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Reverse Image Search (Google) 3.0.1
Why this App?This app lets you search by images using (GoogleReverse Search engine ) instead of keywordsReverse ImageSearch isuseful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsAppimages,instagram, screenshots and memes. Tinder and Facebook usershaveused "Search by Image" to research profile pictures oftheirpotential dates while travellers use it for finding thephoto'slocationFeatures:• Reverse image search using Google similarimagesearch• Search by image/photo/picture by clicking Gallerybutton inthe app• Search by image/photo/picture using camera•Search moreabout related information by Google search• Share imagetoFacebook, Twitter, Line, Google+, Google Drive, Hangouts,WhatsApp,Email, Messages, Bluetooth, Picasa and etc• Easy imageeditorbefore search• Save screenshot to album• Sharescreenshot•SafeSearch filter option in settingsIf you 💖 our AppPlease supportus by ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️THANK YOU
WireGoggles 2.4.5
Dozing Cat Software
WireGoggles displays a real-time wireframe outline of whatyourcamera is pointing at. Choose from 20 color schemes or createyourown, and save and share pictures. You can record and playbackvideos with audio, and export them as WebM files. You canalsoapply the effects to your existing pictures.WireGoggles is nowopensource! See ifyou encounter any problems.
PicFinder - Image Search 2.0.1
Images and search the web for relevant content so you caneasilyfind a photo search tool application. Different image sizes,asimilar picture, match the wide variety of colors and you canfindpictures or images. This application uses the Google imagesearchengine. Photo and image search function: ★Searchfilters    * Safe Search (***)    *Picture Time     * Picture Size    *Photo Mode     * Photo color    *Image Aspect Ratio     * ImageFile Format ★ Viewand photo and image download website ★ Photo Viewmode:   * Finding similar photos    * Findphotos ofdifferent sizes    * Image site browser open  * Image Download    * Photo sharing sitelinks * ImageShareAt the end of the images used in thisapplication, the cacheis automatically deleted. This application isan easy to use Googleimage search engine that helps you searchtool. Photo searchresults will vary depending on the search engineGoogle Images. Ifthat search and found this app in the search siteswill not beblocked. Found some of the images are protected bycopyright law.(***) Safety that appear in search results filteredby offensivecontent, please reportdown.*English-> Please help if you are translated into the nationallanguage,please mail. 2.9
Design - Flash Alerts have new light design follow materialdesign.- Easy to use Flashlight notification for all Apps - Selectany appyou want to enable flash alerts and will not miss anythingCommonfeature ★ Flash alerts when has Call ★ Blink flash alertswhen hasSMS ★ Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call, SMSandNotification ★ You can turn on or turn off app by manualoverdevice status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent modeAdvance ✔Allow change speed of flashlight alert ✔ Stop flash alertswithvolume or power key ✔ Turn off flash alerts when battery low,helpyou save battery ✔ You can set up the time to active theFlashalert Feedback - If you like Flash Alerts, please kindly rate5stars and give us nice review Thank for your support!
Pro Search
Sumeet Satpathy
Now get access to world top 4 traffic engine. Google,Youtube,Wikipedia and Facebook. Type once and get access(searchresult) toall top engine.Now save your time and phone memory.This 4apps areof 126mb which is now available in 1.2mb. 2.1.5
Startpage BV
THE WORLD'S MOST PRIVATE WEB SEARCH APP StartPage Search givesyouconvenient mobile access to, the world's mostprivatesearch engine. It lets you search for information privatelyandanonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone orothermobile device. It's the perfect tool for iron-cladprivacyprotections, plus great search results. COMPLETE SEARCHPRIVACY ANDANONYMITY Other search engines capture your search termsand recordthe links you click on, then use tracking cookies tobuild adetailed profile of you and your interests. At StartPage,our zerodata-collection policy and full SSL encryption is yourassurancethat nobody's looking over your shoulder, no matter whatyou searchfor. We don't collect any personal information on ourusers. Wedon't store your IP address, we don't capture yourlocation, and wedon't record what you searched for. In fact, wekeep no records onyou at all. Nada. Zilch. Zero. OVERVIEW OFSTARTPAGE SEARCH PRIVACYFEATURES - All searches are encrypted usingpowerful SSLencryption. That means your service provider can't seewhat yousearch for—and neither can hackers. - Your searches arescrubbedand anonymized for privacy. - StartPage Search protects youfromphysical intrusion by deleting your searches and Web historyaftera set time delay, or the app is closed or suspended. With onetapof your Home button, your searches are gone. - StartPageSearchstrips out your search terms, so they can’t be seen by thewebsitesyou visit. - StartPage Search never uses tracking cookies,andrejects tracking cookies from websites you visit. -StartPageSearch never records your IP address, search terms, orlocation.OVERVIEW OF STARTPAGE SEARCH FEATURES - Fully integratedwebbrowser - Full web-search capability with superior resultquality -Full image search - Powerful Advanced Search capabilities- Controlover display settings and privacy features PRIVATE PROXYSURFINGFEATURE When you need extra privacy, you'll love our Proxy.Itworks by copying the web page you want to visit onto our server,soyou see it through us, not them. Because you never makecontactwith the third-party website, they can't infect you withcookies ormalware, and they can't see your IP address or otherinformation.They only see us, while you stay safe and invisiblebehind thescenes. You can use the StartPage Proxy to access anywebsite youfind through a StartPage search. Simply click the"Proxy" linkunder the search result. Note: For security reasons,the Proxyrestricts web forms and Javascript, and websites may notbeoptimized for mobile devices (since we don't even tell themyou'reon a mobile device!)
Flash on calls, SMS and notifications
Flash on call and SMS will use yourcameraflash to make flash alerts when you receive a call, textmessageand notifications. you can also use the application asatorchlight.Features:- Torchlight- You can disable flash alerts automatically when your batterylevelis low- You can disable flash alerts in a predetermined time- You can choose the apps that you want to start flash alertswhenyou receive notifications from them- You can change the number of flashes per SMSandnotifications- You can change the blinking speed- You can select the phone numbers that you want to startflashalerts when you receive a call or SMS from them
My Captions 2.0.1
Social Jiffy
Captured some cool pictures to upload on Social NetworkslikeWhatsapp, Facebook, Instagram ? This app will help you to findtheperfect suitable caption for your picture. Just copy from theAppand paste wherever you want. Easy as it sounds! Can't thinkabout anew eye catcher WhatsApp status ? Get a fresh, comment makerstatusfrom My Captions. Had a selfie to post on Instagram orFacebook ?Find a perfect caption by our special categories.-Explore captionsand categories -Your own Favourites listing-Trending captions frompopular social network -Search by hashtag Goget a selfie thisChristmas, we have number of captions to selectfrom for our widerange of Categories!
Microsoft Bing Search 10.4.27247456
Microsoft Corporation
Bing is more than just search. Bing is the only search enginethatrewards you for your curiosity. Get points when you searchandredeem them for gift cards at Amazon, Starbucks, andmore!Wallpaper: See beautiful wallpapers from around the world,only inBing. Rewards: Get points when you search, and redeem themfor giftcards at Amazon, Starbucks, and much more! Your feed: Swipeup onthe home page to catch up with what's happening in the worldandget personalized updates on your feed. Reading mode: Switchonreading mode to focus on the text, distraction-free. Savemoney:Use the built-in barcode scanner to review products andcompareprices. Entertainment & Nearby: Find what you love, fromlivesport updates, trending music, and recipes, to nearby deals,movietimes, and gas prices. Intelligent camera search: Learn moreaboutthe world around you. Whether it's animals, landmarks, orevenfashion, searching is as simple as snapping a picture.Voicesearch: What's the best way to get an answer? Ask a question.Talkto Bing and get instant results. Fast search: Get to know theworldwith one click. Answer your questions faster and easier.SecureBrowsing: Protect your privacy. Private mode lets youbrowsewithout saving your history, cache, cookies, andpersonalizationinfo. * Some features are not available in allcountries.
Quick Search Widget (free) 5.1
Quick Search is a fast and lightweight App for searching thewebeasily. It gives you quick shortcuts to various websites andapps,and it includes a Widget for your Home Screen - similar totheGoogle Search Bar widget. Available search engines: 🔸 Google🔸Yahoo 🔸 Bing 🔸 Wikipedia 🔸 Google Images 🔸 DuckDuckGo 🔸WeatherForecast 🔸 Twitter 🔸 Google Maps 🔸 Google Play Store 🔸Google News(all languages/countries) 🔸 YouTube 🔸 Amazon (manycountriessupported) 🔸 eBay (many countries supported) 🔸 CustomSearch Engine🔸 For Latin-American users: MercadoLibre/MercadoLivre(manycountries supported) 🔸 For Korean users: Naver (네이버), Nate(네이트)and Daum (다음) 🔸 For Russian users: Yandex (Яндекс) ✅ Switchbetweendifferent Search Engines with one click. ✅ Instantsearchsuggestions, direct from the relevant websites. Tap themrepeatedlyto refine your search. ✅ It's faster than doing a searchin the webbrowser. Auto-text corrections are enabled for theon-screenkeyboard, for faster typing. ✅ Recent search history: Viewyourcomplete history and delete individual items with swipeactions. ✅Add your own Search Engine. Setup a custom Search Engineto anywebsite. ✅ You can reorder the list of search engines any wayyouwant. Use long-press, then drag items up or down. (Switch off'MiniSearch' first) ✅ Quick Search is fast, lightweight andeasy-to-use.The search results open directly in your web browser. ✅Addmultiple Widgets to your Home Screen, and customize each one asyouwant. ✅ Voice Search. ✅ It's an "Assist app", so you can opentheapp from anywhere, by long-pressing the Home button.See 🔹 Many different languages and countriesaresupported. You can easily change the language/countrysettingswithin the app, and the Search Engines will adapt. 🔹WeatherForecast: Postal-code/zip code searches work for cities inUSA,France, UK, Germany and Italy. 🔹 Free software,withadvertisements. (The Paid version has no advertisements) 🔹Nointrusive permissions or background services are used, andit'sfast to startup. 🔹 Quick Search requires 2 permissions:InternetAccess - To retrieve search suggestions from the selectedwebsite.Network State - To detect Wi-Fi and provide the bestperformance.The app is localized to 14 different languages. But theSearchEngines work in virtually all global languages. Note: Installto SDCard is not allowed on this app, because it stops theWidgetsworking properly. We do not collect or monitor any websearches.Your history records are saved on your personal deviceonly. Wehave a strong privacy record for over 9 years on the GooglePlayStore. Email your comments and suggestions to Ozmium.
ZombieBooth 4.41
MotionPortrait, Inc
How would you look as a zombie?! What about yourfriends?ZombieBoothis a fun way to instantly make your face into a3D, animatedzombie!CUSTOMIZABLE 3D ZOMBIES!- ZombieBooth makes any2D portraitfully 3D- Create a huge collection of 3D, animatedzombies fromphotos of you and your friends- Choose from severalzombievariations to pinpoint your undead doppelgängerYOUR ZOMBIESCOMEALIVE- Zombies will blink, scowl, and breath!- Hear them growlandfrenzy- They’ll even try to ravage your finger if you gettooclose!ZOMBIFY YOUR FRIENDS! - Capture portraits to zombify onanycamera equipped Android- Share zombie images via EmailFormoreinfo, to ask a question directly, or to just share yourzombies,come visit us on Facebook( orTwitter @ZombieBooth.WARNING: This app contains frequent use ofhorror images that maynot be suitable for children or thefaint-hearted!
com.happysun.christmasgif 1.0.1
Gif Images Collection is the fantastic collection of animatedgifsfor all occations. Each gif has beautiful images withrealisticanimation. Especially new cute gif added regularly.Occasions suchlike happy birthday, mother day, father day,… playvery importantpart in our life. Let’s share the best animatedimages to yourfriends, family and loved ones to show your love andcare for them.If you are in love and want to surprise your partnerand melthis/her heart, we have the best cute love gifs that are sosweetwith images of kiss, couple, heart…. For everyday, you willsatisfywith the daily categories like good morning, good night,…With GifImages Collection, enjoy and share the best animated gifsto yourloved ones for all occasions. *** Main Features *** ★ Theapp hasamost 1000 cute images with animation 100+ I Love You 50+Romantic30+ Kiss 20+ Miss You 30+ Happy Anniversary 80+ GoodMorning 120+Good Night 40+ Happy Birthday 20+ Congratulation 20+Thank You 40+Heart 30+ Laughing 20+ Rose 60+ Flower 30+ Cute Animal120+Christmas 40+ New Year 60+ Easter Day 20+ April Fools Day50+Chocolate Day 35+ Friendship Day 20+ Women’s Day 20+ Mother Day50+Father Day ★ Easily share your cute love gif to social apps. ★Saveromantic love images with animation to SD card. ★ Add/ removebestgifs to favorites section that makes your favorite easy tosearchlater. ★ Browse cute gif images by list or view in detailquickly& conveniently. ★ Quickly change categories bypressingdropdown box on the top corner, apply in both list anddetail view.
Image Search - PictPicks 2.15.1
Application name is changed to PictPicks from Image SearchViewer.PictPicks is free application to search images and photoswith asimple operation. It is comfortable to use because appliedMaterialDesign well. When searching images, you can usefollowingfunctions. Search images - Search related images by imageselectedfrom your device - Use query from your history - Filtersettings(size, color, type, time) - SafeSearch And you can useimage asfollowing operation. Use images - View image (zoom) -Searchrelated image - Save image - Share image - Use image inwallpaperand contact photo This app uses Google as search engine.
Search By Image 3.2.8
☆☆☆Find similar images or pictures using Google/Tineye/Yandeximagereverse search engine☆☆☆ Why this App? ✓ Search by imagenotavailable in mobile browser ✓ Simple to use ✓ Fast and reliable✓Support camera to capture image ✓ Easy image editor before search✓Support Google, Tineye and Yandex search engines ✓ Show resultfrommultiple search engines at the same time ✓ Open shared imagefromother Apps like Facebook, twitter, browser, etc. No need tosaveit. ✓ Remove Ads by purchase full version Image Editor: ✓Rotateimage ✓ Flip image horizontally/vertically ✓ Crop part ofimageSearch Results: ✓ Show similar images ✓ Show visuallysimilarimages ✓ SafeSearch filter option in settings (Google only)TypicalUse Cases: ✓ Find similar images ✓ Discover if an image ismodifiedor original ✓ Discover if an image is fake or original ✓Discoverif an image is new or just old one already available in theweb ✓Search by part of an image, This is helpful if the imageiscombined from multiple images Enjoy 👍 👍 👍
Best Voice Search 4.6
Full control your mouth voice with google all site and webuserVoice Search makes it faster and easier than ever to searchapps,web search, or image search for the content you want. Joinover 1Lac. people who have already downloaded voice search. Itreally isthe fastest way to search. Key Benefits *1Searching withyour voiceis incredibly fast +2 Easier and faster searches thantyping +3 Websearch your favorite sites + 4Smart searches insideyour apps*5Quick image search Key Features *1Simple to use *2Accurate voicerecognition *3The fastest way to search
PushHeartBeat 1.02
If you are experiencing delays on the delivery of messagesornotifications when your phone has been inactive for awhile,PushHeartBeat can help you.Many applications, like GMailorWhatsApp, rely on Google’s push service (GCM) to gettheirnotifications.This service uses a periodic heartbeat, a smalldatapacket (roughly 300 bytes) to keep the connection alive,butsometimes, the default period (28 minutes) of the heartbeat isnotenough, and the data channel is closed, and some notificationsarelost or delayed.PushHearBeat allows you to configure the periodofthe heartbeat, keeping the connection alive, and improvingthereception of notifications.This app may also help you to keepyourwifi connection alive when the phone is locked. Intheconfiguration form, reduce your wifi heartbeat period untiltheconnection is stable.After the app installation is necessarytoexecute it once, to get the service started. Then, the servicewillstart up automatically on boot.PushHeartBeat is provided 'AsIs'without any express or implied warranty of any kind, includingbutnot limited to any warranties of merchantability,noninfringement,or fitness of a particular purpose.In no event weshall be liablefor any damages (including, without limitation, lostprofits,business interruption, or lost information) rising out ofyour useof or inability to use PushHeartBeat.Please, remember thatreducingthe heartbeat period may increase your mobile datausage.Keywords:notification, message, delay, gmail, whatsapp, wifi,idle, keepalive
Hologram Pyramid Videos 2.1
Isaias Perez
You can now use lots of pictures and videos with yourhologrampyramid! More videos and pictures will be added! Enjoyyourhologram with this In app videos and images, no need forinternetfor streaming them! You can also download the Holapex appto createyour own holograms right from your mobile device gallery!Its free!
com.bothwing.allpicfinder 20190705
All Image Downloader is Powerful image grabber software thatcanhelp you download all the pictures from website. Features are :•Search for images with image search service • Supportassociationbatch download picture • image grabber: Search and bulkbatchdownload for all images with website,Scan depth multilayerInput •Web browser URL to share button to open All Image Downloaderstartdownload task • Support input URL • Support input imagekeyword •Support Parse menu to quickly input Config task start •Configimage file size min limit • Config image pixel min heightwidth •Config Web Images scanning depth • Config image safe search•Config regional domain • Config task download maxconnectionsDownloading • Image title auto save as a file name • Webcrawlerautomatically scans the associated all picture • Does notlimit thenumber of images to download • While downloading thepreview imagelist • Associated image list by webpage sort orderHistory task •Support delete pictures feature • Favorites feature •Task URL toopen the Web browser • Support task to re-download •Context menuto remove previous search • Partial off line mode :loading of oldsearch if there is no network Images Viewer • Zoomingcapabilitieswith multitouch • See a description of the image • Linkto see thewebsite where was published • Download of images • Shareimages •Set current images as wallpapers Description • All ImageDownloaderis Powerful image grabber software that can help you bulkdownloadall the pictures from webpages, just by entering its URLaddress.This makes it flexible enough to be used in a multitude ofways, asdownloading all the photos from a webpage that displayswallpapers.• The application allows you to download all the imagesfromwebpages that you are interested into, thus relieving you fromthetime-consuming process of manually saving each one. Usingthepicture browser, you can go to the website you want to beprocessedand download all the pictures or files you want. • Eachdownloadsession can be programmed to match your preferences. Forinstance,you can download only pictures or files that meet yoursize andpixel requirements, whilst ignoring those that do not matchtheseparameters.
Are you looking for notification ringtones for text message.SMSringtones for Android is a great choice for you. SMS ringtonesforAndroid is the collection of all the best and most smsringtones.More than 1000 ringtones in SMS ringtones for Android. Weupdatenew ringtones weekly. You can download to setup them fordefaultringtone, message ringtone, alarm ringtone or set ringtonesforWatsapp. Features: - Own more than 1000 free ringtones inyourcountry - Easily finding the hottest ringtones on top download,newringtones and search trend - Download ringtones tore-listeningwithout internet - You can request a new ringtone -Fast app withlow memory and easily to use Thank you for your usingthis app.
CloudSight Inc.
CamFind - powered by Image Recognition API SearchthePhysical World™ CamFind, the world's first successful mobilevisualsearch engine, allows you to search for anything on yourmobiledevice just by taking a picture. Over 3 million users loveCamFind!FEATURES * Internet Search Results * Related/Similar ImagesandVideos * Price Comparisons and Online Shopping * Ask QuestionsandGet Answers about anything * Local Search Results with UberandLyft Compatibilities * Social Profile and Sharing *VisualReminders * Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, andTextADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS * Ability to upload and save images to orfromCamera Roll * QR and Barcode Scanner * Language Translator *VoiceSearch * Text Search * VoiceOver compatible * And muchmore…Download CamFind now to experience mobile search like neverbefore.AS SEEN ON * TIME * Forbes * TechCrunch * VentureBeat * CNET* BBC* USA TODAY * Inc. * Lifehacker * Cult of Mac * And manymore…ABOUT THE COMPANY CloudSight, Inc. is a Los Angeles-basedtechcompany that specializes in visual cognition andunderstanding.CloudSight delivers the most superior andstate-of-the-art imagerecognition solution to people and companiesaround the world.
Graffiti Maker 1.14.4
************************************************************Thankyoufor3,900,000downloads!************************************************************[New]PremiumWallGallery is available for users who have purchasedpaiditems!FEATURES:-Multiple color options - more than 200 colorstochoose from.-Move the letter anywhere you like.-Twofingerzoom.-Two finger rotation. (tap a letter and hold, moveanotherfinger like a circle)-Several backgrounds are available toyourgraffiti.HOW TO:1) Tap "make graffiti".2) Input letters inatextbox and tap "Create".3) Select a font.4) "Changecolors"changes the whole color at random, "Details" changes thecolor ofeach part.5) Select the color of base, outline, texture,shadow,and highlight.6) Select a background image if you like, andtap"Save".Many Ways To Enjoy Your Graffiti:-Share throughFacebook,Twitter & Email.-Set the image as wallpaper, headerimage onwebpage, and so on.-Write graffiti on the "WallGallery" andshow itoff to the world!---You can make Graffiti Maker ascustomizable asyou want.--- You can purchase fonts and advancedfunctionsseparately.Tap "Customize" on home screen!Check outYoutube formore details and to see how exactly it works.Have fun tocreateyour original work, only one intheworld!Youtube!/graffiti_maker(hashtag:#graffitimaker)Graffiti, spray painting, Drawing graffiti,Hip-hop,R&B, Rap, Art, Club Music, Dance
AutoNotification 4.1.4
Tutorials and demos here: features: ☑ Blockany apps notifications from appearingFor persistent notificationsAndroid 8+ is required. For normalnotifications, Android 4.4+ isrequired. Video tutorial here. ☑Manage Notification Categories Forapps that weren't built forAndroid Oreo or above, you can changemany more settings than inthe regular system options, likeimportance, sound, vibration, etc.For apps that WERE built for Oreoor above you can set thevibration pattern, which you can't usuallydo! Video tutorial here: ☑ CustomizeGmail Notification ButtonsSet any buttons you want on your Gmailnotifications! Select from14 different buttons (including Mark AsRead, Delete and many more)and up to 5 at the same time! Video demohere: Tasker only features: ☑ Createawesomeinteractive notifications with advanced formatting: Checkout atutorial here. ☑ Quick Settings Tiles Add up to 40 Android 7+quicksetting tiles to customize to your heart's desire! ☑TableNotifications Create a table with images right in yournotificationshade. Tutorial here ☑ Button Notifications Have anotificationwith as many buttons as you want! Yes, you can have 50buttons ifyou so desire! :) ☑ Intercept And Query NotificationsReact toother app's notifications in Tasker and do whatever youwant withthem including replacing them with your own betterversions :) ☑Automatic Replies Create chat bots and replyautomatically to chatapps notifications like Whatsapp, Hangouts,etc ☑ Android 8+features! Manage notification categories forthird-party apps andsnooze notifications ☑ Free 7-day trial! Tryout the full app forfree and unlock the full version to get all thefeatures after the7 days are up. If you don't unlock the fullversion after 7 daysyou'll use the lite version. Lite versionrestrictions:  -Title and Text are limited to 5 characters - LED color willalways be red with 100ms on and off time - Vibration notsupported  - Custom sounds not supported - Messages youcan react to in an AutoNotification profile arelimited to 2characters - Cannot intercept notifications - Cannotuse categorymanagement and snoozing actions in Tasker (WARNING: YOUMUST HAVETASKER INSTALLED TO USE ALL FEATURES BESIDES THE ONESMENTIONED INTHE STANDALONE SECTION: Please don't rate it negativelybecause ofthis.) Please don't leave negative feedback withoutcontacting mefirst. I'll always do my best to help you, and I can'tdo that if Ican't contact you. This app uses Accessibilityservices.
Voice Search - Speech to Text Searching Assistant 3.0.32
With over 5M installs and 4.2(☆☆☆☆☆) stars rating on Google Play,weare proud to introduce - Voice Search - Speech to TextSearchingAssistant Voice Search - Speech to Text SearchingAssistant makesit faster and easier than ever to search apps, websearch, or imagesearch for the content you want. It works as anassistant toYoutube, Google, Wikipedia, image gallery and otherapps installedin your device, and allows you to turn normal talkinto searchingtext. 🔍🎙Download Voice Search - Speech to TextSearching Assistantnow from Google Play, speak to your mic andstart searching easier,faster and smarter!🎙🔍 Features: 🎤 Simple touse - search using yourmic! 🎤 Accurate speak to text vocierecognition 🎤 The fastest wayto search 🎤 Easier and more naturalthan typing 🎤 Web search yourfavorite sites 🎤 Smartvoice-controlled searches inside your apps:Google, Youtube,Wikipedia and more! 🎤 Multiple languages support -🌎 English 🌎Spanish 🌎 Arabic 🌎 Chinese 🌎 Russian 🌎 Portuguese 🌎Turkish 🌎Vietnamese 🌎 Japanese 🌎 …and many more! 🎤 Quick imagesearch 🔍🎙Don’twait! Download Voice Search - Speech to TextSearching Assistantnow, and become a smart searcher!🎙🔍 Go back tonatural. Have youever stopped to think how smartphones changed howwe talk andbehave? That’s ok, most of us didn’t. But still, neverbefore havewe used written text for immediate needs, and there isa simplereason why: it just takes more time and energy! The firstearlyphones didn’t have this feature, they simply had a microphonetotalk and a speaker to hear, and despite theirunimaginablerevolution, they didn’t take us so far from oureveryday behaviour.Easier, Faster, Smarter. Voice-controlled Searchallows you to goback to simplicity. It uses your smartphone’s micto detect yoursearch of choice as you speak, and using smartalgorithm turns yourmicrophone vocie input into text without everneeding to type!🔍🎙Say goodbye to your keyboard and hellomicrophone! Download VoiceSearch - Speech to Text SearchingAssistant now and go back tosimplicity of speak!🎙🔍 Accuratevoice-controlled recognition. Howannoying it is to count on yourvocie search feature and find outit can’t actually recognize yourwords… No more need to worry -everything is ok! Upon downloadingyou’ll find out Voice Searchdetects what you speak correctly over90% of the time. Not onlythat, it supports multiple languages andcan recognize them quicklyand accurately: 🌎 English 🌎 Spanish 🌎Arabic 🌎 Chinese 🌎 Russian 🌎Portuguese 🌎 Turkish 🌎 Vietnamese 🌎Japanese 🌎 …and many more!🔍🎙Are you still here??? What are youwaiting for? Download VoiceSearch - Speech to Text SearchingAssistant now! Happy searching:)🎙🔍
Photo Sherlock - Reverse Image Search 1.26
App provides search by image taken from camera or from gallery.Canbe used to find information about photo on Google, for exampletodetect real owner of photo from social network (check if photoisfake). Contains crop functionality.
Kids Safe Search Engine 1.0
Safe Search
Two popular kids search websites are now available for yourandroiddevice. This app brings two child friendly search enginestogetherand children can choose which one to use. Both Safe Searchenginesuse Google strict SafeSearch technology to help blockillicitmaterial. This, combined with a regularly maintaineddatabase ofadult keywords, URL's and key phrases, will additionallyblockexplicit web content to give children a safe searchexperience.Noadult filter can be 100% accurate, so please read theadditionalsafety tips that are provided on the websites.
com.coconuts.pastnotifications 1.4.1
* Notification recording app - Have you missed notificationsthatyou were going to check later due to Reboot or Wrong clearing?-This app record notifications shown in status bar. So you canchecknotifications that you have removed. * Features >Easy-to-readnotification history - List all the notificationhistory inchronological order. - You can see the notificationhistory groupedby each app. - You can check full text ofnotifications in detaildialog shown by tapping list. - You canadjust the maximum numberof records to the 100 - 2,000. - You cancheck notification historyanytime from status bar icon. > Cleanmanagement in exclusion ofunnecessary notifications - The appignore the notification if theapp has been registered to "Ignorelist". - It is easy tounderstand the configuration state of the"ignore list". - It iseasy to find the app showing unnecessarynotification for you. -You can uninstall unnecessary app from thisapp. > Easy initialsetting - Simply enable "Past Notification"in "System settings /Accessibility", and then the app start torecording notificationhistories. - To stop recording notifications,please disable it. *Disclaimer - This app will NEVER collect anyother information,except notifications. - And the permission ofnetwork is used byonly ads and checking update. * Permission>ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNET - To check update and get ads.>READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To import backup files fromexternalstorage. > WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To export backupfiles toexternal storage. * Ad-free License key *Developer Page Facebook :
Image Downloader 1.4
Canh Soft
Image Downloader is an useful app help you search and downloadtheimages from Internet. How to use: 1. Tap on search top toolbarorbottom floating button 2. Enter keyword into SearchView toolbartosearch images 3. Select the image you want to download 4. Youcanshare the image with your friends or set wallpaper 5. Enjoyit.Features: - Material Design - Search Images - Download Images-Search History - Share images with other apps such asFacebook,Instagram, etc. - Set downloaded images as wallpaper toyour device- Search Filters(Content Type, Color, Size, Time)Disclaimer: 1.This application is an easy to use Google searchengine that helpsyou search tool. 2. Any unauthorized action ordownload ofalbum/photo and/or violations of Intellectual propertyrights isthe sole responsibility of the user. 3. Please do not usethe thisapp to save photos / download photos without the permissionof theowners.
Images For Whatsap, Jokes 1.2.9
Leinad Mobile
Pictures for Whatsapp and Jokes.It is a variety of good imagesandeverything for you.View your memories through your smartphoneorcell phoneShare the images through social networks like(withwhatsapp, messenger, facebook, twiter, instagram, etc.) withyourfriendsTo make you smile every dayTo other of whatsapp Itispossible to share the images with any type of chat like:Messenger,Facebook, Line, Telegram, Chat On, Viber, SMS, email andthousandmore.Images require QUICK INTERNET.If you close the box ata timeto save, send the profile as if for a little disk space. Ifnotjust blank or slow loading on the internet, signal the redlock.InThis Application Find Topics How to:RestaurantsMothersinlawphonesNeighborsSellersOldmenLawyersfriendsAnimalspubsBabesShortjokesFoodsOthers...computingDentistssportsDoctorsItwasonceExaggerationsPharmaciesFeministsFuneralmensJaimitoBossesBossesThievesCrazyMom...!DadWeddingPhotographyWomenChildrenBoyfriendsPepitoPolicePoliticsInmatesTeachersReligiousIMPORTANT:Byusingthis APP you understand that the images correspond totheirrespective owner and that these are taken from the internetunderpublic domain.Whatsapp is a brand protected by WhatsApp Incanddoes NOT have anything to do with thisAPP.______________________Itis always a pleasure to know youropinion.Comment Below, To ImproveOur Service.And Qualify☆☆☆☆☆______________________
New Indian Mehndi Henna Design 1.7
This App Provides custom Image Search For simple mehndidesignimage(s) in following genre: 1: Turkey mehndi designs2:Elegantmehndi designs3: Arabic mehendi designs4: Indian mehndidesigns5:Pakistani mehndi designs6: Bridal mehndi designs (mehndidesignsfor wedding)7: Body mehndi designs8: Beautiful mehndidesigns9:Feet mehndi designs10: Finger mehndi designs11:Indo-Arabic mehndidesigns12: Trending mehndi design ( Latest mehndidesigns )13:Tribal mehndi design14: Rajasthani mehndi designandlets you browserespective designer. these are simple mehandidesigns which areeasy to implement Other then that We let you shareand downloaddesigns. mehendi is also known as henna ( or heena )
com.salmawork.flashalert 1.7
( flash alert pro ) new application to show flash blink on callandsms flash notification This app will let you see yourphoneblinking when a call or sms is received. This Applicationmostlyuse when your phone in Silent Mode or you are not hearyourincoming calls flash notification, Thanks to this applicationyoucan enjoy this feature on the Android phone easily flashlighton******** Design ******** - Easy to use ******** Notificationforall App ******** - All app is supported ********Advantages******** - flashlight on - Flash alert on incoming SMSblink -Flash alert on incoming call blink - Flashlight alerts canset yourflash speed - Test lamp from the application status -flashnotification - Set flash blink status speed. - Switch On/OffFlashAlert - Do not miss any calls and SMS - Turn off flash alertswhenbattery low, help you save battery - your phone Flashingonincoming message of facebook, gtalk and whatsapp - Easilyselectother apps to enable flash alerts status
Flash On Call And SMS 1.0.3
Itech Games Studio
Flash on Call and SMS alerts notifications you through cameraflashalerts when you have new incoming call or message. TheBacksideblinking flash alerting notification you of new SMS orCall. Thisblinking Flash alerts on call and SMS alerts notificationis veryimportant in situation like your mobile is in silent mode oryouare in some dark places and do not recognize new incoming callandSMS. The blinking flash alerts notification with LEDindicatoralert you of you have new call or message.  Flashalert onCall and SMS alerts notification is very simple and easy tousewith attractive GUI. Flash alerts on Call and SMS use cameraflashalerts notification for call notification alert andsmsnotification alert. Flash alerts on Call and sms is userfriendlyand very important for user who wants camera flash alertsonincoming call and SMS.  Features:  ✔Flash Alert onCalland SMS gives camera flash notification in silent mode. ✔FlashonCall and SMS gives camera flash alert in vibration mode.✔FlashAlert gives LED flash notification in normal mode. ✔Flash oncalland sms alert camera flash when you are in meeting ✔Flash onCalland SMS gives flash alert in hospital.  ✔Flash Alertconsumevery low memory and battery  ✔Flash on Call and smshavesimple On/Off button  ✔Flash alert interval setting✔ControlFlash alerts in silent, vibration and normal modes. ✔Setnumber ofFlash alerts notification on call and sms.  ✔Flash onCall andsms enables you to set battery threshold for lowbatteryconsumption.  Brightest flash alert applicationismust-installed application, which is very useful when your phoneisaway from you or you are somewhere in crowd or in noisy placelikemusic party, This brightest LED flash alert on Call and smswillnotify you through incoming call and sms.  Fast blinkingflashalerts notifications application gives you fast cameraflashnotification when you have incoming call or SMS. Don’t miss acallwith Flash on Call and sms. This blinking Flash alerts on callandsms notification is very easy and user friendly. It helps youinnight when your phone is in silent or vibration mode.
Hindi And English Shayari 1.1.5
Thunder App
In This Application There is Two Part Of Shayari As HindiShayariAnd English Shayari ,If You Scroll Any Of Them Then OtherLanguageOf Shayari Will Automatically Scrolled, In This ApplicationTherealso One Section Of MyShayari In That Section You Can Add YouOwenHindi Shayari And Also English Shayari, This Application TherealsoOne Section Called Shayari Of The Day In That Daily OneShayariWill Show If Your Data Connection Is On, In This ApplicationThereIs Also One Section That Is Called More Shayari In ThatSection YouCan Search Image Shayari From Google And Many More FromThatSection, And The Content Of Shayari every Three DayWillAutomatically Update If Your Internet Connection is On
Message Peeping Tom
Read messages worry free, and reply when you have time.MessagePeeping Tom lets you read messages without lending thesender knowyou read them! ● Read messages without notifying theother person ●Find your conversations easily ● Record the time whenmessages arereceived ● Take screenshots, share with friends!【Supported Apps】 ●WhatsApp ● Facebook Messenger ● Instagram ●Telegram ● LINE ● KakaoTalk ● Momo ● hike ● Between 【OtherFeatures】 ● Various messagemanagement features including delete,mark as read/unread ● Deleteexpired messages automatically ●Protect your conversations with apassword or fingerprint ● Fastscroll to top/bottom, fast scroll tobottom ● Easily activatemessaging apps ● Copy all messages, shareall messages ● Analyzechat statistics such as maximum messages perday, hour, or minute,optimal time to chat, disappearance rate,response rate, etc.【Notice】 In order to use Message Peeping Tom,please ensure thatyour notifications are activated for themessaging apps you wouldlike to connect. If you enjoy using thisapp, please leave a rating!I welcome your feedback! :) Tags:Peeping tom, Peeps, FacebookMessenger, LINE, Telegram WhatsApp isa registered trademark ortrademark of WhatsApp Inc. LINE is aregistered trademark ortrademark of LINE Corporation. FacebookMessenger is a registeredtrademark or trademark of Facebook, Inc.Kakao Talk is a registeredtrademark or trademark of Kakao, Inc. 陌陌is a registered trademarkor trademark of 北京陌陌科技有限公司. hike is aregistered trademark ortrademark of Bharti SoftBank. Between is aregistered trademark ortrademark of VCNC, Inc. Telegram is aregistered trademark ortrademark of Telegram LLC. Instagram is aregistered trademark ortrademark of Instagram.
Good Morninig Image 1.88
Good Morning Quotes Images is an Application of Collectionofbeautiful Good Morning images. Application have large collectionofImages and updated regularly. This application is relevant toyouif you want to wish Good Morning to your friends and relativesoryour beloved once and not have enough time in Morning tosearchimage on internet. Now no need to surf internet and copyimage orno need to forward some others messages to your lovedonce.Application have many different categories imageslikeMotivational, Advice, Devotional etc. in images withFriends,Nature, Flower, Sun rise, Coffee, Breakfast etc. Features -Largecollection of images and new images updated regularly.-Application is totally free. - Share and download goodmorningwallpapers. - Quick Share button setting. - Low Memoryapplication.- And many more New features available soon. Request -Internetconnection to get more and more images regularly. Note:-Application contains advertisement to fill cost to make usupdatedregularly.
Trust & Cheating Quotes Images 2.7
The collection of Best famous quotes saying proverbs picturesandlife lessons images about Trust and Cheating Relationship suchasLove, Friendship and marriages etc. Only those who trust, canfindlove and happiness. And only those who love, can be betrayed.Donot run in lack of words for expressing your feelings sorrowandloneliness. It takes just a single tap to share these messagesandquotations as photo in WhatsApp and any type of socialmediawebsite such as facebook twitter tumblr etc.
Flash Call Alert & SMS 1.0.13
NutShell Innovasion
Little utility will add to incoming calls, caller identification,sms and a notification of applications such as Viber,WhatsApp,Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and others, a bright flashwith finetuning. ABOUT FLASH ALERTS ON CALL AND SMS ★ CallerID:Identifynumbers in real-time ★ The flash will blink when mobilephonereceives a Call, Message or Notification of all apps ★ Veryusefulto help you not miss Call, sms in dark night even mobilephone isin Vibrate or silent ★ The Flash will blink duringnumberidentifications from any number FEATURES: ✔ Install LED FlashforAlerts when mobile phone is in Vibrate or Silent. ✔ It issuperconvenient for you to turn your phone into a flashlight torchinseconds with one tap! ✔ Easily to adjust speed of light toblink,blink frequency to be slow or fast ✔ After Call screen: Calltoaction features & Configuration of flash alerts ✔ Youcaninstall for Call or text as well as install for otherapplicationsor software on mobile phone. ✔ Save more battery withTurn Offfunction when low battery, you can adjust the light turn onor turnoff depend on battery. ✔ You can set up the time to activetheFlash alert ✔ You can quick turn off blink flash by powerkey,volumn up or volumn down key ✔ You can schedule DND when tostart,when to end. This app uses the following permissions :.CAMERA :Needed to control the flashlight in some devices..READ_PHONE_STATE: Needed to detect if the phone is ringing inorder to enable theflashlight. .RECEIVE_SMS : Needed to detect ifyou have received anSMS in order to enable the flashlight.1146c56499
Anisics Stream 2.5.8
Anisics Mobile is an mobile application for streaminganimemusic.This application allow you to reading the lyric,reviewingsome anime music, bookmark your favorite anime, andmuchmore..Reading lyrics while playing anime music is available inthemusic page and can only be loaded if network is available, youcanreview every music but keep your words clean and avoidharshconversation in the comment section.Any music added toplaylistwill be downloaded, so you can play it when offline. Tofind themusic saved you can search for Anisics Folder in the SDCard.Forthe web version, visit at
Flash Notification for All App final.
★★ Flash Notification 2 released !! ★★ -----NOTICE(2019.02.16)----- 1) Add a message (SMS) app to thenotificationapp to enable SMS flash. 2) The following functionshave beenremoved according to Google's Permissions policy: - SMSFlash -Missed call. - Unread SMS ---- END NOTICE ----- #NotificationFlash & Screen Flash - Flash when a newnotification arrives inselected app (Whatsapp, Email, Twitter,Alarm/Clock, Messenger, anyother app) * For Android 4.3 or above :[Notification] service.(Free TTS problems,For more precise work) *For Android 4.2 orbelow : [Accessibility] service # Incoming CallFlash 1) When acall arrives, the flash blink 2) Set the startingtime of the flash3) Set the number of flash flashing # SMS Flash 1)Flashing, whenSMS arrived. (Using other SMS app like GoSMS andbehavior may notwork) # Missed Call / Unread SMS Flash / RepeatNotification 1) Theflash is repeated at specific intervals ##Please refer ## 1) Somedevices may not work. 2) If it doesn't work,reboot your phone *This app is a light weight version of [Vibratethen Ring withFlash]
Talking Notification Girl 1.71
This App can speak out any notifications like chat, mails, callsandalerts etc. in a way you want. We have given many options totweaknotification as per your interest. More voice language isavailableby default under Android Settings -> Language &input ->Text-to-Speech Output. We are working on the moreintuitive animatedavatars for fantastic user experience and youcan expect advancedavatars in near future. Please write to usdeveloper@spicedroid.comfor anyissues------------------------------------------------------- Ifyou findyour phone is talking continuously even after uninstallingTalkingNotification Girl App then follow the below steps We arestronglybelieving that you have enabled wrong option "TalkBack" intheAccessibility service which is an integral part of the phoneusedto talk continuously for any events. Can you pleasedisableTalkBack accessibility Service under Settings ->Accessibility-> TalkBack or Settings -> Accessibility ->AccessibilityYou should enable only Settings -> Accessibility->Notification Avatar -Free------------------------------------------------------- Pleaseletus know if you are looking for any extra features, We willconsiderits feasibility and add it to this app.
BD Radio TV Free List 1.3
Js Coder
BD Radio TV Free List is a free bangla application onlyforEntertainment.All bangla tv radio free listavailable.DisclaimerBDRadio TV Free List is not an officialapplication.This Applicationdoes not support YouTube videosdownloads and do not supportbackground playing. We are respectYouTube Terms of Services andAPI use.
Flash on Call and Sms 2.1
Are you worried about missing a call, sms, battery alertornotification? well, with the Flash on Cal and sms app yourproblemis solved. you can get Led Alert with call or Sms on yourphone.This Flash call alert app is made to solve all the problemofmissing call sms alert. This app is design to Notify you withcalland sms as an Call and sms notifier. Flash On Call and SMS isasmart and Amazing application available on the GooglePlayStore. Flash on Call and SMS app gives flash alerts onincomingcalls and SMS with the Flash blink of your device flashlight. Theflash light will start blinking if you enabled Alerts onCall andsms.This Flash on call and SMS will notify you via mobilephone’sback light flash alerts , the back side flashlight willblinkgiving incoming call alerts and sms alerts. LED call blinkingandsms blink LED indicator. See the blinking flashlightalertnotifications when phone rings with an incoming call orincomingtext messageFlash on Call and SMS will make your lifeeasier byletting you know about every call and SMS through flashblinks,that if your mobile device is mostly silent you are boundtomiss. Flash on Call and SMS app is user friendly andreallyeasy to use app in the play store. Flash on Call and Flash onSMSapplication has different type of option to control theappfunctionality. Flash Blinking number and interval caneasilycontrol with this Flash Alert notification app. you canquicklyenable and disable Flash Alert on Call and Sms orboth.MainFeatures:> Flash Blinks/Alerts On Incoming Calls.>FlashBlinks/Alerts On Incoming SMS.> Flash BlinkingIntervalsetting.> Flash Blinking timings adjustment.> ControlAmountof Flash blinking when receiving SMS or Call.> Use Flashon Calland SMS in different modes (Normal, Vibration, Silent)>Switchflash alerts OFF or ON only on locked device to savebattery.>Turn all the blink flash alerts ON or OFF with a singletap.UsageArea:> In Normal Mode.> In Silent Mode.> InVibrateMode.> In Noisy Places. > In Meetings.> InClassroom.
☝ Flash Notification Light ☝ 2.0
Flash Notification Led Light for Sms ,Calls And allappsnotifications alert Flashing light Free . Flash NotificationLedFeatures ✔ Easy To use . ✔ Good Interface. ✔ Enable/DisableFlashNotification . ✔ Easily Select Apps to get led notificationfor(You can select Facebook-whatsapp-Twitter-etc) And get blanklightwhen you get notification for them . ✔ Get led notificationforcalls (Get blank flash alert when you have call and set numberofflash time with test mode ) (Get led flash alert when you areinselected mode silent-normal-vibrate) ✔ Get led notificationwhenyou get sms or unread sms . ✔ Turn flash of when battery is low. ✔Don’t disturb mode to stop flash alert at specific time . ☺Don’tforget to rate app 5 stars to keep updated ☺ ✭ KeywordsSuggestion✭ flash notification flash alert notification lightlednotification flash alert app led notifikasi notification ledlednotification light flashing light notification lightnotificationflashlight notification app led flash alert flashblinking on callled flash for alerts call flash alert flash alerton callnotification flash flashlight notification flashnotifiernotification led light how to make phone flash whenreceiving atext notification for flash light notification alertsflash callalert flash led alert notification flash light
Plagiarism Checker 4.1
Plagiarisma.Net plagiarism detection software screens yourpapersfor plagiarism with 5 search engines - Google, Yahoo,Babylon,Google Scholar and Google Books. This duplicate contentchecker isa must-have app for students, teachers, writers orbloggers. Scanyour essay, article, term paper or dissertation witha single tapof your smartphone. Turnitin and Copyscape freealternative.FEATURES: + Does not require registration; + Built-infileexplorer; + Converts TXT, HTML, PDF, XLS, DOC, DOCX, ODT, ODS,ODP,FB2, EPUB; + Save results to HTML, PDF, EPUB; + GoogleVoicesupport; + Install to SD Card. If you need any furtherassistance,please visit for technicalsupport, commentsand feedback.
Key Notification Manager--for MoChat cloned apps 1.0.6
MoChat——Clone App
Key Notification Manager is an intelligent essential toolformanaging messages, notifications and cloned apps, whichperfectlymatches with MoChat.You can simply click on thenotification andquickly enter your recently used cloned apps orMoChat. Moreimportantly, it perfectly separates the messages andnotificationsof cloned apps from the original ones. Never missimportantmessages & notifications again! Serving for yourcolorfulsocial life & work performance.★Perfectly matches withMoChat.•Lock Screen pro--we highly recommend that you use it alongwithMoChat.★No longer miss important messages & notifications.•Notification Master--best lock screen ever for managingyourmessages from cloned apps! • Instant notification--instantmessagesfrom your multiple accounts, especially social accountssuch aswhazapp, FB, insta and so on. • No mix up withmessages—clearlyseparates messages of your cloned apps from theoriginalones.★Shortcut entry for cloned apps and instant messages.•Justneed one click to enter your recently used cloned apps as wellasyour messages.★Customize wallpaper for lock screen. • Make themostof your display with beautiful wallpapers.★Protect userprivacy•Key Notification Manager will never collect user’spersonalinformation.• User’s information are absolutely safewithus.Contact usFor any urgent matters or suggestions, pleasecontactus via email at: MochatLab@gmail.comWe do need your supportto bebetter for you! Thx for staying with us.
Hindi Love Shayari Images 4.3
Best Collection of Hindi Love Shayari for your love..-Shayariapp-shayari hindi-shayari image with pic -shayarihindi2016--shayari hindi 2017-Collection of hindishayariFeatures:-Slideimages by move or buttons next and back.-Share on facebook,twitter etc...- Share by email and sms Share byWhatsApp, Line etc...- Set pictures as wallpapers.- Easy to use.
Flash On Call And SMS 1.3
Are you concerned from lacking overlooked name, low batterySMSalert, Google alerts/signals and clever notifications?? Don’tworryyour problems are solved attempt out our smart flashlightalerts,flash name 2017 and flash name alert app, be alert forblinkingflashlight. Our flash name alert is an android app willnotify youon flash indicators. Our led indicators app is identicalas textnotification machine and speak to flash on clap,howeverflash/flash led will start blinking when you will receivename andSMS as well. When your phone start ringing flashlight/phonelightwill blink rely on your setting. Additionally we can saySMSnotifier. This flash signals on call and SMS alert app willnotifyyou through mobile telephone again mild flash signals, theagainside flash (alerta,alertas,appel,appeler,appels,вспышка назвонок)flashing notification. Light will blink on incoming callalert andSMS alertsHow flashlight indicators, led alerts and SMSalertworks? Our led indicators app is quite simple and incrediblelednotification app. truly open the app and you can effortlesslyonand stale the flashing lite of your app. From setting menuinflashing notification you could exchange the status forincomingcalls and incoming SMS. Faucet on incoming calls choice youmaytest you’re blinking flashlight and flashing notifications onstartcheck button and you can save without problems blinking amountwiththe help of shop button.How to add flashlight widgets tohomescreenFirst of all go to widgets and add flashlight widgetfromthere easily, after adding flashlight widget to home screen youcanon and off your flashlight using single tap.You can find twothingsin single app, flashlight widget and flash on call and SMSHowourflashlight alert call/SMS is beneficial form other flash namealertapps? Flash name 2017/flashlight indicators app have batterysavermode, when your tool battery is less than 15% your telephoneflashwill in no way blink. Features of flash name alert and flashalertmessage app• Our app have silent notifications• Flashlightonwidget • blinking flashlight on missed name, googleindicators,wonderful text messages• led notification machine• Youmay setflash indicators 2 times or extra than 2 times•flashingnotification• Smooth in use • Attractive pics NormalModeYou mayset flash alerts without problems in regular mode forcall smartnotifications flash signals and for alert message of yourdevice aswell. Vibrate mode you'll set your flashlight alert onname flashalerts without problems in vibrate mode for callsmartnotifications flash alerts and for alert message of your toolaswell. Mute modeyou may set your flashlight alert on callflashindicators effortlessly in mute mode for overlooked nameclevernotifications flash indicators and for alert message of yourdeviceas properly.
SearchBar Ex - Search Widget 1.6.1
Many types of search engines in one place! Search anytime byusingsearch widget, home button gesture, and notificationlauncher.Highly customizable settings for creating your originalsearchbar.SearchBar Ex can search using Google, Google Images,Yahoo!,Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, and also in other appslikeYouTube, Google Maps, Evernote, Music and Contact apps.It canbeused in many ways, not only as a search app, but as an applauncheror bookmark launcher.Features• Add and edit search engines•Swipeup (or long press) the home button to launch the SearchBar•SimpleSearch Widget• Notification Launcher• Keyword suggestions•App /Shortcut / Bookmark launcher• Add copy / paste / cut /shareactions• Type a command to switch between search engines•Voicesearch• Launch, manage, or uninstall apps directlyfromsuggestions• Chrome Custom Tabs• Various color themes fortheSearch Widget• Light, Dark and Black themes for theSearchBar•Backup & Restore• Material DesignPermissions•INTERNET /ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Required to load keywordsuggestions and adson the settings screen• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -Required for theBackup & Restore function• BILLING - Requiredto upgrade topremium• RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Required to startNotificationLauncher after reboot• INSTALL_SHORTCUT - Required tocreate appshortcut on the home screenHelp us translate theapp:
Good Morning Images 14.0
Sri Krishna Apps
Good Morning Images Spread the rays of hope with every sunriseAfterall, every morning is a beautiful celebration ofopportunities thatlife has to offer. Go on, take the first step bysharing your goodwishes to your friends and acquaintances. Have agreat day. Godblesses you every day with a gift of pleasantmorning, from awithering darkness, with full strength to make thedreams of yourlast night come true. Set every morning with apromise by yourwishes and share them by giving wings of effort toyour dreams andlife will be bliss. Make your choice of chasingyour desire andhappily greet people with a stray of thoughts. Wishyou and yourfriends a good day all set for you to learn, think,accomplish andsucceed! This good morning app consists of thefollowing collectionof Images 1. Good Morning Pic 2. Good MorningImages for Whatsapp 3.Good Morning Love 4. Good Morning Flowers2019 5. Love Good MorningWishes 6. Good Morning Love Images 7.Good Morning Wishes forwhatsapp and facebook 8. Good MorningQuotes 9. Best Good MorningImages 10. Good Morning Images 2019
Ultimate Flash Notification 2.5
Fantastic Free Ultimate Flash Notification application.Prettyuseful when you are in a dark place or in a meeting where youdon'twant to hear ringtones or vibration. Imagine you are in aheavymusic party or at night where you cannot hear ring tones andcannotfeel vibration. So this Flash on call will notify youclearly. ThisUltimate Flash Notification will notify you via mobilephone backlight flash blink alerts , the back side flash light willblinkgiving call alerts. Go on and download this application. LEDcallblinking LED indicator. See the blinking flash lightalertnotifications when phone rings with an incoming call Features:-Blink flash alerts when have call - Ringing flashlight whenphonehave incoming Call Notification - You can turn on or turnoffservice by manual over device status sound mode as Ring, VibrateorSilent mode - Allow change speed of flash light alert - Stopflashalerts with volume or power key - Turn off flash alertswhenbattery low, help you save battery Recently Tested Flashlightontop brands like Samsung, Motorola , LG, Huawei, OPPO FeedbackIfyou like the app, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews.Iffound an issue, report to us via email. Thank you for yoursupport