1.0 / November 6, 2016
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Remember that one Dashclock Extension HostAppCyanogenMod made?

Welcome to the Slab Open Beta! Slab is currently indevelopmentand you will encounter things of un-natural applicationbehavior orjust not working.

Slab is a fork of CyanogenMods CMhome application fromcm11re-imaged as a Material application and supporting On-TaponAndroid 5+. Android N is not officially supported at thistime,more testing is underway. Slab will be open sourced in do timeonceeverything is back to working order. My goal is to seethisapplication back in CyanogenMod builds but I'm probably askingforto much.

Slab is a Dashclock extension host application thatusesDashclock widget apps and showcases them in a dashboardlikeapproach. Use the most right fab to clear the "Slab" and usethemost left fab to refresh the "Slab". Use the middle fab to bringupa bottom menu of which has a built in Google Search methodforusers who want to replace Google On-Tap with Slab. To set Slabas aOn-Tap application, navigate to the app settings in theandroidsetting and select the menu item default apps, than selectassistapps and choose voice application as Slab. If the "Slab" isclearon launch, simply press the clear fab and refresh fab.

Slab is still experiencing some force closes on enteringandexiting so just ignore those until I find methods aroundthem.Click on the Check menu item to exit the application withoutithanging and causing errors after you've exiting and itmonitorsDashclock Extensions successfully. Goal is to allow it tomonitorExtensions without the use of Dashclock Widgetinstalled.

How To:
Install Dashclock Widget (May or May not be required)
Install some Dashclock Extensions
Install Slab
Open and Configure.

Works well on AOSP and CyanogenMod firmware.

Again, Application is not complete so some things are eithernotworking correctly or inactive.

Join the Google Plus Group for bug reports and othercommunityinformation.


App Information Slab Dashclock Host

  • App Name
    Slab Dashclock Host
  • Paketname
  • Updated
    November 6, 2016
  • Datei
  • Erforderliche Android-Version
    Android 5.0 and up
  • Version
  • Hersteller
    Ryan Gocal
  • Installationen
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Kategorie
  • Hersteller
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    15563 Union LeBoeuf Road, Union City, PA
  • Google Play Link

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