Top 4 Games Similar to Counter War: Sniper Attack 3D

Forward Assault 1.2023
Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Best online and multiplayer shooter tactics in FPSgame.first-person shooter with tactical gameplay, become the leaderof aswat team, and get ready take down killers, terroristandinternational criminals. High-quality graphics, andfast-pacedshooting action game play. Several guns, shotguns,snipers, rifles,assault rifles and more powerful weapons you canchoose from.Choose your side you can be with the good cops andcombat terroirsattacks or international criminal actions fromhappening, or youcan become the criminal try to make the worldburn. Fight as thecounter terrorist S.A.W.T CT team or theterrorist mafia leader andplant bomb. Play on strategic &tactical maps and bring yourteam to victory. You can also play aRanked mode in this new FPSgun game, where you must climb theladder and become the top playerin the world. PVP Shooter in aModern Survival War FPS survivalgame, intensive action, incrediblesimulator that will take youright to the action. Run, hide,distract, aim, shoot, and kill. Youbetter have a good plan to makeyour army win. Play offensive,defensive or counterattack, usetactical shooting strategies toassure your victory, but be careful,this is not as easy as itseems, you should have an elaborate actionplan. Main Online FPSFeatures • Role Playing S.W.A.T. Cops Team orTerroirs Army •Several Weapons – Gun, Rifle, Shotgun, Knife,Assault Rifle,Sniper, and more. • Fast Action Tactical Shooter Game• IncredibleGraphics & Sounds • Real Physics & Effects •OnlineMultiplayer FPS • Best PVP Shooter Simulator Are you readytoshoot, run, hide, and kill? Download it Now… if you dare !!
Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS 11.02
Critical Strike is a fast-paced modern multiplayer FPScounterterrorist game. Are you a fan of the good old counterterroristsbattles? Here is some news for you: There is the best 3DFirstPerson Shooter in real-time. Take the part in the vanguard atthebattlefield of Critical Strike! Play with friends or otherplayers,you will love the shooting experience on your mobiledevice! It isFREE to play ! Compete with people around the worldand show yourskills. ===GAME FEATURES=== ★ AAA quality moderngraphics with easycontrols! ★ 8 maps to try different tactics! ★ 40Weapons: guns,pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns,grenades! ★ 5 combatgame modes to play with your friends andworldwide players! ★Perfect optimization even for weak devices!GAME MODES ✪ TeamDeathmatch ✪ Team vs Team battle (counterterrorist VS terroristteam) ✪ Free for all ✪ It's kill or bekilled. Kill the otherplayers as many times as you can. ✪ Defusethe Bomb ✪ Terroristteam plant the bomb. Counter team defuse thebomb. ✪ Arms RaceTournament ✪ All weapons are FREE to us.Competitive game mode tocounter your enemies strike ✪ Private room✪ Call your friends toplay together in same room. ===MOREFEATURES=== ✪ Chat with yourfriends and other players★★★ ✪ Great 3Dgraphics and sound, soperfectly adapted for New Action Games.★★★ ✪Up to 5vs5 multiplayeronline PvP battle mode, fair fight!★★★ ✪ Useless mobile data inreal-time matches.★★★ ✪ TOP 10 Online PvP FPSgun game!★★★ ✪ Manyteams for counter(SWAT,GIGN,Spetsnaz,Seal...)★★★ ✪ Many teams forterrorist(Anarchist,Gangster,Balkans...)★★★ This year’s bestgraphics 3DFirst Person Shooter experience will make you spendyour timeplaying Critical Strike! If you are dead don’t forgetwhere you gethit for counter attack get your revenge! Join thecompetitive combatin the most skill-based portable FPS! If youalways wanted to play agreat multiplayer shooter on your mobiledevice, your dreams are nowtrue! You can enjoy the improvedgraphics and enticing sound effectsof this free online FPS game!Are you ready to strike counterenemies? Awesome Multiplayer FPS CSgame GO! First person shooterand multiplayer shooting game madewith Unity to optimize online FPSgun experience. Regular gameupdates and new features are waitingfor you! Download now and jointhe Critical Strike community!
BLOCKPOST Mobile 1.17F1
Skullcap Studios
BLOCKPOST is a new tactical shooter from the cubic game universebySkullcap Studios. Keeping the hurricane character of theclassiconline FPS, the game sets a new level of gameplay, at thejunctionof the most popular and relevant genres, recognized bymanyhardcore players of different ages around the world. Join ourlargefriendly community and show what you can do in the firstperson!WEAPONS FOR THE MOST SOPHISTICATED PLAYERS The game has awidearsenal of weapons of different types, with the possibilityforupgrade, including more than fifty models, such as: • Foldingandfixed blade knives (karambit, balisong and other). • Pistolswithdifferent power and rate of fire. • Submachine guns fromleadingweapons manufacturers. • Shotguns and smoothbore rifles.•Automatic, semi-automatic and sniper rifles. • Heavy machinegunsand hand grenades. ADVANCED WEAPON MODIFICATION Fullcustomizationand leveling of guns for every taste: • Quick draw,extended anduniversal magazines. • Improved and lightweightbuttstocks. •Bipods, laser designators, lots of grips. • Flashhiders,compensators and supressors. • Collimator, holographic andopticalsights. FREE CASES AND LEGENDARY SKINS In the heat of battleorsavoring the best moments of past victories, you can also lookintothe game store and inventory, where you can spend your pointstobuy new characters, cases and skins, including legendary ones,withwhich you can clearly demonstrate to your opponents who theyaredealing with. The main game modes are: • Planting and defusingthebomb. • Team competition for the best result. • Sniper duelswithreaction training. Whether you are a stalker, who prefers towanderthrough forbidden areas, with poor communication and aweaksmartphone, or a desperate warrior, whose frame rate isonlycomparable with the numbers of frags at the end of the round,thereis something for everyone on the BLOCKPOST locations. Cutegraphicsand cybersport atmosphere will not let anyone get bored inshortbreaks during the day. Counterattack, defense or improvisation—which tactics will lead to the team's victory depends only onyourzeal, teamplay and the wheel of fortune. It's time to checkyourammo and get ready for a hot pixel battle. Go ahead fortherecords, good luck and have fun!Facebook: Discordserver: VKgroup:
BLOCKFIELD - 5v5 shooter 0.98
Play with your friends for free in a mobile onlinefirst-personshooter, dynamic multiplayer 5v5, online battles withmillions ofplayers from around the world! Dynamic maps, new modes,charactersand a large arsenal of weapons and modes. Features: - 12maps - 6modes (“Deathmatch", "Arms race", "Dropper", "Bunny Hop","Knifemode", "AWP") - Weapons (“Assault Rifles”, “Shotguns","MachineGuns", "Pistols", "Sniper", "Shotguns", "Knives","Sub-MachineGuns") - Daily reward - Promotional Codes - Friends -Text chat -Shooting range - HUD and Crosshair customization - Tonsof fun!News, Secrets, Updates:Facebook: