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✈ Japan Travel Guide Offline 2.3.3
Japan GuideWithMe is an offline travel guide,whichrecommendsdetailed articles around the country in relation toyourcurrentlocation. Developed by travelers and fortravelers,GuideWithMe isa rich source of general travel info aswell as offthe beatentrack advice. Get around guides, phrase lists,warningshow to staysafe and healthy, restaurants and hotelrecommendations,localcosts and taxes, road rules and a variety ofother infoarecarefully stored in one app. And there’s more!Completearticleswith multiple hotel and restaurant listings aresuggestedforTokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other travel destinations. •USEOFFLINE.Save money on internet roaming fees and read articlesevenif youare offline and cellular data is not available. •DISCOVERARTICLESRELATIVE TO YOUR LOCATION. Switch between country,region,city,travel topic articles recommended for your traveldestinationandcurrent location. • VIEW ON THE MAP. GuideWithMe isbased onmapdata, provided by MAPS.ME, an offline maps app. Anoption toviewthe place on offline map is offered. • JAPAN PLACES.Tokyo.Kyoto,Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Fukuoka,Kawasaki,Saitama,Hiroshima, Sendai, Chiba, Sakai, JigokudaniMonkeyPark,Kiyomizu-dera, Himeji Castle, Great Buddha ofKamakura,TodaijiTemple, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Imperial Palace, MountFuji,GoldenPavilion and more! • GET RELIABLE INFO. Country datacomesfromwikivoyage project, which is constantly updatedbyadventuroustravelers and aspiring writers. • FAVORITE NEWPLACES.Save placesto your Favorites for quick access later. •CREATELISTS. Neverforget an amazing place to eat at or animportantdocument to packfor thisspecifictrip.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Istherea specific feature you really want in our offlinetravelguides? Yourreviews and ratings are always welcome. Enjoy your travels!IMPORTANT:Currentlythe app is available only in the Englishlanguage.
Japan Travel Guide in English with map 6.9.17
Traveling to Japan? Discover everything that Japan has toofferwiththis free guide in English with maps and offline lists.Thebestrestaurants, hotels, activities and monuments in Japan.Japanhasmuch to offer. Visiting its monuments, wanderingitsstreets,meeting the people and learning their customs is amust.That's whyyou have this guide toJapan, created usingphotosandrecommendations from real travelers. And remember that youcansaveyour lists offline. Japan is waiting for you! 🌏Features🌏:➢Thebest places in Japan recommended by real travelers likeyou,withtips on what to see, where to eat and where to stay. ➢ In'WhattoSee', you'll find a selection of must-see sights thatyoucan'tmiss in Japan. ➢ In 'Activities', you'll find the besttoursandexcursions in Japan. ➢ In 'Where to Eat!, discoverthemosthighly-recommended restaurants in Japan. ➢ In 'WheretoSleep',you'll find a selection of the best hotels in Japan forallbudgetsand all types of traveler. ➢ Complete basic informationonJapan. ➢Photographs shared by fellow travelers. ➢ Downloadyourlists toview their recommendations and photos 100% offline.Save onroamingcharges and download your guide to Japan beforeleaving thehouse.