Top 17 Games Similar to Street MMA Fighter X

Kung Fu All-Star: MMA Fight 3.2.5
Kung Fu All-Star is an over-the-toparcadestyle action comedy game with RPG elements, and featuresfamousKung Fu fighters from classic movies such as “Game ofDeath”(starring Bruce Lee, Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris, andKareemAbdul-Jabaar) and “Once Upon a Time in China II” (starringJet Liand Donnie Yen).●Play from a rich cast of over 60 famous MMA fighters fromacrossthe world.●Pull-off awesome martial art fighting styles such as“Boxing”,“Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”, “Drunken Fist”, “MuayThai”, “JeetKune Do”, and much more with a simple tap of abutton.●Enjoy more than 150 story campaign stages withhilariousdialogues.●Choose from a wide variety of game modes including PvP,PvETrials, leaderboard challenges and much more.●Experience exceptional 3D graphics and steady 30 fps KungFuaction.
Dau Truong 52-Game Bài Online 5.0.0
Game World Studio
Dau Truong Update phien ban moi, giao dienmoihoan toan. Voi giao dien dep mat, chat luong hinh anh am thanhdocdao, vui ve giup ban co nhung giay phut thu gian tot nhat khichoigame, phien ban con cap nhat them ve van de ket noi mang tothon,game choi khong giat lang, trai nghiem nhung noi mang yeu nhatvanchoi tot, cac ban di du lich nhung noi xa vung nui van choi raton.Them tinh nang choi do moi mat, do sang man hinh duoc caithien,nhung noi thieu anh sang ban co the choi lau hon ma khong somoimat...Những game dân gian của dau trương bao gồm: Tiến lên miềnnam,liêng,3 cây, mậu binh, phỏm,…Luật game các bạn tham khảo tại 1 số game khác như:Bigone,game3c,bigkool,zingplay…---------------------------------LƯU Ý:- Trò chơi được dành cho đối tượng người lớn.- Trò chơi không cung cấp "cờ bạc ăn tiền thật" hay cơ hội đểthắngtiền thật hoặc giải thưởng.- Hoạt động hoặc chiến thắng tại trò chơi đánh bạc trên mạng xãhộikhông ngụ ý bạn sẽ chiến thắng trong tương lai khi chơi "cờ bạcăntiền thật".----------------------------------THÔNG TIN HỖ TRỢ :-Trang chủ : : hotrodautruong52@gmail.com
Superheroes Vs Villains 3 - Free Fighting Game 3.2
Be the best superhero of the comic, fight with all gloriesinamortal combat in Superheroes Vs Villains 3 - FreeFightingGame.Don't wait any longer to fight, use the final strokesand winthefights with KO. Enjoy this free fighting game, fight toconquertheworld, on the battlefield you will demonstrate withpowerfulcombosand acrobatics, use your powers to defeat yourenemiesrememberthat the survival of your superhero is in yourfists. Beasuperhero and fight of survival on the battlegroundyouwilldemonstrate with powerful combos who is the kingofsuperheroes,use your master powers to defeat your enemiesrememberyour soul isin your fists, show that you can defeat andsurvive thebiggestenemies with incredible mortal combinations, youhave to bethebest fighter, this are not comic books. Enjoy themostepicsuperheroes battleground and show your friends who istheonlywinner in the best wrestling game.Get to beat everyonewiththestyles of wrestling, mma, kung fu, ninja, boxing and moretypesofmartial arts like street fighting, the important thing istofightto win and be the fight king. Characteristics: - 3DGraphicsYou'llsee your real superheroes! - Collect and update76superheroes tofight in all your battles. Fight to win! -Amazingcombos. Don'tlet anyone block you, use the best keys! -Quick fightmode,face-to-face in Arcade mode, survival mode,multiple gamemodes foryou! - Combat in 10 dynamic and differentscenarios Wineverythingeverywhere! - Play from any device with yoursaved gameDon't everlose your fights! This fighting game featuresmanysuperheroes andvillains waiting for you to pick them inbattlesagainst otherheroes, play in team mode and compete to be thebestgroup ofsuperhero friends, create your own league and dojusticeagainstenemies. Show that you can defeat and survive thebiggestenemieswith incredible fighting combos Be real, no onlycomicbooks, whereyou will have to be smart and know when to defendandattack youropponent. Don't wait, use the final hits and winthecombats withKO, execute the best flying kicks and punches inthisavenger game,use super strength, elasticity, be a beast ofchaosand fight toget a new superhero in this amazing fightadventuregame whereyou'll find more than 80 different superheroesin thisninja gamesfight for kids. Significant The content of thisgame iscreativityof Superheroes Vs Villanos 3 - Free Fighting Gamesof thecompanyAltivasoft and recognizes not to have registeredrightsoftrademarks like marvel, universe dc or others. Nomultiplayer,youcan't play online. The game is not pay play is afreewrestlinggame. They are not real or known superheroes, theyaredesignedonly for the game of Superheroes Vs Villains 3-Superheroes VsVillains 3 - Free Fighting Game reiterates thattheyare fictionalcharacters.
MMA Battles Game for free 1.3
The MMA Battles game for free isatimedmatching game, featuring 8 MMA themed game cards. Matchthecardsin time in order to succeed! In each round the timereduces,itsstarts out at 60 seconds and reduces by 2 seconds eachround,soyou will have to be quick to improve and get to the end oftheMMABattles!This game will suit any ages from 3 year old upwardsevenadultswho just want to keep the minds active. So if you areamixedmartial arts fan, whether its Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, TyKwonDo orany other discipline then try the MMA Battles gameforfreeA great feature to the MMA Battles game that makes itevenmoreawesome than just a matching game is that you must findtheiconswhich link together and they are not always obvious! Whenyoumakea linked match the MMA Battles game for free will showthelink.You also get some help along the way too.To reshuffle the MMA game cards you can press theREFRESHbuttonup to 3 times in each game to make it easier tofindmatches.If you need help finding matches then you can also presstheFINDbutton up to 3 times in each round.The MMA Battles game for free is an addictive race tofindthematching links that gets harder each round.Enjoy
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.2.7d
Gameloft SE
Become the Amazing Spider-Man in this open-world 3D adventurefullofcrime-fighting, web-slinging, and non-stop action as youfacetheweb-slinger’s greatest challenge yet! New York is underthreatfrom acity-wide crime spree and only our hero Spider-Man canstopit!Standing in his way are Venom, the Green Goblin, Electroandothernefarious villains. Can Spider-Man restore order andsafetytoManhattan?! THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2MOVIE•Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fastandquick-wittedSpider-Man! • An original story expands on thehighlyanticipatedMarvel film! • Go beyond the Sony movie and intothecomics withnew characters such as Black Cat and Screwball. •UnlockSpider-Mansuits such as Symbiote Spider-Man, Iron SpiderandUltimate ComicsSpider-Man! • Face off against famous villainssuchas Venom, theGreen Goblin, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter!•High-quality voiceacting and 3D cinematic action cutscenesbringthe movie experienceto life! CUTTING-EDGE GAME EXPERIENCE •Intensecombo-focused crimefighting! Defeat Spider-Man’s greatestenemies –from street thugsto super villains such as Electro andVenom – withcrazy acrobaticfighting styles! • Marvel at theamazinghigh-quality, fluidanimations as you swing freely throughtheopen-world city likenever before! • Take the fight to the skywithaction-packed aerialcombat! • Unleash devastating combosthroughenhanced icon controlsfor an intense action gameexperience!MASSIVE ENHANCEMENTS TO THEULTIMATE PLAYGROUND •Adventure in alarger 3D open-world Manhattanwith 6 detaileddistricts to explore,from the bustling TimesSquare to picturesqueCentral Park! •Console-like 3D graphicsoffer a bigger, better, andmore beautifulexperience. • Be thehero in a deep story that takesyou on anexciting adventure,showcasing 6 legendary villains and asuper setof side missions! •Amazing heroic social events, includingbattlingwaves of bossesand opponents inMysterio’sArena!_____________________________________________ Forfans ofactiongames, fighting games, comics, Marvel, andsuper-heromovies._____________________________________________Visit ourofficialsite at Follow us onTwitterat or like us onFacebookat to get more info aboutallourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and gametrailerson Discover ourblogat for the insidescooponeverythingGameloft._____________________________________________This appallows you topurchase virtual items within the app andmay containthird-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite. PrivacyPolicy : Termsof Use: End User LicenseAgreement:
Boxing KO-Fighting Warrior
HsGame Arcade HK
2016’s most popular action combat game–“BoxingKO-fightingwarrior”!Most wonderful furious wrestle game withclassic kung fucombat come extreme crime simulator actionadventure!Putyour gloves on and step inside the arena because it’stime for thebig fight of the night! The“Boxing KO-fightingwarrior”are readyfor a big fighting show! get ready for somehard-to-beat funtime.Can you win this epic combat?Find outnow!Don’t let theunderworld gangster rule the streets.Enjoy thisfun addictive gamewith a true fighter legend against mafiaunderworld boss! “BoxingKO-fighting warrior”Game Strategy: Pull-offawesome martial artfighting styles such as “Boxing”, “Karate”, “TaeKwon Do”, “Sumo”,“Drunken Fist”, “Muay Thai”, and much more with asimple tap of abutton. Victory is at your fingertips!So play thisgame andpractice Boxing&fighting techniques in real life tobecome aperfect warrior like fighting warrior . Quickness is key towin thehand to hand fight. Play game and learn how to fight hand tohand,unarmed, with your punches and kicks how to use youselfamazingskill .Block the enemy kicks and punches is also essentialpart ofmartial arts. In KungFu there are lot of blockage techniquestodefend yourself from enemy attack. Keep an eye on every moveofyour enemy that is fighting with you. Use punches and kickswithaccuracy and quickly. Take timely decision, attack on enemywithpunches and kicks on proper time and block enemy attackusingaccuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemy poweragainsthimself.In the sense of real combat game. Fighting coherentactionis strong, you are presented a visual and sensorydoubleenjoyment.Continued passion and blood at the same time.“BoxingKO-fighting warrior”Game Features: -Great old-school artandanimations! -Random combo skills and unique rage system!-Upgradingyour skills comes with furious changes! -Unlimitedfighting, striveto be the fight hero! -Powerful enemies to struggleagainst -Easyand smooth controls Smooth hit fighting action Fastand dynamicgame play Easy sliding and touching screen bring aboutcontinuouslycool striking! Experience fighting in a relaxing casualgame! 【Battle on the fingertips】 We abandoned the inhuman virtualbuttons,and created a unique tap-and-slide control mode (we have apatentfor this), all the moves will be performed with yourfingertips,and give you a refreshing experience just like playingthe arcadefighting game. All skills have no cool down time, whenperformedproperly, you can protagonist achieve unlimited combos!【Extremelygorgeous graphics】 The most gorgeous 2D graphics, basedonthousands of beautiful original artworks. The mostsophisticatedbattle effects and move presentation, perfectlyrestored thefighting style , give you the finest ko fightingexperience! It'sthe action casual game in new concept. Start thetoughest fightever! Kill or be killed! Try “Boxing KO-fightingwarrior” rightnow!Recorded in the history of the classic arcadegame, Comparedwith other fighting games,Kung Fu Fighting has beendesigned to beplayed with more easily .use your fists fighting in aboxing matchto be a hero and achieve a knockout (ko). Prove you'rethe bestmaster of fighting. “Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Plot: Theworld isdark bullies from the parliament attack. As PrincessKingdom,organized a group of rebels to resist the dark boards, butwithlittle success. As one of the admirers of the princessprotagonistT also joined the rebel groups, for their own loved one,devote alltheir strength, as they slowly getting up smoothly whentheprincess was captured dark sense, in order to his belovedpeople,to drive away the darkness of the world, need to embark on astrongprotagonist T road must grow faster! To save his belovedprincess,which is the road, and not so well, you also need yourbraveefforts! In the end it is to defeat the darkness to greetthelight, shadow or sink, dull! On the way, to you to decide!
Infinite Fighter-Shadow of street- 1.0.50
Free Android Fighting Game. Completely new and amazingfightinggame! No more hard command! No longer need to memorizecommands!Infinite Fighter 'Slide Action Control System' allows youto easilyand intuitively action control the character. Just Touch&Slide! Enjoy Dynamic Action & Stylish Character!InfiniteFighter is the best fighting game in the galaxy! Awakeyourfighting spirit, Try to play fighting action right now!Characterintroduction - Vandam: He is a leader of Team Skull - backstreetgang - . But he being fight for free and preserve right toliveagainst real gang. MMA master. - CAN: The guard AI robotofInfinite World. CAN then goes on participate in tournament towinprize money to buy mechanic parts and upgrade soft.Becauseadministrator order development. - Gamba: He was warrior andwasborn of Africa. He had lived France mercenary for cure hislittlesister. He import cure of his sister, participated inthetournament. - Jane: She was growing up in desert, it makesherfight out law. Her university major is A.I. She us graduate,butstill studying. She want expand facilities and expend own farm.-Mudog: He was born in Ukraine and grown up wandering theeastEurope underworld. He learning boxing for survival. Some timehedoes active middleweight. As a result of work hard and savemoney,he built rag doll factory. - Shady: She was brought up toassassinfrom childhood. But she escaped syndicate. She currentlyworking onrunway, She want launch her own brand. - Rocket: Kung Fumaster andhe run martial arts gym Black Dragon Gate, He keep thepeace aroundhis gym and care the under-privileged - Pang: Usuallyshe manageamusement park and do voluntary service with wear pandacostume.She want donate prize money. Game mode introduction -Arcade mode:Infinite Fighting Championship. You fight in order towin thechampionship trophy. - Survival mode: Challenge the bestrecordsurvives until the end. - AI Battle mode: Fighting gamemodeagainst the CPU character. - Raid mode: Challenge to theincrediblypowerful bosses. - Training mode: Free training controland combosystem.
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
The #1 Action FPS game is back onsmartphonewith a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobilegaming evenfurther. In the wake of nuclear warfare, the only chanceto avoidglobal devastation is in the hands of the few elitesoldiers whomust track down and rescue the world’s leaders from afrighteninglyfamiliar terrorist group.DIVE INTO THE MOST MEMORABLE ACTION SHOOTER EVER☢ Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides ofthestory by also playing the villain, Edward Page.☢ Dominate the battlefield with a new tacticalmovementsystem!☢ Wage war and take action all over the world, from AntarcticatoBarcelona!EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE ACTION FPS WITH CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICSANDSOUND☢ Feel the chaos of war on the battlefield withconsole-likegraphics, lifelike animations and dynamicobjects.☢ The first Gameloft title powered by the Havok Engine foramazingragdoll effects. Warfare never felt so realistic!☢ Improved sound & voice acting performed by a renownedstudioin the movie industry.ENJOY A FULLY REDESIGNED MULTIPLAYER GAME MODE☢ Forge your own gameplay profile online with an improvedloadoutsystem & over 20,000 weapon arrangements!☢ A new specialization system with redesigned skills.☢ Lead your character to the top of the online leaderboards withanew ranking system!Find all the information for MC4, the #1 Action FPS game,on all fans of action games, FPS games (First-Person Shooters),wargames, multiplayer games, online FPS games, and for all playerswhowant to dominate the battlefield!Minimum hardware requirements to play Modern Combat 4:- 1 GHz CPU- 512 MB RAM- Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent- Available storage: 1.9 GB----Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Fury Street 4- slaughter demon
HsGame Arcade HK
Fury Street 4 is a classic fightinggames,arcade games still remember childhood memories! Free classicarcadefighting game, now enjoy your Android equipment!Themostsophisticated battle effects and move presentation,perfectlyrestored the fighting style of Fury Street 4, give you thefinestfighting experience!Boxing has become dominant, dazzling skills of unlimitedbursts.numerous Violent Karate,kungfu,boxing blow cool feeling,exquisitepicture of the game, It combine the features of ActionFighting,Stage Complete and Role Playing Game, together have thisexcitingaction fighting game Like action game not to be missed!Perfectintegration of control, speed and hit withinnovativeelements!Experience fighting in a gorgeous street game!Inthe chaosof street fighting, we are waiting! are you ready?Soldiers in the streets of a war action game themed battlerealboxing.wake-up childhood memories arcade action game. The game hasarefreshing even move defense more like iron walls, attack morelikea knife magnificent skills, challenging boss mobs and simplegame.In the exquisite picture of the game, the story of ups anddowns,the real battle sound, so you smooth cool high-quality actiongame,away. Like action game not to be missed This trumpactiongame!Plot:The world was invaded by the bully from the shadow demon. Astheprincess of the kingdom, organized a group of rebels to assaulttheshadow demon, but with little success. As numerous one ofthedefend princess boxing coach, the protagonist T also jointhedefend assault organization, to their beloved people, dedicatedalltheir strength, slowly when they gradually smooth up, theprincesswasshadow demon will be captured, in order to Their belovedpeople,in order to drive the world's shadow demon crisis, withiconicprotagonist T need to set foot on a endless slaughter road,must befaster Strike! To defend his beloved princess, this crisisshadowdemon road, and will not be so smooth, the same needs yourefforts!In the end is to defeat the shadow demon, Lifted the crisisor sinkthe shadow demon, gorgeous? dull!?Will you side with theRebellionor the princess? The shadow demon way ahead,joins thebattle by youto set!Fury Street 4 game Raiders:The new version of the most popular Fighter gameAccess and easy to installVirtual RealityVarious combinations using a virtual joystick and actionbuttons,you can complete the cool action endless gameVarious numerous jumps for different ways to bring the pain toyourenemy! A must if you think offense is the best defense!Perfect presents nostalgic FC arcade fighting Shuangkuaiganrichlevel agencies, amazing shape, endless challenge!Get readyforsuper fun arcade action! Test your reflexes challengingfightersfrom around the world. And remember, if you stop youlose!Fury Street 4 game features:-Great old-school art and animations!- A challenging arcade game- Operation Enduring Freedom-numerous Endless fun adventure- Unlimited fighting, strive to be the fight hero!- The classic street fighting environment.- Simple, easy to control.If you like Fighting, Fury Street 4 Action Game, this is aPerfectChoice.
Mortal Street Kombat - Fighting Game 2.4
3GM Games
If Super Heroes, Villains, Martial Arts, SecretTechniques,Ninjas,Punches, Kicks is your thing, Mortal StreetKombat can'tmiss onyour mobile. Gather your team of fighters andtake over thestreetsdefeating all enemies in the most importantstreetfightingtournaments on the planet. UNIQUE CHARACTERS Featuresup to24collectible playable characters each with their ownuniquequirksand abilities. COMBATTLES 3 VS 3 Create the mostpowerfulteam andlead it into battle to gain experience and power upyourcharactersto overcome all your enemies. OVERCOME TO THECHALLENGETestyourself in epic battles where it will beincreasinglydifficult towin, compete with your friends to see whogoes furtherand becomesthe supreme champion. ARCADE, ARCADE ANDMORE ARCADEJust want totake a game to forget the world, no problemwith thearcade mode isperfect to try all the characters and enjoythe mostauthenticfights. SUPER COMBOS Get exclusive combos ofeachcharacter withincredible 3D graphics. Relive the bestarcadefighting experienceand relive your childhood with yourfavoritecharacters. Get dailyrewards and complete the entirecollection ofcharacters. Do youhave any problem or doubt to playMortal StreetKombat? Contact usat: Follow uson:Facebook:
Special Street Fighter 2015 1.4
You are an agent of special taskforcemissionguaranteed for you to back your city from enemies andkillallterrorist. Enemy alerted they are ready for battle.Commanderofforce decide in meeting not attack with forces becauseiftheyalerted are know this they will launch a nuclearmissileanddestroy your country. Mission guaranteed for you totakethischallenge and clear this city from terrorist’s n order tomakethecity &world safer for mankind. You will attack onenemynighttime when most of enemies not there and they don’tthinkanybodycan attack on night time. Commander Sam briefing youtakesthischallenge and proofs yourself you are hero of your countryandbestof luck.If you are looking for action games this is bestthirdpersonshooting game of 2015 with smooth graphic, stunningfeatures,easyand quick guide from radar to see enemy movement. I amreallysureyou will love this game.It is 100% FREE, runs smoothly on your devices! Andrequireinternetconnection.How to Play:1. Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate yourgunleft,right, up or down2. Move forward, backward, left or right withjoystickcontrols3. Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire any selectedweapon4. Detect enemy using the radar5. You have to find weapon and health kit as well to surviveFeatures:• Excellent 3D graphics & best sounds.• Fabulous city environment.• Best third person shooting game.• Trace your enemy from radar and see their movement.• Totally free gameDone be wait and install and start to play game here myfacebooklinkyou can see my other games as well. valuable feedback and comments will surely help us todothebetter job, so don’t forget to leave your comments.
Shadow Street Fighter X 1.1
Super BURP
Shadow Street Fighter X, a new revolutionofversus-fighting action games.★ Game Features ★- Burst in melee with furious dash attacks or keep at range andraindown hell on your enemy with quick shots, heavy beams, orclusterbombs- Exquisite quality of graphics street fighter style- Earphones are recommended to fully experience epic 3-Dsoundeffects- Immersive button-less control scheme- Don’t let the rookie-level AI fool you, they can getinsanelydifficult at times- Unlock new maps and stories as you proceed on- Well known super heroes, ranged from the good ol days’ to themostrecent ones- Explicit tutorial for new players and effective trainingtoacquaintance with unique gameplay- Use reputation points to participate in versus mode, whichgreatlyincreases gold reward and enhances item drop rate- Shiny (literally) equipment await to be unlocked- Diverse abilities and stats upgrade system- Generous daily awards can be claimed freely- Obtain free coins by inviting your friends through Facebook(!) New unyielding heroes, techniques and multiplayer modearecoming soon in the next updates (!)★ Game Story ★Each hero has his background story. Meanwhile, An AI(ArtificialIntelligence) has been created to study their storiesand interpretthem to you. Most of the time, it will walk youthrough the basics.Unfortunately, due to a critical mistake of itscreator, that gaveAI such gloomy vision of understanding any hero'sform. Other thanthat, little AI is still learning things to getbetter at guidingplayers.Orthodox game series, including "Street Fighter"firstgeneration, "Street Fighter 2" series, "Youth StreetFighter"series, "Street Fighter 3" series, "Street Fighter 4"series,"Street Fighter 5" series (the story in chronological order1-Z-2-4-5-3), in addition to "Street Fighter EX" series,"StreetFighter online" and other unorthodox game series, andanotherderived animation, movies, comics and so on."Street Fighter" series, the plot revolves around the streetsofsoldiers from around the world to participate in the"WorldConference of fighting," the expansion.Classic style, exciting experience, come with usfighttogether!
Wrestling Fighting Revolution 1.0
Trigger Team
Be ready for a fighting revolution!Entertheworld of cruel caged martial arts and let thebiggestwrestlingcontest begin! Beat all the opponents and proveyour worthas a ProWrestler playing amazing Wrestling FightingRevolution 3Dgame!Excite the crowd with your fighting style, improveyourfightingskills and be the best wrestler in the knownworld!Participate thewrestling fighting contest, beat all youropponentsand earn thechampion’s belt! Slam everyone in your wayplayingWrestlingFighting Revolution 3D – great sport game forallfightinglovers!Love Thai Box, Karate & Kung Fu? Knockout everyfighterinyour way using your skill with this ultimate action gamein3D!Earn points to unlock new levels of your progression!Upgradeyourpower, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikesandfightingstyles getting points for each winning. It’s high timetostartwrestling revolution – kick, punch and show youropponentswhatreal power is!Check contest and survival mode – fight against enemiesandkillthem to earn points or survive on the ring as long asyoucan!Become the strongest fighter on the earthplayingWrestlingFighting Revolution action game!Face different enemies using different fightingstylesincludingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and otherandovercome all ofthem with the powerful wrestling fightingstyle!Be a real pro wrestler, win the tournament and getfunwithWrestling Fighting Revolution!Wrestling Fighting Revolution features:- Ultimate action caged fighting game- Various strikes and fighting styles to try- Powerful enemies to battle against- Different fighting styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai,KungFu,Boxing and more- Varies ways to improve your martial artist’s skills- Contest and survival mode – beat and kill your enemiestoearnpoints or survive on the ring as long as you canCheck Wrestling Fighting Revolution! Survive on theringleavingyour opponent no chance to stay alive! Kick, punch, slamtoearnpoints for each killed enemy, fight against powerful rivalsanduplevel your boxing skills to the top level!Try Wrestling Fighting Revolution – ultimate actiongameforeveryone!
Bladelords - the fighting game
Reveal your inner fighter in this 3Dfightinggame! Play up to 16 fighters and upgrade their equipmentandabilities. Challenge real players worlwide. Defeat hundredsofenemies. Show to everyone that there is no blade in this worldthathas any secret for you!PLEASE NOTE! Bladelords is completely free to play but somein-gameitems will require payment.----------------------------In an old empire set between Western middle-age andJapaneseuniverses, a dark power is rising again to take over theworld. Theempire's destiny is in your hands. Start your journeyacross the 4lands of the empire, gather the strongest fighters, andtrain themto unlock incredible fighting and magic powers.Grab your sword NOW and become the ultimate Blade Lord!Live a complete new fighting game experience with Bladelords!Fightwith the original fighters cast, or choose among 10 brandnewheroes : the Dark Knight, Saya, Cassia, Heishiro, Gargoyle,Eirin,Amane and much more! With them, fight your way in an Asianandmedieval environment powered by the Unreal Engine 3!----------------------------Discover the major features of Bladelords -fightingrevolution:- Free to play- New multiplayer mode- 16 fighters to play with and many more to come withregularupdates- Specific combos and attacks for each fighter- Stunning visuals and environments thanks to the UnrealEngine3- Different game modes to discover Bladelords : the DailyChaosPortal, the Arena, the Tower of Infinity timed fights andnumerousmissions- Upgrade your fighters to make them reach theirfullpotential- Get the arcade sensations back- Intuitive controls----------------------------Having any problem or suggestion? We would love to hear fromyou!Don't hesitate to reach our support atsupport@playsoft.frBladelords - the fighting revolution:Be a fan: Games:Visit our website to discover our other games andLike us: us:
The Amazing Spider-Man 1.2.3e
Gameloft SE
Get ready for intense web-slinging action withTheAmazingSpider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app ofthishighlyanticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play through themoviestoryline asSpider-Man faces off against the Lizard andrampaginggangs.Web-sling and crawl your way through an open, fully3D NewYorkwhile using your amazing skills to save the city. ** NotethatTheAmazing Spider-Man needs 2GB of free memory to install**THEOFFICIAL GAME OF 2012’s HIGHLY AWAITED SUPER HEROBLOCKBUSTER•Fight the Lizard and his minions to put a stop to hisdarkschemes.• Play The Amazing Spider-Man through more than25immersivemissions inspired by the upcoming movie's storyline.•Climb, jumpand web-sling from building to building for anaerialthrill likenever before! FREE NEW YORK CITY • Explore thecitythrough itsfive distinctive districts (Central Park,Business,Downtown, Pierand Residential) • An exciting and enjoyablefightingsystem withmelee, ranged, combo attacks and much more • Awideselection ofupgrades to customize your style, attacks andskills AHIGHPRODUCTION-VALUE GAME • Explore an open-worldManhattan,teemingwith action. Discover random missions,collectibles andmoresecrets in the City that Never Sleeps! • Fightin a fully 3DNewYork City with cutting-edge graphics. • Advancedshaders andvisualeffects make Spiderman more realistic than everbefore!Minimumhardware requirements to play The Amazing Spider-Man:- 1GHz CPU -512 MB RAM - PowerVR SGX540 GPU or equivalent - 1.5 GBoffreespace on the device For optimal performance,werecommendrestarting your device and closing otherapplicationsbeforeplaying The Amazing Spider-Man. ---- Visit ourofficial siteat Follow us onTwitterat or like us onFacebookat to get more info aboutallourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and gametrailerson Discover ourblogat for the insidescooponeverything Gameloft. Certain apps allow you topurchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain thirdpartyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third party site.PrivacyPolicy : Terms ofUse: End User LicenseAgreement:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2.00
Rockstar Games
Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures oflifeinLos Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apartwithgangtrouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars andmillionairesdotheir best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now,it’stheearly 90’s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother hasbeenmurdered,his family has fallen apart and his childhood friendsareallheading towards disaster. On his return to theneighborhood,acouple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ isforced onajourney that takes him across the entire state of SanAndreas,tosave his family and to take control of the streets.RockstarGamesbrings its biggest release to mobile yet with avastopen-worldcovering the state of San Andreas and its threemajorcities – LosSantos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – withenhancedvisual fidelityand over 70 hours of gameplay. Grand TheftAuto: SanAndreasfeatures: • Remastered, high-resolution graphicsbuiltspecificallyfor mobile including lighting enhancements, anenrichedcolorpalette and improved character models. • Cloud savesupportforplaying across all your mobile devices for RockstarSocialClubMembers. • Dual analog stick controls for full cameraandmovementcontrol. • Three different control schemesandcustomizablecontrols with contextual options to displaybuttonsonly when youneed them. • Compatible with the MoGa WirelessGameControllers andselect Bluetooth and USB gamepads. • IntegratedwithImmersiontactile effects.  • Tailor your visualexperiencewithadjustable graphic settings. Languages Supported:English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.Foroptimalperformance, we recommend re-booting your deviceafterdownloadingand closing other applications when playing GrandTheftAuto: SanAndreas. For information about supported devicesandcompatibility,pleasesee: by War Drum Studios www.wardrumstudios.comFindout
Street Fighting:City Fighter 3.2
Street Fighting:City Fighter, The latest sequel of “ ChaosStreetFighting “, is a classic free fighting arcade game.Itcombines thefeatures of Action Fighting and Role Playing, togetherhave thisexciting action fighting game! Ultimate City StreetFightingdelivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourselfin thisaddictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game. Superbscenes,cool combos and gorgeous special skills,the most thrillingandexciting fighting game! Many props to help you achieveyourhonor!This super fighting game where you have to showyourendurance! Use super skill to that effect would win!StreetFighting - City Fighter, Recall your childhood memories ofarcadegame ! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy withandroiddevice Now! We hope you once again to have a great time!!Features: - Cool special skills! - Wonderful story - Uniqueragecombo system! - Realistic fighting sound! - Easy slidingandtouching screen bring about continuously cool striking!-Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!