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Scary Stories 2.9.5
Are you interested in mysticism and can’t live without horrors?Ourscary stories are waiting for you! Every day we add morestories!Smart design and interactive environment with scary imageshelp youto enjoy chill of fear…• Read stories offline! All storiesyou cansee online will be available offline.• Estimate and discussstorieswith other users!• Add your stories and you can become thebestauthor! Your likeminded people will use the application andtheycan estimate you!• In application you can find section ofstoriesrecommended by moderators, chosen and accident. All storiesaredivided on many sections.• Find new friends and chat withthem.Allour stories are from open sourses. If you have rights for astoryor image and you right wasn’t indicated or you are againstitsusing in our application please contact us. We will correct dataordelete it as soon as possible. All information is usedfornoncommercial purposes. Application authors aren’t responsibleforuse of data available in the application. Any commercial useofapplication data without written permission is prohibited.Ifyouwant to add your stories:• You are responsible for yourstorycontent:• You are responsible for image attached to yourstory:.•Your story shouldn’t be copied, only original works. If wefind outcontrary we have right to delete your story. 2.46.20029
This is a collection of well known horror stories byvariousauthors. Creepypasta audiobook free for teens and theirparents.Scary stories for people with audio and video. Horror storyaudioapp. *** Offline stories with audio and video in english.Withoutinternet *** *** Audio books that reads a story to you freeapp ****** Absolutely FREE creepypasta *** Features of our free"scarystories to tell in the dark" application: - install to SDcard -handy sleep timer to sleep to. Horror story books. - HDqualitybackground images for each story sound - ability to removeads forextra money via in-app purchase - works offline, no internetneeded- horror stories in english free - runs in background whileusingother apps or when the screen is locked, just press the"Home"button - in app volume control; - Most popular stories fromtheinternet - creepypasta stories offline. Creepypastas (scarystoriesapp without wifi) are horror-related legends or images thathavebeen copy-and-pasted around the Internet. These Internetentriesare often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intendedtoscare readers. They include gruesome tales of murder, suicide,andotherworldly occurrences. According to Time magazine, the genrehadits peak audience in 2010 when it was covered by The NewYorkTimes. Horror stories free audio books. Scary storiesandcreepypasta United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,GreatBritan. In the mainstream media, creepypastas relating tothefictitious Slender Man character came to public attention afterthe2014 "Slender Man stabbing", in which a 12-year-old girlfromWaukesha, Wisconsin, was stabbed by two of her friends;theperpetrators claimed they "wanted to prove the SlenderManskeptics" wrong. After the murder attempt, some creepypastawebsiteadministrators made statements reminding readers of the"linebetween fiction and reality". Scary stories tagalog. Horrorstoriesin english free. Other notable creepypasta characters andstoriesinclude Jeff the Killer . Creepy pasta audio.
Scary Stories 3
1000+ high-quality scary stories and creepypastas! ★★★ Features★★★➠More than 1000 scary stories➠ 7 Category➠ Scary Gallery(regularlyupdated)➠ No Internet connection required
Urban Legends & Creepy Stories - MyScaryTale 3.4
Best urban legends and creepy stories assemblies from all cornersofour planet. These stories will prove to you that not only moviescanscare. All the horror stories are real and happened to realpeople.After this, it is difficult not to believe in other worldforces andghosts. Urban Legends and Creepy Stories features: ✶ Awhole book ofoffline horror stories ✶ Much more online urbanlegends & creepystories ✶ Post your really scary story orchilling experience ✶Share your opinion in comments and rate it ✶Found the one goodscary story to tell in the dark? Save it foroffline ✶ Create yourunique profile ✶ Found interesting horrorwriter? Subscribe to him!✶ App is absolutely free Scary storiesare part of our lives.Everyone has at least once encounteredparanormal incidents orunexplained phenomena. Blood-chillingexperience, what you can'tforget. Someone was frightened and ranaway, but someone stayed andlooked into the eyes of fear. Afterall, are you the one of thosewho stayed? We know... So what areyou waiting for? Download UrbanLegends and Creepy Stories and tellyour scary story to the world!The main and the first feature ofthis app - a lot of onlinestories. Some of them are fun, other iscreepy, but many of it isreally scary stories. Just save to theoffline list all favoritedstories and tell them in the dark. Manypeoples in the world loveghost stories for a terrifying experiencethat they give. It makesour world more interesting and colorful,but at the same time, muchscarier and complex. If you the one whosearching for suchexperience, you must know, you are on the rightpath. Best urbanlegends and creepy stories assemblies from allcorners of our planetin the offline section. These stories willprove to you that notonly movies can scare. All stories are realand happened to realpeople. After this, it is difficult not tobelieve in paranormalworld forces. Here you will find more than2000+ online creepystories that are available to you anywhere.It's a really scarystories book! Installing this app will open awhole world of shortscary stories with the opportunity to commenton every one. Perhapsit is your voice that will be decisive,whether the story will turnout to be the best next week. And yournext sleepover will bescarier than all before. Because many of itis hereditary scary. Appcontains tons of creepy stories founded inthe books and theinternet. And much more from users in the app.You can make your ownand show it to the world. Most unique part ofthe app - allsuggested stories will be post instantly. Downloadnow and you willalways know scary stories to tell in the dark! Ifyou have anyquestions about Creepy Stories & Urban Legends,feel free to askthem through the contact form
Ghost Evolution 2.1.3
Keong Games
If you are a fan of horror stories, ghost stories, horrorstories,mystical stories, this ghostly game will make you shudder!Or maybeshudder funny? Oh .. what is that! That must be a ghostgame is funfor you to play. There are 24 original GHOST OFINDONESIA, 6 GHOSTSJAPAN, 6 GHOST OF EGYPT, 6 GHOST WESTERN and 6GHOSTS OF EUROPE.Which spread from all over the country from sabangto merauke. Allthe local ghosts gather here. There anything?? Thereare tuyulghosts, kutilanak, ngesot sisters, jailangkung,grandfather hoe,buto ijo, sweet bridge ancol, palasik and manyothers. Be the bestghost skipper in Indonesia by collectingeverything. If you emangghost lovers, call all his ghosts! AYo playyour jailangkung!Collect all the ghosts in one room. And guaranteedexcitingnakalan! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO PLAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -The clicksthat appear. - Drag and attach the same ghost. The ghostwillevolve into a stronger ghost. - Collect the fire that appearstobuy a new ghost or ultimate weapon. - If you are crazy ghost,clickthe kantunya continuously and get fire as much aspossible.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Dictionary 24HANTUoriginal INDONESIA - Addition of 6 Japanese Ghosts andtheirlocation - Addition of 6 Egyptian Ghosts and their location-Addition of 6 Western Ghosts - Addition of 6 European Ghosts-Collect fire as a substitute for coins - Can buy ghostswheneverhave a fire. - Can buy fire if you are lazy to collectit.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ATTENTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This game can beplayedfor free and will instead serve ads. In this game there arealsospecial items and features that can be purchased using realmoney.The Ghost Evolution Game was created by Keong Games, which isalsoanother exciting game developer that is Snake Stairs IndonesiaandEmak-emak Matic. Download it soon and fill your freetime!Suggestions, Criticisms and Bug Reports can be sent throughoursupport team at and our Follow FBat ~~~~~~~~~ PERMISSION~~~~~~~~~We need additional access within your HP as follows:A.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This access is required toaccessdownloaded images outside the internal storage used in thegame B.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This access is required for internetquotasavings for ad views.
Sunday Suspense Audio Stories 34.0
Droid Cook
Features:One Stop app for :★ Enjoy popular Bangla thrilledSundaySuspense audio ghost stories in this free app★ SundaySuspense★Rohosyo Romancho★ Aloukik Robbar★ Happy to Disturb★Yatharth Gitain Bengali★ Hare Krishna Chants★ Om Meditation forYoga, Peace ofmind★ Ma Durga Dhak, Mahalaya, Chandi Path★ TagorePianoInstrumental★ Biyer Sanai★ Vatiali Song★ Kabita andAbritti★Gayatri Mantra, Om Mantra, Temple Bell, Shankha and BhaktiGeeti★Download option for offline play★ Auto timer off option★ SortusingLatest to Old or by Alphabetically★ 500+ items in one app★Searchfunctionality by Title, Author name★ Built in media player★Markyou favorite stories★ Share using social apps★ Rate 5 Star★★★★★and comment if you like
Scary stories & Creepypasta
2200+ high-quality scary stories! Does not require aninternetconnection! ➣ More than half a million downloads. ➣ Thebest appwith creepypastas, scary and horror stories. ➣High-qualitystories, unique functionality, comfortable reading,modern design.Optimized for phone and tablet. ➣ DOES NOT REQUIRE ANINTERNETCONNECTION. Read stories anytime, anywhere, without aninternetconnection. All stories are available offline. For free. ➣HIGHQUALITY STORIES. All the stories are carefully selected andedited.There are no stories like "The coffin on wheels", "RedHand","Green eyes", no 100 000 stories, as in other applications.But allstories are high quality and without typos. ➣ SORT. Sort byname,release date (stories database is updated frequently),rating(users have the opportunity to vote for the stories), anumber ofvotes (the more votes, the more truthful rating) andduration. ➣FILTER. After you read a story, it is marking asreadautomatically. Then you can filter the list of stories anddisplayAll stories or only Read on Unread. ➣ PICK A RIGHT STORY TOREAD ATTHE MOMENT. Base on you reading speed we can calculate howlongwill it take to read a story. If you have no time, pick ashortone. ➣ COMFORTABLE READER. Truly convenient and easy to usetextreader. Switch between several themes, pick background andtextcolors, select a suitable font, font-size, and orientation.➣STATISTICS. Track your progress, see how many stories youread.Find out what is your favorite category. ➣ CATEGORIES. Allstoriesare divided into categories, allowing you to read stories onyourfavorite topics. ➣ SYNCHRONIZATION. Reading on multipledevices?What to change your phone? Worried that all of yourprogress willbe lost and will have to re-read all over again? Syncall readstories and favorites (currently only manual sync issupported). ➣SETTINGS. Various settings to make reading easier.Keep screen onwhile reading, marking story read automatically,reading speed etc.AND MORE! ➣ Add stories to favorites and markthem read. ➣ Searchstories. ➣ Share story text or link to thestory. If you have anyquestions or suggestions, please contact usat
Ghost Story 2.1
App Racks
If you are interested in supernatural and paranormal events,thenyou are welcome to the real ghost stories world! We show youtheway to the other world, it's your call to cross it. It's yourcallto enter the empire of the dead where tormented souls liveineternal darkness? Ghost Stories are an application and spookyrealghost stories collection, which can accompany your daywithvigorous excitement of horror and fear! Here we shared a lotofreal ghostly experience for the people all over the world toshiverwith fear! For your total thrills, chills and amazement readthesestories with your friends by the candlelight. All the storiesarehigh quality so read about supernatural encounters andhauntingsusing this amazing Ghost Stories App! You can't go to bedwithoutreading some, no matter if you believe some of them or not.Theyall are just awesome! Each story will give you curiosity toreadmore and make you shiver down the spine!:- Do you believe inghostor do you ever have an experience with ghost?:- Best app withahuge collection of real ghost stories.:- 1000+ scarystories!:-Real ghostly experience that you may never forget about.:- Realhorror stories that can make stay awake at night.:-High-qualitycreepy, scary and horror stories.:- All stories arecarefullyselected and unique.:- Scary stories with categories suchaspersonal experiences, ghost & haunting.:- New stories areaddeddaily.:- The ghost stories you will find here are not fictionsbutreal horror experience!:- Download this app for free and enjoy!:-All the fonts written are user friendly and easier to understandinbig UI fonts.:- User can read it with or without sound feature.
Horror Stories in Hindi डरावनी कहानियाँ 1.0
Thiru Apps
Horror Stories in Hindi हिंदी में रोमांचक डरावनी कहानियों कोमुफ्तमें पढ़ें This app contains large collection of the besthorrorstory in Hindi language.Best collection of real ghostandparanormal activites stories. All stories in HindiLanguage.Thesestories are all scary and full of horror. Don’t readthese storiesalone. All these horror and ghost stories arespecially arranged inorder to make you feel more excitement whilereading.if you want toenjoy these stories whether you believe inghosts or not, it's bestto read at night ALONE….Features of HorrorStories in Hindi डरावनीकहानियाँ App:- Lot of Stories- User friendlyinterface.- Copy toclipboard feature available.- Share thesestories among socialmedia or recommend to your friends.- Readablefont siYou can usethis app to read stories about bhoot preat,haunted place, preatbhadha, mahila vashikaran, kali kitab ke jadutona, jadu ke totke ,ramban totke ,victim of Lal Kitab ke Totke AurUpay and atma kerahasya in simple to understand Hindi languageBestcollection ofreal ghost and paranormal activites stories. Allstories in HindiLanguage.These stories are all scary and full ofhorror. Don’t readthese stories alone.Ghosts, Bhoot, Witches,Chudail, Wolf and othergreat stories are lined up for you all inHindi.Supernatural powersare some of the belief's we strongly tryto think about and want toread about.Horror Stories Hindikahaniyanapplication contain a lotsof horror story to read andshare with friends.You had a realparanormal experience related toghosts and hauntings, just look itour something hear thisstories.Best Collection of ghost stories inHindi language."शापितस्थान""भूतों की कहानी""डरावनीकहानियां""खौफनाक इलाके""सच्चीकहानियाँ""रहस्यमय कहानियाँ""आत्मा केरहस्य" - Ghost Stories (BhootPret Ki Kahaniya)- Mystery of Soul(Aatmao Ke Rahasy)- Real GhostStories (Sacchi Bhoot Ki Kahani)-Mysterious Stories (RahasymayKahaniya)haunted stories in hindilanguagehorror indian ghoststories in hindihorror stories in hindiapp downloadhorror storiesin hindi languagelist of horror storiesin hindiDISCLAIMER: Thecontent provided in this app is availablein public accessabledomain. This app is just an organized way toview content availablein public domain. Have any issue, Pleasemail us
Khmer Ghost Stories 1.0.3
KhmerCode House
Khmer Ghost Stories collected Khmer ghost stories for you wholikereading Khmer ghost story.This application collected Khmerghoststories for you easy to read anywhere, anyplace.Let's installandenjoy with it :)Thanks for supporting us :)
iDickens: Ghost Stories. Immersive Experience 1.1.1
iClassics: Beyond EngrossingiClassics unites the old and the newtocreate immersive experiences that inspire and moveeveryone.CharlesDickens is perhaps the most canonical of allwriters from theWestern literary tradition. iClassics Productionshas become famousfor its artistic and technological enhancements ofgreatliterature, and our collection of Immersive Entertainmentappswould be woefully incomplete if it did not include the worksofCharles Dickens. Enter the iDickens Collection, which includessomeof the most famous ghost stories penned by the master ofVictorianliterature, including A Madman's Manuscript, ChristmasGhost, TheIvy Green, and The Lawyer and the Ghost. In thisinnovativeImmersive Entertainment app, these masterful andplayfully chillingshort stories are lovingly and artisticallyenhanced withinteraction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST. Bycasting amodern glare on these child-friendly ghost stories, theresult is aspectacular and wholly original experience that utilizeseveryfeature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective,flash,vibration). TILT to see moreTOUCH to transform TURN todiscoverwhat's in the shadowsAPP FEATURES:✓ 78 pages (tabletversion) / 126pages (mobile version)✓ Available in 4 languages:English, Spanish,French and Portuguese.✓ More than 70 interactivepages.✓Illustrated by César Samaniego and directed by David G.Forés.✓Over 25 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Miquel Tejada.✓Extras.The Charles Dickens’s Biography.✓ Original tale from thewriter –no cuts, no adaptations.Additional features:✓ Jump to anypage inthe book with our handy table of contents.✓ Page Memory.Leave theapp at any moment, and come back to the same page.✓ Easyto useinterface.With the lovingly constructed enhancements forwhichiClassics Productions has become famous, this creativelychillingImmersive Entertainment app makes Charles Dickens morereadable andenjoyable thanever.-----------------------------------------------------------------AbouttheiClassics Collection:The iClassics Collection is arevolutionarycollection of book apps where you’ll discoverliterary classics suchas Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickensthrough a unique interactiveand immersive experience. REVIEW below. It means a lot to us!We'd Love To HearFrom You!-Need tech support? Contact us hello to us on FB!
com.ocean.marathihorrosto 1.0.7
Oceans are full of mysteries. Over history of mankind sailorshaverecorded sightings of mysterious creatures, mermaids, ghostshipsand what not. This is a Marathi app about collection ofrealstories of ghost ships in the ocean. Most of these stories mayormay not have supernatural experience but they are mysteriousforsure
Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story 9.0
Droid Cook
গা ছমছম ভয়ঙ্কর ভূতের Audio 93 টি গল্প!!Features:★ EnjoypopularBangla thrilled Rohosyo Romancho Friends FM audio stories inthisfree app★ Around 100 stories in one app★ Search functionalitybyTitle, Author name★ Built in media player★ Mark youfavoritestories★ Small app size (2 MB)★ NO Special permission★Share usingsocial apps★ Rate 5 Star ★★★★★ and comment if you like
Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story 20.0225
Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story Collection app has a huge collectionofRohosyo Romancho Ghost Story episodes. Rohosyo Romancho GhostStoryCollection app will help you to listen all Rohosyo RomanchoGhostStory episodes. Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story Collection appprovidesyou an easy download feature for your favorite episode.Its time notto miss any episode. You can explore all RohosyoRomancho GhostStory episodes for several years. Download favoriteRohosyo RomanchoGhost Story episode and keep it in your phone. Youcan hear it evenif you are offline. Check all the episodes in yourplayer list. youcan also hear Radio Friends FM 91.9 live. AppHighlights:✔Background play supports of Rohosyo Romancho GhostStory ✔RohoshoRomancho Ghost Story all episodes ✔Download yourfavorite RohosyoRomancho Ghost Story episode ✔Listen downloadedRohosho RomanchoGhost Story episodes even if you are offline✔Clear streaming ofRohosyo Romancho Ghost Story all episodes✔Clear streaming of RadioFriends FM 91.9 live. key word: Freebangla bhooter golpo, RohoshoRomancho, Sunday suspense,vuter golpobangla, bangla horror story,Friends FM 91.9 live, RohosyoRomancho, Sunday suspense, vuter golpomp3 download, Bhoot, freegolpo book audio here, Mirchi 98.3 FMlive, bhooter golpo, banglahorror story, free horror story book inbangla, radio appbangladesh, Mirchi 98.3 FM live, vuter golpo,bangla vuter golpo,bangla horror story, Mirchi 98.3 FM live,Rohosyo Romancho, Sundaysuspense, Radio Foorti 88.0FM, horror storybook in bangla, banglaradio app, Bhoot FM app, BhootFM app, FriendsFM 91.9 live.Disclaimer: This app is in no way affiliated withRohosyo RomanchoGhost Story or Radio Friends FM 91.9 live.
Supernatural Stories 1.5
mouraai mustapha
Supernatural stories I gather a lot of occult stories writtenbypeople in the internet, the most repugnance stories aboutevocationof ghost or anathema objects and many many weird stuff.Eon storiesthat been as creepy as ever.Same stories talking aboutprecognition, revelation and telepathy that same people have andcould see thefuture and other stories manitou a good or evil spiritas an objectof reverence,and same about people that feel whammy Ihope youfound it awesome enjoy
Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) wasanAmerican author who achieved posthumous fame throughhisinfluential works of horror fiction. Virtually unknown andonlypublished in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, he isnowregarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors inhisgenre. This lightweight app contains the complete horrorfictionstories and novels written by H.P. Lovecraft.
Paranormal Ghost Detector 1.1.3
SnowPack Studios
Paranormal Ghost Detector is a paranormal application capableofidentifying 8 different types of paranormal entities, basedondiverse measured bandwiths and frequencies it displays on theradarthe detected energies. If you enjoy Paranormal GhostDetectorplease rate ★★★★★ :) Thank you for checking out ParanormalGhostDetector Radar Leave a friendly rate & comment !
Free stories, quotes, background. Read & Write TTT 2.5.3
Terribly Tiny Tales
Terribly Tiny Tales is now also available in Hindi withHindiStories (हिंदी कहानियाँ ), Poems (कविता), Thoughts (विचार),ShortStories (लघु कहानी), Letter (पत्र), Diary (डायरी) andReviews(समीक्षा). With over 2 lakh free stories and 50k writers(andcounting), the internet’s most loved storytelling platformbringsyou the Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) app. 1. Download andsharestories on beautiful templates Now download and share storiesfromthe TTT app to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook onbeautifulbackgrounds given by us. Pick your favorite from tons ofimages ina range of categories. 

You can also upload an image fromyour owngallery. Not just that, you can also change the font type,colour,size and text position. Go, get creative. 2. Read and writechatstories India’s first chat fiction app that allows you to writeandread engaging chat stories in our format [ Bubble ]. Tap torevealchats that’ll keep you hooked for hours. Create a chat storywithdifferent characters. Don't just stop at writing. You canalsochoose a theme & export your chat story as (square) videos.Orread from a collection of chat stories by different writers.It’salmost as if you’re reading someone’s WhatsApp or Facebookchats.Search for 'bubble' in our search section or simply browsethe'Chat stories' feed. 3. Different feeds for storiesQuotes,one-liners, captions, 140s- all in one place. Don’t likelongstories? Read short on the new TINY feed. Like readinglongercontent? Find the best poems, stories, musings, open lettersandmore on our UNTINY feed. If chat stories are your thing, there’sadedicated feed just for them. Tap and start reading. You’llbehooked in minutes. Read from a selection of handpickedstoriesacross formats in genres like love, friendship, sciencefiction,comedy, heartbreak, fantasy, fan fiction, mystery,romance,thriller, crime, family, pop culture and a lot more. 4.Read andwrite really short stories on the go Over 2 lakh storiesfor free.Now read, write and share not only your terribly tinytales andchat stories, but also your quotes, short stories, tales,openletters, musings, poetry, rants, thoughts, jokes, haikus,diaryentries, chapters of your book, riddles, reviews, listiclesand alot more. Whether you’re traveling, have a new idea, lookingforinspiration or are just simply bored, you can use the TTTappanytime, anywhere. 5. Comment, bookmark and share Comment onthestories that move you. Bookmark the tales that stay. And shareyourfavorites with the world. 6. Search Tap on tags to searchforstories and writers of your choice. Filter by genres andsub-genresto find the story you’re looking for. And read the mostrecentlywritten tales in your Search results. The trending sectionshowsyou what’s being talked about the most. Read what's trending.Thenwrite on it. 7. Build your following and reach all yourfollowersEvery story you write reaches all your followers in theirfeed.Write regularly and grow your reader base. Stand a chance tobediscovered, get featured & become a Recommended writer.8.Prompts and Challenges Whether you’re having the dreadedwriter’sblock, feeling stuck in the middle of writing, or justlooking fornew ideas. There’s a whole range of diverse writingprompts, wordsand situations to get you started. Or write on any ofthe writingchallenges we have every week. 9. Save drafts to publishlaterLosing your internet in the middle of a piece, or yourphonecrashing just before you’re about to end is heartbreaking. TheTTTapp saves your (bubbles and tales) drafts as you type, evenwhenyou’re not connected to the internet. 10. Write on #liveeventsHave something to say that you can’t tweet due to itscharacterrestraint? Rant, write and share on topics you feel areofimportance (in more than 240 characters). We’re reading. Gowriteand get discovered on the best social writing mobile app.
HOOKED - Chat Stories 1.90.2
HOOKED lets you read amazing chat stories on your phone. Thesearegripping, edge-of-your seat thrillers that will keep youreadingfor hours. Or, write your own story and get lots of fans!EveryHOOKED story is told as a bite-sized text messageconversation, asif you were reading someone else's chat history. Welove reading,just like you, but we know it can get BORING whenstories are toolong. So we created this app to make reading snappy,spooky andfun. New stories added daily! Questions? for help!
Shadow House 4.0.3
Scholastic Inc.
Shadow House is more than just haunted . . . it’s hungry. Stepintoghost stories where the choices you make determine your fate!EnterShadow House, if you dare. . . . Companion to the ShadowHouseseries by spooky story master Dan Poblocki. •Choose your ownpaththrough spooky ghost stories. •Step inside Shadow Housethroughhaunting visuals and chilling audio. •The house isalwayschanging—play again for a terrifying new adventure. •Learnthesecrets the house doesn’t want anyone to know. •Each ghoststorycomes from a haunting image in the Shadow Houses books, wheremorescares await. Shadow House is a place with a terrifyinghistory.Every generation, it lures five kids inside . . . and neverletsthem leave. Are you brave enough to enter Shadow House? Traceasigil to step into a ghost story, and navigate your waythrougheach of the stories to uncover the haunting secrets ShadowHouse iskeeping. Disclosure for Parents -------- This app does notcollectany personally identifiable information. This appcontains:•Information and advertising about Scholastic's ShadowHouse books•Links ONLY to Scholastic-owned websites and Apple’s AppStore andiBooks Store •No social media sharing •No locationtrackingfunctions PrivacyPolicy: Inc., 557 Broadway, New York, New York10012,800-SCHOLASTIC, 1-800-724-6527
Ghost In Photo 1.6
Al Wali
"Ghost in photo" application is used to scare your friendsbyplacing ghost in any picture from your ghost collection.GhostStickers to add to your photos. Ghost Stickers like ScaryGhosts,Skulls, Skeletons can be added to Photos. With "Add Ghost toPhoto"you will easily and without an effort add scary ghost toyourprivate photo. To create a very reliable photo with ghost youwillget advanced graphic effects and possibility to set yourghostposition and size anyway you want. Ghost Stickers to addGhosts toyour everyday pictures: Ghost Stickers: Now you candecorate yourPictures with Ghost Stickers. Select the Photo whereyou want toadd Ghosts to Pictures. You can adjust ghosts in thepictures with2 finger gestures and Add Transparency to GhostStickers to makeGhosts more Realistic in Ghosts Pictures. Morevariety of GhostStickers including Skeleton, Skull, Zombies areadded. Make fun andprank with your friends by installing "Ghost InPhoto". You are addghost in your image and making image very scary.Best part of thisapplication is provide a free ghost image ,so youcan add ghostimage easily. Ghost Camera is easy to use with GhostPhoto Maker:1)This app allows you to choose images either fromcamera orgallery. 2)Once you choose the image you can add any ofthe ghostwhich we have provided in this app ghost collection. 3)Youcan alsochange the opacity of the choosen ghost as yourrequirement. Adjustorder of photos to get better Ghost Photos.Change Opacity ofPhotos to get Spirit photos accurately. 4)Finallyyou share withyour friends on social networking siteslike"Facebook,Gmail,g+,Instagram,whatsapp etc. 5)Install this scaryappto scare your friend and have fun. It is always fun to playprankson our friends and family.
Ghost In Photo 2.4
Hi friends use this "Ghost in photo" application to scareyourfriends by placing ghost in any picture from your collection.Ghostin photo app enables us to have different pics of ghosts inthephoto thereby creating a funny ghost scary effect. Use thisnewghost app pro or photo ghost app, to create a horror ghostphotowith ghost photo effects like never before. Select yourfavouriteghost girl character among the ghost characters available,tocreate a ghost background for your pic, using this ghostpictureapp and scarry photo app, or ghost maker and ghost on cameraapp.Wanna include a ghost pic or ghost pictures in your photo?Thinkingof adding a ghost and demon to your pics? Want to give yourpic ascary effect by placing a ghost photo in it. Then ghost inphoto isthe ideal ghost photo creator or ghost photo editor app todo so.So it's time to get, the ghost and spirit app free downloadonandroid, and create a ghost photo with a scary ghosteffect.Install this ghost picture camera app or ghost photobackgroundapp, to create, a ghost face photo or scary photo, inorder toscare your friends and to have fun. Key features of ghostin photo1) This ghost photo editor or ghost photo maker app allowsyou tochoose images either from camera or gallery. 2) Once youchoose theimage you can add any of the real ghost pictures which wehaveprovided in this funny ghost app and ghost editor in pictures,orghost and spirit real app new. 3) You can also change theopacityof the chosen ghost picture or ghost image as per yourrequirement,using this ghost in picture photo app or scarybackground app. 4)Finally you can share the ghost in your picture,with your friendson social networking sites like "Facebook, Gmail,g+, Instagrametc, using this scary app and ghost in picture photoapp or, scaryghost and evil ghosts photo app. 5) Install this scaryapp to scareyour friend and have fun, using this ghost and spiritapp or ghosteditor app. 6) Save the ghost picture or ghost photo tothe phone'sgallery, using this real ghost camera app or originalghost app andscary photo app. Ghost in photo is the best photoghost app orghost photo maker, for creating a ghost photograph orghost picturewith a ghost effect. Download this top ghost apps freeand create aghost image for a scary ghost effect. Get ghost appfree downloador ghost app download on android.
Spirit Radar Ghost Sensor PRO 1
Advantages of PRO version:- Bonus +1000 skulls- Ability todisableadvertising- Full access to all rituals- Spirit boxing +decodingof words- Communication with the spirit- 2 new filters(nightvision, IR filter)
Ghost Detector - Real Radar Prank 3.0
Knowledge Quiz Games
Use Ghost Detector Real Radar Prank to test if your house hasghostsor paranormal spirits. Ghost Detector scans frequencies andmagneticfields and detects GHOST or PARANORMAL activities as aprankHit scanon to begin ghost detection. After detection, realghost detectorwill test surroundings based on different EMF,EMV.Ghost DetectorReal is a free prank app, will not actuallydetect if ghosts arearound you.DISCLAIMER:Real Ghosts andparanormal spirits are notdetermined by app. This app is a prankapp - does not really detectif ghosts are around you.
com.webgames.ghosts 2.54
Welcome to Ghost Town! Embark on an incredible adventure inGhostTown—a mysterious city inhabited by ghosts! Join theyoungsorceress Anna and unravel the secrets of Ghost Town: meetit'sresidents and uncover the evil plan of the mysterious Dramatistwhohas taken over the city. 🎃 A Fascinating Plot: Amazingadventuresalong with a thrilling storyline await you! 🎃 UniqueGameplay:Explore mysterious houses and reveal the secrets of GhostTown! 🎃Side Stories: Enjoy lots of side quests that explore allaspects ofthe game. Every update brings compelling new narratives .So staytuned! 🎃 Additional Quests: Over 100 characters, each withuniquestories and secrets to be discovered! 🎃 Dialog: Interact withtheresidents of Ghost Town and solve all sorts of riddles alongtheway to completing your quests. 🎃 Exciting Crafting: Createmyriadmagical objects, brew magic potions by mixing rareingredients, andmore! 🎃 Hidden Objects: Shortcuts, secret passages,treasure, magicgems and many other secrets are waiting for you tofind them! 🎃Dangerous Enemies: Fight evil spirits, zombies,carnivorous plants,frozen giants, and more!
African tales 1.0
Hello, application Tales Africans is an application created bythreestudents from Cameroon to describe Africa through its historyandallow African youth not to forget its traditions. His tales,rich inentertainment, in cultural emotion, and each tale isassociated witha descriptive picture to better understand thehistory. Thisapplication designed in beta, and soon the finalversion. ForAfrican, American, European, Asian and the worldfascinate Africanstories, we are not perfect but our applicationshould suit you verywell to control its history and understand itand understand theircustoms, the first application history Africansays. In thisapplication, the tales are divided into categories iein differentAfrican countries and you'll be spoiled for choice ashaving themost rewarding and exciting stories of Africa. So readand enjoy thestory as the story of kirikou, a small child braveand strong whosaves his country from drought and many other moreexciting. We arestaying on Africa at the moment and we will gofurther in the nextversions as other tales of the world. Thisapplication can beinstalled on Android Phones and Tablets, alsohas other featuressuch as tales are also categorize, that is tosay in differentcountries to better assist users, and other talesother Africandialects.
Ghosts & Spirits analyzes the readings of several sensors.Thecomplete equipment includes: - Magnetophone: converts thesensorreadings into sounds - Paranormal Detector: detects levelofparanormal activity - Radar Map: draw in the city map theexactpoint of the detected energy - Ghost Finder: help to locatefocusof energy using gauss field (only in PRO versión) - GhostCamera:converts sensor readings into images (only in PRO versión)We don'toffer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore,sinceresults from this application cannot be verifiedscientifically theapp should be used for entertainment purposes.
Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D 1.4
Welcome to this haunted hotel full of evil spirits. If you lovetoexplore different haunted places. Then this game is exactlyforyou. Let’s enter into this scary hotel and deal withvampires,ghosts, demons, monsters, skeletons, zombies andmummies.HauntedHotel Shadow Escape 3D game is about a stickman whois going tostay for a night in a hotel. He doesn’t know that it’shaunted. Hegets a key and enters into his room.Player is sleepingin his roomwhen he hears a scream. He comes out to find the reasonbut thereare scary mummies outside. He runs to get help but invain. Thirstyvampires and ghosts are around and ready to attack. Isit scary??Find a safe place for you. Go to kitchen and search forsomemagical stuff to freeze the zombies and demons. Player isrunningin lobby and trying to hide in different rooms but vampiresarestalking and want to satisfy their thirst. Now he has no optionbutto fight with these evil spirits and use this magical stufftofreeze them. Face these scary ghosts. Don’t allow your feartoovercome you. Be daring and escape, otherwise you’ll be dead.Enterinto the lift and jump to ground floor. Casino is full withghostsand mummies. Don’t be panic, jump to the main door and runfor yourlife.Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D Features:Open WorldStyleInteractive HotelDifferent Rooms Occupied by EvilSpiritsHorrorThemes but Suitable for Kids of all AgeEasyControlsHigh Quality 3DGraphics
Eavesdrop: Chat Stories 1.0.13
Introducing Eavesdrop, your next chat fiction addiction. Eachstoryis told as a bite-sized chat conversation that you caneavesdropinto. Tap to read for five minutes or stay up all nightandbinge-read thousands of story episodes. Eavesdrop workswithtalented writers to bring you scary stories to frightenyou,mystery stories to thrill you, funny comedies that’ll makeyoulaugh, and romance to fantasize about. We’re even featuringstoriesfrom the Internet’s favorite live streamers online, wherethey staras the main characters in our stories! New stories to gethooked onadded weekly. Features: - Hundreds of stories withthousands ofepisodes in your favorite genre. From short scarystories tomystery stories, creepy and thrilling ghost stories tofunnycomedies, Eavesdrop has got you covered. - Read and rateyourfavorite short stories. Eavesdrop will suggest what to readnextbased on what you like. It’s time to binge-read! - Eavesdropisdesigned to make fiction easy and addictive to read, anywhereandanytime. Subscribe for unlimited access to our entire collectionofaddictive chat stories. By using Eavesdrop, you agree to ourTermsof Use and Privacy Policy: In caseyouhave any issues, questions or comments don’t forget to e-mail Join our Facebook Community of chatstorylovers:
com.wattpad.tap 5.13.1
Take a universe of interactive stories with you. The world tellsitsstories in many wonderful ways, and Tap by Wattpad is whereyou’llfind immersive, interactive storytelling. Tap storiesmashupmixed-medium storytelling and choose-your-own-endingtwists,pulling you deeper into each story with every ‘tap’. Theresult?interactive stories you won’t want to put down. With Tap,you’rethe main character of your favorite stories. In Daughter oftheNight, find yourself drawn into the morally ambiguous worldofvampires. In Marie Kondo-inspired story Tidying Up theUniverseyou’ll decide: what parts of the universe will spark joy orwhichwill you thank, then destroy? And in A Royal Deception,goundercover as a princess to seduce a prince long enough for himtolose his throne… Tap stories use animated text, choices,video,chat messages, and stunning imagery to create a world ofmobilestories that captivate. A home for interactive creatorsWattpad hasalways been the home for diverse creators and theirstories. Since2006, Wattpad has been hailed as a safe and inclusivecommunity fornarrative fiction writers and readers all around theworld. WithTap, we’re working to build a future where everyone’sworld ispossible, and all independent games and interactive storiesbelong.Interested in creating your own interactive stories? UploadyourTwine or create your own stories for Tap. Visit taptaptap.cotojoin our Tap Beta Creator Program.
PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters™
Ghost alert at the Ghostbusters™ Firehouse! A blackout has causedamechanical failure in the containment unit. All capturedghostshave been set free! Grab your proton pack and catch as manyas youcan... • Choose between five different PLAYMOBILGhostbusters™, orcreate your own Ghostbuster. • Catch as manyghosts as possible anddump them in the containment units. • Watchout! Whenever the timerruns out, more ghosts are released. • Usethe fireman's pole for afaster escape. • Upgrade your skills andequipment step by step. •Become a Ghost bustin' master!
Ghost Sensor - EM4 Detector Cam for Pranks 5.4
Talgame ent.
Find ghosts with new EM4 algorithm The most accurate forAndroiddevices World's people call them many things: Ghost,призрак,fantasma, jurig, 亡灵 and many more, but one thing is clear,we arecurios and we always want to hunt them if they're around!Take upyour phone and follow the signal where it's the strongest!App canbe used to observe haunted places and find whereparanormalentities are present, experienced hunters can even followtheirmovement. The new algorithm - EM4 is finally stable, it's muchmoreaccurate and sensitive than any of its counterpartsandadditionally enables us to measure nature of paranormalentity,whether it's state and impact on surroundings is positiveornegative at a given time. Search for ghosts yourself or justprankand scare your friends! Ghost hunters! To find andinvestigatehaunted places and other paranormal activiteis better,we arealready working on the future updates that will bring:ghostradars, trackers, camera detector, EVP tools. We hope you'llbewaiting and will like them when the update arrives! Wish youluckand a safe hunt! * As no one can have full understanding ofnatureof paranormal beings and activities, this app provides noguaranteethat it's accuracy will be exact or will not change by thetime.App is for fun and entertainment purposes only! * Sensitivitymayvary from device to device.
Picture Story Book For Kids 3.0
Stories For Kids. ... Go through a host of fascinatingstoriesincluding fables and fairy tales, moral stories, shortstories,mythological stories, classic stories and your favorite -animalstories. The short stories include pictures and moralmessages,especially for kids. You'll love reading these interestingstoriesfor kids.FEATURES :- Enjoy reading stories from a library offamouseducational children’s stories.- 20+ Picture Stories for Kidsinone application.- Classic fairytales, moral stories andstoriesfrom Aesop's fables.- Read bedtime stories together.- Yourchildlearns to read these stories by him/herself.-Beautifullyillustrated famous stories with moral.- Easy and simplestory line-Interactive and easy to use. - Helps kids in learningcore skillsof listening, reading & speaking.We list some of themostpopular moral stories, adorning them with pictures, for thekids.Some of the Famous Stories Includes :- Animal Stories- TheThirstyCrow- The Hare And The Tortoise- The Wolf And The Goat- TheWindand The Sun- An Ant & A Grasshopper- The Fox Without Tail-TheOak Tree & The Reeds- The Town-Mouse And TheCountry-MouseInour large collection of children's stories fromaround the worldyou will find jungle tales, animal stories, bedtimestories, moralstories, short stories, stories of friendships andlove. Creep intothe world of fairy tales stories to experience thebliss ofinnocence & love. Short stories for kids areadventurous andinteresting ways to teach your children about goodmorals and rightconduct.When it comes to stories for kids withmoral lessons, youneed not look any further. Our short stories arebrimming withlessons that your kid can use in life. These smallEnglish storiesare not only entertaining, they teach children aboutseveral thingsin life. By reading a short story from this pageevery day, you canhelp your kid build values, as well as improvehis readingcomprehension skills.You can groom your child into abetter,responsible adult with the help of our children’s shortstorieswith moral lessons.All about kid's learning throughbedtimestories, short stories, moral stories for kids, couragestories,fable stories, short stories for kids.Best sellingchildren'sstories with beautiful illustrations. Enjoy moral shortstories forkids of all ages!Suggestions from parents are consideredas part ofour regular development process. You can send usyourcompliments/feedback on contact detailssee-
Ghost Camera 2.0
👻Use this "Ghost in photo" application to scare friends byplacingghost in any picture from your collection.Ghost Radar Camerajoke 👻this is a game simulation of a joke application where you canplayon your phone as a radar to search for ghosts! ghost detector-thespecter of a radar camera joke you can play friendsandrelatives!Create best looking Ghost Photos and newly photoswithGhost Photo Maker using Ghost Camera.Warning game joke createdforpranks and practical jokes and is absolutely safe foryourhealth!👻User for adding Ghost Frames for variety of Ghost prankandcamera prank,ghost simulator:Ghost Frames to decorate yourPictureswith Scary Photo Frames,ghost photo editor and muchmore.GhostPhoto Frames and Halloween Photo Frames,ghost in photoprank:Select one of the many Ghost Frames and Halloween Frames andAddyour Photo to Ghost Frames as Part of Ghost Camera. Save andSharethe saved Ghost Frames to show your friends the ScaryPhotoFrames.👻How to-User Guide for ghost photo editor:👻First selectonephoto from camera or gallery album for ghost prank.👻Afterselectingyou can add any of the ghost which we have provided inthisapp.👻Apply require opacity to selected ghost photo to createrealprank of ghost, Scary Live Wallpaper.👻At least you can sharethatimages to social medialikefacebook,whatspp,snapchat,google+,hike,gmail,instagram,messangerandscare you friends!👻So install this ghost camera app and scareyourfriend,have a lot of fun!ghost detector realprank,ghostscanner,Face Screaming in Fear same as this app.👻We havealso setavailability of Ghost Stickers to add Ghosts to youreverydaypictures:Ghost Stickers: Now you can decorate your PictureswithGhost Stickers. Select the Photo where you want to add GhoststoPictures.Also you can play like other ghost games. You canadjustghosts in the pictures with 2 finger gestures and AddTransparencyto Ghost Stickers to make Ghosts more Realistic inGhosts Pictures.More variety of Ghost Stickers including Skeleton,Skull, Zombiesare added.Make yourself into a Ghost using CutPastePictures.Select a picture of you that you want to convertintoScary Ghost.Cut the Photo by drawing a closed loop aroundyourpicture that need to be made into ghost.Paste the Cut photo ononeof your photos or our top Photo Backgrounds including>ScaryGhost Backgrounds, Nature Backgrounds, ForestBackgrounds,Waterfall Backgrounds.Create Your pictures as Ghostpictures. 👻Howto use this >Ghost in photo App ,Ghost cameraapp:😱Select photofrom gallery or Camera.😱Crop photo according toyour necessary forandroid device.😱Add ghost sticker image in yourselectedimage,ghost scanner.😱Adjust and set transparency in theghost imagein your suitable position,>Scary Photo Stickers.😱Youcan addmultiple ghost in your single image.This will become betterthanghost detector prank.😱After that save your final Wallpaper&image and share Facebook,Whatsapp,whatspp,snapchat and othersocialapps.😱Ghost Camera now also associated with GhostLiveWallpaper:😱After making and saving images Ghost Live Wallpapertopset as your Live Wallpaper.😱Select one of Ghosts for Wallpaperandwe will select from Scary Backgrounds to make Scary LiveWallpaperfor you.😱Save the >ghost Wallpaper with Scary Photobackgroundas your Live Wallpaper,>ghost simulator.😱Ghost Cameranow withScary Photo Frames,Face Screaming in Fear.😱Ghost scan,scaryfacesprank,Even ghost finder can not ghost in pictures which iscreatedusing this ghost photo editor.👻Warning game joke created forpranksand practical jokes!!-Ghost killer,ghost cameraapp,scarredghost,ghost camera prank,funny ghost,busted oncamera,ghostphoto,ghost prank,ghost camera app,scarred ghost,ghostpranks
The Three Little Pigs 1.8
Irene Deev
The interactive story for kids about the Three Little Pigs andtheBig Bad Wolf.No adverts, no in-app purchases! PlayablewithoutWi-Fi and Internet.* Gold Medal Winner of the 2017 GlobalEbookAwards.* Nomination at GIGA MAUS 2017 in Germany.* The Winnerof„Show Your App“ Award 2017 in Germany.* Known from: WDR,n-tv,COMPUTER BILD, Viel Spaß.* Book Award Nominee -IndependentPublisher Book Awards 2017.* Nominated for "Best MobileApp Awards"in categories "Books & Reference, Education,Entertainment,Family & Children, Educational,Family".Experience the famoustale of 'The Three Little Pigs' asreimagined in our new appbursting with never-before-seen features!The app is especially forchildren of pre‑school to primary schoolage who are alreadylearning about technology and mobile devices,and who enjoy fun andexciting fairy tales. Children are told thestory in a play-filledand self-guided manner, encouraging them tocreate their ownexperiences.The app shares several qualities withtraditionalchildren’s books, while at the same time inspiringchildren toexplore and interact with it in a number of differentways. Theresult is a play-filled and fun learning experience. Thestoryitself is split into several scenes, each containing alearninggoal. Children are encouraged to play an active part inthenarrative, which is punctuated with questions andmini-gamespitched at their age.With its colorful, high-qualitygraphics andanimations, The Adventures of the Three Little Pigs isa trulyunique app. It is a safe and invaluable teaching tool forchildrenwho are just starting to get to grips with technology, aswell as apersonal development aid.Special features of our app:•Threelanguage versions• Professional music sequences which havebeenspecially composed to appeal to children and parentsalike•Interactive animations providing an immersive, funexperience•Age-appropriate quizzes and games• Physical interaction– childrencan help the wolf blow a house down by blowing intothemicrophoneImpressive overall look, with high-quality,carefullydesigned graphics• As the story is told, text on screenishighlighted karaoke-style, enabling the child to easilyrecognizewhich words are being spokenRelive and rediscover thestory of TheThree Little Pigs together with your child! From theverybeginning, we wanted to create an app that parents andchildrencould use together in order to enhance the learningexperience. Forthat reason, particular attention was paid toensuring that the appwould appeal to young and old alike, and tobuilding a world thatwas entertaining and engaging in equalmeasure.We look forward toyour comments and ratings. More thananything else, we want toprovide joy to children and satisfactionto our customers. Yourideas will be essential to developing our appfurther.More info andcontact details:*Facebook:*YouTube:** Email us at:
NoStranger 84
NoStranger is not a game, it's a conversation. As the app opens,youreceive a message from a stranger. But by the end ofyourexperience, you will know his name, his motivation, and hisdarksecret. You will be led on a user-choice-drivennarrative;searching through blogs, contacting the story’scharacters, andscouring social media websites to find out more.Through real-timeconversation, you will delve deep, and sometimesnot so deep ;),exploring the interconnectedness of our virtualworld. Withinspiration from titles such as LifeLine and Her Story,​NoStrangeruses real websites, phone numbers, and videos to createabelievable, immersive experience. Trigger Warnings: Thisnarrativeincludes topics of suicide and violence.@BlackVeinPro Sign up for our Created by Scott Mulligan andMatthewVentures (@mrVentures)
उपन्यास Hindi Books 58.0
Our app provides over 100 amazing classic and modernHindiliterature for free. No internet required to read books. Wehavebooks from famous authors such as Premchand, BabuDevkinandanKhatri and we also have some really new crime and Horrorfiction.Some of the books are - Serial Killers of the World -Reincarnationstories - Mystery Stories (3 volumes)Acknowledgements: - The applauncher icon is purchased from - The content inthe app is translated fromWikipedia or is copyright free as perIndian copyright act 1957 -Mystery stories, Serial killer storiesand Reincarnation storycontent is licensed from the authors ofthose books.
Children's book (South Korean) 5.1
This app is story book for children in Korea . About 300 story,Allfree. Let's reading and heard to start !
Hindi Kahaniya Hindi Stories HS2.1
Hindi Stories For Everyone (हिंदी कहानियां सबके लिए).Read Nani-makiKahaniyan, Betaal Pachchisi, Singhasan Batisi,Akbar-Birbal,Tenaliram, Panchtantra, Lok-Kathayen, Sheikh Chilli keKissie allin one App. This App contains various stories ofAkbar-Birbal,Tenaliram, Panchtantra, Lok Kathayen, SheikhChilli,Stories ofGreat People and stories told by Dadi/Nani,.Best app forkids andparents too for Indian stories in Hindi★ Hindi Story (हिंदीकहानी)Categories Available☆ Moral Stories in Hindi [नैतिककहानियां]☆Stories of Great People [महान लोगों की कहानीयां]☆MotivationalStories [प्रेरणादायक कहानियां]☆ Funny Stories [हास्यकहानियां]☆Sheikh Chilli ke Kisse Kahaniyan [शेख चिल्ली के किस्सेकहानियां]☆Betaal Pachchisi [बेताल पच्चीसी]☆ Singhasan Batisi[सिंघासन बतीसी]☆Akbar-Birbal [अकबर बीरबल]☆ Tenalirama [तेनालीरामा]☆Panchtantra[पंचतंत्र]☆ Lok-Kathayen [लोक-कथाएं]☆ Dadi/Nani kiKahaniyan [दादीनानी की कहानियां]☆ Drant Kathayen - (द्रन्थ कथाएं)☆Ghost Stories-(भूतों की कहानियां)☆ Success Stories - (सफलता कीकहानियां)☆ ShortStories - (लघुकथाएं)------------------------------Special FeatureofApp------------------------------CHANGE TEXT SIZE You changethetext size of Story as per your requirement. Go to Options Menuandchoose "Change Text Size". You can select the Text sizefromsmallest to largest. Select and hit Save. The size of StoryTextwill change as per your choice (Applicable only in StoryScreen).This feature is very useful when you are using Tablets orPhoneswith large screens.
Monkey Stories: books, reading games for kids 2.5.1
Early Start CO.,LTD
Welcome to Monkey Stories - the huge digital library for kids aged2- 8 that delivers a vast collection of interactive andleveledpicture stories, guided lessons and audiobooks with newcontentadded weekly. Let your child explore our world of storiesandinteractive activities with beautiful illustrations, livelysoundeffect and interesting games - a world that inspires a loveofreading and ignites the imagination, and simultaneouslydevelopsessential language skills. INTERACTIVE PICTURE BOOKS Our500+ebooks are categorized into levels with guidance from theCommonCore State Standards and have a wide range of topics thatyourlittle readers will definitely fall in love with suchasfairytales, folktales, poems, plants, animals, family andfriends…All stories are beautifully illustrated and livelyanimated, whichare suitable for children in preschool, kindergartenand primaryschool. Monkey Stories allows kids to interact with thecontent ofthe story in an unique way that it never happens before.Yourlittle one can touch different items on the page and the nameofthe touched objects or characters will be displayed. Not onlythat,some objects or characters will become animated when beingtouchedas well. That will help the beginning readers to learnvocabularyand understand the plot of the story better. GUIDEDLESSONS 100+guided lessons in Monkey Stories are divided into 3levels,including Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1. All activities inthelessons are tailored to age group and the languagereceptiveability of children, aligned with Common Core StateStandard. Morethan 1,000 activities are instructed in English andare designed tolet children play to learn, which helps them engage,enjoy learningEnglish and eventually use English naturally. MonkeyStories’guided lesson are similar to those used in theclassroom,guaranteeing that children will not only be moreinterested inlearning English, but also develop essential skillsfor higherEnglish levels. SELECTIVE AUDIOBOOKS Our 100+ audiobookscollectbest stories that all kids love and be inspired, includingtalesfrom the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen…, famousfablesand moral stories. All audiobooks have lively sound effects,musicand multiple narrators that are not only fun, but alsostimulatechildren’s imagination. Monkey Stories has no advertising,pop-upads, or links to other sites. Your little readers can explorewithyou, or on their own in a safe and secure onlineeducationalenvironment. MAIN FEATURES - New content added everyweek -Education game-based activities - Read-to-Me in EVERY story,withword highlighting to help young readers. - Allow your childrentorecord the story with their voice and save it as a video-Interactive touch to objects in each picture page thatsupportscomprehensive reading - Audiobooks play at screen saver -Alignwith Common Core State Standard - Get Started for FREE!Nosubscription needed! - Offline access, no wifi needed -Noadvertising or pop-up ads SUBSCRIPTION - Subscribe forjust$3.99/month to unlock unlimited access. -Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast24-hours before the end of the current period - Account willbecharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod, and identify the cost of the renewal - Subscriptionsmay bemanaged by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing tothe user’s Account Settings after purchase - Nocancellation of thecurrent subscription is allowed during activesubscription period -Any unused portion of a free trial period willbe forfeited whenthe user purchases a subscription to MonkeyStories Free download.Best illustrated and animated children'sstories. High-qualityguided lessons. Interesting audiobooks.SUPPORT Have questions?Please email us at
Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games 2.6.2
“Fairy Tales” is a kid reading app with interactive mini gamesandfairy tales for children which makes reading more funandentertaining! “Fairy Tales” is a marvelous collection ofstorybooks for kids that includes such bedtime stories for kids as:-Puss in Boots - for FREE - The Beauty and the Beast - Cinderella-Sleeping Beauty - The Three Little Pigs - The Snow Queen -LittleRed Riding Hood - The Princess and the Pea - Gingerbread man-Goldilocks and the three bears - The Tinderbox - Ugly Duckling-Rumpelstiltskin - The Three Spinners - The Wolf and sevenlittlekids - The Enormous Turnip - Mother Snow - Aesop's Fables-Norton's New House by Arpad Olbey - The Realm of Sweet DreamsbyAsa Guves Collect DAILY BONUS to open interactive books andreadkids stories for FREE! Let your kids library grow withinteractivebooks and stories for kids! FEATURES: - “Read to Me,”“Read itMyself” modes - Interactive scenes with fully narrated andanimatedcharacters - Offline reading - download a book once andread itanytime, anywhere. These reading chapter books for kids areusefulfor long trips, doctor's appointments and restaurants -Designedfor children interface - Lots of games for kids under 5years -Safe and kid-friendly - protection from unintentionalpurchasesRead books and play educational games with yourfavoritecharacters! Best for toddlers and preschoolers. Theprofessionalnarrator will read along bedtime stories. It makes adailygo-to-sleep ritual easier! Each fairy tale contains pop-upgames tomake reading books more entertaining and educative. Findfollowinglearning games for kids in these storybooks: labyrinth,cardsmatching, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects. This app is agreatcollection of the high-quality short story for kids withchildrensstories and learning games for toddlers and preschoolers.Magicmoments with vivid illustrations, professional voicenarration,interactive activities, amazing animations, colorfulpictures andbeloved fairytales will delight kids and parents. Feelthe magic ofa kids story by the perfect storytelling! Bestpreschool learningapp with interactive educational books forprepare boys and girlsfor kindergarten and first grade. Yourfeedback is important to us.Please SHARE YOUR REVIEW below! For anytechnical issues, pleaseemail us at
3D Fun Games For Free
An endless unicorn run game for unicorn lovers! Start yourjourneyin a fantasy world by running on a rainbow path.Chooseyourfavorite unicorn and run in a fantasy magical land.Run ,jump,collect hearts and collect amazing power ups in yourway.Upgradedifferent powers ups to double the fun. Features-Endless fun in anendless unicorn run game. -Beautiful magicalworld at the horizonof rainbow. -ride the unicorn rainbow like afairy tale. -virtualunicorn in 3D Do you love unicorns? Try thisfree game and startyour journey in a magical fantasy world like afairy tale.
How to Write an Essay 3.1.2
Creative Writing Apps
***NEW UPDATED 2019*** 1. Argumentative Essay Example 2. HighSchoolEssay Example 3. Junior School Essay Example / PrimarySchool Essay/ Composition 4. TOEFL Essay 5. GCE Essay 6. IELTSEssay 7. PromptExamples. 8. English Paragpraph Complete GuideEssay Writing Anessay is, generally, a piece of writing that givesthe author's ownargument — but the definition is vague,overlapping with those of anarticle, a pamphlet, and a shortstory. Essays have traditionallybeen sub-classified as formal andinformal. (Wikipedia) The firstparagraph or so of an essay isusually the most important part ofthe whole essay to get "justright". Not only is it an opportunityto grab the reader'sattention, but also a chance to set the agendafor the rest of theessay in terms of tone and content. Strictlyspeaking, there is nosingle "right" way to begin an essay — just asit's possible towrite essays about countless subjects, so too is itpossible tobegin an essay in countless ways. However, most goodbeginnings toessays share certain qualities which, if taken intoaccount, cangreatly improve essay intros that may otherwise belacking. ThisHow To Write an Essay Apps will guide you the perfectway to writean essay. Features How to Write: 1. argumentative essay2.expository essay 3. reflective essay 4. narrative essay5.persuasive essay college essay academic essay essay writingservicecritical essay summary essay descriptive essay compare andcontrastessay cause and effect essay add on: essay example for eachtheessay type. also cover: how to write an essay example how towritean essay in English how to write an essay outline essaywriting forkids essay writing topics how to write an essayintroduction typesof essay writing essay examples for high schoolwith BONUS GUIDEeBook inside!! Update regularly!! Download Now!!
Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories
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Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and readthemfor free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horrorstories,mystery, romance and more! Discover hand-picked novels fromallgenres and join us on our mission to support aspiringauthorstaking their first steps towards publication. *** MostDownloadedFree Reading App in 5 countries. *** • Discover and readupcomingfiction books by indie authors for free (all in English) •Downloadfiction books and read them offline • Personalizedreadingrecommendations based on your favorite fiction genres•Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences•When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll Over700,000readers have discovered new novels from indie authors on theInkittreading app. From Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror,Actionand Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA,discoverhand-picked novels and books from all genres. -- AboutInkittInkitt is the perfect free app for reading fiction books onyourAndroid phone or tablet, especially for avid readers wholovediscovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors onthego. All stories published on the Inkitt app are ourreaders’top-picks. Books and novels are our passion and we want toshare itwith you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!Findfantasy, scifi, thriller, mystery, horror, action, dramaandromance books and novels also on Interestedinknowing more about upcoming titles, learning writing tips,andreading author interviews? Visit our blog
Ghost Town Epic Escape 3D 1.6
Let’s experience this haunted town adventure!You went onanadventurous journey in a ghost town. You thought that it is safetofind mysteries of this town. But it is haunted and scary.Monstersare around and ready to kill you. Sneaking in this town andmakinga safe escape is a real challenge.Ghost Town Epic Escape 3Dis fullof horror missions. Escape yourself from the haunted area.Usesuper power to avoid the horror mummies. Skeletons are theretofrighten you. Don’t be scare. You cannot kill the dead, burnthem.Run and escape from the cemetery. One way to escape thisnightmareis to fight them all. Are you ready to risk your life! Bebrave andescape!Ghost Town Epic Escape 3D Features!ChallengingHorrorMissions!Direction map and Hints!Amazing 3D Graphics andSoundEffects!Amazing Haunted City to explore!Interesting Scenariostocomplete!
1000+ Paheliyan in Hindi 1.0.8
This Hindi Stories books Application Paheli in Hindi containslargecollection brain teasing paheli with their answer inHindilanguage. This Hindi Paheli app contains large collection ofPaheliin Hindi which is related to our daily life, science,Enjoinment ,Logical, mathematical puzzles, Hindi short stories andriddles etc.Some of these Hindi paheli are very tough to solve andsome youfind very easy. but once you know the logic behind it isfun toponder and ask to others. Download these Paheli in Hindi appandenjoy tricky paheliyan with your friend and family member. IfyouEnjoy using this app then please leave your valuable feedbackandrate to us . Your suggestion to improve the app is alwayswelcome.Thank you.
My Story: Choose Your Own Path 5.5
🎉 Choose hours of fun with My Story: Choose Your Own Path! 🎉Thisinteractive storytelling game allows you to make your owndecisionsand impact the story with your choices. Whether you enjoydrama,romance, comedy or fantasy, in My Story, you are the one thatgetsto control what happens next. Choose a story genre andexperienceamazing adventures in the world of My Story! Choose astory and letthe entertainment begin! Whatever you want to do, youcan.💄Roleplay as a young fashion icon in Model Undercover andmakeimportant decisions for her career; take part in a dating showandfind a perfect match in Who Wants to Marry Miss Larson?; or justgofor some good old high school drama in our famous story,Love,Mona. 💄 My Story library offers a variety of fun stories!Thechoice of genre and story is entirely yours, but the funisguaranteed! ❗Make important decisions and change the narrative.Inthis fun interactive game, you can choose your own path andchangethe course of the story. The outcome of future chapters isentirelyin your hands. Who will you choose to trust in MortalFrenemy? Howwill you handle your magical new life in The BittenOnes? Do yourbest to avoid the drama, or choose to confront anyonethat standsin your way… Why wait a week for the next episode of aTV serieswhen you can find quality entertainment right here? ❗💕Step up yourdating game and control what happens in your lovelife. Dress up inan outfit that will impress your crush and maybeeven get you adate. Romance is everywhere in My Story – from highschool crushesin Dear Mona to adult relationship drama in BadJudgement. Go allout and spice up your love life with someseductive lingerie.Choose the most romantic path, createunforgettable moments withyour favorite characters, and enjoy yourlove story!💕 💃Looking fora book series that will give you more funmoments? You will lovethe Mona series! • Start with Dear Mona –After your first lovestory finishes mere moments after it started,you are leftheartbroken. Few years later, you find yourself fallingin lovewith Shawn, a bad boy with a good heart. However, when youroldlove returns, you need to make some difficult choices. Howwillyour love story end? • After Dear Mona, make your way throughthechapters of Love, Mona – Follow Mona’s story from her highschooldays to adulthood. Navigate through teen crushes, enjoy thecollegeparties, have adventures in Europe and much more. Enjoytheromance, live through the drama, and, in the mostdifficultmoments, help Mona make her decisions. 💃 💌 For moreintriguing lovestories, check out Forbidden Fruit and TheBillionaire’s Darling. •Forbidden Fruit – A night out is just whatyou needed to get yourmind off of college, and that good-lookingguy by the bar will makeit even better. Too bad he’s your chemistryprofessor… What willyour decision be? Will you choose to pursue aromance with him orwill you find another guy to date? How will youhandle the dramathat comes with dating your college professor? It’sreally quite anunconventional love story… • The Billionaire’sDarling – A handsomebillionaire has his eye on you, a simplecollege girl? Sounds likeevery girl’s fantasy. But, when he makesyou a strange offer, whatpath will you choose? And, what willhappen when your fake romancestarts turning into a real love story?Will you and Henry getthrough the drama and maintain your love foreach other? 💌 MyStory: Choose Your Own Path is constantly workingon producing themost thrilling stories, getting the best authors onboard, andcreating an unforgettable reading experience for eachreader. Ourlibrary has a story for every reader. Download My Story:ChooseYour Own Path, and start shaping your own story!
Launchora - Write, Read Stories and Poems 4.1.4
Launchora, Inc.
A writing and reading app where you can publish stories andpoems.Launchora is a writing community for people who love to shareandwrite poems, life stories, love stories, mystery,romance,screenwriting, fan fictions, confessions, letters, dailyjournalsand more. Best app for writing and reading Write about yourlifeand experiences - Launchora is the best community forcreativewriters who love to write and launch poems, stories,thoughts,ideas, essays, quotes, lyrics, books, and novels withpeople fromacross the world. Discover incredible stories dailywritten bypeople and access free reading on-the-go. Follow writersandconnect instantly Start interesting conversations aboutlife,books, movies, and creativity with writers and poets fromaroundthe world. Follow your favorite Launchora writers and tellthem howtheir story made you feel, ask them questions, and connectoverthis shared experience. Give out opinions and recommendationsonyour favorite stories, and follow the writers you like togetnotified when they publish their next story or poem. Learnandbecome a better writer Discover and find helpful writing tipsandguides to learn creative writing - Find the help that you needtorefine and recognize your creative potential. Bring inthoseunfinished, not-quite-ready drafts, need-some-feedbackideas,been-in-draft-limbo stories - and let the community help youwithconstructive feedback and suggestions. Access creativestorytellingtools Take the next step in your writing journey byexperimentingwith your creative ideas and access the feature ofrecording andlistening to audio stories and audio books. Getinspired andunleash your creativity Find writing prompts andparticipate indaily creative writing challenges to become a betterwriter orpoet. Listen to our weekly creative podcast where wefeaturewriters, artists, and storytellers who share and talk abouttheirinspiring life journey and experiences. Find and buildyouraudience Your unique voice and creative writing talent now haveahome. Start your journey on Launchora, write in your ownlanguage,find your audience, watch it grow, and become a part of aglobalcommunity of writers and poets. If you are a writer or poet,thisis the writing platform you have been waiting for. Ourglobalwriting community awaits your stories and poems.
Mansion. Choices Text Adventure 1.36
Gravity Shot
A text based quest where the choices you make do matter. Atextadventure that can immerse you in a fascinating detectivestorywith puzzles and unexpected plot twists. Are you up forthechallenge to go through this interactive gamebook, solve allthepuzzles and find out what happened in the mysterious Mansion?Ifyou are tired of the typical stories about zombies, theapocalypse,ghosts, demons and maniacs, the real-life room escape"Mansion"will be a breath of fresh air for you. After all, this isa storyabout ordinary people, and these things could actuallyhappen toyou. It's a thriller, which is due to true-to-lifecharacters,tense atmosphere and a witty storyline will keep you insuspenseuntil the very end. All actions of the characters arelogical andcoordinated, and your choice really influences thecourse ofevents. There are no long pauses in the game, and at anytime youcan minimize the game and continue when it is convenientfor you.Of course, if you are not afraid to leave the maincharacters alonein the events taking place in the mansion. The gameis absolutelyfree to play from the beginning to the very end.Features: -fascinating story, consisting of two parts; - 2 basicand 6additional characters; - 46 endings; - 18 mini-games; -12achievements - a minimum of ads (which you can turn off!)andwaiting time. - for complete main game walkthrough, you do notneedto buy anything. Any player can open all endings for free.