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My name is Bella Olsen. I turned into a vampire after a caraccident. I kept my secret and went back to school. Later, I dateda new classmate, his name is Zac, and I found out that he is avampire, too! Things got different after that. My ex-boyfriend,Spencer, came back to town and wanted to get back together with me.I never could imagine that his true identity is —— a werewolf! Andthat's not all, a new girl showed up at school, her name is Vicki.She asked me about Zac. I brought Vicki to Zac's home, and she toldme that they had a relationship for a hundred years! A hundredyears? Does Zac have another girlfriend behind my back? Is Vicki avampire, too? I need to find out the truth. Features: - Let's lightup the room! Clean up the spider webs! Wow, it’s a secret old housebehind our high school! - Zac and Vicki are disappeared, the houseis scary. Help Bella to open all the rooms in the house! - Thefirst room is a dressing room! Wow, look at all the vintagejewelry! Look, a piece of an old photo is there! - The second roomis a study room. Fix the lamb, sort out the book shelf, change theold sofa cushions! Wow, some more pieces of the old photo are here!And also an old diary! - Bella finds a diary here! There’s a sketchof a young couple in the diary, it says “Z&V, 1918”. What washappening here one hundred years ago? - Bella is so upset. Thephoto and diary, maybe Vicki really is Zac's girlfriend! But thedate says 1918, and that was a hundred years ago. Zac is a vampire,he can live eternally, is Vicki a vampire, too? - The third room isa bathroom. Bella’s hair and face are covered by the dust, let ushelp her to freshen up a little bit! - Oh no! Bella uses a silvercomb to brush her hair, she turns into a vampire! - The last roomis a bedroom! Zac is here! Somebody attacked him! He is very weakat the moment, please save him! And so much more are waiting foryou to find out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL! Wanna have more fun? Wewould love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/Beauty-Salon-Games-1094161030602834/ Formore information about Beauty Salon Games, please visithttp://www.beautysalongames.net/

App Information Secret High School 8: 100 Years Love Story Diaries

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    Secret High School 8: 100 Years Love Story Diaries
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    March 1, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Beauty Salon Games
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    Role Playing
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    2254 Still Street Scott NY 12345 US
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The messy girl work at a cafe shop for serving the customer, thisis why she has no time to make up and dress up herself, can youhelp her to makeover and encounter sweet love?As a waitress in cafeshop, the messy girl always make mistakes, do you want to help herovercome tons of challenges and make sure she can get to the dinnerdate on time?The boy prepare a big surprise for the girl after thedinner, are you get ready to experience the most romantic lovestory?With your help the messy girl must can have a gorgeousmakeover and have a sweet love story with her dream boy. In thisgame you can make up and dress up the girl as you like and have awonderful adventure with the waitress.Features:- - -> Designyour own delicious hamburger and mix your own sweet juice.- - ->Dress up the messy girl in stylish clothes!- - -> Make up andchoose a hairstyle for the waitress.- - -> Help the waitresslook for the hidden stuff in her fiasco bedroom.- - -> Serve andtreat different character customers in cafe shop.- - -> Collectand wash the dirty plates as soon as possible.- - -> Doing spaand leg salon to relax her body.- - -> Choose from a selectionof beautiful dresses for the messy waitress!- - -> Overcome tonsof fun and challenging levels as you make your way to the bigprom!- - -> Get her ready to the most romantic wedding day.
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