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WPSApp 1.6.45
WPSApp checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.Thisprotocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an8-digitpin number that usually is predefined in the router, theproblem isthat the pin of many routers from different companies isknown oris known how to calculate it. This app uses these pins totry theconnection and check if the network is vulnerable. Itimplementsseveral known algorithms for pin generation and somedefault pins.Also calculates default key for some routers, allowsyou to viewWiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devicesconnected toyour network and analyzes the quality of the WiFichannels. Use isvery simple, when scanning networks around us, youwill seenetworks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks,they havedisabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.Thosethat appear with a question mark have enabled the WPSprotocol, butthe pin is unknown, in this case the applicationallows you to testthe most common. Finally, those with a green tickare most likelyvulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and theconnection pin isknown. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but thepassword is known, in this case it also appears ingreen and can beconnected to the key. You just need to be a Rootuser to see thepasswords, to connect on Android 9/10 and for someextra function.NOTICE: Not all networks are vulnerable and that thenetworkappears as such does not guarantee 100% that it is,severalcompanies have updated firmware of their routers to correctthefault. TRY IT ON YOUR NETWORK AND IF YOU ARE VULNERABLE...REMEDYIT. Turn off WPS and change password for a strong andpersonalized.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE, INTRUSION INTOFOREIGNNETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. From Android 6 (Marshmallow)it isnecessary to grant location permissions. It is a newrequirementadded by Google in this version. More informationin: models use encryption and do not show real passwords,theyshow a long series of hexadecimal digits. Look for informationonthe internet or contact me if you want to know how to decryptthem.Pin connection does not work on LG models with Android 7(Nougat).It's a problem with LG's own software. Please understandhow theapplication works before giving an evaluation. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to, thanks.Acknowledgments:Zhao Chunsheng, Stefan Viehböck, Justin Oberdorf,Kcdtv, Patcher,Coeman76, Craig, Wifi-Libre, Lampiweb, David Jenne,AlessandroArias, Sinan Soytürk, Ehab HoOoba, drygdryg.
WiFi Analyzer (open-source)
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open-source)byexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels. Users'privacyand security is a huge concern these days and WiFiAnalyzer(open-source) is designed to use as few permissions aspossible. Itasks for just enough to perform the analysis. Plus, itis all opensource so nothing is hidden! Most notably, thisapplication doesnot require access to internet, so you can be sureit does not sendany personal/device information to any other sourceand it does notreceive any information from other sources. WiFiAnalyzer is underactive development by volunteers. WiFi Analyzer isfree, has no-adsand does not collect any personal information. WiFiAnalyzer is nota WiFi password cracking or phishing tool. Features:- Identifynearby Access Points - Graph channels signal strength -GraphAccess Point signal strength over time - Analyze WiFi networkstorate channels - HT/VHT Detection - 40/80/160MHz (RequiresAndroidOS 6+) - Access Point view complete or compact - EstimatedDistanceto the Access Points - Export access points details - Darkor Lighttheme available - Pause/Resume scanning - Availablefilters: WiFiband, Signal strength, Security and SSID - Vendor/OUIDatabaseLookup Please visit our website for more helpfulinformation: the place to go for bug reports and codecontributions:
Fing - Network Tools
Fing Limited
Fing has helped 35 million user worldwide to understand: • Who'sonmy WiFi • Is someone stealing my WiFi and broadband? • HaveI'vebeen hacked? Is my network secure? • Are there hidden camerasinthe B&B I'm staying in? • Why Netflix has started buffering?•Is my internet provider giving me the speed I pay for? Fing isthe#1 Network Scanner: discovers all the devices connected toyourWiFi and identifies them, with our patented technology usedalso byrouter manufacturers and antivirus companies worldwide. WithFingApp’s free tools and utilities help you: • Run WiFi andCellularinternet speed tests, download speed and upload speedanalysis andlatency • Scan networks with Fing’s Wi-Fi & LANnetwork scannerand discover all devices connected to any network •Get the mostaccurate device recognition of IP address, MAC address,devicename, model, vendor and manufacturer • Advanced deviceanalysis ofNetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP and Bonjour names, properties anddevice types• Includes port scanning, device ping, traceroute andDNS lookup •Receive network security and device alerts to yourphone and emailAdd Fingbox to unlock advanced network protectionand smart hometroubleshooting features: • Know who’s home whileyou’re not therewith Digital Presence • See devices near your homewith DigitalFence • Block intruders and unknown devicesautomatically beforethey join your network • Set parental controlfeatures to schedulescreen time and pause internet access • Analyzebandwidth usage bydevice • Find Wi-Fi sweet spots • Automatenetwork speed tests andget reports for benchmarking ISP performance• Secure your homenetwork with opened port detection and networkvulnerabilityanalysis Have a question? Get in touch or learnmore about Fing App and Fingbox
Sangiorgi Srl
Do you want to know if your Wireless Access Point is vulnerabletothe WPS protocol? Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!Withthis app, you can try the connection to an Wi-Fi Access PointviaWPS PIN. PINs are calculated with several algorithms throughtMACAddress and there are others PINs included in a local databaseformany Access Point. Luckily just a small part of WirelessAccessPoint are vulnerable to WPS protocol. If you will find outthatyour Access Point has WPS protocol enabled, we suggest todisableit. The purpose of the app is educational to let thecustomers knowabout vulnerability of their own Access Point. Thereare manyconnection mode with this app and you can try thebruteforce modeeither. App also discovers if an Access Point withWPS enabled isinvulnerable (WPS LOCKED). App allows users with rootpermissionsto see Wi-Fi passwords saved. Some important Notes:NOTE: you cantest the PINs with this app and you can connect, butyou cannot seethe password without root permissions. Use this apponly with yourown AP not to go against the law.
Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2
Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows theWi-Fichannels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channelforyour wireless router. ########## FortheUSB read/write permission: This permission is used to save andloadsnapshots(see menu in my app). ##########
Hi VPN- Free VPN Proxy Server, Hotspot VPN Service
Hi VPN (Free VPN) is the top free and unlimited VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork) proxy for Android devices. Hi VPN (Free VPN) masksyour IPaddress, encrypts your Internet traffic, protects yourprivacy witha secure connection on public Wi-Fi and helps unblockwebsites andbypass apps, watching online videos so that you canaccess anyrestricted content safely and anonymously. Why Choose HiVPN (FreeVPN)? ✓ Extremely fast, and free forever. ✓ Large numberof serverscovering all around the world. ✓ All-new designed appwith anunprecedented smooth experience. ✓ Intelligently choose thefastestand highest quality server. ✓ No limit on traffic and usagetime atall. ✓ No need to register or login, no account required. ✓Notracking of your network access, no log storage. ✓ Noadditionalpermissions required. ✓ Works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, 3G andallmobile cellular data carriers. Install Hi VPN (Free VPN) NowYouCan: ► Unblock geo-restricted contents Encrypt all your trafficandallow your favorite services and networks wherever you are. Nowyoucan enjoy the apps around the world as you travel. ► Bypassnetworkrestrictions Connect to your favorite websites and apps,even ifyou are in a restricted network. ► Break through schoolnetworkfirewall restrictions You can freely use any social mediaandstreaming services by breaking through the limitations oftheschool network firewall when you connect to the campus network,oruse the school’s computer to access the Internet. ► Stayanonymousonline and protect privacy Using Hi VPN (Free VPN), yourIP andlocation will be masked and your activities can no longerbetracked on the Internet. Hi VPN (Free VPN) is fully committedtoyour Internet privacy and keeps no logs of your activity, evenifsomeone requests the data of our VPN service users, we have nonetoprovide. ► Secure your device and your mobile data Hi VPN(FreeVPN) secures your Android device’s connection whileyou’reconnected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data networks.Yourpassword and your personal data are secured and you areprotectedfrom hacker attacks. ► Largest range of country and regioncoverageHi VPN (Free VPN) offers tens of thousands of servers indozens ofcountries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, theUnitedKingdom, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indiaandmore, which gives you more choices and better connection speeds.►Free and unlimited, forever As we promise, Hi VPN (Free VPN)alwayskeep free and unlimited, and will continue forever. (FreeVPNversion may show some ads. Upgrade to Hi VPN Premium toenjoyad-free VPN, if you prefer.) What is a VPN and Why Would INeedOne? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to createasecure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs canbeused to access region-restricted websites, shield yourbrowsingactivity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more. Invery simpleterms, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet toanothercomputer (called a server) somewhere on the internet, andallowsyou to browse the internet using that computer’sinternetconnection. So if that server is in a different country, itwillappear as if you are coming from that country, and youcanpotentially access things that you couldn’t normally. Thevastmajority of people these days are using VPN for torrentingorbypassing geographic restrictions to watch content in adifferentcountry. They are still very useful for protectingyourself whileworking at a coffee shop, but that’s hardly theprimary useanymore. Copyright © 2019 Hi Security Lab. All RightsReserved.
AndroDumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect ) 3.11
Osama Abukmail
AndroDumpper will try to get Router Passwords and more Data(NOTonly WPS ), and will try to connect to WPS enabled WifiRoutersthat have the WPS vulnerability using some algorithms toconnect tothe Wifi. Hacking anything is forbidden in all religions- And thisapplication has been developed for totally Testing andEducationalpurposes only , im not responsible for any bad usage orhackingother Routers that you don't have the right to access***ROOT isNOT totally required**** **** Location Permission isrequired forWifi Network Scanning By Android***** The applicationhas Threemethods to connect: - Root Method : Supported all androidversionbut should be rooted. - No Root Method : supports onlyAndroid 5(Lollipop) and up. -(NEW) Online Method ( all networks ,not onlyWPS ): this new feature will try to get all kind of Routers(notonly WPS ) passwords online , so it needs at leastinternetconnection to do its job For Android 9 with WPS ( Pie ) -Im sorrythat Google has removed the support of WPS at all ( Rootand noRoot) method , both won't work anymore and no otherapplication willsuccess connect with WPS on Android 9 (Pie ) and up, dont befooled with other applications that say it can connect toWPS onAndroid 9 ( Pie ) , its all fake Thats why , i developed thenew (Online Method ) that requires at least an internet connectiontoget passwords , even if WPS is not enabled on the RouterForAndroid 5 (Lollipop) to Android 8 - If you are not rooted youcanuse the application to connect, but you cannot show passwordunlessyou are rooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted tochooseeither Root Method or No Root Method. , you can show thepasswordusing both methods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You haveto beROOTED for both connecting and showing password - If Your arenotRooted , then you cannot use theapplication================================================ - (OnlyRootedUsers ) You can show passwords for your current savednetworks ,just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks) if youalready knowthe WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get thepasswordusing your PIN Note: Please Before posting bad review ,,beinformed that this may fail with some Access Points sincetheseAccess Points may not be affected by the WPS bug, so its nottheApplication fault. Note: Trying the application on your networkorany already connected network will be useless , theapplicationwill success always with already connected or savednetwork, evenif your network is not effected by the WPS bug Note:if the routerhas only WPS Bush Button and doesn't have fixed PIN ,then this appwont work since it tries using the fixed I havecreated random PinsDictionaries Lists for BruteForce ( for peoplewho don't know whereto get or create dictionary ) can be downloadedfrom links below:100Pins: of AndroDumpper is free of charge in exchange for safelyusingsome of your device's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellulardata), and only when you are not using your device. Youmay turnthis off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation. TheAndroDumpperOfficial Blog: Official Page: me on: Twitter: GooglePlus: Im The Developer , andimpure Palestinian :)
Oi WiFi 4.9.6
Oi Aplicativos
Oi WiFi is the service for accessing Oi’s wirelessnetwork,available in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes,stadiums,touristic attractions and in big events sponsored by Oi.Millionsof hotspots allover Brazil in a network that doesn’t stopgrowing.Who can have access? Premium Access: If you are an OiCustomer withan eligible plan* to Oi WiFi or bought a pass you willbe able toaccess the network without additional publicity.(*Eligible plans:postpaid Customers, broadband customer, OiControle customers andprepaid customers with active credits) Accesswith publicity: Ifyou are not an Oi customer or do not have one ofthe eligible plansyou will be able to connect to Oi WiFi on yourdevice withadditional publicity, while you are connected. Rememberjoining the“access with publicity” option so you can navigate. Isfree, is foreveryone. The App: The Oi WiFi app is an essential toolfor thosewho want to stay connected. Download the app and it willdo all thework. After validating your access at the first time, theapp willdetect the Oi WiFi network on the range of your smartphoneand willconnect you automatically. It is also possible to check theclosesthotspots on the map or to search for a location.Newfunctionalities and evolutions have been incorporated,turningeverything easier. And new features are coming! New look: Wewantto stimulate interaction. The power of connecting people is oneofthe missions of Oi WiFi. We believe that connection +interactionbring new possibilities. Intelligent login: Insert yourphonenumber and the app does the rest. You don’t remember yourCPF/IDnumber during your login? We send you a SMS. Forgot yourpassword?Recover it using the app. Facebook login: Associate yourFacebookaccount once and your next accesses will be done in asimple way,without having to login on the portal or remember yourpassword.P.S.: We never post anything on your timeline ;)Ongoingevaluation: We want to know your opinion to improve ourservices.You may receive a request through a notification toevaluate us.Compliments, Suggestions and Critics are always welcometo improveour product. We will also keep an eye on the Google Playreviews.#ConnectedIsBetter
GWPA Finder 5.2.2
Thanos Fisherman
This app (formerly known as Greek WPA Finder) wasoriginallyintended for use inside Greece as it can recover defaultWPA/WPSKeys of specific router brands that are popular withinGreece thushelping you test your network security. Nowadays thereis anongoing effort to gradually support more routers around theworld.If you are not located inside Greece you can still try yourluckwith this app but don't be frustrated if it doesn't fully workinyour territory. In case you manage to connect to a networkothenthan yours, you have to inform the owner so that he/shechangespassword. Have a look at the GWPA Finder - FAQshere:
WPS Connect 1.3.9
With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which haveWPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version4.1.2of Android. App developed with educational purposes. I amnotresponsible for any misuse. Released under license CC BY-NC-ND4.0: WPS Connectisfocused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a defaultPIN.Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilities inthisaspect. With this application you can check if your routerisvulnerable or not and act accordingly. Includes default PINs,aswell as algorithms such Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) orStefanViehböck (easyboxPIN). Tested on: - LG G2 - Nexus 5 -SamsungGalaxy S3 IMPORTANT!! Prior to an assessment, understandthat itserves the application.
WiFi Monitor: analyzer of WiFi networks 2.2
Alexander Kozyukov
WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze thestateof WiFi networks and track its parameters (signalstrength,frequency, connection speed, etc). It is useful forsetting up awireless router, Wi-Fi usage monitoring. It can also beused as ascanner and discover devices connected to WLAN."Connection" tabhelps to track information about the connected WiFihotspot: • name(SSID) and identifier (BSSID) • router manufacturer• connectionspeed • router signal strength • frequency and channelnumber •hotspot security options • MAC address and IP address ofsmartphone• subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address."Networks" taballows to analyze all available WiFi networks by thefollowingparameters: type, equipment manufacturer, signal level,securityprotocol. Access points with the same name (SSID) aregroupedtogether. "Channels" tab displays hotspots signal leveldependingon its frequencies. Routers using same frequencies providebadquality of a Wi-Fi connection. "Strength" chart helps tocomparereceived power levels of available WiFi hotspots and trackitsdynamics. The higher router signal strength, the better qualityofwireless connection. "Speed" chart displays the real amountoftransmitted and received data in the connected network. Thiswillhelp to analyze usage of a hotspot. "Scanning" sectionperformssearch of devices in the connected network and displaysitsparameters. If scanner reports about foreign devices in yourWLAN,block them in router settings. Collected data can be saved tologfile and exported to otherapplications.
WiFi Manager 4.2.6-213
Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection qualitywitha channel radar. Discover open networks around you. Set theapp toscan for and switch to best network. Includes home screenwidgets: -detailed connection info - connect to a network with asingle tap -toggle "best network switcher" New and improved: •Bettercompatibility with Android 6+. • Updated design. • Assignyour owndescriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks - neverforgetwhat that "XYZ1234" network is. • Connect to a network witha singletap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget. • "Bestnetworkswitcher" scans for and switches to a better network iffound (outof those configured, off by default, please see appsettings); Somefeatures require the premium package, availableright in theapplication through Google Wallet: Per-network options(description,icon, IP address), the one-tap connect widget, andtwo widget themesinspired by Android 5.*. All the other -essential - features arefree: the widget with detailed connectioninfo (four sizes, two freethemes), scanning and connecting tonetworks, the network list view,the network signal radar, the"best network switcher". Orders areprocessed by Google and can bereactivated after a phone reset /flash, or on a new phone. Thefree version contains ads. The full(premium) version is completelyad-free. Permissions: "Prevent phonefrom sleeping" is needed forautomatic scanning and discovery opennetworks around you."Storage" is for notifications about opennetworks, when enabled,and the sound file is picked from storage.Also used to back up /restore your per-network icons / descriptionsto / from a file (inthe menu on the app's main screen). "Changesystem settings" usedby the "access point / tether" widget. "Marketbilling service" forpurchasing the "premium" version. ••• If youhave an issue or aquestion, you can reach me at•••
Who Uses My WiFi - Network Scanner 1.7.3
Your Wireless network is slowly and you believe someone isconnectedto your Wi-Fi and using the internet without yourknowledge. What doyou do in such situations? If you are lookingfor the fastest,smartest and easiest way to control and monitorthe number of usersconnected to your WiFi network and getinformation about theconnected devices, you’ve come to the rightplace. This applicationwill help you solved that. ✔ Features •Scans all WiFi networkdevices in seconds • Check who on my wifi /Detect wifi thief •Router Admin: or or192.168.1.1 , etc • Pingtool • Port scanner • Network monitor •Router Password List • Givesyou ip, type of that device • Vendoraddress database to find whichvendor's device is connected •One-Click Quick Scan • Rename deviceto save & mark your familydevice ✔ Please understand thatapplication is a free app andcontains ads to support develop cost.✔ If you want the app supportyour language, please help ustranslate from English to yourlanguage by access the link below.Thank you!✔ Please contact for any issues you mayhave; and rate Us a 5stars if you found this app useful. Thankyou!
Router Keygen 4.0.2
Recover your keys for your wifi network.If you have keptyourdefault key you will instantaneous get your key back.Itsupports alot of common routers.All algorithms are from publicdomain.
SHAREit - Transfer & Share 5.5.68_ww
SHAREit, excellent sharing app with fast cross-platformtransferspeed & free online feeds including movies, videos,music,wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player,whichhelps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music. ►Fastestin the World 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highestspeedgoes up to 20M/s. Transfer files without losing quality. ►TransferAll Types of Files Photos, videos, music, installed appsand anyother files. ► Infinite Online Videos HD & Selective,Offlinewatching, Continuously updated ► Excellent Video PlayerSupportalmost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience ►DiscoverTrending Music Tens of millions of high quality songs,andthousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline ►ElegantMusic Player Powerful equalizer provides immersiveexperiences foryou ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers Personalized,Funny, Download& Share 【LIKE US and STAY CONNECTED】►Facebook►Twitter ►VK►Instagram Note:SHAREit will notaccesspermissions that are irrelevant to our functionality. ByaccessingLocation, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users.Plus, it isrequired by Android system to access this permission.By accessingBluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearbyusers more quicklyso as to connect with Sender/Receiver moreefficiently.
WiFi Warden
* Please note: this app is NOT made for hacking WiFi * UsingWiFiWarden, you can: ✔️ Analyze WiFi networks ✔️ See who isconnectedto your WiFi ✔️ Test your internet connection speed ✔️Connect tohotspots that others have shared ✔️ Connect to your WiFiusing WPS✔️ Calculate the WPS PINs of some routers ✔️ Createstrongpasswords ✔️ View saved WiFi passwords (requires root) ✔️Find theopen ports of a device on the network By analyzing Wi-Finetworks,you will be able to: ✔️ See all the information that canbe foundon the WiFi networks around you, including SSID, BSSID,Channelnumber, Channel bandwidth, The router manufacturer,Encryption,Security, Distance, etc. ✔️ Find a less crowded channelto increasethe signal quality of your wireless router. Do I need toroot mydevice? 🔷 To connect using WPS your phone must be rooted onAndroid9 or newer versions, but if you are using Android 5 to 8 youdo notneed to root your device. * Because of the new limitationsofAndroid 9+, your device must be rooted to connect using WPS.Pleasenote that root method does not work on some devices. 🔷 Toview WiFipasswords: You need root access on all Android versions. 🔷To getthe serial number of an access point: You need root access onallAndroid versions. 🔷 To check WPS lock: You need root access onallAndroid versions. Please Note: * Connection using WPS doesn'tworkon all routers. The reason is not WiFi Warden, it's the router!Inthese cases, please use the passphrase to connect to the Wi-Fi.*To connect with WPS, the AP must have enabled WPS. Accesspointsthat have enabled WPS are marked with the word "WPS" in red.* FromAndroid 6 (Marshmallow) it is necessary to grantlocationpermission to display Wi-Fi networks around you. Moreinformationat:*Please don't ask me to add more WPS PINs. If I find a new WPSPIN, Iwill put it in the future versions. if your router PIN isnotavailable in the app, just look for it on your product label. *Tosee the channel bandwidth, you need Android 6 (Marshmallow)orhigher version. * It's better to use root method for testingnullPIN. * Distance to the router is calculated based on afree-spacepath loss formula. This number is approximate. * In-apppurchasesare only for removing ads. The app does not sell anything.Allfeatures are available free of charge. * Connection using WPSPINwithout root access does not work on some LG and Huaweidevices.It's a problem related to LG and Huawei software, not theWiFiWarden. * Some Samsung devices may use encryption and do notshowthe real passwords. If you want to know how to decrypt them,pleaselook for the information on the internet or contact me. *Some ofthe tools of this application (Specially WPS Connection)have beendeveloped for Testing and Educational purposes. Use atyour ownrisk. The developer of this app will not accept anyresponsibility.* Before leaving comments, please make sure you knowhow the appworks.
Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner 7.4.5
Cheetah Mobile
Clean Master, one of the best optimization tools with spacecleanerand antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phoneclean andsafe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAMto improveyour phone's performance. Enjoy your speedy phone now!Clean MasterKey Functions: 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) Clean Masterhelps freeup your storage space by removing junk, residual andcache fileswhich slows down your phone. With our professionalcleaner, you canalso free up much more space from cleaning cachedata from socialapps without worrying about deleting the wrongfiles. 👑 FREEANTIVIRUS Scans for virus on all apps (pre-installedor not),blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe fromviruses,trojans and protects your privacy with Clean Master'sfreeantivirus engine which is certified by AV-TEST! 🌟 WiFiSECURITYClean Master added the WiFi Security feature to detect fakeWiFiand unauthorized connections. Keep your phone safe frominsecurepublic WiFi. 🚀 BOOST MOBILE One Tap Boost helps speed upphone byfreeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run aspeedtest to see how much faster it is. 🔋 BATTERY SAVER CleanMasterhelps to save battery power and extend battery life byhibernatingrunning apps. 🎮 Game Master With Game Master, you canmanage yourgames, accelerate loading speed of games and find morefun gameshere. Other optimization features ☆ APPLOCK- Keeps yourapp privacysafe with an AppLock PIN or pattern. New features areonlyaccessible to some users now, welcome to contact us to try itinadvance. 👉【LIKE US and STAY CONNECTED】👈 Follow our InstagramandGoogle+ to get more interesting pictures, videos & CleanMasterusage tips every day!Instagram: Enhance thefunctionality ofthe intelligent data We will use the installedapp(s) list andapp(s) installation folder contents for the cloudengine to enhancethe junk files recognition capability of JUNKCLEANER (JUNK FILES),the running app(s) status for the cloudengine to enhance the effectof BOOST MOBILE and power savingability of BATTERY. TOS: AdChoice: CleanMaster useaccessibility services to improve junk clean feature insomedevices.
Wifi Password Hacker Prank 5.0
Disclaimer: Wifi Password Breaker is a simulated app for free,itcannot crack any wifi password. The simulation of passwordcrackingis just for fun. Wifi Password Hacker Prank simulates theprocessof hacking any wireless network with your phone. Just onekey tobreak the wifi and hack all the passwords. So it is a funnyappused to prank your friends and have fun. Your friend willbesurprise to see this amazing thing happen. You will lookawesomeand professional. Instruction Detect the wireless networksnearbyand then select the one you want to hack. After that thebreakinganimation and start, wait for a while and this will comeout adialog with the wifi password.
WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) 0.0.8
Alexandros Schillings
** You need root to use this application.** You need tohaveconnected to the network in the past.** This app cannot "hack"intoan unknown/new network.I cannot help you with getting root.Have alook at for that.Have youeverforgotten the password of your home WiFi network, or the oneyousetup for your parents a few months back?This application willhelpyou recover the password of a wireless network you haveconnectedto with your device in the past.You can then either tap onan entryto copy it, or export the list to SD, or share it usingthestandard Android sharing facilities.It does not crack thenetwork,or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce the password. Itsimply readsit from the device itself. Essentially it parses thewpa_supplicantfile.For more information on how the keys arerecovered readhere: responsibly.Tested by me on:•HTC Desire Z•SamsungGalaxyTab.According to feedback it also works on:•HTC DesireHD•HTC Evo•LGOptimus 2X•Motorola Defy•Samsung Captivate•ViewsonicgTablet•XperiaX10 MiniEmail me if does not work on your device andI'll try to fixit.Github:***Pleaseemail me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I cannotreply tomarket comments which can make debugging difficult. ***
AppLock 3.0.7
DoMobile Lab
Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacywithpassword, pattern, fingerprint lock. ★ #1 App lock in over50countries. ★ Over 450 Million users, supports 45 languages.☞AppLock can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger,Snapchat,Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming callsand anyapp you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guardprivacy.Ensure security. ☞ AppLock can hide pictures and videos.Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and onlyvisible inthe photo and video vault. Protect private memorieseasily. No pin,no way. ☞AppLock has random keyboard and invisiblepattern lock. Nomore worry people may peep the pin or pattern. Moresafe! ★ WithAppLock, you will: Never worry about parents check yourSnapchat,! Never worry about friends borrow your phone toplaygames with mobile data again! Never worry about a workmategetsyour phone to look the gallery again! Never worry aboutsomeonereads private data in your apps again! Never worry aboutkids messup Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again!---FAQ---1)How to change password? Open AppLock, Protect, UnlockSettings2)How to open hidden AppLock? Please update to the latestversionand then try the following four methods to open hiddenAppLock: 1.Gallery Open your Gallery, select a picture, click thesharebutton. Find "Open AppLock" and click it. 2. Widgets Longpress thehome screen, click Widgets. Find "Open AppLock" and dragit to thehome screen. 3. Dial pad Enter *#*#12345#*#* in your dialpad. 4.Browser Open any link in the browser: ① openapplock.com② 3)How to stop uninstalling AppLock?Pleaseenable Advanced Protection in Protect of AppLock, so nobodycanuninstall or kill AppLock without password. You candisableAdvanced Protection when you don't want it. 4)I forgot mypassword,How to find it? Update to the latest version first. Andthen tapAppLock icon, click the icon at top right corner of lockpage, tap'forgot password'. 1. Security answer: enter securityanswer, click'reset password'. 2. Security email: click 'send codeto securityemail', input reset code, click 'reset password'.---Features--- •Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprintlock. • Vault:hide pictures and videos • Well-designed Themes •Incognitobrowser: no history record • Private SNS: log in multipleaccounts• Intruder Selfie: take photos of invaders. •Customizedbackground, select a favorite picture • CustomizedProfiles: setdifferent locked app groups • Time Lock:auto-lock/unlock accordingto time • Location Lock: auto-lock/unlockaccording to location •Hide AppLock icon • Advanced Protection:prevent AppLock beingkilled by task killer • Random keyboard:prevent people peeping pincode • Force stopped cover • Lock switch(WiFi, Bluetooth, sync) •AppLock widget: enable/disable AppLockwith one tap • Quick lockswitch: Lock/unlock in notification bar •Lock incoming calls •Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids• Allow a briefexit: no need password, pattern, fingerprint againwithin set time• Prevent uninstalling apps • Low memory usage. •Power saving modeAppLock uses the Device Administrator permission.To enableAdvanced Protection, please activate AppLock as"deviceadministrator". It's only used for preventingintrudersuninstalling AppLock. AppLock uses Accessibility service.To enablePower saving mode, please allow Accessibility services.The serviceis only used to remind users with disabilities to unlockapps, andreduce battery usage. Please be assured that AppLock willnever usethese permissions to access your private data. Feel freeto sendyour feedback to us! Official SNSaccountFacebook: Website:
Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Hawk App
Super Cleaner is a world-class cleaning & boosting programforAndroid, which has functions of Junk file Cleaner, VirusCleaner,Phone Booster, CPU Cooler, App Lock and NotificationCleaner,trusted by over 100 millions of users worldwide! SuperCleanerboasts a 4.7 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)rating, is one of the highest ratedcleanerapplications on Google Play! 

How does Super Cleanerimprove yourdevice performance?
 Junk Cleaner - Clean junk files
Cache Cleaner- Clean up useless application cache files
 PhoneBooster -Optimize memory and speed up your phone
 Game Booster -Boost speedperformance and expertly free up memory space
 Antivirus- Apowerful virus cleaner that efficiently removes threats
 AppLock -Protect private information in apps with extra passwords
AppManager - Analyze and manage the status of apps intelligently

Super Cleaner key feature details: 

 Junk Files Cleaner 
Analyzeand safely remove the junk files that take up your memoryandstorage space. Clean with only 1-tap, free up space and boostphonespeed. 

 Cache Files Cleaner 
 Clean residual system cachefilesleft by uninstalled apps to free up disk space for Androidphone ortablet. 

Storage Optimizer & Cleaner 
 Clean upduplicatephotos, music, documents and unnecessary apps, free upspace andaccelerate your device. 

 Security & Antivirus -Virus Cleaner
 Powered by a world-class virus detection engine,Super Cleanerprotects your device from all virus attacks and anyotherthreats.

 Phone Booster
 A quick booster can free up RAM andcleanbackground tasks. 

 Security App Lock 
 With AppLock, you canaddextra password protection to sensitive apps, such asFacebook,Message, Gmail, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Keep privacysnoopers awayfrom your private information by setting an additionalpattern orPIN password. 

 Game Booster
 Clean your device’s memoryto giveit a significant speed boost. End background processes toboostgaming performance. Notifications Cleaner & Manager 
Annoyingnotifications on your device driving you insane? SuperCleanerhelps to compile all useless notifications and silencethem,keeping your device clean, quiet and more efficient thaneverbefore! Private browsing 
Super Cleaner’s fully encryptedbrowserallows you to visit any website without leaving any historyon yourphone. Worrying about privacy exposure? Not anymore! SmartchargeShows charging state and offer optimization suggestionswhencharging, also provides a screensaver which displays therunningcondition of your device.
VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser 5.5.1
Betternet LLC
Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited VPN (Virtual PrivateNetwork)proxy for Android devices. Betternet VPN masks your IPaddress,encrypt your internet traffic, turns public Wi-Fi into aprivatenetwork and helps unblock sites and apps on your Androidphone sothat you can access any restricted content safely andanonymously.VPN (Virtual Private Network) works just like Torproxy, also knownas “the Onion Router”, to hide IP address andbypass internetcensorship, to overcome geo-restriction and accessthe desiredcontent. VPN (Virtual Private Network), however, has amuch fasterconnection speed, and better privacy and securityprotection thanTor (the Onion Router). Three main features of a VPN(VirtualPrivate Network): • Incognito Browsing: using a VPN youdon’t evenhave to install any incognito browser. Simply turn onyour VPN andall of your Internet traffic is completely encrypted.Your onlineactivities are completely anonymous. • Wifi Safety:because allyour online traffic is encrypted through a VPN, whateverpublicWiFi hotspot you are trying to access, you will be shieldedfrompublic Wifi risks and enjoy complete Wifi security. •LocationSpoofer: VPN hides your IP address so that your location ismaskedand you are able to bypass geo-restrictions to access anycontentanywhere. Install Betternet VPN Now to: ► Unblock Websitesand AppsYou can unblock any apps or websites using Betternet free&unlimited VPN. Bypass government censorship andgeo-restrictions toaccess social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, andSnapchat, etc. or any other blocked websitesfrom anywhere! ►Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection Using aVPN, your IPand location will be masked and your activities can nolonger betracked on the Internet. Betternet VPN service is yourprivacyguard and better than web proxy servers. ► Secure YourDeviceBetternet secures your Android device’s connection whileyou’reconnected to public WiFi hotspots or cellular data networks.Itworks just like a free Tor proxy (the Onion Router) but it’sevenmore secured. Your password and your personal data are securedandyou are protected from hacker attacks. ► Surf anonymously atFastSpeed Betternet is fast! It detects your location automaticallyandconnects you to the nearest and fastest server. As a result,yourconnection will be much faster than any other VPN orproxyproviders. ► Shield WiFi Hotspot Public Wi-Fi hotspots areperfectplaces for hackers and if they happen to get a hold ofyourpersonal information, you could very well be the next victimofidentity theft! Betternet VPN proxy uses advanced VPN technologytoencrypt your network traffic, enabling you to connect to awebsitevia HTTPS, providing a secured shield to your WiFihotspot.Betternet VPN free version shows ads. Upgrade to premium toenjoyunlimited and ad-free VPN! Contact us If you have anyquestions orsuggestions, feel free to reach us or visitour website https://www.betternet.cofor more information. By theway, don’t forget to follow our twitteraccount @betternet_co andFacebook tostay tuned.
Net Master - Free VPN & Speed Test , WiFi Boost
⚡Net Master is a handy and free network analyzer tool ( FreeVPN,WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Security, Mobile Data Usage Monitor,WiFiHacker Detector & Boost). Net Master key feature details:★Free & Unlimited VPN - Safe Connection ⚡ VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork) allows you to securely access a private network andsharedata remotely through public networks. Much like afirewallprotects your data on your computer, VPNs protect itonline. Nolimit on traffic and usage time at all. ★Internet SpeedTest - WiFiSpeed Test Meter⚡ Have you ever wondered about yourWi-Fi speed?Perhaps you’ve felt that your Wi-Fi is slow at times,but you justdon't know why. Use Net Master to test your Wi-Fispeed. ★WiFiAnalyzer & Security - WiFi Hacker Detection⚡Analysis yournetwork status, check router hijacking, ARP cheating,SSLhijacking, DNS hijacking and Portal encryption. Ensure WiFithatyou are connected to is 100% secure. No more WiFi hacker.★SignalStrongest Point Detector - Signal Strength Test⚡Intelligentlyanalyse signal strength and find the strongest signalaround you.Accessing stronger signal never been this easy. ★WiFiManager &Analyzer - Manage WLAN and Switch WiFi⚡ With NetMaster, you canview a list of all available WiFi networks nearby,along with allnecessary speed details. ★Mobile Data Monitor &Manager -Analysis Data Usage and Save Data⚡ Net Master also canshow allapps data usage status, especially mobile networkconsumption. Soyou know which app consumed most of your data gone.Then you cansave your valuable data. ★Floating Bubble Notification⚡Easy toaccess speed test and other network analyzer features. Onetap awayfrom knowing your network speed. ★Hotspot - Share MobileData⚡ Itis so easy to share your personal Hotspot with otherdevices. Ourgreatest network analyzer tool also supportsmulti-languages,including English, Português, Español, Pусский,Français, Italiano,हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عBahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, TiếngViệt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and 中文. Ifyou have any questions orany problems, please contact us
AOSS lets you easily connect your Android device to yourAirStationwith secure Wi-Fi. This app easily and securely connectsyourAndroid device to a Buffalo AirStation wireless router usingWi-Fi.Follow the instructions and press the AOSS button ontheAirStation. All security (encryption) settings areconfiguredautomatically. Note: If your Android device has Wi-Ficalling (somecarrier models such as T-Mobile, Orange UK, etc.),turn it offduring AOSS setup. Android 6.0 or later requirespermission toaccess location services. Follow the instructions forthe setting.This app does not collect location data. If a devicerunningAndroid 6.0 or later displays the NO_PACKET_SEQ error,disable thedevice's mobile data and try again. Enable mobile dataafter thedevice successfully connects to the AirStation.Troubleshooting: Ifan error occurs, try the actions below. -Restart the Androiddevice. - Restart the AirStation. - Exit allother runningapplications. - Move the device closer to theAirStation and trythe setup procedure again. - Change the wirelesschannel of theAirStation. - If your AirStation is dual-band [2.4GHz (11g) and 5GHz (11a)], switch to 2.4 GHz (11g). - If other appsthat controlthe Wi-Fi connection are installed, try exiting oruninstallingthem. Examples: Wi-Fi Manager app, Wi-Fi Calling app,etc. - Ifother Wi-Fi network settings are already stored, deleteanyunnecessary settings. Tested Versions: Android 2.1 (Eclair)Android2.2 (Froyo) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Android 3.0 / 3.1 /3.2(Honeycomb) Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android 4.1 / 4.2/4.3 (Jelly Bean) Android 4.4 (KitKat) Android 5.0/5.1(Lollipop)Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Android 7.0 / 7.1 (Nougat)Android 8.0 /8.1 (Oreo) Android 9.0 (Pie) Android 10 TestedDevices: - Nexus 5 -Nexus 5X - Nexus 6 - Nexus 6P - Nexus 7 (2013)- Nexus 9 - Pixel 3Compatible AirStations (Access Points): Any thatinclude AOSS(AirStation One-touch Secure System) Not compatiblewith theAirStations models below. - WAPM-APG300N - WAPM-AG300N -WHR-AMPGAOSS is a trademark of Buffalo Inc.
Network Master - Speed Test 1.9.83
Network Master is a free WiFi network tool,net signal with netspeedtest. WiFi speed test also a signal booster provides onlinesecurity& speed up internet. Do you have issues with slowspeedinternet, disconnect from the internet or online security?UsingNetwork Master, you can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspots toprotectonline security, this network speed test app can find fastWiFihotspots, detect all devices connected to network analyzerpro,speed up phone by terminating unauthorized background apps,monitordata usage and share portable hotspots with net speedmaster app.Network Master is the all-in-one professional tool forbetter WiFispeed experience. Just one tap, you’ll be the net speedmaster ofAndroid. Network Master-Highlights - Speed up internet:maximizenetwork speed - WiFi speed test: test network speed - WiFispydetect: protect network security -Monitor mobile data: monitorWiFidata usage -Network booster: refresh net speed NetSpeedMaster-Features ●Maximize network speed This personalhotspotbooster view apps network usage in real-time and preservebandwidthfor important apps automatically such as online game,online videoand downloader app. Like network speed test master app,WiFinetwork also test network speed to find fast WiFihotspots.●Security Check As a wireless network speed master app,net speedmaster WiFi spy detect protect online security to avoidinsecurepublic WiFi or phishing hotspots, by detecting DNShijacking, ARPspoofing and SSL hijacking. ●Speed up phone bystopping backgroundapps Net speed app helps detect and stop appsfrom using cellularor WiFi data in the background secretly andunauthorizedly,ensuring authorized apps to have maximized bandwidthand connectionspeed, remind you the apps network usage, it’s all intest networkspeed app. ●Speed Test Master Speed test master app isan Internetspeed meter to test network speed. Speed test master cantest speedfor your mobile cellular connections like WiFi hotspotand so on.This wireless network speed test app will test internetspeedthrough thousands of servers worldwide, speed up internet andshowaccurate broadband speed test apps results within 30seconds.●Professional Speedometer Using this network WiFi speedcheck,real-time testing of download and DNS resolved speed. Speedtest ofnet signal master works on both cellular and device WiFi,WiFispeed test can troubleshoot and verify the speed WiFinetwork.●WiFi Spy Detector Net signal master monitors all devicesconnectedon WiFi hotspot. You can evaluate security levels, detectintrudersand resolve internet issues. This WiFi spy detectorprotect onlinesecurity to avoid insecure public WiFi or phishinghotspots, bydetecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSLhijacking. ●Networkboost How does our network booster work? Netbooster is aspecialized WiFi optimization tool. Signal boosterworks byrefreshing current network. ●Resolve network issues Monitorappsnet work usage 24/7 and show accurate info instantly. Send analertto you when apps are wasting data or near your data limits.●Avastonline security Protect yourself against viruses and malwarethatcause popups and unwanted ads with avast online security,●Helpfight against deceptive ads Net speed app is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. ●Share Portable Hotspot Turnyourmobile phone into a router and share your mobile network withyourfriends. Network Master is committed to fighting againstdeceptiveand misleading ads. You can find our full official policyon thismatter here: Ifyou comeacross one of these ads, please report The more detailed, the better.
Network Analyzer 3.7.1
Jiri Techet
Network Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in yourwifinetwork setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect variousissueson remote servers thanks to the wide range of tools itprovides. Itis equipped with a fast wifi device discovery tool,including allthe LAN device's addresses, manufacturers and names.Further,Network Analyzer contains standard net diagnostic toolssuch asping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS lookup, and whois.Finally, itshows all neighbouring wi-fi networks together withadditionaldetails such as signal strength, encryption and routermanufacturerto help discovering the best channel for a wirelessrouter.Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6. Wifi signalmeter: - Bothgraphical and textual representation showing networkchannels andsignal strengths - Wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2)- Wifiencryption (AES, TKIP) - BSSID (router MAC address),manufacturer,WPS support - Bandwidth (Android 6 and newer only)LAN scanner: -Fast and reliable detection of all network devices -Vendor name,IP, and MAC addresses of all discovered devices -NetBIOS, mDNS(bonjour), LLMNR, and DNS name where available -Pingability test ofdiscovered devices - Detection of IPv6availability Ping &traceroute: - Round trip delay including IPaddress and hostname forevery network node - Support of both forIPv4 and IPv6 (selectable)Port scanner: - Fast, adaptive algorithmfor scanning the mostcommon ports or user specified port ranges -Detection of closed,firewalled, and open ports - Description ofthe known open portservices Whois: - Whois of domains, IPaddresses and AS numbers -Support of both for IPv4 and IPv6(selectable) DNS lookup: -Functionality similar to nslookup or dig- Support for A, AAAA, SOA,PTR, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SPF, SRVrecords - Support of both for IPv4and IPv6 (selectable) Networkinformation: - Default gateway,external IP (v4 and v6), DNS server- Wifi network information suchas SSID, BSSID, IP address, HTTPproxy, subnet mask , signalstrength, etc. - Cell (3G, LTE) networkinformation such as IPaddress, signal strength, network provider,MCC, MNC, etc. More -Full support of IPv6 - Detailed help -Regular updates, support page
IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer 8.16
IP Tools is a powerful network tools for speed up andsetupnetworks. Helps to quickly detecting any computer networkproblems,ip address detection and boosting network performance.This is amust-have app for every user, IT expert and networkadministrator.The app combines the most popular network utilitiesusually foundon your desktop PC. Tools will help you fix a networkproblemeasily or optimize the network connection when you arehundreds ofmiles away (i.e. not at work :-)) IP Tools has a simple,intuitiveinterface, so you can receive within seconds fullinformation aboutyour network, find out internal or external IP(with "My ip"feature), SSID, BSSID, broadcast address, gateway,network mask,country, region, city, the provider’s geographicalcoordinates(latitude and longitude), whois and other basicinformation. The IPTools app provides access to the most popularnetwork utilitiesthat administrators and users often use on theircomputers.Features: • Ping • LAN Scanner • Port Scanner • DNSLookup • Whois- Provides information about a website and its owner• Router SetupPage • Traceroute • WiFi Analyzer • IP address with"My ip" feature• Connection Log • IP Calculator • IP & HostConverter • Andmuch more... WiFi analyzer will help you get fulland clear pictureof your network state. With IP Tools, analysis andoptimization arefast, easy and absolutely friendly. The app isimprovedcontinuously. Its developers allow for customer opinionsand modifythe product offering new, more functional and handyversions. Theapp’s benefits go far beyond the above list. However,even thosementioned are enough to dismiss doubts, download the IPToolsnetwork utilities to your smartphone and assess advantagesfromusing them right now. Warning: PermissionsACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION& ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION NEEDS for WiFinetwork Analyzer and SSIDdetection. It's Android OS requirement.
Hotspot VPN - Super Free VPN Unlimited Proxy 2.5.3
Hotspot VPN ( Free Unlimited VPN Proxy ) - The best vpn forandroid,100% free VPN app, 100% unlimited VPN What do you expectfrom agreat VPN app? # Unlimited Bandwidth to use # Endless listofcountries to connect to worldwide! # Simple one click to connect#Super fast speed vpn # Unblock any apps and sites in any country#VPN for privacy , WIFI Security # IP vanish/ IP Fake # HotspotVPN #Unblock VPN for VOIP(Based on openvpn, support all voice callandvideo call) # Unblock APP and site for school ★ FREE -100%unlimited free VPN proxy! - No credit card information needed.Notrials offered. Multi VPN servers - vpn for United States, USA-vpn for Germany, DE - vpn for India, IN - vpn for Singapore, SG-vpn for Canada, CA - vpn for Russia, RU - vpn for Japan, JP -vpnfor United Kindom, UK - vpn for Nederland, NL ★ Unlimited -Trulyunlimited, No session,speed and bandwidth unlimitation,Torrentsand file sharing are allowed. ★ Unblock - Unblock websiteswithfree VPN proxy server. - Bypass the firewalls as school proxywhileyou are at school or at work. - VPN can also unblock videonotavailable in your country. - Unblock blocked websites suchas:Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,Viber,Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat etc… ★ Security - NO LOGS! Thatmeans, thatyou're absolutely anonymous and protected while usingour app. -All of your traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted while FREEVPN ison.Based on Openvpn. - FREE VPN protect your privacy, keepyou safefrom 3rd party tracking. - FREE VPN protect your networktrafficunder WiFi hotspot browse anonymously and securely withoutbeingtracked. ★ Stable and Speed VPN - Top Speed VPN &StableConnection - Perfect support for Saudi Arabia (SA) and theUnitedArab Emirates (UAE) ★ Fast VPN - 100+ free cloud proxy servertoprovide better net service.100% top speed vpn server. ★ Simple-Easy to Use, Just Press a button and connect abetternet------------------------------------------- ■ Why using aVPN Witha VPN, you are not only able to unblock geo-restricted orcensoredservices, such as Facebook, Pandora and Youtube; youronlineprivacy and security will be greatly bolstered as you’ll besurfingthe web completely anonymously. ■ Why Hotspot VPN HotspotVPN is100% free, unlimited, secured and super easy to use. Youcanconnect to any of the servers below (Sweden, UnitedKingdom,Denmark, United States, Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoyunlimitedonline privacy and freedom. With Hotspot VPN you can ⇨Access anywebsite in any country. Bypass geo-restrictions tounblock anywebsite wherever you are! Get access to sites that areblocked orcensored by government, school or workplace. Evadefirewalls tounblock Facebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIPlimitations. ⇨Protect Your Data from Hackers. When you’re connectedto a publicWi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, and personalinformation canbe easily compromised. Hotspot VPN encrypts yourdata and providesyou with banking-level security for the bestprotection. ⇨ HotspotVPN is a one-click VPN Proxy Service. HotspotVPN contains only onebutton. The button connects you to one of manyanonymous servers atspeeds faster than a web proxy. When you arenot running our app wehelp you save your devices battery. And, weare a completelyunlimited and free VPN! ⇨ Surf the Web Anonymously.Avoid beingsnooped by your ISP and prevent websites from adtracking andtargeting. Hotspot VPN changes your IP address, so youronlineidentity is anonymous and your internet activity isinaccessible toprying eyes and businesses. Please don't downloadBitTorrent andany P2P. Otherwise, you will be blocked! Porn sitesand adultcontent(including Porno Torrent and Sex sites) are notallowed, youwill be blocked!
WiFi Router Master - Detect Who is On My WiFi 1.5.11
WiFi Router Setup Page is the best WiFi Protector and WiFi blocker/WiFi thief blocker to protect my wifi security and PowerfulRoutertool for Router Setup Page or Router Settings(Router ip:, etc.). WiFi Router Setup Page willimproveyour wifi booster signal and enhance your Internetbrowsingexperience with WiFi Extender/WiFi Range Extender andWiFiRepeater. WiFi booster is a powerful WiFi Booster(WiFiProtection),simple and free router tools, router control, wifitools, ip tools,ping tools and network tool for My WiFi like fing.WiFi RouterSetup Page is a simple and free network tool to help youscan myWiFi , show all devices connected to my WiFi, see who is onmyWiFi, and block the strange device in router setup page.WiFiRouter Setup Page is a the simplest network scanner, ip scannerandwifi scanner that allows you to find your route setuppage(routerip:, etc. )and router password,so it is auseful ip tools and ping tools. Or you can detect who ison my wifiand you can block the stranger in router setup page frommy wifi.Do you want config your router setup page(routerip:, etc.) quickly? Do you want to know Howto find routerpassword? Do you want to know Who Use My WiFi? Do youwant a simpleway to change router settings? Do you want to know ifsomeone isconnected to my wifi and wireless router? Do you want toknow ifsomeone is stealing my wifi network speed without yourpermission?Do you want to know if someone who is on My WiFidownloadsomething? Worried that neighbors may have access to routersetuppage or router admin page of your wireless router? Don'tworry,using WiFi Router Setup Page can easily scan my wifi and seehowmany device connected to your wireless router/network routersuchas netgear router , d link router, tp link router or linksysrouteretc. Using WiFi Router Setup Page, in seconds you know howmany andwhich device is connected to your router with IP, MAC IDand vendorlisting. WiFi Router Setup always find all connecteddevices on mywifi!! Check who is using my wifi!! WiFi Router SetupPage helpsyou to access modem router page of any Routermodems( or192.168.0.1 etc.). You can easily access youradmin page and makechanges to your router settings. Every peoplewho are using my wifiat home or office need to use the router ip192.168.1.1 or192.168.0.1 for configuring the modem. This app helpsyou to doprocess like WiFi password configuration, MAC Addressfilteringetc. which are basic functions of router admin page. Thisapp savestime for those who need to access or192.168.0.1ondaily basis. WiFi Router Setup Page provides access tothe mostpopular wireless router. Here are some of the supportedrouters: ★TP Link Router(Normal TP Link Router ip : ★D LinkRouter(Normal D Link Router ip : ★NetgearRouter(Normal Netgear Router ip : ★LinksysRouter(Normal Linksys Router ip : ★HuaweiRouter(Normal Huawei Router ip : ★DigisolRouter(Normal Digisol Router ip : ★ ASUSRouter(NormalASUS Router ip : ★... WiFi Router SetupPage is apowerful network tool for router control, you can receivefullinformation on my wifi, find out internal or external IP,SSID,BSSID, gateway, broadcast address, network mask whois andotherbasic information. You get the following suite of networktools: •Ping • WiFi List - help you to connect to wifi. • Whois -providesinformation about a website and its owner • Router setupPagedirectly from your smartphone • ... Do you want to know what'stherouter setup page of your wireless router or modem router? Youjustneed to start WiFi Router Setup Page and you'll find it!
Momio 64.1
Momio ApS
Momio is a fun, safe social media for under 18-year-olds! Findnewfriends and hang out with the ones you already have! Dressyourmomio, decorate your room, chat with friends and share stuff.Playwith your cute animo, watch YouTube videos and have a laughwiththe others! Use Momio to: · Make posts and get comments! ·Styleyour momio to look amazing! · Decorate your room just the wayyoulike it! · Chat with your friends! · Take care of your cuteanimoand play games with it! · Climb levels and get prizes! · Getlotsof new friends! · Watch entertaining YouTube videos! · Getfreediamonds and surprises every day! You decide what your ownmomiolooks like! You can style your momio exactly the way you wantto.There are clothes for both boys and girls! Momio cares a lotaboutyour safety and makes sure everybody has a good time! Bulliesarenot welcome. Momio is for kids and you have to be less than18years old to use it. Momio - Always among friends! HI PARENTS!Wedo the best we can to keep our users safe on Momio, but weneedyour help! Go through our rules and safety features together,andfrequently ask your kid how it's going on Momio, just as youaskhow it is going in school. Momio is designed as a firstsocialmedia experience. It's a safe place to practice what it meansto beon social media. We don't share your child's informationwithothers, and we don't save anything that we don't have tosave.Children on Momio have usernames, so they don't have to sharetheirreal names with anyone. To ensure kids a good night’s sleep,Momiois closed at night. There are clear rules on Momio. Forexample badlanguage, bullying, hurting others' feelings or postingsomethingof a sexual nature is not allowed. If a child breaks theserules,our police officer Jack sends a message explaining what wentwrongand why it's not OK. Jack also regularly shares safety tipswiththe kids and encourages them to think how to behave wellandresponsibly on the internet. If you have any questions,ourwell-trained support team is ready to help. Read more about usandour safety at - and don't forget tocheckout our blog! We give out tips and explanations regardingchildrenand the internet. You can even sign up for a newsletter!FOLLOW US!Follow Momio on social media - we'll be so happy!Instagram: For parents:Twitter:
Wifi Password Show 2.3.2
Congratulation! Wifi Password Show is over 5 millions download.★Note: Require ROOTED★ Need to re-connect your new device toWiFinetwork, but forgot your password? Want to share a WiFipasswordwith your friend? Use FREE Wifi Password Show to view allWifiPassword when you need them with just one click! Share withfriendsthrough SMS or Email. Yes, just that easy! FREE WifiPassword Showfeatures: ❶ Show SSID and Password; ❷ Copy WiFiPassword toClipboard (to be able to paste anywhere); ❸ Sharepassword via SMSor Email; ❹ Share password in Fullscreen mode. ❺ QRCode GeneratorWiFi Access ❻ WiFi Password Recovery Please Note: ①Only works onROOTED devices (needs super-user permissions). ② Isnot a WiFipassword cracker. NOT intended to crack WiFi networks. ③Needsprevious access to WiFi networks with your device toretrievepasswords. ④ With samsung device if it show hex code inpassword,please do follow: "I fixed the issue. This is a commonissue onSamsung phones. I opened /system/build.prop file andchanged theline ro.securestorage=true to false and rebooted. Nowyour appshows actual passwords and not hex string." Thank to JudeDahi! ✔Please understand that FREE Wifi Password Show is a free appandcontains ads to support develop cost. ✔ Why FREE Wifi PasswordShowonly works on a rooted device? Because your device storesWiFipasswords when you connect to a new WiFi network. You are notableto access the passwords and retrieve them unless youhavesuper-user permissions. Checkout here for more information onroot: ✔ If youwant theapp support your language, please help us translate fromEnglish toyour language by access the link below. Thankyou! ✔ Please contact tophuongpnitvn@gmail.comfor any issues you may have; and do give us 5stars if you like us!Thanks & enjoy!
Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security 14.19
DoubleDot Studios
Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security has been calledoneof the most impressive router network utilities on the GooglePlayStore. This FREE app is a must-have for users of all skilllevels,from beginners to IT specialists and skillednetworkadministrators. With Wifi Analyzer, you can check signalinfo,block unwanted connections, diagnose your wireless speedandstrength, as well as map your network on a professionalgraphicdisplay that is easy to understand! Key Functions: •NetworkDiscovery - Displays public IP addresses, MAC addresses,VendorNames, Wireless Access Points (WAP, AP) and more. • WifiStrength -Displays Wifi signal strength and Wifi speed, testsinternetconnections, provides encryption, frequency, MAC address,DHCP, andDHCP lease. • Access Point Scan - Displays all routerAccess Pointsin range, including MAC addresses, channels, and dBmsignalstrength. • Access Point Graphs - Displays the currentchannel yourrouter is operating on and how many neighbors share thesamechannel. • Connections - Displays ALL current connectionsroutedthrough your device, including established foreignconnections,listening IP interfaces, and closed connections. EachestablishedIP is checked against 35 blacklist databases todetermine if theIPs are trusted or known threats! • Device Blockingon Network -Block will bring you to your devices web interface soyou can login and blacklist unwanted MAC address to the router'sMAC addressfilter list to block devices from using the network. •IP ToolsOptions 1) DNS lookup 2) Whois data 3) Ping 4) Port scan5)Blacklist IP checker 6) Traceroute 7) MAC address lookup 8)Wifipasswords
Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster
Virus Cleaner (Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock&Booster) is one of the 🏆TOP rated (4.7★★★★★) free antivirusandsecurity applications for Android phone, enjoyedby 100million users worldwide. 

 Virus Cleaner 'sKeyFeatures 

 Antivirus - Professional securityprotectionwith virus scan and clean Super Cleaner - Remove alljunk andcache files effectively 
 Phone Booster -Significantlyboost your device to get it running faster andsmoother 
 CPUCooler - Optimize CPU usage and shut downoverheating apps tocool down CPU temperature
 File Scan - Scanboth the internaland SD card  
App Lock - Protectsensitive apps withwell-designed themes
 NotificationCleaner - Manage andorganize notifications
 WiFiSecurity - Test your WiFi speedand protect online safety
 SafeBrowsing - 24/7 onlinesecurity protection  

VirusCleaner 's function details

Powerful Antivirus Protection - Virusscanner and remover forandroid
 Virus Cleaner is powered by Avast -the highly productiveanti virus engine - protecting your phone fromransomware,extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans. Throughourofficial partnership with Avast, Virus Cleaner is able to offeraworld-class antivirus protection service globally. 

Itisusefu l
antivirus cleaner for android phone. Super Clean –JunkCleaner & Cache File Cleaner 
Clean app cache,residualfiles, ad junk, unused package and memorycache. 
Efficientlyremove the junk files that occupy yourmemory and storage space.Clean up all junk files with one-tap, freeup more space and boostphone speed.

 Phone Speed Booster -Accelerate & BoostPhone  
Boost your mobile to get itrunning faster andsmoother. Efficiently utilize your phone's memoryand speed up yourdevices. Just with one tap on the “booster”button, your phoneperformance will get fully improved. 
App Lock -Smart App Lockwith Stylish lock Themes 
 With Virus Cleaner 'sApp Lock, youcan add extra password to protect sensitive apps. Lockyour privateapps by using fingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep yoursecret safefrom snoopers. 

 Notification Cleaner -Notification &Message Control Centre  
Manage and organizenotificationseffectively, significantly reduce disturbance tousers, creating asmooth, clean and fast mobile experience. 

CPU Cooler - CoolDown Temperature 
 Detect and close apps thatcauseoverheating. Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detecthighresource-consuming apps and start cooling progress,effectivelyreduce the temperature of your device.

 WiFi Speed TestandSecurity 
 Virus Cleaner can also protect youronlinesecurity. Test WiFi speed, detect WiFi security and protectyourdata from being hacked. 

 Scheduled Virus Scan 
-Cleaner and Booster For Android Phone Automatically scan yourphonedaily, weekly or monthly by your settings.

 Deep Scan -Scanningand Examining Files 
 Scanning both the internaldevicestorage and SD cards. Thoroughly exterminate viruses andthreatsfrom your mobile phone. 

 Safe Browsing - ForReal-TimeOnline Protection 
 Block malicious URLs and protectyourselfagainst phishing websites with instant warningnotifications.

Wish Virus Cleaner can help you a lot.
Free WiFi Passwords & Hotspots by Instabridge
The Wifi Hunt is over! We’ve all been there: you’re in a rush ornotsure which place has free wifi and you don’t want to go onascavenger hunt throughout the city every time you need toconnect!Instabridge is here to save you the hassle of asking forthe wifipassword everywhere you go. The offline map makes it theperfecttravel app. With over 4 million passwords and hotspots addedto ourdatabase, Instabridge is like a master key that can helpyouconnect when and where you want. Instabridge is aworldwidecommunity of people who share WiFi passwords. We’vecollected over4 million passwords and hotspots, and this number isgrowing everyday! It’s totally free, saves you money on data usage,and helpsothers who can’t afford wifi connect when they need to.The morepeople that add WiFi, the closer we are to making WiFi freeandaccessible for everyone! Just download the app>>Automatically connect to WiFi >> Join our communityWithmillions of secure, up-to-date WiFi hotspots, Instabridge isthesimplest way to surf the Internet for free. Instabridge'sWififinder knows which Wi-Fi networks work and automatically keepsyouoff those that don't. No setup required. It just works! Withourbeautifully integrated travel map and detailed statistics oneverynetwork in our database, you won’t ever have to worry abouthow andwhere you can connect. FEATURES • Get free Wi-FiInternetconnections in all major cities • No data limitation, nocost •Auto-connect to Wi-Fi as soon as it’s available (perfectonairports). Get free Internet automatically! • Useful stats(likespeed, popularity and data usage) on any password or hotspotin ourdatabase. • Offline maps included so you can find hotspotsevenwhen you’re roaming or low on data! The perfect appwhentravelling! • Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3. • Easier tousethan WPS. • Easy to use speed tests. Help us make WiFiaccessibleto everyone! When you join our community, you’re pavingthe way forthe millions of people worldwide who can’t afford WiFiat home.What others are saying about Instabridge: ""Instabridge isaSwedish company that’s invented something so simple, andsoawesome, that you’ve got to wonder what took this industrysolong!"" Android Authority “Today’s application is,simply,exceptional. It's a brilliant idea, an excellent solutionandexecuted perfectly. I'm in love.” El Android Libre ""Instabridgeisan elegant solution"" Lifehacker ""A simple interfaceallowsfriends to get access without having to type in a convolutedstringof numbers and letters from a scrap of paper."" The Economist*****Important: Note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fi tetheringnor isit a Wi-Fi hacker tool and cannot be used for Wi-Fi hackingin anyway. Instabridge syncs wifi passwords between your owndevices andto people you have chosen to trust. ***** Questions orimprovementsuggestions? Please contact ConnectwithInstabridge Free WiFi on: Twitter @ @ Extra Resources:Help Center InstabridgeLite
Google Wifi
Google LLC
The Google Wifi app lets you set up and control your GoogleWifipoints or OnHub right from your mobile device. It puts youincontrol of your network -- easily share your Wi-Fi password,seewhat devices are online, prioritize them for better performance,orpause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices. The app also provides insightstohelp you get the most out of your Wi-Fi. Here’s what you candowith the Google Wifi app: • Set up your Google Wifi system orOnHubin just a few minutes • Prioritize a device for faster speedswhenit matters most • Pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices • Seewhat’sconnected to your network and how much bandwidth you’re using•Create a separate network for your guests • Run a network checktotest your connection speed • Make changes to your settings, suchasyour Wi-Fi network name and password • Add a network managerwhocan help you monitor your Wi-Fi
ES File Explorer File Manager
ES Global
Free, Safe, Simple, Manage your files efficiently and easily withESFile Explorer (File Manager)! ES File Explorer (File Manager) isafull-featured file (Images, Music, Movies, Documents, app)managerfor both local and networked use! With over 500 millionusersworldwide, ES File Explorer (File Manager) helps manage yourandroidphone and files efficiently and effectively and share fileswithoutdata cost. File Manager and Folder Manager – Powerful toolsputdesktop-grade features in your pocket  • Sender: Transferapps,images, music, movies, documents, without using mobile dataandcables. Support same Wi-Fi mode & auto-created hotspot.  •FileManager: Manage your files with cut, copy, paste, rename,andcompress operations  • Built-in viewers and players forvariousfile types: click to play music/videos, check image(s)anddocument(s)  • Built-in ZIP and RAR support: allows you tocompressand decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and createencrypted(AES 256 bit) ZIP files Remote File Access – Get to yourfiles fromanywhere  • Cloud Storage: Supports Dropbox,,Sugarsync,Google Drive, OneDrive(SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex andmore cloudsplatforms  • Remote File Manager: When this feature isenabled, youcan manage files on your phone from your computer  •Functions asan FTP and WebDAV client: Manage files on FTP, FTPS,SFTP, andWebDAV servers just like you manage files on your SD card • Accessyour home PC: Through your smartphone via WiFi with SMBFiletransfer and File Explorer  • Root Explorer: The ultimate setoffile management tools for root users. Provides access to theentirefile system and all data directories, and allows the user tochangepermissions.  • Bluetooth file browser: You can copy andpastefiles between Bluetooth-ready devices. ES File Explorer(FileManager) supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices andtransferringfiles between Bluetooth devices  • Wi-Fi File transfer:Use your PCto wirelessly edit your mobile files using FTP Libraryand Other –Find any and every file in seconds  • App Manager:Categorize,uninstall, back up, and create shortcuts to your apps  •Noteeditor: support syntax highlight for 30 languages (Java,XML,Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc).  • SD CardAnalyst:Analyze for App Associate Folder & Large Files &RecentlyCreated Files & Redundancy Files & Duplicate Filesto helpsave space; Detect Sensitive Permission & App Cache&Memory Usage to know your apps better  • Kill tasks with asingleclick, increase memory and speed up your device: Includes asimplewidget that stays on your home screen to let you know yourcurrentRAM situation and automatically kill tasks, with an ignorelist toignore the applications you want to keep running. The TaskManagermodule is required for this feature.  • Cache CleanerandAuto-start Manager: Delete junk files that take up valuablestoragespace. The Task Manager module is required for this feature.  •Real-time Observer:help load recently added files in library80%faster ES File Explorer (File Manager) helps you handle allyourfiles whether they are stored in your device's memory,microSDcard, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.Bydefault, ESFile Explorer (File Manager) allows you to copy, move,rename,delete or share files to and from any of your storages. Italsolets you browse and access your files by category.
WiFi Password Recovery 2.6.8
When you use Recovery ,your device need rooted.WifiPasswordRecovery is the app to recover the ever lost password ofWiFinetworks that you have connected."WIFI Password Recovery"willrecover wlan passwords of previously connected wifi networksonyour android device.This app that recover or restore yourownpasswords and view wifi passwords. How to use WIFIPasswordRecovery? 1.Open the WIFI Passwords Recovery app 2.Use arooteddevice and authorize super-user permissions 3.RecoverSaved/ScannedWIFI Features: * Free:Free WIFI password Recovey app*Passwords:List all wifi passwords that you connected(rootrequired)* Detail:Show SSID and wlan passwords and detect wifihistory *Easy:Copy the WIFI wifipasswords to Clipboard(to be ableto pastekey anywhere) Encode your wifi password for another deviceto scanand access the network *Share:Share WIFI Passwords by someway orcreate QR code for other apps to scan it or sms,mail,noteetc.*Backed up:If you sign in GoogleAccount and back up your ownWIFIpasswords,then you can recovery your all passwords on otherrootdevices. Have you ever connected to so many wifi networksandforgot wlan passwords? WIFI Password Recovery is an applicationtoview all your saved/scanned WiFi passwords on yourandroiddevices.Remeber it’s only restore connected wifipasswords.WIFIPassword Recovery is a simple and powerful tool toview wlanpasswords on your android devices.Recovery wifi passwordswon`twork without root. Forget your wlan password but need tore-connectyour new device to WiFi and want to share a WiFi passwordwith yourfriend? --WIFI Password Recovery,Monitor Network to backupall WiFipasswords on your GoogleAccount, and restore it with justone step!Share with friends through SMS or email. Never lose yourwifipassword again. Send us email if you have
WiFi Dumpper ( WPS Connect ) 2.2.1
With Application WiFi Dumpper you'll can connect to WiFinetworkswhich have WPS protocol enabled. Hacking anything isforbidden inall religions - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE,INTRUSION INTOFOREIGN NETWORKS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. WiFi Dumpperis focused onverifying if your router is vulnerable to a defaultPIN. Manyrouters that companies install own vulnerabilities in thisaspect.With this application you can check if your router isvulnerable ornot and act accordingly.WPS: How itworks?The application has two methods to connect: - Root Method:Supported all android version but should be rooted. - NoRootMethod : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up. For Android5(Lollipop) and up: - If you are not rooted you can usetheapplication to connect, but you cannot show password unless youarerooted. - If you are rooted will be alerted to choose eitherRootMethod or No Root Method. , you can show the password usingbothmethods For Android 4.4 and earlier: - You have to be ROOTEDforboth connecting and showing password - If Your are not Rooted,then you cannot use the application For pin connection you needtobe ROOT user in less than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions.Theadvantage of being ROOT is that you can show network passwordifthe pin connection is successful we will, otherwise youwillconnect to the network but cannot show it. Each feature willbeenabled or disabled depending on the situation of each terminal.ifyou already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect andgetthe password using your PIN =============================***Location Permission is required for Wifi Network ScanningByAndroid*** ============================= NOTICE: Not allnetworksare vulnerable and that the network appears as such doesnotguarantee 100% that it is, several companies have updatedfirmwareof their routers to correct the fault. TRY IT ON YOURNETWORK ANDIF YOU ARE VULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPS andchangepassword for a strong and personalized. --> those with agreentick are most likely vulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabledandthe connection pin is known. It may also be that the router hasWPSdisabled, but the password is known, in this case it alsoappearsin green and can be connected to thekey.============================= Some Samsung models useencryptionand do not show real passwords, they show a long seriesofhexadecimal digits. -- Please understand how the applicationworksbefore giving an assessment. WARNING: Beware of copies of thisappdetected on Google Play, they can be dangerous. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to, thanks.
The all-in-one Wifi password contains the best and mostpowerfultools. It includes four functions: * List of networksavailable inyour area * Generate a web password, wpa and wpa2 foryour wifirouter * See the connections of your Wi-Fi network *Informationabout your wifi signal
Free Wifi Password Scan v3.
Free Wifi Password is the best security tool to for your WifiAccesspoint because it generates very secure and powerfulpasswords. Withthis app you can get every information you wantFeatures: * ScanWiFi Networks around by you * Generate secure andlarge passwords *Want to know your IP address, then download thisapp and it givesyou every information about like local IP,external IP, router name,router company name, etc... * Test yourinternet speed with a singleclick, test download and upload speedof your internet * Check allthe devices connected to your Accesspoint
Who Use My WiFi? 📱 Network Tool 6.0.0
My wireless network is slow and I believe someone is connected tomyWi-Fi and using the internet without my knowledge. What do youdo insuch situations? If you are looking for the fastest, smartestandeasiest way to control and monitor the number of usersconnected toyour WiFi network and get information about theconnected devices,you’ve come to the right place.Who Use My WiFicomes with a cleanand neat design, and the interface is souser-friendly that doesn’ttake a genius to track the connectedusers and devices to yourwireless network. It’s fast, smart andreliable.Who Use My WiFi,shows some information about the currentnetwork, like Speed andName, and it also lets you know about thedevices connected to yourwireless network. So, you can easily findout who is using yourinternet and what their devices are.So, ifyour wireless network ison a limited plan and you believe someoneis sending and receivingdata without your permission, install thisWi-Fi monitor app forfree and look for the suspicious devicesconnected to your WiFi.WhoUse My WiFi Main Features at a Glance:•Clean and neat design withfresh and intuitive interface• Fastestand Smartest way to trackconnected devices• Learn more about yourcurrent network: Speed,Name and …• Learn more about connecteddevices• Port Scanning(coming soon)• Wake-on-LAN (coming soon)•Troubleshoot your Internetconnection (coming soon)• It’s fast,smart and reliable• VendorAddress Database• Useful for anyone•Less Ads• Free• light weight(3.83 MB)Scan your WiFi network inseconds.languages:- English-French- Arabic- Italian (coming soon)-Catalan (coming soon)-Russian (coming soon)- Spanish - PortugueseDownload Who Use My WiFifor free and let us know about any bugs,questions, feature requestsor any✩✩✩✩✩ Rate Us 5 Stars ifyou foundthis app useful ✩✩✩✩✩whos on my networkhow to tell ifsomeone isusing your wifiwho is on my wifi downloadhow to see whois on yourwifihow to know if someone is using your wifihow to seewho isusing my wifihow to check if someone is using my wifiwifiusercheckerwho is on my wifi fullcheck wifi userwho is on mywifiultimatehow to check who is using your wifiwho in my wifihowtocheck wifi userswho is on my wifimy wifiwhos on my wifiwho isusingmy wifihow to check who is using my wifiwhoisonmywifiwho usesmywifiwifi thief finder
ArtEZ 4.3.3
Je studeert of werkt bij ArtEZ en hebt een Android toestel? Danmagdeze app zeker niet ontbreken ! Voor alle ArtEZ studentenenmedewerkers; • Nieuws • Pasfoto wijzigen voor collegekaartofmedewerker pas • Storing melden • Reisinformatie&Routebeschrijving • Geef feedback Aanvullend voor allestudenten; •Mijn Cijfers Voor studenten van de faculteit Muziek; •Rooster envakanties • Ruimte reserveren Voor docenten van defaculteitMuziek; • Presentielijst studenten • Herstel melding (naziekte)Voor studenten van de faculteit Art & Design Arnhem; •Roosteren vakanties Voor docenten van de faculteit Theater en Dans;• Vindcollega • Vind student Voor ondersteunend personeel; • MijnlokalenLet op: Je moet een geldig ArtEZ account hebben om dezeapplicatiete kunnen gebruiken. Je dient eenmaal met je ArtEZaccount in teloggen voordat je de roosters kunt bekijken.
Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free
Be together whenever, with our free* all-in-one communicationapp,complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and groupvideochat features. Easily sync your messages and contacts toyourAndroid phone and connect with anyone, anywhere. NEW! GET THEGROUPTOGETHER WITH ROOMS Send a link to group video chat withanyone,even if they don't have Messenger. Host up to 50 people withnotime limits. FREE VIDEO CALLS TO STAY CONNECTED Keep yourfriendsand family close with unlimited live video chatting -likefacetime, but works across devices (Android, iOS, etc.). Hostgroupvideo calls with up to 8 people, with high-quality audio,highdefinition video, and interactive video features like facefilters.UNLIMITED FREE TEXT & PHONE CALLS Skip exchanging phonenumbersand simply send a message to your Facebook friends, even ifthey’reacross the world. Enjoy high-quality voice and textmessaging onmobile, tablet, and desktop. RECORD AND SEND VOICE ANDVIDEOMESSAGES When text just won't cut it, just hit record andsend.Say, sing, show, or shout it out loud. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS INDARKMODE Give your eyes some rest with a sleek new look thatdarkensthe colors of the chat interface. EXPRESS YOURSELF WITHSTICKERS,GIFS, AND EMOJIS Use custom stickers to show your creativeside.You can even add effects and filters to video calls. SENDFILES,PHOTOS, AND VIDEOS There’s no limit to the number of filesyou wantto share with your friends. RALLY THE GROUP – Make plans togettogether with polls and more. SEND MONEY SECURELY ANDEASILY(within US only) Send and receive money from friends in theapp byadding your debit card or PayPal account. SHARE YOURLOCATIONSuggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are bysharingyour location with just a few taps. CHAT WITH BUSINESSESEasilyconnect with your favorite businesses to make reservations,getcustomer support, find deals and more. BRING SMS INTO MESSENGERNoneed to open multiple apps to stay in touch. Use one app forSMSand Messenger. COMPATABLE ACROSS PLATFORMS Chat with friendsacrossan array of devices, like desktop, Portal, and iOS. PrivacyPolicy: LEARN MORE aboutMessengertexting and group video chat at: * Data rates apply
Free VPN Unlimited Proxy - Proxy Master 2.2.0
Proxy Master - Free VPN Unlimited Proxy For Android 100% freeProxy!Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fast and high VPN speed!The bestunlimited free Proxy clients for android. Proxy Master -Free ProxyVPN, super fast VPN to proxy sites, watch videos andmovies, protectWiFi security and protect privacy. What do youexpect from a greatProxy Proxy app? # Unlimited Bandwidth to use #Endless list ofcountries to connect to worldwide! # Simple oneclick to connect #Super fast speed proxy # Proxy any apps andsites in any country #IP vanish/ IP Fake # Hotspot VPN # proxy VPNfor VOIP Proxy Master -Free Proxy VPN Highlight: ★ Fastest - SuperFast Proxy - Thousandsof servers being provided for you to makesure super fast speed. -Lots of different locations worldwide toproxy your favorite sites.★ Simple - only contain a “Connect”button - One touch to connect toVPN proxy server and connect abetter net. - Non username, Nonpassword, Non registration. - Nocredit card needed. ★ FREE &Unlimited - 100% unlimited freeVPN proxy! - No credit cardinformation needed. No trials offered.- Truly unlimited, Nosession,speed and bandwidth unlimitation ★Proxy - Visit any sitesand APP - Bypass geo-restrictions, internetfilters and censorshipwhile you’re at work or school. - Proxywebsites or social mediasites with free VPN proxy server. - Bypassthe firewalls as schoolVPN proxy. - Proxy blocked websites suchas: Netflix VPN, YouTubeVPN, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter,Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp,Wechat etc… ★ Security - ProtectPrivacy and Security - NO LOGS!That means, that you're absolutelyanonymous and protected whileusing our app. - Protect your networktraffic under public WiFihotspot browse anonymously and securelywithout being tracked. -Protect data privacy, personal informationsecurity and internetsecurity while VPN Robot is on. - Enjoyprivate browsing. - Encryptsdata using OpenVPN protocols (UDP /TCP). ★ Stable - Most Stable -Never lose connection - Top SpeedVPN & Stable Connection -Global networks, free vpn for USA,India, Japan, Singapore, Canada,France, Germany, UK, etc.. -Perfect support for Saudi Arabia andthe United Arab Emirates ★Multi VPN serversy - vpn for UnitedStates - vpn for Germany - vpnfor India - vpn for Singapore - vpnfor Canada - vpn for Russia -vpn for Japan We are the best VPN appson the market! Just try usand see for yourself! Contact ProxyMaster - Free Proxy VPN If youhave any questions or suggestions,feel free to reach us on
GO Keyboard - Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs 3.60
😍GO Keyboard - Rating beyond 99% emoji keyboard, the choice of200million users worldwide 🤔Why is GO Keyboard-Cute Emojis, ThemesandGIFs is the best andriod emoji keyboard? 🤗The answer is2P&3S!★ Personalized&Privacy ★ 🌟NEW-Your Avatar Emoji🌟 -Take apicture to create a cartoon avatar that looks like you. - Getyourown sticker library - all with your avatar emoji. - Shareyouravatar emoji with your friends on imessage,Facebook ,Twitterandanywhere you chat. 👍There are 10000+ colorful themes,1000+emojiand GIFs, 800+emoticons, 100+ fonts and 60+languages foryou todesign your own customized keyboard. 👍Change yourkeyboardbackground by one switch, set your own photo as keyboardbackground! 👍We will never collect your personal info includingcredit cardinformation. In fact, we cares for privacy of what youtype and whoyou type! ★ Smooth, Speedy & Smart Typing ★ ❤EmojiSearch❤ GOKeyboard's emoji prediction feature offers preciseprediction ofyour emoji search. Just type a word and this fantastickeyboardwill auto-suggest emojis for you. ❤Auto-Correction❤ Tapwrong buttype right. GO Keyboard is smart enough to recognizemistyping,provide correction suggestions and make your typing easy.❤GestureTyping&Voice input❤ Just swipe to type on keyboard tofind howeffective and fun by this sliding type mode. Free you withvoiceinput. The more you use it, the better it recognizes what youwantand gives you accurate word suggestions ❤Various layoutsandsupport for tablet device❤ It provides various layouts suchasQWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.Morepersonalized resources are waiting for you! Click the linkbolow:GirlZ Themes: CoolThemes: Simple Style Themes: Themes&Cute Stickers: FunnyStickers: MoreLanguage Packs: Language we support English-ENArabic-ARCroatian-HR Czech-CS Chinese-CN Dutch-NL French-FRGerman-DEGreek-EL Hebrew-HE Hindi-HI Indonesian-ID Italian-ITJapanese-JAKorean- KO Malay- MS Philippines(Tagalog)- TLPolish-PLPortuguese-PT Romanian-RO Russian-RU Spanish-ES Thai- THTurkish-TRTaiwanese For more news, follow us onFACEBOOK: GO Keyboard is a product ofSungyMobile/Jiubang Digital. Welcome to visit our Use of this app is governed by Terms ofService: andPrivacyPolicy:
Touch VPN -Free Unlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy 1.9.5
TouchVPN Inc.
Unable to access some websites or apps? Worried aboutunprotectedWi-Fi hotspots? Want to be anonymous and protectedfromsurveillance and hackers? Touch VPN – is the best solution foryou!Public Wi-Fi is not safe. Anything you send or receive onyourmobile devices on public WiFi can be intercepted, which makesyourpersonal information such as your passwords, pictures, app dataandother private information vulnerable to hackers. TouchVPNautomatically turns public WiFi into safe and secure privateWiFi.Your mobile security, privacy and personal information willbeprotected from hackers, identity theft, and othermaliciousactivities when we detect a public WiFi network. Touch VPNispowered by one of the most trusted privacy, security andaccessprovider - Hotspot Shield. Highlights of Touch VPN: ✓ Free:100%free. No credit card information needed. No trials offered.✓Unlimited: Truly unlimited. No session, speed orbandwidthlimitations. ✓ Simple: Unblock the world with just onetouch of the“Connect” button. ✓ Secured: Our strong SSL encryptionwill makeyou fully anonymous and secured. ✓ Support: If you haveanyfeedback or suggestions, please send an!-------------------------------------------■ What is a VPN VPNstands for Virtual Private Network. Whenconnecting to a VPN serverthrough Touch VPN for example - it setsup a secured and encryptedconnection to the server in anothercountry. Because of theencryption process the data cannot befiltered or blocked. If youlive in Sweden for example, whenconnect to a VPN server in US, yourtraffic would look like comingfrom the United States, instead ofSweden. ■ Why using a VPN With aVPN, you are not only able tounblock geo-restricted or censoredservices, such as Facebook,Pandora and Youtube; your onlineprivacy and security will begreatly bolstered as you’ll be surfingthe web completelyanonymously. ■ VPN vs. Proxy VPN and Proxy canboth conceal useridentity through re-routing your internet trafficand change yourIP. A Proxy server is however, completely browserbased, whether youare using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox; and mightnot be compatiblewith certain web pages that use non-browsertechnology. Unlike aProxy, a VPN service encrypts all yourtraffic, and will work withall internet based services. Insummary, VPN will provide you withmore online freedom, privacy andsecurity. ■ Why Touch VPN Touch VPNis 100% free, unlimited,secured and super easy to use. You canconnect to any of theservers below (Sweden, United Kingdom,Denmark, France, UnitedStates, Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoyunlimited online privacyand freedom. With Touch VPN you can ⇨Access any website in anycountry. Bypass geo-restrictions tounblock any website whereveryou are! Get access to sites that areblocked or censored bygovernment, school or workplace. Evadefirewalls to unblockFacebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIPlimitations. ⇨ ProtectYour Data from Hackers. When you’re connectedto a public Wi-FiHotspot, your name, passwords, and personalinformation can beeasily compromised. Touch VPN encrypts your dataand provides youwith banking-level security for the bestprotection. ⇨ Touch VPN isa one-click VPN Proxy Service. Touch VPNcontains only one button.The button connects you to one of manyanonymous servers at speedsfaster than a web proxy. When you arenot running our app we helpyou save your devices battery. And, weare a completely unlimitedand free VPN! ⇨ Surf the Web Anonymously.Avoid being snooped byyour ISP and prevent websites from adtracking and targeting. TouchVPN changes your IP address, so youronline identity is anonymousand your internet activity isinaccessible to prying eyes andbusinesses. 0x33FF1B42
WiFi Magic Key-Free WiFi Connection Manager 3.9.4
Free Root Checker Pro
Millions of wifi hotspots! By WIFI Magic Key app, you can connecttofree wifi. Just click ‘WiFi Connect’,then you can auto connectit orshare this wifi .Also Magic Key is the best wifi scanner andwifimagic key manager! Use and enjoy it.-WIFI Magic Key providemillionsof wifi hotspots& Free wifi Password -One click:freewifiscanning and connection -Personal network analyzer andsecurityguard by magic.-Share wifi password safely and fastthrough magickeyFeatures:1.Free WiFiHotspot-Free WiFi ConnectionManager providesmillions of free wifi hotspots& wifi passwordnearby, you canconnect to wifi without knowing wifipassword.2.SafeWiFiHotspot-Free WiFi Connection Manager providestrusted wifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by owners canbeconnected.3.Easy and fastJust one click, connect wifi and sharewifipassword. Hotspot-Free WiFi Connection Manager will detectwifiautomatically.4.Share HotspotWIFI Magic Key has a powerfulfeatureto share :If you know the current wifi password, you canshare thepassword to other people through the shareHotspot.🏆ConnectWiFi:Scanning free WiFi hotspot around you, thewifi manager allowsyou to connect to WiFi hotspot by one click,without knowing wifipassword. Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly. Hotspot-FreeWiFi Connection Manager helps you get Wi-Fipassword stored on yourserver or shared by other users.🏆ShareWiFi:You can share Free WiFiwith others easy and fastShare freeWi-Fi: You can add Free Wi-Fihotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith other users.Sharepersonal WiFi hotspot: Turn your mobilephone into a router andshare your mobile network with yourfriends.🏆WiFi security:WiFiconnection will be safety and trusted."WiFi Hotspot-WiFi Master KeyManager" can analyze the network andhelp you away from unsafe Wi-Fihotspot and ensure the safety offree WI-FI connection when you arein a unfamiliar environment .Therange of Security detection isEncrypt Detecting, ARP Detecting,DNSDetecting.Please rate us withfive stars to show us your love!Andplease feel free to contact usif you have any problem orsuggestion.We are ready to
WiFi Password 3.10.3
Millions of free wifi available, one click to connect wifi,withoutknowing wifi password! -Millions of wifi hotspots -Oneclick:freewifi connection -Personal network security guard -Sharewifipassword safely -Scan the current wifi, detect wifisecurityFeatures: 1.Free WiFi "WiFi Password " provide millions offreewifi hotspot nearby, you can connect to wifi without knowingwifipassword. 2.Safe WiFi "WiFi Password " provide trustedwifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by users can be findandconnect. 3.Easy and fast Just one click, connect wifi andsharewifi password. "WiFi Password " will detect wifiautomatically.4.Security Test “WiFi Password” provide securitytest,click currentconnected wifi,you can detect current wifisecurity. Declairation:All shared WiFi password are unrevealed toinsure safety andprivacy of users. 🏆Connect WiFi: Search free WiFihotspot aroundyou,one click connect to WiFi hotspot,without knowingwifipassword.Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly."WiFiPassword" helps you inquire Wi-Fi password stored onour server andwifi password shared by other users. 🏆Share WiFi: Youcan shareFree WiFi with others with simple operation. Share freeWi-Fi: Youcan add Free Wi-Fi hotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith otherusers. Share personal WiFi hotspot:Turn your mobile phoneinto arouter and share your mobile network with your friends.🏆WiFisecurity: WiFi connection will be safety and trusted.WiFiPasswordwill be unrevealed and "WiFi Password " can help you awayfromunsafe Wi-Fi hotspot and ensure the safety of connected Wi-Fiwhenyou in a unfamiliar environment . The range of Securitydetectionis Encrypt Detecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting. Rate uswith fivestars to show us your love! And please feel free tocontact us ifyou have any problems or suggestion to WiFiPassword.We are readyto help. Our
Wifi Password Hacker Prank 1.6
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Wifi Password Hacker is a new free wifi app which allows youtopretend to break the password of all the networks nearby andgainthe access. It looks professional and it is the best app toprankyour friends.How to Use★Go to the place where wireless networkisprovided. The private network, wireless hotspot and Wifitetheringis all ok.★Launch our Wifi Hack and press the startbutton. TheWifi tool will detect all the wireless networks nearbyof which theWifi signal can be detected.★Select the wifi id youwant tocrack.★The Wi-Fi hacker 2015 will show the fake animationswhichanalyzes the wifi info and breaking process.★In the endthepassword of the network will be displayed.Disclaimer:Ourwifipassword breaker is just for fun. It cannot really crack anywifipasswords. If you think it is funny, please give us 5 stars andwewill produce more good apps for you.