Top 20 Apps Similar to strollCharlton

Watch.Hockey, THE new digital home of hockey 1.7.4
Watch.Hockey is THE one-stop digital platform for all hockeyfansand players! Sign-up today to enjoy the best of hockeylive,on-demand and news. All in one place! Watch.Hockey is your hubto:- Live match action from the top internationalcompetitions,including the FIH Hockey Pro League and the FIH HockeyWorld Cups.- Live blogging with scores and text commentary;results, schedulesand standings for all events and teams. -Exclusive hockey videos:match highlights, replays, archives,special programs andinterviews. - Hockey news from all around theworld. - Tailoredexperience based on your interests. - Access totrending content. -Continue Watching functionality to find startedvideos easily. -New content everyday... … and much more to comesoon. DownloadWatch.Hockey now and enjoy the best of internationalhockey.!Download and use of this app is subject to app terms andconditionsDownload and use of this app is subject to app termsandconditions:
Munchkin Level Counter 12.6.7
Viacheslav Zavoruev
App shows level and strength of all players. Manage combat. Tryfullversion on Features - Unlimitedplayersupport - Gender tracking - Dice roll - Combat tracking withhelper& unlimited monster support (full version) - Singleplayer mode(full version) - Themes (full version)
Level Counter for Munchkin 1.7.0
The best way to manage a Munchkin® game. Keep track of everydetailof all the playing characters, simulate battles withmultiplemonsters and share treasures with your allies, manage everyaspectof the game and in the end, see some cool statistics.FeaturingGAME HEROES, a title system for the worthy. Munchkin® isatrademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and artarecopyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reservedbySteve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creationofPedro Rocha and is released for free distribution, and notforresale, under the permissions granted inthe SteveJacksonGames Online Policy.
University of Innsbruck 1.1.0
The app of the University of Innsbruck is suitable forstudents,university staff and anyone interested in courses, datesand newsoffered by the university. It includes complete accesstoLFU:online, the student portal of the University ofInnsbruck,along with all exam results and an ECTS counter. Inaddition, theapp offers a calendar with personal and public dates,research andstudy-relevant news about the university, acomprehensive campusguide to the university buildings and roomswith links to GoogleMaps and the menu plans of the universitycafeterias. Theintegrated mail client gives you mobile access toyour e-mailaccount at the university. The app will be expanded andupdatedcontinuously.
Millheat-keep warm with style 4.1.14
Mill International AS
Millheat app gives you freedom to control your Mill devicesfromanywhere in the world, at a touch of a button. Make yourhomesmarter with the Millheat app The Millheat app lets youadd,configure, monitor and control your connected Mill devicesfromanywhere. You can schedule your Mill devices to turn on oroffaccording to your schedule and effectively reduce yourelectricheating bill. Stay in full control of your powerconsumption withour new statistics function and do changes to yourschedule andtemperatures to optimize according to cost and/orcomfortCompatible Mill Wi-Fi devices: • Mill Wi-Fi panelheatersgeneration 1 (2.4ghz b/g) • Mill Wi-Fi panel heatersgeneration 2(2.4ghz b/g/n) • Mill Wi-Fi convector heaters (2.4ghzb/g/n) • MillWi-Fi socket generation (2.4ghz b/g/n) • Mill Wi-Fioil radiators(2.4ghz b/g/n) Features: •Weekly program withpre-definedmodes(Comfort, Sleep, Away & OFF) •Power consumption&temperature statistics •Multi house support, control yourhouse andcabin from the same app •Vacation mode for saving energywhile youare away •Share your house with other family members,makingcontrol easy •Cooling mode, turn on your fan/air-conditionwhen thetemperature rises •Timer, loop timer Integrations: •Tibber-Controlyour heaters with the Tibber app Purchase a Mill Wi-Fidevice anddownload the app to get started today Need support?Contact us or visit our website for Privacypolicy:
The Hockey News Magazine 18.4.3
Roustan Media Ltd.
Download The Hockey News app to get our full-on magazineexperiencewith added features, including videos, slideshows, linksto oursite and beyond. The Hockey News is your ultimate sourceforcomprehensive coverage of the best game in the world,includingrankings, predictions, indepth player features, insiderinsights,prospect analysis, season predictions and much more.You'll get ayear's worth of issues of The Hockey News.
Molkky Scorer 4.5.2
Mölkky Scorer is an application, freeandad-free, which allows to keep score of Mölkky , the famousFinnishpin game.With Mölkky Scorer you can play every man for himself or inteams(10 teams of 4 players max). All you have to do is to choosethenumber of points scored by a player and that's it! Theapplicationshows you the number of points of all players (orteams), theirrankings,their numbers of failures and shows you the player who mustplay.Other features:- Explanation of the games rules.- You can change the number of points to be reached and thenumberof relapsed points for exceeding the score to reach.- Registration of players created (no need to enter the name oftheplayers from one party to the other).- You can choose the color of each team.- You can do random teams (or game round in every man forhimselfmode).- You can undo your three last move in case of mistake.- The shots historic of the current game is displayed foreachplayer.- Ringtone and vibrator when a player or a team is close tobeeliminated, with possibility to desactivate.- At the end of a game you can play again with the same playersbychanging the order of playways (same order, random order, order corresponding to therankingof the lat party, etc...).- 2 variants includes.Feel free to contact me for additional options ortranslationerrors.
KOMP 2.8.1
No Isolation
This is the app you use to manage content on a KOMP. The KOMP isaone-button computer enabling seniors to stay connected withtheirfamily. KOMP is tailored for seniors with limited digitalskillsand decreased eyesight, hearing or physical functioning. Thesenioronly has to switch it on or off. Family or friends take careof therest from this app. When you open the app, you have to entertheKOMP’s keyword. If this is the first time starting KOMP,thekeyword will be visible on the screen. You will have to benearbyKOMP to configure it. If KOMP is already configured, you willhaveto be invited to get access to it. You can use this app tosendphotos, text messages, and start video calls.
Orange Cup Tennis Score Keeper 4.40
Ante Kristic
Keep track of your matches with ease. Manage tennisplayers,saveyour tennis matches score. Track your tennis matchstatistics.Keepyour tennis score history in one place. Save thetennis scoreatany time and continue later. You can select stroketypes(backend,backend volley, forehand, forehand volley, and smash)bytaping onthe small circle racquet button inside the WinnerorUnforced errorbutton. It will open stroke types buttons.NewFeatures: ✓ DarkTheme ✓ Rally counter -> circle in thebottomright corner ✓ NewStatistics for tracking rally lengthsFeatures: ✓Statistics forevery set ✓ Match details for every set ✓Stroke typestatistics ✓Support for Doubles Match ✓ Support foralmost allscoring systems✓ Undo and Redo your points ✓ Save andLoad yourmatches at anytime ✓ Create a player list ✓ Exportstatistics inCSV file ✓ Shareyour matches with friends ✓ Simplematch timer ✓AutoSave Option ✓Tennis Quiz ✓ English, Italian andCroatianlanguage
Grainfather Community 4.9.1
Brand new design and exciting new features for home brewers atanylevel of experience. Connect with the global home brewingcommunityand enjoy your craft wherever you go. Our new andimprovedCommunity Mobile App allows you to create, brew and sharebeerrecipes using a variety of brewing tools, calculators,recipestyles and equipment profiles. Use our step by stepmessagingsystem to guide you through a brew on ANY brewing systemas well asconnect remotely to the Grainfather Connect Control Box.You canread articles, take our Brewing 101 Course and keep track ofHomeBrew and Craft Beer Events on the go. With new offline use, youcancreate recipes offline and sync them to your profile whenyouconnect again. FEATURES - Brand new user interface -Upgradedmessaging system to guide you through the brewing process.Now alsoavailable on non-Grainfather equipment - 22 BrewingCalculators toimprove accuracy and efficiency and make every brewreplicable -Explore and brew thousands of community recipes -Create mash andfermentation profiles once, and easily import theminto yourrecipes and brew sessions - Create and manage your recipeswithmore styles available (now supporting BJCP Beer, BJCP Cider,BJCPMead, and Brewers Association styles) - Share recipes andsessionswith your friends - Manage your brewing equipment,compatible withall brewing systems - Manage ingredient profiles andadd customingredients - Monitor and manage fermentation with arange ofdifferent IoT devices including ​Tilt, Plaato, BrewBrainFloat andiSpindel - Create and edit recipes, brew sessions andequipmentprofiles without an internet connection and your changeswill besynced when you’re back online - Recipe editor now has a newrecipestats view - Personalise your brewing experience according toyourlevel of experience and favourite beer styles - Take ourBrewing101 course and start your experience with some basicbrewingknowledge - Explore articles on all things brewing -Customise youraccount settings - Check out brewing events happeninglocally oraround the world Note: Bluetooth connection may be lostdependingon distance from the Grainfather. If this happens theGrainfatherwill continue without the device. Once you come backinto range thedevice will reconnect automatically. Please view ourprivacy policyfor information on the data we collect and marketingmessages youmay receive when providing us with yourdetails.
Budbee - Evening deliveries to your door 1.8.5
Budbee Technologies
EVENING DELIVERIES TO YOUR DOOR Budbee offers your smoothandhassle-free home deliveries when shopping online. We alwaysdeliveryour goodies to your door at a convenient day and time thatsuitsyou! Evening deliveries, weekdays 17:00-22:00. OVERVIEW OF ALLYOURORDERS The app allows you to keep track of all your ongoingandprevious Budbee orders. UPDATE DETAILS Specify the typeofresidence you live in as well as adding information aboutwhatfloor you live on and the entry code/intercom of your sharedfrontdoor to make your delivery as smooth as possible.DELIVERYPREFERENCES Sleeping children or just not home at the timeof thedelivery? No worries! Choose if you would like us to knock,ringthe doorbell or simply leave the parcel outside your door.KEEPINGYOU IN THE LOOP We will always keep you updated with thelatestinformation about your delivery through notifications via theapp.After lunch, on the delivery day, you will also receive a1-hourtime window for your delivery. From 16.00, on the deliveryday, youwill be able to see your driver and track your deliveryinreal-time through the tracking link. EASY RETURNS Need to makeareturn? No problem! With the app, you can easily book a pick upforthe return. All you need to do is fill out the return form fromthee-tailer and pack the products in the original packaging. Noneedto print a pack-slip, we’ll take care of that! Prior to the dayofthe return, choose if you would like to hand over the return tothedriver personally or if you just leave the parcel outside yourdoorfor us to pick up. CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any questionsourcustomer service team is always here to support you via the chatinthe app (9-22).
IceHockey 24 - hockey scores 3.13.1
IceHockey 24
Fast and accurate ice hockey live scores from more than 200icehockey leagues and cups. Livescore, results, standings,statistics.Main features: - fast and accurate live hockey scoresand results -comprehensive stats including line-ups, goal scorers,penalties andplayer statistics for the most popular hockey leagues-overall/home/away standings and play-off draws - fulltabletversion - MyGames and MyTeams feature - push notificationswithdetailed settings Ice hockey 24 app has been created byLiveSports.r.o. company, that currently provides live scoringservices forover 60 million users worldwide.
Next Chess Move 3.2.0
Next Chess Move LLC
NCM is a powerful chess calculator that runs Stockfish 13directlyon your device. The app also includes access to a growinglist ofengines running on NCM's single core CPU hardware: •Stockfishlatest official releases and development builds • Lc0 (allofficialnetworks and several contrib networks) • GNU Chess • Cfish•Ethereal • Xiphos • Laser • Defenchess • Arasan • Vajolet2•OpenTal • Nemorino • Demolito • Winter The optional NCM Proin-apppurchase provides a full year access to powerful hardwareandfeatures that significantly enhance the strength ofcalculations: •Dual Xeon E5-2680 v2 20 CPU-core servers • RTX 2080GPUs for LcZero• 6-man syzygy tablebases on SSD drives
Codenames Helper 1.7
Effervex Softworks
A simple helper app for playing the card game Codenames,CodenamesPictures, and upcoming Codenames Duet (property of CzechGamesEdition). You'll need to provide your own rules and wordsfromelsewhere, but this app allows captains from either teamtogenerate random grids, and assign the same seed valueforgenerating the same grids on their Android phones. Note: ToplayCodenames Duet, each captain MUST SIT ACROSS FROM ONE-ANOTHERanduse inverse seeds for the grid (shown in app). This can be withonephone or two. The inverse grid is rotated 180 degrees fromthenon-inverse, so it only works when sitting facing one-another.Usecorner marker for reference. Features: * Randomisable seedwithalternating red/blue team start (based on seed value) *Rotateablegrid with crossing off squares and text-markers *Optional timerwith custom intervals * Preset grid sizes/settingsfor Codenames,Codenames: Pictures, and Codenames: Duet *Customisable gridappearance Neither the app designer nor the app isassociated withVlaada Chvatil or Czech Games Edition.
AudioKey 2 2.0.4
The AudioKey 2 mobile app from MED-EL can be used as aremotecontrol for supported MED-EL audio processors which areSONNET(EAS), SONNET 2 (EAS), and RONDO 3. Additionally, AudioKey 2letsyou customize personal settings, such as the names of programsonthe audio processors. AudioKey 2 can be used by caregiverstosupport other users, such as young children. You can use theFindMy Processor functionality to help locate lost or misplacedaudioprocessors. AudioKey 2 also lets you check the usagestatistics ofthe connected audio processors and quickly accesshelpful supportmaterial from MED-EL.