain sniper location, contract killerkill dangerous off-road hidden enemies commando military forces.Get more then popular adventure action free games as you can choosemodern rifles, latest guns , machine guns , Humvees , tanks andhelicopter to strike the hardcore combat enemies army sniper desertshooter before they can pull the trigger. Use zoom, infiniteammunition, pierce bullets with best sniper rifles firearm to seeragdoll sniper shooter and complete your duty. Eliminate allcounter terrorist from mountain in desert storm games through yoursniper shooter 3d skills. Adventure action sniper battle isexpendable and lone 3d sniper shooter, in this army sniper desertspy shooter 3d, you are going to experience best free shootinggames features with best sniper shooting simulation. Story revolveswith Desert Island and snowy city, where gangsters start snipershooting and use deadly rifles to shoot in city. Escape hunterenemies military used sniper battle to isnipe our main cities andstart target killing. This was the start of war and innocent peoplewere killed just to eliminate military scientist. Criminal takeouthide in forest so you have to shot enemies from you snipper andjungle is turned into sniper arena. Kill shot bravo sniper shooter.Get max rewards in this sniper elite game and upgrades weapon tocomplete island sniper and mountain sniper missions. CombatCommando: Desert 3D shooting is about desert storm games warsituation where our adventure action army commando and militaryforce got beaten by army sniper combat in the battlefield by theenemies. Adventure action steel enemies soldier are not alone,enemies military sniper 3d shooter get hired contract killer andreal army best commando. Perilous criminal and front - line elitestrike 3d sniper shooter game is best full action packed game andalso it's a complete free game with top games 2017 action andsniper elite shooting simulator controls. Adventure action. You arelone soldier call for this impenetrable missions because you arefinest commando sniper killer of our army forces. In this best freegames of adventure action , use enemy forces as target and be rangeshooter sniper 3d killer as an enjoyment and show your powerfulsniper skills to shoot. Kill all sniper assassin shooter as a testof your 3d sniper shooting skills. Agents 47 in this adventureaction army sniper desert spy shooter 3d , you have to work likecontract killer and kill enemies military force from there camp ofbattlefield game to complete your duty. Brave sniper shooter 3dshow your skills and encounter terrorists forces. Show yourselfimmortal in the battlefield like a pro trained sniper commando x. Areal action games with realistic shooting experience of sniper 3dwith stunning graphics and realistic sound effects. Only in mostpopular action packed games like army sniper desert spy shooter 3dcan give such a thrilling opportunity to destroy enemies camp indesert storm and Snowy Island.
Commando Counter Terrorist Action War Free 1.0 APK
Wall Street Studio
Take down the bloody terrorists of TTP, ISIS and Al Qaida operatingYalghaar Counter Terrorist Action in mountains with different namesand under one umbrella of Terrorism. Make the world a peacefulplace for all and kill the terrorists of all sects in a mountainsclash battle with deadly missions and thrilling actions.bestcommando shooter game, last commando is at bloodbath station, girlYalghaar Counter Terrorist Action commandoCounter Terrorist Actionis an action packed shooting clash battle game fought with heavymachine guns and gunship helicopters. Encounter the enemies witharmor, AK-47, shotguns and new destructive weapons. Shoot at site!You are the brave Assassin commando from the army force. Aim toshoot the head shots of your rival, strive hard so that noferocious terrorist can run away. Accurate and precise aim practicewill lead to more accuracy and eliminate terrorism in frontiershooting showdown.best commando shooter game, last commando is atbloodbath station, girl commando is also available, CounterTerrorist Action Commando is Adventure shooting game, there is oneArmy Sniper, Army Commando is full trained, and Commando will killall enemies one by one and he will collect all guns andsnipers,Some trained terrorists across the border have entered yoursoil Yalghaar Counter Terrorist Action through heavy mountains anddense jungle and they are real threat to your army base in the areawith dense jungle and mountains. You are the expert of commandooperation in such conditions, Commando is present in FrontlineMisson, You have to search each and every terrorist in the area toshoot them to hell before they could attack you or your brigade inthat area. Enemies are aware of your expertise and they will targetyou before they could attack on the base. So be alert with yoursharp shooting skills and modern weapon to eliminate them. Ambushand kill the enemies before they kill you. Digital radar system isthere which shows you the locations and movements of enemies, thereis much ups and Down the Mountain which show is muchdifficult,basically it is Army Shooting Action Game is aiming tooffer you an enjoyable time while playing it and it simulates areal battle against terrorists. Mountain Counter shooting terroristteam must eliminate the thread by shooting all the enemies, whichis the terrorist team. You need to move fast and don't give yourenemies time to shoot you because your life will drop and you willlose the battle when you die. Shooting more enemies means morechances to survive into the army mission. Yalghaar CounterTerrorist Action It is not just a regular shooting game, you willnow learn how to use different guns and shoot fast, before you evenstart think. Yes, that is the task: to be able to shoot beforethinking about shooting them. If you aim and use your shootingskills well, you will be able to give head shots and you will killthe terrorists directly. Advance in game in order to unlock newweapons for better battles. If you play well, grenades areavailable as well. Have fun and protect the country! This shootinggame will discover your new task!The Rivals at Mountain forFighting, in next update it is be available War Robots which willbe help for Army, In this game Sniper Shooters are available forWar in 3D styleTerrorists teamed up with underworld gangs mafia tosteal precious Yalghaar Counter Terrorist Action items and VIPs forransom. Enemy will buy advanced weapons and firepower to spreadterrorism in city. To counter this brutal plan, elite police forceis very critical. SWAT team is last hope to control this crisissituation. Take your killer sniper gun and ammo to engage withunderworld thieves and murderers, derail their plan to buy warhead.Terrorists have kidnapped foreman and innocent civilians are heldhostages while some are killed by gunner. Strike with maximum forceto Yalghaar Counter Terrorist Action engage in brutal shootingaction and kill all arm