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Doctor's clinic simulator 1.0.4
Mao Apps Sim Studio
In this doctor Game you perform the duty of a doctor in thecityhospital. Surgeon is required at city hospital to draw bloodfrompatient’s body. Apply vein injection simulator to patients armandbuttock. Collect blood samples in small bottles to testdiabetesand other infection diseases. Start the draw blood andemergencytreatment to the patients before them going to clinicoperatingroom for surgery. Become a doctor and start understandingthe majorproblems of patients. With proper care and medication; thepatientcan recover quickly. When you injecting the injection topatientthe fluid of injection going into the body of patientthrough vein.Take blood samples and send it the hospital lab fortest. Thisdoctor clinic check up game gives you a chance to playsomethingelse other than the heart surgery games. Play blood drawinjectiongames to experience vaccines, blood draw, injections andneedlemedication. It is your job to attend diabetic patients forvaccine,injection, draw blood and give medications. The cityhospital iscrowded with patients that have various blood relateddiseases.Check their temperature, blood pressure and draw blood fora bloodtest. Send the blood sample to the lab. Draw bloodcollectionsample sent to the clinic laboratory to know aboutpatient’scomplete blood report. This helps in proper diagnosisandprescribing medicine or injection. Inject vaccine on thepatientbuttock or arm when diagnosis of disease is done. Find thevein andinsert the needle very carefully. This doctor emergencytreatmentgame is totally different from the other boring typegames. Enjoyrealistic hospital surgeon procedure which is startfrom wait ofdoctor and end to the injecting injection.
Little Foot Doctor Games 2.3
Hello friends, today you are going to play crazy hospital gamesandbe a doctor on a mission to cure all injuries of littleclumsypatients that come to your clinic! Download Little FootDoctorGames to perform various treatments for healing all sorts ofwoundsand have tons of fun playing emergency room games! Doctorgames forteens are the best way to start practicing if you'redreaming ofbecoming a surgeon and save lives!Some of the things youcan do inour doctor simulator games are:Perform emergency surgeryon injuredpatients! Use real doctor tools to treat yourpatients!Choose oneof the 6 different patients!Treat numerous footinjuries!* Fixbroken bones – use the X-ray machine to locatefractures and healbroken bones!* Put ice on swollen feet to bringdown the swelling!*Apply an ointment on painful skin burns and thenput a bandage on –many colorful bandages to choose from!* Extractthe pus fromcalluses using a needle!* Remove bits of shatteredglass from thepatient's foot using tweezers!* Do a laser treatmentto remove darkpatches of skin!* Spray bites and bandage the footlike a realdoctor!* Treat open wounds – play stitching games,powder the woundand watch it disappear!* Finally, perform apedicure! – using amagnifying glass, look at each nail closely,remove dirt, clip andbuff the nails, get rid of cuticles and makethe nails shine!If youlove to play virtual surgery games, thisamazing ambulancesimulator is just the right choice for you. Simpleinterface willprovide an outstanding user experience giving you themaximumamount of fun. Creative and educational gameplay will haveyou playthis doctor simulator for hours!Play with cool medicaltools andengage in one of the coolest role playing games andpretend playgames! Be a foot doctor in an emergency clinic and findout what itfeels like to take care of little patients and work in ahospital!With Little Foot Doctor Games is a fun ambulance simulatorwhereyou can practice healing injured patients, treat footfractures andperform necessary surgeries to make the patientshealthy and happyagain!Most of us dream of becoming surgeons orheart doctors insome eminent hospital or become an ER DR or a nursein an emergencyroom, and with these super fun clinic games, you cansee what wouldit look like to be a foot doctor! Download LittleFoot Doctor Gamesand work as a virtual doctor in a crazy hospital!Learn how totreat different injuries like a real doctor in ouremergency roomgames!
Doctor Dash : Hospital Game 1.49
Happy Mobile Game
Hey Doctor, Build your hospital empire and diagnose, treat andcurethe diseases of your patients in this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.This is your hospital explore it and give best treatment toyourpatients in this doctor game you will be having amultispecialtyhospital game where there will be having differentclinic for eachdisease. It looks like a kid’s game but it’s not. Inthis hospitalgame you have to manage and upgrade different clinicsthat aremention below with is the core of this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.Clinics and Doctor: • Lungs clinic which has Lungsdiseasespecialist doctors. • Kidney specialist doctors • Dentalcareclinic • Heart disease cure center doctor • Neurosurgeons forbrainclinic You will get a realistic hospital feel in this DoctorDashHospital Game with different clinics and treatments. In thisdoctorgame you will get an X-ray room too to diagnose diseasebetter andperfect and can suggest a patient if they require asurgery oroperation or they can be treated by medicine only. Inthis timemanagement game patients will keep coming so here is thegood newsyou have a nurse to assist you in this Doctor DashHospital Gameand she is the one who will help them back to health!Manage yourtime with your busy nurse and work fast to diagnose,treat and cureall those in need of your skills. In this Doctor DashHospital Gameyou will get a wheel chair also to serve criticalpatients andreception desk to help you best. Be prepared foremergencysituations where you have little time to save lives! Makecrucialdecisions; combine the best medicine and all kinds of othermedicalprocedures on your patients. In this multilevel DoctorDashHospital Game you can unlock various features in this doctorgameat various levels. Design, expand and build it to make itbigger,upgrade and decorate it to make it prettier, staff andmanage it tomake it the best hospital ever. 2.8.5
Diagnosis Medical App is a unique project that combinesmedicinewith computer-generated artificial intelligence designedbyprofessional doctors from several US American universityhospitals.In the context of a simulated conversation between doctorandpatient you receive questions that you can answer individually.Theaim is to find a suspected diagnosis based on your givenanswersabout your symptoms and to provide you with individualinformationwhich you will need for a possible meeting with yourreal doctor.Diagnosis Medical App will help you understand how yourdoctoranalyses your symptoms. This interactive app is designed forpeoplewith no medical expertise. How does this app work?DiagnosisMedical App is driven by an advanced artificialintelligencealgorithm that synchronizes your symptoms with thelargest existingmedical data base that includes more than 1500combinations ofsymptoms. Diagnosis Medical App complies with thelatest scientificstandards and receives updates regularly so thatwe can ensure thatthis app meets the highest medical standards. Tryout this app tolearn more about your health problems! FEATURES: ✔Designed byprofessional doctors from several US American universityhospitals✔ Evaluation of your given information with the aim tofind asuspected diagnosis ✔ Simulated interview between doctorandpatient ✔ Individual questions and individual answers that fittoyour symptoms ✔ Advanced artificial intelligence algorithm✔Largest existing medical data base with more than 1500combinationsof symptoms ✔ Risk assessment for several diseases thatyou maydevelop in future ✔ Medical advice as a preparation for yournextmeeting with your doctor Diagnosis Medical App does not replaceaconsultation with a doctor! This app should not be treatedasdoctor's advice or a final diagnosis. It is meant to be used asanadditional help for your meeting with a doctor. 1.3.5
Ever dreamed of becoming a super kids dentist? Make your dreamscometrue with Crazy dentist! Where you can experience being asupercrazy kid dentist in hospital full of crazy doctors, curepatient oruse all your skills to perform the craziest surgeryever! Enjoy thethrill of being a superhero kid dentist to cure allkids coming toyour clinic and bringing them back from trauma. Theinjured patientssuffer from kinds of teeth problems like badteeth, tooth cavity,dental calculus, dental treatment, dentistmania & they mightneed an emergency surgery & treatment.Sterilize your tools andkeep your dental chair prepared fortreatment. Be careful, don’t getthe bones and face skin damaged.Make use of injection, magicpotion, droppers and all the medicaltools you need & performcrazy fun dentist routines surgeryfill cavities, remove plaques,whiten teeth, squirt water, brush,and much more. Going to thedentist is something that not manypeople like to do, although tohave a nice clean smile it has to bedone. In Crazy dentist you cankill all the germs away, remove anyholes that may be cracked, suckall the gum from the teeth, as wellas remove and pull any rotten orcracked teeth in the dentalsurgery game. Treat patients withprofessional doctor tools likesyringes, dental tweezers & more.Play Crazy dentist games withsurgery braces for kids – free funkids game! This kid’s clinic ispainted with superheroes and dollsso that the little patients doesnot get worried with theirsickness. Help these poor patient feelbetter again with an amazingdentistry treatment. Kids get hurt allthe time while playing athome or in their schools and parks.Curing those little kids is agreat fun in Crazy dentist games .Brush dirty teeth to kill thosegerms, pull out the painful teeth(tooth extraction), fight bacteriato prevent tooth decay, applycolorful braces and apply dentalbraces to straighten themisaligned teeth. Some kid patients have afear of visiting thedentist’s office. Be good to them. Become anultimate professionalCrazy dentist to gain dental learningexperience in this surgerysimulator game. Be the best bracessurgeon; enjoy tooth cleaningand teeth alignment at dental clinic.Ask your patients to brushtheir teeth daily otherwise they will geta cavity in their teeth.Enjoy and play fun-filled dentist surgerymini games for girls andboys. Do not poke the dental equipment inyour patient’s eye, nose,ear or face. Check every patient’s dentalhealth condition beforecarrying out the dental surgery simulation.Apply stitches afteryou are done with the oral surgery. Crazydentist games withsurgery braces for kids features: √ Select yourpatient with badteeth for dental treatment √ Scan the teeth todetermine thecondition √ Clean it and remove cavities and funguswith medicalequipment √ Brush the teeth, clean it with water thensuck out theextra water √ Use stain removal to remove stains √Perform dentalsurgery and application of oral braces √ Pull out therotten brokenteeth Do you have unaligned or unbalanced teeth? Doyou need dentalbraces to align your teeth, but you have a dentistfear? If yesthen forget your fear and be an ultimate professionalbracessurgery dentist with an amazing dental learning experience.Its Topof the line Surgery Simulator game! With innovative medicalandsurgical instruments; treat your little patient at thedentalclinic to give the perfect and desired look to their teeth.Performthe dental surgery simulation and application of braceslikeprofessional dentist in Crazy dentist games with surgery bracesforkids.
CardioVisual: Heart Health Built by Cardiologists
MedicalVisual, Inc
CardioVisual was named Best App for Heart Disease in 2018 &2019by Healthline Media. Clinicians & patients in more than130countries worldwide rely on our trustworthy, unbiased,reliablecontent. Created by cardiologists, CardioVisual is amultimediainteractive educational heart health app. Itscomprehensive libraryof curated, shareable informational videos& interactivegraphics provides efficient, clear explanations ofall aspects ofheart health including risk factors, prevention,conditions andtreatments of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.CardioVisual is2 apps in one: The first serves as an educationalresource forclinicians that allows them to easily share videos withpatientsinstead of paper brochures or pamphlets; the second offersasimpler version for patients to review at home. CardioVisualisregularly updated with videos of experts discussing newtreatmentsand procedures that allow clinicians to learn, share, anddiscusswith peers and colleagues on our in-app forum. Over 200heart,circulation and diabetes videos from reliable sources andexpertsproviding simplified medical explanations of treatmentsofconditions, such as: • Atrial fibrillation (Afib) • Heart attackormyocardial infarction • Heart disease or coronary artery disease•Heart failure • Angina • High cholesterol • High BloodPressure(hypertension) • Diabetes • Stroke and carotid arterydisease •Aortic & Mitral heart valve disease • Hole in theheart (PFO orASD) • Leg and lung clot (DVT and PE) ◦ Peripheralartery disease(PAD) • Heart rhythm disturbances or arrhythmias ◦Sudden cardiacdeath and Cardiac arrest • Heart healthy diet &nutritioninformation for prevention of heart disease Alsoprovidessimplified video explanations of complex procedures &devices,such as: • Pacemaker & Defibrillator/ICD Placement •HeartAngiogram & Angioplasty with Stent • Heart bypass andvalvesurgery • Carotid and other vascular balloons, stents anddevices •TAVR and catheter heart valve replacement • Devices, suchas ◦Cardiomems ◦ Impella and HeartMate PHP, VAD devices ◦ AmplatzerandHelex ASD and PFO device ◦ Catheter ablationtechniques,pacemakers, defibrillators ◦ Laser and atherectomydevices ◦ Drugcoated balloons and stents • Transcatheter valvetreatments such asMitraClip, Sapien and CoreValve ◦ New procedure& device videosare regularly updated on the app. Benefits ofthe App Include: •Saves clinicians time • Provides comprehensivevideo-basedinformation to patients • Increases patientcomprehension • Trustedcontent curated by practicing cardiologists• Regularly updatedvideos of new procedures & devices • Easysharing of videoswith patients, staff, and colleagues • Paperless,mobile,video-based Plans: Basic (free): Access to all content viavideostreaming, orientation playlist, recommended videos, imagemarkup& sharing of videos and images. CardioVisual PRO(AutoRenewable Subscription): Monthly: $0.99 per month Annual:$9.99 peryear Trial period : 1 week All features of Basic, plus:downloadall videos for instant offline viewing; Autoplay andsharecustomized playlists of videos and access to exclusivecontent.Disclaimer: Subscriptions automatically renew unlessauto-renew isturned off at least 24-hours before the end of thecurrent period.Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior to theend of the current period and identify the cost of therenewal.Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewalmay beturned off by going to the user’s Google play accountafterpurchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, ifoffered,will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription tothatpublication, where applicable. See privacy policyat &Terms your use of CardioVisual app.
Credihealth: Doctor Appointment,Medical Assistance 4.8.03
Credihealth app brings an entire spectrum of healthcare servicesatyour fingertips and ensures that you and your loved ones aretakencare of at the time of medical need. With Credihealth youcan:  Book appointment atthe besthospitals and consult bestdoctors at India’sno.1 Medical Assistance platformTalk to a medicalexpert and get medicalassistance for FREEFind doctor and bookdoctorappointment with top doctors acrossspecialties andcities using Credihealth doctor consultationapp   Bookonline doctor consultation at tophospitals Ordermedicines online or Book diagnostictest and availattractive discounts Book homecare andget medicalservices at home from professional medicalexperts Notsatisfied with your doctor’s opinion? Geta secondopinion for FREE only on CredihealthAvailexciting offers and discounts by choosingtopay online for your appointments Get medicaladvice intop hospitals like Medanta, Fortis, Apollo, ColumbiaAsia &more using Credihealth hospital appointment bookingapp Talkto a medical expert: Medically qualified experts toguide youat every step Unsure about which doctor to consult orwhichhospital to go to for your treatment? Talk to one of ourmedicallyqualified expert and get help in choosing the right doctorandhospital, get answers to all your medical queries and findtheright cost of your treatment. Finding the rightdoctor foryour medical treatment and bookingappointment is noweasy with Credihealth App From a regularcheck up to surgeries andmedical procedures, Credihealth is yourapp for finding rightdoctors online and consultation. We have awide network of verifieddoctors and hospitals across India to helpyou search doctoronline, book doctor appointment, consult a doctor,get medicaladvice and medical consultation. Find top specialistdoctors likeCardiologist, Oncologist, Neurologist,Gastroenterologist,Gynecologist, General Physician, Diabetologist,Dermatologist &more. Order Medicines Online: When time is moneyand health is onpriority Not able to take out time and visit themedicine store toget all the medicines that have been advised toyou? Don’t youworry! Credihealth is your online medical store.Order medicines onCredihealth and get exciting discounts &offers with a hasslefree door step delivery of medicines. Book adiagnostictest: Lab services at the comfort of home! Avoid thehassle ofwaiting at the lab for getting your tests done. BookwithCredihealth and get your tests done and reports delivered atthecomfort of home, that too at discounted prices. Get asecondopinion: Have no more doubts about your medical adviceUnsureabout your doctor’s medical advice? Get a FREE second opinionbybooking on Credihealth and become worry free about yourtreatment.Homecare: Get medical services from professional medicalexperts atyour home We understand that there is nothing like home& toget you well soon, we provide medical services fromprofessionalmedical experts at your home. Crediplus: Exclusivehealthcaremembership for you and your family Become a Crediplusmember andavail exciting benefits on your appointments HealthcareBlog: Forreading everything about healthcare Your ultimatedestination forall the healthcare information. View the latesthealth news andexplore articles on fitness, diet, nutrition,parenting, pregnancy,diseases, healthy living and much more onCrediblog. Download theapp to explore all the features andexperience medical service atits best. We would love to hear fromyou! Drop us a feedback or aqueryat Learn more aboutusat: https://www.credihealth.comCrediBlog:
ENT Doctor Treatment v1.2769
Recently the flu has become more and more serious. The hospitalENTtreatment department is really busy because there are lotsofpatients today. Our beautiful ENT doctor need one assistanttotreat her patients as soon as possible. Come to help her andbecareful to teat every patient. Measure the body temperatureforeach patient and according to their symptom to teat their nose,earor throat one by one. At last, you can dress up for the nicedoctorand decorate her working desk to make it as amazing as youcan.Features: 1. Measure each patient’s body temperature 2. Letthepatient take the test report to the ENT department 3. Treatthepatient according to their symptom carefully 4. Dressupbeautifully for the doctor 5. Help the ENT doctor to treateachpatient carefully. Decorate her working desk
Medscape 7.2.2
Medscape is the leading online global destination for physiciansandhealthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medicalnewsand expert perspectives; point-of-care drug and diseaseinformation;and relevant professional education and CME/CE. TheMedscape app isdesigned to provide a personalized experience sothat you can easilyaccess what you need, when you need it. What’sNEW? * Discover thelatest clinical news and perspectives in yourspecialty with ourtailored newsfeed. Receive alerts about FDAapprovals, conferencenews, late-breaking clinical trial data, andmore. * AccessReference articles, News, and CME/CE courses withour moderntaskbar. * Customize your homescreen, save your favoriteclinicaltools, and bookmark articles you like or want to check outlater.Additional Key Features: * Look up the most currentprescribing andsafety information on 8500+ prescription and OTCdrugs, herbals, andsupplements. * Check out other usefulresources, including our druginteraction checker,specialty-specific calculators, pillidentifier, and more. * Findessential procedures in your field with6200+ Reference articles. *Earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOCpoints on-the-go, and monitoryour progress with our built-inActivity Tracker. * Access thelargest network for physicians andmedical students with Consult.Use your Medscape account to accessthe Medscape app. Don't have aMedscape account? You can sign up forfree when you download theapp—it takes only a few seconds. If youare a California resident,California law may provide you withcertain rights regarding ouruse of your personal information. Formore information relevant toour users who are California residents,please review the"California Residents" section of our PrivacyPolicy linked on thisdownload page or within our app. Do you havefeedback for theMedscape team? Email us at
Little Baby Injection Simulator : Kids test Doctor 1.2
Little Baby Injection Simulator is a surgery doctor game inwhichlittle baby is feeling sick that is why kids patients arecoming toer emergency hospital with their parents for injectiontreatmentafter getting diagnosis of kids disease infection fromblood testdoctor in er emergency hospital simulator. The eremergencyhospital simulator is crowded with kids patient that havevariousblood related diseases & you are the only surgery doctorinthis hospital simulation game who is going to treat thelittlebaby. Collect blood sample of little baby, test blood sampleandanalyze it with a microscope. With proper care and medicine,littlebaby can recover quickly. Insert cannula on little baby handtoinject medicine into little baby body quickly. A needle prickofinjection may cause slight bleeding from kids patient skin.Cleanaway the blood with a cotton swab. Apply injection simulatortolittle baby arm or butts and collect blood sample in test tubetotest Polio, Hepatitis, pneumonia, Chicken Pox and Measles&other Infection disease. Little Baby Injection Simulator isallabout how to inject medicine on butts with injection, drawingbloodsample from arm with syringe to test different bloodinfections& how to apply vaccination injection on little babyas it isalways recommended for little baby to get vaccinated topreventdifferent blood infection or diseases from surgerydoctor.Practiceyour injection skills on sick kids patient in thisLittle BabyInjection Simulator : Kids test Doctor. There mightbeinexperienced nurses & er emergency surgery doctor whocausepain while injecting medicine with injection simulator. Get tothesurgery simulator hospital now and attend your sick kidspatientcoming in er emergency ambulance simulator. The poor kidshavepainful expressions and a fear in baby pretty little eyes.Treatkids with all the doctor instruments and injection simulatorat eremergency surgery hospital simulator. At first surgery doctorwillrub some numbing cotton over the area of body of kids on wheretheinjection simulator syringe needs to be put to get bloodsample.From there surgery doctor will take the blood test andotherinjection simulator tasks, be careful when you prick aneedle.Apply an antiseptic cream with a cotton swab to avoid anybleedingfrom kids patient skin.Features:* Amazing injectionsimulatorsurgery games.* Draw blood from patients vein withinjection.* Sendthe blood sample to the hospital laboratory.*Collect blood sampleand test it with a microscope.* Practice eremergency surgery stepsto perform surgery simulator.* Treat seriousinjuries on patientsin ER emergency hospital surgery room.* Use ERemergency doctortools & injection to save lives in er emergencyhospital.
Hospital Rush : Simulator Game
Word Mobile
Hospital Rush : Simulator Game with More Fun, More Patients,MoreTreatments!!! Amazing fun hospital nurse simulator kidsgame.Turnyourself into a professional star doctor, operate your ownclinicand hospital, cure different kinds of patients withvariousdiseases along with your assistant nurse! Unlock them andprogressfor more treatments like, killing bacterias, tummy cure,bonestreatment, dentist treatment and much more. Cure your waythroughthe quirkiest and funniest diseases in Hospital Rush :SimulatorGame .The ultimate nurse simulator hospital game where youcure,manage and maintain your very own hospital ! In thisrealisticsimulation game, your objective is cure patients and toput yourmedical facility at the number one spot in the worldhospital. Withaddictive and fast-paced gameplay, a fun soundtrack!Play as abudding doctor and prove your healthcare prowess throughcarefulprioritization and diagnostic skills. Can you handle yourhospitalor handle the hospital cafeteria with best chef gordonramsay ?Patients Treatment - Eye Care- Tummy Care- Medicines -Injections -Body Maze- Dentist TreatmentHave you got what it takesto becomethe world’s hospital manager? You can be a real doctor inthisamazing nurse simulator game !
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 1.0.1
Cool Kids Games Club
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 Free App!Wealllove when people around us like our friends and family smile.Butfor beautiful smile you need strong and clean teeth. Did youeverdreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctor in virtualdentistchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of your mad patients teeth.In this VirtualDentistHospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 entertaining app, youneed totake the role of best crazy mad dentist. Use all your dentalskillsto perform the fun virtual treatment of decayed teeth. Yourduty ishelp those poor patients and to bringing them back fromshock anddistress at your virtual dentist officehospital.Features:★ Selectfrom 5 adorable patients! ★ Tons ofdifferent levels and activitiesto play.★ Includes dozens of awesomemini-games.★ Fight bacteria toprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dentaltools commonly seen in aclinic.★ Select ingredients to make yourown toothpaste! ★ Superbgameplay with friendly interface.★Enjoyable kids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful highquality HD graphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements ofthis game, please feelfree to send us your feedbacks andsuggestions.
Eye Surgery Hospital : ER Emergency Doctor Game 1.3
Welcome to Eye Surgery Hospital simulation game, it is a realdoctorER emergency game where you can experience being a crazy eyedoctorin hospital which is full of doctor, take good care of yoursickpatient came to clinic in ambulance with mommy & use allyourdoctor skills to perform the eye transplant in hospital assurgeon!Eye Surgery Hospital games is virtual doctor surgerysimulator gamein which you can try your hands at becoming amedical professionaleye surgery doctor in hospital to treat babyor crazy fun kids withvarious eyeball problems through lasertreatment and medicines withthe help of nurse in clinic. Crazy funkids vision is becoming moresensitive and weak & they need toget their eyes checkup fromspecialist er emergency surgery doctorin hospital. Your task is tocheckup blur vision and operate girls,boys and fun kids in hospitalwith laser surgery simulator, lens& glasses. Eye SurgeryHospital simulation games, is acombination of eyes checkup, colorblindness and realistic lasersurgery simulator for better vision.Give diaganosis of eye diseasewith doctor surgical tools likeinjection, x-ray, laser etc usedfor different purposes likechecking the eye vision, curing eyeinfections, color blindness,healing wounds in this eye surgeryhospital : doctor er emergencygame. Use special er emergencysurgery simulator doctor surgicaltools to stretch open eyes,remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria!Discover all kinds ofmedical surprises in your patient eyes and letthe fun begin! Turninto a medical professional er emergency surgerydoctor and helpbaby or fun kids with various eye disease andtreatment. Operateall sorts of eyeball disease do realisticsurgeries or operationand make crazy fun kids feel better examinetheir painful eyes forblood infection, use antibiotic medicinedrops for quick treatmentfrom eye specialist. Eyes are linked tonose and throat. So becareful while performing eye surgerysimulator in hospital assurgeon.Meet the expert er emergencysurgery doctor for bestsuggestions that will help you in eyeballdisease treatment &operation in hospital. Take special care ofyour sick patient whocame to clinic in ambulance with mommy andhelp them get goodquality lens through laser surgery simulatorgames. Use medicalchart with letters to measure how well the kidssee from thedistance. Find out the best diopter for your sickpatient andchoose some funny color lens or eyeglasses. Usemicroscope to findforeign objects in children’s eyes. Lasereliminates yellow bumpson the eyeball and eye drops clean &treat inflamed red eyes.Play your role as an er emergency eyesurgery doctor, checkup eyesight of little kids, adjust lens withdoctor surgery games andtreat them in hospital with care to makethem healthy and happy.Features:* Perform a complete er emergencyeye test operation orrealistic surgeries in hospital simulation asa surgeon.* Make thesick patient happy again with the er emergencysurgery in clinic.*Enjoy the doctor er emergency game with a widevariety of realdoctor operation tools like injection, laser, etc.*Checkup sickpatient eyes and clean them well to remove any germs& bloodinfections.* Checkup your sick patient eyes so that realdoctor maygive his diaganosis & operate them properly inclinic.* Treatthe sores and remove the inflammation to reducepatient pain andirritation.* Real life doctor surgical tools likeinjection, laserbeam, x-ray machine, eye drops and muchmore.Disclamer* Advertisingappears in this game.* No wifiRequired.About Happy Baby GamesJoinus:
Hospital Craft: Doctor Games Simulator & Building
Become a medic in the best doctor craft game! Simulation with arealtheme of hospital! Games with nurses and medical doctors!Simulatorof crafting & building of real medicine equipment!Take goodcare of your patients! Examine and treat every diseaseand injury!Use different types of equipment to heal your patients!Check thepulse, bandage them, give them injections, perform x-rayscans, andmore! Each diagnosis and and treatment is a separateminigame, soyou'll never run out of new doctor games to play! Takecare of themost dangerous wounds in the surgery simulator mode!Drive aparamedic ambulance to reach those who need your help fast!Hospitalcar games simulator at its best! Exploration in lite ofthe day!Available also offline (no wifi internet needed!) Build ahospital!Mine resources, craft equipment! Game for kids - girlsand boysalike! Design theme of hospital in a way that will helpadmittedpatients get help as fast as possible! Get into thecreative modeand unleash your imagination. Build your own hospitalin any way youwant! Even place a dash of decorative items if thisis how you liketo play your hospital games for girls and boy! Freecrafting &building in one of the real nurse & dentistgames! Now all girlscan craft a hospital of their dreams andbecome its manager! Realgirls craft. Construction of your ownhospital! Mine & craft newwings, entrances and equipment. Getready for intense emergencygames! The lives of many people will bein your hands. Just don'tforget to have fun, because fun is thebest medicine! Earn prestigeto unlock new and amazing medicalgames for your hospital. Get tothe top of the world rankings ofdoctors! Only then you'll be abletoo look at your workplace andsay "my hospital is amazing"! Theexploration of lite and intensecare will give you a real feel of amedical doctor! Play now one ofthe top hospital doctor games with asimulator of free building andcrafting! Build your own medicalcity, craft hospitals, respond toemergency calls, become a hospital's tycoon! Game is on, downloadnow.
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure 1.0.4
Cool Kids Games Club
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure Free App!Heykidswe all love when people around us like our friends andfamilysmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth. Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctorinchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of patients teeth.In this crazy dentistclinichospital entertaining app, you need to take the role of bestcrazydentist. Use all your dental skills to perform the funtreatment ofdecayed teeth. Your duty is help those poor patientsand tobringing them back from shock and distress.Features:★ Selectfrom 4adorable patients! ★ Tons of different levels and activitiestoplay.★ Includes dozens of awesome mini-games.★ Fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dental tools commonly seen inaclinic.★ Select ingredients to make your own toothpaste! ★Superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ Enjoyable kidssounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements of this game,please feelfree to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.
Marbel - Hospital Adventure 5.0.0
Educa Studio
This application could develop kids' empathy with others byplayingas a doctor and curing patient in hospital. Be a good doctorandget the adventure. Create lovely healthy hospitalityhospital.FEATURES: - Heal the burn injury caused by cooking - Helpcuteanimal who has fever - Be a good doctor by fixing the brokenbone -A good dentist must be able to cure toothache - Check thepatient'sear - Using eyedropper to get clear vision. - Don't forgetto bathethe patient - Be careful, someone is allergic, let's curehim. - Bebest of the best nurse in the world. ABOUT MARBEL &FRIENDSMarbel & Friends is a special game for kids aged 6-12yearsold. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus onlearningapplication, Marbel & Friends focus on game. However,thisapplication still has learning value for kids. For example,Sasalearn about professions through simulation game, learn lovingpetsand other animals, learn creativity, and many more. SUPPORTTHEAPPLICATION DEVELOPMENT We appreciate your suggestion, so don'tbehesitate to send it to: # Email: support@educastudio.comMoreInformation about Marbel: # Website: #Facebook: # Twitter:@educastudio #Instagram: Educa Studio For moms who love playingwith kids, give atry to play Marbel. Besides happines, kids willalso get knowledge.Learn while playing? Why not? Let's accompanyour kids studying withMarbel.
ER Emergency Multi Surgery Hospital : Doctor Game 1.2
Have you ever dream to be a er emergency surgeon and helpsickpatients to heal? If your answer is YES! than Crazy littledoctorsfrom Happy Baby Games is here to make your dream come truewith EREmergency Multi Surgery Hospital : Doctor Game. You havebeenappointed as crazy surgeon in ER Emergency Multi SurgeryHospital& now it’s your duty to treat your patients with multidiseasessurgeries. Be the crazy surgeon to perform crazy operationswithreal life saving doctor instruments & injection. TheEREmergency Multi Surgery Hospital room is well equipped with allthemedical doctor instruments to perform er emergency surgery bycrazysurgeon in hospital. The ER Emergency Multi Surgery Hospitalisdoctor simulation game where you experience being a surgeon,thepatients keep coming & you’re the only one who cansavepatients life. Become the real lifesaving doctor and crazyeremergency surgeon to perform the doctor simulation onyourpatients. Test your skills, become a professional eremergencysurgeon, treat patients with painful expressions and makepatientssmile again with their love ones. But first you need toknowpatient's history before treating and sending patients totheoperation room. Hurry Its ER Emergency!Some one has callforvirtual ambulance, thank god virtual ambulance has reached intimeotherwise the patient would have gone in a frozen state.Thevirtual Ambulance doctor has noted down the symptoms on his waytomulti surgery hospital. Here comes a new patient to gettreatedfrom surgery doctor in ER Emergency Multi Surgery Hospital.Openthe doors of multi surgery hospital & take patients totheoperation room of Multi Surgery Hospital.StomachSurgerySimulatorThe ambulance has brought a little boy with astomachache,seems like it is a case of food poisoning for which youare goingto operate him in operation room. Get ready for stomachsurgery,you need to make an incision on his tummy to pull out junkfoodfrom his stomach.Eye Surgery SimulatorOne of the kid has camewithhis mommy to get his eye sight checkup from specialist eyesurgerydoctor. Use special surgery simulator doctor medicalinstruments tostretch open eyes, remove germs and kill unwantedbacteria fromkids eyes with laser treatment! Knee SurgerySimulatorOne of thepatients is moaning in pain as he got kneeinjury that can affecthis ankle, leg & foot movement. To avoidany other damage,prepare for the knee surgery simulator. ThroatSurgery SimulatorOneof the patient is suffering with throatinfection & you need totreat them well to regain his health.With a throat problem patientmight get a problem with their ears& eyes too since they areinterlinked. Consult an ENT (Ear,Nose, Throat) surgeon to performa throat surgery simulation.Ribcage Surgery SimulatorUnfortunatelyone of the patients met witha bad accident & his ribcage gotbroken. The broken ribcage needER emergency attention of the crazysurgeon otherwise it may damagerespiratory system i.e lungs orheart. Don’t forget to clean awaythe blood to avoid infection.Brain Surgery SimulatorOne of thepatient has been diagnose withbrain tumour in his head that canaffect his arm, finger and legmovement or ultimately paralysis mayeffect his body. Braincontrols our heart, eye, ear, nose, kidney,liver, lungs, stomachand all parts of the body. You are going to bevirtual brain doctorsurgeon to perform this important operation.Call the Heart doctor,kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist andall other surgeons onduty to keep a check on the patient’s organswhile you carry outthe surgery simulation.Features:* Realistic Funsurgeries,operations and treatments!* Amazing graphics and crazygame play.•Perform complex medical treatments.• Become the bestsurgeon inhospital.• Enjoy the doctor clinic games with a widevariety oftools.• Crazy nurses and doctors team to assist you inyour surgeryclinic.
Doctor Kids 1.48
M by Bubadu
With the help of this game you can see what is like to be adoctorand treat kids in a children's hospital. You can make themhealthyagain and put a smile back on their faces. Children arecoming tothe clinic and they need your help to get better. Once youappointthe little patients to the right doctor’s office, you canhave funplaying interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.Gamepresents different kinds of doctors and treatments, withmanycolorful objects to match patients’ characteristics. Everydoctor’soffice includes a unique minigame to make treatment evenmore fun.And don’t forget about the ambulance car that is always ina hurry.Within this game, you can do the following: Appoint yourpatientsto the dentist to brush and fix their broken teeth.Diagnosepatients to heal them from strange diseases. Make aneyeexamination test to improve kids’ eyesight. Use a microscopetomake some lab tests and eliminate viruses. Use the X-ray machinetoscan bones. Drive an ambulance car and give first aid topatients.Treat an ear infection and take a hearing test in theXylophoneminigame. Features: • beautiful high quality HD graphics•intuitive, easy to use user interface • infinite gameplaywithnumerous combinations • many different patients in variousclothes• offers 7 unique doctor’s offices: dental care, eye check,skinrashes cure, lab test and X-ray, ear doctor, ambulance carwithemergency room (ER doctor) • includes 7 thematic minigames •tonsof colorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrupflavoursThis game is free to play but certain in-game items andfeatures,also some of those mentioned in game description, mayrequirepayment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Pleasecheckyour device settings for more detailed options regardingin-apppurchases. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’sproducts orsome third parties which will redirect users to our orthird-partysite or app. Privacypolicy: Terms ofservice:
Real Surgery Doctor Game-Free Operation Games 2019 2.6.2
New Surgery Doctor Game-Free Operation Games 2019 Being aheartsurgeon to perform a open heart surgery in hospital. Gainhealthand fitness with a simple open heart surgery. With a crazygameplay this android game has a real heart transplant andultimateoperations. Some heart attack patients visit the doctorhospitaland some are brought in a hospital ambulance. The hospitalhas anown ambulance. The ambulance has reached the hospital intimeotherwise the patient will die. The new patient comes to getheartsurgery operation done from cardiologist surgeon. Theambulancedoctor has noted down the disease of the heart of thepatient; whenthey were on his way to a hospital. Emergency admitsthe patient inthe hospital. In checkup ward a specialized doctorwill make surewhether his blood pressure is at required state, hisbreathing rateis normal and heart beat is normal or not by usingheartbeatmonitor. Heart patients have a heart surgery risk. Getready toperform the mega heart surgery in this heart transplantgame. Theseawesome doctor games with real doctor tools and crazysurgeontreatments have so much fun. Surgeon doctor will tell thatwhetherhe has a fever. Before starting any kind of heartoperation;doctors should make sure that whether the patient is notsufferingfrom any other disease. Which causes the blood flow in aconstantmanner is stopped. Get your tools ready for this surgeontreatmentgame. This patient is suffering from a chest disease likea heartattack. This problem can affect his arms, fingers and legmovementsif the heart does not pump blood properly. You willperform a dutyof surgeon doctor in this heart surgeon game. Thedoctor shouldcheck all the medical records of heart attack patient.Check theirtemperature and don’t forget to measure the sugar level.Afterfever and other small tests, you will go for the heartsurgery.Take the patient in the hospital operation theater toheartsurgery. To avoid any other damage, now do the open chestsurgeryproperly. The doctor has come and operation has started.First ofall, put the oxygen mask on his mouth. Then you will cutand openthe skin from the chest of the patient. Avoid damaging therib cageof the patient. Then check the heart rate monitor of heartpatientin this game. The hospital nurse will provide you all themedicaltools necessary to perform the open heart surgery. Theheartpatient veins and arteries might have been blocked. Preventhim;getting into the frozen state. Open heart surgery is a doctorgamefor all heart patients in the hospital environment. In-applikeremove ads and unlock new patients is included in thisheartsurgeon emergency doctor game. Keep checking his kidney,liver,lungs, stomach and all parts of the body. The doctor shouldcheckthe whole parts of the body especially lungs, kidney andstomach.Ecg will inform that which parts of the heart are affectedandrequire immediate attention. Heart problems cause a lot ofproblemslike weight loss and change in body shape. When the heartpatientscheck in the ER emergency; the doctor should check thepatientproperly. Each level is difficult than the previous level.Aftercompleting the first level you will permute to next deadlylevel.Download and play this doctor surgeon heart surgery game.Goodluck! open heart surgery doctor game Features: Fun treatmentsandreal surgeries Amazing graphics and crazy game play Use allmedicaltools Check the temperature with thermometer Zoom cameraview Easyto play It’s totally free to play. So get it now fromGoogle playstore for your android devices. Quickly download thisinteresting2019 games.
Emergency Doctor Simulator 3D 1.3
A lot of patients moms, baby, kids and adults are coming toyourhospital in an ambulance to get treated. It’s your chance tobecomethe Best Doctor.This free game is very fun. Make sure theytakehealthy food and treat the kids with fever kindly and withgreatcare. Also Perform your duty as the ambulance driver and Drivetheambulance in the city in emergency situations and take thepatientsto the doctor's clinic in time. You are an awesome doctorwithspecializations in surgery and Dentist activities.Become arealdoctor and crazy surgeon.This game is so much fun with crazygameplay. This Hospital Ambulance Doctor has real ambulanceride,emergency treatments and ultimate operations. Get to the Fireplaceon time and take the kids effected from fire to the doctor'sclinic.Get to the Accident Place in time .The ambulance has reachedthehospital in time otherwise the patient would have gone in afrozenstate. Do Regular Visits to Kids School Medical camps. Bethedoctor kids love to visit and get treated with. Thissimulationgame is the best doctor and emergency ambulancesimulation game Abiggest rush of patients injured and sufferingwith diseases arecoming to your clinic in an ambulance to get theirsurgeriesdone.Never ever Forget your medical kit whenever you arevisiting apatient in emergency situation. Emergency DoctorSimulatorfeatures: - Full 3D large environment - Smooth DoctorControls -Simulator driving smooth controls - Realistic big citygraphics -Engaging ambulance and Doctor missions - Drive thepatients to thehospital - Many different routes across the city
Hospital Simulator : Doctor Game
In Hospital Simulator : Doctor Game have More Fun, MorePatients,More Treatments, Let’s play Hospital Simulator: DoctorGame whereyou can manage and maintain your very own health carecentre.Amazing fun game Hospital Simulator : Doctor Game , Turnyourselfinto a professional star doctor, operate your own clinicandhospital, cure different kinds of patients along withyourassistant nurse. Hospital Simulator : Doctor Game is theultimatesimulation game where you design, manage and maintain yourvery ownmedical and healthcare centre!In Hospital Simulator :Doctor Gamethe patients keep coming and you are the only one whocan nursethem back to health. Live the thrill of a busy hospitalroutine andrun fast to treat all the emergency patients whodesperately needyour attention. Manage your time & skill as abusy nurse andwork fast to diagnose, treat and cure all patient.Treat manydifferent diseases in 60 fun filled levels that will testyour timemanagement skills.In Hospital Simulator : Doctor Game showthat youare an expert nurse by managing your time so that no one isleftwithout care. In Hospital Simulator : Doctor Game there arelots ofpatients in the hospital who visiting hospital for Eye care,Tummycare, Medicines, Injection, Body maze, Dentist treatment,Heart orLungs treatment and for other disease and there aresomething wrongwith their hearts, leg, stomaches, eye, livers,ears, nose , teeth,lab test and X-ray. The hospital needs yourtalents today to savethe day. Are you ready for the challenge?Let’s download HospitalSimulator: Doctor Game and show your medicaland time managementtalent.
Baby Hospital Craft: Newborn Care. Doctor Games 1.10
Being a doctor isn’t easy, especially when you’re a pediatrician -adoctor game! Build a baby hospital and treat little patientslikeyour own family - only in Baby Hospital Craft, one of thenewhospital games simulator of 2018!Kids need you!Build ababyhospital from scratch and run it as a doctor and manager inone!Little kids often can’t tell you what’s wrong - it’s up to youtodiagnose them and provide patient an aid! Become a doctor whorunsa medic test, looks at injury report, cures diseases, takescare ofbroken bones, provides a baby day care and, generally, healtheworld by playing minigames. Kids need a pediatrician like you,sotake this doctor simulator to become one!Earn reputation ofthebest baby doctor in townBaby Hospital Craft isn’t one ofthesedoctor games for educational purpose only. Here, you can alsoearnreputation and improve your skills. Every cured baby is happyandtheir parents too! Whether small children or a newborn, careforevery patient - this lets you earn points, which everydoctorwants. With these points you can buy new blocks, medicalequipmentlike x-ray or defibrillator and taking care of childreneven moreefficient! A hospital simulator that every fan of strategygameswill enjoy!Crafting & building baby hospital likeneverbeforeWith all new blocks and medical equipment this crafting&building game becomes almost endless experience. Build a newfloordedicated to newborn care or a playground, where virtual kidswillmeet others, have fun and even meet a playground buddy! Craftnewways to heal or even make a house calls to treat patient inhishome. Crafting & building games was never so much fun -becomea doctor now!BABY HOSPITAL CRAFT FEATURES:🏥 Build & craftababy hospital.🏥 Become a pediatrician doctor and manager inone!🏥Diagnose diseases and run a medic test.🏥 Read an injury reportandtreat patient properly.🏥 Make house calls!🏥 Earn reputationpointsto buy new blocks and medical equipment.🏥 Improve yourbabyhospital.🏥 Play fun minigames - for girls & boys!🏥 Becomeareal Hospital!DOWNLOAD NOW and become a doctor who you’vealwayswanted to be! Only in Baby Hospital Craft - one of the bestnewdoctor games for girls & boys of 2018!DISCLAIMER: BabyHospitalCraft is not advised to play for players below 13 years oldwithoutparental control.
My Surgery Hospital: Disaster Emergency Hero 2.0.5
Your hometown has been struck by an apocalyptic disaster, becomethereal hero who saves his patients in emergency My SurgeryHospital.People are going crazy and the hospital is full ofpatients who needBrain, Elbow, Finger, Leg, Lungs, Neck, Sole,Knee, Spinal, and SkinGrafting surgeries.Experience the emergencyof an apocalypsedisaster in your hometown and you’re the realsurgeon who has tosave the people by performing Brain, Elbow,Finger, Leg, Lungs,Neck, Sole, Knee, Spinal, Skin Graftingsurgeries using realisticmedical tools in operationtheatre.FEATURES:• Massive levelselection map• Two game modes:Intern and Expert• Show off yourskills in emergency as a surgeon•Purchase or earn coins to get morelives• Operation theatre tools•Wide range of surgeries to perform•Amazing HD Graphics• Free game•Medical tools sound effects• NoWi-Fi requiredand much more…JOIN USON SOCIAL NETWORKS:- OXO 3DStudio Website: our Facebook Page: OXO 3DStudio on Twitter: @Oxo3dWELOVE TO HEAR:* If you like this MySurgery Hospital: Hero DisasterER Emergency, then Rate and Reviewand if something went wicked oryou have any recommendation thenplease give your valued feedback FOR CUSTOMERS:* This is freegame especially for Hospital,Surgery and Doctor game lovers but itcontains third party ads.
Skin Doctor - Kids Game 1.13
Miniclub by Bubadu
Kids have a really bad skin day! Become a skin doctor andhelppatients to cure different types of allergy symptoms. They canbecaused by almost anything, from a peanut allergy or a bee stingtoseafood or pollen. Each allergy has its own mini game to getaproper skin test results. Eat peanut donuts, sort differenttypesof seafood, pick the pollen from the flowers or shoot a cupofhoney by a slingshot. So take a skin test, appoint patients totheright doctor’s office and provide them with good therapy work.Hereare some of the main skin allergies you can experience. Learnhowto fix them and become a skin expert. Peanut allergy: Useafacecloth, asthma pump, eye drops and make a lotion to get ridofall the symptoms. Seafood allergy: Guide the medicine throughthedigestive maze and treat allergy reaction with a balm, some teaanda nose pump. Pollen allergy: Make a homemade remedy in a spraylaband solve the pollen issue with a handkerchief, syrup andcream.Bee sting allergy: Catch the bees and use a breathingmachine,tweezers and an injection to cure the bee sting problems.Calmchildren’s irritated skin and help them to feel betteragain!Features: • doctor game for kids with an educational value •4types of allergies and a lot of fun activities • real medicaltoolsand skin treatments • funny animations and sounds
Little Cat Doctor:Pet Vet Game 2.3
Work as a veterinarian in our animal hospital & do catsurgeryon animals - cat care games with funny pets will make yousmile andhave a great time taking care of cats! *** Inside the pethospitalgame, there are many cute animals that you, as the best petdoctor,have to rescue! Download this fantastic pet vet clinic **LittleCat Doctor:Pet Vet Game ** and see how amazing pet vet gamesandhospital games are! *** Start your pet adventure withamazing"veterinarian games" and all cute pets will love you, theirvetdoctor! Cure little cats in these "cat games" fromdifferentinjuries and diseases in your cat clinic: ** Fever – helpyourkitty cat patients by taking their temperature and giving themamedicine! ** Thorns – extract thorns with realveterinaryequipment, spray thicks & apply an ointment! ** Earinfection –find and kill bacteria that are hiding in the ears ofadorablepets! ** Sore throat – spray the nasty bacteria, cure cutepets andbe the best veterinary doctor in the world! ** Bites – makeapotion to treat cats that got bitten! ** Cuts – pets are clumsy,sothere's a lot of work for a skilled "cat veterinarian" tocleanwounds, play stitching games and put a bandaid on! ** Stomachache– in this crazy pet surgery game, you can also performultrasoundlike in a real animal hospital! When pets are cured, feedthe kittywith food from a pet store! ** Broken bones – pet caringgames alsoinclude fixing broken bones! You're the best animaldoctor &surgeon so you must do cat care & surgery allalone! **Toothache – your cute pet cat patient has some cavityissues! Feellike a real pet dentist & have fun because animaldentist gamesare so addictive! ** Cure kitty cats and collect starsto open newcat hospitals & vet clinics for your furry catpatients!Collect many stars to be able to play all cat doctor gamesin ouranimal hospital! *** You will love being a doctor playinghospitalgames and surgery games! Virtual pet care games have thecutest HDgraphics & pleasant background music – you'll be thehappiestkitty cat doctor in all animal vet games if you come andplay ourfunny cat care game! *** Cute pets are waiting in line inyour cathospital and you need to take care of sick animals byplayingdifferent cat care games! Pet care in ** Little CatDoctor:Pet VetGame ** consists of many steps, so you must performpet surgeryvery carefully in your veterinary clinic! *** "Pet vetgames" aregreat educational games and creative games at the sametime! Takingcare of a pet is fun but pet care skills are important!In our petclinic – animal hospital game, you're a famousveterinarian whodoes cat makeover and cat care like no one else!*** Take care ofpets in this animal care game and cure sick pets inyour virtualpet clinic! Cat doctor games are so addictive, the timewill justfly by while you're playing "animal surgery games" in ourvetclinic for little pets! *** We designed the cutest pet kittygamesfor girls and boys, who want to be pet vets when they grow up!Ourkitty hospital for kitty care is the ultimate pet vet gamewhereyou get to do vet surgery games and be the funny catveterinarian!*** Download our new animal vet game ** Little CatDoctor:Pet VetGame ** and start you cat vet career – cure cats fromaround theworld and provide vet care for animals in this petveterinary game!
Kids Hospital: Eye Doctor 1.1.0
Hippo Kids Games
Hospital game is an exciting and educational game for kids. Itisvery popular among our small pioneers. While helping thepatientsof Hippo hospital, a little eye doctor learns how to becareful,attentive and kind. Especially for you, our Hospital gameisrenewed with a new cabinet. Our beloved Hippy is an eyedoctortoday! It means, that new hospital games are waiting for ustoday!Problems with eyesight? Don't worry, patients will be curedby thebest eye doctor in the world, your kids. Every dayambulancedelivers new patients to the hospital. They will beexamined byHippo. The phone rings without pause. Somebody need tohave aninjection, somebody needs to be operated urgently, andsomebodyneeds just to choose contact lenses and check eyesight.Somebodyhas a virus eye infection or just irritation. Our doctoreye doctorwill do his own special tests and help everybody! KindHippy doctoris an ophthalmologist of international level, and todayshe isready to share her secrets with you. Let's go to theHippohospital! Anybody who will come today to the hippo hospital,willhave an examination, have eyesight tests and will get alltheneeded injections and firs aid! To cure patients and makethisworld better are secrets, that every doctor should know. Thisisthe game hospital for kids! It means that we are not afraid ofanydifficult operation. Do you want to check your eyesight withthebest eye specialist? A new eye doctor game, as well as alloureducational games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free.Havea lot of positive emotions together with your kids! HospitalHippogames are interesting and exciting. Stay tuned and stay withus.Our free games for boys and girls will always make you andyourkids happy.
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app 1.0.2
Cool Kids Games Club
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app, the BESTandroideducational and learning fun app for kids!Hi kids,Thiseducationalfun game 'Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor' willteach how youcan be a great kids doctor and will get you familiarwith theentire doctor's visit experience. So that you will learnhow totreat kids in a little children's emergencyhospital.Features:★Tons of different levels to play.★ includesdozens of awesomemini-games.★ lots of Dr. tools commonly seen in aclinic.★ superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ enjoyablekids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.★includes lots of kids with colorful clothes, differentbandages,arm plasters, syrups and much more.Team is continuouslyworking forimprovements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestions.
My Hospital - Baby Dr. Panda 1.1.8
Dream Games
My Hospital - Baby Dr. Panda Hi Kids, what will you do ifcuteanimals get hurt or Sick? We are sure you will immediatelythink'how can I help these helpless animals, Correct?' This timeyouwill become their doctor in your own hospital and cure someunusualanimal patients. They are 7 cute animals patients whorequired yourlove and care! In this free kids game --- My Hospital- Baby Dr.Panda, you can use many different kinds of medicalinstruments totreat animals' sickness.Select your adorablecharacter and take onthe role of great panda doctor by playingthese free games cleaninganimals, lower temperature, stitch thewounds, check patientheartbeat and more! Panda Doctor, please helpcure these cuteanimal patients and make them recover. FEATURES: ★ 7differentanimal patients lion,giraffe, monkey, panda, turtle, pony& akitten ★ Animal friendly caring tools ★ Lots of doctor gamesandactivities ★ Check temperature, clean your baby animals ★ DragtheX-ray machine onto the patient to find out the fracture parts★Drag the band-aid to cover the patient’s scratches ★ Dress upyourbaby animals with lots of costumes ★ Snapshots of yourcutecharacters can be saved in your photo album ★ Funny animalsoundsTeam is continuously working for improvements of this game,pleasefeel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.
Kids Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games 1.2
Tenlogix Games
Surgeon! It’s a call from ER emergency room, patients sufferingfromvarious injury are waiting in emergency hospital. Let’soperate themand be a life saver in this brand new hospital games.Kids HospitalEmergency Rescue - Doctor Games provides you the lifesavingopportunity by doing some complex surgery inside hospitalemergencyroom where you can apply some crazy medical procedures onhospitalpatient. So crazy doctor surgeon are you ready to use lifesavingtools, techniques and injection to become the life savercrazysurgeon in Kids Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games.This kidsdoctor games is the best educational app for kids wherethey learnhow to be the life saver of patients when kids are onhospital duty.Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Game provideslifeline to patientthat are brought to hospital emergency room onambulance. You canalso take blood tests and give injections topatients.Treatingpatients with kindness using best time managementskills that willmake little kids expert hospital emergency doctor.ER Surgeon letsstart with basic health checkup, monitor bloodpressure, respiratorysystem, health and fitness in hospital kidsdoctor games. Hospitalemergency is full of crucial patientssuffering from differentinjuries, heart diseases that requirecrazy surgeon to be available.Check the availability of doctorsurgeon in ER emergency room,kidney doctor, eye surgery doctor,lungs doctor, eye surgery doctorand treat the patient of kneesurgery and foot sole injury well. Itsgoing to be a tough kidshospital duty but little kids need to learnhow it feels to be acrazy surgeon doctor in kids hospital lifesaving mission. You arethe life line in emergency hospital and lifesaving is yourultimate goal. For doing your hospital duty well youneed toperform various surgery with life saving tools andinjection. Callthe ER hospital emergency doctor and anesthetisttimely so thesurgery do not get delayed. Keep checking patientsheart, brain,lungs, kidney, eye, ear, nose liver, tongue, stomachand other bodypart to prevent them getting into frozen state. Likea real surgeondoctor give proper attention and treatment topatients in KidsHospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games. Beprofessional hospitalduty doctor whether you need to be an ERemergency doctor,anesthetist, brain surgeon in kids hospital games.Use tweezers topluck thorns and disinfect the wounds with bestmedical care.Discharge your patients when done with your hospitalduty and makethem happy. Features:• Fun surgeries, operations andtreatments!•Become a professional surgeon in kids hospital games!•Treat yourpatients well when you are on hospital duty!• Completechallenginglife saving missions in crazy surgery simulator!• Usemedical toolsand techniques in this amazing doctor games!
Doctor Kids 4 1.17
M by Bubadu
Welcome to the hospital for children, where medicine meetskindness.You can become the chief of medicine and learn how togive moresympathy to people. Patients choose our hospital for theexperiencewe have and quality of our pediatricians. As a doctor,you will beable to provide professional treatment services andtake care ofyour little patients. Face with chickenpox, differenttypes ofallergies, stomach ache, low bone density, brain problemsand caverescue operation. Kids are in a poor state of health soget themback to normal. • Chickenpox: Use a thermometer, beat thevirusesand choose protective gloves for the kid. • Allergies: Opentheairways with a breathing machine, take an allergy test and findoutwhat food substitutes the child needs. • Digestive system:Examineabdomen with ultrasound, remove parasites and choose aherbal syrupfor the aching stomach. • Bone density: Measure bonedensity,collect as much calcium and vitamin D as you can and learnwhat foodis good for bone health. • Brain: Place the electrodesand measurebrain activity, connect neurons and pick food to boostpatient’sbrainpower. • Ambulance service: Rescue kids from thecave and bringthem up safely. Features: • different mini games andhealthtreatments • lots of injuries, diseases, doctor’s toolsandequipment This game is free to play but certain in-game itemsandfeatures, also some of those mentioned in game description,mayrequire payment via in-app purchases which cost real money.Pleasecheck your device settings for more detailed optionsregardingin-app purchases. The game contains advertising forBubadu’sproducts or some third parties which will redirect users toour orthird-party site or app. Privacypolicy: Terms ofservice:
Little Lovely Dentist 1.2.0
Leaf Cottage
Lot of people want to be a great dentist, it's your dream, yes?Nowyou get a chance to treat those poor patients at the clinic inthisdentist game! Director of the crazy dentist office is lookingfor asmart doctor who can clean, color and beautify teeth. Are youthebest doctor? Are you the best animal doctor? Welcome todentistoffice, you have a chance to help your patients, to provethat youare a nice dentist! Gain experience to become the expertdentistand doctor. The dentist office is opening! Patients arelining upoutside the little dentist office to check patients'teeth/toothproblems... They suffer from kinds of teeth problemslike badteeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus, dentist mania...Become thebest crazy doctor, and the best dentist in town! Performdifferenttreatments on your patients. Extract their teeth carefullywithouthurting them and see a tooth fairy swirl her magic wand.Treatpatients at the office in this dentist games with prettycooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers and braces,dentistmania! It's a very funny dentist game for people topractice, forcreation, a sense of accomplishment! Features: * Morethan 12lovely characters in the dentist office, includingcelebrity, theyhave crazy teeth problems and are waiting for thelittle dentist *Provide abundant teeth cleaning tools, colorpainting brush andkinds of lovely teeth stickers, and make you alittle but crazydentist * Featuring picture capturing and rating tolet you seeyour work at the first moment. Dear little dentist,don't forget totake a picture after finishing your work * Not onlya dentist maniagame but also full of sense of education, makecelebrities anddevelop habit of protecting teeth. It teaches youhow to be alittle dentist! Welcome to dentist mania, enjoy thelovely dentistgames! Here you can help your patients, become a nicedentist! Youcan not only turn yourself into a professional dentist,diagnoseand cure different patients, but also can operate anddecorate yourown dental clinic, make it your dreaming one. Hope youlike thislittle dentist games, be the best dentist at this crazyfun office!Treat patients with professional doctor tools likesyringes, dentaltweezers, and more! This dentist’s office is somuch fun! You’venever been to a dentist’s office like this! Thisdentist games willbe improved continuously!
🚑 Hospital Lobby - Doctor Games 2.1
One of the most complex doctor games free, Hospital Lobby,invitesyou to join it's specialist doctor team and take care ofpatientsthat suffer from a simple flu to more important caseslikeaccidents or even play a dentist game to take care of thepatient'steeth.In these doctor game, Hospital Lobby for free yousimulatebeing a hospital doctor and you can unlock all emergencystationsexcepting the dentist game which is unlocked by default.Youhave avariety of patients and you must be all kinds of doctorsfromdentist game to eye doctor or heart doctor depending onthedisease.The first station that it's unlocked for you is thedentistgame in which you have to treat the teeth for tartrum ,toothbrushing or even replacing some of the teeth.In this dentistgameyou have to move as fast as you can and try to buy upgradesforyour dentist tools to make people happier and also earn asmuchcoins as possible.With the money earned in our dentist gameyouwill unlock the doctor games stations and also surgerysimulatorwhere we will treat bones , fractures and more.Inside thefludoctor games we have to check the temperature , use ice to loweritand give some pills to the patient and try to beat thataggresivecold.Everyone is delighted by the doctor games stationbecause thecolds are very frequent and we have lots of customersthat we needto treat so those stations are very important in ahospital.Anotherinteresting level is the eye doctor care where wemust treat theeye problems.Try to found what dioptries people haveand find theright eye glasses with the perfect lens for them.Thebones doctorgames will also come in help when some people have handfracturesthat you need to heal using surgery simulator games.Allpeople thatcame to our clinic will benefit from the highest qualityofhospital services going to x-ray for surgery simulator ,puttingthe bones in place , bandage them and also use the gypsum attheend to stabilize their fractures.We need to move fast onsurgerydoctor game and dentist so that the hospital reputationbecomes aprestigious one.We really hope that you will love ourdoctor gamesfree , dentist and surgery simulator games but alsospend time inour hospital by receiving patients and emergencies butalso solveall the cases in the quickest time and become the bestdoctor inour hospital.You must apply bandage to any injury for yourpatientsand heal them as fast as possible to save theirlives.Removesplinters or any other foreign objects from their arms, legs oreven their face.Use disinfectant for the wounds to be thebest inthese cool doctor games !
ER Heart Surgery - Emergency Simulator Game 2.0
Nutty Games Studio
A crazy heart surgeon simulator for kids to perform operationsandsave lives in one of the most realistic heart surgery gamesever!You need to take urgent care of all the patients in hospitalER andas the courageous heart surgeon treat them. In ER heartsurgerygame you get to perform real time open heart surgerieswhilelearning how to be a heart specialist. Attain crazy surgeonskillsand treat patients with heart diseases to save lives in ERdoctorsurgery game. ER Heart Surgery Simulator for KidsFeaturesPlay as aheart surgeon in this surgery game Treat heartpatients in hospitalemergency roomRealistic operation theaterhospital game Amazinggraphics and crazy surgery tasksReplace heartorgan during acomplete heart transplantLearn open heart surgerycomplications insurgeon gameUse different medical tools for heartsurgery Useinjection, scalpel, tweezers & forceps duringheartoperationSave patients lives from heart diseasesPerformoperationsas a heart surgeonHeart surgery game lets you use surgerytools totreat heart problems and do a heart transplant on patients.Manypatients are waiting in the hospital emergency room to gettreatedin this doctor surgery game. Test your skills, performhearttransplants and become professional heart surgeon to savepatientlives. Download ER doctor heart surgery game now to savepeoplesuffering from heart diseases.
JKUpdates - Jobs, News, Results, Notifications 2.0.8
JKUpdates News, J&K Jobs, Jammu Kashmir JK Alerts, JKUpdates,JKInfo. JKUpdates provides All Fresh Govt & PrivateJobs,Notifications, Results, Selection Lists, Date Sheet fromJammu& Kashmir. JKUpdates Gives you latest News, Breaking NewsfromJammu Kashmir & India. JK Updates provides JKSSB, JKPSC,Jammu& Kashmir University, JKBOSE, SKUAST Jobs &Notifications.Jammu Kashmir Links, JK Edu News, JK Jobs Portal,KashmirJobAlerts,JK Update, JKUpdate News
Cleveland Clinic Express Care® Online
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic Express Care® Online offers 24/7 care fromanywherevia your smartphone or tablet. During your virtual visit,ahealthcare provider can offer a diagnosis, treatment, andmedicationif appropriate – no appointment needed. How can ExpressCare Onlinebenefit me? • Connect in minutes to a healthcareprovider – savetime vs. an in-person visit • Can be used by yourentire family,ages 2 and up • $49 or less per visit, with manyinsurance plansaccepted • All visits are secure and confidential.• We treat manycommon conditions, including cough and cold, sinusinfections,allergies, rash, and pink eye • Many Cleveland Clinicproviders alsooffer virtual follow-up visits to select patientsCommonly TreatedConditions (Ages 2+) • Asthma* • Bronchitis* •Conjunctivitis •Cough and cold symptoms • Earaches* • Minor backand shoulder pain*• Minor medical concerns • Minor trauma, burnsor lacerations* •Sinus infections • Urinary tract infections* •Yeast infections* •Rash • Flu Symptom *Adult patients only
Clinical Treatment: Disease Treatment Dictionary 5.3
Introduction: "Clinical Treatment" aka "DiseasesTreatmentDictionary" Provide you one of the best education aboutTreatmentof Diseases and remained the first choice of DoctorsespeciallyHouse Officers, Medical Officers and Training MedicalOfficers.Features: - Treatment Of Diseases - Quick Search ofDisease - AimsOf Treatment -General Measures - PharmacologicalTreatment -Criteria for Referral - Doses of Drugs - Route Ofadministration ofDrugs - Various Brand Names of Drugs used inTreatment of DiseasesSome special treatments covered: DiabetesTreatment DepressionTreatment Anxiety Treatment HemorrhoidTreatment PsoriasisTreatment Schizophrenia Treatment Lyme diseaseTreatment LupusTreatment Herpes Treatment Pneumonia TreatmentScabies TreatmentChlamydia Treatment Bronchitis Treatment Contents:It covers theTreatment of Diseases Of Following systems: 1.Cardiovascularsystem -Respiratory System -Dermatology (Skindiseases Treatment)-ENT -EYE -Gynaecology and Obstetrics -Dentistry-Urogenital System-Nervous System -Hepatobiliary System -Poisoning-Endocrine System-Hematology -GastroIntestinal System -InfectiousDiseases-Musculoskeletal System -Psychitary -Sexually TransmittedDiseasesDisclaimer: This application is intended only foreducationalpurposes and should not be considered equivalent tomedical advice.Consult a registered medical doctor in case of anyhealth issues.BmcAndroLab and Marwatsoft will not responsible forany harm doneor any incorrect decision been taken from the use ofthisapplication. Although, every effort has been made to makethecontent error free but hundred percent accuracy can notbeguaranteed. If someone finds his/her copyrighted contents inthisapplication then please tell in detail about what material hasbeentaken and what should be done with this material along withdetailsof your webpage or source from which it has been taken andyourcopyrights authority over the material. The contents ofthisapplication are subjected to copyright.
Pepi Hospital 1.0.69
Pepi Play
Step into a PEPI HOSPITAL and become doctor, patient or justacurious explorer! Our new addition to a rich family of PEPIPLAYgames offers a vast medical center with tons of items,activities,and ways to play. Join our characters in theirworkplace, sootheand treat patients, create Your own stories,discover andunderstand the everyday routines of a busy hospital.MEET THE PEPIBOT We're delighted to introduce a medical Pepi Bot,our newcharacter built to accompany little players in our games.Pepi Botis a cute, versatile friend able to follow you around thebuildingand provide immediate help, to You and Your patients. Armedwiththe latest tech, Pepi Bot is a perfect sidekick to Yourinteractivestories. The little droid will provide medical tools andeven carrya wardrobe for all those moments when you feel likeplaying instyle! TONS OF ACTION Experience the daily life of ahospital fullof action - from the small and cozy cafe to a busypharmacy shop orthe operating room, there are various experiencesfor players totoy with. Ambulance car will arrive regularly withnew patients totake care of and new friends to meet. Only the mostcurious playerswill be able to find all the ways to treat theirpatients. Thisoffers an amazing opportunity to set up variousscenarios to takepart in. FUN & EDUCATIONAL Even though thegame is dedicated toa young audience, everybody can and should finda way to join in.The game encourages parents to play together anduse the gameseducational values - while your child is discoveringtheopportunities throughout all 4 floors of the hospital, you canhelphim by moderating their experiences, creating and goingthroughcharacter stories, explaining the nature and use ofitems,expanding a child’s vocabulary and basic medicinalknowledge.HUNDREDS OF INTERACTIVE OBJECTS Enhance your gameplaywith hundredsof interactive objects that can be easily transferredthroughfloors. Medical instruments, toys, and even yoga balls canbe givento the dwellers of Pepi Hospital for the mostunpredictableresults. Not to mention many opportunities to dress upyourfavorite characters! COLORFUL AND UNIQUE CHARACTERS PEPIHOSPITALhas a wide variety of characters. Dozens of cute, cheerfulandunique humans, pets, monsters, and aliens are there to have funandjoin your playful exploration of the Hospital building. FEATURES•Vast medical center packed with tons of items and machines!•Multifunctional companion bot. • Run your own lab — measurebloodpressure, perform X-ray scans and much more! • Get comfy inacustomizable dentist chair. • Become a physical therapist,createyour own fitness routines! • Be among the first to welcomebabiesinto the world. Weight and take good care of them! • ListentoHospital dwellers talking on the phone. Each in his own uniqueway!• Play with fishes while waiting at the reception. •Ambulanceregularly delivers new patients.
Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency Surgery Simulation 1.9
Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency Surgery Simulation is an armsurgerygame with a hospital emergency room to perform bonefracture surgeryon the poor arm injury patient. If you enjoyoperate now hospitalgames that contain fun of broken bones games,bone surgery operationgames & arm surgery simulator games thenyou’ll not bedisappointed by this arm hospital simulation surgerygame. Becomebone doctor of the operate now hospital games tooperate bonefracture surgery like an expert bone surgeon medicalsimulation ofthe arm hospital simulation, arm surgery simulatorgames, bonesurgery broken bone games with emergency room hospitalsimulationoperation games. Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency SurgerySimulationcontains bone doctor medical simulation along withamazing bonesurgeon broken bone games, arm doctor bone surgerygame, real armsurgery simulator and arm hospital games bonefracture surgery game.The emergency room at operate now hospitalis ready for bone doctorto treat bone fracture surgery in medicalsimulation as a real bonesurgeon of medicine operation games nbroken arm surgery simulatorgame. Interest creation:This ERsurgery doctor & surgeon gamewill train you to go inemergencyroom and plan a hospital escapebecause you don’t wantto get stuckin the ER doctor game. You willbecome an emergency erdoctorsimulator in Emergency hospital gamesof hospital simulatorand play super games. What are you waitingfor? Become a emergencyer doctor simulator of surgery games andmaster in hospital gamesemergency room. Do you like ER doctor gamethat is emergencysurgery simulator games & a surgeon game?Patients that are insurgery simulator games are waiting for thehospital simulatorsurgery doctor to come and cures ER doctor game.The type ofhospital simulation games are very easy to play forusers and theyalways try to hospital escape by hook or by crookfrom ER hospitalsimulator, so you will have to play smart to winsuper games.What’s inside:In this doctor simulator where erhospital gamesplays an important role for naughty patients. Thisemergency roomwill drive you in world of emergency games where thelevel ofsurgeon game not cross the line of gross games. As you seethat iner hospital games where there is no hospital escape so youcanrelax & play surgery games. Why not you try thisSurgerySimulator: Arm Doctor? FEATURES:- Bone Surgeon in operatenowhospital emergency room for broken bone surgery- Operatebonefracture surgery using medical surgery tools- Bone Doctor inarmsurgery simulator of operation games- Broken armhospitalsimulation and fun medical simulation- Amazing broken bonesgamesHD Graphics- Free to play forever with super fun armsurgerygameplay- No Wi-Fi required and no internet required to playWeLove to hear:Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency SurgerySimulationrecommended for teen mom & one of emergency & erdoctorgame of surgeon simulator & surgery games. This is freegameespecially for Arm Surgery games, Bone Doctor games, BoneFractureOperation games, Medical Simulation games lovers but itcontainsthird party ads.
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic app connects you to the No. 1 hospital inthenation, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

The MayoClinicapp gives you practical, helpful tools to manage yourhealthon-the-go. The app delivers a daily dose of health newsandpractical advice from top doctors, dietitians, fitness expertsandmore. You can also search for reliable, research-backed answerstoyour questions about diseases, symptoms and healthprocedures.Plus, you can easily request an appointment withworld-classexperts in top-ranked specialties.

If you're already aMayo Clinicpatient, the app puts all of your medical information inyourpocket, so it's easier to track your health, scheduleappointmentsand complete check-in questionnaires at yourconvenience. Whenyou're on-site, the app is your ideal tool. You'llget easy accessto your appointment itinerary, important reminders,campus maps andyour personal medical records. Favorite features: 
•Start (or end)your day with must-read news, health insights,fitness videos,recipes and wellness tips. • Search for trustworthyinfo aboutdiseases, symptoms and medical procedures. 
• Makeappointments atyour convenience.
 • Check your appointmentitinerary. 
• View testresults in real time. 
• View radiologyimages and exams. • Accessand pay your bills. • Communicate withyour care team in a securemessaging system. • Get Express CareOnline within an hour forcommon ailments that don't require anin-person visit (available inselect regions). 
Learn more about theMayo Clinic app:
MedDNA - Clinic Management 1.0.5
MedDNA is mobile and web portal for clinic management which helpsindigitization of clinical process. Doctors can use it forwritingprescriptions, managing appointments, to connect withpatients,review their health documents, etc. It is useful for allthemedical practitioners like Dentist, Pediatrician,GeneralPhysicians, Gynecologist, Ayurvedic, Homeopath, etc. It easetheappointment management for Clinic by automaticallysendingreminders via emails and SMS to patients. MedDNA clinicmanagementApp offers option where doctors can take hand writtenprescriptionand save the image of it in patient’s account, makingit simpler tomaintain patient’s medical history. Intuitively,Doctors canautomate much of prescription writing via web portal andsharevarious other documents with patients. Multi-language supportisalso available to Doctors for clear communication withnativelanguage speaking patients. Overall clinic managementprovidespeedy execution and hassle free experience for thedoctors.Features of MedDNA- clinic management: 1. Free onlineprofile withcomplete details of doctor and clinic like address,specialization,qualification etc. 2. Online appointments management3. AutomaticSMS and emails sent to patients about upcomingappointments,follow-up, birthdays, billing etc. 4. Add patients toclinic andmanage their data 5. Get easy access to all yourpatient’s medicalhistory 6. Digital prescription with option ofclickingprescription image and saving it in patient’s account. 7.Patientsdetails and documents online 8. Instant messaging andcommunicationwith patients Visit
Live Virtual Dentist Hospital- Dental Surgery Game 1.0.2
Hey guys!! How many of you want to be a Dentist? Then here'sthechance to be a real-time dentist. There is a famous DentalHospitalin the city of America. This dental hospital is so popularfortheir dental services that every day so many patients come tothishospital with their dental problems. So become aprofessionaldoctor in this Live Virtual Dentist Hospital game andtreat yourpatients, so they can feel better again. Every day youneed toperform several unexpected dental therapy and treatments tosolvethe dental complications of the patients. Here in thisdentistadventure Patients will have different complications likegumbleeding, high teeth sensitivity, wisdom toothcomplications,stabbing pain in chewing, tooth-decaying ordecomposition, dirtyteeth, crooked teeth, broken tooth and manymore. You need todiagnose the dental problem and solve theirproblems by giving themdifferent dental therapies like antibioticprophylaxis, toothfilling, teeth whitening, dental braces, wisdomtooth extraction,root canal therapy and dental crown therapy.Inthis Dental Hospitalgame, you will be familiar with lots of dentisttools like toothextracting forceps, dental scissor, elevator,retractors, fillinginstruments, explorers, dental cartridge syringeand much morewhich are used to perform various dental therapies.KeyFeatures ofDentist Hospital Game:- Be the real-time dentist in thishospitalgame- Perform crazy fun dentist routines surgery- Learnvariousdental therapies by playing this dentist game- Use latestdentisttools in the therapies- Diagnose the patient's problem-Attend therevisit of the patients after treatment- Get aware ofdifferentdental problems- Know the preventions for your teeth -DentistSurgery simulator game- Fun and educational doctor gameSofriendsplay this fantastic "Live Virtual Dentist Hospital" game andeveryday perform some unexpected dental therapies at the hospital.Helpyour patients by giving them the best dentisttreatments.AboutGameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of mostloved categories of games and apps which are allhugely loved byfamily. We are entirely devoted to build userfriendly gamesrelated to fun and learning for better educationalfamiliaritiesand enjoyment for family. Stay with us for the latestupdates ofGameiCreate.Follow us on Googleplus: our gamevideos: beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
I am Dentist - Save my Teeth 1.0.11
AE Mobile Kids Fun
Welcome to I am dentist, the best dentist games for kids for FREE.Afull version of fun dentist app you can play offline without wifiorwithout internet.Help dentist clean teeth, help dentist braces,getfamiliar with the dentist appointment, no more dentist fearwhen youvisit a real dentist office.With this virtual dentist anddoctorgames, be the best little dentist or be the crazy dentist atthedentist simulator.Game Features:- Full version up front, nopurchasenecessary to play the free dentist games full version.- 6cutepatients are waiting for the little dentist and doctor-Versatileprofessional dentist tools for dentist surgery- Colorfulbraces andpretty decorations- Simple to operate and cure patientseasily- Realdentist games with braces surgery with levels-Princess dentist modeand halloween dentist- 8 mini games to wingems and free trail oflocked dental tools! (8 mini games are:candy crush, hit it, flybird, cute jump, special one, fishing,brick breaker, darts)Wow,such a fantastic fun kids dentist gamefor boys and girls! Enjoythis lovely little dentist game now! Noone escape the dentist, elsagoes to the dentist, baby hazel goesto the dentist, here goes petdentist, there goes the monsterdentist, even the zombie dentist.Iam Dentist - Save my Teeth is adentist mania game, cute dentistgame with braces, and dentist gamejust for kids!Here you can be acute little dentist, face withkinds of tooth problems, and cureyour lovely little patients. Be anice kids dentist, little doctor!Please save my little teeth.Judyate too much candy, and can notsleep because of toothache. Littledentist!Doctor! Have you everseen a dragon chilly dwarf? His teethhave been frozen out! --- Takecare of your adorable roblox anna,vampire patients, don’t be a evildentist, be a crazy littledentist! ---Let's play the fun gamestogether now, my littledentist!Free free to download our dress upgames I Love Bath - KidsDress Up games for girls free.
Live Virtual Surgery Multi Surgery Hospital 1.0.7
Do you ever know how to use the medical equipment? GameiCreategivesyou chance to see what kind of a doctor you can become. Thereare somany patients are suffering in this Live Virtual SurgeryMultiSurgery Hospital game. Become a professional doctor in thissurgerygame and show your patient that you can take care of themproperly.Here in this Hospital game, you can perform tons ofdifferentvirtual surgeries like Knee Surgery, Brain Surgery,Stomach Surgery,Toe nail surgery and much more. Select yourfavourite surgery andcheck what's wrong with your patient andtreat him properly usingreal doctor tools like clamps, occluders,choppers, cast cutters,cutters, injection, elevators, guides,impactors and much more. Soperform each and every surgery onpatients to make them happy andperfect again. Play this SurgeryHospital game and share it withyour friends and family members.KeyFeatures:- Take care of pregnantwoman by playing this surgerysimulator game - Call 911 and get yourpatients in the ambulance -Emergency treatment in the ambulance-Beautiful nurse assisting youwhile you treat- Do surgery withproper guidance- Fun andEducational gameAbout GameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of most loved categoriesof games and apps which are allhugely loved by kids. We areentirely devoted to build userfriendly games related to fun andlearning for better educationalfamiliarities and enjoyment forkids. Stay with us for the latestupdates of GameiCreate on Googleplay and get more of educationalgames. Follow us on Googleplus: Followus: Watch our gamevideos: Wewill beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
Little Bear Hospital-Doctor Game 1.0
Joy Journey
Hey, little bear doctor 🏥 🐻, our animal friends are sick now.Pleasehelp to treat them with advanced medical 🐼 facilitiesandcomfortable environment. It could offer the patients greatmedicalservice.How to play:Open the game and a patient comes in andyou'replaying a role as doctor. After the communication with thepatient,please give patient a great treatment. When you click thepatient,the state of illness would be introduced. Click “TreatmentMethod”,you can start to cure the patient in the treatment room.There arekinds of instruments for you. After making full use ofeach one,your patient will be cured. Features:- Over 20 medicalinstruments-6 different characters & more than 15 stories-Abundant medicalitems for patients- Be a doctor or dentist to helppatientsNeed YouKnow:This Doctor game is free to download &play. You don'tneed to pay anything for using medical instruments.Let's have funwith Little Bear Hospital-Doctor Games!
Happy Dr.Mania -Doctor game 3.2.5000
Game Stars
Happy Dr.Mania is a brand-new medical simulation game!Curedifferent injured children with specified method. You arealways afantastic doctor! Doctor Mania Features: ★ Free gifts areavailablefor kids ★ Amazing gameplay and graphics ★ Fun treatingprocess& real surgeries Play it for FREE!
Emergency Hospital:Kids Doctor 1.4.1
Hippo Kids Games
Emergency medicine is a very important profession. Whensomethingwrong has happened, ambulance and traumatologist are here.Doctorneed to make decisions very quickly, because you need totreat thepatient urgently. And when the urgent operation is needed,doctormakes it at once. He saves the lives of all his patients. Andtodayour beloved Hippo presents new game from the EducationalKidsGames. It is so called Hospital Game. And you are themostimportant traumatologist here. So what are we waiting for?Let’sgo! Ambulance is on its way! Somebody fallen from the window,caraccident or fallen building crane? Don’t worry! Our Hippowilltreat and save all her patients. But to make it in time, youneedto hurry up to the place where accident happened. It isalsoimportant to drive a car properly. And when you are at theplace,you will do urgent operation. Doctor will make out splinters,putplasters, salve with iodine and give jabs. And there are nottheonly tasks we need to do. Developing game Hippo Hospital iscreatedfor kids and will teach them a lot of interesting andusefulthings. Our Hippo Hospital is a free game. We are happy togiveyour kids happiness and positive emotions. Follow Hippo andstaytuned. We are preparing new exciting adventures for boys andgirls.There are a lot of doctors in the hospital, and you willtryyourself in every of them very soon.
Practo - Book Doctor Appointments & Consult Online 4.47.3
Practo is more than an app for finding doctors. Whether it’sbookingdoctor appointments, ordering medicines, schedulingdiagnostic testsor having an online consultation with your doctor,Practo helps youfind online medical services & solutions toenable you to takebetter care of yourself. So how does Practo helpyou do that? 🔅Findthe right doctor, view doctor's feedback, &book doctorappointments or consult a doctor online via doctor app🔅Find topspecialist doctor from dermatologists, pediatricians,gynecologiststo oncologists & more as well as renownedsurgeons using the app🔅 Consult with doctors online throughprivate chat & call &use the app to ask a doctor forhealth tips 🔅Buy medicines online,& with speedy medicinesdelivery at your doorstep 🔅 Find doctorsfrom nearby clinics to tophospital chains like Fortis, Apollo,Manipal, Columbia Asia, ApolloCradle, Cloudnine & more 🔅Schedule full body checkups withrenowned NABL accredited diagnosticlabs &diagnostic centerslike Thyrocare near you at the comfortof your home 🔅 Access yourmedical records anytime & anywhereFinding the right doctor foryou - made easy Finding the rightdoctor for your good health canbe a challenge. With an expansivelist of verified doctors,specialists, surgeons from neighborhoodclinics & top hospitalsto choose from, we help you getappointments with the doctors usingthe practo doctor app. Withfeedback from patients about doctors,you can make better-informeddecisions when choosing a doctoronline on the app. Online doctorconsultations - convenience whenyou need it the most Too sick totravel to go consult a doctor?Need to consult a doctor in private?With Online Consultations, youcan consult a doctor online & getthe medical assistance youneed at your comfort. You can chat, callor video call to consultwith doctors. Using the Practo app, you canget connected withdoctors in just 60 sec.You can also get freeonline doctorconsultations. Just download the Practo app & login to askfree health questions to doctors. With an option toconsult adoctor on call or chat, you don’t have to travel anymore.Ordermedicines online - save time & effort Want to stockupmedicines for flu season? Save yourself a trip to the pharmacynearyou to buy medicines. Order medicines through onlinepharmacyacross India with the Practo app. You can track yourmedicineorders & get updates about your medicines home deliveryon thePracto app. Buy medicines online in India from 40,000+listedmedicines that are 100% genuine & from a wide range oftrustedpharmacies & providers. Book diagnostic tests - find therightdiagnostic labs near you easily Diagnostic tests are anintegralpart of healthcare checkups. From X-rays & CT scans toAllergytests & more. Practo helps you book diagnostic testswith ease& as directed by doctors. Just book lab tests online& getsample collection done at home. Pathology labs reports aremaileddirectly to you. Book a health checkup packages - be awareStayupdated with comprehensive health checkup packages tailored forallage groups.The health checkups are done at home, & yougetdigital reports post your checkups. Access your medicalrecordswherever you are. Practo stores all your medical records,providedby your doctors, online, allowing you to access themwhenever youneed them, wherever you are. We’d love your feedback!Drop us aline at Find usonline: appointments and consult fordiabetes, psychology,physiotherapy, cancer, gynecology, neurology,dermatology,gastroenterology, dentistry, orthopaedics,endocrinology, urology,weight loss, ophthalmology, ENT care &more. Practo listsspecialists in alternative medicine (ayurveda& homeopathy).
Baby Panda Dentist - Kids' Hospital
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► to Dr. Jungle’s dentalclinic, theclinic of the jungle! All these amazing and wild animalshavesomething in common: Dental problems! Do you dare to help?Becomethe best animal dentist ever with this game for kids! Toothdecayor cavities, tooth erosion, unattractive smile...Monkeys,crocodiles, mouses and so much fun in this game forchildren!Youare the boss! You choose who is the dentist today!Maybe Dr. MantisJungle is good choice! Perhaps Dr. Spider Junglecould help! Ofcourse Dr. Hummingbird is a great option too! Youdecide! Yourule!Play Dr. Jungle, Animal Dentistry, and learn howimportant ahappy smile is! —————BabyBus offers games, videos and awidevariety of other educational content for 200 million fans aged0-6around the world! It has produced more than 150children'seduational games, 700 children's songs. and animations ofvariousthemes spanning the arts, health, and science. It isdedicated tocultivating creativity, imagination and curiosity inchildren,helping them explore the world on their own.—————ContactInformation Email: ser@babybus.comWebsite:
Prognosis : Your Diagnosis 5.0.15
Medical Joyworks LLC
With Prognosis, you can improve your ability to diagnoseandimmediately manage key clinical presentations associated withadisease, having access to relevant facts and succinctexplanationsbehind the underlying diagnostic and managementrationale.Prognosis is designed for practicing physicians, medicalstudents,nursing professionals and other healthcare practitionerswho lovemedicine and want to thrive as world-class decision makers.Afterall, practice makes perfect; and practice can be fun! Ourcatalogoffers 400+ cases and spans a wide range of medicalspecialties,all which can be played in minutes. Each case is alsoaccompaniedby a concise yet comprehensive discussion of thediagnosticreasoning, as well as and key learning points for you totake home.Prognosis cases are based on the actual clinicalexperiences ofmore than 200 physicians across 33 specialties. Newcases arereleased every week, often in keeping with global endemicandepidemic trends, to help you brush up on the clinical skillsthatare the need of the hour! - The #1 ranked medical app in theUnitedStates. - Best Health App at the World Summit Awards 2012. -'DrHouse for Doctors' - Discover Magazine. - 'One of the fivebestapps for doctors' - Bulletin of The Royal College of SurgeonsofEngland (Volume: 94 Issue: 1)