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com.adsale.ChinaPlas 9.2.2
The Adsale Group
CHINAPLAS 2019 (The 33rd International Exhibition on PlasticsandRubber Industries) Smart Manufacturing • Innovative Materials•Green Solutions •Asia’s No. 1 and the world’s No. 2 plasticsandrubber trade fair, UFI Approved Event •Held from 21-24 May 2019at(CIEFC) China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou,Guangzhou,PR China •Display cutting-edge plastics and rubbertechnologies forautomotive, building & construction, E&E,IT &telecommunications, medical and packaging industries•Expected toattract over 3,500 exhibitors from 40 countries &regions and180,000 trade visitors With this APP, you can grasplatest showinfo of CHINAPLAS 2019 including: ••Practical tips forvisitors,e.g. transportation, floor plans, etc. •Simple andeasypre-registration for admission •Search exhibitors by name,product,application, country or keywords etc. •Bookmarkinterestedexhibitors to “My Exhibitor” and synchronize withofficial websitelogin account •Add events and appointments to “MySchedule”•Offline operation is supported
30D TRIBUS 1.1.2
iVoox Podcast y Radio
Programa de inicio para el nuevo empresario dentro delaorganización Tribus Team durante sus primeros 30 días enelnegocio.Start program for the new employer within theorganizationTribes Team during their first 30 days in the business.
Calendar 5.22
Calendar widget shows the current day, sunrise and sunset, phasesofthe moon and its east and west, zodiac sign, google calendareventsand historical events. Full view contains weather forecast.NOTE setthe latitude and longitude of its location to hours ofsunrise andsunset display properly. Application use: - Internet -for displayadvertising 2.2
Messe München
The bauma app 2019 – Your mobile planner for bauma 2019. Thebaumaapp gives you access to all important fair-related informationatall times. Thanks to exhibitor lists, interactive hall plans,theentire supporting program and other useful functions, your visittothe fair practically organizes itself. The main functions ofthebauma App are: - Search for exhibitors, , industry sectorsorpoints of interest around the site - Mark your favorites intheinteractive hall plan - Special mining directory - Overview oftheentire supporting program and highlights The app is yourperfectcompanion before, during, and after the trade show! PLEASENOTE: Wehighly recommend to run the first time data init afterdownloadingthe bauma App with a wifi connection to avoid longloading times.
Do Now - Focused Timeboxing 2.4.7
Simplifying the todolist: Planned - stuff to do now/today.Unplanned- brain bump, worry about it later stuff. Routines -stuff yourepeat a lot/want to plan ahead for/interval training andsince youcan load them into any other list they can be used overand overagain as building blocks for easily managing lots ofvariations ofyour day - not to mention that they can be scheduledto be loadedinto your planned list automatically. Helpful forthose withADD/ADHD and need help staying focused.Focusing on time:Be timerich. See how much time things actually take to do. Seewhat timeyou'll be done with each task. Move tasks around whilethe timer isgoing without worrying about losing progress. Controlthe timer likea music playlist - play, pause, stop, put it onauto-repeat so taskscompleted will be re-added to the bottom, puton continuous mode sothe timer will automatically move throughtasks as their time's upand you don't have to intervene. Enterfull-screen mode for lessdistraction and to reinforce the idea offocusing on one task at atime. Optional countdown alerts, statusbar notifications, and awidget all give you awareness and controlof your time.StayOrganized and In Sync: Google Task Syncing isavailable to make iteasy to connect not just with Google Tasks butother services suchas Todoist that focus more on organization(more direct integrationis planned). See this Zapier recipe a userof Do Nowcreated: good: Multiple themes to choose from and more coming!Widgettheme matching app theme is being rolled out.No ads!: Theonly adsare optional - you can opt-in to get rewards forcompleting tasksthat are usually discounts/deal types. In-apppurchases availableinclude unlocking extra features andthemes.Recommended usage is tofollow a technique like Pomodoro or30/30 as well as GTD. Break upyour day into chunks of time andassign some amount of time to eachtask you want to get doneotherwise known as time boxing. There’s noneed to be rigid - youcan vary the duration for each task and theapp will keep track ofthe time and tell you when it’s time to moveon.Turning oncontinuous and repeat mode as well as the countdownoption make ita powerful interval timing for your workouts orstructured worktasks.Check out the settings page for options. Feelfree to use theHelp & Feedback option to learn more and reachthe developerfor feedback.Permissions:Networking-relatedpermissions are used byGoogle Task Syncing, Kiip - the rewardsservice, Google analytics,Google Play for purchasing items.Vibratepermission is used fortiming notifications (can be disabled insettings)Sync and accountrelated permissions are required to syncwith Google tasks(optional feature).If you'd like to participate intranslating thisapp please contactme.Twitter: access tobeta/alphaversions):
com.yunosolutions.taiwancalendar 2.8.2
Taiwan holiday calendar with lunar calendar [Features] - AllTaiwanpublic holiday and Chinese festivals - Chinese Lunar Calendar-Reminder Feature - Syncs with Google Calendar - Date Calculator-Lunar Calendar Converter - Pan and Zoom feature - Availableforyear 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 By installing and using this app,youwill accept the Terms of Use ( andPrivacyPolicy ( [Keywords] Taiwan CalendarPublicHoliday, Chinese Calendar, Lunar Calendar 2019 - 2020
com.yunosolutions.indonesiacalendar 2.8.1
Indonesia holiday calendar with lunar calendar [Features] -AllIndonesian public holiday - Jawa Dates - Hijri Lunar Calendar-Reminder Feature - Syncs with Google Calendar - Date Calculator-Lunar Calendar Converter - Interactive Mode - Pan and Zoomfeature- Birthday and age calculator - Available for year 2017,2018,2019, 2020 By installing and using this app, you will accepttheTerms of Use ( and PrivacyPolicy( [Keywords] Indonesia CalendarPublicHoliday, Hijri Calendar, Lunar Calendar
March For Our Lives
DoubleDutch, Inc.
This is the official mobile app for the March for our Lives.Thisapp was created by DoubleDutch, the leading provider ofbrandedmobile applications for events, conferences and tradeshowsworldwide.The DoubleDutch platform is designed to thrillattendeesand empower event organizers with powerful analytics.Createengaging, memorable events and conferences with aDoubleDutchmobile app today. You must be at least 13 years of ageto sign upfor an account and download and use this app. Noinformation may besubmitted to or through this app by users underthe age of 13.Youmust be a U.S. resident to sign up for an accountand download anduse this app. If you have any questions regardingyour data or ourprivacy practices, please contact privacy atdoubledutch dot me.
শিশুপাঠ ( Sishu Path ) 1.3.5
NTSS Pvt Ltd
SishuPath (শিশুপাঠ) Hunting for an amusing, free, and easylearningapp to help your infant learn phonetics and letters ofthealphabet? Look no further than “SishuPath (শিশুপাঠ)”.“SishuPath(শিশুপাঠ)” is a free phonetics and fundamental learningapp thatmakes fun for children, from infant all the way topreschoolers andkindergartners. “SishuPath (শিশুপাঠ)” is more thanjust akid-companionable educational app. The integrate keepsinfants tiedon alphabet pursuing and writing away from movingfingers. Best ofall, “SishuPath (শিশুপাঠ)” is full-featured andfree from in-apppurchases. Features: - A colourful early educationapp that helpschildren learns the Bengali alphabets. - Includes অ,আ, ক, খ andrhymes includes with each alphabets. -১,২,৩,৪ with imageview.please contact us
com.deuxvelva.surveyor 54
Bingung menentukan lokasi yang banyak orderannya? Mencarilokasiyang banyak orderan gofood? Aplikasi ini membantu driveruntukmenjawab pertanyaan di atas. Dengan menganalisa ribuan dataorder,Surveyor akan memberikan informasi banyak sedikitnya orderdalamsuatu wilayah dalam bentuk grafis. Confused determine thelocationof the lot orderannya? Find a location that many ordersgofood?This application helps the driver to answer the abovequestions. Byanalyzing thousands of orders data, the surveyor willprovideinformation on the extent of order in a region in graphicalform.
Palmeiras Wallpapers 5.0
Baixe wallpapers do Palmeiras para o seu celular com apenas umtoquena tela! Download wallpapers for your Palm phone with just atouchon the screen!
Clipboard Manager Pro 2.5.3
I hope you like application "Clipboard Manager"!Clipboard Managerissimple and powerful application to manage your clipboard,keephistory, fast access to your notes in history, etc.Just copyyourtext anywhere and clip will be added to history.Check outfeatures:* Create unlimited categories. * Copy and paste unlimitednotes. *Automatically save note from clipboard. * New noteconfirmation. *Paste your notes from keyboard * Auto cleanclipboard content *Auto clean up default category. * Auto cleantrash. * Search inyour notes. * Share note/few notes * Merge notes* Ordering *Automatically backup to the cloud (optional) * Importand exportdata to the file * Smart actions * View notes * Fastaccess torecent notesCheck it out and give us feedback!Note:Automaticallyclear clipboard is turned off by default.
in.testskill.AgeCalculator 16
Show Result in 1. Age in Years & days 2. Total Years 3.TotalDays 4.Total Hours 5. Total Minutes
My Schedule 6.0.6
Biesbrouck Arnaud
My Schedule is the ideal diary for those who have movedworkingschedules. Seize your schedule on your telephone andtransporteverywhere. Furthermore thanks to your personalized codesof color,facilitate the understanding of your schedule. NewFeatures: - Easysharing of your schedule - The hour meter worked -A guide
CodeBoard Keyboard for Coding 4.0.3
Coding on your mobile device just got easier. No moreswitchingbetween numbers, symbols and alphabets. Features: - Arrowkeys -Cut, copy, paste, select all - Undo, redo - Tab - All thebraces{[<( - ; / \ ! | &$ etc - No ads! Code board is opensourceat Suggestionswelcome
Tank volume calculator 2.4
The application calculates the volume and weight of a liquide byitsfilling level, empty and total volume. Calculations areperformedfor: - Rectangular tank - Horizontal cylindrical tank -Verticalcylindrical tank - Cylindrical tank with conical bottom-Cylindrical tank with truncated conical bottom - Cylindricaltankwith spherical bottom
Traditional Chinese Keyboard 2.3.9
Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard has the fastest reactiontimeand most accurate prediction of any Traditional ChineseAndroidkeyboard, learning and getting smarter as you type. It isone ofthe most popular traditional Chinese keyboards on Google Playwithdownloads over 1,700,000. Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboardcanpredict your next word faster and more accurately thanotherkeyboards because of its huge dictionary of words andLinpus'exhaustive testing of word patterns. In addition, when youstart totype the last part of Linpus' work kicks in as LinpusKeyboard thenstarts to learn from the words you personally use tomake thatprediction even more accurate. But Linpus TraditionalChinesekeyboard is not just the most accurate it is also the mostfun,most complete in terms of input methods, and customizable. Ithasits own full featured handwriting solution, a gesturetypingsolution; T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng and Canjieinput;re-size keyboard options, and many different themes tochoosefrom.Latest versionLinpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard hasbeenmassively improved and updated in this edition. Nextwordprediction is now more accurate and faster and thehandwritingengine is new. In addition, Linpus has added a number ofgreat paidfeatures which are automatically activated as a 30 daysfree trial.Paid features: Tablet users - Keyboard can be moved tonew placefor more convenient typing.Physical keyboard  Attach bybluetoothany physical keyboard for input and prediction.More themes- Threenew themes: Pure black, Pure purple and Brown leather. Fullscreenhandwriting - Can now choose full screen to writewords.Fastediting - Tap on any word in your message to select andsend backto the candidate bar for editing and re-selection.A fulllist offeatures is below:Amazingly accurate prediction that learnsandgets better the more you typeInnovative gesture typingsolutionNewimproved handwriting engineMore ways to select sub-menuitems – Aswell as long press can now swipe on a keyOne tap toselect and sendtyped words to prediction on bar foreditingSplittablekeyboardMixed English and Chinese input in onekeyboardMostextensive set of input methods for both Simplified andTraditionalChinese: T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng andCangjieEditthe words memorized in your dictionaryPannablepredictionbarEmotion symbol support Arrow keys (cursor up and downand movearound) Improved Zhuyin and Pinyin spelling modificationMultipleskins and themes Resize keyboard optionLong press to getcomma,period, question mark and exclamation mark onfirstscreenExhaustive list of colloquial wordsEasy to use 9 squaregriddigital box instead of symbol layout for easywordeditingUpdatesv1.6.21.Fix issue that some smart phone useourkeyboard, shutdown and then reboot, system back to built-indefaultIME ;2.Fix issue that MTK6592 contact search box cannotinputZhuyin & Cangjie;3.Fix issue that application "ClashClans"cannot input Zhuyin & Cangjie in its input box;4.Fixissue thatGmail receiver input box cannot input Zhuyin &Cangjie;5.Fixissue that Backup & Restore words library willdisappearsometimes after remove IME app;6.Fix issue that Zhuyinslidingfeature is not accurate from ㄔleft to ㄈ、ㄐ、ㄊ;Note: Long pressthe"Earth" button can quickly switch the keyboard which you need.Longpress the "Enter" key can quickly into keyboard setting andswitchother IME. 11.0.0
NaaPI is a tool for Land Measurement in Nepal in unitstypicallyused and popular in/around Kathmandu Valley. Now, youdon't needsomeone to measure your land/plot, what you need is aMeasuringTape and NaaPI. You measure the plot, enter data in NaaPI,restwill be done by NaaPI. Or You don't need anything at allbecause wehave a map plotter that will instantly give your area.MainFeatures : - Length Conversion - Area Conversion - AreaAddition /Subtraction / Multiplication / Division - Calculator -Area-PriceCalculator - Compass - Plotter: Figure draw and calculateArea -Geo-Plotter: Map draw and calculate Area - Save Functionality-Market Place for Selling and Buying Plots - Blue Print Map:Drawand Calculate Area - Perimeter Included - Edit Functionality -UndoFunctionality - Different configurable settings forcustomization
MetaMoJi Note Lite
MetaMoJi Corp.
MetaMoJi Note is a cross platform note taker, sketchbookandwhiteboard app for all Android enabled devices. Take notes or ToDolists, or import files in PDF format. Use the app as ahighresolution sketchbook with a vast color wheel palette,pastelcolors and advanced calligraphy pens. MetaMoJi Note is ahighlyvisual virtual whiteboard for sketching, annotation,scrapbookingor digital mashup. MetaMoJi Note is the onlynote-taking appavailable across all major mobile platforms. Winnerof multipleawards: Tabby Award for Best Personal Productivity App -SilverStevie® Award for International Business - Finalist for AppyAwardfor Productivity - #1 Productivity App in Japan Capture,share, andaccess your inspiration anywhere, anytime! Key Features •Write,sketch or draw notes with a variety of pens, paper layoutsandgraphics, including calligraphy pens and special inks from avastcolor palette • Scale your document up to a whiteboard or downto asticky note while still maintaining 100% visual integrity withupto 50X zoom capability and vector graphic resolution quality•Share creations by email or upload to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr•Easy file storing and sync files and folders to MetaMoJi Cloud,acloud service that allows you to save and manage your documents(upto 2GB for free) • Save drawings as individual JPEG graphics intheitems library for later use • Scale, rotate, or move textboxesanywhere in your work space • Interactively browse the webfromwithin the app and mark up sites • Built-in spell checker Herearesome ways to use MetaMoJi Note for your personal and businesslife:• Generate quick notes and to-do lists • Capture and markupwebsitepages • Sketch drawings • Use as an interactive whiteboardtobrainstorm and present during team meetings • Photo annotation•Review/edit documents and share feedback through email • Outlineanessay, article or story • Create your own “Pinterest” boardandshare via social networks • Digital scrapbooking • Play games•Design flyers or greeting cards • Draw a flowchart • Maintainadigital calendar • Compile recipes • Create a partyinvitationLearn more: More about MetaMoJi Note:http://noteanytime.comSupport: Contactus:
DAR Continental Congress
Welcome to the official mobile app for the DAR ContinentalCongress.This app allows you to: • View the schedule of events •Create apersonalized schedule for your convenience • Accessimportant maps •Connect and share your Congress experiences viaFacebook, Twitter,Instagram
Urdu مکمل Keyboard 1.1.2
A phonetic keyboard that does not require usage of SHIFT key, sonocharacter is hidden.The placement of character is similar tothephonetic Urdu keyboard with additional keys/character placedneartheir phonetic equivalent.Suggestions are displayed forwordcompletion and nextwordprediction.----------------------------------------------------------------------What'snew:Write anywhere includingsearchboxes.----------------------------------------------------------------------Developer:UsamaBin Ejaz, Talha Hassan, Manesh Vaswani
com.maticservices.consumer v1.22
Matic Services
With Matic Services, booking a trusted housekeeper in Dubai,AbuDhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Hasa, Dhahran, Khobar, Dammam andManamahas never been easier. Just tell us what needs to be cleanedinyour home and when you need it, then sit back and let ourteamhandle the rest so you can get back to doing what you lovemost!Why Matic Home Services? All of our cleaners are employeeswithyour best interest at heart: - Minimum Of 2 years experienceintheir designated specialties In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh,Jeddah,Al Hasa, Dhahran, Khobar, Dammam and Manama - Intensivein-housetraining - Background checked and certified Go ahead andscheduleyour Matic home professional at the push of a button. Wecan’t makethis mucheasier!_______________________________________________________________________________________________We’realways excited to hear from you! If you have anyfeedback,questions, or concerns, please email us at: care@matic.aeor visitour website or follow us onTwitter: @MaticServices andFacebook:
Smart Dash Cam 5.7
Turn your phone into a full featured Car video recorder atafraction of the cost of the standalone device. Smart Dash Camappautomatically captures every driving moment using theauto-looptechnology and collision detection. You can feel at easehaving adependable “silent witness” by your side. With the built-inmanualand auto recording mode, the Smart Dash Cam is always readytocapture extraordinary moments when you are driving. Whether it beaspectacular falling meteorite or a herd of bison crossing theroador traffic accidents, you will always have somethinginterestingcaptured in videos. Supported Languages: English,Spanish, French,German. Please note: - Currently our app does notsupport thefunction to record in the background yet. - This is afree versionwith ads, please upgrade to full version to disableads.
20000+ Thoughts for Success 2.4
• 20000+ Best Motivational Thoughts • All types of thoughtsLove,Success, Motivational etc • Thoughts from all great leaderslikeLincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs etc. • Get “Thought of TheDay:daily and start your day with enthusiasm. • Share onwhatsapp,facebook or any social site or app. • Copy and pasteanywhere. •Add a thought in favorite for quick access. • NewThoughts addedweekly. • Every day new thought with new screen. Youcan sharethought with your friends using Facebook or usingMessaging andalso you can mail. Thoughts can search by Dates.Thought Of The Dayhas Widget Now. Form the Widget directly you canopen the ThoughtOf The Day Android • keep yourself refreshed byreading these freequotes on the go. • You get to read a new thoughteach day to helpyou reflect on subjects like love, faith,compassion, motivationand more… • Spread the wisdom by sharingthese inspirational quoteswith your friends via facebook, Whatsappand text messages.
Bangla Keyboard 3.0
Balint Infotech
Bangla keyboard app will allows you to type message, Story,E-mailsetc. in Bangla language. You will find superb eye catchingthemesfrom Bangla Keyboard. You can set your own photo in keyboardandmake it cute. Bangla Keyboard app will also providecustomsettings. Of course you want such lovely and cute Emoji, soit isalso there.Features: - Enable Keyboard.- Stunning Themes isthereto decorate your keyboard. - You can set your photo asbackgroundin keyboard. - See preview of keyboard inside app. - 8+differentsettings available. - Find Emoji in Bangla Keyboard appand add inyour text.
Camera for canon 27.02.21
Good Beat
Canon's EOS line of camera's have set a particularly highstandardand a well-deserved reputation over the years. Typically,they'vebeen quite expensive, even if they usually bolsterhigh-qualityspecs. It was a shock then, to find their 2014 model tostart atjust £350, the lowest their EOS camera range has ever been.Morethan two years on, and the camera is still going strong, withamuch lower price of £277 making it an attractive choice fortheamateur photographer. Features:- Automatic Mode / AutoMode-Portait Mode- Macro Mode- Lanscape Mode- Sport Mode- Nightmode-Semi Automatic Mode- Aperture Priority Mode (A or AV)-ShutterPriority Mode (S or TV)- Program Mode- Depth AutomaticDepth(Depth)- Full Manual Mode / Manual Mode- With full efectThemainupgrades are on the inside. The 18-megapixel sensor and 1080pvideomode are significant improvements on the 1100D's 12 megapixelsand720p video, and match the 700D's specifications. Otherfeaturesremain unchanged. Its autofocus sensor has nine points butonly thecentre point is cross-type for increased sensitivity. Italso usesthe same optical viewfinder as the 1100D with a 0.8xmagnification,which is slightly smaller than the 700D's 0.85xmagnification. It'sfitted with Canon's DIGIC 4 rather than thelatest DIGIC 5processor, which means that chromatic aberrationsaren't correctedautomatically for JPEGs. Meanwhile, its 3fpscontinuous shootingspeed appears to be deliberately hobbled – theEOS 600D used thesame 18-megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 processor andmanaged4fps.Canon's EOS line of cameras is particularly subjecthave set ahigh standard and a well-deserved reputation over theyears.Typically, they've been quite expensive, even if theyusuallybolster high-quality specs. It was a shock then, to findReviewstheir 2014 models to start at just £ 350, the cancel ReviewstheirEOS camera range has ever been. More than two years on, andthecamera is still going strong, with a much lower price of £277making it an attractive choice for theamateurphotographer.Features:- Automatic Mode / Auto Mode- PortaitMode-Macro Mode- Landscape Mode- Sport Mode- Night mode- SemiAutomaticMode- Aperture Priority Mode (A or AV)- Shutter PriorityMode (S orTV)- Program Mode- Automatic Depth Depth (Depth)- FullManual Mode/ Manual Mode- With full-effectThe main upgrades are onthe inside.The 18-megapixel sensor and 1080p video modes aresignificantimprovements on the 1100D's 12 megapixels and 720pvideo, and matchthe 700D's specifications. Other features Wernerunchanged. Itsautofocus sensor has nine points but only the centerpoint iscross-type for Increased sensitivity. It also uses the sameopticalviewfinder as the 1100D with a 0.8x magnification, the whichisslightly smaller than the 700D's 0.85x magnification. It'sfittedwith Canon's DIGIC 4 rather than the latest DIGIC 5processor, thewhich means that chromatic aberrations are notcorrectedautomatically for JPEGs. Meanwhile, its continuousshooting speedof 3fps Appears to be deliberately hobbled - the EOS600D used thesame 18-megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 processor andmanaged 4fps.
Focus Timer Reborn 1.6.4
Tomas Hubalek
This Android application is work focus timer. It alsocontainsstatistics and performance analysis of your working log.Stayfocused and use the Focus Timer Reborn for learning, work,andtraining sessions. Stop wasting your time on distractionsinsteadof focusing on what really matters. How to use this app? -splitwork into working sessions and breaks - work for configuredamountof time (most common setting is 25 minutes for focused workand 5minutes for short break) and focus exclusively on your task.-after a few working sessions and short breaks take long break -youmay also use this app if you are using Pomodoro Technique(itsupports that technique too but it is not anyhow connectedwithPomodoro Technique author, more info about Pomodoro Techniqueandit's author at features: -allows to measure three types of work units(focused work session,short break, long break) - length of thoseunits is configurable -there is working log where you can edityour stats (in case yourecorded something by mistake or forgot tolog some session) - dataare backed up in cloud (using GoogleFirebase technology) so younever lose you data - application isfree with no ads Main benefits:- improves time management becauseyou spend less time with moreproductive work Planned features: -multiple color themes -translation of the interface into mainworld languages (you cancontribute with your translationat Note: Focus TimerRebornis not affiliated with, associated with nor endorsed bythePomodoro Technique® or Francesco Cirillo. The PomodoroTechnique®and Pomodoro™ are registered and filed trademarks byFrancescoCirillo
Kisan Suvidha 3.2
Mobile Seva
Kisan Suvidha is an omnibus mobile app developed to help farmersbyproviding relevant information to them quickly. With click ofabutton, they can get the information on weather of current dayandnext 5 days, dealers, market prices, agro advisories,plantprotection, IPM Practices etc. Unique features like extremeweatheralerts and market prices of commodity in nearest area andthemaximum price in state as well as India have been added toempowerfarmers in the best possible manner.
Executive Command 1.0.1
Ever wanted to be the President of the United States for a day?InExecutive Command, you can be President for four years! Trytoaccomplish what you set as your agenda while facing thechallengesand responsibilities that crop up along the way.Beingcommander-in-chief and chief executive is no easy job. See howyoudo!Played over 3.5 million times on, this NEWandIMPROVED version of Executive Command includes thefollowingfeatures: - New war scenarios- More bills ready forpresidentialreview- New Secretary of State assist on diplomacytasks- Morepresidential avatars- Refreshed content, art and gamefeaturesSignup for an iCivics account to earn Impact Points andgame-basedachievements! Teachers: Check out our classroom resourcesfor Winthe White House. Just visit!LearningObjectives:Your students will ...- Analyze the structure,functions, andprocesses of the executive branch- Describe thevarious roles ofthe president: commander in chief, head diplomat,agenda setter,chief executive- Identify the functions of executivecabinetpositions and regulatory departmentsGame Features:- Setyourpresidential agenda and make speeches to Congress to gainsupportthrough new legislation- Review and sign or veto billsfromCongress- Address diplomatic requests in person or throughtheState Department- Manage international tension and a declarationofwar- Stay on top of your domestic and foreign duties as president
FilmMag - Actor Photo Maker 2.3
Become famous actor just few click. Easy and quickly
com.bhimaapps.fancytextfree 6.7
Bhima Apps
Fancy Text – Text Art : мαкє уσυя мєѕѕαgєѕ ѕтуℓιѕн &ιмρяєѕѕινєWant to try something new for your text?? want to impressyourfriends with cool text?? Finally, long awaited App of funFancyText is here!! Fancy Text – Text Art is a beautiful &amazingapplication to decorate any text you write and createamazinggreeting cards. Get Fancy Cool Text on your phone and flauntyourstylish text habit and feed your zeal to impress people. Youhavegot stylish FANCY TEXT application that has come to add stylesandfashion in your chatting. While typing a text message onyourfavorite chatting app or on your social sites, just use thisfancytext app & type your text creatively. For all stylish andfancypeople out there, Who loves to be unique and distinct! Whoiswilling to do anything in order to get noticed and appreciatedthisapp is for you. Fancy text, that will add spices in yourchattinghabit and will make your updates on social networking siteslookattractive and sexy. It let you change normal plain text intofancy& decorated text. Features of Fancy Text : * WorkswithChatting applications, E-mail clients, Social networkingsites& text messages * Various styles of fancy texts available*Fonts are visible on cross platform * Easy to use You can writeanytext with different calligraphic font styles & decorate itwithdifferent decorative items like heart shapes, strokes,feather,colorful background, color filters, love stickers &many more.How Text Art works : * Write your name or any other textyou like *Select font style as per your choice * Decorate your textwithheart shape, colorful feather, brush strokes &colorfulbackground * Save and share your creative art with yourfriends onsocial sites * You may also like these creative images tobe set asprofile pic on social sites Some awesome tools of FancyText - TextArt : Magic Brush - This magic brush draws sparklingtextures andprints that looks great on any photo or text you write.This uniquetool gives you the freedom of creating an art thatstands out. Anartistic brush that never goes out of fashion andalways feelsfresh to use along with text art. Heart Shape - Add thewarmth oflove into any text you write by using the craftilydesigned heartshapes for you and your love. Many heart shapes fordifferentmoods, feel free to express all your feelings with theseheartshapes. Feather - Adding a touch and sense of creativity donebyyourself. A feather will make the art you create look genuineandfreshly crafted for that special person you want to impress.Wehave many colorful feather designed for better looks andfeel.Beautiful Background - The background must compliment the artyouhave created, for that we have handcrafted some stunningphotobackground and background textures you will surely love.Choosebackground frames and change photo background with one clickand ifyou feel that your art is overcrowded you can erase or removethephoto background and just leave it blank. Paint Brush - Paintbrushis a very useful tool, you can draw your creativity &write anytext with your own handwriting. You can select brush color&brush stroke size as well. If you have baby girl or baby boyandyou want to write and decorate your baby names than this app isforyou. Enter your baby name or nickname & decorate your babynamein fantasy style with stickers like hearts, balloons, braceletetc& choose photo background frames to decorate your babynames.Express your feelings by making beautiful love cards &sharingit with your love, you can also write your name with yourlove name& decorate with beautiful arts. Text art functions asfancyname editor, love card maker, stylish name maker, lovegreetingcard creator or Birthday & anniversary card generator.Our goalis to help users have an enjoyable experience when usingour apps& games.
Easy Home Finance 6.1.0
Record every income or outcome you made to your mobileapplicationimmediately and you will have a useful tool which helpsyou trackof your finances. Data are stored in the phone safely andyou canbackup them locally or into your Google Drive. Theapplication canbe used in all countries, because a particularcurrency is notspecified (CZK, EUR, USD, etc.): Enter the numbersimply and somuch "money" will be counted. If you want, you canspecify currencyin wallet detail. The proposed interface allows toswitch easilybetween months and it shows the corresponding amount.Besides thebasic functions of adding, editing, deleting andreplication therecord there is also available search in notes,graphical overviewof the individual categories, list of categories,wallets (separateaccounts), payment types (optional), recurringtemplates, backup /restore database, export of all data to Excel,app lock creationand simple widget for home screen. Easy HomeFinance is availablecompletely free - no ads and nomicrotransactions. The applicationis compatible with Android v4.1 -v9.0 (API 16-28) and graphic usesMaterial Design. The applicationis available in these languages: -Czech (created by Vojtech Pohl) -Slovak (translated by VojtechPohl) - English (translated by VojtechPohl) - Polish (translatedby Paula Niedziela) - Portuguese(translated by Gabriel Reis) -Romanian (translated by Mihai Savin)- Turkish (translated by AsilElik) - German (translated by LukasSiedenberg) - Arabic(translated by Azmy Mohamed Azmy) - Russian(translated by ViktorMaliutin) - Hungarian (translated by BálintCsefalvay) - Slovenian(translated by Žiga Veber) - Finnish(translated by Timo Sandberg)- Italian (translated by Marco Ieni) -Belarusian (translated byAlena Yalovenko) - French (translated byAlena Yalovenko) -Ukrainian (translated by Yura Nesteruk) -Bulgarian (translated byVladimir Gospodinov A.K.A "Snuffules") -Serbian (translated byuser) - Spanish (translator) - Malay(translator) - Indonesian(translator) - Thai (translator) -Chinese, traditional(translator) - Dutch (translator) Language willbe setautomatically according to the language of your device, butcan bechanged manually in settings. In case you want to addtranslationfor your country, or you find any discrepancies, pleasecontact mevia email.
Automatic Call Recorder 3.4
Guru Apps Studio
Automatic Call Recorder is one of the coolest and smartcallrecorder app in the Store and it is coming with advancedcallrecording features in a single app for free. FEATURES:-Enable/Disable call recording - Records all your phone calls-Play/Stop recorded audio by single touch - Delete recordeditemseasily - Grouping call recordings by date - Provide optiontorecord call in 3GPP or MP4 format - Protect all yourrecordingswith password protection - Option to select anyrecordings as yourfavorite recording and separate list to manageall the favoriterecordings - Display recording date, time, size andduration alongwith the name of file - Easy share option - Includednumbers torecord call for the selected contacts only - Auto deleteolderrecordings There is a limitation for some phones that don’tsupportrecording from phone line or bluetooth. And that is theaudiodriver problem made by the manufacturer of the phone. So,pleasedon’t give bad reviews for that. We appreciate your support!NOTES:- We are not lawyers or any legal institution. - PhonecallRecording without letting other caller know may not be legalinsome countries, or states. You will be solely responsible foranycall recording using this app. If you have any suggestionsorcomments please visit our website and feel free to contact us.
Çocuk İlahileri İnternetsiz 0.1.5
Çocuklar için seçilmiş ilahileri internetsizdinleyebilirsiniz.Youcan listen to an internet hymns selected forchildren.
AXEL – File Share, Transfer & Access 3.2.7
AXEL Network
FILE SHARING - Just tap a file or folder to share a URL -Setpermissions for shared files or shared folders - Chooseexactlywhen those URLs expire with time-limited links - Sharethroughe-mail, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and moreFILETRANSFER - Easy file transfer to and from iOS, Windows, macOS,orAndroid - No size limits on file transfer or share music, photoorany video type - Skip a step - no uploading, no waiting -Transferfolders, photos, videos and music between your variousdevices
Wolf Wallpapers 1.1
Wolf Wallpapers on your phone screen. You just select whichimageyou like and then you just turn it into wallpaper on yourmobilephone.Please check all screenshots of "Wolf Wallpapers" appgivenbelow to know how your device will look like. U’ll definitelyloveto have this app on your device. Share it with your friends.Enjoythe App and please rate us.Features of "Wolf Wallpapers"app:-Perfect HD quality wallpaper lot!- This application worksoffline.-No need of internet.- No need to download wallpapers.-Wallpapersare preloaded in this application.- Easy to setwallpapers.
MyLion by Lions Clubs International makes it easy to connectwithother Lions Clubs members, set up and promote clubserviceactivities, and discover more projects that interest you—allfromyour mobile device. Available for Lions Clubs membersandnon-members too! • Set up a service, fundraising, or otheractivityfrom simple, predesigned templates. • Recruit volunteersvia yournews feed and invites. • Follow users and make new friendswithsocial features. • Store maps, volunteer contacts, andotherlogistics. • Search activities by type of project, location,orinterests. • Post photos and stories about your own projects,andeasily share MyLion posts on Facebook. • Earn badges anddisplaythem in your profile. • Chat in real time with any Lion, orsend apersonal message. Visit for more details.
cm, mm to inch, feet converter tool 2.0
cm, mm to inch, feet converter tool cm / mm to inch / feetconverterSimple no frills tool to help convert units of mm, cm, inand ft.Simple and very easy to use. Have fun and hope you find ituseful.Thank you
Balls Blast 5.0
Muhammad Saeed
Balls Blast is uniquely designed to release your stress. Youronlytarget is to shoot the balls before they get to the bottom ofthescreen. Controls are super smooth and easy, just drag left righttoaim, tap for bomb and swipe up for a wipeout. That's it.Thedefault is one bullet but you can pick up 2 and 3 bulletpowerupswhich will last for 5 seconds but there will be plenty ofthem tokeep you entertained. Try to top the leaderboard. Have Funandshare with your friends. Thank you!