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com.teaxapp.hourcal 3.99
Calculate hour for work easily with Time Calculator TimeCalculatorwill help you calculate Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Years,Weeks, Daysand convert it. ✓ Example: 8 hours + 2 hours 7 minutes =10 hours 7minutes 4 hours 12 minutes x 3 = 12 hours 36 minutes 456minutes =7 hours 36 minutes = 7.6 hours You can calculator timebetween:From Nov 9, 2017 to Dec 22, 2017 = 6 week 1 day ✓Theeasiest-to-use Time Calculator with modern flat interface ✓Quickcalculation, save the most recent calculation results foreasyreference We try to improve the Time Calculator with thelatestupdates to help you have the best Thankyou.------------------------------------------------------------------------Quick,Easy and Modern with Time Calculator
Time Calculator 1.05
TimeCalc is a calculator to operate on time andnumbers.Thecalculator supports parentheses and the operatorpriority.You cancopy/paste results from the calculator to otherandroidapplications. You can see the history of all operations donewiththe calculator during the current session.You can add,subtract,divide times between them. 2h 20m 3s - 1h 20m = 1h 00m 03s30 min /10 min = 3You can do operations on numbers like on aregularcalculator. 2.5 + 3 * 5 = 17.5You can do operations betweentimesand numbers. 2 * 25 min = 50 min 1 hr / 2 = 30 minYou canentertime as integer with the format xx Hr xx Min xx Sec, or asfloatingnumbers. 8h 25m 13s 8:25:13 3.5 hrThe calculator supports12h(AM/PM) or 24h time format. 8:00:00 PM 20:00:00You canconverttimes to another unit. 2 hr 10 min 3 sec = 2.168 hr = 130.05min =7803 secYou can do 'modulo day' to convert a time to a daytime.6:00:00 PM + 14 hr = 32 hr 32 hr Modulo 24h = 8:00:00AMThecalculator supports parentheses and the operatorpriority(multiplication and division have higher priority thanaddition andsubtraction). (2 + 3) * (20 - 2 * 10) = 5 * 1 = 5
Date Calculator 1.3.2
Noel Chew
This calculator allows users to calculate duration between twodates(including time) easily. The duration is then broken downintoyears, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Userscanalso calculate a date with reference from another date withaduration. Just key in a date and a duration, then select "plus"or"minus" to get the result. Other that that, users can calculatetheresult of working days plus a particular start day. Userscanchoose to exclude certain day of week in this calculation.Finally,user can also check out a particular date (including time)withreference to the year, quarter, month, week, day, hour andminute!Features: - calculates duration between two dates (caninclude timeoptionally) - calculates a date by adding/subtracting adurationto/from a date (with time optionally) - calculates workingday +start day (option to exclude certain day in the week) -calculatesthe following information from a selected date: - week ofyear,week of quarter, week of month; - day of year, day of quarter;-hour of year, hour of quarter, hour of month, hour of week;-minute of year, minute of quarter, minute of month, minute ofweek,minute of day; - second of year, second of quarter, secondofmonth, second of week, second of day, etc - simple,intuitivedesign - smooth user experience - supports 12-hour and24-hour timeformats Download your comprehensive Date Calculatorwith Timefeatures today! Please drop me an email for any feedbackandsuggestion. [Other Names] Day Calculator, Work Day Calculator,WorkSchedule, Day Counter, Time Calculator By downloadingandinstalling the app, you agree to our terms ofuse:
Multi Calculator 1.6.9
Multi Calculator is the best application of mathematicalandfinancial calculation that contains several useful calculatorsandconverters. Try these powerful computing capabilities andintuitiveand elegant application designed. You can use MultiCalculator onAndroid Wear. List of calculators are included: ✓StandardCalculator • Keeps the function of a pocket calculator andaddsparentheses and some math operators. • Remembers thelastcalculation condition and checks the calculation historyrecordsany time you want. • Use the calculator on your home screen✓Currency Converter • Provides real-time currency exchange rates•Once the currency exchange rates are updated, you can usethecurrency converter in the offline. ✓ Interest Calculator •Providesvarious options for calculating interest: Installmentsavings,Regular savings, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, etc.•Enhanced compound interest calculations. Monthly,Quarterly,Half-Yearly and Yearly are available. • If you wonder howto gather100 million dollar in 5 years, try the future valuefunction. ✓Anniversary Calculator • Keep track of youranniversaries - with aphoto! • View as D-Day or Day count • Addphoto widgets on yourhome screen ✓ Discount Calculator • CalculateDiscount price /Discount % • Calculate with Additional discount ✓Loan Calculator •Supports Level payment / Fixed principal payment /Balloon payment• Set interest only period • Calculate any type ofloan such asMortgage, Auto loan. ✓ Unit Converter • SupportsLength, Area,Weight, Volume, Temperature, Time, Speed, Pressure,Force, Work,Angle, Data and Fuel ✓ Health Calculator • Use HealthCalculatorfor your healthy body • Calculate BMI(Body Mass Index),BFP(BodyFat Percentage) and Ideal Weight in one screen • Easy toswitchbetween metric and imperial systems ✓ Tip Calculator •Calculatetip and split the bill • Separate your bill from Sales Taxandcalculate tip ✓ VAT Calculator • Calculate VAT easy and fast ✓Fueleconomy Calculator • You can calculate Fuel economy,Distance,Expected fuel amount & cost ✓ Shopping Calculator •Make ashopping list and calculate them right away while you areshopping.✓ Size Converter • Helps you to convert clothing / shoe /pants /shirt / bra / hat / ring sizes for most countries • Don'tforgetyour size with memos ✓ Time Calculator • Helps you tocalculatetime in Year / Week / Day / Hour / Minute / Second. (2hours 5minutes + 79 minutes = ?) Purchasing the premium version,you getan ad-free and support us to make better apps. • If youencounterany problem with this App or incorrect wording, pleasecontact usvia: -
Triangle Calculator 2.1
This calculator is designed to give the two unknown factors inaright triangle, assuming two factors are known. Again, thisrighttriangle calculator works when you fill in 2 fields in thetriangleangles, or the triangle sides. Angle C and angle 3 cannotbeentered. The Right-angled Triangles Calculator You must enteratleast two values to do the calculation
Scientific Software
“An essential tool for students” – informED Turn your phone intothebest scientific calculator you’ve used with this essentialapp.Basic, advanced, and graphing modes let you use just what youneed,when you need it. It’s fast, easy to use, and looks like therealthing. Best of all, you’ll never lose your scientificcalculatorwhen you need it – Scientific Calculator Free goes whereyou go.Features: * Full color graphs * Works in landscape andportrait *Trig, log, exponents * Fraction calculations * Complexnumbers *Linear and polynomial equations * Basic statisticalfunctions *Binary, decimal, hexadecimal operations * Bitwiseoperations * Notmade of plastic! This is an ad supported version -our ad-freeversion is also available.
Calculator - unit converter
Calculator is now available for all Android devices runningversion4.1 and above! Make easy calculations with ASUS Calculator.Thisapp has simple yet intuitive interface that lets youcalculatefast, smooth, and easy. It provides all kinds of featuresthat meetyour calculating needs and demands. Key features * UnitconverterConversion of Length, area, weight, volume, speed * Basicor rootoperators +, -, ×, ÷ * Swipe left/right to switch viewsSwipe leftfor standard mode, swipe right for other operators *Standardmode/Scientific mode Tilt to switch between standard modeandscientific mode * Other operators Like %, √, !, π, e,log,ln*Trigonometric functions in degree or radians sin,cos,tan, in DEGorRAD * Easy edit operations Such as cut, copy, or paste ofresultsin any editing app * History display Easy to see yourpreviouscalculations via History display * Floating calculatorFloatingCalculator app for quick calculations * Auto-adjustment ofthe fontsize Fit more digits on the display * Thousand separatorsHelps youcount the numbers easily * Allows a combination ofoperators in oneexpression e.g. √(125÷5) + sin(30x3) * Easy edit ofthe inputsusing a cursor Like add, delete, or change anumber/operator
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator 1.10
Connect App Zone
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator Now you just have tospeakand Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what yousay.Latest calculator where you don't have to press any keystocalculate. You just have to speak and Voice Calculatorwillautomatically calculate what you say. Ever wanted to tellacalculator to do a calculation with just your voice? or wantedtolisten to the calculation to make sure you have entered thecorrectcalculation? Speak n Talk Calculator can do that foryou!  Youcan perform simple as well as complicated calculationby justspeaking. Just keep in mind that you have to speak all theequationat one time and not splitting the equation.  You cancarry outlong calculations too.  Instantly enter numbersandmathematical expressions using an ergonomic on-screen keyboardandvoice input (currently supports English, Chinese, Croatian,French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese). Just press the mic buttonandspeak the expression (for example, 75 plus 12 times 5 = 75 + 12× 5= 135): it will appear on screen and the result will becalculatedimmediately! Make two or more calculationssimultaneously. To dothis, you can switch editing screens with ahorizontal swipe alongthe top edge. You can give names to screensby tapping the screennumber. Ever wanted to tell a calculator to doa calculation withjust your voice? or wanted to listen to thecalculation to makesure you have entered the correct calculation?Speak n TalkCalculator can do that for you!  Usage: To do 1+1say: oneplus one To do 1-1 say: one minus one To do 1x1 say: onetimes oneTo do 1/1 say: one divided by one You can perform simpleas well ascomplicated calculation by just speaking. Just keep inmind thatyou have to speak all the equation at one time and notsplittingthe equation.  You can carry out long calculationstoo. It'svery easy to use and very quick to calculate. You canperformfaster calculation then typing or pressing keys. Calculator(voice)in addition to achieving common calculator functions, butalso hasa unique voice sound technology that helps speed up thecalculationtime required, allowing you to concentrate on thepresentation ofthe proof, without having to worry about pressingthe wrongnumber.  It's very easy to use and very quicktocalculate.  You can perform faster calculation then typingorpressing keys. IF you like our app then don’t forget to rateit.Thank you & Enjoy.
Calculator - free calculator, multi calculator app v8.
The calculator with a wealth of functions for Android allows youtohandle all the calculations easily. It has wonderfulintegratedunit/currency converters with clear display. Updatedautomatically,and manual update is available so as to get thelatest currencies.It’s a perfect calculator for Android and it’stotally ads-free andfree! You can deal with simple and advancedmathematical functionsin your everyday life with this calculator bysimple clicks and youwill get the instant result when you inputvalue. You will find allthe functions you need quickly in the cleanand beautifullydesigned interface. This effective calculator easesyour life whenyou need to calculate anything – school homework,courseassignments, sales volume forecast, or discount amountwhenshopping, etc. This powerful calculator provides aninstantcurrency converter for the latest updates on currencyexchangerate. It also provides calculations to convert common unitsofmeasurement and you can get unit conversions as you type. Evenwhenyou quit the Calculator, all the calculations will be recordedandcan be used when you come back. >>>Functions wecurrentlysupported<<< General Calculator Supportaddition,subtraction, multiplication and division fourfundamentalarithmetic operations for basic calculation. ScientificCalculatorYou will see advanced math functions/operations such as:✔Mathfunctions: RAD DEG ABS ✔Powers/Exponentials: ℯ^x,x^y,x^(-1),10^(x), x^2 ✔Trigonometry functions: cos(x), sin(x),tan(x)✔Arcus functions: arccos(x), arcsin(x), arctan(x)✔Logarithms: ln,log ✔Miscellaneous Operations: %, √, x! ✔Constants:π, ℯ ✔Memorykeys: MR, MC, MS, M+, M- ✔Other keys: ANS, RND Tap the“Functioncurve” icon in the upper right corner to display thescientificcalculator. >>>Features supported that youcan’tmiss<<< Currency Converter The calculator has accesstoalmost 150 world currencies, including dollar, euro, yen,yuan,etc. You can refresh it whenever you want and calculatelivecurrency exchange rates. To use the currency converter, taptheicon in the upper left corner and choose the “Currency” icon.Toadd/delete a currency, tap the “+” in the upper right corner ortapthe “+ Add currencies” button at the bottom. All the currenciesaresorted alphabetically and you can find them easily. To managethecurrencies added, long tap on one currency to re-arrange itsorder.Unit Converter List of over 70 unit converters wecurrentlysupported: • Length converter • Area converter • Massconverter •Volume converter • Temperature converter • Fuelconverter • Cookingconverter To use the unit converter, tap theicon in the upper leftcorner and choose the “Unit” icon.Calculation History AvailableAll the calculations that has everbeen used are recorded for yourfurther use. You can go back to allthe calculation history andcontinue or re-start any finishedcalculation. Tap the “Circleclock” icon in the upper right cornerto get all the calculationhistory. You can continue the finishedcalculation by tapping thecalculation result in the history. Toclose the calculation historypanel, tap anywhere in the calculatorlayout. To clear thecalculation history, tap the “Delete” icon inthe upper rightcorner of the calculation history panel. EditableContent You canmove the cursor to edit your input, or copy &paste what youtype. Smart Gestures You can swipe right (or left) onthe layout togo to different page. Customize Your Calculator To goto theSetting page, tap the icon in the upper left corner andchoose the“Setting” icon. Come to use the calculator right now andshareabout your suggestions! Facebookpage: We are asking permission to access yourbasicinformation due to EU's GDPR. We won’t collect or useyourinformation or data without your permission.
EMI Calculator 8.2
This smart and handy app is one stop solution to yourfinancialcalculation . You can easily calculate , track and gettheinformation related to your financial investment . Key Features:Calculate 1. You can calculate EMI for home loan, car loanandother loan entities / Mortgage Calculator . 2. EMIcalculatorssection consist of basic / PRO / Advance EMI Calculatoralong withstatistics . You can easily compare the two loans . 3.The bankingcalculation section consists of interest calculator onfinancialinstrument like Fixed Deposit / FD calculator, RecurringDeposit /RD calculator,Public provident fund / PPF calculator&Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Mutual Funds calculator. 4.Youcan also calculate the taxes on the amount using the VAT /GSTCalculator . Track 1. Create a loan profile for your home loan,car loan , educational loan etc and track them all together .2.Get useful stats about the completion of individual /cumulativeloan . You will get notified about your due EMI onpayment date .3. The variable interest rate , loan prepayment ,fees and chargesare also available with loan profile and can bemodified at anytime . Info & Share 1. The useful informationrelated to thefinancial instrument is also available which includesitsAdvantages , Disadvantages , Eligibility , Tax DeductionandNomination . 2. Share the results & statistics offinancialcalculations with others using email /sms /messaging .Other 1.Home Loan Eligibility section for estimating loaneligibility. 2.Easy to Access and Innovative. 3. Flexible UI andGood Usability.4. App Available for FREE to use. 5. ForAdvertisement / Query /Suggestions contact us beenrecommended to set Automatic updates on.####################################################
Calculator - IOS Calculator 1.0.7
IOS Calculator \ iPhone Calculator\ Apple Calculator issimpledesign style. In the IOS7 before, it use of Quasi-Physicaldesign ,its prototype is ET66 Calculator of Braun Company in 1987,designedby the legendary artist Dieter Rams, very classic.Thiscalculatoris free & ad-free. There are many other excellentcalculator inAndroid. Google calculator is also very perfect. Thepurpose ofdeveloping this calculator is only to enable users toexperiencethe products of different system platforms. Or for theoriginal IOSsystem users to provide transitional products.
com.everydaycalculation.casiocalculator 1.4.5
This app is a fully working emulator of casio calculatormodelDM-1200BM/ MS-120BM. The calculator includes tax andbusinessfunctions which is very useful for professionals and smallbusinessowners. Calculator features:- * 12 digits * Tax calculation(Salestax/ VAT/ GST) * Percentage (%) * Cost/ selling price/ grossmargincalculations * Memory operations * Grand total (GT) * Squareroot *+/- (Sign change) * Arithmetic constant calculation *Supportsregional numeric format with dot (.) or comma (,) asdecimalseparator Simple, easy-to-use and reliable. Downloadthiscalculator app for free. Upgrade to premium version forad-freeexperience. See the help screen for instructions on how touse thespecial keys. Disclaimer: This calculator app is notassociated,affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by with CasioComputer Co., Ltd.
Triangle Calculator 3.2
Solve triangles by entering two sides and one angle, two anglesandone side or three sides to find remaining values as usedintrigonometry.Angles are available in degrees, radians, gradsordegrees with minutes and seconds.The ▲² button showssecondsolution if one exists (ambiguous case).Paid ad-free versionalsoavailable.Found a translation error or want to help with anewtranslation? Please contact us through email.
Area Calculator 5.8.1
Feature of App - Tap on the map and define area. - Facility toaddpoint and remove. - Compass - Calculate Area and perimeter -Saveyour area for later use. - view area for save list at any time.-facility to customize map type. - facility to customize unitofarea. - Show area on the screen.. - Share you feedback aboutAppand you suggestions for improvement. - Search places
Age Calculator 13.0
Most Usefull Apps
Age Calculator or anniversary calculator is high in accuracyofcalculating Age in years, Age in months, Age in days, Age inhours,Age in minutes, Age in seconds between two date differenceandremaining days until next birthday or anniversary.Now, It'shasslefree to find your age and remaining days until your nextbirthdayor anniversary. How old are you in years, or months, orweeks, ordays, or minutes, or seconds? In Age Calculator appeasilycalculate age from date of birth or calculate anniversaryfrom yourmarriage day. you can calculate two dates difference fromthis AgeCalculator.Calculate the age based on the Date of Birth andanotherdate (default is the current date). Features of age andanniversarycalculator: - Calculate your actual age/anniversary inyears,age/anniversary in months and age/anniversary in days bygiving youdate of birth or Anniversary - Calculate date differencein years,months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds by datecalculator- Easily find out how many Month and days remaining foryour nextbirthday or anniversary. - Upcoming 10 birthdays oranniversarywith days name - Easily share your actual age to other.- Savebirthday or anniversary and schedule automatic wishes etc.Free AgeCalculator is very easy to use and beautiful Design. usingthishandy Age Calculator you can calculate the age of yourbaby,family, and everyone.
org.whiteglow.quickeycalculator 2.09.3
Easy calculator with a percentage keys and memory keys. Features:*Percentage key (%). * Memory keys (M+,M-,Mr) * Tape forcalculationhistory. * Answer key. * Calculator shows work. * RPNcalculator. *Free calculator app for download.
Calculator 1.10.9
Simple calculator.Made with practicality in mind, Calculator isasimple and easy calculator app, ideal for your everyday use.Itiseasy to use with large buttons, clean and stylish design,andprovides the basic functionalities most people need fordailycalculations.For example, Calculator is perfect in situationssuchas adding up receipts, calculating taxes or discountswhenshopping, doing homework study for school, some calculation atyourworkplace, or even when you calculate a tip atrestaurants.*This isa free version of Calculator, which displays adat the bottom ofthe screen. Ad-free version is alsoavailable.[Features] -Beautiful, simple and stylish design - Easyto use with largebuttons to minimize errors - Option to choose from3 keypad layouts(Standard / Stylish / Ergonomic) - Option to choosefrom 12 themes(Material - Indigo, Red, Green, Amber, Pink, Brown /Original -Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow) - Option to turnon/offvibration on touch - Option to turn on/off memory buttons-Displays calculation history - Displays calculated expression-Percentage calculation available - Backspace button to deletethelast digit to correct a simple mistake - Backspace button canalsoclear all by pressing and holding it - Copies calculated resulttoclipboard by touching the display area - Supports both portraitandlandscape mode - Displays operator symbols during calculation-Displays your calculations with thousand separators to make iteasyto readIf you find a bug or have any suggestion forimprovement,please feel free to contact me at:support@tricolorcat.comYou canalso check the news and updates forCalculator on my website:http://www.tricolorcat.comThankyou!*2015/09/25: This app wasrenamed from "Daily Calculator" to"Calculator".
Age Calculator 6.1
Smart App Array
It's sometimes very handy to find actual age and days betweentwodates. This is a very easy age calculator to calculate youractualage and find days between two dates. Now, It's hassle free tofindyour age, how many days you are living and remaining daysuntilyour next birthday. Features: - Calculate your perfect ageinyears, months and days. - You can find out how many Month anddaysto go for your next birthday. - Share your age with yourfriends,family etc. - Multiple date format. Please keep your appupdated tothe latest version. In case of any problems please emailus
Simple fuel calculator 1.4
Easy and fast application to calculate the combustion of fuelandtravel costs. Calculate in a simple way how much fuel you needtoovercome the specified route. Calculate the averagefuelconsumption and the cost of travel 100 kilometers. Allcalculatedin real time and presented in the simplest way possible.I knowthat it's easy to calculate combustion and fuel costs even inthememory ... but now you have that simple app... :)
Age Calculator - Birthday 1.0
How old you are?Now it is possible to calculate your current ageondate with age calculator.Age Calculator provides you best andeasycalculation of you age and remaining days of your nextcomingbirthday.
Divine Softech
Citizen & GST Calculator is the used by over 2000000+usersworld wide. We (Divine Softech) has made best citizencalculatorwith multiple features like Simple Calculator, GSTcalculator, LoanEmi Calculator, Currency converter, currencyconverter widget,Interest Calculator, Age Calculator this allfeatures in onecalculator only. We have tried to solve Day to Daybusinesscalculation issues by adding many features in justsimplecalculator. Day By Day we are improving our app to keep itbestalways. Whats makes us BEST Its basically All in onecalculatorwith Lots of calculator pro features like:- ☛ CitizenCalculator ☛GST Calculator ☛ Simple Calculator ☛ Loan EmiCalculator ☛ CurrencyConverter ☛ Interest Calculator ☛ AgeCalculator Our Key Featuresin details * Calculate GST With OneSingle Click & Get IGST,CGST and SGST Values. * CustomizableGST Buttons (You Can ChangeGST Buttons Values As Per YourRequirement.) * You can setdifferent Calculator buttons as per yourrequirement. * SOUND andVIBRATION on Key Press If Required. *Inbuilt Simple & CompoundInterest Calculator. * CurrencyConverter with multiple countriescurrencies comparison. *Calculation History (Save & Share).Citizen Calculator Citizencalculator - Calculator plus has allsimple calculator features likelike (+) addition, (-) subtraction,(*) multiplication, (/) divideand (%) percentage. Citizencalculator also includes citizenfeatures like MU, M+, M-, MR, GT,SQRT etc to perform day to daybusiness calculations easily.Citizen Calculator is given a touch ofreal calculator thatincludes vibrate on touch and citizencalculator like numericDigits and digital fonts. You can share yourcomplex calculationshistory to your friends from history button ontop and share viawhatsapp or any other social messenger app. If youwant to HIDE Gstbuttons you can do so from settings by simplyturning OFF/ON buttonShow GST Buttons. GST Calculator India Thereis inbuilt GSTCalculator for India where you can calculate majorGST values like5%, 12%, 18%, 28% with just one click. Meanwhile youget values ofCGST, SGST on just single click. GST Calculator alsogives youvalues of -GST like -5%, -12%, -18%, -28% by which you canmake GSTbills easily and create GST invoice with net price of theproduct.-GST is used to get base price of any product excludingGST. LoanEMI calculator Citizen Calculator also has feature of LoanEMICalculator by which you can calculate Loan amount, interestrate,Loan period, Installment Amount etc easily. Loan EmiCalculator isbest calculator in which you can generate graph pdf ofyourcalculations and share it to your friends or loan agentviawhatsapp or any other social messenger app. Loan emi calculatoriserror free calculator which accurately gives you everycalculationresults. Currency Converter Currency Converter gives youlive ratesof any currencies and you can choose between anycurrencies likeUSD, INR, EUR, CAD, JPY, CHF, GBP, AUD, CHF, SGD,CNY and 190+ morecurrencies. With just one tap you can convertcurrencies. More overyou can create widget and keep updated rateson you home screenwhich refresh automatically. More over there aremany options insettings to customize this citizen calculatoraccording to yourchoice. You can Turn ON/OFF Vibration and sound onkey press fromsettings. Also you can choose to get round up answersor decimalvalued answers also you can set number of decimals youwant in theanswers. We are constantly working to make this appbetter andbetter day by day. Be updated with us to get more usefulfeaturesin the app soon. We always welcome your suggestion if youhave anysuggestion for us then please feel free to write
Citizen Calculator GST 6.4
* Business check and correct calculator* India number systemcomma*Retro citizen calculator looks* Swipe to view calculationlist oroptions* Save and load* Share calculation* GST calculatoradded*Option to remove GST calculator* All existing themes have GSTtaxcalculator
EMI Calculator 1.17
EMI Calculator App is a handy tool to calculate EMI for HomeLoan,Car Loan, Bike Loan, Gold Loan, etc. This App has uniquefeatureslike USD & INR currency mode, History to reusepastcalculations, Profile to save complete loan information, Home/Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator & Documents List, etc.Itis capable of reverse calculations like Principal Amount, RateofInterest, Loan Tenure. This app is free to download Home Loan /EMICalculator / Mortgage Calculator / personal loan calculator,witheasy to use UI and works in offline mode. It is thebestmortgage/loan calculator for your financial calculation withthefollowing key features: # EMI CALCULATION » Calculate EMI:EnterAmount, Interest Rate (%) and Loan Tenure (Years / Months)tocalculate EMI. » Calculate Loan Amount: Enter EMI Amount,InterestRate (%) and Loan Tenure to calculate the principal amount.»Calculate Tenure: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Interest Rate(%)to find tenure of the loan. » Calculate Interest Rate:EnterPrincipal Amount, EMI and Tenure to find the loan interestrates(%). » Compare Loan: Loan comparison of various banks byenteringPrincipal Amount, Rate of Interest (%) and Tenure.Calculationresult includes information like EMI Amount, Interestand totalpayable amount, for the values entered. » Loan Profile:You cansave complete information of your loan like Loan Name, BankName,Loan Account Number, Loan Date, 1st EMI Date, Processing Fees, track your loan. Here you will get information like totalloanamount, total EMI to pay. » Amortized Chart: Payment Scheduleofthe outstanding loan; Month wise & Year wise (for IndianUsers,April to March and for US / UK Users, January to December.)»History: Keeps records of your past calculation »Multi-Currency:You can use App in Indian Rupees (INR ₹) to useterms like Crore,Lakh, Thousand in Indian Currency Format or USDollar (USD $) touse terms like Trillion, Billion, Million in USCurrency Format.Unique Features: # HOME LOAN INFO for INDIAN Users» CheckEligibility: Users from India can check their home loaneligibilitybased on Income (Salary), Property Document needed andMarketValuation. » Home Loan Interest Rates (ROI): Latest Interestratesof various banks to compare EMI amount. » DocumentsRequired:Documents required of Salaried Person or Businessman orSelfEmployed to avail home loan from Public Sector Banks,PrivateSector Banks, Housing Finance Companies (HFC) in India. »EMI perlacs: For Principal Amount of 1 lac, you can find EMIpayable for avariable rate of interest. » FAQs: Articles on What isEMI, How toCalculate EMI, and How to use EMI Calculator areprovided here forthe information only. You can even refer this loancalculator appto your friends and family members via e-mail, SMS orany othermessaging app to calculate interest on mortgage/PersonalLoan,Compare Mortgage, Education (Student) Loan, Vehicle Loan,SmallBusiness Loanetc.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ThisApp is developed at ASWDC by Madani Umang (140540107067),andHarshit Trivedi (130540107107), a final year ComputerEngineeringStudents. ASWDC is Apps, Software, and WebsiteDevelopment Center @Darshan Institute of Engineering &Technology, Rajkot, Indiathat runs by Students & Staff ofComputer EngineeringDepartment Call us: +91-97277-47317 Write Visit:http://www.aswdc.in Follow us onFacebook: Followsus onTwitter:
Age Calculator 3.0
Age Calculator : Know How old are you?Find your age inyears,minutes and hours.Next Birthday Calculator: How many days areleftfor next birthday, upcoming friend's birthdays.This handytoolanswers “How Old Am I?”.Just input your date of birth (DOB)andfind your age.You can save your friends and relativesbirthdayswith this tool.You will be notified on your friend's orany of yourdear one's birthday.
BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker 5.0.28
Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on therelevantinformation on body weight, height, age and sex. Staymotivated bytracking your daily weight and analyze your progress invariouscharts and statistics. Also use the included handycalculators todetermine your Waist-to-Height Ratio (WHtR), Body FatPercentageand Calorie Consumption (BMR + PAL). Included features: •BMIcalculation - classified by sex and different age ranges •Localstorage to track your daily weight
• Analyze your weighthistory invarious charts and visualizations to gain insights on theway to abetter body image
• Set a desired target weight and followyourprogress • Comprehensive statistics about your weight, i.e.youraverage weight or difference your starting and target weight. •Aweight reminder that supports you to achieve your idealweight
•Input weights in the metric or imperial unit system
• Syncyourweight data with your Google Fit account Check your body statstofind your ideal weight, because overweight and obesity areriskfactors for diseases such as hypertension, heart diseaseanddiabetes. It can also be used to find your healthy weight ifyouwant to lose weight or are on diet. More information about theBMIis available on the website of the World Health Organization(WHO).Please leave a ★★★★★-review if you like our app! Criticism,praise,problems with this app? Feel free to contact us
For phone and tablet, this application includes the completepackageof financial calculators by Bishinews, a Google rated topdeveloper:Finance and Investment Calculators * TVM Calculator *CurrencyConverter * Compound Interest Calculator * Return OnInvestment(ROI) Calculator * IRR NPV Calculator * MIRR Calculator* BondCalculator * Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator * Rule of 72CalculatorLoan/Mortgage Calculators * Loan/Mortgage Calculator *LoanComparison Calculator * Loan Refinance Calculator * APRCalculator *APR Advanced Calculator * Commercial Loan Calculator *Simple LoanCalculator * Loan Analysis Calculator * HomeAffordabilityCalculator * Rent vs Buy Calculator * Mortgage TaxSaving Calculator* Discount Points Calculator * Adjustable RateCalculator * Fixed vsAdjustable Rate Calculator * Bi-weeklyPayment Calculator * InterestOnly Calculator RetirementCalculators * Retirement Planner * 401kContribution Calculator *Retirement Calculator * Retirement SavingsAnalysis * RetirementIncome Analysis * Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA* Required MinimumDistribution * Social Security Estimator * AssetAllocationCalculator * 401k Save the Max Calculator * CollegeSavingsCalculator Stock Calculators * Stock Return Calculator *StockConstant Growth Calculator * Stock Non-constant GrowthCalculator *CAPM Calculator * Expected Return Calculator * HoldingPeriodReturn Calculator * Weighted Average Cost of CapitalCalculator *Pivot Point Calculator * Fibonacci Calculator *Black-ScholesOption Calculator Credit Card Calculators * CreditCard PayoffCalculator * Credit Card Minimum Calculator Auto Loanand LeaseCalculators * Auto Loan Calculator * Auto LeaseCalculatorMiscellaneous Calculators * Regular Calculator * TipCalculator *Discount and Tax Calculator * Percentage Calculator *DateCalculator * Unit Conversion * US Inflation Calculator * MarginandMarkup Calculator * Fuel Calculator * Salary Increase Calculator*US Paycheck Tax Calculator * Net Distribution Calculator*Effective Rate Calculator * Mutual Fund Fee Calculator * UnitPriceCompare Calculator * Balance Sheet and Income StatementAnalysis *Financial Ratios User can send the calculation results toothersvia Email. Financial Professionals can email the quote totheirclients. The app allows you to edit and prioritize the listofcalculators for easy access. Only Currency Converter needsinternetaccess to retrieve the latest currency exchange rate. Theapp workswithout internet connection. 100% FREE – full features, nohiddencharges or in-app purchases Photos/Media/File Permission:Forphones with Android 4.3 and below, this permission is neededforsending email with amortization and chart. For Android system4.4and above this permission is not needed any more. You can gotophone Settings/apps/Financial Calculators/Permission to check.Youcan turn off this permission if you don't use email featureandAndroid version on your phone is 4.3 and below. Pleasesendquestion and suggestion to us at Weactivelysupport users.
Simple Calculator 2.1.0
It is a useful simple calculator when you want to alittlecalculation .You can change the look by selecting a theme ,you cancustomize the theme yourself.[ function ]- Theme switching .Youcan choose freely from the preset themes- Customize Theme . Youcanfreely change the color information on their own . It isalsopossible to customize load the preset themes- Delimiter displayON/ OFF- Memory functions ON / OFF- Calculator font ON /OFF-Function plus (SW / FN / % / 00) ON / OFF- CalculationresulthistoryOpen the settings. Screen swipe from the left to theright[Key Description ]- CP Copy the calculation results totheclipboard- PS Enter a number in the clipboard . Becausethenon-numeric characters are ignored , only the pastepossiblenumber- AC Clear the calculation history- BK Cancel oneinput- SWSwap the numbers in the calculation formula- FN Registerandcalculate the calculation formula[ Usage FN Key]Registrationmethod: [FN or Numeric] [Expression] [FN or Numbers][=]Usage:[Numeric] [FN]Example (consumption tax calculation): [FN][+] [7][%] [=]
Metal Weight Calculator 3.1
Metal Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the weightandlength of different types of metals in various shapes (roundandshaped tubes, angles, channels, beams, sheets ...) Theapplicationallows you to calculate the mass of products from metalknowing thelength, or the length of knowing the mass. This is afree versionthat contains advertising. To support the developer andget rid ofbanner ads, you can buy a version without ads. ГОСТ 26020- 83 ГОСТ8239-89 ГОСТ 8240-89 ГОСТ 8706-78 ГОСТ 8568-77 ГОСТ8509-93 ГОСТ8510-86 ГОСТ 8639-82 ГОСТ 8645-68 ГОСТ 3262-75 СТО АСЧМ20-93 IPNDIN 1025-1 IPE Euronorm 19-57 HEB Euronorm 53-62 HEAEuronorm 53-62HEM Euronorm 53-62 UPN DIN 1026 -1 UPE EN 10279: 2000IS 808: 1989S beam - American standard sections HP - American wideflangebearing piles C - American standard channels ГОСТ21937-76полособульб, HD - Wide flange columns ASTM A 6/A 6M, HL -Europeanextra wide flange sections ASTM A 6/A 6M - 07, HP piles, U-European channels, IFB - Assymetric Integrated floor beam, SFB-Assymetric Slim floor beam ГОСТ 19425-74 W sections - Americanwideflange steel ASTM A 6/A 6M MC - American channels ASTM A 6/A 6MUB- British universal sections BS 4-1 J - British joists withtaperflanges BS 4-1 UC - British universal columns BS 4-1 UBP -Britishuniversal bearing piles with wide flanges BS 4-1 PFC -Britishparallel flange channels BS 4-1 CH - British channels withtaperflanges BS 4-1 H - Japanese H sections JIS G 3192
Calculator ++ 2.2.7
Sergey Solovyev
Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-use calculator?Doyouwant to solve both simple and complex problems?Try Calculator++,amultipurpose calculator app with slick and intuitiveuserinterface!★ Save your time! • Access additional features fromthemain screen of the app using gestures. For example, to use«%»slide button «/» up • You don't need to press «=» anymore -resultis calculated automatically • Copy/paste with a single buttonpress• App supports both portrait and landscape screenorientations★Personalize! • C++ has two layouts: standard andengineer. Chooseone which suits you best either from the initialwizard or from theapplication settings • Set theme you like • Addhome screen widget★Do calculations without switching between theapps!Calculator++ canwork in a separate window floating over otherapplications on yourphone★ Calculate percentages, square roots,powers, trigonometricfunctions!Calculator has a big variety ofbuilt-in functions andsupports adding new user-defined functions★Plot 2D and 3Dgraphs!Several functions can be plottedsimultaneously★ Usepowerful mathematical capabilities of the app: •Do calculationswith variables and constants • Use built-infunctions or add yourown • Integrate and differentiate • Docalculations with fractionsand simplify expressions • Docalculations with complex numbersTheapp supports devices withAndroid version 2.2 and higher and isopen source. The app containsadverts which are shown on thesecondary screens. To remove themplease purchase a special optionfrom the applicationsettings.Calculator++ onFacebook: onVkontakte:
Calculator Memory & Percent 1.1.16b
New version from here! with additionofnew functions.This calculator is simple and nicely calculatorappdesigned for Android devices for free.Designed foreverydaycalculation, arithmetic operations, calculatepercentage.Downloadand try this useful app!UI DesignSimple andintuitive interface foreasy to use.Beautiful display, large button,nicely elegantthemes.CalculationBasic arithmetic operations.+,-,×,÷Useful memoryis available.Calculate percentage for tax,statistical, mathematichomeworkpercentage calculation example: 200+ 8% = 216 200 - 8% =184 200 × 8% = 16 200 ÷ 8% = 2500AlsoFeaturedUsefully backspacebutton to delete the last digit bydigit.Calculation history issaving. Make single tap the result linefor copy to clipboard.Thatis so useful.Calculating taxes, doinghomework, and for youreveryday.You can calculate basic calculation,percentage soeasily.Download and try this useful app!
Multi Calculator 2.9.12
Blue Group
Multi Calculator, top 5 most recommended tools app for Android.Aperfect calculating tool specially built for you. MultiCalculatoris not only very suitable for daily simple calculations,but alsocontains many useful functions with fashionable design.Such asscientific calculator for solving complex problems, BMIcalculatorfor detecting physical condition, and so on. Downloadthiscalculator, mathematics will no longer be boring. Your workwill bemuch better and more efficient than using traditionalcalculators.It will be your competent computing assistant, and allthis is forFREE! Perfect Support Performance: √Perfectly supportSamsungGalaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEI P10, LG Nexus 5Xetc.√Perfectly support Android 7.1 Key feature: √Standardcalculator,simple but perfect √Scientific calculator √BMIcalculator …Features details: - Can easily carry out the foursimplemathematical operations, with no extra buttons to interferewithyour work - Swipe left on the keyboard to use trigonometric,squareroot, and other scientific computing functions to help yousolvedifficult problems - The newly added BMI calculator helpsyouunderstand and focus on your health - Can displaycalculationresults in real time on the screen and track operationalprocessesat all times - The built-in floating window functionallows it tostay at the top of the screen, so calculation no longerrequiresfrequent switching between apps. - Swipe downward on thescreen toview history; every calculation of yours willautomatically besaved for you - Using the unique formula-editingfunction, you caneasily modify any content of your formula - With anumber ofoptions for copying, so you can easily copy formulas orcalculationresults to other applications - When you switch tootherapplications during the calculation process, it will stillsave theoperation process for you - Smart percent sign operationthat makesdiscount and tax calculations more convenient and faster
com.everydaycalculation.androidapp_free 4.3.0
All-in-one Calculator is a free calculator app for androidfeaturingover 70+ calculators and unit converters categorizedunder finance,health, women, construction, lifestyle and everydaymath. Simple yetpowerful, the following features are built intothis all-in-onecalculator:- STANDARD CALCULATOR • Includes percentkey, negativesign, brackets and history viewer. • Advanced modeincludes memorykeys and functions for trigonometry, roots,exponents and logarithmfound in scientific calculators. UNITCONVERTER • Supportstemperature, length, weight, area, volume andmany more measurementunits. • Currency converter. FINANCIALCALCULATOR • Interestcalculators using simple and compoundinterest • Loan repayment andamortization schedule. • Savingscalculator with financial goalplanner FRACTIONS/ PERCENTAGECALCULATOR • Calculators for 3-waypercentage, percentage change,percentage difference, discountpricing, profit margin, tax, tip& split bill. • Add, subtract,multiply, divide fractionsHEALTH • BMI, BMR, body fat percentageand calorie calculators tohelp you keep track of your body weight.WOMEN • Pregnancycalculators for baby due date, conception date& current week(gestational age). • Ovulation calculator •Menstrual cyclecalculator that can serve as period tracker. •Chinese baby genderpredictor CONSTRUCTION CALCULATOR • Calculatorsto estimate cement,sand, gravel quantities for concrete blocks,wall plastering &brick works. • Area and volume calculator forcommon geometricshapes. • Irregular land area calculator • Solveheight anddistance problems using right-triangle calculator.LIFESTYLE • Ageand date calculator • Fuel economy, trip fuel cost,energyconsumption and many more. This is a free, ad-supported app.If youdon't like the ads, consider upgrading to the paid version. 7.0
BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator is the appwhichallows user to calculate their Body Mass Index and BMR Indexin oneapp. It provides the accurate measurement based on the weightandheight provided by user along with age. BMI - The body massindex(BMI) calculates your body fat based on your weight andheight. BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories yourbody needwhen it is at complete rest, with no exercise. MAINFEATURES: •Imperial and metric measurement units are supported. •Record yourBMI & BMR history to track back anytime. • StoreHistory datawith BMI or BMR Index along with age, weight and heightinchronological order. • Ideal app for weight loss program ifyouwant to gain or lose weight. • BMI measurement support for 7yearsand older. • BMR calculation is based on Mifflin and St Jeoraswell as Harris-Benedict equation. • BMR Calculator calculatesthecalories you need to consume in a day. • No internetconnectionrequired for calculation. • Free to use. USAGE: • BMICalculator •Body Mass Index Calculator • Standard BMI Calculator •BMRCalculator • Fitness Tracker & Weight Loss Program
Vidya S Softwares
Interest Calculator is simple application that allow userstocalculate: 1. Simple Interest 2. Compound Interest 3.MonthlyInterest 4. Load EMI Calculation 5. Difference between twodates.It allows to calculate interest in just few easy steps.Android 3.0or later version: The user can give time in years or canselectsdates. Below Android 3.0: The user can give time in years.
Hours Minutes Time Calculator 1.3
The #1 free time calculator for iOS is now availableforandroid.Hours & Minutes is a simple time calculator thatallowsyou to easily add, and subtract time values without the needtoconvert those values into their decimal counterparts. Thepaidversion also lets you multiply and divide time values bywholenumbers.
info.woodsmall.calculator 1.9.6
woodsmall inc.
A simple, stylish calculator. Supports percent calculation,constantcalculation, repeat and exponential, and interestcalculation.Features memory functionality and the ability todisplay and saveformulas. All calculation results are saved, andpast formulas canbe viewed at any time. Anything entered is savedwhen the app quits,so the app resumes where you left off. Thewidget can be used toperform the app functions on the home screen.Percent calculationsmake calculating sales tax easy. [CalculationResults] 1+2×3=91+2×3=7 *Can be changed through Settings. [PercentCalculation]500×5%25 500÷5%10000 500-5%475 500+5%525 [ConstantCalculation]After inputting the desired number, tap the desiredoperator twiceto set it as the constant. Ex) When you want toconstantly add 100100++ 1000=1100 2000=2100 [ExponentialCalculation] 5××=25 =125 =625[Compound Interest Calculation] Ex)When calculating the yearlymaturity on 0.5% (after tax) of $10,000deposited yearly. 1.005××10000=10050 =10100.25 =10150.751 Thiscalculator does not supportfunction operations. * Calculator isfree, however ads can bedisabled by purchasing the Hide AdsPlugin. [Main Functions] -Floating widget - Usable from the homewidget - Saves entries evenwhen closed mid-calculation - Press andhold the result to copy toclipboard - Input up to 12 digits -Usable portrait or landscape -Tap the DEL key to delete 1character - Hold the DEL key to clearthe entry - Tap the C/CE keyto clear the entry - Hold the C/CE toclear everything - Designedfor tablets - Displays history - Saveshistory - Customizablethemes - Customizable fonts - Customizablelayouts - Customizabledisplay - Set the rounding of decimals - Setthe rounding place ofdecimals - Vibrates when the widget is tapped- Constantcalculation Made in Japan. © woodsmall inc.
Age Calculator 3.1
The application is a free and light-weight, fast and easy to useappto calculate your chronological age and find total years,months,days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates,Itprovides helpful information about date and time guide for morethan1000 years, and also it will give you expert knowledge andpoint youin the right direction to plan future. The applicationprovides avery simple user interface that easily calculate yourage andbirthday, and also you can add as many family and friendsbirthdaysand important days as you needed, which is useful forkeep trackingand also it is useful to find date difference betweentwo dates likewedding anniversary, work anniversaries, events,etc... Key Featuresof this Application ► This app supportsmultiple date formats andalso supports 24 hours and 12 hours timeformats ► We supportsearlier than 1900 but Google calendardoesn't, if you want earlierthan 1900 type year manually afterchoosing date. ► Share yourcalculation results with family andfriends ► Calculate youraccurate age and also find upcoming 10weekdays of your birthday ►This is a great tool for anyone who isinterested in datecalculations. ► Shows how many months and daysto go for your nextbirthday. ► Perform everyday date arithmeticoperations likeaddition/subtraction. ► Find no of working andnon-working days ►Add/subtract days/months/years from a date. ►This applicationdisplays the current time zone of the device. ► Tocheck a givenyear is leap year or not. Don't keep this app asecret! We grow withyour support, keep sharing :) Please don'tleave negative feedback!Instead, please contact us and we'll do ourbest to solve your issues andappreciate all the support that hasmade this application moresuccessful! Thank you!
This app is a right-angled triangle trigonometry calculator. • Itisideal for carrying out quick and accurate value calculations. •Ableto calculate the value of sides, angles, and the area ofaright-angled triangle given valid known values. • Accurate to16decimal places. • Angles can be worked out using degreesorradians. • Simple minimalistic interface to enable ease ofuse.Note: In order to gain the best user experience possible,pleaseensure the app is fully up to date. Improvements and bugfixes arefrequently implemented.
This Interest Calculators Application is simple, elegant anduseful.Main features of the Application include: BANKCALCULATIONS: ☛ EMICalculator - helps to calculate House Loan, CarLoan, Personal Loan- Provides Details of Principal and Interestfor each EMI ( at monthlevel) - Verified with all popular banks ☛Loan Calculator - Anytimeyou wanted to know how much loan you areeligible when you are clearof EMI per month to be re-paid. LoanCalculator is perfect for you.☛ Inflation Rate - Inflation isdefined as a sustained increase inthe general level of prices forgoods and services in a country. ☛Fixed Deposit Calculator - Fixeddeposit calculator can calculatewith different compound interestfrequencies like Yearly, Halfyearly, quarterly and monthly. -Fixed deposit calculator cancompare Fixed deposits with differentinterest rate and tenure. Nowyou can : Calculate Future (Maturity)Amount : if we know DepositAmount, Interest % and Tenure.Calculate Interest % : if we knowDeposit Amount, Maturity Amountand Tenure. Calculate Tenure (inMonths) : if we know DepositAmount, Interest % and Maturity Amount.Compare Fixed Deposits :With different banks, to know which bankoffer better loans. ☛Recurring Deposit Calculator - Recurringdeposit calculator cancalculate with different compound interestfrequencies like Yearly,Half yearly, quarterly and monthly. Now youcan : Calculate Future(Maturity) Amount : if we know DepositAmount, Interest % andTenure. Calculate Tenure (in Months) : if weknow Deposit Amount,Interest % and Maturity Amount. CompareRecurring Deposits : Withdifferent banks, to know which bank offerbetter loans. ☛ SimpleInterest Calculators Calculates Future AmountCalculates InterestRate Calculates Time ( Tenure) CalculatesPrincipal ☛ Rate ofReturn Calculators ☛ Rate Time Calculator POSTOFFICE CALCULATIONS☛ Time Deposits ☛ Monthly Income Scheme ☛ PublicProvident Fund ☛National Savings ☛ Senior Citizen Savings Scheme ☛Kisan VikasPatra ☛ Recurring Deposits ☛ Savings Account SilentFeatures: ☛This app is completely free ☛ Works for both SmartPhones andTablets ☛ Displays Calculations Monthly, Quarterly, HalfYearly andYearly ☛ Can share the details via Share feature ☛Displaysdetailed information ☛ All Calculations are supported inIndia ☛Compound Interest Calculator which calculates MonthlyInterest,Quarterly Interest, Half-Yearly Interest and YearlyInterest ☛Simple Interest calculator
RealCalc Scientific Calculator 2.3.1
Quartic Software
RealCalc Scientific Calculator is Android's most popularscientificcalculator. It has over 20 million downloads and morethan 100,0005* reviews.RealCalc is designed to look and operateexactly like areal hand-held calculator. It has all the standardscientificfunctions plus history, memories, unit conversions andconstants.You can choose from a number of display styles andformats. It alsosupports binary, octal and hexadecimal calculationsand has anoptional RPN mode. RealCalc is easy to use, but has fullhelpincluded in the app.If you like RealCalc, the pro versionRealCalcPlus has lots of extra features includingfractions,degrees/minutes/seconds, customizable conversions andconstants,landscape mode, a home-screen widget, a 12-digit displayandgreater internal precision. Purchasing RealCalc Plus will alsohelpto support further development. Just search for RealCalc Plusorfollow the upgrade link in the app.RealCalc ScientificCalculatorincludes the following features:* Traditional algebraicor RPNoperation* Unit conversions* Physical constants table*Percentages*Result history* 10 memories* Binary, octal, andhexadecimal (can beenabled in Settings)* Trig functions in degrees,radians or grads*Scientific, engineering and fixed-point displaymodes* 7-segment,dot-matrix or standard font display* Configurabledigit groupingand decimal point* External keyboard support* Fullbuilt-inhelpRealCalc Plus contains all these features, plus:*Fractioncalculations and conversion to/fromdecimal*Degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion*Landscapemode* Homescreen widget (now with RPN support)* 12-digitdisplay*Extended internal precision (32-digit)* User-customizableunitconversions and constants* New RPN styles (buffered-entry,XYZTrolling stack)* Samsung multi-window support with drag &drop.
Loan calculator 2.2
The easiest loan calculator!We created the "light" loancalculator,with which you calculate the credit, build schedule, andwill beable to choose the type of payment.
SIP Calculator
Nilesh Harde
SIP calculator calculates the future value of SIP(SystematicInvestment Plan) Payments. It help you to calculatefuture value ofyour monthly investment in Mutual Fund, PublicProvided Fund (PPF)or Fixed Deposit (FD) in bank or post office.Features - SIPCalculator - SIP Planner - Systematic Transfer Plan (STP )Calculator - Systematic Withdrawal Plan ( SWP ) Calculator -Saveand View Investment Plan - SIP Top Options - Top Up AmountorPercentage, Frequency-Yearly/Half Yearly, Top Up Cap Amount.-Share Details through other app like note, WhatsApp - Reminderformonthly installment - 3x1 Widget to show SIP Investment Detailonhome screen - Investment Details Table - Lump sum orinitialinvestment - Frequency - Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly&Yearly added for SWP & STP calculator - Currency Symbol-Settings for Default Values - Tenure & Rate of Return-Settings for Reload Last Values - Send SMS - Send Email - ListofAMCs - 3 premium features - Save Chart, Save as PDF and EmailwithPDF - In app purchase for App upgrade to Premium - Sample PDFfileavailableat SIP Amount : 5,000 Tenure (Years) : 10 Rate ofReturn (%) :12.0% ​Yearly % increase in Monthly Investment : 0Lump sum orinitial Investment Amount : 0 Investment Amount : 6,00,000 MaturityValue : 11, 61,696 Example: If you want to start anSIP of Rs 5,000per month and you expect your investments willreturn 12%, then in10 years you will generate 11,61,696 compoundedmonthly. OrFinancial Goal Amount : 1000000 Rate of Return (%) : 12InvestmentPeriod (Years) : 10 Investment Amount : 5,16,487 MonthlyInvestmentAmount : 4,304 Example: To accumulate 10,00,000 in 10years and youexpect your investments will return 12%, then youwill need to makeSIP of 4304. Please send your suggestion andissues to my E-mailaddress 2.9
Best and free offline fraction calculator ✌, supportingalsodecimals, percentages, and parentheses that shows adetailedsolution for all calculations. 😊 At school 🏫 or home 🏠 needtosolve simple or complex math fraction problems, convertfractionsinto decimals, or decimals into fractions? - thisfractioncalculator will do it ✅ and will show how it was done 😺Perfect forstudents, parents, teachers, and woodworkers to solve orverifyfraction everyday problems. Features of this fractioncalculatorfree app ➕ ➖ ❌ ➗ 🍉 Supports combining decimal andfractionalnumbers. Automatically reduces fraction result to itssimplestform. 🍇 Converts fractions into decimals and decimalsintofractions. Calculated result is displayed usingfractions.Equivalent value in decimals is also available. 🍌 Shows adetailedsolution, step by step for all fraction problems andcalculations.🍎 History of previous calculations is available. 🍒Besides basicmath operations such as add, subtract, multiply anddivide;fraction calculator allows calculating percentages forfractions. 🍅Triple keypad available 🍍 Works with big numbers. Nolimits 😋 Wehave made this fraction calculator app available inmultiple colors🌈 for you! Fraction calculator with the solution forfree ©UUCMobile, 2019
GST Calculator- Tax included & excluded calculator 2.3
Aspiration Solutions
GST Calculator- Tax included & excluded calculatorGSTCalculator is now on your keyboard Easily calculate GST, VAT,CTfor any amount! Totally free!! GST Calculator is designedtocalculate the inclusive of sales tax, exclusive of sales taxandthe tax value for a given amount while allowing you to specifythetax percentage you want to use. This allows you to customisethevalues for any country or situation. Now you can calculateLoanEMI, SIP And GST calculation tool that helps user toquicklycalculate EMI, Load Amount, Interest Rate, Load Period, SIP,GSTand view payment schedule. Use this app to calculate yourEMI(Equated Monthly Instalment), plan your loan repayment ineffectiveway. HSN- Harmonized System of Nomenclature, whichisinternationally accepted product coding system used tomaintainuniformity in classification of goods under the GST regime.GSTCalculator Features: - Set a custom tax rate - Allowchangingbetween Inclusive and Exclusive with the touch of a button- Allentered values and selections are saved for quick access nexttimeyou open the app - Results calculated as you type - Workswithlarge numbers - Share the calculation by Email, Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, WhatsApp and any other social media. OTHERFEATURES: ●Finance Calculator is the special kind of calculatorthatcalculates your Loan EMI. ● This app allow you tocalculatefollowing values by inputting all the other values: - EMI- LoanAmount - Interest Rate - Period (In Months and Years) ●SIPCalculation and Planing. ● GST Calculator- Tax included&excluded calculator. ● GST Calculator for all country with GSTTaxRates. Add or reduce GST from amount. ● Representation ofpaymentsplit up in the table form. ● Graphical representation ofcompletetenure of Loan. ● Calculate EMI on monthly basis. ●Generatestatistics chart instantly. ● Statistics shows PrincipalAmount,Interest rate and remaining balance per month. USAGES: ●GSTCalculator ● GST HSN Code & Tax Rate Finder ● LoanCalculator ●EMI Calculator ● Standard EMI Calculator ● EMIStatistics ● FinanceCalculator & Statistics ● SIP Calculator ●Compare Loans ● SaveLoan profile and get notification beforeinstallment time. bc gstrate, gst bc, gst tax calculator, gstcalculator, gst rates,calculate gst, gst amount, gst rebate, gstcalculation worksheet,gst calculation formula, gst paymentcalculator, australia gstrate, india gst rate, gst calculator app,gst calculator online,sales tax calculator, gstplus, gst refund,ontario sales taxcalculator #IndiaGSTCalculator #IndiaGST #HSN Code#GST HSN Code& Tax Rate Finder #Loan EMI Calculator #SIPCalculator #FinanceCalculator
co.epxx.touch12if 3.52
Touch Fin is an RPN financial calculator. This app implementsmanyfeatures of the industry-standard HP-12C. This app is free andhasno limitations whatsoever! Everything works: financialoperations,programming, depreciation, statistics... Once installed,it worksforever. It is always available and handy for you. Theinterface isthe cleanest possible: just the calculator filling thewholescreen. The app supports three numeric formats:American(999,999.00), European (999.999,00) and Indian(9,99,999.00), andsupports copy of the value to the clipboard.Touch the left uppercorner of the calculator to open the menu andget access to thesefeatures. If you like this app, consider buyingthe premium version(Touch Fin Financial Calculator) that is ad-freeand loaded withextra features. 4.3.8
roaming squirrel
TechCalc scientific calculator contains 12 calculation modes inoneapplication + a handy reference section that includes anadditional22 calculation modes plus a wealth of useful information.Perfectfor all aspects of science and engineering calculations inschool,university and throughout your career. Why not download itnow andgive it a try? Modes included are: ★ Basic Mode, ★Scientific Mode,★ 64-bit Programmer Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec), ★Graphing, ★Matrices, ★ Complex Numbers (cartesian, polar, usingEuler'sidentity), ★ Quick Formulas, ★ Quick Converter, ★ TimeCalculator,★ Equation Solver, ★ Calculus (Derivatives, DefiniteIntegrals,Taylor Series, Indefinite Integrals & Limits) ★Financial + thePeriodic Table of Elements! Features include: ★ AllTrigonometricoperations (radians, degrees or gradients) ★ Powers& Roots ★Logs and Antilogs ★ Factorial, Modulus & RandomNumbersfunctions ★ HCF, LCM, Prime factorization ★ Pol() &Rec()Functions ★ Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr) ★Statistics★ Fractions Mode ★ A wide range of conversion categoriesandconstants ★ 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes★Detailed calculation history ★ Extensive Help and Reference★Highly customizable via the Settings The referencesectionincludes: ★ Physical Laws ★ Names in the Metric System★Mathematical Tables ★ Elementary & Linear Algebra★Trigonometric Identities ★ Differentiation & IntegrationRules★ Statistics Formulas ★ Vector Mathematics ★ ASCII, IEEE754,Fractional Bits, Roman Numeral & Number Base Converters ★pH,Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage, Proportion&Molecular Weight Calculators ★ Sigma & Pi Notation ★BalancingChemical Equations ★ Statistics (Grouped Data) ★NumericalSequences ★ Humidity Calculations ★ Boolean AlgebraCalculator ★Empirical Formula Calculator ★ Characteristics of anRLC Circuit ★Feet and Inches Calculator ★ Aspect Ratio Calculator ★BarometricFormula Calculator ★ Linear Regression Analysis (SimpleLinearRegression; Multiple Linear Regression) Please email anyquestionsthat are not answered in the Help section. This is alsoanad-supported app - upgrade to an ad-free versionvia:
All-In-One Calculator Free 2.4.3
Meet CalcKit, the most powerful All-in-One Calculator PackforAndroid. Featuring over 150 unique calculators and unitconverters,packed in with a highly customizable scientificcalculator and evenallowing you to build your own calculators andconverters, CalcKitis the All-in-One Calculator you've beendreaming about. Inaddition to everyday use, CalcKit is suitable fora large varietyof professions. If you're a scholar, student,teacher, builder,handyman or engineer and you need an All-in-OneCalculator App foryour device, give CalcKit a try. CalcKit Features✓ Over 150Calculators and Unit converters ✓ Highly customizableScientific& RPN Calculator ✓ Floating Calculator Widget ✓ FullyeditableCalculator history ✓ Light & Dark Calculator Themes ✓Currencyconverter with 160 currencies, available offline ✓ Supportsmathexpressions as input ✓ Instant results ✓ Unique CustomToolsCreator with up to 25 variables ✓ Integrated Search ✓IntegratedNotepad ✓ Add Shortcuts to your Home Screen for quickaccessLanguages: English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Czech,Greek,Spanish, Catalan, Romanian, Portuguese, Hungarian,Serbian,Turkish, Chinese, Persian List of calculators andconvertersGeometry 2D Triangle, Right Triangle, Square,Rectangle,Parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Isosceles Trapezoid,Hexagon,Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Segment and Sector of CircleGeometry 3DCube, Cuboid, Prism, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Pyramid,PyramidalFrustum, Cone, Conical Frustum, Cylinder, Torus, Sphere,SphericalCap, Sector, Segment and Wedge Equations • Linear,Quadratic andCubic Equations • 2x2 and 3x3 Systems AnalyticalGeometry •Distance between 2 points • Area of Triangle • Equationof Circleand Sphere Algebra • Prime Number Check • ProportionCalculator •Decimal to Fraction • Fraction Simplifier • PrimeFactorization •GCF / LCM Matrix Calculator • Determinant, Inverse,Transpose • A ×B, A + B, A - B Electronics • Resistor and InductorColor Codes •LED Resistor Calculator • Series / Parallel Components• Ohms Law •Power Triangle • Y - Δ Transformation • Voltage Divider• VoltageRegulator • Operational Amplifier • NE555 Timer • Filters•Reactance • Wire Resistivity • Transformer Ratio • BatteryLifeCalculator • Analog - Digital Converter • FrequencyCalculatorFinance • Currency Converter • VAT / Tax Calculator •TipCalculator Common Converters • Numbers • Roman Numerals •Prefixes• Angle • Area • Cooking • Data Storage • Fuel Consumption• Mass /Weight • Length / Distance • Temperature • Time • Speed •Pressure• Power • Volume • Force • Energy / Work ElectricityConverters •Charge • Current • Conductance • Conductivity • FieldStrength •Potential • Resistance • Resistivity • Capacitance •Inductance •Charge Density • Current Density Engineering Converters•Acceleration • Angular Acceleration and Velocity • Airflow•Density • Moment of Inertia • Specific Volume • TorqueFluidsConverters • Concentration (Molar / Solution) • Flow • Flow(Mass /Molar) • Mass Flux Density • Permeability • Surface Tension•Viscosity (Dynamic / Kinematic) Heat Converters • FuelEfficiency(Mass / Volume) • Heat Density, Flux Density, TransferCoefficient• Specific Heat Capacity • Temperature Interval •ThermalConductivity, Expansion and Resistance Light Converters•Illumination • Luminance • Luminous Intensity MagnetismConverters• Field Strength • Flux and Flux Density • MagnetomotiveForceRadiation Converters • Radiation • Absorbed Dose • Activity•Exposure Other Converters • Frequency • Image Resolution • Pace•Pixel Density • Sound • Typography • Volume (Dry / Lumber)
What happens if you combine a standard calculator App, aclassicdesktop calculator and a note App ? CalcTape brings you thebest ofthese and even more. It is your companion for all dailycalculationneeds and easily masters all scenarios you can imagine.CalcTape isNOT a scientific calculator, but do we need these indaily use ?Ever did a long calculation with many figures and askedyourself:"Did I enter the last figure correctly ?" "The resultlooks strangesomehow !" With CalcTape you keep an overview, cancheck allfigures and correct figures instantly inplace with allsubsequentresults being adjusted automatically ! Missed a figure ?Noproblem: Just insert it in the right place easily by entering anewline. You can place the cursor everywhere you like inthecalculation: It's like a note where you can change anythingyoulike in any place with the advantage, that changing numbersoroperators updates your calculation immediately! CalcTape canbeconsidered a "spreadsheet with a calculator interface". Youcanalso keep the calculation for your records (documents) andcreatetemplates: Replacing the figures in your template and gettingthecorrect results is a breeze. Commenting figures and resultsgivessense to your calculations, so you can understand what you didwhenviewing the calculation a month later. Customize CalcTape toyourneeds and place only those buttons on your keypad that youreallyneed everyday. Create your own functions to e.g. add aspecificpercent rate with a tap on a single button. CalcTape comesas abasic free version and offers a Pro update. The Pro versionbrings:- Save your calculations into files - Create own functionsor textsnippets to be entered when pressing a button (long press abuttonto enter the Button screen) - Create own keypad layouts(changeassignment of all buttons except numbers and backspace /changebutton sizes) - Select between different keypad layouts(the"function keypad" contains no numbers and is nearlycompletelycustomizable) to get more buttons or other functions, 2keypads aredirectly accessible in the main screen - Share yourcalculationsusing standard Android sharing capabilities, e.g. email- NEW:Print your calculations - NEW: Export as HTML (via clipboardore-mail) =================== If you find any problem feel freetocontact us. You can help us improving CalcTape Calculatorbystating your Android version and smartphone model. Follow usonTwitter: