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Earthmiles - get fit, earn rewards. Walk run move! 1.7.79
British Vogue: "An app to inspire ahealthylife"Forbes: "An app that rewards you for keeping fit"Celebrate each workout and get ready for an extra zing ofmotivationin your life! Forget air miles! Earn earthmiles bytracking thegreat stuff you do every day - walk, run orcycle."Glamour's #1 tip for a healthy summer" - Glamour Magazine"A wellness trend to watch in 2016" - The TelegraphSplurge your earthmiles on exclusive offers from health,fitness,nutrition, wellness, and sports companies. You won't findtheseyummy rewards anywhere else."Apps worth shouting about for 2016" - Men's Health"Rewards programme for meeting fitness goals" - T3 magazine"Get fit and reap the rewards!" - Metro LondonYou can find free goodies and save on discounts whilediscoveringnew exciting brands that want to support you in yourquest to behealthy. There are vegan and plant-based foods, healthysnacks,free-from options, fitness classes, gear, kit, clothing,pluseverything wellness and mindfulness. Think of it as a littleextramotivation to chuck the bus and move more!How do you earn earthmiles? Simple answer: Automatically!It'sincredibly easy - link your favourite tracking apps -Runkeeper,Strava, Mapmyrun, Mapmywalk, Mapmyride, Jawbone, Fitbit,Moves,Misfit and more.No need to purchase a fitness band to start getting earthmiles.Ifyou have a Samsung device, simply connect to Samsung Health. Oryoumay download any other free tracking app we support like GoogleFitor Fitbit.As you move, your earthmiles balance starts ticking up.Browsehundreds of rewards from premium brands in health &fitness.Redeem a voucher or buy directly in the app with asingleclick.Oh, and did we mention you can add your friends so they allknowjust how generally amazing you are? What's not to love!
Health and Fitness Tracker 1.0
Enjoy free Health and Fitness tracker app on your android device.Acomplete health tracker app which will help define yourfitnessgoals and guide you in maintaining a more balancedlifestyle. Youhave access to the calorie count of all the majorfood groups thatwill make sure that you eat healthy. Calculate yourBMI score andalso find out what your future ideal self could end upweighing.The free health tracker app lets you track your exerciseor dailyactivity and you can find what benefits you reap in eachworkoutsession. The app even lets you keep track of your bloodsugar andyou can organize your daily routine with a simple and easyto usechart system. Find out what type of cooking oil is bad foryou, orgood, as the Health and Fitness Tracker will guide you inchoosingthe one that is best for you. The Health and FitnessTracker alsohelps in explaining your daily nutrients andmineralsrecommendation and also aids in tracking your own body fat.It willhelp you lose weight fast without the everyday hassle. Goneare thedays of worrying about what you eat and how much it is goingtoaffect your body. Just whip up your android device, open theHealthand Fitness Tracker app, and let the app do the entire mathforyou.
Fitness Calculator 3.4.8
Kathos Developer
Health Calculator is used to measureandknowyour health fitness related information which includesBodyMassIndex (BMI), Calories for Weight gain or loss, TargetHeartRate,Ideal Weight, etc.Health Calculator uses your personal information andworksbasedon the input you provides. Fitness Calculator usesthisinformationand calculate according to your inputs. Thealgorithmthatcalculates your health data is based on the standardtextbookandreferenced from a legitimate literatures.You can calculate following categories or attributes:- Body Mass Index (BMI)- Calories Required For Weight Gain or Loss- Ideal Pulse Rate or Heart Rate for aerobic exercise- Volume of Blood for an individual based on gender,heightandweight- Percentage of alcohol in blood- How much water should you drink each day?- Ideal weight for an individual based on gender,heightandweight- Percentage of body fat of an individual based on Gender,Age,Waistsize, Neck size- Know your next eligible blood donation dateBelow two categories is for Female gender:- Calculate your pregnancy due date of your baby- Calculate your Ovulation Period or most fertile day/**************************************Disclaimer:**********************************************/Please notice that Fitness Calculator or HealthCalculatordoesnot store any personal data of users in any formwhatsoever.Thisapplication is made for spreading awareness relatedtohealth.If you have liked our efforts please take a moment torateHealthCalculator and help us grow.Thank-You and Have Fun.