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Norton Clean, Junk Removal
Norton Clean is a cleaner app that will help you reclaimstoragespace on your Android device by cleaning junk, removingresidualfiles & optimizing memory. Don’t have enough storage totakemore pictures or install apps? Norton, the world's leadingcybersecurity software provider, now sweeps your memory cacheandstorage clean of residual and junk files to remove clutterfromyour Android device and help speed up performance. InstallNortonClean app cleaner and memory cleaner to remove junk and freeupmemory space: ✔ Clean and clear cache ✔ Identify and removejunk,APK, and residual files ✔ Optimize memory space ✔ Manage appsandget rid ofbloatware-------------------------------------------------- NORTONCLEANFEATURES & CAPABILITIES ✸ Cache Cleaner ◦ Helps cleanresidualcache system files often left by uninstalled apps to freeupAndroid phone or tablet disk space ✸ Junk Remover ◦ Storagecleanerhelps analyze, cleanup and safely remove the junk files thattakeup your memory and storage space ✸ APK File Remover ◦ Helpsremoveobsolete Android Package (.apk) files (many of these filesarelarge) that are manually installed via the AndroidPackageInstaller to reclaim phone or tablet storage space ✸Residual FileRemover ◦ Delete cache and residual files to free upphone, tabletand SD card storage space ◦ The junk-creating behaviorof millionsof apps has been analyzed so that Norton Clean canintelligentlyand efficiently hone in on its targets (cache andresidual files)with amazing accuracy ✸ Memory Optimizer ◦ Perform aclean sweepremoval of junk files that waste memory space andcompromise deviceperformance ◦ Norton Clean is a junk remover foryour cache andtemporary files, and even lets you identify andremove apps yourarely use – helping to reduce clutter andreclaiming memory tostore new apps, photos and videos ✸ App Cleaner◦ Clean cache forindividual apps ✸ App Manager ◦ Uninstallbloatware, unwanted, orbackground apps ◦ Receive recommendationsfor removal of rarelyused apps [1] ◦ Move apps to your SD memorycard--------------------------------------------------SYSTEMREQUIREMENTS Android OS 4.1 orlater-------------------------------------------------- LEGAL [1]Thisfeature requires Android 5.1 or later With this service youreceivethe right to use Norton Clean for the specified serviceperiod,which begins upon initial installation and activation.Thisrenewable service includes protection updates, asavailablethroughout the service period, subject to acceptance ofthe NortonLicense Agreement included with this product andavailable forreviewat may be added, modified or removed during theserviceperiod. Symantec respects the privacy of our users andcarefullysafeguards personal data. For moreinformation: MOBILESECURITY & ANTIVIRUS Be sure to also download theFREE versionof Norton Mobile Security for antivirus protection tohelp preventbad apps from damaging your phone and stealing yourinformation:
Turbo Cleaner - Boost, Clean, more h5 games
Is your phone becoming slow and lag?Are there many junk filesinyour phone?Is your battery draining faster thanbefore?TurboCleaner, a reliable memory & speed booster, Androidoptimizer,and battery saver, helps you clean junk file, boostmobile phone,and extend battery lifeOnly 3 MB, Turbo Cleaner is asmall yeteffective booster and cleaner app for Android. Withintuitiveinterface, it can clean junk file, cache, ads,unnecessarybackground apps and boost mobile memory to make yourphone faster.Even Android phones with slow processor and low memorycan have abetter performance after clean and boost. This Appusesaccessibility service, which will help you enjoy an enhancedTurboBoost.New Version 2.0 is commingNew desigs take you more easytoues.New feature release your more space.New Account and pointscanclose the ADS and play more h5 games.Key Features of TurboCleaner★Phone BoostBy phone boost, this free Android memory (RAM)boosterwill clean unnecessary background apps to clear more freememoryand make your phone faster. The one-tap boost optimize yourAndroiddevice and make it faster by 50% on home-screen. And whatmakesthis memory booster special is its durable boost effect,whichprevent apps from auto restart.★ Junk File & CacheCleanThiscache and junk file cleaner has intelligently andaccuratelyanalyzed thousands of apps and how junk file created.Therefore itcan clean junk file and other residual file to reclaimstoragespace.★ Phone Cool DownDetect and clean apps thatcauseoverheating. By phone boost and clean, this phone booster cooldownmobile in seconds.★ Root FreeEven without root access, thisspeedbooster for Android can boost phone and clean cacheeffectively andefficiently.Cleaner Homepage:
Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Software
Systweak Android Cleaner is a powerful and effective app tooptimizeyour device’s performance. Primarily, the app cleans junkfiles,saves battery, and deletes duplicate files to retrieve spaceandimprove overall device performance. −Scheduled Cleaning(cachecleaner and RAM optimizer)Cleaning phone cache and optimizingRAMmanually is a tough job. Scheduled cleaning is one of thebestfeatures of this app. It boosts your phone’sperformanceautomatically. If you don’t want to set a schedule, youcan also doit manually by tapping on Phone Boost button. −Junk FileCleaner(clutter remover)Junk files take up a lot of devicespaceunnecessarily. Android devices get cluttered with hundreds ofjunkfiles after prolonged usage. Junk File Cleaner module detectsandsecurely removes this clutter, frees up space and improvesphonespeed.  −Battery Saver (battery rejuvenator)One of themajorconcerns of Android users is that the device battery getsdrainedvery quickly. Battery Saver detects and closes apps that arenot inuse but are still running in the background to sync dataandperform other silent tasks. It also shows the temperature ofyourdevice. −Game Booster (better gaming experience)It’sfrustratingwhen you experience performance or stability issueswhile playinggames on your device. Game Booster option frees upvaluableresources and RAM which is much needed for playing games,resultingin smoother, more responsive game play. It also suspendsanyprocesses running in the background temporarily for yourgamingpleasure. −Manage Storage Efficiently (App Manager)‘AppManger’detects and displays space-hogging apps that you no longeruse. Youcan uninstall and disable such apps along with leftoverdata afterapp uninstallation. This helps you recover considerableamount ofstorage, boost RAM and reduce battery consumption. You canalsotake a backup of .apk files using Archive option beforedeletingthem. −File Explorer (manage your files efficiently)FileExplorerhelps you manage files stored on your device efficientlyandeasily. It works as a smart viewer to categorize files. Youcanshare, take backup of your files and even delete them usingFileExplorer. −Duplicate Files Remover (space saver)It thoroughlyscansyour device for duplicate files based on content, file nameandfile type and displays them in a categorized way. Bydefault,duplicates are auto marked for deletion except for theoriginalsource copy. The auto marked files can be deleted torecoverprecious space used up by duplicate files. −Hibernate(hibernationmodule)The Hibernate module helps to save maximumbattery byhibernating apps which are not in use or have beeninactive for along time. This prevents your device from themuch-dreaded batterydrain.This requires you to enable accessibilityservices. However,accessibility service is only used forinformational purpose and weensure that your personal details arenever compromised or misusedby this app or SystweakSoftware. −Hidden FilesThis module helpsyou view, archive, renameand delete hidden files stored on yourdevice. You cannot see suchfiles as they are hidden from normalview. −WhatsApp ModuleWhenrunning low on space, you can use thisfeature to view all WhatsAppmedia including images, videos, audiofiles and documents etc. sentand received at one place. You canthen delete unwanted media tosave space and improve deviceperformance. −Notification ModuleTheNotification module helpssuppress notifications of selected appsfrom being displayed in thenotification bar. These notificationscan be viewed later as peruser’s convenience.
Disk Clean Suite
Disk Clean Suite is the FREE App that offers MemoryOptimization,Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring. Features:✨[SmartMemoryOptimizer]• 1-click memory optimization• Instantly reclaimmemoryfrom closed Apps✨[Junk Files Cleaner]• Clean temporaryfiles,system caches, gallery thumbnails, residual or unused files,andAPKs, etc.• Clean trash in storage• Quick junk clean fromdesktop✨[Secure App Lock]• Lock Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Contacts,Gmail,Settings, or any other apps you choose• With App Lock, onlyyou cansee the photos you protect• Protect privatememorieseasily✨[Notification Cleaner]• It allows you to showimportantnotifications and ignore annoying unnecessarynotifications• Youcan keep phone notification bar in a cleaner andtidy status•Blocked messages will be hidden together in one placefor latercheck✨[CPU Cooler]• Close overheating apps with one tap toreduceCPU usage• Real-time Temperature Monitor✨[IntelligentAppsManager]• Manage all the applications installed on yourphoneeasily• List all the applications installed on your phone byname,size, and date• Remove applications on your phone easilyandcompletely• App backup & restore✨[Big Files Scanner]•1-clickscan of big files (10 MB and above)• Delete big files onyour phoneeasilyWe value your feedback! Please comment in theGoogle Play orsubmit ideas and requests directly to our developers.You can emailus at [email protected]
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Junk Clean 1.1.6
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Junk Clean is a light toolforprofessional phone cleaner & booster for android allFREE!Smart Cleaner can speed up your phone and clean junk fileseasily!With this app you can smart clean your phone, get moreinternal ROMstorage. It is an app which is crucial to anyone whohas memorymanagement issues.Speed up your phone and free yourstorage freenow! Easy to Use● Simple, intuitive user interfacewhich canoptimize your Android in just a few clicks● 1 tap to speedup yourdevice with shortcut from home screen.● Smart optimize yourAndroidwith auto boost● Easily to detect and uninstall unwantedapps withapp manager.Optimize and Clean● Speed up your phone andremove junksafely● Clean application cache, download files,clipboard contentand so on● Fast, compact and efficient with lowmemory and CPUusage, free up valuable storage space● Quickly andeasily uninstallmultiple unwanted applicationsMonitor your System●Check the usageof your CPU● Keep track of your RAM and internalstorage space●Check out your battery levels and temperature Howabout SmartCleaner - Speed Booster & Junk Clean ? Free try itnow!100%FREE and EXTREMELY LIGHT & SAFE! Thank you very muchfor yourattention to our application.Please contact us if you haveanyquestion or suggestions.
Space Cleaner - Super Cleaner & Booster 1.2.2
Space Cleaner Team
Space Cleaner - Super Cleaner & Booster is a light , fastandprofessional phone cleaner & booster for android FREE!SpaceCleaner can clean your phone and remove junk fileseasily!Theandroid has become lags and freezes most of thetime?Battery hasstarted draining quicker than ever?The phoneoverheats and needs tocool down? No more worries anymore - Speed upyour phone and freeyour storage free now! Easy to Use● Optimizeyour Android in just afew clicks● Simple, intuitive user interfacewhich is easy tonavigate● Fast, compact and efficient with lowmemory and CPUusageOptimize and Clean● Speed up your phone andremove junksafely● Clean application cache, download files,clipboard contentand so on● Automatically Optimize your Android,easily to detectand uninstall unwanted appsReclaim Storage Space●Streamline yourAndroid phone or tablet● Quickly and easilyuninstall multipleunwanted applications● Free up valuable storagespace on yourdeviceMonitor your System● Check the usage of yourCPU● Keep trackof your RAM and internal storage space● Check outyour batterylevels and temperature How about Space Cleaner - SuperCleaner& Booster ? Free try it now!100% FREE and EXTREMELYLIGHT! Letus know if you have any questions or suggestions.Feedback address:[email protected]
Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) 2.8.5
Powerful cleaner dev
Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) is a super lite andeffectivememory boost tool and battery extender. It is helps tocleanunnecessary apps in the background to boost your phone andsavebattery power. With proper management, its can make yourmobilefaster. Favored by users worldwide, PowerfulCleaner(Boost&Clean) is one of the best Android booster forAndroiddevices. Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) uses theaccessibilityservice. With this service, you can get an upgradedcache cleaner.Its can help you to force-stop the unnecessaryapplication inbackground by “One-step”. Powerful Cleaner(Boost&Clean) canremind the unread message and miss call withsmart locker. We donot provide the service/content for any minorsunder 16 years old(or equivalent minimum age in relevantjurisdiction). If you are aminor meeting the above conditions, youmust read the terms of UserAgreement and use this app under theguidance of your guardian, andconfirm that your guardian agrees toyour Use of this app. ★JunkFile Clean Intelligent Cloud Enginereads everything and will makethe junk files nowhere to hide.Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean)could clean the junk files, idlestorage and useless large filesfrom millions of apps, thusreleasing plenty of free space. ★MemoryBoost By cleaningunnecessary background apps and process, thememory booster ofPowerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) can free upmemory, make Androidphone to run faster, and save much morebattery power. Withaccessibility, this accelerator can preventapps from auto restartand therefore provide durable boost effectto make phone faster. Nomore slow phone. ★CPU Cooler This cleanerhas accelerator which candetect and clean apps that consume CPUcapacity highly and causeoverheating. And by memory booster, itcan cool down Android deviceas quickly as possible. ★App Lock Withpassword to save you privateapplications.
Let's Clean - Free Phone booster & Optimizer
First of all, thanks a lot! We are happy that you are here toknowabout us! Let’s Clean is a Android Cleaner & Optimizer,solveyour problems on your Android device, such as, “Not enoughstorageto save pictures or videos; Annoying crash; OverloadedRAM;Overheat CPU, Battery use out too fast”... With us, we cansolveall your troubles by our useful functions like: cleaningjunk,optimizing memory and protection forbattery.------------------------------------------ Our mainfunctions are:► Clean and clear junk Free up your device storagespace bycleaning cache and other types of junk file. Remove junkfast in asecure way. Let you get more space to save images andanything youlike. ► Optimize RAM Memory Cleaner and RAM boosterspeed up yourandroid phone and optimize your device performance. ►CPU CoolerLet’s Clean help you monitor CPU temperature and help youcool downthe temperature for your Android device by killing appsoverload inbackground. ► Notification for your Android phone ordevicecondition Allow the notification, we’ll inform you how yourphonecondition are, to help it always works in a perfect condition.Helpyou know your phone condition, protect your phone! ► BatterySaverHibernate useless apps to save power! Protect your battery,extendwork time! Enhance the functionality of the intelligent dataWewill obtain the installed app(s) list to fully supportfunctionssuch as Junk Clean, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler and BatterySaver, toenhance the junk files and ram junk recognitioncapability. Policy:
Droid Optimizer 2.1.9
More memory, more speed - free and without ads! Laggysmartphone?Battery always empty? Launching apps takes forever?Boost yoursmartphone performance and free memory at the click of abutton.Against data chaos Installed apps, downloaded files, images,music,videos - over time, your smartphone will get clutteredleading tonoticeable slowdowns. Ashampoo Droid Optimizer freesyoursmartphone from clutter and reclaims free disk spaceandperformance - regularly and fully automatically. Need toconstantlydelete a folder anew? Simply add it to 1-Touch Speed Upand AutoClean Up. This feature is also supported by Junk Finder!For yourprivacy Browsing the Internet with your smartphone leavesvarioustraces that can be used to violate your privacy. And let'sface it,do you really know all the time what device permissionsyourinstalled apps have? Get rid of Internet traces andexposepotential spy apps with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer. Forprolongedbattery life The integrated Good Night scheduler candisablefeatures such as WLAN or mobile connectivity automaticallyduringcustomizable time periods or each time you switch off yourscreen.Put your smartphone to sleep at night and conserve preciousbatterypower with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer. With fun andmotivationCleaning doesn't have to be boring. The integratedranking systemprovides rewards and funny pictures for yourachievements. Startout as a mere cleaning rag and become a masterin no time. You canalso select more neutral ranks if you preferthat. Free and withoutads Ashampoo Droid Optimizer is and willremain free to use andwithout ads. Full access on rooted devicesDroid Optimizer offers aspecial feature on rooted devices: Startingwith Android 4.3, appscan no longer enable airplane modeautomatically. Root access makesthis possible again! This way,Good-Night-Scheduler can unleash itsfull potential and activelyconserve energy. Unwanted apps alsobecome a thing of the past,disable or delete (system) apps asneeded to keep your device clean.For all Android devices AshampooDroid Optimizer works with Android4.0 and higher devices which ispractically every device. Are youmissing highly important featuressuch as Game Booster or CPUCooler? What others won't tell you:It's not that easy! Lowering CPUfrequencies requires rootprivileges and although your CPU may staycooler it will alsoperform much slower. What is possible is closingunneeded apps tofree as much memory and processor resources aspossible - and thisis what Auto-Clean and 1-Touch Speed Up alreadydo extremely well.You see, Droid Optimizer doesn't need muchadvertising but letsactions speak for itself. Features at a glance► Accelerate, cleanand optimize ► Terminate foreground andbackground appsautomatically ► Empty the system and applicationcache ► Dark theme► Find and delete big files fast and easily ►Carry out cleaningtasks automatically ► Conserve energy and enhanceyour battery life► Disable wifi at preset times or each time youswitch off thescreen ► Manage all installed apps ► Learn about yourapps'critical permissions and expose spy apps
Cleaner - Boost, Clean, Space Cleaner 7.5.4
Apex Apps
Has your phone become slow, laggy or out of space? If so, Cleanerisjust the most trusted app indeed. Cleaner, TOP 10Androidoptimization tool with junk cleaning and phone boostfunctions isfree and We would like to serve millions of usersworldwide. Makephones run smoother than ever, like they're brandnew as well.PHONE BOOSTER (Keep your phone running smooth &fast) With theunique algorithm technique, Cleaner can intelligentlycleanbackground processes, stop stealthy running apps anddisablestealthy auto-start apps even on non-root devices. freeingup RAMand speeding up phone. After boosting phone, run a speed testtosee how fast it has become:D Junk Cleaner (JUNK FILES) Withthespecial cleaning engine, Cleaner detect and clean junkfilesincluding advertisement junk, system junk, photo junk, videojunk,cache junk, and residual junk. Cleaner can help boost andoptimizeyour phone's speed and performance. Absolutely, Laggyissues aswell as running slow will be effectively alleviated.Battery SaverCleaner help with saving better power and extendingbattery life.Cleaner can disable unnecessary apps as many aspossible, in thisway, Cleaner save the battery. CPU cooler -Effectively cool downCPU temperature Is your phone always heated?Cleaner monitors CPUtemperature and detects apps that areoverheating. By killing heavyresource consuming apps, you canreduce CPU usage, lag or laggyissues as well. Easy to Use Just onetap the boost button to speedup your phone and keep your phoneclean and fast. Cleaner aims tobe the best Android speed booster& junk Cleaner, if Cleanercan help you a lot, it would begreat. Cleaner is compatible withmost Android phones and systems,including but not limited to alldevices from Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony,Moto, LG, TCL, HTC, Nexus, ZTEand more…. This app usesAccessibility services. We do not collectuser privacy data If youhave any questions about Cleaner , pleaseemail us at:[email protected]
RAM Cleanup 5.55
J Kosa
Powerful cleanup of memory. Just one tap start. Specialknowledgeand settings are NOT needed! Your phone will more smoothlyrun withRAM Cleanup! Clean up (free up) the memory (RAM) to speedup(boost) your device with saving more battery and cooling downCPU.Just starting the app makes it easy to totally optimizeyourdevice. You don't need any special knowledge for optimizationofthe smartphone system and performance. You can remove theanimationif you want. Total memory reduction helps much fasteroperationwith saving battery for gaming, browsing and OS itself.Advancedfunctions: -Auto closing. -Auto clean function byrecognition ofexceeding threshold of memory usage ratio. -Colorsettings fortexts, background, foreground, and animation. -Shortcutforcustomized cleanup. Try this simple and light memory cleaner!
DU Cleaner – Memory cleaner & clean phone cache 1.6.1
Free—clean up system trash files (caches), extend SD cardstorage,and solve your lack of disk space. Plus free Speed BoosterforAndroid Phones. Have you ever encountered the followingproblems?1. System garbage causes the phone to run slowly and appgarbageeats up your internal storage. 2. No more space is availablefornew photos or apps. 3. Your phone is running crazily slow.Allthese situations need a clean-up tool, such as a phonebooster,junk remover, etc. Highlights of DU Cleaner (Boost &ClearCache): ► Ultra-small size Making it much smaller than similarappson Google Play. ► Extremely focused Performs the mostcomprehensivetrash-cleaning to save you more phone space; ►Intelligent analysisUsing our new intelligent analysis engine, DUCleaner (Boost &Clear Cache) deletes what you want to remove,leaves what you thinkis useful, and never loses your good memories.Features of DUCleaner (Boost & Clear Cache): ► Clean Up &Junk FileCleaning The junk-creating behavior of millions of appshas beenanalyzed so that DU Cleaner (Boost & Clear Cache)canefficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files)withperfect accuracy. Delete cache and residual files toreclaimstorage, boost speed, and improve the performance of yourdeviceand SD card. ► Memory Boost Boost your games and apps, freeupmemory (RAM), speed up your device, and save more battery.Our1-Tap Boost features make it easy to optimize directly fromyourhomescreen. ► Useless APKs Find and delete useless APKs onyourphone to free up more storage space. ► Residual Files Clearupresidual data from previously uninstalled applications. TheWorld'sMost Trusted Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, andtrash-cleaningapp; DU Cleaner & Speed Booster is a FREE appthat can helpclean redundant apps and files, free up storage space,clean upyour RAM, and speed up your Android device. Help fightagainstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing a safermobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that some adsmight bemalicious promotions from unknown channels. If you comeacross oneof these ads, you can help us take them down. Please sendthe linkand screenshots of the ad to [email protected] Weappreciateyour kind help.
Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize 1.20
Cache Cleaner
Cache Cleaner Super can help you clean useless cache files , itcanfree up your phone space and speed up your phone. ★ What AreCacheFiles Cache Files are temporary files created by applications.Forexample, when browser visit a web page, browser save theimagefiles as cache files. When app exits , cache files are useless,you can save phone space and speed up your phone via cleanthesejunk cache files. So you need a easy app help you cleancachefiles. ★ Features Support android 4.1-7.1 devices One clickcleancache Fastest scan speed Reminder you clean cache every 6hoursEasy to use This app uses Accessibility services.
Phone Cleaner - Speed Booster 1.5
Phone booster and cleaner app, this is a memory cleaner, junkfilescleaner, RAM cleaner & booster for android to boost mobileforfree. It optimizes cache memory space, keeping your Androiddevicescleaner and booster.The cleaner app will monitor your systemby ourcleaning services; it will send notice sweep and delete junkfilewhen the cache is full;With the cleaner app, you can deletecachememory data at any time to create a new memory for the nextsessionof the device.This is fastest clean app, its one of bestphonespeed booster, cleaner apps for android to speed up my phone.Itsalso game booster that help optimisation the device forplayinggame purpose.Features:- Very fast check: Very fact check&power clean that helps cleaning apps in seconds.- Phonecleaner& disk cleanup: app cleaner, junk file cleaner:Thecleaner appcleans up the memory space by scanning the entire systemand junkremoval to clean junk files, delete history unneeded filesandunused files. This junk cleaner perform deep clean throughmanyfolder levels, cleaning apps to get more extra spacestorage.-Cache cleaner for android:With our storage space cleaner,you canalso free up more space by clean up cache data from anyapplication& browser applications without having to worry aboutdeletingthe wrong file.- Memory cleaner, clear ram:Free up memoryspace andspeed up phone performance. Also help clear your photos,music,documents and unnecessary applications - CPU cooler:AnalyzesCPUusage and stops hot applications to cool CPU temperatures,withjust one click.- Speed booster: speed up processing ofdataThespeed of data processing of the phone faster than ever, whenthedevice has been cleaned junk files, cleaned the cache, freerams,prevent the memory and performance degradation. Theperformance ofthe phone.- Battery doctor, batery saver: a powercleaner &make battery cooler:When your device is low battery,this batterylife extender feature helps you save battery power andmake longerbattery life by turning off applications running on yourdevice bythe app killer, It may get % 200 battery life, doublebattery 200power & maintenance your power battery life.-Booster shortcut:app shortcut for android booster right in the homescreen, its 1tap boost mobile- Cleaner shortcut: app shortcut forandroidcleaner right in the home screen, its 1 tap boost andcleaningapps- Cleaner pro: Option to get the cleaner pro to removeads& unlock all features—- FQA —1. How to clean your phone inafastest clean way ?- Open app, click Settings then“createshortcut”, this will make an “android cleaner” shortcut onyourhome screen, click to that clean the phone2. Does the appmakephone faster ?Yes, app optimize your CPU, memory, free up spacetoget more extra space storage so your phone will be muchfaster.3.How to save battery ?- Start “batter saver” to scan forapps thatdrain your batter then click “save battery” toperformingoptimizing. Keep app running for battery checkinbackground.Download speed booster for android free right now,thesuper cleaner app for optimization your phone.Read our ourAppprivacy first before using theapp:
Booster - Master Speed Cleaner 1.0.3
Speed Booster - Master Cleaner - is a super easy AndroidSpeedBooster & Phone Cleaner. With this app, you can boostyourphone speed by cleaning memory of your Android phone andsavebattery! This app includes Memory Cleaner (SpeedBooster),Junk/Cache Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, Browser and GooglePlaySearch History Cleaner, Call & SMS History cleaner, andAppManager to manage installed/pre-installed apps. This SpeedBoostercan boost up your phone by 60-80% if propery used. Enjoythisbeautifully designed app, it's super easy!FEATURES★ 1.SPEEDBOOSTERCleans up Memory & Junk files to boost your phoneinaverage of 60-80% faster. Simply tap "OPTIMIZE" button toboostyour phone and it can even save battery! Indicates yourmemoryspeed with percentage.★ 2. GAME BOOSTERBy finishing unrelatedapps& processes for playing game, your phone will be optimizedforyour gameplay. By average we are able to boost your game by20%!★3. JUNK/CACHE CLEANERApps will clean up your junk and cachefilesfor better phone performance & disk space!★ 4. SEARCHHISTORYCLEANERClean up your Google Play Search History &Browserhistory! Downloaded files manager included as we ll todeleteobsolete files.★ 5. CALL & SMS CLEANERClean up anydesired Call& SMS history one by one, or delete all of theCall/SMS/Texthistory in one-tap★ 6. APP MANAGERManageyourinstalled/pre-installed apps with very easy app manager.★ 7.GAMEBOOSTER WIDGETAccess your game booster function from homescreenwidget.7-in-1 application! Includes Speed Booster, GameBooster,Junk/Cache Cleaner, Search History Cleaner, Call & SMSTextCleaner, App Manager, and Game Booster Widget! Speed Booster-Master Cleaner - will be perfect for every day use and boostupyour phone & save battery!
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean 1.8.10
Liquidum Limited
Newly redesigned with a beautiful updated interface, The Cleaneristhe same free Android optimizer and speed booster app you love,nowwith a detailed dashboard to give you an at-a-glance overviewofyour phone's health. Speed up your phone or tablet with thememorycleaner, free up storage space and clear cache, batchuninstallunneeded or potentially malicious apps with the appmanager, andprotect your privacy with the included app lockfunction. You canalso make your games run faster and improve theirperformance withthe Game Booster. Best of all, The Cleaner is asalways as easy touse as it is beautifully designed, all in alightweight app thatwon't hog your Android's memory, so cleaningyour RAM and phonestorage is easy and fast. MEMORY OPTIMIZER Freeup memory and boostyour device's speed with a simple tap STORAGECLEANER Clean upstorage by deleting junk files such as cache andAPK files APPMANAGER Batch uninstall apps and identify apps withunnecessarypermissions GAME BOOSTER Speed up your games and improvetheirperformance APP LOCKER Protect your privacy by locking yourappswith a PIN SCHEDULED REMINDERS Never forget to clean yourdevice sothat it's always running optimally The Cleaner is free, sotry ittoday to speed up your Android! And please leave us a rating!
All-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5X 1.16
Fast Charging Studios
AIO(All-In-One) Super Cleaner and Booster 5X is the bestandroidPhone Booster, Junk and cache clean, CPU cooler, Fastcharger, Applock. Make your phone faster than ever. With All-In-One5X you canfree up storage and residual files, boost RAM, fastcharging andprivacy guarder with the applock on your Androiddevices.All-In-One Toolbox 5X bring you more Light, Fast and Smartmoblieexperience on Android 2018. How do AIO Super Clean and Boost5Xhelp improve your device performance ✔️ Phone Booster: Makeyourphone faster and smoother! ✔️ Junk Files: Clean junk filestorelease precious phone space ✔️ CPU Cooler: Make your CPU Tokeepcool all the time ✔️ Fast Charging: Make phone chargingfaster,extend your battery life ✔️App Lock: Lock up your privateappsAll-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5X hightlight features★PhoneBooster A quick booster to free up RAM, clean background appstofree up storage space on moblie and speed up phone. Turbo boostcankill background processes and prevent autostart apps ★JunkFilesAll-In-One Super Clean and Boost 5X can speed up phone andimprovephone performance by scanning and removing junk. Remove oldjunkfiles such as sytem cache trash & logs. AIO Cleaner 5x,thebest cleaner master! ★CPU Cooler Analyze CPU usage andstopoverheating apps to cool down CPU temperature, with only1-tap★Fast Charger All-In-One Cleaner and Booster 5X will help tospeedup charging. When you plug in the phone charger, Fast Chargingisautomatically activated, click "Start" to smart chargeTheapplication will kill all background applicationsandbattery-consuming services such as Wifi, Bluetooth,Brightness...and so will charge faster. When you want to stop fastcharging,just hit "Stop" or withdraw charger all the signals willbereconnected. You can option more in settings such as: Fullbatteryalarm... ★App Lock You can add a extra password protectiontosensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Gmail, WhatApps,Message...Lockyour private apps by pattern or PIN. Guarding yourprivacy iseasier than ever! All-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5Xwill helpyou master and optimize your background apps, ram cleanerand cooldown your phone and save battery. Let us know if you haveanysuggestions Feedback adress: [email protected]
Super Master Cleaner & Booster | Fastest Optimizer 4.8.8
Phone Cleaner Company
Super Master Cleaner is a professional Android Cleaner&Optimizer.Low memory issue?Need more storage?Want SuperFastperformance?Try Super Master CleanerSuper Master Cleaner,alwayskeep your device runninglikenew!------------------------------------------How does SuperMasterCleaner help to improve your device performance?★ 1 - FULLSCANNowuse one tap full scan option and leave the rest on us. Pressthefull scan button to remove Junk files, system cache &residualfiles. It will automatically boost your phone, cool downyour CPUtemperature and optimize your battery. ★ Junk Clean | FreeUpStorage SpaceIt has a powerful junk-detect tool, SuperMasterCleaner can smartly detect useless files (system cache, appcache,temporary files and uninstalled app residue). After detectingithas ability to clean them up and release more storagesafely.provide extra control with widget.★ Powerful Boost |PhoneBoosterThis feature has ability to analyze Ram and master inboostdevice with 1-tap by releasing more Ram by stopping therunningapps from the Ram. It provides extra control in widget anddesktopshortcut.★ CPU COOLERHelps to cool down your phonetemperature bystopping back ground running apps. ★ Battery PowerSaver | SaveBatteryAnalyze battery usage and force stopbattery-draining appsto save more power, boost device with 1-tap.Slow down the batterydraining time to have more battery percentageat the end of theday.★ APP MANAGER - APP UNINSTALLPowerful way tomanage apps. Makebackups and uninstall unnecessary apps very easilyto have morestorage space.★ SHARE APPS / GAMESNow offline sharingis possible.Share apps and games using Apps Share feature. No needof anyinternet connection.Other Highlights:★ Quick Setup - Fastestandsmartest way to setup your Android phone for optimization! ★DeviceMonitor - Know everything about your phone & tune upyourAndroid phone.★ Battery Monitor - Check current information ofthebattery like temperature, health and voltage.★ Widgets -Effectivewidgets to speed up phone performance, clear cache &junk filesand check battery status directly from your homescreen.SUPERMASTER CLEANER & BOOSTER is compatible with mostandroid phonesand systems. including but not limited to all devicesfrom Samsung,Huawei, Sony , Moto, LG, TCL, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo andmore...
Speed Booster & Memory Cleaner - Boost My Android 4.0
Has your phone become slow, laggy or out of space? Ifso, BoostMy Android is just the most trusted speed booster& Cleaner youneed.Boost My Android is a light all-in-one speedbooster , junkcleaner & cpu cooler for your android phone . Itcan boost thespeed of your phone by up to 60%, and safely cleanjunk files toincrease available space in one tap.Boost My Android(Speed Booster& Junk Cleaner) highlights:Speed Booster - PhoneBoostWith theadvanced process monitoring technique, speed boostercanintelligently clean background processes, stop stealthy runningappsand disable stealthy auto-start apps even on non-root devices.Freeup memory, speed up your device and save more battery. JunkCleaner- Memory CleanerWith expert cleaning engine, junk cleanercan detectand clean junk files including cache files, residualfiles, tempfiles and obsolete apks to free up storage. Boosts speed andimprove the performance of your phone. CPUCoolerAnalyze CPU usageand stop overheating apps to cool down CPUtemperature with only 1tap.Battery Saver Boost My android is alsoa excellent batterysaver. After speed boost, it can stopunnecessary apps andeffectively save battery by 20%.Easy toUseJust one tap the boostbutton to speed up your phone and keepyour phone clean and fast.Boost My Android aims to be the bestAndroid speed booster &junk cleaner app, your 5-star drivesawesome work!
Speed BOOSTER - Memory Cleaner & CPU Task Manager 11.54.326
Mobile Health Club
Boost your Android’s CPU speed and free up memory in one tapwiththe world’s most powerful Speed Booster for Android. Freesupspace, optimizes phone speed, and gives you control withSpeedBooster’s smart task manager. Speed Booster will optimizeyourAndroid’s CPU speed, free up memory and boost battery lifebycleaning memory and killing unnecessary background tasks thatdrainyour phone’s battery. Unleash the full potential of yourAndroid’sCPU speed and RAM with a single tap speed boost - youwon’t believehow fast your phone is! Don't want to boost speed bykilling alltasks at once? The Speed Booster Task Manager lets youfree upmemory by closing apps that drain memory, making this thebestbooster for Android you'll find! SINGLE-TAP OPTIMIZATIONFEATURES:★ CPU Speed Boost ★ RAM Boost / Memory Cleaner ★ CacheCleaner ★Background Task Manager ★ Free Up Memory and Storage ★BatteryBooster AUTOMATIC BOOSTING Speed Booster can notify you whenit’s agood idea to speed boost your phone based on lag andsystemanalysis. Boost your Android according to usage, such as highRAMusage, or schedule boosts every 12 hours for a faster phone.💪Power + Simplicity: Speed Booster strives for ease-of-use. It isapowerful app optimization tool, with a simple, intuitiveinterface.Free up memory and boost cpu speed with one tap for theultimatespeed boost! 🚀 Task Killer: Completely shut down backgroundtasksthat drain your Android’s battery. Most Speed Booster appsallowapps to reopen after 2 minutes, but Speed Booster will keepthemclosed until you want to use them! 📱 Homescreen MemoryCleanerWidget: Clean the cache, speed up RAM, and boost CPU speedin BoostMode directly from your home screen with the Speed Boosterwidget.🔋 Boost Battery Life: Not only will your phone be faster,butcleaning system resources will be a battery booster for androidaswell. 🔨 Task Manager: Master your phone with an easy-to-usetaskmanager that lets you close processes that may be hurtingmemory,performance, or security. 📈 Statistics: See exactly how muchRAMand CPU power you’ve saved! 💎 No Ads: Speed Booster is ad-freeandwill never bother you with annoying ads! ♿ Speed Boosterenablesusers, including those with disabilities, to improvetheperformance of their mobile device and close apps running inthebackground without having to go in and close each and everyappindividually, which may be difficult for any user, andinparticular those with mobility disabilities. LET’S GET INTOUCHWebsite: Happy boosting! SpeedBoosterimproves your device's performance by using Accessibilityservicesto clean memory and close apps that run in the background.As partof this process, Mobile Health Club receives andanalyzesaggregated information about your mobile data and app use.Werespect our users privacy, this is why we will never savepersonalor sensitive user data (PII). You are welcome to read howwecollect and handle our data in our privacypolicy: Terms ofService:
Clear Cache 1.8
These tired of searching applications to clean cache and freeupspace on your device, because all you find are applicationsthatwill consume much more resources and make you slowermobile?Sothinking about you and your mobile space, we have designeda veryeasy to use and most importantly, effective quicksimpleapplication. With "Android Accelerator" that with the push ofabutton get free cache memory, which will make your phone runmuchfaster and better instantly.Clear Cache is an applicationwithwhich you can: Scan and remove unnecessary applications,games,files; Optimize your phone or tablet Android, AccelerateAndroiddevice, your device memory Analyze and identify unwantedfiles,clear cache memory, speed up phone, delete applications withasingle touch.This application "Clear Cache" can free up a lotofstorage, very effective for mobile memory is a limitedthemread-only memory (ROM). If you have enough storage space, youcannow get more available storage space by clearing cache anddataapplications.WE OFFER✔ Memory Optimizer.✔ Improve performanceofthe phone.✔ Clear cache.✔ Automatically delete cached filestostart the application.✔ Scan memory of your device andidentifyunwanted files.✔ Remove applications with a single touch.✔Clearcache files for a specific application.Optimize your phonehasnever been easier. you expect, yaaaaa Download !!! thisataapplication and make the most out of yourAndroidphone.________________________________________________________________________________________Ifyouhave any complaints or suggestions, please send a message tothegiven email, so we can help as soon as possible.
Cleaner Phone: clean ram & junk cleaner & booster 8.1.9
Magic Studio, Inc.
Cleaner Phone ,Best Tool for Junk Cleaner, Clean ram, Speed upyourPhone & Boost their performance. Cleaner Phone for Cleanram& junk cleaner is Super Fast Cleaning to free Up Space.Makeyour phone faster than ever. How does Cleaner Phone help toCleanup storage & Speed up your Phone & Boost theirperformance?✔Remove junk, cache, and residual files ✔Clean andclear cache& ram memory ✔Clean up storage & Optimize memoryspace✔Speed Booster & Memory Booster ✔Phone cleaner andoptimizerfor android ✔Phone accelerator & boost performance✔Phonecleaner and ram booster ■ Cleaner PhoneFeatures ----------------------------------------- ★ CacheFile CleanerClean residual cache system & app files often leftbyuninstalled apps to free up Android phone or tablet disk spaceandclean up storage. ★ Junk Cleaner - delete Junk Analyze anddeletejunk files & cache files that take up your memory andstoragespace. ★ Storage Cleaner Super Fast Cleaning To free UpSpace,Speedup your Phone and boost their performance, free up spaceand speedup your device. Cleaner Phone the best device optimizer. ★PhoneBooster clean ram, clean background tasks, notificationtoolbar& desktop shortcut. ★ Cleaner Phone : clean ram &junkcleaner run in the background and it has more options. -cleanerphone - phone cleaner - cleaner my phone - clean my phone-cleaners for this phone - clean my android - android cleaner-clean 2018 - cleaner 2018 - best cleaner and booster - cleanerandbooster for android Cleaner Phone compatible with allAndroiddevice, including but not limited to all devices fromSamsung,Huawei, Sony, LG, TCL, Nexus, Moto, HTC, Lenovo,... ■ PhoneCleaner: clean ram & junk cleaner FAQ-------------------------Question: How to contect us? Please emailme if there are anyquestions or issues.
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Memory Clean 1.1.26
Smart Cleaner Lab
Do you always ask, "oh, is there an smart android app to cleanmyphone"? Smart Cleaner is a fast, light, and trustedandroidoptimizer, the cleaner master cleaning of your androidphones. Youcan use it as junk file cleaner, speed booster, memorybooster,battery saver, game booster, CPU cooler, cache cleaner,trashcleaner, and app manager. Smart Cleaner, the faster speedboosterand junk cleaner, is just the super app you need to solvethefollowing problems thoroughly: When your phone is always laggedandfreezes all the time. When your phone overheats and needs tocooldown. When your phone or tablet battery is draining fasterthanever. When your phone or tablet has become lack of space toinstallnew apps or take more photos. Smart Cleaner is the smallestcleaneron market; and it is the fastest phone booster which canboost thephone speed by up to 60% with a thorough memory trashclear, andmake the speed up effect last longer; Also, it safelycleans junkfiles, apk files, cache files to increase availablespace. It issuper booster and cleaner to master your phone!! Usethis cleaningapp to clean up android phone memory and junk. SmartCleaner issuper cleaner, smart manager, use it as android phonecleaner,clean master for android, memory cache cleaner, rambooster, speedbooster, history cleaner, ram cleaner, phone booster,and so on;also it has battery charger feature to monitor andacceleratebattery charging. The battery indicator is to tell youbatterystatus and battery percentage. You can also use power cleanfeatureto kill battery drain apps to last battery life. Powerbatterysaver and battery doctor. ★ Memory Boost Boost your gamesand apps,free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save morebattery.Our 1 Tap Boost and Game Boost features make it easy tooptimizedirectly from your home screen. Highlights of Memory Boost:√Thorough Memory Boost - Power Clean Smart Cleaner forces stopappsto improve performance more than 60% like rooted phones!!!Afterthorough memory boost, the apps will hibernate after thememory(RAM) clear and boost, and the stubborn apps are stopped torestartslinkingly. Your phone will be faster like "NEW", andbatterysaved. √ 1 Tap Boost For easy to use, 1 tap boost shortcutiscreated on your home screen. You are convenient to speed upyourphone with 1 tap. Also, when your phone memory (RAM) usage ishigh,you are notified to speed up your phone with one tap. ★ JunkFileCleaner You may find your phone or tablet is lack of space totakephotos and install apps, and this may cause device slow;SmartCleaner can help to clean cache, trash, apk, downloadfolders,browser history, and residual junk files to reclaimstorage. It issmall yet powerful cleaner master and space saver tofree up spaceand boost phone speed with 1 tap. ★ CPU Cooler Theapps runningfrom background make phone overheat. Just simply cooldown yourdevice by Phone cooler, it finds and stops apps using yourCPU moreand causing phone to overheat. Also, by memory boost, itcan coolapps for android. You can use phone cooler feature to docpubooster or you can tap 1 tap boost shortcut to cool downyourphone. ★ Game Booster Before you launch games, use theSmartCleaner for a Thorough Memory Boost, or one tap boost toreleasememory, it will improve your game speeds by 30%+!! ★ BatterySaverWhen your battery is draining faster than ever, and thepowerbecome low quickly, that should be caused by backgroundauto-startapps. Just open Smart Cleaner to boost and clean thesepower hungryapps, they will be hibernated and the phone batterypower is saved.Save power now!! Don't hesitate to get the phonecleaner, booster,optimizer, and power saver to clear trash or RAM,and make yourphone or tablet as a new one! It is 100% Free andgreen!! SmartCleaner uses accessibility services to improve memoryclean featureif you want.
Auto RAM Cleaner 1.7
Mindspark Studio
Auto Ram Cleaner : Lowers burden on phone by Cleaning RAM&Background Processes when screen turns on. Lowers burden ofbatteryby which phone battery lasts long.Screen on cleaning -Cleansmemory when screen turns on.Automatically Free RAM By open upascreen lock & turning screen on.Wait for just a sec. toperformaction to spped up your mobile on startup.It will IncreaseaBattery Life & speed to use a phone. Functions as ramcleanerand ram booster simultaneously.Makes your phone work likenew onewith more RAM Space Freed.REMEMBER Must READ :When you useafunctions on ur mobile like whatsapp, facebook , media filesmxvideo player,Video player, audio player, mp3 player,gallery,browsers etc….The RAM will take a Load on RAM Memory &runsthese Files or functions (APPS). You do not always rememberstoclean these processes loaded on RAM even though you don’t knowtoclean it. So when again you use your mobile it slow down orHangingproblem may arise. That’s why Auto RAM Cleaner willAutomaticallycleans mobile RAM & increase the speed of Mobile& Removesyour mobile hanging Problem So always your device islike fresh& Speedy.
Powerful Cleaner 2.6.2
The most beautiful and powerful cleaner for android! Includestoragecleaner, ram booster. You are able to monitor storage andraminformation at the same time. Powerful cleaner provides manykindsof tools. including: one tap boost, ram widget, cpu widget,batterywidget, desktop floating window, status bar floatingwindow, overheat alarm. You can monitor the ram, cpu and batteryinformationvery convenient. The detail features including: ★Storage CleanerClean the junk and save your storage, including:system cache, appscache, useless apk, residual files, AD cache. ★RAM Booster Cleanthe ram and boost your phone, and you can set theignore list basedon your own personal needs. ★ One Tap Boost Youcan create the『OneTap Boost』shortcut, boost ram very convenient. ★Temperature OverHeat Alarm Powerful Cleaner will trigger an alarmwhen cpu's orbattery's temperature is over heat, you can chooseopen or close theover heat alarm as your like. ★ Floating WindowFloating window showthe cpu temperature, battery temperature, ramusage real time,including: status bar floating window and desktopfloating window. ★Widget Support ram widget, cpu widget andbattery widget. ★Multi-Theme Powerful cleaner is very beautifuland supportmulti-theme switching, you can choose the theme youlike. If youlike Powerful Cleaner, you can upgrade to pro version『PowerfulCleaner Pro』:Storage Cleaner and RAM Booster all in one!
Power Clean - Antivirus & Phone Cleaner App
Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleanerandbooster app that clean phone memory and storage space withsimply 1tap. Join 130+ Million users who enjoy faster phone speed& getmore space on phone! ★Ads-free Subscription - Get a 3-dayno adstrial for FREE! - Remove all ads and enjoy the premiumexperience.Power Clean phone cleaner main features 🚀 Speed phonecleaner forAndroid – integrates advanced junk cleaner engine &super fastcleaners; 💡 Smart phone cleaner and booster – 1 tap boost&auto clean phone memory and storage space; 🗑 Clear cache junkonPhone – system cache cleaner and clean cache creek app junk;🕵🏻Residual storage cleaner – detect & auto clean residual filebydeleted app on phone; 💪🏻 Advanced memory cleaner (Power boost)–cleaning junk files & optimize storage in depth. How doesPowerClean help to clean my phone? ☑ Clean apps unwanted – thecleanerbatch uninstall apps of less usage & auto clean theirresidualfiles; ☑ One tap phone cleaner – easy-to-use cachecleaner,residual file cleaner, memory cleaner, etc.; ☑ Memorystoragecleaner – phone memory cleaner boost Android device &clearspace; ☑ Clean cache – clear system cache, AD cache &cleanapps’ cache junk files; ☑ Obsolete APK cleaner – clean uptheuninstalled APK files on your device; ☑ Junk photo clean up – 1tapto scan & auto clean duplicated junk photos on your device;☑Notification clean – move & storage wanted app notificationtoa clear notification bar. ☑ Residual file cleaner app – autocleanresidual junk from deleted apps; How does Power Cleanprofessionalcleaner help to speed up my phone? ⬆ 1 tap boost forslow phone –fast clean phone junk & speed up phone with onetap; ⬆ StorageCleaner – optimizer for phone memory space &effective memorycleaner; ⬆ Clean RAM – RAM cleaner & RAMbooster to clean phoneRAM & speed phone; ⬆ Cleaner Boost –advanced phone speed boostthat clean phone junk thoroughly. PowerClean antivirus booster andcleaner 🛡 Antivirus for android phonesfree that clean phone virus;🛡 Virus scanner - virus detector toscan virus in depth; 🛡 viruscleaner - clean virus effectivelyprotect phone security; 🛡 24/7virus protection - virus cleaner toprotect against virus all thetime. Power Clean phone cleaner moreAndroid utilities 🛠 Appmanager for Android with phone app cleanerto clean app 🛠 App lockpro: app lock with password and gesture toprotect app privacy; 🛠CPU monitor & CPU cooler for android thatstops overheatingapps & settings; 🛠 Within the cleaner, PowerBattery saver thatoptimize power consumption & batterycharging. Power Cleanphone cleaner Facebook Clean phonecleanerGoogle+ App fights against deceptive ads Power Clean iscommitted tofighting against misleading downloads. Officialpolicy[email protected]
Super Cleaner - Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster 1.4.7
Super Cleaner-Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster, smart andfastphone optimizer with junk cleaner, RAM cleaner, phonebooster,CPUcooler, application manager and smart charge, iseffective boosterand cleaner app for Android. Is your phonebecoming slow and lad?Are there many junk files in your device? Isyour battery drainingtoo fast than before? All-in-one Super Cleanhelps clean up junks& cache, clean RAM, free up storage space,speed up slowperformance, uninstall useless apps, manage storedfiles, and cooldown CPU temperature to extend phone service.SuperCleaner-PhoneCleaner & Speed Booster Main Features:🚀JunkCleaner: Scan alluseless hidden junks like app caches, residualfiles, emptyfolders, and similar pictures etc. Super Clean junkcleaner helpssafely remove the junk files that take up your memoryand storage,clean with 1 tap, free up storage space and boostphonespeed.🚀Phone Booster: A quick booster to free up RAM,cleanbackground tasks, speed up phone and optimize phoneperformance🚀CPUCooler: Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating appsto cool downCPU temperature and extend phone service🚀App Manager:Scan andclean redundant APK files to free up more storagespace🚀Auto StartManager: Stop unnecessary and unwanted apps fromauto starting,boost up phone speed, and keep it runningsmooth.🚀File Manager:Check which kind of files stored on externalSD card and provide alist of options to manage them. Files will bestored by categorieslike Music, Video, Apps, and Filesetc.🚀Notification Manager: Cleanannoying notifications from Androidstatus bar. Blocked messageswill be saved together in one place foelater check orclean🚀Duplicate Photo Cleaner: Easily delete similarphotos andsave the best photos for you🚀Game Booster: Boost yourgaming speedand experience and smooth game play withoutlaggingSuperCleaner-Phone Cleaner & Speed BoosterHighlights:★Clean &Deep Clean:►Junk File Cleaner: Free up andimprove phoneperformance by intelligently analyze and scan the junkfiles suchas residual files, caches, temp files, obsolete APK, andother bigfiles. ►Deep Clean: Keep your phone running smooth andfast. DeepClean forbid apps from auto starting. Close these appsand boost upphone performance►Notification Cleaner: Cleanupunnecessary andunwanted notifications on notification bar, stopyour device fromslowing down by these disturbing and annoyingnotifications►StorageCleaner: Help clean up the needless photos,music, documents, andunnecessary apps to free up space and speed upyour device. ★BoostPhone Performance:►Memory Booster: Close appsthat are running inthe background and clean up your RAM memory toboost up phone speedand optimize phone performance►Game Booster:Boost game speed by30%, free up more RAM to speed up Androiddevice►App Manager: Cleanand uninstall unnecessary apps and APKfiles to free up more phonestorage spaceSuper Cleaner-Phone Cleaner& Speed Booster doeseverything to clean junks, boost up phonespeed and optimize phoneperformanceSuper Cleaner use AccessibilityServices to clean junks,boost speed and more other features!Contactus:[email protected]
Phone Cleaner 5.9
Have you ever encountered the following problems? 1. Yourdevicegets laggy all the time? 2. Your battery drains quicker thanever?3. Your device overheats and needs to cool down? 4. Yourgamefreezes and drives you crazy? Memory Optimizer is theperfectsolution to all those problems. It is the only phone boosteryouneed! Phone Optimizer is the smallest and fastest booster onthemarket. With its advanced process monitoring technique, itcanintelligently cleans background processes, stops stealthyrunningapps, saves battery life, and speeds up games. It can boostthespeed of your phone by up to 60%. Memory Optimizer aims toofferyou the most amazing mobile experience ever. PhoneOptimizerHighlights: Extremely Powerful Uses an Advanced MonitoringSystemto kill unnecessary running tasks. Memory Optimizer can makeyourphone extremely fast. Easy to Use A single touch speeds upyourdevices and releases memory. One-Tap Boost directly from yourhomescreen makes it easy to optimize.
Super Cache Cleaner - RAM Clean Booster Cleaner
Powerful Clean-Cleaner, Booster & Optimizer, best junk&cache cleaner, Android optimizer, RAM cleaner, speed booster,appmanager, CPU cooler and game booster, is the newest cleaner appforAndroid device. Powerful Clean-Cleaner, Booster & Optimizercanboost the speed your device by 60%. With this powerful cleanerapp,you can free up storage space, clean junks, clean RAM,removeresidual files, uninstall useless apps and save batterylife.Whatcan Powerful Clean-Cleaner, Booster & Optimizer do foryourdevice?All-in-one android cleaner & booster can cleanjunkfiles, clean RAM & cache, boost phone speed, cool downyourphone, save batter life and manage apps.PowerfulClean-Cleaner,Booster & Optimizer Highlights:🚀PhoneBooster-Keep Your DeviceRunning Smooth & Fast:Powerful Cleancan intelligently closebackground processes and unnecessary apps,stop stealthy runningapps and disable auto-start apps. Free up RAMand speed up yourphone.🚀Junk Cleaner-Clean Junks & Cache toSave Space:Cleanwith only one tap, free up space and boost phonespeed.PowerfulClean smartly detect and scan junk files on yourdevice includingsystem cache, residual files, advertisement junks,photo junks,video junks and useless APK files. It helps you free upstoragespace and optimize Android phoneperformance.🚀CPUCooler-Effectively Cool Down Phone TemperatureCPUCooler monitorsCPU temperature and detects apps that are drainingtoo much batterypower or overheating. By killing heavy resourceconsuming apps, youcan reduce CPU usage and efficiently cool downphone temperatureand extend phone service.🚀App Manager-AppUninstaller & APKManagerApp Manager helps you find rare usedapps and allows you touninstall apps in one click with no rootpermission required fromAndroid system. It also helps you to manageAPK files.🚀NotificationCleaner-Block All UnnecessaryNotificationsPowerful Clean helps togather all useless and annoyingnotifications to make them quiteand clean, phone being moreefficient.*Powerful Cleaner usesAccessibility Service to deep cleanbattery-draining processes andstop background running apps to savebattery power.Let us know ifyou have any suggestions:[email protected]
Cleaner 1.8.5
The most powerful junk cleaner and speed booster, batteryoptimizerand app manager are all-in-one app.IVY Cleaner is FREEcleaning appwith the function of speeding up android devices,cleaning up junkfiles, RAM booster, and battery saver, gamebooster, uninstallingmalicious apps to keep your device clean, safeand fast to bealways just like NEW.What can Cleaner do for you?MemoryBooster-Stop processes and kill unnecessary apps with justone tapto free up RAM & storage space, cool down your phonewhen CPUoverheating, stop background running apps drainingbattery-Memorybooster can also save your battery power.JunkCleaner-Cleaner issmall yet effective cleaner master, storage spacesaver-Clean upjunk files (obsolete APKs, cache, residual files,temp files andother big files) and free up storage space by quicklyanalyzes thefilesCPU Cooler-Intelligently detect and clean appsthat causeoverheating-Continuous monitoring temperature changes,detects appshighly consuming CPU and one tap to cool down CPUtemperature.AppManager-App manager can smartly list all theinstalled apps, thestorage consumption, use frequency-Uninstall theunused/unwantedapps to free up your storage space-Move internalstorage apps toexternal SD card will give you a lot of free spaceon your androiddevice------FAQ------1, How to clean junkfiles?OpenCleaner->click “Junk Files”->one tap to cleanjunks2, How toboost RAM?Open Cleaner->click “RAMBooster”->one tap to boostRAM3, How to manage installedapps?Open Cleaner->click “AppManager”->uninstall the highcapacity apps4, What is thefunction of the clean widget on thedesktop?Clean widget on thedesktop can better help you to stop thebackground running appswith just on tapHighlights of Cleaner:-Scanand clean junk files:Cleaner quickly analyzes the space storage onyour device and freeup storage by cleaning up all junk files-Stopunnecessary processes& background running apps with RAMoptimizer-Prevent maliciousuninstalling with just one tap to freeup storage-Monitor CPUtemperature to prevent itsoverheating-Optimize battery life withsuper battery optimizer-CleanRAM and cache to free up storagespace-Optimize your device andboost its speed with boostercleanerMore features will come soon,please stay tuned.Including:Game Booster: Game Booster will unleashyour phonepotential and bring your game play to next level byfreeing up yourphone memory & closing unused apps/tasks toboost bestenvironment for your android game playBatterySaver:Analyze batterystatus and stops running apps to save morepower, extend batterylife AppLock: Secure your phone privacy withPattern Lock or PINLockCharge Master: Smart charging screen showsestimated remainingcharging timeCleaner is small, fast and smartandroid cleanermaster & booster featuring the memory booster,junk cleaner,app manager, device optimizer and CPU cooler. Withsuper cleaner,you can free up storage space, boost RAM, stop anduninstall theunused apps, boost game. Does your phone become andlack of storagespace? Cleaner is the speed booster & junkcleaner you need!IVYCleaner uses AccessibilityService.Google+:[email protected] our Google+ Community, to be avolunteertester, enjoy the latest version of Cleaner in advance,and help usimprove Alarm Clock to provide much better userexperience.If youhave better localization translation for Cleanerand itsdescription, or any questions and suggestions, please feelfree tocontact us via: [email protected]
Clean Android
Speed Boost Lab
Clean Android keep your device Clean and Fast. It's a lightappbooster, battery optimizer and apps manager for your device.CleanAndroid is right here do deal with all issues which slow downyourandroid device performance! Helps you to clear all junkfiles,force stop apps running in background. Backup, delete andinstallall apps you want with Apps Manager. Main Features: ✔ JunkCleanYou don't have enough space to install games or take photos?Withthis feature, you can quickly analyzes storage space onyourAndroid device and identifies all unnecessary data,delete cacheandresidual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improvetheperformance of your device. ✔ Phone Boost Your device hasbecomelaggy? You can easily kill unnecessary processes and speedyourdevice with this feature,. ✔ APP Lock App Lock can lockFacebook,Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Contacts, Gallery, or any otherapps youchoose. With App Lock, only you can see the photos youprotect.Protect your privacy is easier than ever. ✔ CPU Cooler Yourdeviceoverheats and needs to cool down? You can easily Find andStop theapps that are causing it to overheat and make your batterylastlonger with Clean Android, ! ✔ Apps Manager Uninstall unwantedappsand back up important ones. With this feature, you can easilyfinduseful apps that match your interests. ✔ Monitor your SystemCheckthe usage of your CPU, keep track of your RAM and internalstoragespace and check out your battery levels and temperature Ifyou haveany advice,please feel free to contact [email protected] Clean Android is 100% FREE GREEN.This3MB tiny apps will make your happy use your device!
My Clean
Your android has become slow, laggy and freezes?Install My Cleantoclean junk files, make phone faster and save battery!!My Clean isaprofessional Phone Cleaner & Android Optimizer: JunkFileCleaner Intelligently scan junk files, clear residual files,appcache, unused files, and obsolete APKs. Free up valuablestoragespace by 1-Tap.My Clean will clean up junk files, speed upyourmobile and save battery power. It makes your phone run likeit'sbrand new.
RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) 1.1.0
Super Booster & RAM Cleaner - New and FREE PhoneSpeedupapplication for Android. The software frees the memory tooptimizethe ram and speed up the phone with one touch. PhoneBooster &Booster is a free Android app that cleans up RAM andmanages phoneapplications. It helps you to increase your phonememory and extendyour phone's battery life. When you use your phonefor long periodsof time and you often experience a slow,lag-busting situation onyour Android devices, you have to rebootyour phone to get yourphone running faster. With Speed ​​Boosteryou will not have fearof slow or lag after a period of use. Phonecleaner and acceleratorwill make your phone run smoother and fasterby freeing up phonememory.Speed ​​Booster will help your phoneoptimize CPU, RAM andmemory, help speed up the phone faster andfree up the ram memoryto increase the ram memory. It frees up andincreases the amount ofram available for your device to boost theram for android, makingyour phone run faster and more stable.Themechanism of operation ofSuper Booster is that it will monitor theprocess, the applicationrunning underground on your phone. And whenit detects that yourdevice is using excessive RAM, Super Booster& RAM Cleanerautomatically closes unnecessary applications thatare not neededto improve the performance of your device.Especiallyfor gamers,the Gamer Booster + feature is indispensable on yourphone. GamerBooster + accelerates and optimizes games for a greatgamingexperience. Download the application to remove the ram righttouse.Not only helps speed up the android phone, but SuperBoosterwith "Application Management" helps the manager ofgames,applications on his phone. Especially, this feature alsosuggeststo users the applications that can be "disabled" toincrease theefficiency of the phone to help speed phone callsfast.Functions:-Free up 50% more memory than most similarapplications- Forcingclosing of memory consumption on unusedapplications, frees morememory to speed up mobile devices, morestable.- Close applicationsrunning underground to cool the phone-Supports applicationoptimization, game acceleration- Supports ramtesting, rammanagement- Help me to love my battery- Intelligentapplicationmanagement- One touch to accelerate and transformcomplexactivities becomes simple and effective;- Booster + makessmartacceleration.- Free (with ads)Download the phone speedingsoftwareon your phone to use and evaluate the 5 * Super Booster& RAMCleaner application to support your developer.
Auto Clean Up 2.1.9
Carry out cleaning tasks automatically Does your smartphonefeelincredibly slow? Does launching apps take forever? Is yourbatteryalways empty? Then, it's time for a cleaning. AutoCleanUp isyoursolution. Memory is freed automatically at regular intervalsandbackground apps are terminated. Time and scope for cleaningsisfreely selectable. Worried about Internet traces you leavebehind?AutoCleanUp will also delete your browsing history, ifdesired. -Automated cleaning at selectable intervals - Clearapplication andsystem cache - Terminate background apps -Whitelisting
Super Cleaner - Cache Clean, Delete Photos, Cooler 1.1.0
The android garbage cleanup applications # 1, junk filescleaner,speed up phone to run faster, phone cleaner and optimizerwithcooler, increase memory to make phone run faster andsmoother.Super Cleaner helps to clean junk files, boost cleaner forandroid,cache cleaner, speed up phone performance and cool yourphone down,boosters for android ram booster and memory cleaner toimprove yourphone's performance! . Features of the Super Cleaner:phonecooling, application management or phone acceleration, smartmemorymanagement are integrated. Cleaner and booster for android,phonebooster speed up and cleaner. Functions of Super Cleaner -Speed​Booster ►Cache and Junk CleanerYour phone after a period ofuseoften appears redundant files that increase the memory of thephonemakes your phone slow and jerky. With optimizer mastercleanersoftware for android will help you sweep the garbage anddeletejunk files quickly, clean all cache files, clean junk filesandboost my speed. ►Speed ​​Up Your Phone Utilizing thespecialcleaning technology of Super Cleaner - Boost & Clean,superclean master android phone boost mode can clean up thebackgroundprocess, manage applications and turn off autostartapplications tofree up memory space. It speeds up the speed of thephone, and canextend battery life, memory booster and cleaner.►Manageapplications Helps you manage installed applications onyourdevice. Especially with the ability to categorize thenativeapplication and installed user applications, as well as givetipson uninstalling and closing with the application is not oftenusedto increase the phone memory. ►Cooling Master Phone Cooler Withitsaccelerator and cpu cooler master phone cooler, it controlsCPUtemperature and checks for hot applications,automaticallydetecting hot applications with special algorithms forefficientcooler for android, phone cooler for android. ►ManageStorageSpaceThe smart memory manager will help you browse: images,videos,music, documents, etc. To increase internal storage space,deletestorage space it will help you to delete duplicate files,duplicatephoto delete, delete watched videos, delete useless apkfiles.Cleanmaster storage space, clear up phone space and storage.Storagespace running out then clean storage free up storage spaceonphone. Highlights of Super Cleaner - Beautiful anduser-friendlyinterface- Free up RAM and memory cleaner and speedbooster.- Bestcleaning app for android, best cache and junk cleanerfor android-Compact software installation package is only about4Mb.- Memoryand storage space cleaner, phone memory cleaner-Displays real-timecharging status.- Phone memory and cache cleaner,phone cleaner andbooster and phone booster and cleaner.- Cleanermemory boosterclear cache clean all junk in phone app- Similarphoto remover,duplicate photo remover from gallery with deletesimilar photosapp- Help to clean my android, clean up my phone-Space cleaner forandroid, space cleaner boost and clean- Freestorage space clean upauto scan help to extra storage space forandroid.- Auto cacheclean- Clean phone memory and storage space,trash cleaner- Cooldown phone temperature for android, coolermaster cool down phonewhen the device overheats- Battery optimizerfor android, batterysaver.- Free junk file cleaner for android,junk file cleaner forandroid mobile.- Manage applications touninstall unneededapplications.- One tap boost to optimizer forandroid, phonestorage cleaner, ram cleaner speed booster- Free(with ads) Wealways strive to develop and perfect new features forSuperCleaner. Please help us by commenting and commenting ontheproduct. Do not forget to rate 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to support us !!
Virus Removal For Android
Virus Removal For Android We allow it to needlesslyneedlesslybecome an easy task to regain more storage by way of yourpersonalphone and Sdcard, boost games and device memory, enhancespeed& extend phone battery, stop overheating and protectyourdevice against malicious apps and vulnerabilities. To makesurethat we certainly have display alternatives for best maybeyoumight even see, RAM Cleaner - Best Cleaner will certainlycleanmemory more than ever before own personal phone andproceduresbeing a general Phone Cleaning Virus Free to ensure it'scertainlycaused by planning to at some point quickly accelerateyour memoryphone or tablet, You'll be able to promise could quitepossiblyexpand your life-cycle of battery approximately 15% ormaybe moreby simply nuking power hungry processes. When On Earth DoYouActually Require Us?Phone Cache Cleaner that may could possiblybethe platform for you personally in the event your main phoneisconstantly expand in becoming laggy or doesn't always haveanelectric battery easily, nothing or making improvementsit'sstopped smoothly, the mulch can become becomes to manage.“MemoryCleaner And Speed Booster ” provides one-clickoptimization,automatic boosting, together with the possibleopportunity tomanually control processes that optimize yourdevice’s resources,but it will surely clean the Memory Cleaner& optimizes CPUprocessor tasks to discover the android phonethe specifiedperformance boost. For almost every individualsmartphone loverswe're saying Hello for you personally, andmoreover we bring thebest up-to-date with all the current latestpeople applicationsthat happen to be usually after a "Ram boost"and optimizes yourandroid and boost memory. There are plenty offeatures through thisapp:-click to shower cache and in many casesmemory cleaner- Phonememory cleaner and exterior cache todecontaminate up my phone-Nice photo cleaner, music cleaner- Informfor low storage usage-Advanced application manager- Disable systemapplications- Scanauto-start applications- Mobile speed booster-Faster ram booster-Ram booster for tablet- Clean master forphoneThe app is actually abattery saver! It is good should yousupport our creative teamdesigning a 5 stars if our app means thatyou can easlilyconsiderably within the day work, This MemoryBooster displaysreal-time analysis causes different tabs. itdisplays on yourparticular memory usage and provides the the moreknowledge aboutprocessor. or if you would want to release 100% freesome spacewhich will keep more photos or songs. You couldpotentially InstallPhone Cleaning Virus Free mobile security appstoday 100%FREE.Privacy Policy Of Our Apps : This privacypolicy governsyour use of the software applications, known as appsfor mobiledevices that was created byuniversalstudiosappsamazingWhatinformation does the Applicationobtain and how is itused?Important things to know about your data:It is important toknow that We don't collect personal informationabout you.It isimportant to know that We don't share anyinformation with anyoneexcept to comply with the law, develop ourproducts, or protect ourrights.It is important to know that Wedon't transmit or storepersonal information on ourservers. Thank You for using ourapps.furthermore more morefeatures you might possibly just leave aremark in bellow and we'llwhen they are not add it using our nextupdate. Just run RAMCleaning eminating throughout the app, andactive instantlycleanning and wach your applications will run withgreater andfluidity.
Phone Cleaner Speed Up Booster & Memory Optimizer 1.1.9
Phone Cleaner - Top cleaner memory booster clear cache cleanalljunk in phone app. Our phone booster speed up and cleaner isalsothe optimal solution to speed up phone performance and boostgameperformance, you can play game comfortably without lagFunctions ofapp to clean phone memory: Memory booster RAMoptimizer: ◾ Scanunnecessary running applications, clean RAM memoryfast◾ Integratelong click feature for more options to clear phonememory andincrease free space Power booster: ◾ Stop applicationsrunningunderground, contribute to save battery and extent batterylifeJunk cleaner: ◾ Analyze the size of junk files in cacheandavailable apk files◾ Clear cache in system memory◾ Clean junkfilesand boost my speed Call & SMS manager: ◾ Review history ofcalland message◾ Clean call log, delete messages History cleaner:◾Delete downloaded files◾ Setting for some services anddeletebrowsing data. Just use and explore!◾ Clear clipboard dataAppmanager: ◾ Manage apps, give lists of the available applicationsinthe machine, downloaded applications and size of eachapplication◾Scan available apk files in the phone, choose toinstall or deletethose apk files.◾ Enable, disable availableapplications in themachine or uninstall the downloaded applicationGame booster andcleaner: ◾ Boost game for playing without lag◾Speed up downloadedapplications on phone, contribute to phonefaster speed IP locationchanger ◾ Change IP and VPN to 20 countriesQuiet notifications: ◾Hide notifications of applications andaggregate them in a singlenotification Highlights of app for memorycleaner and speed boosterfor tablet: ➡ Integrate 8 features in 1RAM and junk files andcatch phone memory cleaner application➡Support 2 shortcuts formemory booster and cleaner and speed up gameplay, optimize theprocess of space cleaner+ battery saver gameboost speed up withjust one touch➡ Clean memory cleaner and deletespace for 3seconds➡ Access quickly in the notification bar➡ Smallcapacity,easy to download clear cache and clear data app➡ Simpleoperation,easy to use clear space on phone and remove junk files➡VPN privateinternet access➡ Free phone cleaner and optimizerappYour phone isvery slow in the in app to speed up things optimizeclean out junkfiles. You want to delete memory and download a lotof favoritestuff for your phone. So what should you do? Clean phonemakefaster, free up memory space so that you can continue to savenewapplications and files. You also do not need to worry abouttimefor that process because our clean cache app will help youwithspeed booster and cleaner pro, you can boost memory and deletejunkfiles in just 3 seconds.Playing game and watching moviesmoothly,surfing web rapidly... that's what the user want fromtheir phone.But it is quite difficult for phones that have been inuse for along time. Do not worry! Our RAM cleaner speed boosterapplicationwill turn the impossible into a possible. Just one touchtooptimize phone, your phone will run as fast as the first timeofuse. If you are wondering how to clear search history, ourclearmemory app can help you. Clean booster apps will navigate tohelpyou delete search history easily. Do not hesitate anymore,downloadour phone optimizer and cleaner application now to cleancallhistory and space cleaner boost and clean. An app cachecleaner1-tap clean with those utilities is not far away because wealwaysstrive to provide you with the best clean space app. Hopeyoualways like that. If you have any feedback about delete cachefileapp, please comment below. We always keep track of yourfeedback toimprove and create better clear junk files app. Do notforget torate 5* for clear RAM and running apps to support thedeveloper!Note: This app uses Accessibility services
Cleaner Speed Booster
Cleaner Speed Booster is a super cleaner app for Android.Withsmart, fast and small cleaner, junk cleaner, space cleaner andappcleaner, you can boost RAM, clear cache, free up storage,uninstallapps, boost games, cool CPU and protect privacy security,make yourmobile device run much faster. Cleaner Speed Booster(PhoneCleaner) features:Phone Cleaner: Super Fast Cleaner forAndroid,best phone cleaner for free!Junk Cleaner: Smart junkcleaner toscan all junk files and app junks to clean up!CacheCleaner:Powerful cache cleaner to detect all third-party cache tocleanup!Space Cleaner: Super space cleaner to clean residual filestosave more space!Storage Cleaner: Powerful storage cleaner todeleteuseless storage in SD card!System Cleaner: Super systemcleaner toautomatically clean system cache and junks!App Cleaner:Powerfulapp cleaner to one-tap uninstall used apps or games!RAMCleaner:Smart RAM Cleaner to automatically clean RAM once RAM lessthan30%!Battery Cleaner: Powerful battery cleaner to stoppowerdraining apps to save battery!Speed Booster: Super fastspeedbooster for Android devices, boost speed by 50%!CPU Booster:SmartCPU booster to boost CPU once CPU usage higher than 70%!CPUCooler:Powerful CPU cooler to cool down CPU temperature!BatteryCooler:Super battery cooler to cool down battery fast!ChargeMaster: Smartcharge master to protect battery from overcharging!Cleaner SpeedBooster is a super fast phone cleaner app,featuring as a junkcleaner, memory booster, app manager, deviceoptimizer. Use CleanerSpeed Booster to remove residual files, boostRAM, free up storage,boost games to speed up your android device by50%.Highlights ofCleaner Speed Booster:Junk Cleaner-Delete residualfiles, cleancache junks, ads files, system cache and other largefiles to savemore storage, boost phone speed and optimizeperformance of yourdevice.Phone BoostScan and Clean backgroundrunning tasks, free upsystem memory.RAM Cleaner & BoosterCleanup memory (RAM) bystopping background running processes andover-heating apps, theone-tap RAM Booster button can help you tooptimize and savebattery easily.App Manager-Use Cleaner SpeedBooster to uninstallrarely used apps to save more space.BatteryCoolerEffectivetemperature monitoring and controlling app thatdetects and closesheavy battery consuming apps to reduce CPU usageand lower phonetemperatureAppLockPrevent others from accessing yourprivate appssuch as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, SMS, andGallery, Videos andso on with Password or Patten lock. Lock theseapps to protect yourprivacy.Charging Screen ThemeBoost charging forthree status(Speed, Continuous and Trickle). Cleaner can enable youto get themost out of your battery and ensure you don’t overchargeandpersonalize your charging screen with HDbeautifulwallpaper.Cleaner Speed Booster uses accessibilityservices toimprove junk clean feature in somedevicesFacebook:[email protected] Language: English, Spanish,Portuguese,Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic,SimplifiedChinese and Traditional Chinese
Cleaner - Boost & Optimize
Cleaner - Boost & Optimize is a powerful Android speedbooster& junk cleaner. Functions includes memory booster,junkcleaner, game booster, search history & phone call/smshistorycleaner, app manager, and mute notification manager (Android4.4and up). Cleaner - Boost & Optimize is powerfulall-in-onecleaner to help your Android’s junk clean-up &optimization.Use this Cleaner to speed up your device, clean upyour device, andeven save battery!* FEATURES *1. Memory Booster(Speed Booster& Optimizer)- Kills unnecessary apps/processeswhen your deviceis slow, low on memory. Memory booster will speedup your Androidin one-tap, cool down your phone when CPUoverheating, and evensave your phone from battery draining. Itfunctions as same as taskkiller.- Using Memory Booster will alsosave your battery power.2.Junk Cleaner (Cache Cleaner)- Remove oldjunk chache files such assystem cache trash & residual files,saves GB of space!- Justone tap to clean up junk files &optimize your phone for betterperformance!- Using Junk Cleaner willalso save your batterypower.3. Game Booster (Game Optimizer) - ByAllocating RAM to yourgame, Game Booster will boost memory &speed boost your phoneengine for the best game play experience. Usethis function whenphone is lagging or freezes frequently uponplaying game.- Speedsup device by an average of 20%(in-house-research)4. Call LogHistory & SMS History Cleaner-Protect your privacy by removingany unwanted call log cache history& SMS / Text History one byone. - Select all to apply historycleaner to all of your calllogs.5. Search & Browser HistoryCleanerSecures your privacy byerasing Google play store searchcache history, default browsersearch history, clipboard history& downloaded files.6. GameBooster WidgetAn widget dedicated toplay games with Game Booster!Speeds up your device for optimalgameplay experience.7. AppManager (Uninstaller)- Batch uninstallunused / unwanted apps tofree up your storage space & Disablepre-installed apps!- Alsofunctions as APK Manager/Cleaner.8. BlockNotificationsTired ofgetting too much notifications but lazy to setnotifications mutedone by one? This powerful function, BlockNotifications Cleaneraggregates all of your notifications in oneplace at your pulldownmenu, and let's you check whenever you wantto check them.Cleaner -Boost & Optimize Development Master Teamis dedicated to makeyour Android life better! Give us your feedbackanytime [email protected]
1Tap Cleaner (clear cache, history and call log) 3.40
Sam Lu
1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories, calls log,defaultssettings and SD card. Are you running out of applicationstorage?You now can get more available storage space by clearingappscreated cache/data files. *** Over 5,000,000 Downloads! *** ★CacheCleaner ★ History Cleaner ★ Call/Text log Cleaner ★DefaultsCleaner ★ SD Cleaner There are 5 cleaners included in thisapp.Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner helpyouto get more free space for the internal phone storage byclearingapps cached files, data files, or search/navigationhistoryrecords. If you have selected to launch apps by default forsomeactions. Defaults Cleaner helps you to clear the defaultsettings.SD Cleaner helps to delete junk files from the SD card.Auto or1-tap to clear all cache, search history, calls log and thebest isyou don't have to ROOT the phone anymore! This app iscrucial toanyone who has memory management issues. ★ 1-tap to clearallcached files ★ 1-tap to clear all search and browsernavigationhistory records ★ list all default apps and clearselected defaults★ home screen widget shows cache and availablesize ★ auto clearall cache and history at a specified interval ★auto clear cachewhen the device is low on internal storage space ★clear cache orhistory for a specified application ★ notify if appsused cachesize large than you specified value ★ list applicationsby eithercache, data, code, total size or app name ★ viewapplication onMarket ★ uninstall application ★ open application ★showapplication details page ★ No ads (PRO-only) Requiredpermissions:* READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: showand clearbrowser navigation history records *GET_PACKAGE_SIZE,PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the size information ofapps *BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: this app uses Accessibilityservices toautomate the function (e.g. clear cache), optional. Ithelps thosewho have difficulty in tapping and complete the taskeasier *WRITE_SETTINGS: prevent the screen rotation during theautomaticfunction * SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: draw a wait screen aboveother appsduring the automatic function For user's manual, FAQ,please tapMENU > Settings > About for details. Reviews:★ (Video) *** Note for Android 4 (ICS) users**** Cache cleaner will not work for Android 4.0.1/4.0.2 due tothethe Android system bug. Google fixed this problem in 4.0.3*Android 4.0.x does not enable 3rd apps to clear frequentlycalledlog. Google fixed this problem in Android 4.1. *** You havetoinstall this app on the phone storage if you want to use thewidgetfunction. It's required by Android. No Notification Ads - wedon'tuse any notification ads. We have been selected as a GoogleI/O2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative designandadvanced technology. Credits: Arabic - Hazem Hamdi Czech -MichalFiurášek Danish - Christian Stangegaard Kappelgaard Dutch -NikoStrijbol, Vincenzo Messina French - Philippe LEROY German -MichaelVollmer Hebrew - אלישיב סבח‎ Hungarian - RootRulezIndonesian -Khairul Agasta Italian - Luca Snoriguzzi Japanese -nnnn Korean -장승훈 Polish - Grzegorz Jabłoński Romanian - StelianBalincaPortuguese - Wagner Santos Russian - Идрис a.k.a.Мансур(Ghost-Unit) Serbian - Dusan Trojanovic Slovak - PatrikŽecSlovenian - Matevž Kersnik Spanish - Alfredo Ramos (AbaddonOrmuz)Swedish - Hampus Westin Turkish - Kutay KuFTiVietnamese-NguyễnTrung Hậu Let me know if you are interested intranslating this appto your native language. Thanks.
Smart Booster - Free Cleaner
AntTek Mobile
The best optimization tool. Highlights of Smart Booster ► SmartRAMBooster: small widget to adaptively boost RAM from anywhere ►Fastcache cleaner: one click to clean cache ► Quick SD Cardcleaner:efficiently scan and clean junk created by million apps ►Advancedapplication manager: optimize your devices by hibernate,disable,auto-start apps Recommended by AddictiveTips. Hotest AppsbyAppBrain. Smart RAM Booster The most beautiful part of this appisa small, configurable widget that places on top of any appandone-click to RAM boost. Most of Android devices bundle withlimitedmemory. Android task manager will selectively kill lowprioritytasks in order to reserve memory to higher priority task.That’snot always run at an appropriate time, causing low responsiveapps,lagging, especially when you launch a new app afterheavilybrowsing web pages. It causes a worse experience. RAMBooster comeswith auto-boost in 4 levels: aggressive, strong,medium, gentle. ☆Aggressive: kill most of low priority apps ☆Strong: Kill apps thatis low priority as well as consume lightlybelow an “average” ☆Medium: kill apps that consumes memory above an“average” ☆ Gentle:kill only apps that uses considerable memoryThere are 5 ways toboost ☆ Auto-boost: boost automatically underRAM available &timing conditions ☆ Overlay widget – Enable RAMBooster overlaywidget (on by default), adjust widget’s position,and tap on widgetto boost anytime you want ☆ Home screen widget –one tap to boost(long-press your home screen>Widget to add RAMBooster widget) ☆Notification bar – one tap to boost (togglenotification barvisibility in app’s setting) ☆ Boost Now – tap thisbutton fromapp’s main screen Fast cache cleaner ☆ 1-click to cleancache ☆Show detail internal cache and external cache ☆ Select appsthatuse most cache Quick SD Card cleaner ☆ Show SD card partition☆Scan for junk folder, big files, orphaned files ☆ Nicephotocleaner, music cleaner ☆ Notify for low storage usageAdvancedapplication manager ☆ Easily backup, uninstall unused apps☆ App2SD- recommend apps to move to sd card ☆ Hibernate rarely usedapps tosave battery ☆ Disable system apps ☆ Scan auto-start apps ☆Managebackup (.apk) files This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.
Memory Booster And Cleaner - RAM Space Optimizer 1.1.8
Memory Booster RAM optimizer - Application that expand memoryandclean RAM memory fast. This is an indispensable free app toautoclean and boost memory and RAM for anyone who uses a smartphonetospeed up their phone after a long period of use. Functionsofmemory booster and cleaner app: ✔ Expand internal RAM andmemorystorage with just one touch✔ Speed ​​up the phone✔Automaticallyanalyze real-time RAM, detect running applicationslowing downphone✔ Include the option to keep apps running✔ Supportshortcut,clean RAM memory fast with a single touch✔ Change IP andVPNlocation to unblock websites Advantages of memory cleaner andspeedbooster app: 🔺 Scan memory and auto RAM cleaner speedboosterautomatically clear RAM when mobile apps on for 5seconds🔺Intelligent RAM cleaner speed booster suits most devices🔺Compactdesign, automatic RAM memory clear🔺 Interface eye-catching,lively🔺VPN private internet access🔺 Free clean memory cleanerMechanismoperation of clear RAM and running apps: The applicationis toclear phone memory and increase free space operating based on4steps: 1 → Automatic analysis and listing of runningapplicationsslowing down the device2 → Processor Center analyzesand givesstatistics on the amount of RAM saved after optimization3→ Userstouch to clear memory space4 → Processor stops applicationsrunningunderground, clear cache in system memory, auto RAM boosterspeedup your phone The entire auto memory optimizer process takesplacein 5 seconds, you do not need to worry about the speed ofRAMbooster and cleaner After a long period of use, the phonefallsinto full memory status. But do not throw away your phonethatstick with you for years because you do not know how to expandRAM.To overcome this, you need an optimal RAM delete app to cleanupyour phone. Cleaning up unnecessary memory, freeing up memorymakeyour phone faster. Our RAM optimizer pro is a free spaceoptimizercache cleaner that optimize memory, frees up memory space.RAMmemory booster instantly detects and stops hidden applicationsthatslow down your phone, thereby optimize RAM and memory cleanup.Youcan enjoy listening to music, watching movies, playinggameswithout interruptions. All you have to do is download ourmemoryoptimization now to RAM delete . Be the smart user and choosethebest RAM space cleaner to RAM clearing and protect yourphone.Download our RAM clearer app to enhance the memory for yourphoneright away. Do not forget to rate 5 * RAM optimization tosupportthe developer!
GF Clean - Clean &Boost&battery 6.5.180316
GoldFishClean is a free and super small Android optimizationtool,which helps to clean up junk files to increase DeviceMemorysmartly, and solve the problem of being stuck , to boostphonespeed easily. At the same time, the little power consumptionofbattery and small size package will occupy little phoneMemory!Don’t hesitate, download GoldFishClean to protect yourAndroidDevice now! Feature Highlights Junk Files CleaningGoldFishCleancan optimize the cleaning effect through the smartlydistinguishingand cleaning up the unnecessary junk files byaccurate analysis ofkinds of Apps’ cache memory and residual torelease more space. Letyou say goodbye to the insufficientcapacity. Phone Boost Withsmart cleaning up system, GoldFishCleanwill stop the auto-startApps to free up RAM, speed up your phone,prolong battery life,making your phone work flawlessly. Small SizeOnly 2M package,Negligible footprint, these kinds of perfect phoneoptimizationexperience is surrounding us. Any comment orsuggestion, feel freeto email to: [email protected]
Auto Optimizer 7.0.0
HDM Dev Team
"Auto Optimizer" has been featured by many media outlets.***AppZoom *** *** Appsthunder*** *** Apps400 *** -Autooptimize your device to keep it functional! - Easy to use,highlyeffective, faster processing speed! - Optimize instantly withjusta tap on the home button. → Achieve a smooth operation onyourdevice. - Display memory and battery info on the status baroroverlay. - Equipped with a powerful battery saver function.Batterylife will be significantly improved! - Equipped withfunctions toclear various histories and caches. - Auto optimizationexecutioncondition and details can be set. - Advanced settings arealsoavailable for display during execution. - Optimize instantlywithjust a tap on the shortcuts. - Realize the fastestpossibleprocessing speeds by eliminating unnecessary processes. -Flexiblesettings to fit the way you use your smartphone, includingdetailedauto-executing conditional settings. - Check detailedinformationabout the state of your device, including the ability todisplayremaining memory. You can check this app's functions andoperationswith a free trial. Please check the functions andoperations byfree trial before youbuy.[Memoryrelease / Clear cache / Clear history] - Execute when homebutton istapped - Execute when screen is turned off - Execute bymemory usagerate - Execute at a set interval - Manually executewith just a tapon the shortcuts [Battery saver] Depending on thedevice and theusage, the battery consumption can be reducedapproximately by 1/10to 1/3 while the screen is off. [Displaymemory info] Displays freememory size or free memory(in %) or usedmemory size or used memory(in %) on the status bar or overlay.[Display battery info] Displaysremaining battery life on thestatus bar. [Ultra memory release]When free memory is very low,the Android system terminates runningprocesses. "Ultra memoryrelease" function uses this method torelease memory. (Attention)May not work properly depending on thespecifications of the deviceor OS. Also has various other usefulfunctions. ■Recommended forthose who: - Want an automatic executionapp - Want to be able toset exclusion of memory release - Want anapp with a high memoryrelease rate - Want an app with a fastprocessing speed - Want anapp that execute with a single tap - Wantan app withoutadvertisements - Want an app for non-residentautomatic memoryrelease / clear cache - Want an app for goodbattery life - Want todisplay memory info on the status bar oroverlay - Want to displaybattery info on the status bar ■List offunctions - Memory release(task killer) - Clear cache - Clearhistory - Resident typesettings - Auto-execute by memory usage rate- Auto-execute at aset interval - Auto-execute when screen isturned off - Executewhen home button is tapped - Exclusion ofmemory release settings -Clear history settings - Sound effect ofexecution settings -Display mode of execution settings - Widgets -Shortcuts to eachfunctions - Battery saver - Ultra memory release -Display memoryinfo - Display battery info - Detailed device infoThis app usesaccessibility service. This is used only if Japaneseis selected inthe app's language settings. Detects not yet receivednotificationof career mail. This information is not stored orshared.
Aurora Cleaner – Super Clean & Phone Booster 1.13.8
Aurora Cleaner-Super Clean & Booster App, 🏆 TOP Androidphonecleaner & booster with junk files cleaner, RAM/memorycleaner,speed booster, CPU cooler and battery saver. Enjoy the bestspeedcleaner booster to clean and speed up yourphone!AuroraCleaner-Super Clean & Booster App Highlights:🔥Phone Cleaner& Booster: 1 tap to boost and clean phone memoryand storagespace🚀Phone Cleaner for Android: free up storage spaceby removingjunk, residual and cache files with super fastcleaners♛AdvancedMemory Cleaner: clean junk files and optimizestorage in depth❉CPUCooler: Cool down temperature to stop phonefrom overheating✄AppUninstaller: integrated with fastest andsimplest uninstaller toolto clean up storage and free up morespaces🔋1 Tap Battery Saver:power are up to 60% and extend batterylifeHas your phone becomelaggy and lock of space? AuroraCleaner-Super Clean & Boosteris cleaner, always keep yourAndroid device running like new!AuroraCleaner-Super Clean &Booster Key Functions:☑Junk FileCleanerFree up space and boostphone speed by intelligentlyscanning junk files, residuals, uselessAPK files and app cachefrom social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook,Instagram and Snapchatetc. that slow down your phone. Clean onlywith 1 tap!☑MemoryStorage CleanerPhone memory cleaner boost Androiddevice &clear space. Help clean the useless photos, music,documents andunnecessary files and rare use apps to free up spaceand speed upyour device.☑Phone BoosterWith 1 tap boost, the Androidacceleratorwill make your phone faster by 60%!By phone booster,this free RAMbooster will clean unnecessary background runningprocesses andauto start apps to more free memory and make yourphone run faster.The one-tap booster optimizer make it run fasterby 60% on homescreen!☑CPU CoolerDynamically analyses CPU usage,detectsoverheating apps, and close them to cool down phonetemperatureimmediately!☑Smart Charge Display charging left time inreal-timeand prevent battery from overchargingAny question, pleasecontactus via: [email protected]
Super Cleaner Booster – Space Cleaner & Optimizer 1.2.9
Super Cleaner Booster-Space Cleaner & Optimizer,professional& powerful cleaner booster tool with space cleanerand speedbooster, helps clean junk files, free up memory andstorage space,boost your phone to make phone faster, making it thebest junkcleaner, RAM booster. Super Cleaner Booster keeps yourdeviceclean, safe and fast, making your device running like new!Isyourphone being laggy and lack of enough space to downloadfavoriteapps & game? Too many junks on your device? SuperCleanerBooster is all-in-one cache cleaner, memory booster thatoptimizesbackground apps, clean caches and junk files, boost phonespeed.Download Super Cleaner Booster to enjoy faster phone speedand getmore space on your phone!Super Cleaner Booster-Space Cleaner&Optimizer Highlights:-Junk File Cleaner: Clean junks on yourdeviceto save space-Space Cleaner: Remove residual junks to reclaimmorestorage-Phone Booster: Optimize space and speed upphone-CPUCooler: Cool down phone temperature-App Manager: UninstalluselessAPK to save space-Battery Saver: Close backgroundpower-drainingapps to save power-Notification Cleaner: Quiteannoyingnotifications-Game Booster: Boost game speed forsmoothgameplaySuper Cleaner Booster-Space Cleaner &OptimizerFeatures:🚀Junk File Cleaner:Remove junk files such assystem andapp caches, useless APK files, and residual files. Freeup storagespace on device for better usage🚀Space Cleaner:Clean upthe uselessphotos, music, documents, apps and other big files toreclaim morestorage space and speed up phone🚀1 Tap Booster:Free upmemory(RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. One-tapfeaturespeed up phone by stopping background apps fromauto-starting.Boost phone speed and improve performanceoverall🚀CPUCooler:Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating apps tocool downphone temperature with one tap🚀App Manager:Automaticallydetectrarely used apps, and uninstall, batch uninstall unnecessaryappsto save space🚀Clean Duplicate Photo:Find the similarphotoseffectively and remove the duplicate ones to reclaim more SDcardstorage.🚀Game Booster:Clean your phone memory to get speedboost.Super Cleaner Booster helps kill background processes toboostgame. Automatically boost games by 60% when launching toenjoysmooth gameplay experience🚀NotificationOrganizer:Intelligentlyblock and remove redundant notifications tokeep your notificationbar clean and organizedContact us:[email protected]
Clean Boost-Junk Cleaner,Memory Booster,App Lock 4.0.rel.18
Clean Boost, the better optimization tool with space cleaner andrambooster, it helps keep your phone clean and make it speed.CleanBoost also added the Battery Saver feature, which helps yousavebattery power and extend battery life. Clean Boost KeyFunctions:Highlights:
 ✔ Space Saving: Feature rich but only 3.XMBin size
 ✔Simple: Intuitive UI embracing Material Design, veryeasy to use andnavigate
 ✔ Effective: Quite helpful to free upspace, improvespeed, protect privacy 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES)Clean Boost helpsfree up your storage space by removing junk,residual and cachefiles which slows down your phone. With ourprofessional cleaner,you can also free up much more space fromcleaning cache data fromsocial apps such as WhatsApp, withoutworrying about deleting thewrong files. 
🚀 BOOST MOBILE Speed upphone by freeing up RAM.Reduce overall power consumption. 🔋BATTERY SAVER Clean Boost helpsto save battery power and extendbattery life. 🌟 APP LOCK Keeps yourapp privacy safe with anAppLock PIN or pattern. 🌟 APP MANAGER
Batch Installer &Uninstaller: Uninstall unwanted apps PackageManager: Scan andclean redundant APK files. 🔥 NOTIFICATION MANAGERIt helps everyoneto manage notifications intelligently andintuitively. You coulddecide which app notifications you would liketo show or ignore. Inthis way, you can keep phone notification barin a cleaner and tidystatus. 🌟 DEVICE INFO CPU, memory (RAM), GPU,camera, storage, ROM,battery and more than 30 device information.
🌟 SIMILAR PHOTOCLEANER Clean Boost can scan the similar photos,find out the bestone to delete similar photos to free up morestorage. Drop us emailto [email protected] for anysuggestions, feedback ortranslation help.
Smart Cleaner Booster – Cache Cleaner & Optimizer 1.18.8
ElfMobi Ltd.
Smart Cleaner Booster (Junk Cleaner, Speed Booster, RAM Cleaner,CPUCooler, and App Manager) is the powerful Android phone cleanerappwith the feature of junk clean, RAM booster, app uninstallerandphone CPU cooler, clean cache and junk files, and boost phonespeedto make it run faster! Smart Cleaner Booster-Cache Cleaner&Optimizer keeps your Android clean, and fast to be alwayslikeNEW!Smart Cleaner Booster is the all-in-one junk cleaner,cachecleaner, phone optimizer and memory booster that optimizesmemoryspace, cache files and background running apps andunnecessaryprocesses. Smart Cleaner Booster is the must-havecleaner app tooptimize your device!Smart Cleaner Booster-CacheCleaner &Optimizer Highlights:✔Junk File CleanerSmart CleanerBoosterintelligently analyze and scan the junk files that take upyourmemory and storage space. Clean with 1 tap to free up andreclaimmore storage space✔Cache File CleanerSmart Cleaner Boosterhelpclean residual cache system files like temp files, obsoleteAPK, appcache, and other big files to save space✔Storage Cleaner&OptimizerClean up music, games, unwanted apps, duplicatephotos, anddocuments to free up space and booster phonespeed✔Speed BoosterWithone-tap booster, Smart Cleaner Boostermakes your phone faster by60%. ✔Memory BoosterClean unnecessaryprocesses and apps running inbackground, free up RAM, speed upyour device and save morebattery✔CPU CoolerDetect apps highlyconsuming CPU and start acooling process. Clean apps that causeoverheating, cool down phonetemperature in seconds✔AppUninstallerFind and delete useless APKson your phone to free upmore storage spaceAll-in-one Androidcleaner & booster! SmartCleaner Booster clean junk files, cachefiles, boost phone speed,cool down phone temperature, and uninstalluseless apps!Yourfeedback is the motivation for us to make betterapps for you. Ifyou have any suggestion or problem, feel free tocontact us via:[email protected]
Super Cleaner Smart Clean - Speed Cleaner Booster 1.3.8
Smart Clean app, useful cleaner, junk file cleaner &speedbooster to make phone faster and restore memory space. Supermastercleaner to clear cache, clean junk. Boost fast speed ofyourphone.Smart Clean, as professional Android optimizer, cancleancache junk files to reclaim storage; stop unnecessary appsinbackground to clean RAM and speed up your Android phone; stopappsfrom auto-start to save battery life; quickly deleteduplicatephotos to save more space; boost games to run fasterwithoutlagging with all-in-one powerful clean app.Smart CleanMainFeatures:◆Phone booster◆Junk cleaner◆Speedbooster◆Cachecleaner◆Memory booster◆Battery saver◆CPUcooler◆Appmanager◆Duplicate photo remover◆Game boosterSmartCleanHighlights:-Phone BoosterSmart Clean phone booster, thisfreeAndroid memory (RAM) booster will clean unnecessary backgroundappsto clear more free memory and make your phone faster. Theone-tapbooster optimizes your Android device and boost phonespeed.-Memory BoosterClean background running tasks, free upphonememory. Optimize games and apps performance with smartcleanermaster.-Junk & Cache CleanerCache and junk filecleanerintelligently and accurately analyze thousands of apps andhow junkfiles created. Then junk files and cache can be cleaned inseconds.Clean app caches, APK files, residual junks, AD files,uselessthumbnails, and logs etc. Improve your phone performance ofyourdevice with just one click.-Storage CleanerSmart cleanerdeeplyclean the useless photos, music, documents, and apps to freeupspace and speed up your phone.-Duplicate Photo RemoverFree upto35% of your device storage space by automatically identifyingandcleaning the bad &similar pictures clogging yourphotoGallery.-CPU Cooler MasterSmart Clean cooling Android cooldown theCPU temperature by killing background processes fromdraining appsand shutting down apps running in background-AppManagerSmartcleaner app manager lets you know the storage spaceyour apps aretaking. The easy uninstaller helps you to delete appsyou don’twant-Game BoosterKill unnecessary tasks and app & freeupmemory, boosts your phone for your best game playexperienceever!Smart Clean is right here to deal with all issuesthat slowdown your Android device performance! Smart Clean helpsyou cleanjunks & cache, optimize memory space, identify andremove junk,APK, and residual files, delete duplicate photos, boostgamespeed.Need more storage?Want higher performance?TrySmartClean!Contactus:[email protected]: Accessibility Service to stop apps from auto-startingand cleanbackground running processes