Top 49 Games Similar to City High School Gangster Revenge: Evil Teacher

Good Teacher vs High School Gangster 1.2
Start a new life with Good teacher vs High school gangster asasweet and loving teacher. Make your dream come true and becomeahigh school teacher. Teacher who can teach the students withzealand can punish them on their misconducts and naughtiness.She/he isresponsible for class management and class control. Thisgame givesyou 4 options to choose from the given two experienceteachers(Janifer & Smith) or from the two young bloods (Susain&Jecob). You will be the teacher in the class and you will betheone who control the class in this Good teacher vs Highschoolgangster. Students will be fighting in the class and alsowill bedisturbing the class environment. Make sure they don’t maketheclass like Fish market. You can punish the student to stop themdoall of this. Make sure you judge the right student whoisresponsible for all of this misbehavior other vise you willbelosing the mission and make sure you do it on the righttime.Gameplay:Good Teacher Vs High School Gangster is amazing gamewithinteresting gameplay where you play as good teacher andcontrolsthe student with the help of some strictness during theclass.Don’t be an Evil teacher or a spooky teacher. Be a goodteacher andmake sure your class is also as good as you are.Students will runfrom the class to bunk the class you need to findthe student fromthe school and bring them back to class. Make surethat thestudents don’t fight in the class and stop them if they do.Studentfighting in the class is the failure of the teacher in theclassthat is you in this game. During the exam you become agoodExaminer as the students will try to cheat in the exams. Makesurethey don’t cheat in the exam. Don’t let them pass the examsbycheating. Students may try to enter the class late. Make sureyoutry to stop it by nominating the right student and may punishthemaccordingly so they don’t repeat this again. Thrilling missionsareready to blast the game in gaming world and enjoy theinterestinggameplay in this High School Good Teacher simulator.GoodTeacher vsHigh School Gangster Key features:• Play as High SchoolTeacher andcontrol the students in class• Choose your favoriteteacher toteach the students• Real time simulation problems facedby theteacher in the class.• Most realistic 3D environment of theSchooland Class.• HD sounds effects and voice hovers.• Classenvironmentwith the realistic gangster students.• Real lifepunishments andteacher Behavioral Simulation. Good Teacher vs HighSchool Gangsteris specially designed for all high school teacherlovers andgangster students’ fans. Make sure you make the bestteacher out ofyou and guide the high school Gangster students to abeautifulfuture. Become a lifelong example for them just by playingthe Goodteacher high school simulator.
High School Cheating Boy Cheater Bob School Games 1.3.3
Giochi Studios
WARNING: Hey Kids! Do not try this at your High School. Sam isthemost wicked and spoiled brat caught of high school who lovetocheat and get top position without studying in high schoolcheatingcaught game! He can cheat answers of best students in classroom ofbiology, history, art, science and sports at high schoolgame!Being the number one cheater and top positioned best studentofhigh school in class, don’t get caught by angry teachers!Masterthe art of cheating with Sam in this high school cheatingsinistergame! His outsmarted cheating tactics helps him to get toppositionwithout studying in high school cheating sinister game.MischievousSam got evil mind for cheating so try not to get bustedby highschool angry teachers during cheating in high school.Somethingsinister seems to be going on at high school, so survivethecraziness to get A grade! Play as naughty Sam to cheat andcopyanswers of best students to get good grade before you getbusted inhigh school cheating game! Avoid angry teachers and nerdstudentsin science lab, so outsmart mad teachers to receive highscores inhigh school game! Beat Sam’s nemesis, in an epic evil mindcheatingrivalry to become the top best student of class! Finalquizzes arehere, so for master sinister the art of cheating andbecome thebest cheater in classroom, each subject of high schoolgame. Noneed to study and memorize difficult science and biologysubjectsin high school! Cheat like a pro in high school cheatinggame! Thistime nasty teachers are more stringent and observant sobe careful!Achieve minimum grades on time and save yourself fromangry teacherand nasty principal in high school cheating game!Wicked geniuskid! Don’t get caught or else you will be busted inhigh schoolcheating game! This fun addicting cheating game is forall highschool students, use evil mind and cheat exams from beststudentsof high school class mate. Cheat and copy answers fromgenius kidsas you are the most mischievous student of high schoolcheating!After cheating from best students notes in science lab,get back onyour seat before angry teacher caught you in quiz andgrade youwith F in high school cheating game! Master the art ofcheating inclass is not easy as it seems, so prepare yourself touse evil mindand cheat in quiz like wicked naughty brat of highschool cheatinggame! Avoid nerdy high school students, cheat onceor else theywill let angry teacher know about your cheating game!High schoolcheating boy cheater bob school games features:•Multiplechallenging cheating game levels for high school students•Help Samin mastering the art of cheating game and get good grades•Saveyourself from nasty teachers & nerdy students in thischeatinggame• Surprising reactions from nerdy students & angryteachersin high school cheating game!• 10 different classroom andhighschool cheating game settings• Simple, challenging andfunaddicting game play for high school students• Attractivegraphicsand sound of high school cheating game!Get ready to faceallchallenges of cheating game in high school. Download highschoolcheating boy cheater bob school games and give us yourfeedback, sowe can make more cheating game and high school game foryou.
High School Cash Register: Cashier Games For Girls 2.0.1
Crazy Games Lab
Hey high school students and teachers! It’s time to get backtoschool but first receive your salary, scholarship and submityourfee inside high school account office. A perfect highschoolcashier and manager game to improve educational and timemanagementskills. Before going back to school learn some real highschoolaccount office cashier skills and happily serve customers inhighschool cash register game. This is an awesome high schoolaccountoffice cashier game combined with high school student lifefun forboys and girls. A perfect time management game for girls andboyswhere they will learn to serve customers at cash counter andhandlehigh school cash register cashier app. Do some speedy mathandcounting to get an unlimited high school student life fun ashighschool cashier and play role of high school cashieraccountofficer. High School cash register game is cashier app forgirls anboys as it will help them do some speedy math andcalculation inaccount office high school game. Enjoy ultimate highschool cashierfun in handling cash register counter, calculatestudent fee, fine,scholarships, teacher salary, other funds andmake customers happyin high school cashier game. Time to proveyourself as best highschool girl cashier of account office in fastpaced time managementgame that will put your high school cashierskills to test. Highschool is opening soon so it’s going to be abusy day at accountoffice for cashier manager in this high schoolgame. This amazinggirl cashier manager high school game is acombination of cashierapp with ATM machine fun where girl cashieris all set for doing anamazing job at high school cash counter andserve customers. HighSchool cash register game has variety of highschool girl cashieractivities to perform! High School boys canequally enjoy cashmanager in cashier app as there are amazing cashmanger funactivities for high school students. So boys and girlsare youready for real cash manager fun before going back to highschool.It’s a golden opportunity for students to become best highschoolcashier and manager in high school cashier game. As highschoolgirl cashier you need to calculate student fee or teachersalary inspeedy math calculation only in this best educational app.Stand atcash register counter, greet your high school girls andboys withsmile and provide girl cashier manager services to thebest of yourskills in this high school cashier game. Features: •Challenginglevels to play as high school cashier & manager! •Highengaging high school cash register cashier app simulationbasedlevels! • Time management and high school cash registerhandlingskills! • Amazing sounds & graphics of high schoolcashier app!• Serve high school customers and make best cashierstory in highschool cashier game! The time is now to show off yourcash registerand cash manager skills in high school game! Downloadhigh schoolcash register: cashier games for girls and give us yourfeedback sowe can make more high school cash counter game andcashier girlgame for you!
High School Girl Virtual Sports Day Game For Girls 1.4
Giochi Studios
Welcome to summer high school girl sports day tournament!Highschool girl athletes are warming up at high school gamesstadium!Are you going to win? Practice summer sports baseball inarealistic 3D environment in high school sports day games! Doyourbest in high school sports day athletic events & have funwithathletics high school sports girl in sports day games forgirls.Sports co-curricular activity week is about to start in girlshighschool and all school girls are pumped up and ready to takepart insports day games for girls! Prepare yourself for thebiggestupcoming sports day games event. Play high school girlsports daygames for girls in high school of New York City! Steppinginto roleof high school girl sports that could be tough, so getready forhigh school sports day games event! Make high school girlsportsday full of fun and memorable!!! Take part in basketballswipe,archery, sack race, rope climbing and hurdle race and becometheunbeatable winner in high school sports day games!The highschoolgames sports day activities are interesting to keep highschoolstudents occupied with sports day activities in this highschoolgames. Face high school basketball challenges to make it besthighschool girl sports day games for girls! Perform high schoolgirlsports activities and play like a pro in sports basketball,sackand hurdle race, archery and rope climbing! Dribble, shoot,scoreand win! Grab the ball and take on the world with sportsbasketballpro players in high school sports games. Test archeryskills andplay in one of the most competitive archery high schoolsportsgames. Master all targets and discover pro archery secrets.Be thebest archer and rule the rankings in high school sportsgames!Shoot arrows at target generally set at various distance tounlocknext intense challenging levels in high school girl virtualsportsday games for girls Take a breath, aim the target, shootarrow andhit the bull's eye now! Will you be the best archer orbowmanagainst opponent high school sports game team? Feel like areal prosports girl athlete and jump over the barriers and avoidfallingsin highs school sports games! Try try again until yoursportsmangets to the top! Develop sack race running speed andbecomeultimate racer as you progress through sports girl athletecareerin high school sports games. Defeat high school sportsgirlopponent athletes and climb the ranks to become theultimatehurdling and rope climbing world champion in high schoolsportsgames.Race, run and play challenging hurdle sack race withhighschool sports girl athletes. Accept all high school sportsdaychallenging activities and become the unbeatable winner inhighschool girl sports day game.High school girl virtual sportsdaygames for girls features: • Challenging high school sportsgirlgames activities!• Complete sports day activities in highschoolsports games to unlock next level!• Addictive gameplay andsmoothcontrols of high school sports games!Download high schoolsportsgirl, sports day game and give us your feedback, so we canmakemore high school sports girl games and sports day games foryou.
High School Head Girl: Campus Life Simulator 1.2
High School Head Girl: Campus Life SimulatorHigh School HeadGirl:Campus Life Fun is an adventure pack 3D simulator game.Gratifyyourself with the Virtual High School Girl simulator game toensurethe discipline in your highschool. You need to show yourclassteacher that you are good head girl who maintain discipline&control students not to bully with classmates at campus inhighschool games. You need to monitor the high school students nottodo cheating & bully activities in classrooms andkeepthemselves restraint to bully game other students withincampus.Your campus is vast, with playground and have manyclassrooms,auditorium, cafeteria, gym, corridor and common roomsetc. for highschool students to enjoy, study, make bff and playaround.VirtualHigh School Cute Girl College Life FunAs a highschool head girltalk to your course teacher about subjectassignments which is notcompleted by any student. Talk with highschool principal if anystudent bully game and misbehave with otherhigh school students,so to be punished by the principal. As aHighschool new head girl,you ensure during lunch and lecture atclassroom student do notbully game each other at high schoolplayground, high schoolclassroom and throughout the college. Don'tlet any student be rudeand bully game other students in campus.Stop and warn students todo bully with classmates.Hello Head GirlBFF Campus Life AdventureHigh School GamesYou will be the head girlin the class & youwill be the one who control the class in theabsence of teacher inHigh School Head Girl: Campus Life Simulator.Students will befighting in the class and disturbing the classenvironment. Makesure they don’t make the class like Fish market.Make sure youjudge the right student who is responsible for thecheating in examto evade cheating in this high school cheatinggames. Be active toreturn the books to the high school library andorder online. InSchool life, you can enjoy the group study withyour friends inclassroom and by sitting over the green grassyplayground of thecampus. Enjoy your breakfast and lunch with yourhigh school BFF inhigh school cafeteria. At classroom, theblackboard is not clean,it is good to erase the blackboard for yourclass teacher. You needto Run, Walk and Play within high schoolcampus with other highschools in this High School Head Girl CampusLife Simulator. Makebff in your classroom to enjoy and study withthem. Ensure to earngood grades in your exams and stop studentsfrom cheating and bullygame. Search for Admin room, Gym, andCafeteria within Campus.Enjoy the birthday celebrations of yourfriend with other highschool girls at high school campus.AmericanHigh School Campus NewGirl College Life FunIn this High school Headgirl simulator engageyourself virtually to play with other highschool girls and boysand you can be the girl everyone envies. Nomatter what age groupyou belongs to, download free this high schoolhead girl campuslife simulator bully game to enjoy the Highschoollife on yourmobile device. It is a best game for your kids toperform certaintasks which they would face in their highschool.High School HeadGirl: Campus Life Simulator InnovativeFeatures• Virtual Game withRealistic HD graphics, engaging soundeffects & superb highschool environment with most addictivegameplay in this High Schoolgames• Make BFF at campus, enjoy andplay with them around.• Shareyour eatables & celebrate Birthdayamong your friends at HighSchool Campus.• Participate inExtracurricular activities includingSwimming, Exercise, Runningrace, Gymnasium & Gym workout.•Perform various tasks of yourfriends to help them in classroom andhigh school campus.•Challenging High School tasks with extremetime limit.
High School Gangster Game: Dropout Kid Story 1.0
Recall the school days in this high school gangster simulator.Youare a school bad boy in the secondary school who is takingrevengefrom the teacher in this virtual school simulator, unseen inotherhigh school gangster games and kids school games. Being ahighschool student and running mafia in city school, you have tobevery careful with virtual school teacher otherwise you willbedropped out from mafia school and will be part of high schoolkidstory. This is an electrifying blend of high school gangstercrimewith high school revenge games. You as a gangster criminal inhighschool only go to school to bullying the teachers andspendingsenior cheater life in high school. Take the city schoolrevengefrom the high schoolers and high school students, beingahighschool gangster and give them hard time by bully fights.Amazeyourself with virtual gangster boy in best of virtual schoolgames.You might have played many games for school but download thisHIGHSCHOOL GANGSTER GAME: DROPOUT KID STORY, prime of high schoolcrimegames and high school games.Have you bored from virtualschoolgames? Let’s jump into the high school gangster simulatorthat isall about the crazy high school gangster crime actions, canperformat the school to become the craziest evil minded brat ofyourneighborhood. Be the part of this high school gangster gamewhereyou can play as high school gangster and play naughty trick onhighschool students. We’re giving you an ample opportunity to enjoythegangster criminal in high school with aroma of high schoolrevengegames and high school crime games. Get ready to have somefun invirtual school simulator by playing interesting tricks onothersand enjoy the bullying. For the first time there is a gamewhereyou can go to secondary school as school bad boy to have funwithothers high school students and teachers in a gangsterstrikemission. High school kid story simulator is complete pack ofkidschool games where you can perform bully fight withyourclassmates, friends and teachers. Enjoy and take cityschoolrevenge from that fellows who try to mess you in supreme ofhighschool revenge games. Play and live life in high school, enjoytheadventure of school days where you will be virtual gangster boyinmafia school and you will break all the rules of the disciplineinthis HIGH SCHOOL GANGSTER GAME: DROPOUT KID STORY.Join thehighschool kid story, be the highschool gangster student and playyourfavorite tricks. This virtual school simulator is veryamazingbecause it pondering you to around high school environmentthatwill blow your mind. This high schooler simulator enthuses youtoplay as school bad boy in the escuela and tease the virtualschoolteachers and other seniors who dropout you with yourbadactivities. Wrap and throw the paper ball on the virtualschoolteacher to tease him in the class. Make sure to be quite whenheturns back. Go to the canteen and paste the kick me note ontheback of the students who are sit in the cafeteria. Try to teasethehigh schooler professor in high school gangster simulator asmuchas you. Go to school corridor and paste the ruined picture ofyourprofessor. Save yourself from cameras that are placed in theschoolcorridors. If you are caught in the light of cameras, thegame willover. Moreover, fight with the professor to win bullyfights andvirtual gangster boy of the high school mafia game. So,peopleforget the other virtual school games and use your mind tobully ortease the students and virtual school teachers in this highschoolgangster crime game. Play and make your super moves to getrid ofthe real front line principal security in best of high schoolcrimegames. Enjoy the high school mafia fever by sneaking fromfellowand teachers. Download HIGH SCHOOL GANGSTER GAME: DROPOUTKIDSTORY, supreme of high school gangster games.
High School Girl Simulator: Virtual Life Game 3D 1.7
Giochi Studios
After success of preschool simulator: kids learning educationgame,we offer to play High School Girl Simulator: Virtual Life Game3D.Make new school friends, avoid school bully, participate indancewar and lot of more stuff to explore in best schools! Playbrandnew my girl high school girl of New York City! Stepping intoroleof new highschool girl could be tough so, make some coolhighschoolers girl bff! High school girl is nervous on her firstday,guide her to make first day at high school life easier and fulloffun!!! Help highschool girl student on her first day at funhighschoolers in this 3D virtual high school girl game. Assist mygirlin first day of school in finding activities for virtualhighschool, make first day of best school full of fun in highschoolgirl game. The high school girl game activities areinteresting tokeep highschool my girl occupied with multiple beatschoolsactivities to explore 3D high school simulator gameenvironment.Face multiple challenges to make it your best first dayof fun bestschool. Perform various high school simulator activitieslikefinding principal and admin office to collect books for girlsinthis virtual high school simulator game! Virtual schoolsimulatoris a new fun best school learning for high school girls!Itfeatures a series of virtual school girl games to helphighschoolers spend first day of best schools the fun day ofvirtuallife game 3D. The best new feature of high schoolsimulator:virtual life game 3D is that highschool student canwithdraw moneyfrom ATM machine for tasty school meals and lunchbox. Sometimesbeing the new girl can lead to disastrous mishaps!Avoid getbullied by high school gangsters and stop them to bullyhighschoolgirl students! Perform computer assignments in computerlab andsubmit it to mad teacher of high school on time. Participateindance war and show your super dancer hiphop, ballet dancemoves.This dance war can make high school life of school girlfamous invirtual high school simulator housparty school game! Race,run andplay challenging hurdle race with high school gangster ofvirtualhigh school game. Let's face all challenges of high schoolgirlsimulator: virtual life game 3D and be the famous classmatesofhigh school girl simulator game! High School GirlSimulator:Virtual Life Game 3D Features: • Multiple challenginghigh schoolsimulator activities! • Complete exciting tasks on giventime invirtual high school game • Advanced ATM machine feature ofhighschool simulator • Addictive gameplay and smooth controls ofhighschool simulator game Download high school girl simulator:virtuallife game 3D and give us your feedback, so we can make morevirtualhigh school simulator and preschool simulator: kidslearningeducation game games for you.
High School Gangster Bully Fights Karate Girl Game 1.1
Desert Safari Studios
*This epic fun and educational game was inspired by thecontinuingbattle against the bullying that goes on every day inschoolsaround the world.*The story is about a High school bullygangsterwho is the head of the school gang & he loves to putbully`sschool mates in locking up & giving physical punishmentinclassroom in this high school games. He is a new bully boy intown& joined High school. . It is not a romantic game ofhighschool love story. High school bully boy is an evil kid ofhouseparty. He strike girlfriends by flying paper ball toss intheclassroom. Critically steal lunch boxes of bully`s closefriends.Anna was one of bully target to whom bully boy was givinghard timein city school. Participate in karate fighting tournament,beat allyour bully opponents to become the champion of high schoolkaratecompetition! Poor school girl Anna has been bullied for toolong!She’s got to learn to stand up to the school bully! Enoughisenough! How much bullying can one school girl take?! Now itischallenging for you to survive the High school year somehow.Annahas to somehow put a stop to her school bully. When Annacomesacross a flyer advertising a karate class, her life ischangedforever. She can now learn how to defend herself against herschoolbullies! Help Anna succeed in her karate class, turn into akaratesupergirl! Girl power! Karate Girl Fights Bully HighSchoolGangster is a Fun addictive game in which you are going toFightagainst bully gangster in karate competition. Practice withschoolgirl Anna at the karate dojo yard until she perfects herkaratemoves to become a karate supergirl. Dress up Anna in a coolkarateuniform. Get her ready to fight! No one calls her a nerd!Takekarate lessons with school girl Anna, to help her controlhertemper and understand that karate is not about fighting: it’s awayof life! Celebrate with supergirl Anna at a tea ceremony asshegets new belts and excels in karate. Get high school girl readyforthe big karate tournament, and let her use her girl power to winamedal and a trophy! First a white belt, then a green belt… canyouget karate girl all the way to black belt?! Even bullieshavebullies who call them nerds. Help karate school girl defendingheragainst the bully kids at school! Girl power! The KarateMasterneeds to find someone to take his place. Will Anna betheone?!Bully gangster is not good in studies & always try tofindshortcuts by copying & stealing other student’s homework.Highschool is considered the best school in the state with veryhelpfulteachers. Play as a karate girl and give that bully gangsteralesson not to mess with any high school students. Use yourkaratemoves to get rid of bully boy in one go in this High Schoolkarategirl survival game. High school adventure game is all aboutthecrazy actions one can perform at the teen’s school to becomethecraziest karate girl of the neighborhood. Let the evil studentsofcity campus have the taste of their own medicine in thishighschool gangster game. It’s not a love story of the students intheschool days rather an evil karma of their own fate in faceofcreepy bully gangster in high school continuing the legacy ofhishigh school dropout student through his evil actions.KarateGirlFights Bully High School Gangster Game Features:Find outSecrets ofHigh School Story.Thrilling & challenging karategirlMissions.Smooth, Easy & Intuitive Controls inbullygame.Amazing 3D High School Environment.Different Combat&Fighting in karate simulator.Download this Karate Girl FightsBullyHigh School Gangster Game and give us your feedback, so we canmakemore high school games for you.
Gossip Girl - High School Crush & Kissing Game 1.1
Dress Up Games!
Serena Miller is a nothing special high school student. Theonlyspecial thing is that she is the only Poor Girl at BeverlyHigh,which is the best private and prep high school in the city.Shenever felt she like part of this group. Or what we can sayshenever thought she belonged there. So she spent most of her timeinthe library as a part time worker. Download now you play theGossipGirl game Product Features:*You are Serena, who is a poorgirl anddo part time job at the library.- Do the daily preparationsasusual before school-Oh! There is a guy in the library corner!Ithink he needs your help.-Go to check what you can do and givehima hand-Oh! The guy is so cute. Who is he?-Out of theexpectation,the library guy is totally into you.-But who is he? Didhe have agirlfriend?*You are Nate, who is a famous playboy intheschool.-The library girl is so cute! Prepare to confessyourheart.-Oh! This is the message from Regina. You have to breakupwith her first.*You are Regina, who is the Queen intheschool.-This is so ridiculous! Nate broke up with me because ofapoor library girl-Go to talk with the library girlfirst.......Youwant to know more about what will happen betweenthem! Come on andjoin us to Gossip Girl...Having problems? Anysuggestions? We wouldlove to hear from
Hello Bully Teacher 3D 1.1
TapSim Game Studio
The story is about a naught boy who is bullying teachers&students for fun!You are a new bully boy in town & hasbeentransferred to High school. You have to play many naughtytricks totease everyone. Do different evil & mad activities andbe abully boy in school. You are not good at studies & alwaystryto find shortcuts by copying & stealing otherstudent’shomework. Teacher of the school put students like you indetention& punish them. Now it is challenging for you to hidein theHigh school to do super crazy things.Activities that youperformare like puncturing your school teacher car tire,changingchemicals in science lab before teacher perform scienceexperiment,throw paper balls at class teacher, steal assignmentsfromteacher’s locker & from class monitor and many more. Youmusthave to complete missions without getting caught in this funfreegame. Hello Bully Teacher 3D is a High school story gamewhichmakes you feel amazing & amuse.Are you ready to recallyourschool time naughtiness? So Download it now!Hello Bully Teacher3DFeatures:• High Quality 3D Graphics & High SchoolEnvironment•Interesting & Engaging Bullying Activities• Smooth,Easy &Intuitive Controls• Amazing sounds effects and voicehovers.•Interesting Game-play • Fun & Easy to Play
High School Café Cash Register Girl: Kids Game 1.1
Crazy Games Lab
Welcome to modern girls high school café cashier game. It’s timetoserve delicious and tasty food to high school student atcashregister girl cashier game. Summer vacation is off and youarehired for the role of cash register cashier kids math duel game.Aperfect tasty food store cashier and manager kids game toimproveeducational skills and time management store cashier girlskills.Before going back after summer vacation to school girls,learn somereal store cashier skills at tasty food cashier girlbaking games.High school supermarket cash register teen girls is atremendoushouseparty foodstand store cashier game with high schoolshoppingspree for boys and teen girls. A terrific time managementstorecashier girl cafe game where school kids will experience andlearnto serve tasty food and manage school cashier girl counter.Giveyour best store cashier duel math and counting speed andgetindefinite girls high school shopping spree fun as cashier kidsofhigh school. High school café cashier girl is all about tolearnand experience store cashier mathematical skills andtimemanagement skills for cash register high school kids cafécashiergame. It will help school student to make their cashmanagement& store cashier girl skills strong. In this highschool worldchef games, take food orders, serve frozen slushbeverages anddelicious food to high school kids and manage cash atgirl cashiergame. Enjoy ultimate supermarket store cashier fun atcashmanagement register counter, calculate tasty food items price,makehigh school kids happy and satisfied at cashier simulatorgame.Time to prove yourself as best school café cash managementteencashier girl to test your mathematical and time managementskillsin girl cashier simulator game. Operate the store cashierregistermachine, enter the price of each item manually oncalculator, makebill of all items, collect cash from cashier girl,return thebalance amount to school kids and give receipt to girlshigh schoolstudents in this store cashier simulator game. This highschoolcafé girl cashier game has variety of foodstand where schoolkidscan do houseparty with their delicious food and high schoolgirland boys at store cashier counter. Become one of the proschoolcafe cash management register cashier kids and learntimemanagement and math duel game skills as store cashier girl.Highschool café cashier girl game has heaps of shopping Spree funtoshop world chef tasty food. As store cashier school girls,enjoystore cash counter world chef bakery game. Serve delicioustastyschool lunch from foodstand and work as supermarket cashiergirl inthis girls school simulator game. Get ready for handlingcashmanually and provide quick food services to become a prohighschool café cashier girl. High school café cash register girl:kidsgame Features:• Challenging levels of cash register countermanger• Serve delicious food & handle store cashier at girlsschoolcafe• Educational and time management skills for high schoolkids•Become a pro world chef baking story café cashier girl•Realistickids school café environment & sound effects Let's seeif youare daring enough or not to handle store cashier counter ofgirlshigh school!!! Let's face all challenges of girls schoolcafécashier game heroically. Download high school café cashregistergirl: kids game and give us your feedback, so we canmakesupermarket cash register kids cashier game for you.
High School Girl Game 2018 1.6
TapSim Game Studio
Relive memories as High School Girl within this game. Recallamazingstories and events you enjoyed as teenager. Extra detentionyou gotafter calls, Cheerleading you did for your school teams andamazingfun time at dorm. Saved by the bell! This game makes schoolFUN!Areyou ready to get back to high school? As a freshman at highschool,you are energetic to explore various aspects of high schoollife.While finishing your homework, you wish to socialize as well.Youcan be nervous for the rigorous academic routine, but you havetoparticipate in all extra circular activities to polish yourskills.Have a balance life and have Fun day at school. Explore aHUGEinteractive school environment. Perform several missionsthroughoutthe day. The more activities you perform, the morepopular youbecome amongst peers! Be active in the classroom andwrite on theblackboard. Go to the library to find your books andstudy. Race,run, and play a variety of sports (like football,basketball andsoccer) in gym class! Pass your fitness test. Makefriends near thelocker room! Search for the admin office. Performchemistry andbiology science experiments in the lab! Make potionsand dissectfrogs. Sit in the lunchroom or cafeteria with all yourfriends.Watch your popularity increase!This student has a thirstforlearning! Follow this awesome RPG storyline for the ultimatehighschool experience. Unlock different levels by performingmoreamusing activities.Features of High School Girl Game2018:•Different amazing activities• Inspiring high school storyline•High Quality 3D Graphics of University• Awesome backgroundSounds•Smooth and Easy Controls for walking around school•addictive gameplay
Sports Girl Adventure High School Games for Girls 1.2
Get ready to play Virtual High School Sports Girl CollegeLifeAdventure Simulator 3D game. As a New Sports Girl inHighSchoolmake new friends, stop cheating in quiz, evade schoolbully,exercise on treadmill, participate in run race and a lot ofmorestuff to explore in Sports Girl School Adventure games forgirls3D. Stepping into the role of new school girl could be tough,makesome cool bff. High School New Girl is nervous and feeling shyonher first day, guide to make her first day at AmericanSchooleasier & full of fun to enjoy sports activities in thebest of3D Games for girls on google play game Sports Girl SchoolAdventureHelp new girl for her college life on her first day inthis Bullygames for girls High School simulator games for kids.Indulge inSchool life simulator game on google play games andmaintaindiscipline throughout campus in School Bully games forkids. Proveeveryone you are the best school girl & sports girlin yourhighschool college secondary school and the girleveryoneenviesWhether you’re an adult or you’re a child downloadthis HighSchool College Life Adventure game and live the life of anAmericanSchool girl for a day in Secondary School College SportsDay gamesfor kids. Add more thrill in highschool girl campus lifefamilysimulator game by performing school girl related simulationtasksin the best of High School Cheating Simulator Bully Gamesforgirls. Perform the high school girl simulator game taskslikeexercising in gym, taking part in run race, evade bullying,stopcheating in quiz and lots of more stuff in Bully Girl SportsDayCollege Life Family Simulator Game for kids. Perform variousHighSchool Adventure activities in Sports Girl School gamesfamilysimulator like finding best friends, helping teachers,evadingbully in campus, stop cheating in quiz, gymnasium and runrace,celebrating best friends’ birthday, providing medical aidtoclassmates and much more. Virtual High School New Girl CollegeLifeAdventure game for kids is a new fun school learning forsecondaryschool girls. The best new feature of New Girl Sports DayCollegeLife Simulator game is that student can withdraw money fromATMmachine for tasty school meals and lunch box. Sometimes being anewgirl can lead to disastrous mishaps in School Games SportsGirlCollege Adventure. Perform computer assignments in computer labandsubmit it to the computer teacher on time in Sports GirlGamesAmerican School Simulator 3D games for girls. Race, run andplaychallenging hurdle races in High School Sports Girl Bully Gamesforgirls on Google Play games.As a virtual high school new headgirltalk to your course teacher about subject assignments that arenotcompleted by any classmate in American School Bully gamesSportGirl Adevnture. Talk with highschool principal if any studentbullyand misbehave with other high school students, so to bepunished byprincipal. As a Sports Girl High School New Head Girl,you ensureduring lunch, lecture and classroom that students do notbullygames each other at virtual school playground, classroomandthroughout the campus in US School Sports Day Bully games forkids.No matter what age group you belongs to, download freethisAmerican School College life Sport Girl Adventure Bully gamesforgirls on google games to enjoy the excitement of CollegeCampusLife. It is a best game for kids to perform certain taskswhichthey would face in their high school life in US High SchoolNewGirl Bully Games for Girls College Adventure FamilySimulatorGame.High School Sports Girl Adventure: Games for GirlsInnovativeFeatures• Challenging High School College Life Simulatortasks withextreme time limit.• Beautiful 3d graphics and engagingsoundeffects in American School Girl Bully Games • Participate inHighSchool Extracurricular activities including Swimming, Run Raceandmuch more with your best friends in Sports Day Adventure 3Dgamesfor girls.
First Aid Training Simulator Game For High School 1.2
Appatrix Games
Are you ready high school girl for more adventure in summerschool?Prove yourself as the best high school girl in your schoollifebecause of your helping nature! Take part in summer schoolGirlScout program and learn first aid medical training in highschoolgirl game! Stepping into role of new high school Girl Scoutfirstaid medical training program could be tough, help her to makehersummer school emergency aid training expedient! High school girlisnervous on her first day, guide to make her first day athighschool life easier and full of fun!!! Assist her in first daysofschool and learn how to tackle emergency situation in thisfirstaid training simulator game for high school girl.EmergencyAlert!Poisonous acid dropped on high school girl hand in chemistrylabclass, help her, apply some burn ointment and bandage properlyonher wound. Enjoy game period and play basketball withhighschoolers, provide emergency help to high school girl who gotheadinjury while playing in this first aid simulator game! Highschoolgirl next first aid training is located at chemistry lab,highschoolers were doing chemical experiments that went wrong! Duetochemical blast in chemistry lab, high school studentsareunconscious, provide emergency mask for their help in firstaidtraining simulator game! Sometimes being a new high school girlcanlead to disastrous mishaps! Play as best high school girl scoutandprovide multiple first aid in different situation of highschoolgame. Perform CPR in swimming pool, give blows and thrustsinchoking situation, apply plaster cast on leg breakage and forelbowinjury, all emergency aid training in first aid trainingsimulatorgame for high school girl game! Participate in all firstaidmedical training of high school girl to get the best first aidgamereward in summer school girl simulator! You can do many funfilledfirst aid game tasks in first aid training simulator game forhighschool game where you are a virtual high school girl. Be thesupervirtual high school girl everyone relies on in high schoolgirlsimulator game!First aid training simulator game for highschoolgame features:· Multiple challenging first aid training inhighschool game!· Complete exciting first aid game tasks on giventimein high school girl game· Innovative first aid game feature ofhighschool simulator· Addictive gameplay and smooth controls ofhighschool simulator game Download first aid training simulatorgamefor high school girl game and give us your feedback, so we canmakemore virtual high school simulator and first aid simulator gameforyou.
Virtual High School Teacher 3D 1.0
Digital Royal Studio
Become a virtual school teacher of city high school in VirtualHighSchool Teacher 3D. Start your school teaching based activities.Areyou ready for back to school days?! In this school teachergame,you control a virtual teacher in high school building who hasamind to do more than teach a student! This high schoolteachernever nervous on his first ever virtual class lecture. Fillhis daywith fun!!! Embark on all the exciting activities during theschoolday as virtual high school teacher. Explore a HUGEinteractive 3Dschool environment.Gameplay:Start your cool morningwith drivingyour car to the school and attend parents teachersmeetings andtell parents about their child good or bad studies andclassactivities reports. Some of school gangster boys don't likeyourgood behavior. Attend school sports multitasking class roomandplay ground activities in school sports game and we hope youwillsurely enjoy school sports day games. This high schoolteachersimulator is special game for school kids in virtualgames.You aregood teacher and teaching every kind of virtual schoolboy andvirtual high school girls for education. Keep an eye onbadbehavior high school girl and boys because these littleschoolgangster children make some noise and caused trouble in classroom.At the end of sports day you need some rest, so get back tothevirtual family home and get fun with your family as virtualfatheror dad in high school teaching games.Virtual High SchoolTeacher 3DFeatures:• Lot's of fun school teacher activities forschool fungame.• Teach students about sports in school sportsgame.• Takeexams & beware from high school cheating boy group.•Amazingschool sports day games & high school class roomenvironment.•Drive your car & go to school, attend meetings& give classkids lectures.• Amazing high school teachersimulator with smoothcontrols.• Multiple levels with beautifulcustomized story line invirtual games.Time to say hello to the newclass and you will enjoythe sports day. Teach kids how to play avariety of sports likefootball, basketball and soccer etc. Attendthe gym class! Takefitness test also. Hit the download button andinstall this VirtualHigh School Teacher 3D and forget other virtualgames.Complete allschool games missions & Give us your positivefeedback for nextupdate.
High School Girls ATM Machine Sim - Cashier Games 1.6
Tenlogix Games
For all the high school Kids your wait for best bank cashier gameisfinally over. High School Cashier Cash Register ManagementCourseresult has been announced. High School Students life’s firstbankinginternship is at High School Bank as bank cashier manager.You willact like a real bank manager and perform all high schoolcashieractivities including cash deposits, receipts, ATM machinesimulator,Bill payments, Cash payments & receipts in highschool cashregister games. High School Girls ATM Machine Sim -Cashier Games!High School Cashier Manager has to submit studentfees, fine,Scholarship forms, teachers Salary in High Schoolcashier and BankCashier Games 2018. High School Girl CashierAdventure cash registergame! Calculate student fees & teachersSalary by quick mathcalculations with numbers addition &subtraction in this besteducational games for girls.Enter HighSchool Bank in cash registerkids game. High School Cashier girl!It’s your first day as BankCashier Manager. High School CashierSimulator! Handle cash machineto serve dozens of daily customersutilizing time management skills& bank management gamesexperience in kids cashier register timemanagement games 2018.Bank for kids let you submit fees, fine,Scholarship forms &students admission forms in High SchoolGirls ATM Machine Sim -Cashier Games. High School Games Fanatics!Fulfill Girl CashierDuty of handling Cash Register machine atOffice cashier counter& disperse teachers salary &educational scholarship inthis high school kids cash register gamesreal cashier simulator2018. High School Girl Cashier Pro! Play HighSchool Cashier gamesand get a chance to be real bank manager &Virtual cashier girlby utilizing bank management, time managementskills, cashmanagement games experience & free cashier gamesfor girl.Playamazing high school cashier games & get a chanceto enjoy highschool life as high School Cashier Manager &become Pro Girlcashier 2018. High School Cashier girl has to dealwith libraryactivities as well. Pro cashier simulator Cash RegisterGameplayer! Enter as Executive Account Officer in High School GirlsATMMachine Sim - Cashier Games. Submit Students Fees in queuewaitingfor their turn at cash counter & cash machine in cashregisterkids games. Run Cashier Register Simulator, Take Fees fromHighSchoolers, enter amount in Girl Cashier Register kids cashmachine& give the balance to School Kids Bank customers fromCashRegister Cashier App in best high school games. To BecomeGirlCashier Pro in High School Girls ATM Machine Sim - CashierGamesyou need time management skills, bank management skills&customer management skills gained by playing other Cafe,shoppingmall, grocery store, fashion store, shopping center&supermarket best cashier games 2018. Features:• BestCashierManagement Kids Cash Register Games!• Real-Time banking inthisKids Cash Register Games!• Best Kids Cash Register App &CrazyKids Learning Simulator!• Cash Payments, Receipts & ATMfun inKids Cashier Game!• Write Best Cashier Story in Cash RegisterGamesfor Girls!
Secret High School 2: The Masked Ball, Story Games 1.5
Beauty Salon Games
“Bella Olsen used to be a normal high school girl. She foundherselfbecome a vampire after a horrible car accident.She hid hersecretand went back to school. She dated a new student in herclass —— ZacStanwood, but accidently exposed her vampire identityduring theirfirst dinner date. Surprisingly, Zac was not scared atall.He toldBella he has his secret to share with her, too. Heasked Bella outagain on the school masquerade party. While, it'snot Zac who iswaiting for Bella at the party...”You play thecoolest new vampiregirl in this game.You can write the story ofthese high schoolsweethearts with mysterious secrets.You areBella.Features:-Zacasked you to meet him at the masked ball, areyou ready for yoursecond date? -Hide your secret identity! Hurryup!-Design your ownspecial sun protection ring.-Give yourself ahead to toe makeover,DIY lipstick and eyeshadow.-Choose from tonsof stylish makeupitems.-Dress up Zac for the date.-Zac is on hisway to the maskedball. Suddenly his car stopped running, find outwhat happened andhelp Zac to fix his car.-Decorate the partyaccording to yourwonderful taste.-Party time! Oh, no, it is notZac who is waitingfor you, it is your ex-boyfriend Spencer.-Whowill you choosebetween Zac and Spencer? What is Zac’s bigsecret?And so much moreare waiting for you to find out at SECRETHIGH SCHOOL!Wanna havemore fun? We would love to hear fromyou!Find us on Facebookat about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
Virtual Gangster Boy in High School 1.3
Welcome again to the high school gangster boy simulation gameinwhich you play as gangster boy in Virtual gangster boy inHighSchool. This Virtual gangster boy game is really fictitiouswhoplay a gangster in a high school and make serious trouble forotherstudents and also for the school. Everybody know aboutthisgangster boy but nobody able to catch him about the things hedonein the school. Teachers even Principle hears a lot aboutthisvirtual gangster boy but in the last not able to take anyactionagainst him due to no evidence.This virtual gangster boyperformsdifferent things to tease his teachers and also stealthings fromstudents of his class or other in the school. In thissimulationgame really someone dream comes true to becomes a highschool bullyboy. All the students in the high school are seriouslytrouble byyou as you are the real gangster boy in school.Game Play:VirtualGangster Boy in High School is an interesting game withattractivegameplay as this bad boy is has plenty of tricks to dobully thingsvery easily. In this game you can play as threedifferent bully boye.g Jake, Michael and Paul. All three are samecan create serioustrouble for school students as well as teachers.You are the leaderthe school gangster boys. Stealing books from theclasses to use inexam for cheating or teasing teacher in the classbetween lecturesare common things these gangster done. All bullyingthings are soperfectly done that nobody will catch the bully boysat the spot.These bully boys are not good at studies so they planto stealfinal exam paper because no one want to fail. The principlealsoknows about this thing and want to caught them in this crimeandfinally kick out these gangsters boys. So beware this is yourlastand final chance to do this kind of thing.Virtual Gangster BoyinHigh School Features:o Play as the bully boy and teasestudentsoChoose the favorite bad boy to surviveo Realistic 3dschoolenvironmento Tease the school boy with your skillso Hide asmuch asyou can doing bully thingso Steal exam paper fromprincipleofficeThis bad boy school simulation game is really makeattractionto all who want to do these kind of activities in theirschool butnot able to this. That is a big opportunity for them tostart thesethings in this gangster boy simulation game. Start thefun withthis lifetime chance and enjoy this Virtual Gangster boy inHighschool simulation.
East Ascension High School 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The East Ascension High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The East Ascension High School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: • Important news and announcements •Teachernotifications • Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more • Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line • Languagetranslation tomore than 15 languages • Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published apps servingmorethan 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK andCanada.All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools andschooldistricts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incrediblywell. Theresult is apps that are highly rated with features thatstudents,parents, teachers and administrators find to betime-saving, simpleand useful. Features listed may or may not beincluded depending onyour school or district’s policies andpreferences.
High School Girl Scout Virtual Life Training Games 1.2
Appatrix Games
Prepare yourself for high school scout training games featuringgirland Boy Scout adventure! So pack your school bags and getready forhigh school scout training in summer school. High schoolGirl Scoutand Boy Scout games provides you exceptional experienceofperforming survival & rescue duty in high school games!Proveyourself as the best high school girl in your school life andbe thekey part of scout training school games! Take part in summerschoolgirl and Boy Scout training program and learn first aidmedicaltraining in high school games! Stepping into role of newhigh schoolGirl Scout first aid training program could be tough,learn to makeBoy Scout summer school training expedient! Makefirst day of scouttraining easier and full of fun for high schoolgirl and boy!!!Assist school students in first days of high schoolscout trainingprogram and learn how to tackle emergency situationin high schoolgames. Participate in all Girl Scout and Boy Scouttraining of highschool games to get the best scout training gamesreward in highschool girl simulator! You can do many fun filledscout traininghigh school games task in scout training games,where you are avirtual high school girl. Be the super virtual highschool girleveryone relies on in high school girl simulator games!In this highschool scout training games, learn rock and ropeclimbing, firecamping, first aid training, swimming pool divingand much more funfilled scout training high school gameschallenges! Collect woodswith high school girl and learn fire litprocess in high schoolgames! Make high school scout trainingchallenges full of fun.Accept high school scout trainingchallenges, and win scout traininghigh school games competition!This fun filled adventure high schoolscout training games willgive you a new learning experience in highschool games!High schoolgirl scout virtual life training gamesfeatures:• Multiplechallenging high school scout training games!•Complete thrillingscout training games task in high school games!•Innovative scouttraining feature of high school games• Addictivegameplay andsmooth controls of girl scout & boy scout traininghigh schoolgamesLet's face all challenges of scout training highschool games.Download high school Girl Scout virtual life traininggames andgive us your feedback, so we can make more girl scouttraining andhigh school games for you.
High School Gangster 1.1.3
Rebel Game
Are you ready to have some fun in the high school? Do youlikeplaying tricks on others and enjoy bullying? Do ever wanted tobe ahigh school gangster and make your own bully gang?Then join inanddownload the High School Gangster where you can play as agangsterof your school and play tricks on them. This game is notaboutshooting or fighting but its a fun game full of adventurewhere youwill be an interesting gangster in your school and youwill breakall the rules of the discipline!For the first time, thereis a gamewhere you can go to school to enjoy and have fun withothers in agangster strike mission. High School Gangster is ahouseparty gamewhere you can bully your friends and your classmateswith yourfavorite tricks. You can bully and hit the kids, boys andotherclass fellows who will try to mess with you in the gangstergame.All you have to do is check the target you are assigned toandfollow it but BE CAREFUL you can get caught too and your strictandangry principal will punish you. Throw papers on teachers,Punchthe kids around you and play tricks on the security guard inthehigh school game. Steal the lunch boxes of other kids in yourhighschool. You can bully your security guard in many ways too.Butmake sure he doesnt know that you are messing and troubling himorelse you may get caught!Because if you get caught, You’llbepunished very hard and will lose the game!High School GangsterGameFeatures: - Multiple Interesting Levels full of naughtytricks-Target and time based gangster levels.- Interestingenvironments ofhigh school including, classroom, hallway, schoolauditorium. -Power controls and detectors.- Crime action realisticsounds andgraphics. How to Play High School Gangster- Select thelevel youwant to play in the high school game- Check for the levelsyou areassigned to perform criminal bullying tasks. - Complete thetasksin the given time. - When bullying the teachers, wait for himtoget calm - Angry professors might catch you in the classrooms.-Dont let your guard find you when he gets bullied by you ithebully free game. - Bully other kids with your gang and dodgetheprofessors. - Enjoy the crime adventure game by scoring pointsoncompleting the task.Play naughty tricks on whoever you like intheschool and enjoy the crime adventure in the gangster game!
Sadhu Vaswani High School 9.0
Oasys Technology
Sadhu Vaswani High School App for Parents & teachers
High School Happy Cashier : Cash Register Game 1.1
Welcome to our newest time management game for high schoolstudentsas they have handled enough customers at shopping mallcashregister and even have manage different customers as shoppingmallcashier manager. Now its time to play the role of a cashier&manager at high school. High School Happy Cashier game is aperfectcash register cashier and manager kids game to improveeducationaland time management skills. Before going back to highschool schoollearn some real store cashier skills and serve happycustomers inbook store cash register game for kids. High SchoolHappy Cashieris perfect time management game for high schoolerswhere they willlearn to serve customers at cash counter and handlecash registerkids cashier app. Do some speedy math and counting andget anunlimited girls shopping mall fun activity as cashier managerofhigh school where colorful high school supplies are displayedonstore shelves. High School Happy Cashier is a time managementgame,customers are in queue, waiting to pay money and get theirgroceryitems packed. An experienced high schoolers cashier withcashregister knows how to operate the cash register game servingthecustomers in time. So boys and girls are you ready for realcashmanager fun activity before going back to high school. It’sagolden opportunity for kids to become best high school cashierandmanager in high school cashier game.If you think handling a laneofgirls at the shopping mall cash counter is easy, get into theshoesof a cashier manager at the High School Cashier. Highschoolersmight not wait enough and may get angry so be quick withevery moveyou make. High School cash register game has variety ofhigh schoolgirl cashier activities to perform. First of all youhave to learnhow to operate the cash register game with receipt andscannermoreover as you have been appointed as a cashier manager,you alsohave to learn how to satisfy your high schoolers so thatthey don’tget angry on delays. High School happy Cashier is aneducationalgame for young boys & girls. High School HappyCashier game isa fast paced time management game to test your timemanagementskills all in a speedy way. Kids can also improve theirbasic mathlearning skills like addition & subtraction. HighSchool HappyCashier game starts with a manual machine you have toenter theprice of each item and get the total of all items. Tap onthecustomer to receive money. Cash drawer will open and you canputthe received money and return the balance amount to thecustomer.You can upgrade your manual point of sale, with theautomated oneso you can scan each grocery item the customer bringsto the cashcounter, and ring up the price! Then accept payment viacash,credit card or through mobile NFC, and enter the totalamount,followed by scanning the credit card or mobile! High SchoolHappyCashier Features:* Fast paced Time Management Cash Registergameswith receipt and scanner Simulation* Operate cash register,servecustomers & make them happy to get rewards* Modernpaymentmethods; Credit Card Machine and NFC Mobile payments* UnlockPointOf Sale Machine to scan items* A fun filled High Schooltimemanagement game* Use Auto Complete Robot to get taskdoneautomatically* Use Cool Candies to increase patience ofcustomers
Gangster of High School Student– Bullys Game Fight 1.0.1
Creative Nuts Studio
Gangster of High School Student a.k.a. Zach & securityguardsduty! High school sweetheart needs to be saved from bullyingguys.This bullying is a Love story of an evil minded boy creatingmafiahustle & girls simulator. Hit girlfriends who ditched you&start war in city school crime. So in this dual mode game,battleagainst bullying as a security guard. Make this educationalgame anepic fun by giving physical punishment to bully boy. In thishouseparty, stop bad kid from & be a bully boy who creates fussforangry teachers.. and also lovebirds .. i.e. boyfriendsandgirlfriends .. yes mess up with highschool romance. With nocitynights in winter holidays 2017 .. be real gangster of townwithschool crime to practice. Be head of student gang wings&create mafia hustle with mysterious things in line. Startgettingover it & live a new fun life.As security Guard .. bebullyingwarrior & head of frontline security authorities inAmericanHigh School. Stop fiasco of children of grand mafia whoaredestroying each others super cars as well in parking lots.Winfighting missions in shadow missions. Listen to angry teacherswhoare fed up of street warriors & stop escape revengemission.Stop gang fighting in football stadiums or gymnasium ..little kidsas high school revenge may enrage bigger disasters withouter citygang mafias. Also do not let highschool student tostealexamination paper before winter holidays 2017. high schoolrevengegame is a fast dodge to steal exam papers, homeworks andassignmentsubmissions. Little kids!Throw away yummy birthday cake& Hitthe ex-boyfriends who just shows up after break up ..andis goingto tease your friend. Yes hit jack for destroying romanticlovestory. Secret manner of mafiosos & stealing of lunch boxeshasstarted. Be jealous of heros students as handsome legends ..andwin battle. In this open world game. Find ways to lockers byhidingaway from highschools proctors & find way to nerdslockers tosteal homework in this kids games. Practice shootingskills in thisbullys game as Zach throws paper ball toss, apples& otherfruits in library. Yes! Tease librarians and hit paperballs tosson angry teachers with this evil minded player. WaterTankssimulator .. present on rooftops are also to be contaminatedwithhospital medicine to make kids in educational system be sick.Haltuniversity dating by interrupting Jimmy with his girlfriend...ourgirls simulator.Be creepy bully gangster of thisneighborhoodschooling game with new high school year .. starting onwithsurvival missions in this fun addictive game. Save anna yourschoollove in this game though she is a karate supergirl. Superkids , Bea black belt with bullies having different bullies.Practiceparkour skills in Gangster of High School .. Create fuss incitycampus with stealth missions . perform crazy actions inteen’sschool & ruining annual ceremony of karate tournaments.Controltemper .. be cunning with master gangster bully. Look outfor evilkarma before ruining love story as high school dropout& bulliearound in high school simulator.Little kids! Its timeto learn somelessons with city school crime to end up. Learn whatcan happenwith you in new sophomore years of educational system& learnto fight back only with Gangster of High School Student&security services game for kids & toddlers.
Secret High School Season 1: Vampire Love Story 1.4
Beauty Salon Games
Bella Olsen used to be a normal high school girl. One day,aterrible car accident happened to her, she thought she’s goingtodie. Unexpectedly, she woke up and found herself lying in herbedwith no wounds at all. Later, she found herself became avampire!She hid her secret and went back to school. She dated a newstudentin her class —— Zac Stanwood, but accidently exposed hervampireidentity during their first dinner date. Surprisingly, Zacwas notscared at all. While Bella and Zac were totally into eachother,Bella's ex-boyfriend Spencer suddenly came back. Zac toldBellahe's a vampire and Spencer is an evil werewolf. A lot ofmysteriousthings happened in this high school, ready to be part ofit?Features: -Design your own special sun protection ring.-Giveyourself a head to toe makeover started from a relaxingSPA.-Choose from tons of stylish makeup items. -Put on thetrendiestoutfit! -Dye your hair and have colorful highlights! DIYlipstickand eyeshadow. -Decorate the party according to yourwonderfultaste. -Class time! But Zac steals your whole attention.-Schoollunch time! You and Zac pretend to be human and eat food.It’sfunny, right? -Decorate yummy birthday cake and host aparty!-Surprise! Wait, why is your boyfriend comes with my BFF? Aretheycheating on you? -OMG, you ex-boyfriend shows up again atdinner!-Who will you choose between Zac and Spencer? And so muchmore arewaiting for you to find out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL! Wannahave morefun? We would love to hear from you! Find us on Facebookat information about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
High School Gangster Revenge Game 1.1
Magnet Mind Studios
New girl at school street News break! Get ready for somebullieaction. Play epic hustle crime to negate discipline &bullystrike mission in classroom. The City High School GangsterRevengeGame offers bullying tricks to manipulate on teachers,principaland even friends. In virtual reality highschool fun,fright nightwith security guards and strike classmate by paper ballsneakily.This school girl revanche simulation has exciting levelsto breakshredder fever, pranks master. Join ultimate escape missionofcrazy school bully, Hit like a new bully boy in town to bringyourterrier. Do you ever wished to have a highschool bully gang?Ifyes, Then download bullie girl High School Gangster Revenge Gametocheers with ultimate revanche simulation. Enjoy playingbullytricks on others, break discipline and set on hustlecrimeadventure at school street. This new girl bullie strikemission isall about playing pranks, Bullying classmates and stealtheir lunchboxes from bags. Throw rolling paper balls on teachers,snatchhomework from students and fight with evil bully boy atschoolbully escape mission. Just give a warning call to occulthighschoolsweethearts: “Don’t mess with shredder horde evil tale.School GirlRevenge Features: »Interesting Escape Missions &Game Play»Amazing City School life 3D Environment »Differenthilarious Prank& bullie»Epic Virtual reality schoolfun»Ultimate new girlgangster simulation»Multiple horde Bullietricks to play»StunningHigh Quality Graphics »Thrilling Secret Highschool runningMatildawas all new virtual girl at city school funwho was once target byhorde bully boys. The Extreme fright nightfighting of beingpersistently victim to these morrn mafia heroprank has turned herinto revenge taker. Now, The new girl matildahas learn all bullieevil tale of occult school bully. She is givinghard time likenightmare prank caller to all highschool bully. Hermain objectiveis to tease all school students by locking up &hitting withphysical punishment. Spoil projects, take control ofevery hiddenobject in secret high revanche school fun simulation.Get startedwith spooky girl bullie simulation to Ruin and breakrules atdeadly strike mission. Take a little joy of bullyingclassmateswith High School Gangster Revenge Game! There are severalvirtualreality highschool pranks fun, this bulie girl simulationoffersyou best bully boy evil tale. All you have to do is meetyourbullie target to unlock new exciting levels and witnessrealisticadventure. Gain points by bullying classmates otherschoolstudents, snatch their lunch box and tore their homeworknotebooks.In this virtual girl classroom fever break disciplineplay prankson friends and on your teacher. Steal security guardskeys and havefun in city school girl revenge simulation of housepartygame!Download secret High School Gangster Revenge Game now,Tocomplete horde strike mission, hit hilarious prank on classfellowaround. Steal lunch boxes, sneakily throw paper ball onteachers,bully other highschool girls. Be careful with virtual girleviltale hustle crime adventure as you will lose and caught introubleof shredder occult school fun. Make sure to be an extremebullievirtual girl at city school life revench fright night. Smashthiscrazy bullie escape mission by sneaking in classroom halls&Survive like epic bully boy hunter & chaser in highschoolbullysimulation.
Secret High School 4: Love Triangle 1.3
Beauty Salon Games
“What is the feeling of love and betrayal? Bella Olsen knewthebest. Her best friend Ashley stole her boyfriend Spencer ayearago. She thought it was the most terrible thing that couldeverhappen to her.While it's not. Later, she encountered a horriblecaraccident, and she found herself became a vampire! She dated Zac,anew student in her class and found out he's a vampire, too.Theykept their secrets and continued their life as normal highschoolstudents.The most unexpected thing is, Spencer came back!Hepretended to be Zac and got close to Bella at theschool'smasquerade party. Bella was so tortured between her pastlover andher date now.”You play the coolest new vampire girl inthisgame.You can write the story of these high school sweetheartswithmysterious secrets.You are Bella.Features:-Design your ownspecialprotection ring to let you walk into the sunlight.-Get readyforschool! You are going to meet Zac in class.-Give yourself a headtotoe makeover, DIY lipstick, and eyeshadow.-Choose from tonsofstylish makeup items.-Class time! But Zac steals yourwholeattention.-School lunch time! You and Zac pretend to be humanandeat food. It’s funny, right?-OMG, you ex-boyfriend shows upagainat the school dinner!-Who will you choose between Zac andSpencer?And so much more are waiting for you to find out at SECRETHIGHSCHOOL!Wanna have more fun? We would love to hear from you!Finduson Facebookat about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
Cyprus High School 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The Cyprus High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The Cyprus High School app by SchoolInfoApp features:•Important news and announcements • Teacher notifications•Interactive resources including event calendars, maps, acontactdirectory and more • Student tools including My ID, MyAssignments,Hall Pass & Tip Line • Language translation to morethan 15languages • Quick access to online and social mediaresources AboutSchoolInfoApp: We build great apps for great schoolsand schooldistricts and have published apps serving more than 600schools anddistricts throughout the US, UK and Canada. All we do isdevelopand manage mobile apps for schools and school districts, soourfocus is 100% on doing that incredibly well. The result isappsthat are highly rated with features that students,parents,teachers and administrators find to be time-saving, simpleanduseful. Features listed may or may not be included dependingonyour school or district’s policies and preferences.
Secret High School 3: Bella’s Breakup Love Story 1.4
Beauty Salon Games
High school girl Bella Olsen became a vampire after a caraccident.She hid her secret and went back to school. She dated anew studentZac, but accidentally exposed her vampire face. WhileBella and Zacwere totally into each other, Bella's ex-boyfriendSpencer suddenlycame back. Current date and former lover, Bella wasso tangled. Zaccame to warn Bella that Spencer's dangerous. He toldBella he's avampire, too! Bella was so surprised. And this is thenextevening...” You play the coolest new vampire girl in this game.Youcan write the story of these high school sweetheartswithmysterious secrets. You are Bella. Features: -Go to schoolwithyour sweetheart Spencer. -Decorate yummy birthday cake forhim!-Give yourself a head to toe makeover, DIY lipstick, andeyeshadow.-Choose from tons of stylish makeup items. -Throw asurprisebirthday party according to your wonderful taste.-Surprise! Wait,why is my boyfriend comes with my BFF? Are theycheating on me?-What is Spencer’s big secret? And so much more arewaiting for youto find out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL! Wanna have morefun? We wouldlove to hear from you! Find us on Facebookat information about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
High School Uniform Dressup 1.2
Hugs N Hearts
Are you bored with the school uniform? Have you ever dreamedofbeing a fashion designer? Now Hugs & Hearts schoolfashionboutique offer you this opportunity to redesign the boringschooluniform. Oh, not only uniform but bags included. Let yourdream onthe sail. ...Download and play for FREE!See you inHEATS&HUGSEmily's High School Fashion Boutique...ProductFeatures:-Design andcustomize your school uniform-Use sewingmachine to make a uniquedress-Reflect the latest trend on your bagdesign-Lead the highschool fabulous fashion trend-Make your StudentID Card to bedifferent-Dress up your own design schooluniform-Select tons offashion dress to star school life-Take aphoto to prove your talentto friends.............And so much more!Come on and join ustogether.Having problems? Any suggestions? Wewould love to hearfrom you! You can find us on Facebookat on Twitterat websiteat
High School Café Girl: Burger Serving Cooking Game 1.9
Crazy Games Lab
Roll up your sleeves, tighten up cooking apron and wear mastergirlchef hat to become a high school girl cooking in kitchen crazemyrestaurant games. Learn cooking management skills byplayingcooking restaurant game in girl high school café simulator.Testbest chefs girl cooking restaurant craze skills in high schoolcafégirl best cooking games, serve tasty meal boxes & bestlunchbox to high school simulator student waiting at the kitchencounterfor houseparty in high school café girl: burger servingcookinggame. Play high school café cooking girl, the newest cookinggame,take orders from hungry high school student, mad teacher andservedelicious tasty fast food burgers in ny times cooking game!Time toembark on awesome my restaurant best cooking games cookingfoodjourney in addicting high school simulator best cookinggames.Start your own girl ny times cooking story in restaurantcookinggame, cook delicious tasty cooking food for high school madteacherand high school cheerleaders on breaktime that will makesuper girlcooking restaurant game. Super master girl cooking iscookingdelicious tasty food items to fulfil kitchen craze inrestaurantcooking game. Become cooking queen chef of girl highschoolsimulator, learn to make the crazy high school studentssatisfiedwith cooking management and culinary skills in food fevergames.Play restaurant cooking simulation game, girl high schoolfoodiesare waiting in a queue to taste best kitchen fever cookingin foodfever games. Kids cooking experience in high school café ismakingit crazy restaurant cooking simulation game 2018.Cookmouthwatering food items for hungry girl high school story andthenserve hot delicious food in houseparty happy restaurantcookinggame. Cook delicious tasty food, add grill chicken patty,cheese,sausage and olives like virtual mom and make high schoolcafé girlcustomers happy in my restaurant cooking game. Create yourowncooking story for high school girls to make my restaurantworldbest dream town cooking restaurant. In high school café game,testtime management and food serving skills to get the bestcookingmaster games girl chef award in high school simulator myrestaurantcooking game. So take command of high school café girl nytimescooking game and fulfill the appetite of hungry high schoolcafégirl customers in restaurant cooking game. High school cafégirl:burger serving cooking game Feature: • Multiple challengingsuperduper cooking game levels! • Surprise high school café girlwithfine chef cooking restaurant games skills • Serve deliciouscookingfood to hungry high school café girl customers • Test yourcookingmanagement and time management skills • Best high schoolcafécooking game graphics and sound effects! Play high schoolcafécooking restaurant game and accomplish all cookingstorychallenging cooking levels! Download high school café girl:burgerserving cooking game and give us your feedback, so we canmake morehigh school café best cooking story game for you.
Delcastle Technical HS 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The Delcastle Technical High School app by SchoolInfoAppenablesparents, students, teachers and administrators to quicklyaccessthe resources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The Delcastle Technical High School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: • Important news and announcements •Teachernotifications • Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more • Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line • Languagetranslation tomore than 15 languages • Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published apps servingmorethan 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK andCanada.All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools andschooldistricts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incrediblywell. Theresult is apps that are highly rated with features thatstudents,parents, teachers and administrators find to betime-saving, simpleand useful. Features listed may or may not beincluded depending onyour school or district’s policies andpreferences.
Virtual High School Life: Happy Family Simulator 1.1
Nation Games 3D
Virtual High school girl is up and ready to take on the first dayathigh school life. Start your high school girl story by doingdailySchool fun activities. Go through several time managementtasks inthis virtual high school game. Play as a High schoolstudent toperform multitasking. Embark on all the excitingactivities at firstday of your high school. Be a Brilliant studentin virtual highschool life simulator game for girls. Virtual Highschool Girl isgoing to Start high school story on first day atHigh School invirtual simulator game!Dress up for the first day ofschool.Reach athigh school on time in school bus on your firstday. Go to theprincipal office and introduce yourself. Takeinformation from adminoffice & find your classroom in virtualschool game. Note downthe lecture of virtual teacher fromblackboard. Get your books fromlibrary of your respectivesubjects. Its Lunch time buy food fromhigh school canteen orcafeteria in lunch break. Go to the lunchroomand eat your lunch.Make new high school girl bff! play tic toe gamewith new bff invirtual life game 3D. Save & Rescue your friendswho are beingbullied by bully students in high school adventuregame. Playbasketball in play area. Beat & Challenge yourfriends score inthis high school girl game. Find the Dance hall& practice yourdance moves for upcoming dance war event. LunchTime is over now!Virtual Teacher hold a Surprise Quiz. Rush to theclassroom &get prepared for the test. Show your homework &help your classfellows in high school simulator. Go to the lab anddo experimentsfor chemistry & biology subject in lifesimulation game. Go tothe locker room and get flowers from locker.Propose your crush andoffer him to be your boyfriend. Start yourlove story in highschool & be a perfect girlfriend in virtualhigh school lifegirls game. Take a journey into your “high schoollife” and findyour ideal prom date!Play this grand VirtualSimulator game withRPG storyline for the high school experience.perform differentlevels of high school daily life activities thatare moreentertaining than ordinary virtual family games. Start Your💑HIGHSCHOOL LOVE STORY💑 NOW! Features of Virtual High school Life:GirlsGameHigh Quality 3D GraphicsHigh School Fun SimulationSuperHighSchool EnvironmentTeen Love Story Games For GirlsExcitingandAddictive Game PlaySmooth, Easy & Intuitive ControlsMaximumFun& Amazing SoundsDaily High School Tasks Based Missions
Harley Quinn Gangster Girl Fight 1.0.2
Harley Quinn as she appears in the Animated Universe. The1994graphic novel The Adventures: Mad Love recounts thecharacter'sorigin story. Written and drawn by Dini and Timm, thecomic book istold in the style and continuity of Arkham: TheAnimated Series. Itdescribes Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD as anArkham Asylumpsychologist who falls in love with the Joker andbecomes hisaccomplice and on-again, off-again girlfriend. The storyreceivedwide praise and won the Eisner and Harvey Awards for BestSingleIssue Comic of the Year. The New Adventures series adaptedMad Loveas the episode of the same name in 1999.Who says highschool girlsand their school life is boring and only pretty?Download this gameto see high school girls as a gangster bully inaction. You canbecome a gangster high school girl bully yourselfand go on abullying gangster strike mission in your school andclassroom tonegate discipline. Prepare many bullying tricks to playon yourfriends and teacher even the principal sneakily in thisvirtualreality high school girl school simulator gangster strikemissiongangster school game. If the bullies at your real schooltease you,play this game to learn gangster tricks from virtualschool to givereal bullies a taste of their own gangstermedicine.Take a littlefun in bullying, we are not recommending itin real life but onlyin virtual reality! Make yourself a highschool girl gangster bullycrime adventure gang with other bulliesin the high schoolsimulator! Bully other high school girls to gainpoints in bullyingunlocking exciting new levels of more high schoolgirl bullying. Inthis classroom fever discipline killing game playpranks on friendsand your teacher and have fun as the high schoolgirl gangster invirtual girl virtual reality school simulationhouse party game!!Sodownload this high school game where you arethe high school mostfamous high school girl gangster and you playticks and pranks onyour other high school girls school fellows. Youcan play thetricks in the classroom, the school auditorium and alsohallways.Being the naughty high school girl become the gangsterbully forother high school girls of your school and keep onbullying themfor fun. So have a bully free life in house party gameand breakthe rules and discipline and be gangster high schoolvirtualreality virtual girl. Take control of everything in highschoolgirl bully school simulator game by teasing your friendsandpranking your teacher. You will be assigned high school girltaskswhich will be naughty tricks you will have to perform in thegiventime in school simulator settings. The high school girlgangsterwill be assigned a bullying target so complete the gangsterbullygang task as the gangster strike mission in the given timeoryou’ll get caught and loose the high school girl game. Becarefulof the high school girl security guard in this gangstergame, youhave to be careful of not getting caught by the teacherand theevil principal when you are bullying. If any of the threecatchyou, you will get in trouble and punished as the bullygangster.Don’t lose the game.
McKinley Senior High School 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The McKinley Senior High School app by SchoolInfoAppenablesparents, students, teachers and administrators to quicklyaccessthe resources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The McKinley Senior High School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: • Important news and announcements •Teachernotifications • Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more • Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line • Languagetranslation tomore than 15 languages • Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published apps servingmorethan 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK andCanada.All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools andschooldistricts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incrediblywell. Theresult is apps that are highly rated with features thatstudents,parents, teachers and administrators find to betime-saving, simpleand useful. Features listed may or may not beincluded depending onyour school or district’s policies andpreferences.
Mitchell High School 6.5.6
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The Mitchell High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed!The Mitchell High School app by SchoolInfoAppfeatures:-Important news and announcements- Teachernotifications-Interactive resources including event calendars,maps, a contactdirectory and more- Student tools including My ID,My Assignments,Hall Pass & Tip Line- Language translation tomore than 30languages- Quick access to online and social mediaresourcesAboutSchoolInfoApp:We build great apps for great schoolsand schooldistricts and have published apps serving thousands ofschools anddistricts around the globe. All we do is develop andmanage mobileapps for schools and school districts, so our focus is100% ondoing that incredibly well. The result is apps that arehighlyrated with features that students, parents, teachersandadministrators find to be time-saving, simple and useful.Featureslisted may or may not be included depending on your schoolordistrict's policies and preferences.
High School Bus Driving 2017: Fun Bus Games 1.0
Wallfish Inc.
Welcome to the City High School Bus Driving Sim Pro!Traveling inamodern high school bus is pretty usual but what if you want totakecharge of a loaded school kids on the city roads. No doubt youwillbe having an ultimate pleasure while driving this city schoolbusyet challenging because you have to not only excel your heavydutybus driving skills but also the timely pick and drop ofschoolchildren. Speed up your modern coach bus when there are noturnsbut slow down deliberately when you are taking turns. Thisextremehigh school bus driving game let you experience the rushytrafficand neat parking opportunities to become the best school busdriverof the community.Modern City High School Bus Simulator 2018isbased on the life of Steve who is a modern city bus driver. Hehasto get up early in the morning, clean up his wheels and startthejourney by picking up school boys from different bus stopsacrossthe city. In this real coach bus simulator fun bus game,Steve willhave to transport kids to the school in time in themorning andalso drop them off to their homes at noon when schooltime is over.Sharp turns at the end of city streets are extremelydangerous andrequire excellent bus racer skills, so be very carefulbecause youcan not risk the life of school children. Rush along thebig cityextreme traffic and play as a perfect bus driver. Schoolcoach busfun driving game is based on perfect driving physicsengine withthe extremely modern gameplay of heavy duty schooldriving bus.Have the city school driving bus fun with this new gameand dropthe school kids to their destinations after long summervacations.Wait enough at the bus stop that all schoolboys get onthe bus andthen steer through the rushy traffic. This wonderfulcity schoolfun bus game gives you the real driving fun with variousmissionsin which you have to complete all the time-based missions.Pickingkids from stops and street corners and dropping them toschoolparking remain the main theme of this modern driving bussimulator.Drop the children at school before the final bell ringsand makeSteve the best school bus driver of NY.High School BusDriving2017: Fun Bus Games Features:- School Kids Pick and Drop -Explorethe Big City Rushy Environment and traffic- Try streetshortcuts toreach in time- Practice safe driving to not lose anypoints-Complete driving missions with modern buses- Amazing HDGraphicswith smooth bus controls- Realistic sounds and naturalgameplayLetschool kids enjoy free coach bus ride and a road trip toschool inthis bus driving simulator!
Teacher vs American High School Gangster Bullying 1.1
The High School Gangster vs teacher ,a impertinente bullyingstoryolder than time itself. John wants his American highschoolescape!This is an simulator gangster strike mission school game.John is ahigh school student in one of your normal escuela schoolsimulationgame in this gangsta game, bully game, who is looking togangsterbully the kids in high school liceum. Please note thatwediscourage gangster bullying in any and all ways particularlytokids in high school who are just looking to enjoy their schooldaysand certainly do not like being bullied. John is youraverageschool days boy gangster bully who is looking to createtrouble inthe escuela by boy gangster bullying the American highschoolstudent. None of the kids in high school no why he is lookingfor agangster escape or why he has become a buli like this wholikeswhen he is bullying helpless high school students. He wantsahouseparty game not to study in liceu ,to him, the day isaboutmaking Mr.Smith an angry teacher. Who can go from a goodteacher toan evil teacher vs high school student bully boy ,who isjustlooking to do impertinente bullying of his fellow kids inhighschool. Try to make the best of this school simulation gamewhichis a simulator gangster strike mission school game. You havetocommit school crime in the adventure game.This high schoolgametakes a turn when John goes from a bad high school student toaneven worse student in this high school game and tries to turnthisinto a gangsta game when not only does he highschool escape,but hestarts bullying a school bus, throwing rocks and enjoyinglike ahouseparty game and destroying it while the high schoolteacherstry to catch up with this American highschool escapegangster. Inthis gangster bully game, the impertinente bullys cometogether tofight against the good teachers vs kids in high schoolwho arelooking to study and not see the angry teacher. Mr. Smithandfellow good teachers come to stop the gangster escape fromschooland keep him in detention so cannot buli other students andtheescuela is kept bully free. You have to commit school crime intheadventure game. Wish for peaceful school days seem futile asthebullies have turned this into a gangsta game who just wantAmericanhighschool escape from the good teachers who they have madeintoangry teacher vs high school gangster bullies.The bullys playmanynaughty tricks on the principle in this high schoolescapesimulation game. This would be one of the best highschoolsimulation games you play because of the high school teachervsstudent. Some treat the highscool liceum as if its justahouseparty game and not a liceu which should be boy bully free.Theimpertinente bullys buli the kids in high school as if its abullygame and bullying is ok, which its not in a respected liceuoresculea. Its just an simulator gangster strike missionschoolgame.Only one end to the high school buli students, theywilldropout and remember their angry teacher & principle, whotoldthem the liceu is a place to study, not ignore like a highschoolsimulation game. - Keep the world bully free in real- Playthisbully game- Kick the bullied principle you dropout- Enjoytheliceum, liceu, esculea, sekolah tinggi- Bully gangsta game-HighSchool Escape- Best School Days- Best houseparty game
Mundy's Mill High School 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The Mundy’s Mill High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The Mundy’s Mill High School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: • Important news and announcements •Teachernotifications • Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more • Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line • Languagetranslation tomore than 15 languages • Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published apps servingmorethan 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK andCanada.All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools andschooldistricts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incrediblywell. Theresult is apps that are highly rated with features thatstudents,parents, teachers and administrators find to betime-saving, simpleand useful. Features listed may or may not beincluded depending onyour school or district’s policies andpreferences.
King's Fork High School 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The King’s Fork High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The King’s Fork High School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: • Important news and announcements •Teachernotifications • Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more • Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line • Languagetranslation tomore than 15 languages • Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published apps servingmorethan 600 schools and districts throughout the US, UK andCanada.All we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools andschooldistricts, so our focus is 100% on doing that incrediblywell. Theresult is apps that are highly rated with features thatstudents,parents, teachers and administrators find to betime-saving, simpleand useful. Features listed may or may not beincluded depending onyour school or district’s policies andpreferences.
Ruangguru - One-stop Learning Solution 3.3.5
Ruangguru is your one-stop learning solution app! Watchlearningvideos, take practice exercises, and review coursesummaries inruangbelajar Highly qualified teachers and consultantsready toanswer your questions in ruanglesonline; Find privatetutors foracademic and non-academic purposes in ruangles Take mockexams forUN SMP, UN SMA, SBMPTN and many more in ruanguji Based onanationally standardized syllabus specially designed by ourhighlyqualified Master Teachers, Ruangguru provides a completelearningsolution for grade 6-12 to assist students with both theirdailystudies and preparation for large exams. Download theRuangguru appnow and Make Learning Extraordinary!-----------------------FEATURES & USE Make LearningExtraordinary with Ruangguru!ruangbelajar: ruangbelajar providesstudy materials to help youbetter understand what you learned inschool by completing learningjourneys with our Master Teachers. 1)Watch thousands of learningvideos for grades 6 to 12, includingmaterials to prepare you forUN and SBMPTN 2) Test what you’velearned! Take thousands orpractice quizzes and exercises withdifferent levels of difficultyto ensure you stay sharp 3) Downloadand save visual aid summariesto help you remember importantmaterials and formulas from class 4)Share and compare study noteswith your friends! This feature isespecially useful on days whereyou missed some notes in class(coming soon!) ruanglesonline: Stuckon a homework question? Wantto know the best solution to all youracademic dilemmas, like whichlearning methods are best for you andchoosing majors? Feelingunsure the day before your big exam? Worrynot - our highlyqualified teachers and consultants are ready toanswer all of yourquestions! Just snap a picture of your questionand you will beconnected with a teacher via chat under 3 minutes.Yes - it’s thateasy. FREE for first-time users! ruanguji Inruanguji, you can takea number of online mock exams, including mockexams for UAS, UN,SBMPTN, and UKG. Not only will you receive aprediction grade and acomplete discussion of questions, you willalso receive a personalanalysis of your results, including abreakdown of your timemanagement and your understanding of thequestions. ruanglesEnhance your ability to be an expert in anyfield! Find teachers tohelp make you great, wherever you are,whatever you want to learn -only in ruangles. With more than 70,000tutors throughout Indonesiacoming from leading universities inIndonesia and abroad, Ruangguruwill help you improve both youracademic and non-academic skills -from preparation for big examssuch as UN and SBMPTN, to becoming achampion in various fields suchas recreational and competitivesports, and other hobbies. Get thepersonalized learning experienceby studying whatever, whenever,wherever you are! Find the teacherand schedule that best fits yourlearning style. Be great insideand outside the classroom! What areyou waiting for? DownloadRuangguru and Make Learning Extraordinary!
Ashland High School 6.5.12
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The Ashland High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The Ashland High School app by SchoolInfoApp features:•Important news and announcements • Teacher notifications•Interactive resources including event calendars, maps, acontactdirectory and more • Student tools including My ID, MyAssignments,Hall Pass & Tip Line • Language translation to morethan 15languages • Quick access to online and social mediaresources AboutSchoolInfoApp: We build great apps for great schoolsand schooldistricts and have published apps serving more than 600schools anddistricts throughout the US, UK and Canada. All we do isdevelopand manage mobile apps for schools and school districts, soourfocus is 100% on doing that incredibly well. The result isappsthat are highly rated with features that students,parents,teachers and administrators find to be time-saving, simpleanduseful. Features listed may or may not be included dependingonyour school or district’s policies and preferences.
William Blount High School 6.6.18
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The William Blount High School app by SchoolInfoApp enablesparents,students, teachers and administrators to quickly accesstheresources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed! The William Blount High School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures: - Important news and announcements -Teachernotifications - Interactive resources including eventcalendars,maps, a contact directory and more - Student toolsincluding My ID,My Assignments, Hall Pass & Tip Line - Languagetranslation tomore than 30 languages - Quick access to online andsocial mediaresources About SchoolInfoApp: We build great apps forgreatschools and school districts and have published appsservingthousands of schools and districts around the globe. All wedo isdevelop and manage mobile apps for schools and schooldistricts, soour focus is 100% on doing that incredibly well. Theresult is appsthat are highly rated with features that students,parents,teachers and administrators find to be time-saving, simpleanduseful. Features listed may or may not be included dependingonyour school or district's policies and preferences.
National English Secondary School 2.0.2
Max Connect World
National English Secondary School the one app whichconnectsstudents, schools, teachers and parents.This app sendsattendance,school notices, homework updates, payment information,test resultsand study programs directly to parents in realtime.Studentsdoesn’t have to report every little detail about theirday becausethe info is already shared with his parents by the timehe getshome, and GPS bus tracking system help parents to see thatwherethe bus is and he or she is safe.
High School Cafe Cashier Girl - Kids Game 2.0
Tenlogix Games
You have been into high school as a student. How about changingtherole and start to work as high school cafe cashier girl. Itfeelsgreat getting tasty food from high school cafe but managingcafe ashigh school cashier girl is a real challenge. Let’s learn toservehigh school students tasty and delicious food during lunchtime andput your time management skills to real test as you aregoing tomanage the cafe cashier counter as well. Being a cashiergirl,learn to make the crazy high school students satisfied withyourskills. Make your cash management skills strong. Improvebasicmathematical learning skills in amazing cafe cashier girlstory.High School Cafe Cashier Girl is about taking food orders,servingtasty food to high school students and managing cash atthecounter. The cashier machine will help you quickly learnbestcashier techniques. Operate the cashier register machine, entertheprice of each item manually, total the bill of all items,receivecash from the customers, return balance amount if any, putmoney inthe cash drawer and give receipt to the customers. There isa longqueue of hungry high school students and long delay wouldmake themangry. Be a smart high school cafe cashier girl and don’tlet thestudent leave food counter. Your appointment as a new highschoolcafe cashier girl is appreciated in high school. Once youlearn tohandle cash at burger shop you will be given chance tobecome thesuper cafe cashier girl in bakery, juice corner and highschoolcafe. Learn the skills of becoming a cafe cashier pro andbecome asuper cashier girl in high school burger shop, juice cornerandhigh school cafe. Be ready for a real cash handlingchallengestanding at the point of sale in high school cafe. Don’tput thepatience of hungry high school students at test. Serve thefood,play with the cash and handle cashier counter smartly. Thesweetcustomer might get angry and leave the counter. Give them asuperquick service to become a super cashier girl of cafe.Features: •Take orders, Serve food and handle cash in high schoolcafe! •Learn time management skills as super cashier girl! •Increase yourcustomer’s patience by offering sweet candies! •Become top cashiergirl of cafe, bakery, juice corner & burgershop! • Superbgraphics, soothing sound effects & amazingcashier story!
Bloomingdale High School 80
Stay connected to Bloomingdale High School where ever you gousingour mobile app. See our embedded Twitter, news and videofeeds,including student-produced by the BSHS Bull's Eye staff andWBUL.
Biology Academy (A-Level) 0.8.4
Bucany Studios UG
You want to learn complicated biological facts and understandtheconnections? You are currently preparing for a biology examinSecondary or High School, or are you even planning to prepareforthe SAT or ACT test this year? Then this app is exactly therighthelp for you. Whether you are basic course or performancecoursestudent, this app allows you to improve your biology gradewithoutmuch effort. A large number of multiple choice questions intheform of a quiz allow you to look at biological relationshipsfromdifferent perspectives. You will learn new technical termsandsolve relevant tasks for your examinations. Have fun! Tableofcontent: - basics of cell biology includes: - biochemistry oflife- structure and function of cells and their organelles -propertiesof biomembranes and transport processes - enzymaticfunctionalityand basics of metabolism - mitosis and the cell cylce- geneticsand protein biosynthesis includes: - meiosis andreproduction -classic genetics and mendelian laws - moleculargenetics(transcription, translation) - human genetics (coming soon)-theory of evolution and speciation includes: - classicalevolutiontheories - evolution mechanisms and Hary-Weinbergequilibrium -mechanisms of speciation (coming soon) - ecology andenvironmentincludes: - tolerance and potency curves - abioticenvironmentfactors - biotic environment factors - ecosystems andhabitats(coming soon) - neurophysiology and behavior includes: -structureand function of neurons - action potentials and theirpropagation -synamptic transmission and information processing(coming soon) -behavior (coming soon) Note: The free rotation ofthe screen shouldbe enabled on tablets in landscape format, becausethe app requiresthe portrait mode. Otherwise the app crashes!
High School Doctor ER Emergency Hospital Game 10
High School Doctor ER Emergency Hospital Game is a unique mixofhigh school simulator & hospital simulation, in which youdoEmergency treatment in High School games. In this DoctorHospitalgames you will treat student girl & school boy who getinjuredon first day in the school. You are an experienced EREmergencyDoctor in city hospital Simulation working in hospitalEmergencyRoom. In High School Doctor ER Emergency Hospital Game,school boyskeep coming in to clinic of ER Doctor Hospital afterplayingsports. You’re the only emergency doctor who can providefirst aidto school kids in Doctor Games. ER Doctor sterilize yourdoctortools, fix ER doctor chair & prepare emergency room togivefirst aid and medical care in best Doctor Games.
Boiling Springs Middle School 6.5.6
SchoolInfoApp, LLC
The Boiling Springs Middle School app by SchoolInfoAppenablesparents, students, teachers and administrators to quicklyaccessthe resources, tools, news and information to stay connectedandinformed!The Boiling Springs Middle School app bySchoolInfoAppfeatures:• Important news and announcements• Teachernotifications•Interactive resources including event calendars,maps, a contactdirectory and more• Student tools including My ID,My Assignments,Hall Pass & Tip Line• Language translation tomore than 15languages• Quick access to online and social mediaresourcesAboutSchoolInfoApp:We build great apps for great schoolsand schooldistricts and have published apps serving more than 600schools anddistricts throughout the US, UK and Canada. All we do isdevelopand manage mobile apps for schools and school districts, soourfocus is 100% on doing that incredibly well. The result isappsthat are highly rated with features that students,parents,teachers and administrators find to be time-saving, simpleanduseful. Features listed may or may not be included dependingonyour school or district’s policies and preferences.