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German English Translator Best Translator
Free app for German to English Translations and English toGermanTranslations. This app could be used for word meanings andasGerman Dictionary or English Dictionary. Translation isbecomingincreasingly essential in our global environments. Fromstudents,travelers to employees living in or outside theircountries, theyall have a need to translate one language to anotheron a regularbasis. German English Translator app is mostly focusedonindividuals with a thirst for German to English and EnglishtoGerman translations on the go. Benefits of the GermanEnglishTranslator App Offers fast and accurate translation resultsServesas both a German to English and English toGermanTranslatorProvides audio responses for clear pronunciationsof the translatedwords Allows you to share your translations withfriends viaWhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc. One of the German EnglishTranslatorapp's most convenient function is its share feature. Thisfeatureallows users to quickly and efficiently share theirtranslatedtexts with their friends on messaging apps such asWhatsApp,Facebook, and more. This avoids the need of having to copyorretype the translation results. Able to translate words, texts,andsentences Provides word translations along with their meaningTheGerman English Translator app isn't just about plaininterpretationof words and sentences from German to English, you'realso able toget the meaning of the words and how to properly usethem. Hasdictionary capabilities for both languages Available forfree andon the go It is confidential and personal Who benefits fromtheGerman English Translator app? Travelers Picture this, you'reinthe beautiful landscapes of Germany, probably at a restaurantwitha menu that has nothing in English. Don't fret. All you need todois type some of the words into the German English Translatortounlock the meaning. What's more, communication between you andtheserver will be much smoother. The same applies to meetingnewpeople or even moving around with ease. You may even learnthelocal dialect. A German traveler can also employ the sameappbenefits on their visit to a country whose native languageisEnglish. Students Have you ever found yourself needing toresearchon something that could only be expressed in German? Orthat couldonly be found in the German language? The GermanEnglishTranslation app comes in handy in such situations. Bylearningthrough translation, you're also likely to gain a betterknowledgeof the German or English language while also developingamulti-lingual competence. It also allows you to give meaningfulandconscious research results. Besides homework, communication isalsomade easier among your friends, as you're able learn newphrasesfrom the English German dictionary. Employers and employeesAsemployment continues to be globalized, employers andemployeesalike areactively on the look out for talents andopportunitiesoutside their vicinity. Considering the app is able totranslatefull sentences along with its audio translationcapabilities, bothemployers and employees, are able to breakthrough the languagebarriers, communicate clearly and work togetherin harmony. Whetherits documents, tasks or requirements, you canconvenientlytranslate to German or translate to English. Sparrow
Sohid Uddin
Verb English to Hindi with favorite options. Words are dividedintocategories so that you can learn them very easily. Withthefavorite options separate important words and study them. Thereisa pronunciation options on the app with that you can improveyourspeaking and listening of English . Plenty of Idioms andPhrasesare added to increase your vocabulary and make you expertonEnglish language. There are also lots of appropriateprepositionsadded with meaning. This small Dictionary like wordbook will helpyou to increase your knowledge very smartly. Find Definitions for English Words, LLC is the leading free English dictionary appforAndroid. So, what does that mean? We’ll define it for you!We’vegot more than 1.5 million definitions and synonyms to helpimproveyour vocabulary, study for the SAT or prep for the ACT, orboostyour Words with Friends skills. Install our offline dictionarysoyou can access words—wherever, whenever. Get trustedreferencecontent from and designed forEnglishlearners: 1. Get help spelling and learning new words:Usevoice-search to find dictionary definitions without typing asingleword. 2. Discover synonyms and antonyms in the thesaurus:Enhanceyour ACT or SAT prep. 3. Say new words correctly within-apppronunciations. Find definitions, learn spelling, studygrammar,and practice pronunciation—all within one app. Explore ahost ofeducation features designed to help you pick up newvocabulary,including Word of the Day, language trends, and more.Want morewords? Enhance your app with our in-apppurchases: 
Example Sentences Grammar and Tips 
Idioms and PhrasesRhymingDictionary Encyclopedia 
Medical Dictionary ScienceDictionaryAd-free Experience *Unlock all in-app purchases for one,low priceby upgrading to the Premium app!*
Spanish English Translator Best Translator
Free Spanish English Translator Translate text, word orsentencefrom Spanish to English or from English to Spanishlanguage. Youcan use this apps as a Spanish to English dictionaryor English toSpanish Dictionary too. Uses of Spanish EnglishTranslator arefollowing: - Spanish English Translation - EnglishSpanishTranslation - Mexican English Translator - EnglishMexicanTranslator - Simple User Interface(Easy to use forTranslator) -Listen translated text, sentence in English or Spanish- Used as aSpanish to English dictionary or English to SpanishDictionary. -Social Media - Easily share with Friends and Family.Spanish isoffical languages of Mexico, Spain, United States,Colombia,Argentina, Chile, Equador and others.
SpanishDict Translator 2.2.15
Curiosity Media
SpanishDict is the leading Spanish translator, dictionary,andconjugator trusted by more than 10 million people each month."Thebest free Spanish dictionary available in the app store!"Featuringthe highest quality Spanish-English dictionaries and aSpanish Wordof the Day. Use it as a handy reference tool andtranslator or as afun way to learn new words in Spanish. FEATURES:★ Spanish EnglishDictionary - Full Spanish-English dictionary withexamples,regional usage, and contextual information. - Much fasterthandictionary apps that require an Internet connection tolookupwords. - Words are autosuggested as you type. -Audiopronunciations for dictionary entries available in-app(internetconnection required). ★ Conjugations - Full conjugationtables forall tenses now available for thousands of verbs. -Irregular verbconjugations are highlighted in red. ★ Translators -Three separatein-app translators (internet connection required). -Simply typethe phrase that you want translated and receive threetranslations.★ Word of the Day - Learn a new Spanish word each day!- Pushnotifications conveniently send you the new words. - Easilyturnoff notifications in the Word of the Day settings. We hopeyouenjoy the app. Be sure to leave a positive feedback rating andtellyour friends if you like it. And as always, good luck withyourSpanish! ¡Hasta luego! SpanishDict Team
English Odia (Oriya) Dictionary 2.4.5
English to Odia (Oriya) Dictionary. Easy words searching, fasteranduser-friendly interface. App Features: ✔ English to OdiaDictionaryoffline. ✔ Learn English & Odia offline ✔ English toOdiatranslator ✔ Every word have an example sentence. ✔ Odiaphrases& Sentence ✔ Show available meaningful picture withwordmeaning. ✔ Auto search history . ✔ Bookmark favorite words. ✔WordsPart of Speech. ✔ Definition, Synonyms & Antonyms ofwords. ✔Voice pronunciation, voice Search. ✔ Copy, share andonline search.✔ Fully work offline. ✔ No internet connectionrequired
de.arabdict 2.0.0
The free Online dictionary from arabdict - with TextTranslation,main focus is Arabich German English Get quick andreliabletranslations - with 6 arabdict Dictionaries and texttranslationfor 6 languages. This Online Translator gives you atranslation forall of your search terms. The app includes arabdictdictionariesfor Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Spanishand Turkish.Each dictionary works in both directions. smart searchType in orsay your search term. To make your search quicker andmoreconvenient, the system provides suggestions for words andphrases.If the app can‘t find a result in the arabdictdictionaries, theintegrated text translation service offers an easyand quicktranslation alternatives. pronunciation Listen to thecorrectpronunciation of your dictionary translation. favourite listSaveyour frequently searched or important entries in yourfavourites -you can use these offline, too. search history In yoursearchhistory you can find your most recent searches. With the copyandpaste function you can use your translations in otherapplications.examples Language in context and information onlanguage usage helpyou to find the correct translation. Newtranslations andcorrections can be suggested at Everytranslation gets checked by several othercontributing users.
Tureng Dictionary 1.0.18
Tureng Ltd.
Turkeys most high-toned Turkish - English online dictionary,Turengis now extending its database to the Android users. Havingmorethan 3.000.000 English and Turkish words and phrases,classifiedinto categories by the field of their usage, TurengDictionary,aiming to give the most accurate result in the fastestway, nowprovides the users with audial pronunciation option to heartheterms searched in the dictionary in three differentaccents,British, American and Australian. Our database is enhanceddailywith the user suggestions and the additions primarily based onthe“unfound’ words, phrases and idioms by Tureng translationteam.Provided by Tureng Ltd, established with the collaboration ofthetranslators with more than 10 year-translation experience,TurengDictionary, being determined to carry on its studiesunfalteringly,is a free online lexical service specificallytargeting to thoseworking in translation, education, engineering,business world andforeign trade industries. For more informationabout TurengDictionary: Follow us onTwitter: Like onFacebook:
PONS Translate
The free translator app from PONS Get quick andreliabletranslations - with 44 PONS Dictionaries and texttranslation for36 languages. This tool gives you a translation forall of yoursearch queries. The app includes PONS Dictionaries forArabic,Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek,Italian,Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish andTurkish.Each dictionary works in both directions. In additiontodictionaries with German you will find dictionariesforcombinations such as Spanish-English, French-Polish,orPortuguese-Spanish. You have access to a total of 44dictionaries.The text translation system integrated into the appcovers all ofthe languages of the online dictionaries plus anadditional 16languages such as Hebrew or Japanese. INTELLIGENTSEARCH Type in orsay your search term. To make your search quickerand moreconvenient, the system provides suggestions for words andphrases.If the app can‘t find a result in the PONS Dictionaries,theintegrated text translation service kicks in to give youyourdesired result. COMMUNICATION AID Listen to thecorrectpronunciation of your dictionary translation. Use the zoomfunctionto magnify the translation and show it to someone else onyourdevice. Especially handy on trips! CONVENIENT REFERENCE Saveyourfrequently searched or important entries in your favourites -youcan use these offline, too. In your search history you canfindyour most recent searches. With the copy and paste function youcanuse your translations in other applications. New in theapp:reverse translation back into the source language.EXAMPLESENTENCES Language in context and information on languageusagehelp you to find the correct translation. AN IDEAL COMPLEMENTCopyyour translations to the free PONS Vocabulary Trainer so thatyoucan learn them. EDITORIALLY REVIEWED QUALITY Our dictionarycontentis editorially reviewed by our lexicographers andconstantlygrowing. AVAILABLE ALSO OFFLINE AND AD-FREE Downloadselecteddictionaries and use the app offline and online. You canchoosefrom among various subscription periods* via in-app purchase.Youwill then receive your desired dictionary completely ad-free,evenwhen you use the dictionary online. If you are interestedinad-free use, but do not wish to download a dictionary,additionalsubscriptions are available. PLEASE NOTE: You can use theOnlineTranslator at all times and completely free of charge evenwithoutan in-app purchase. Visit our website at formoreinformation about the free Online-Dictionary, the PONSVocabularyTrainer and our apps. About PONS: PONS Publishing looksback on 40years of experience in developing language-learningmaterials inthe brand’s characteristic green color. The rangecoverstraditional dictionaries and grammars, audio andelectroniclanguage courses, and free online services.* Avariety of dictionaries can be subscribed for the followingtermsand prices: 1 month (2,99€), 3 months (7,99€) and 1 year(19,99€).Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelledat least24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription term.Youraccount will be debited within 24 hours of the end of thecurrentsubscription term. Payment will be billed to your GooglePlayaccount. Subsequent to purchase, subscriptions can be managedorcancelled in your user account settings. Any unused part of afreetrial subscription that may have been offered, will expire iftheuser purchases a subscription for the current release.
English to Punjabi Dictionary 1.6
'Dictionary English to Punjabi' Offline is free mobiledictionaryapp designed to help native Punjabi speakers who want tolearn andimprove their English language skills. This free punjabidictionaryapp can be used offline (i.e. without internet) and comeswithinnovative features such as synonyms, word examples,pronunciation(how to say a word), bookmarking and much more. # KeyFeatures of'Dictionary English to Punjabi' Offline Free app: - •'All Words':- More than 35000+ English words with Punjabi meaning.We arecontinuously adding new words every week! • 'With Meaning': -Readword meaning in both Punjabi and English. Also readsynonyms,antonyms and similar words • 'Offline Use': - You can usethisdictionary app offline i.e. without internet connection •'WithPronunciation': Listen to pronunciation of English word i.e.youcan listen to "sound" of word to understand how it's used •Getmore option by clicking on app icon on top of screen in'DictionaryEnglish to Punjabi' Offline: - - select text size - appthemes(white or black) - save word as favorite - check recentlysearchedwords # Ads: - Please note that English to PunjabiDictionaryOffline is ad supported dictionary app. We show ad innon-intrusivemanner only. #Feedback: - English to PunjabiDictionary Offline isavailable as free download. We hope you willlike our punjabidictionary app and will share it with your familyand friends.Please provide your feedback, comments and queries incommentsection or via email. Thanks.
Dictionary : Word Definitions & Examples - Erudite
Get the most useful bilingual dictionaries, thesaurus,translator,flashcards, phrasebook and widget! If you want to learnEnglish,Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch,Greek,Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish,Arabic,Hebrew, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, Finnish, Swedish,Croatianand Serbian the most effective way, there's no betterchoice thanthe Erudite app! The following bilingual dictionarieswithcomprehensive definitions, synonyms & examples canbedownloaded: ・ English Dictionary ・ Spanish English Dictionary・French English Dictionary ・ German English Dictionary ・ItalianEnglish Dictionary ・ Portuguese English Dictionary ・ DutchEnglishDictionary ・ Greek English Dictionary ・ Russian EnglishDictionary・ Chinese English Dictionary ・ Japanese EnglishDictionary ・ KoreanEnglish Dictionary ・ Indonesian EnglishDictionary ・ TurkishEnglish Dictionary ・ Arabic English Dictionary・ Hebrew EnglishDictionary ・ Hindi English Dictionary ・ ThaiEnglish Dictionary ・Vietnamese English Dictionary ・ Czech EnglishDictionary ・ FinnishEnglish Dictionary ・ Swedish English Dictionary・ Croatian EnglishDictionary ・ Serbian English Dictionary OtherMajor Features ・Thesaurus - Understand synonyms & antonyms ofwords! ・ Grammar- Learn grammar easily! ・ Flashcards - Memorisebasic vocabularyeffectively! ・ Phrasebook - Speak essential phrasesanytime! ・Bookmarks - Favourite word & search history! ・ Widget- Searchany word instantly! ・ More coming soon …
English To Hindi Dictionary Splash
Sohid Uddin
This Hindi Dictionary has the facility of searching bothfromEnglish to Hindi and Hindi to English. Relevant and importantwordsare listed and synced with search that gives advantage of awordbook of Hindi and English. Search History, Store Favorite ,DisplayWord Of the Day. List of Synonyms and Antonyms with detailsEnglishdescription. Searching words through voice, PronunciationofEnglish, Detecting typed language automatically. Totally offlineEto H, H to E and E2H Dictionary. How to use some mainfeaturesInstant Scanning features: At first you have to enableinstantscanning from display settings or home screen , Duringusingbrowser or any other application please select the word orwordsand then press copy. You will see instant meaning of thiswordwithout opening dictionary. English Grammar: We providesomeimportant grammar chapter like tense , sentence , voicenarrationetc. Word Quiz: Our quiz have 24 level, You have tocomplete one byone. For wrong answer you will be asked again on theend of thelevel. Mixer MCQ: This is like real exam. You can changenumber ofquestion and question type also. Word Category: We divideimportantword into 60 categories.You will find it from drawer. Youcanchange category position by dragging.We include verbs, idiomsandphrases section. Backup & Restore: You can take backup andyourfavorite and history word in sdcard.and can restore it later.Howto set Live Wallpaper: From left drawer please click livewallpaperoption and you will see word with meaning on your homescreen. Youcan customize this wallpaper screen. you can changecolor, fontsize and also position of word. Quotes: We provide a lotof quotesthat can change your life.
Malay - English Translator 6.0
Languages Translator
Learning Malay or visiting a Malay speaking country likeIndonesia,Malaysia and Brunei? Ease your learning/communicationbytranslating any English or any other language word/sentencetoMalay. Translate any Malay word/sentence to English also. ChatinMalay even if you don't know it. Share via SMS, Whatsapp, Viberorany other messaging platform. Ideal for students, touristsorlinguists. 7.5.7
GreenLife Apps
With 10 Million downloads and 120,000 reviews, this translatoristhe best out there! Includes offline dictionary. The FREETalkingTranslator / Dictionary / Word of the day / Daily word appispacked with features: - Supports 40+ languages. - Includesofflinedictionary - Word of the day - (also in widget; anddailynotifications - turn them off in Settings) - Sentencecorrection -Transcription / transliteration for many languagesSpeak a sentenceand hear the translation! Talking Translator is nowavailable oniPhone too-!/id579870510?mt=8Ifyou are a student, tourist or traveler, it will helps you tolearnthe language! For example, Spanish is spoken in countrieslikeUnited States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain,Ecuadorand others. With Talking Translator learning apps, you canlearnSpanish for free. Moreover, most major languages areavailable -English, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Korean, German,Arabic, Chinese,Thai, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Polish,Italian, Romanian,Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian,Danish, Greek,Czech and Brazilian Portuguese. Learn the languageof your choiceusing the Daily Word feature. Learning with traduciror traductorfor traductor ingles is like reading a spanish book tolearn spanishpronounciation and improve spanish skills. You canstudy english orstudy spanish. You can take cources like Duolingoor Rosetta Stoneor itranslate to learn German or Español and freetext translatorhelps you with Spanish language. The Spanishtranslator helps inMexican español language learning or standardespañol phrases orsentences by define words in wiki withpronunciation. Thistranslater app is useful to learn английскийand 学习英语 to translatetext and translate language Use the power ofgoogle and otherengines to translate spoken word or words andtranslate spanish. Youwant to learn english or practice english,or learn languages othanthan english or ingles - A great multilanguage tutor for manylanguages - Build your vocabulary - Spanishfor kids - Learnmandarin chinese - Free learning english lesson orSpeak english
Dictionary - WordWeb
WordWeb Software
The free offline English dictionary and thesaurus withsynonyms,related words and great search - and no adverts.Audiopronunciations are available with the separate Audio Editionapp.The comprehensive WordWeb dictionary database includes: -285,000words, phrases and derived forms - 225,000 word sensedefinitions -70,000 usage examples - 85,000 text pronunciations -Synonyms,similar and related words - N. American, British,Australian andinternational English The intelligent word entrysuggests possiblecorrect spellings as you type, as well as listingwords that soundthe same or are often confused. Additional featuresinclude theability to drill down on any word in a definition, fullbookmarksupport and history. Search features include: -Alphabeticallisting - Spelling suggestions - Sounds-like andoften-confused -Fast pattern-matching search (*, ?, vowel andconsonant) - Filtersearch results by noun, verb, adjective, adverbsThe databaseincludes proper nouns and common abbreviations inaddition toEnglish vocabulary (e.g. LOL, Oxford, JPEG, Webster,UNHCR, etc.)You can quickly look up words from within other apps byselectingthe word, then selecting WordWeb from the pop-up menu(requiresAndroid M and higher). No Internet connection is requiredto useWordWeb, and it's free. Better than - judgeforyourself!
Learn Japanese Phrases | Japanese Translator
Easily learn Japanese phrases and words! Speak Japanesewithconfidence! The “Learn Japanese” app has many usefulJapanesephrases and words (e.g., “Thank you!”, “How much?” or “Atable fortwo, please!”). When you tap a phrase, the app speaks italoud.There is no guessing as to how to pronounce the words. And iftheapp is talking too quickly for you, simply tap the snail icontohear the words more slowly. And if the app is talking tooquicklyfor you, simply tap the turtle icon to hear it more slowly.Listento pronunciation recorded by native Japanese speaker andthenrecord and play back your own voice to practice yourJapanesespeaking skills! When traveling to Japan (e.g., Tokyo orOsaka),make sure you bring the app with you! Ideally you listen toaphrase and repeat it, but if your accent is terrible, you canplaythe voice on the app to local Japanese people (e.g., a waiterorstore clerk). Language barrier while travelling abroad willnolonger exist! FEATURES - Many useful Japanese phrases & words-Pronunciation recorded by native Japanese speaker - NoInternetconnection required - Instant search by keywords -Customizablefont size ABOUT Bravolol - Web site: -Facebook: Twitter: -Instagram: -
English Hindi Dictionary 5.6
Epic Apps Studio
English to Hindi Dictionary and Hindi to English DictionaryandHindi English Translator app with OFFLINE mode is surely aneasyway to learn English and communicate with easy. English toHindiDictionary and Hindi to English Dictionary or HindiEnglishTranslator app is one of the largest Hindi EnglishDictionarydatabase for learning English definitions, synonyms,audiopronunciations, example sentences and much more. ThisLearningEnglish app give you meanings and Images related to thatparticularword. -----DEVELOP VOCABULARY VIA DICTIONARY----- Usethedictionary option and improve your English vocabulary via thisapp.Search the meaning of any English word and get all theinformationyou need regarding that particular word. English toHindiDictionary and Hindi to English Dictionary and HindiEnglishTranslator app allows you to type the English word as wellassearch via speech. -----ENGLISH TO HINDI TRANSLATOR-----Thisoption you can translate words and translate any Englishsentenceinto Hindi. This app also allows you to copy any Englishsentenceand directly paste it to get the Hindi Translation and alsocopythe Translation to make communication easy using this LearnEnglishapp or English to Hindi Translator. -----HINDI TOENGLISHTRANSLATOR----- If you've been looking for an app to giverepliesin English by translating from Hindi to English then yoursearchends here. This app allows you to type or paste any Hindisentenceand translate that into English. You can with easy alsocopy theEnglish Translation. -----FEATURES OF THIS ENGLISHLEARNINGAPP----- 1. This English Learning app makes it easy tolearn Hindiand communicate in English. 2. The Translation words aregiven withproper grammar and examples. 3. Search Images of anyEnglish wordto make learning easy. 4. Save your favorite word forfuturereferences and also get the search history of all the wordsyou'vesearched. 5. Hindi to English Translator and English toHindiTranslator हिन्दी अंग्रेजी डिक्शनरी or हिन्दी अंग्रेजी शब्दकोशisby far the best हिन्दी अंग्रेजी डिक्शनरी or हिन्दी अंग्रेजीशब्दकोशapp. English Hindi Dictionary me lakhon shabdkon ke wordsmeaninghai. Kisi bhi shabd ka matlab janiye aur angreji sikhe.Mobile parhindi aur angreji shabd ke meaning check karo. Binainternet ketranslation kare. Hindi se english me translate kare.
com.covetapps.gujaratidictionary 2.0.1
Applogic Inc.
English to Gujarati (અંગ્રેજી - ગુજરાતી) and Gujarati toEnglish(ગુજરાતી - અંગ્રેજી) best offline dictionary byEasyVocabPower.Download the best offline gujarati englishdictionary with over 2lakhs of Gujarati and English words. Thedictionary contains wordswith meaning, definition, usage exampleand antonyms. You cansearch words in Gujaarati and English both thelanguage. Copy theword from your browser or messages and just pasteit in the app todirectly search the meaning of it. This dictionaryis the bestvocabulary builder tool with "Word Of The Day" as wellas randomword flash cards. This Gujarati English dictionary has thebestpronunciation for english as well as english. This dictionaryisthe best app to find meaning, definition and antonyms inenglishfor Gujarati words. Best Features of the Dictionary •Gujarati toEnglish (ગુજરાતી-અંગ્રેજી) Word Search & meanings •English toGujarati (અંગ્રેજી - ગુજરાતી) Word Search & Meanings• Use inoffline mode, No internet connection required • Wordpronunciation• Daily new word in "Word of The Day" • Random wordflash card •Add new words to make your own word collection • Sharethe worddirectly from the app This is one of the bestgujarati-englishdictionary app for your day to day usage.
Malay English Translator Best Translator Android
Free Malay English Translator Translate text, word or sentencefromMalay to English or from English to Malay language. You canusethis apps as a Malay to English dictionary or English toMalayDictionary too. Uses of Malay English Translator arefollowing: -Malay English Translator - English Malay Translator -Simple UserInterface(Easy to use for Translator) - Listentranslated text,sentence in English or Malay - Used as a Malay toEnglishdictionary or English to Malay Dictionary. - Social Media -Easilyshare with Friends and Family.
English Hindi Dictionary
English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionary and translatorwithOFFLINE mode by HinKhoj. Download the largest hindienglishdictionary with over lakhs of Hindi and English words.Meaning ofwords are provided with definition, synonyms andantonyms. Meaningsare provided with usage and example sentences tounderstand propertranslation. One can listen pronunciation of Hindiand Englishwords to read and speak words properly. BUILD VOCABULARYThis apphave lakhs of english and hindi words. It helps in buildingyourvocabulary by daily words meaning, word of the day alerts. Youcanfind words and track them for learning. You can practicewordlearning by playing word games like hangman, scrabble, crossword.This app have spell checking tool which can tell correct orwrongspelling for words. Audio pronunciation tool help inlisteningcorrect sound of words. HINDI TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY ANDTRANSLATIONHinKhoj is best app to find meaning and definition inenglish forhindi words. Translate hindi words to English quicklyusing thisapp. You can type in Hindi directly and find meaning inhindienglish dictionary. This dictionary can be used as englishhindiconverter. Through this dictionary children can learn names ofbodyparts, vegetables , fruits , flowers, name of differentanimals. Itcan help in reading daily newspaper in english. ENGLISHTO HINDIDICTIONARY AND TRANSLATION Easily translate word fromenglish tohindi using HinKhoj Dictionary. Now translate englishwords tohindi easily on mobile phone. It has largest collection ofenglishwords in dictionary. This dictionary show exact meaningalong withnear by meanings. See meaning with synonym, antonym andrightgrammar usage. LEARNING APP This app can help in learningbothHindi and English language. Words are provided with propergrammarusage like Noun, Verb, Adjectives, Pronouns etc. Many idiomsareexplained via examples. Difficult words are explained withexamplesand detailed definition. Daily word learning help inbuildingvocabulary for language. Synonym of words help in knowingsimilarwords and antonym of words help in knowing oppositemeanings. Spellchecker can help in avoiding common mistakes. Onecan track searchhistory and mark words as favourite. TRANSLATIONCOMMUNITY Lakhs ofpeople are connected via app to help in answeringquestions relatedto translation. One can ask meaning andtranslation of sentences onapp. USERS LOVE IT It is most popularenglish hindi dictionary overinternet. It is totally FREE, provideOFFLINE mode along withONLINE searches. No need to download offlinedictionary files. Itworks without internet connection. Hindi wordsare displayed inDevanagri fonts on all devices. Search is quiteeasy due to autocomplete and hindi typing tools. हिंखोज सबसे अच्छाहिन्दी अंग्रेजीडिक्शनरी (शब्दकोश) है | Hinkhoj dictionary me lakhonshabdkon kewords meaning hai. Kisi bhi shabd ka matlab janiye andangrejisikhe. Mobile par hindi aur angreji shabd ke meaning checkkaro.Bina internet ke translation kare. Hindi se english metranslatekare. For more information and to try it out on web pleasevisit: We hope you will like it and reviewit onGoogle Play Store. Please feel free to contact for any suggestion.
Hindi to English Translator 7.0
Arki Apps
Translate Hindi to English and hind to english and withothervarious languages in the world. - Pronounce hind and englishwords.- Share translated words. - Copy translated words. - Userfriendlyand easy to use.
Tamil English Dictionary 7.7.3
Tamil to English Dictionary, It is a multi purpose resource notonlyfor 'Tamil to English' and 'English to Tamil' conversion. Whydo youneed to install Tamil English Dictionary application? * Ithas bothTamil to English( Around 20000+ words) and English toTamil( Around75000+ words) dictionaries. * App itself has userfriendly Tamilsoft keyboard to type Tamil letters. * No need ofinternetconnectivity,Yes its OFFLINE app. * It has 'Speak English'and'Speak Practice' feature to improve English language skill. *Itcontains Tamil meaning of 'Phrasal verbs' and 'Idioms'. * Ithas'Tamil Glossary' to learn English word for Tamil word bycategoryvise like Foods,Body parts,Animals,Birds,etc.. Note: If youhaveany doubts, reach me through e-Mail
Odia Word Book & Dictionary (Oriya) 2.2.3
App Books
English to Odia (Oriya) and Odia (Oriya) to English Word Bookwithpictures. Also included Odia (Oriya) Dictionary, Vocabulary&Odia (Oriya) Important Phrases, Idioms and Sentence. Userfriendlyinterface & design. App Features: ✔ Odia Word Bookwithpictures ✔ Odia <> English Dictionary offline ✔ English⇄Odia Translator ✔ Picture & photo Dictionary ✔ImportantPhrases & Sentence with word meaning ✔ Odia ImportantPhrases& Sentence ✔ Easy English & Odia Learning App ✔OdiaDictionary Free ✔ Vocabulary App ✔ Auto search history ✔Voicepronunciation of words ✔ Search from microphone, voice search✔Words bookmark & favorite list options ✔ Night modereadingoptions ✔ Light weight and fast searching ✔ Copy, paste andshareonline ✔ No internet connection required Important categoriesofWord Book: ✔ Fruits ✔ Vegetables ✔ Animals ✔ Foods ✔ Body parts✔Family ✔ Numbers ✔ Clothes ✔ Colors Color alphabet iconattributionon the credits: Created by Gluiki – Freepik .com
English to Hindi Translator & Hindi Dictionary 3.7
English To Hindi Translator - Hindi Dictionary, English toHindiDictionary offline and free . English To Hindi Translator -HindiDictionary offline free . english to hindi dictionary freedownload. english to hindi keyboard dixonary english to hindioffline .English to Hindi dictionary . English To Hindi Translator- HindiDictionary . Hindi to English dictionary . Hindi toEnglishtranslator It's All Feature Give In English To HindiTranslator -Hindi Dictionary App . Text to speech feature to knowthe correctpronunciation . Translate a full sentence . Built-inHindi keyboard. English to Hindi dictionary with OFFLINE mode bySahitya Chintan,helps you to learn English as well as Hindi veryefficiently. .Sahitya Chintan English to Hindi dictionary a lightweight androiddictionary Application works off-line and givesfaster resultswithout any hassle. . Our dictionary works in OFFLINEmode. Nointernet connection is required after the app download. .Hindikeyboard application from the play store. . हिंखोज सबसेअच्छाहिन्दी अंग्रेजी डिक्शनरी (शब्दकोश) है | English To HindiTranslator- Hindi Dictionary (हिन्दी शब्दकोश) (shabdkosh app) aquick,offline reference/guide to learn English words with Hindi aswellas English meanings available for almost all words . 'EnglishtoHindi Dictionary'(English To Hindi Translator . HindiDictionary)is a free offline dictionary designed to help Hindispeakers learnand improve their English language skills . ENGLISHTO hindiDICTIONARY AND TRANSLATION . Easily translate word fromenglish tohindi using hinkhoj dictionary . Translate in voice -LanguageTranslator . Learn languages quickly and easily, speaksyourlanguage to translate from written or spoken in the languageofyour choice . English Speaking,reading words . LearnEnglishSpeaking through Hindi . Improve English Speaking Vocabulary.English To Hindi Translator - Hindi Dictionary for EnglishSpeakingis absolutely Free! . English learning app in hindidictionary andonline hindi translator it's usefull to student USERSLOVE IT -Itis most popular english hindi dictionary over internet .Hindi<> English Dictionary offline and free. You can searchbothEnglish and Hindi words. You can search words directlyfrom"Internet Browser" or other Applications by using Sharingoption.In the sharing option you will find "Hindi Dictionary" andchoosing"Hindi Dictionary" will open the dictionary with the sharedword soyou need not type. . Use this dictionary ( hindi to englishandenglish to hindi ) free of cost & reduce the hardshipsinfinding out English meaning of Hindi words and vice versa .Englishto Hindi section (अंग्रेजी - हिन्दी शब्द अनुवाद): Findhinditranslation / meaning for english words . To search, type thewordyou want to search in the search field & the matchingwordswill be listed automatically . Hindi to English section(हिन्दी -अंग्रेजी शब्द अनुवाद): Here you can find hindi toenglishtranslation . No need to separately download anotherdictionary appfor this . No internet connection required . SearchFrom Web .Search by Sharing . Pronounce & Voice Search . ShareWords .Copy Words . HINDI TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY AND TRANSLATIONHinKhoj isbest app to find meaning and definition in english forhindi words. ENGLISH TO HINDI DICTIONARY AND TRANSLATION Easilytranslate wordfrom english to hindi using HinKhoj Dictionary .Facts about HindiLanguage: - Hindi is primary language of India .258 million(258,000,000) people in India reported Hindi to be theirnativelanguage . - Hindi is an official language of India, thecountryafter which it is named and from which it originated .-Nationally, Hindi is the official language — Australia,Bangladesh,Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Canada, Djibouti, EquatorialGuinea,Germany, Guyana, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines,Singapore,Sint Maarten, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, UnitedKingdom,United States, Yemen, Zambia
English To Gujarati Translator 2.6
Gujarati to English Dictionary offline and free. You can searchbothEnglish and Gujarati words.'English to Gujarati Translater'FreeOffline is a mobile dictionary app designed to helpGujaratispeakers learn and improve their English language skillsThis isoffline English to Gujarati Dictionary. easy to usethisapplication and its fully translate to english to gujratilanguagetranslate. english to gujarati translation very easy to useandoffline working easy. it's working with dictionaryenglishtogujarati pronounce and english to gujrati translateeasily.>English to Gujarati Dictionary >English to HindiDictionary>English to >Best Gujarati Dictionary >BestEnglish toGujarati Dictionary >Gujarati To English >EnglishTo Gujarati>No internet connection required >Pronounce &VoiceSearch >ગુજરાતી શબ્દકોશ ઇંગલિશ Features: ­ - WorksCompletelyOffline ­ - Easy and Fast Search. ­ - Search resultsexact match aswell as suggestion match - Shows Gujarati and/orHindi Meaning ofEnglish words - You Can hear proper pronunciationof English words.­ - Light weight / Small in size with more words(60,000+ words) -Speech (Voice) to Search words.
Reverso Translate and Learn 9.2
Softissimo Inc.
Reverso is the one-in-all tool to get a high-quality translationandcontinuously improve your language skills. The best part abouttheReverso app? It is available for free. Teachers ortranslators,students, or business professionals, beginners, oradvancedlearners use Reverso to enrich their vocabulary and read,write,and speak with more accuracy and confidence. Reverso Contextrelieson data collected from millions of real-life multilingualtextscomputed with powerful "big data" algorithms and machinelearningtechniques. This way, we make sure you enjoy the mostaccurate andrelevant results as well as a learning experiencecustomized toyour needs. Download the Reverso app, and you'll havemillions ofwords and expressions at your fingertips, with theirtranslationsin multiple languages. Just type or speak a word or anexpressionand find accurate translations, illustrated by examplesof realusage. Then, you can easily memorize the ones that arerelevant toyou with our learning activities. How context helps youbettertranslate? The search results (translations) for a specificword orexpression are weaved within real-life sentences extractedfromofficial documents, movie subtitles, product descriptions.Theexamples help you understand how translations can vary uponcontextand select the most suitable one to avoid embarrassingmistakes.Learn from your translations with fun activities Reversogoes farbeyond a simple translation app, breaking new ground alsoin thelanguage learning field. Our app includes flashcards,quizzes, andgames generated based on your searches to help youfocus on thewords and expressions that matter to you. They use SRS(SpacedRepetition System) learning, enabling you to memorize newtermssmoothly, without the constraints of the old-schoollearningmethods. Forget about the tedious task of studying astandardselection of words to reach language proficiency. With theReversoapp, language learning becomes fun: you play with flashcardstoregularly practice the words and expressions you'verecentlydiscovered, and memorize them along the way. At your ownlearningpace, in the limit of your available time. Althoughlanguagelearning is fun and flexible, the whole process gainsstructuresthrough learning strategy and statistics. You canfine-tune thecategory of new terms you want to include in yourlearningactivities, according to your linguistic interests andneeds. Inthe learning statistics, you will be able to follow-up onyourprogress. The bits and bytes: * Translation in 14languages:Spanish, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, German,Polish,Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Turkish, andHebrew,and we are working on more. * Search by speaking and hearback thepronunciation of the translations * Favorites list andsearchhistory, available even offline * Pronunciation of completeexamplesentences, with a native accent * One-click to gettranslations,frequency details, and conjugation when applicable. *Suggestions:words and expressions will be suggested to you as youtype. * Shareyour findings via email or social media. * Verbsconjugation in 10languages including French, Spanish, Italian butalso Arabic,Japanese, Hebrew or Russian * Synonyms to help youunderstandwords' meanings and expand your vocabulary * Flashcards,quizzes,games to help you learn new vocabulary Reverso Context isthemust-have app to translate any time and constantly improveyourlanguage skills. Download it now for free! We're always cookingupsomething to help you never get lost in translation. Join usonFacebook: and follow usonTwitter: to discovernewcontent, languages, and features. Visit ourwebsite:
Word Book English to Hindi 4.1.1
This English to Hindi book with pronounce help you tolearnEnglish.This word book also help to learn English toHindiTranslation . It is like small English to Dictionary.This workbookalso help you to learn spoken in English for Hindi nativepeople.Here you also get most common vocabulary.
Easy Vocab Power
English to Hindi (अंग्रेजी - हिन्दी) and Hindi to English (हिन्दी-अंग्रेजी) best offline dictionary by EasyVocabPower. Downloadthebest offline hindi english dictionary with over 2 lakhs ofHindiand English words. The dictionary contains words withmeaning,definition, usage example and antonyms. You can searchwords inHindi and English both the language. Copy the word fromyourbrowser or messages and just paste it in the app to directlysearchthe meaning of it. This dictionary is the best vocabularybuildertool with "Word Of The Day" as well as random word flashcards.This Hindi English dictionary has the best pronunciationforenglish as well as english. This dictionary is the best app tofindmeaning, definition and antonyms in english for hindi words.BestFeatures of the Dictionary • Hindi to English (हिन्दी -अंग्रेजी)Word Search & meanings • English to Hindi (अंग्रेजी -हिन्दी)Word Search & Meanings • Use in offline mode, Nointernetconnection required • Word pronunciation • Daily new wordin "Wordof The Day" • Random word flash card • Add new words tomake yourown word collection • Share the word directly from the appThis isone of the best hindi-english dictionary app for your day todayusage.
Thai English Translate 1.0.1
yang tuyan
Thai English translate provides translations service betweenEnglishand Thai. You can translate words and sentences, helps tolearnlanguages.Features• Translate between Thai and English byenter thephrase and sentence, or paste clipboard contents.• Highqualitytranslation results with phonetic, which can be used like aThai andEnglish dictionary.• Share translations with otherpeople.• Text tospeech: read aloud the pronunciation of thetranslate results. Voiceaudio pronunciation requires networkconnection. • Translate resultscan be added to your phrasebook forfurther review.• Simple and easyto use interface.
English Malayalam Dictionary - free and bilingual
Orchid Technologies
This is the best bilingual English Malayalam dictionary mobileappoptimized for your Android device. In this app you caneasilysearch for English and Malayalam word meanings. ThisMalayalamdictionary app contains Malayalam proverbs and usefulwords. We arealso providing Antonyms and Synonyms with Malayalammeanings. LearnEnglish with a huge number of authoritative worddefinitions andsample sentences! It is not only the most authenticEnglishMalayalam dictionary but also a fast searching tool forMalayalamdefinitions. It provides simple user interface andcompletelyoffline (No internet connection is required to view thedefinitionsand word pronunciation). This best Malayalam dictionarygiving youfull version absolutely free and supported by ads. Itsupportsdifferent mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone)andtablets. This dictionary consists of more than 200,000 (EnglishandMalayalam) words and its meanings. This app includes almostallcommon words from Oxford Dictionary. Features: ✓ BeautifulHomeScreen ✓ English to Malayalam dictionary ✓ Malayalam toEnglishdictionary ✓ Favorites and Recent words with differentsortingoptions (date added, ascending or descending order) ✓ NightModesupport ✓ Sample sentences for most common words ✓GoogleHandwriting (Malayalam) input and Manglish Keyboard support✓Useful Words (Common English words with Malayalam meaning)✓English Malayalam Proverbs ✓ Antonyms and Synonyms ✓ HomonymsandHomophones ✓ Abbreviations (Short and full forms) ✓ TongueTwisters✓ Popular Quotes ✓ Convert number to text ✓ Quick Searchhelps youto find meanings from any screen on your mobile ✓ Findmeaningsfrom the browser/other apps ✓ Export Favorite words toCloud (Younever loss your favorite words) ✓ Copy option for EnglishandMalayalam meanings ✓ Easily find meanings in English-EnglishandHindi Dictionaries ✓ Join to our WhatsApp and Telegram Groups✓Text-to-speech (Perfect English word pronunciation)✓Speech-to-Text option in both English and Malayalam (Just sayaword to search) ✓ Easy navigation buttons (Next and Previous)inthe English and Malayalam meanings ✓ More Apps Link ✓UserNotifications about app updates and English tips ✓ Easilysharingwith your friends ✓ Google Play Store link to share yourrating andcomments ✓ Check for updates option within the app ✓YouTube,Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media links ✓Contact usoption for any help about the app ✓ Small file size andlow memoryusage ✓ Move to SD card option This is the best EnglishMalayalamdictionary app in Google Play Store. Malayalam (മലയാളം) isaDravidian language spoken in the Indian state of Kerala andtheunion territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry (Mahé) bytheMalayali people, and it is one of 22 scheduled languages ofIndia.Visit our Website Like us Follow us Follow us Follow us Watch us
English Swahili Dictionary nao
Swahili <> English Dictionary offline and free. You cansearchboth English and Swahili words. You can search wordsdirectly from"Internet Browser" or other Applications by usingSharing option. Inthe sharing option you will find "SwahiliDictionary" and choosing"Swahili Dictionary" will open thedictionary with the shared wordso you need not type. Exiting fromthe dictionary will return you to"Internet Browser" or otherApplications again. This is not only aDictionary but also alearning tool. You can use this dictionarywhen you have noInternet connection. MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)option isavailable. There is autosuggestion so you need not typefull words.You also can use Speech to text feature. You can addwords to thestudy plan and remove words from the study plan. Whenyou starttyping, you will see some words starting with the lettersyoutyped. The dictionary searches in a database for thematchingwords. This can slow down typing in small handsets.Therefore insettings there is an option to turn that off. So lowprofile mobilehandsets can turn off Auto search to type quickly.You will see aDictionary icon on the notification bar to start theapp quickly.On sharing text you will find the Swahili Dictionary.This will behelpful to find out the meaning of any word. Featuresof theDictionary: • Swahili To English • English To Swahili • Nointernetconnection required • Search From Web • Search by Sharing •AutoSuggestion • Pronounce & Voice Search • Antonyms(Oppositewords) • Synonyms • Backup and Restore • History &Study Plan •Word Game • Share Words • Copy Words
English to Tamil Dictionary Splash
Sohid Uddin
This Tamil Dictionary has the facility of searching bothfromEnglish to Tamil and Tamil to English. Relevant and importantwordsare listed and synced with search that gives advantage of awordbook of Tamil and English. Search History, Store Favorite,DisplayWord Of the Day. List of Synonyms and Antonyms with detailsEnglishdescription. Searching words through voice, PronunciationofEnglish, Detecting typed language automatically. How to usesomemain features Instant Scanning features: At first you havetoenable instant scanning from display settings or home screen,During using browser or any other application please selecttheword or words and then press copy. You will see instant meaningofthis word without opening dictionary. English Grammar: Weprovidesome important grammar chapter like tense , sentence ,voicenarration etc. Word Quiz: Our quiz have 24 level, You havetocomplete one by one. For wrong answer you will be asked againonthe end of the level. Mixer MCQ: This is like real exam. Youcanchange number of question and question type also. Word Category:Wedivide important word into 60 categories.You will find itfromdrawer. You can change category position by dragging.Weincludeverbs, idioms and phrases section. Backup & Restore: Youcantake backup and your favorite and history word in sdcard.andcanrestore it later. How to set Live Wallpaper: From leftdrawerplease click live wallpaper option and you will see wordwithmeaning on your home screen. You can customize thiswallpaperscreen. you can change color, font size and also positionof word.Quotes: We provide a lot of quotes that can change yourlife.
Sinhala Dictionary Offline
Sachith Dassanayake
In a digital era which brings the whole world to your fingertipsifyou are online, here is something to save you in aconnectivitycrisis! Welcome to the Sinhala Dictionary Offline, aFREE Englishto Sinhala / Sinhala to English Dictionary with adatabase of morethan 180,000 words for Android version 2.2 andabove. If you are ona travel to Sri Lanka or living in a poorinternet access area,this is a must have app and a user-friendlytool to keep your lifeand work going. Dependence on the internetcould cost you and theSinhala Dictionary Offline is the bestsolution for you! MainFeatures * The #1 FREE "Sinhala Dictionary"app for Android * Nointernet connection required (works offline!) *Over 180,000Sinhala / English definitions * Spelling suggestions *WordPredictions * Displays definitions in Sinhala *EnglishTransliteration * Search History * Favourite List (v 5.0+) *Backup& restore Search History & Favorites automatically (v5.0+)* Sinhala to English Dictionary * Type Sinhala wordsphoneticallyusing Roman characters * Real time charactersuggestions * Optionto use a Sinhala Keyboard input * No Sinhalafont installationrequired * English / Sinhala Pronunciation *Translator (Requires adata connection) * Voice Search * On TouchDictionary * ImageTranslator * Translator For all who have eagerlywaited for updatesand new features, a new translation service hasbeen introduced.This requires an internet connection and has beencompiled based on3rd party sources. * Image Translator Now you caneasily translateimages with text by your fingertips. Simply take aphoto with thewriting or select any image from your device and getthe texttranslated, just like that. Make sure the photo is of goodquality,so that the text in it can be easily recognised.(SinhalaDictionary uses default Android Text-to-Speech Engine, Youcandownload alternatives from Google Play - IVONA , eSpeak, SVoxetc)Learn the English meaning of ... or What could .... meaninEnglish' are your questions, this is the ideal and easiest tooltohave anytime, anywhere on your Android phone. Sinhaladictionaryoffline needs approx ~25Mb memory. In case your devicehas lowmemory, the on-line version would be a bettersolution. dictionary app contains advertisements and options tosharecontent via social media. Kindly provide your feedbackwhenever youuse this app and support me to make it just the wayyou need it.Hope to get back to you soon with more to help yourtranslationsfurther. Please share any comments, suggestions orquestions on:Facebook : : Twitter:
com.bravolang.spanish 13.7.1
Easily learn Spanish phrases and words! Speak Spanishwithconfidence! The “Learn Spanish” app has many useful Spanishphrasesand words (e.g., “Thank you!”, “How much?” or “A table fortwo,please!”). When you tap a phrase, the app speaks it aloud.There isno guessing as to how to pronounce the words. And if theapp istalking too quickly for you, simply tap the snail icon tohear thewords more slowly. And if the app is talking too quicklyfor you,simply tap the turtle icon to hear it more slowly. Listentopronunciation recorded by native Spanish speaker and thenrecordand play back your own voice to practice your Spanishspeakingskills! When traveling to Spain (e.g., Barcelona, MadridorGranada), make sure you bring the app with you! Ideally youlistento a phrase and repeat it, but if your accent is terrible,you canplay the voice on the app to local Spanish people (e.g., awaiteror store clerk). Language barrier while travelling abroadwill nolonger exist! FEATURES - Many useful Spanish phrases &words -Pronunciation recorded by native Spanish speaker - Voicerecording& playback - No Internet connection required - Instantsearchby keywords - Customizable font size ABOUT Bravolol - Website: -Facebook: -Twitter: -Instagram: -
English to Hindi Translator 1.7.5
English to Hindi Translator is a FREE application to helpyoutranslate from English into Hindi or from Hindi intoEnglish.Features: - Hindi to English - English to Hindi - It can beused asone dictionary or can translate text - Speech the text -CameraTransalte - Voice input - Easy to use! Hope that It help youtolearn language!
Myanmar Thai Translator 6.0
This Myanmar(Burmese) to Thai Translator application is anusefulapp that will help you to translate word and text as well asVoicefrom Myanmar(Burmese) to Thai and vice versa.★ Translate WordandText (Work very similar as Myanmar(Burmese) Thai Dictionary)★Easyto Switch from Myanmar(Burmese) to Thai and ThaitoMyanmar(Burmese)★ Fast and easy to use★ Can translate usingVoice★Speak Out Result of Translation★ It is Free and Free Forever★It islightweight and Support almost on any Android DeviceDeclaimer:Thetranslation is powered by Google Translate.
Portuguese English Dictionary & Translator Free
Easily learn Portuguese with Portuguese English Dictionary&Translator app! Free download & no Internetconnectionrequired! The Portuguese English Dictionary &Translator appenables you to search Portuguese & English wordswithdefinitions, examples, pronunciation, and more. FEATURES -Detailedword definitions & example sentences - Relatedsearchsuggestions - Advanced sentences analyzer - Favorite words&search history - Flashcards for self-learning support-Customizable font sizes for better readability -Portuguese,English & wildcard character search support -Portuguese,British English & American English pronunciationwith phoneticsWelcome to download the Portuguese English Dictionary&Translator app! ABOUT Bravolol - Web site: Facebook: Twitter: -Instagram: -
Filipino To English Translator 1.21
* Filipino To English Translator And English To FilipinoTranslationis the most powerful translation tool on your android.translate anysentence or phrase into any destination language, andenjoy a set ofuseful add-on features such as text-to-speech, andintegrated socialmedia support. * our free translation onlinetranslator offers quickand accurate translations right at yourfingertips. * Filipino ToEnglish Translator And English ToFilipino Translation is theworld's number one provider of free andprofessional translationservices for text. * a selection of thebest free translators,dictionaries and language courses on thephone. easy to use. * speakand translate is an indispensable voiceand text translator thatallows to communicate effectively in anycorner of the globe. * youcan share your translation result intoyour social media likefacebook, twitter, whatsapp, hangouts,messaging, email, line,wechat, kakao talk, and other social mediaapplications installed onyour mobile phone. * Filipino To EnglishTranslator And English ToFilipino Translation is a must have appfor any traveler around theworld. you will have access to the bestlanguages packs and voicerecognition in the world within yourdevice that you can carryanywhere you go. this language app isdesigned for many purposes inmind including: everydayconversation, traffic signs, maps, localnews, business languages,academic papers, and so on. with just afew taps on your device youwill be able to understand most writtenand spoken words in thelanguage you are not familiar with. it willgreatly assist you incommunicating with the locals. keyfeatures:--------------------------------------- - translateindividualwords, phrases, or whole sentences - text-to-speechfunctionality(to hear a native speaker’s pronunciation) . - quicklyinputwhatever sentences/phrases/words you would like to translateandget translated results instantly with high accuracy. - shareyourtext to your social media. - used user friendly nougat design.-change text size form the setting menu. - change theme colorfromthe setting menu. - change translated text color from thesettingmenu.
Word Book English to Bengali 4.4.1
This English to bengali or bangla word book with sound help youverymuch to learn English.This word book also help to learnEnglish toBangla language.Here you will get most common words ,Dailynecessary words and Vocabulary.
Myanmar English Translator 7.0
This Myanmar(Burmese) to English Translator application is anusefulapp that will help you to translate word and text as well asVoicefrom Myanmar(Burmese) to English and vice versa.★ TranslateWord andText (Work very similar as Myanmar(Burmese) EnglishDictionary)★Easy to Switch from Myanmar(Burmese) to English andEnglish toMyanmar(Burmese)★ Fast and easy to use★ Can translateusing Voice★Speak Out Result of Translation★ It is Free and FreeForever★ It islightweight and Support almost on any AndroidDeviceDeclaimer: Thetranslation is powered by Google Translate.
Easily learn English phrases and words! Speak Englishwithconfidence! The “Learn English” app has many useful Englishphrasesand words (e.g., “Thank you!”, “How much?” or “A table fortwo,please!”). When you tap a phrase, the app speaks it aloud.There isno guessing as to how to pronounce the words. And if theapp istalking too quickly for you, simply tap the snail icon tohear thewords more slowly. Listen to pronunciation recorded bynativeEnglish speaker and then record and play back your own voicetopractice your English speaking skills! When traveling toforeigncountries, make sure you bring the app with you! Ideally youlistento a phrase and repeat it, but if your accent is terrible,you canplay the voice on the app to local people (e.g., a waiter orstoreclerk). Language barrier while travelling abroad will nolongerexist! FEATURES - Many useful English phrases & words-American & British English pronunciation recorded bynativespeaker - Voice recording & playback - No Internetconnectionrequired - Instant search by keywords - Customizable fontsizeABOUT Bravolol - Web site: -Facebook: -Twitter: -Instagram: -
Hindi English Translator Best Translator
Translate text, word or sentence from Hindi to English orfromEnglish to Hindi language. You can use this apps as a HinditoEnglish dictionary or English to Hindi Dictionary too. UsesofHindi English Translator are following: - Hindi EnglishTranslator- English Hindi Translator - Simple User Interface(Easyto use forTranslator) - Listen translated text, sentence in Englishor Hindi- Used as a Hindi to English dictionary or English toHindiDictionary. - Social Media - Easily share with Friends andFamily.Facts about Hindi Language: - Hindi is primary language ofIndia.258 million (258,000,000) people in India reported Hindi tobetheir native language. - Hindi is an official language ofIndia,the country after which it is named and from which itoriginated. -Nationally, Hindi is the official language —Australia, Bangladesh,Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Canada, Djibouti,Equatorial Guinea,Germany, Guyana, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand,Philippines, Singapore,Sint Maarten, South Africa, United ArabEmirates, United Kingdom,United States, Yemen, Zambia (Ethnologue).
Filipino English Translator 8.5
GK Apps
This free app is able to translate words from english tofilipino,and from filipino to english. - very useful app for easyand fasttranslations, which can be used like a dictionary - voiceinput fortext available - speech output in both languages - youcantranslate offline, without internet - share translations withyourfriends and contacts - if you are a student, tourist ortraveler,it will helps you to learn the language! - Filipino is thenationallanguage of the Philippines, based primarily on Tagalog. Itiscentred around Manila. Disclaimer: This service maycontaintranslations powered by Google. Google disclaims allwarrantiesrelated to the translations, express or implied,including anywarranties of accuracy, reliability, and any impliedwarranties ofmerchantability, fitness for a particular purposeandnoninfringement. Google Translate link:
DIC-o Czech - English and English - Czech off-line dictionarywithpronunciations (170000 translations).
English - Tagalog Translator 6.0
Languages Translator
Learning Tagalog or visiting a Tagalog speaking country? Easeyourlearning/communication by translating any English or anyotherlanguage word/sentence to Tagalog. Translate anyTagalogword/sentence to English also. Share via SMS, Whatsapp,Viber orany other messaging platform. Chat conveniently in Tagalogeven ifyou don't understand it. Ideal for students, tourists orlinguists.
Vietnamese Dictionary - Dict Box 7.6.5
Dict Box - English to Vietnamese & Vietnamese toEnglishDictionary & Translator App. Include more than 700Kwords andexpressions Easy to use, fast, works offline. LiveTranslation totranslate words directly in web browsers and otherapps. OfflinePronunciation. English Dictionary & Thesaurus(includedefinitions & examples) Support finding sentences,phrases,related words Image search, picture dictionary Wordcorrection formistyped words Tap word to see its meaning in popupwindow Abilityto install more dictionaries & more languagesLink with webdictionaries (Oxford dictionaries, Cambridge, Wiki, …)Wordreminder Review words with pictures History, favorites, notes
Spanish-English offline dict.
DIC-o Spanish - English and English - Spanish off-linedictionarywith pronunciations (67000 translations).
Nepali English Translator Best Translator
Translate text, word or sentence from Nepali to English orfromEnglish to Nepali language. You can use this apps as a NepalitoEnglish dictionary or English to Nepali Dictionary too. UsesofNepali English Translator are following: - NepaliEnglishTranslator - English Nepali Translator - Simple UserInterface(Easyto use for Translator) - Listen translated text,sentence inEnglish or Nepali - Used as a Nepali to Englishdictionary orEnglish to Nepali Dictionary. - Social Media - Easilyshare withFriends and Family. Learn English or Nepali easily. Besttranslatorapp for students, travellers, language enthusiast, oranyone whowants to learn English or Nepali as second language.
Spanish English Translator Top Translator App
The Apps Castle
Helps you translate text, words and sentences from SpanishtoEnglish and from English to Spanish language. This app couldbeused for word meanings and as a dictionary too. SpanishEnglishTranslator has these benefits for you: - English SpanishTranslator- Spanish English Translator - Hear translated text inEnglish orSpanish - Can be used as a Dictionary. - Offline accessfortranslated words, text and sentences. - Social Media - Easilysharewith Friends and Family. - Easy to use for Translator.BonusFeature – Learn and Master the pronunciation as it has inbuiltaudio feature. Hear the translated text andconvenientlycommunicate with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends,familymembers or tourists. If you are a Traveler or Student orlanguageenthusiast then this app is a must have for you. Now youcan learnSpanish or English language at your convenience, whiledriving,playing games, in class, while on travel, while commutingto work,with friends, etc. We have Spanish translator for otherlanguagestoo, for e.g. German, Russian, Arabic, Korean, and manymore. Dropus an email if you are interested.