Top 17 Apps Similar to InstaSaver Pro For Instagram

Instasave for Instagram 3.0.SJL
5 ★ - Finally found one good app todownloadInstagram photos - Mike5 ★ - Tried many, found this one better - K5 ★ - Once you understand how to use it, this app is theeasiestway to download Instagram videos and photosPeople are liking it, so will you. Give it a try, andtrydownloading few videos from Instagram.About InstaSave -Instasave for Instagram helps you save photos and videosfromInstagram like professionals.Now you can easily share, take inspiration, watch later, Repostandcollect photos and videos you loved.And it is very easy and convenient to use, that anyone can useitwith ease.After saving you can even Re-Post them as well, right fromtheapp!Features :✔ InstaSave Multiple pictures and videos.✔ Beautiful golder Design✔ Fast download speed✔ Marvelous image viewer✔ Repost and Share directly from the appHow to use ? -1. Open Instagram.2. “Copy Share URL” of Photos and videos.3. Photos/videos will start downloading automatically toyourGalleryVoila!Enjoy Instasave for instagram app and please mail your suggestiontous before giving bad ratings.Note:Please do not use this program to save photos and Repostthemwithout the permission of the respective owners. Respect therightsof the Instagram users. If you notice any content in ourappviolates copyrights,Please let us know so that we removethatcontent. We respect the rights of Instagram. We only recommenduseof the contents that Instagram allows to developers.
Story downloader for Instagram 1.5.2
Do you know how to download Instagramstoryimages/videos? Simply use InstaSaveStory free app/site.Thisapplication will help you to download any video/image whichwasshared as a story by your friends / followings
InstantSave for Instagram 1.9.8
InstantSave - download for Instagram is100%FREE app that help you save/download/share all publicInstagramPhotos and Videos that you love to your mobile.If you want to save / download Instagram photos and videos toyourphone, let's use InstantSave.If you want to share photos and videos to Facebook, twitter,Tumblr,Google+ or other Social Media quickly, let's useInstantSave.You do not need to login to Instagram, just surf and downloadvideosand photos with the fastest way.NOTICE: Instagram users who set their photo/video to privatedoesnot allow you to download their photo, so please do not trytodownload these photosEasy and fastest way to save / download beautiful andmeaningfulphoto and video from Instagram.Have fun with InstantSave for InstagramDisclaimer:1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.2. Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/videoand/orviolations of Intellectual property rights is thesoleresponsibility of the user.3. Please do not use InstantSave to save photos / downloadvideoswithout the permission of the owners. Respect the rights oftheInstagram users.
Instasave + for instagram 1.0
Code in Droid
Instasave is a powerfull app, easy touse.Save,share and repost instagram Photos and videos in Highquality(HD) toyour device, allowing you to see them offlineanytime,anywhere.Save++ Save your photos and videos in HD quality.++ You can save as many as possible.++ Suport save Batch download photos and videos at the sametimeatthe background, without disturbing your other activity.Share++ instant share photos and videos to other app directly.++ Share Image also in HD quality.Repost++ Instant Repost photos and videos to your instagramaccount.++ Whitout #hastag watermark.++ Desctription aumaticaly copied into your clipboard device,soyoucan paste description in your new re-post.Manage saved content++ You can view or delete all saved photos and videos.++ Share saved Photos and Videos.NOTE:++ You need an Instagram app and an account to use this app.++ This product uses the Instagram API, but is notaffiliatedbyInstagram.
download from Instagram 1.3
Techmix apps
This app is designed as a utility to helpyousave images and videos that are available to the public onyourphone device so you do not need to re-download them every timeyouwould like to view them, in order to save bandwidth andelectricityto make the environment greener; moreover, offlinevideos can beviewed using your favourite video player.Steps:1. On Instagram post, click "Copy Share URL"2. Get back to the app, long press in the text field andclick"paste"3. Click download, wait, and enjoy!Disclaimer:1. This tool can be used for public profiles only.2. Re-uploading image and/or video is NOT encouraged, pleaseseekowner approval.3. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.4. Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contentsand/orviolations of Intellectual property rights is thesoleresponsibility of the user.Instasave for Instagram helps you to save Instagram photosandvideos to your device.Now you can quickly view Instagram photos and videos offlinebydownloading them using Instasave for Instagram app. Aftersavingyou can even repost them. It differs from other Instagramphotovideo downloader, it is very easy and fast to use.Features :✔ InstaSave Multiple pictures and videos.✔ View saved stories in a bar at top of main screen.✔ Get details of users by long press on saved photo andvideo.✔ Fast download speed.✔ Beautiful Dashboard to manage saved photos & videos.✔ Amazing image viewer✔ Repost, Share, Delete etc from app itself.Get all the photos and videos Easily from Instagram** Watch a video explaining the application **Application features :- The interface is simple and easy to use- Download all the pictures- Download all video-Download high quality
Insta Downloader photo & video 1.0
Have your ever wanted to share thevideoorpicture you watched in Instagram with your friends andunable todoso from the applications you have?This app allows you to download videos and images in veryeasywayand let you download them.Downloaded videos and images can be shared with friendsviaAndroidstandard sharing option or even open the video inothersupportedapps.Insta Downloader photo & video is the most uniquetoolthatlets you download any Instagram video or picture directlyfromtheInstagram feed. No login needed. No special credentials.-How to use :this app allows to download videos and images fromINSTAGRAM'slinks.By copying image's and video's link and pastinginto InstaDownloadwhich automatically downloads that video/image,then youcan saveinto your device, repost on INSTAGRAM, shareFACEBOOK,TWITTER andother social network.-Features :* NO LOGIN REQUIRED* Simply use, just 2 STEPS to download* Quickly download videos and download imagesfromINSTAGRAM'slinks* Easily save into device or repost to INSTAGRAM* Easily explore, delete and share downloaded filesonFACEBOOK,TWITTER
InstaSave for Instagram 1.0.2
Rain Soft
GUIDELINES:1. Open app first, then open Instagram2. Copy Share URL (repeat to copy multiple urls) :- Choose 3 dot icon -> choose ["Copy Share URL"]- Copy Share URL from somewhere else3. Open InstaSave app, save photo / video you love, orSaveall4. Open Photo / Gallery app to see photos / videosNOTICE:- This app is not affiliated with Instagram- Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/video and/orviolationsof Intellectual property rights is the soleresponsibility of theuser- Please do not use InstaSave to save photos / downloadvideoswithout the permission of the owners. Respect the rights oftheInstagram users- If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrightsthanPlease inform us so that we remove that content
InstaSize 2017 1.0.0
instaSize allows to download photos/videosfromInstagram's public links.Just 2 steps with InstaSave1. Open Instagram app, choose “Copy Share URL” on photo/videoyouwant to save.2. Open Save Tool(insta)app, photo/video will be downloaded.
InstaSaver Pro 1.0
Mezitech Inc
InstaSaver Pro app is for Instagramistheeasiest way to download and save photos andvideosfromInstagram.Instagram video saver for Instagram allows you to browseyournewsfeed and your friends/pages walls to select the video ortheimageyou want to download and save them so you can watch itlaterandshare it with your friends via different to use :1. Press share URL to copy URL2.Go to this App and press on circle button to pastecopiedURL3.After paste URL , circle button will be download buttonthenpresson it to start download
Insta Saver 1.0
Insta Saver is a simple app which letsyousaveyour instagram files onto SD
Saver for instagram 1.8.9
akai sun
App that can be downloaded the Instagram of photos and videoseasilyHow to use: completion by clicking the ""Copy the sharingURL"" ofInstagrams favorite photos and videos! Save the photos andvideos onmy mobile phone, it can be viewed at any time. it is veryeasy. ^^please comment if you have any question. We will answersincerity.
Insta Saver - Videos & Photos 1.0
Insta saver for Instagram helps youtosaveInstagram photos and videos to your device.Now you can quickly view Instagram photos and videosofflinebydownloading them using Insta saver for Instagram app.Aftersavingyou can even repost them. It differs from otherInstagramphotovideo downloader, it is very easy and fast touse.Features :* Insta saver Multiple pictures and videos.* View saved stories in a bar at top of main screen.* Get details of users by long press on saved photo andvideo.* Fast download speed.* Beautiful Dashboard to manage saved photos & videos.* Amazing image viewer* Repost, Share, Delete etc from app itself.* NO LOGIN REQUIRED* Simply use, just 2 STEPS to download* Quickly download instagram videos and download photos.* Save insta photos and videos to view them offline fromyourphonegallery.Steps to use:1. Open InstaSaver2. “Copy Share Url” of Photos and videos.3. Paste Url and press "check url"4. download your video/photoEnjoy Insta saver for instagram app and pleasemailyoursuggestion to us before giving bad ratings.Disclaimer Note:-In Insta saver App is not affiliated with Instagram.-Please do not use this program to save insta photosandrepostwithout the permission of the respective owners.-Respect the rights of the Instagram users.-If you notice that any content in our app violatescopyrightsthanPlease inform us so that we remove thatcontent.-We respect the rights of Instagram and we only usethecontentswhich Instagram allows to developers.
Insta Photo Saver Downloader 1.0
With Instagrab you can download anyphotoorvideo directly from instagram and save it.Instasaverphotodownloader is a simple application where you canpaste thelink ofany instagram photo and have it downloaded to yourdevice.Our aimis only to provide a simple and easy way to downloadandsaveinstagram photos and videos.
DownloadGram - Instagram Photo 1.0
DownloadGram is very easydownloaderapplicationfor instagram photos and videos. Firstly youenterphoto or videopage and you click top right button in apppage.You will see all downloadable photos or videos inthatpage.Youclick media for download and it start download.Thats all. This is a easy process.Again step step download1- You login with your instagram account.2- You enter media's page for download.3- You click top right donwload icon for enter download page.4- App start prepare medias for download.5- You click media and it start download.6- You can find your media in your "DownloadGram" folder.Tags: instagram photo download, instagram videodownload,instagrammedia download, instagram photo saver, instagramvideosaver,instagram downloader, instasaver, insta download,instagramfreedownload
Insta video downloader & photo 1.0
Insta video downloader and photo allowsyoutoshare or download videos and pictures from instagram toyourphonevery easily.It's an Instagram video saver that makes saving videosandimagesfrom instagram very simple and easy in 3 easy andquicksteps- step1: Open Instagram and copy the link of the image orthevideoyou want to download or repost in yourinstagramaccount,- step2: Past the link in the downloader and check it,- step3: Download video / image to your mobile phone or yourepostitin your insta account.Features:- video downloader for instagram to download yourvideosandvine- photo downloader for instagram to download yourimagesandvines- save videos and pictures from instagram to your phone- Repost videos and pictures in your instagram account- share your favorite videos and images with others.Hope you enjoy this instagram video downloader, feel freetorateand comment to help us improve this downloader.
Instabackup - Instagram backup 2.2
DotFive Labs
This is an application to backup yourinstagramphotos and videos.With only a few steps you can backup all your accountphotos/videosor if you prefer, only the selected ones.Instabackup, the easiest and fastest way to recover yourinstagramphotos and videos.
Save Instagram videos 3.0
Steps to download using this app:1. Go to Instagram app,2. click on Menu and copy URL of any videos3. Open InstaSaver app.4. Paste copied URL to text box.5. Click on download and wait.6. Open folder with file explorer.