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Embark on a magical journey and enter the world of the mostbeautiful fairy tale in the world! Sleeping Beauty Storybook is afree storybook app for kids, beautifully illustrated and with manyinteractive options. Sleeping Beauty is one of the most famousfairy tales stories with which many generations grew up and now itis available on your phone or tablet. This amazing app for childrenis great for learning to read in a fun, engaging and interactiveway! Let the kids explore each page by finding objects that move ontouch with sound effects. Follow the timeless fairy tale of themost beautiful princess in all kingdoms and the adventures of thefearless prince through colorful and beautiful illustrations thatthis storybook for toddlers has. Download Sleeping Beauty Storybookfor free, read the fairy tale to your boys and girls, stir theirimagination and enjoy along with them! Take a peek at what's insidethis English fairy tale story book and be delighted with its manymagical features! ✮◡♢◠♔◡♢◠✮ ♕ The most beautiful fairy tale in anapp for toddlers! ♛ Amazing “interactive story” with sound effectson touch! ♕ The narrator tells the fairy tale or you can tell ityourself and record it! ♛ Each page has a text and beautifulillustrations! ♕ The whole storybook is animated! ♛ Some objectsmove on touch! ♕ One of the best kids read along audio story booksfree of charge! ✮◡♢◠♔◡♢◠✮ This is a great interactive storybook forkids but also their parents. It is a fun learning to read tool thatany boy or girl will adore. The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale has abeautiful storyline and our designers made sure to include manyoptions for interactive story reading, fascinating animated scenes,as well as vivid and colorful animations. Exciting and educational,this “fairy tale story book” can be the best app for babies to putthem to sleep while the soothing narrator's voice tells the story,but also this “interactive story book” for toddlers allows you torecord your own voice while reading the story. If you and yourchildren enjoy love story books in English for free then downloadSleeping Beauty Storybook – one of the most amazing kidseducational apps for nursery on your smartphone or tablet! Thereare many audio books for kids that reads a story to you but onlythis “interactive app” for babies, toddlers and children willengage them in the fairy tale at its fullest. There are objectsthat move on touch on each page and children will love searchingfor them while at the same time listening “fairy tales stories” ofThe Sleeping Beauty, her prince, kings and queens. The “story book”contains several pages with vivid colors and many illustrationsthat make this fairy tale book the best “storybook app” out of manykids story books free to reading. Spend some quality time with yourloved ones with “Sleeping Beauty Storybook” - a “fairy tale” appthat will enchant you with its beautiful hd illustrations joinedwith a rich narrative on every page. One of the best toddler booksfree story is waiting to be installed on your mobile device sostart having fun now! Become a child again and and get one of yourfavorite “story books in English”! You can play with your childrenwith this kids story books free to reading and you'll all enjoynumerous engaging and fun animations on each page this reading apphas. This storytelling app is perfect when you want your childrento sleep tight while listening to a soothing voice of the narrator,who automatically reads each page. What's even better, you can tellyour child: 'Let's listen to my fairy tale version!', recordyourself reading from the “princess story book” and then play it asmany times as you like. Free children's story books are the mostefficient tool for learning how to read and spell and this one hasmany colorful pictures and texts that any child will findinteresting. If you like sleeping beauty games then you'll adoreSleeping Beauty Storybook! Download it now for free!

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    December 31, 2019
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You are not very skilled with photo frames design, you don't likeusing complicated photo to cartoon image converter and you wouldreally like to have your own cartoon photo frame? Well, you're inluck we've created a perfect photo frame editor app for you!Cartoon Photo Frames will give you the pleasure of the simplestphoto frames downloading. If you enjoy picture montage and wouldlike some cute photo frames for your baby pics, then this cartoonpicture app is the right frame editor for you! Download CartoonPhoto Frames for your smartphone or tablet and enjoy editing yourbaby pictures for free! Note: We appreciate your opinion, if youlike our game please comment and rate, give us feedback for furtherupgrades. Thank you! 💖 Select a pic from your picture gallery onthe phone! 💖 Take a new picture and put it in one of the pictureframes for cartoon photo art! 💖 Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom outand drag a pic to make it fit the frame as you like it! 💖 Savelovely baby pictures, in cutest frames, on your phone and set it asa wallpaper! 💖 Share the baby pictures with your friends onInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Viber! 💖 One of the most popularpicture frames apps, a must have when it comes to cute babypictures! 💖 Make a plenty of pics in your new cartoon photoapplication! If you like taking pictures, have an album full of“cartoon pictures” for every event, enjoy choosing the “photoframes and editing photo” and posting them on your profile. Youwill adore this cute photo editor! Download “Cartoon Photo Frames”for free and let the fun begin! Taking a picture of every importantmoment in your baby's life is something you simply must do,decorate them with picture frames for kids and preserve thememories in the best possible way. It's quite simple to use this“cartoon photo editor”. Open your phone gallery, choose the babypicture you want to frame and start editing. Cute cartoon drawingswill make your “photo frames” even more fun. Select one of thecartoon frames free from the collection and start editing like areal picture editor. Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out, make it fitthe “cartoon photo frame”. Customize pictures from your collectionor take a brand new picture with your cartoon photo camera!Download “the photo editor app that makes the pictures look like acartoon” and make your own wallpaper out of every picture collageyou create. Enjoy the fun and preserve the cutest pics of yourtoddler for all eternity! With this picture frames app you willhave your own mini “cartoon photo blender” on your device! Pictureediting has never been easier or more fun! If you haven't turned“photo into cartoon” yet, take a selfie of yourself and your babyand you'll have the perfect cartoon effect on photo. Choose thecutest picture frame from the cartoon gallery for your boys andgirls. With these “cute picture frames” you won't need grids to bea proper picture editor, make a cartoon photo image all byyourself. Edit pictures and create funny pics of your kids andyourself. Start the fun with Cartoon Photo Frames! Download CartoonPhoto Frames free of charge and make a collection of baby pics toshow off! Follow us on: Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/KidsAndBabyWorld Twitterhttps://twitter.com/kids_n_babies and Google +https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103872503931554717515/103872503931554717515/posts
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Is it time for kids to learn how to read the clock? Then, TellingTime for Kids – Games is the ideal collection of learning games forkids! Teach your kid to make a distinction between “analog anddigital” clocks. Movable hour and minute hand and cute animalthemed clock will keep the child's attention and make telling timefun and interesting. With Telling Time for Kids – Games yourpreschooler will learn to read clock in no time. Helpful learnercentered kids games for 7 year olds are not so easy to find.Download Telling Time for Kids – Games and you won't regret it!It's “time for kids”, time for learning! ►We appreciate youropinion, if you like our game please comment and rate, give usfeedback for further upgrades. Thank you! 4 clocks to choose, 2 areanimated 2 games: Set the Time or Stop the Clock5 levels ofdifficulty in each gameChoose to set hours or minutesLearn conceptssuch as half past and quarter past Choose the speed of the clockAquarium with collectable animated sea animals Give 3 correctanswers and get a star Collect 5 stars and get a collectable, acute sea animal or decoration for your virtual aquariumLearn totell the time and read clockCheerful and child-friendly graphics“Telling Time for Kids – Games” offers new and creative ways tolearn telling time. Your kid will love it, and what is moreimportant your kid will successfully learn to read clock and make adistinction between analog and digital clocks. Playing “interactivetelling time games” is the best and easiest way to “learn to tellthe time”. This collection of “fun educational games for kids” willbe your savior. It will save you from hours and hours of trying toteach your kid to read clock and tell time. Interactive tellingtime games provide an excellent tool to teach your kid better. Thisis an excellent app for preschoolers and kindergarteners. A greatbrain gym for a young mind!It is very important to learn how totell time and read clock before your kid enters school, and whatbetter way than “interactive telling time activities” andinteractive telling time games. Make the right choice, choose thebest application to make a learning foundation for your child.Learning to count, that is learning the concept of notation beforeschool is the most important aspect and component of preschooleducation. Use Telling Time for Kids – Games in the most creativeway you can use kids educational games. Teach your kid thedifference between hour and minute hand and how they move. Creativeapps for toddlers can help you with that. Once the kid has learnedthe difference, you can start testing him. Choose a particulartime, as the minute hand moves encourage your kid to press the stopbutton when the clock reaches the desired time. If the answer iscorrect you move on to the next task, if not, you try again. Orposition the hands to set the correct time. Give three correctanswers and you get a star as a reward. Collect five stars and youget a sea animal or a decoration for your virtual aquarium. Thecheerful animated sea animals will keep the child's attention andmake the game more interesting. At the same time the aquarium withsea animals will provide the motivation to collect all rewards. Themore time your child spends collecting sea animals and aquariumdecoration the more it will learn. It is well known that “learninggames for kids” provide the quickest results. “Learn through play”with your favorite “time telling games”!Download Telling Time forKids – Games and enjoy your new interactive game for kids. Your kidwill learn to tell the time and read clock in no time. “Tellingtime for kindergarteners” has never been more fun! Follow uson:Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KidsAndBabyWorldTwitterhttps://twitter.com/kids_n_babiesand Google +https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103872503931554717515/103872503931554717515/posts
World Flags Quiz Name the Flag 2.1 APK
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Do you like quiz games? If you think you are a quiz wiz, you knowgeography well, and world flags are your expertise, then, WorldFlags Quiz Name the Flag is the right quiz game for you! Buckle upfolks, it's time to travel around the world! Prepare your fingersand wits, look carefully and name all the flags of the world!You''ll get a picture of a flag, from any corner of the world, yourtask is to choose one of the four offered answers and get it right!The more correct answers you give, the more points you'll get! Showeveryone how thorough is your flags knowledge! This cool quiz gamemight be the impossible game or the hardest game in the world forsome people. Prove that for you it is a piece of cake! DownloadWorld Flags Quiz Name the Flag for free, take the bull by the hornsand answer challenging questions in this picture quiz. Take a wildride around the world, have fun, and learn new flags! ✔✘ 5 levelsof difficulty in the endless world flags questions and answers ✔✘choose one of the offered answers and do it fast, the clock isticking ✔✘ give the answer quickly and win extra points for beingfast✔✘ be careful not to make three errors in a row or else you'llhave to start over ✔✘ try to collect as many coins as you can, andyou can buy an extra try when you make three mistakes✔✘ log in withFacebook and win free coins, check the leaderboard and beat thehigh score If you are tired of general knowledge quizzes and youprefer a good picture quiz, download for free World Flags Quiz Namethe Flag, it will be a real refreshment! Don't be fulled, the factthat it is a picture quiz doesn't make it any easier! It can easilyturn into the impossible quiz game, so stay focused! If you arecompetitive, you'll get your chance to get to the top ofleaderboard, winning this picture quiz with world flags will makeyou happy! Boast with your intelligence, show everyone how smartyou are, and challenge friends to a quiz duell. Prove that apicture quiz can be equally challenging as general knowledgequestions and trivia questions. Knowledge is power, get to know allthe flags in the world. From Europe, Asia, North America, SouthAmerica to Africa and Oceania. You can do it, the clock is ticking,beat it! You will easily recognize flags of United Kingdom,Germany, Russia, Spain or France, but how about Ukraine, Malta,Iceland, Belgium or Georgia. Can you make distinctions among theflags of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland? Which flag belongs toVatican City and which one to Monaco or San Marino? Do you know allthe countries of the Balkans and their flags? Can you distinguishbetween Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia or Bosnia andHerzegovina and Slovenia? Think quickly, and choose the answerscarefully. Show how well you are educated and informed. Embark onthis mind adventure around the world. Are you ready for Americancountries, and not just United States and Canada, you'll recognizethat easily. But how about Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Honduras,Jamaica and Panama, or Bahamas, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua, orArgentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Peru? You surelyknow their beautiful beaches and cities, but how about the flags?How well do you know exotic countries of Africa and Oceania? Whatis the flag of Australia and what of New Zealand? How about Fiji,Samoa and Palau? Can you name the flag of Nigeria, Madagascar,Egypt and Algeria or Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Zimbabwe? Get toknow the entire world emblems with these tricky questions. You'llfind this challenge to name the flag as interesting as playingbrain teasers. It's an excellent brain gym, quizup! If you arelooking for quiz games for girls and boys in the same app, you'vefound it! Download World Flags Quiz Name the Flag for free and bethe champion of world flags!
Find Hidden Objects Inca Quest 1.4 APK
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Are you impressed by the “ancient Inca civilization”? Have youalways wanted to visit Machu Picchu, travel the ancient Inca world,seek for the long lost “Inca treasure” and see what it's like toreign the Inca empire? If your answer is yes, then Find HiddenObjects Inca Quest is the right “mystery game” for you! If you like“hidden object games” and “item searching games”, you will adoresolving Inca mysteries while searching for hidden objects andhidden gems belonging to long lost treasure of Atahualpa, the rulerof the ancient Inca empire. Enjoy playing this ancient jewels game,“seek and find hidden objects”, solve the mystery surrounding themissing treasure and plunge into the “adventure hidden objectgames” alone can offer! Download Find Hidden Objects Inca Quest andyou'll get a mysterious and adventurous find the hidden object gamefor free! Enjoy being the detective in the ancient criminal casemystery and find the guardians of the ancient treasure! ➤ Searchand find hidden objects! ➤ Find the lost treasure of Atahualpa! ➤Explore three ancient Inca kingdoms Cusco, Quito & Pisaq! ➤Search for gold, gems, Inca warrior masks, sun god ornaments andother ancient jewels! ➤ Get gold coins and stars for everycompleted task! ➤ You must collect at least 54 stars in each Incakingdom to enter the next one! ➤ Note: you must collect at leastone star on every level! ➤ Hurry up, seek hidden objects carefully,the clock is ticking! ➤ Detect artifacts as fast as you can tocollect as many stars! ➤ If you're stuck, use hints to help youfind objects! ➤ Solve the mystery of this exciting ancientdetective story! ➤ Reign the top of leaderboard having solved thismystery puzzle! ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦Hiddenobjects games such as “Find Hidden Objects Inca Quest” are known tooffer a mysterious quest and puzzel that only the most persistentdetectives can solve and complete. Play hide and seek with hiddengems. Find the objects required on each level to complete itsuccessfully, collect as many stars as you can and solve mystery.Match 3 mystery objects, or more, on every level to complete thequest. If you like item searching games, you will enjoy hunting“mystery hidden objects”. Pass by the eye popping object guardiansand spot the hidden object! You can do it, find it! Do not let asingle part of the treasure of Atahualpa get left behind! Seekcarefully until you spot it! ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ Search and find hidden objects cleverly cloaked in plainsight. Can you get your way through a hidden object world tocomplete your quest? This is not one of easy hidden object games,you would have to bridge the time gap hidden object mystery poses.Nevertheless, you'll adore this hidden object quest. The joy ofplaying is the same as with full hidden object games for free withno time limits. Better than free online hidden object games are“free offline hidden object games”! Don't miss your chance tofollow in footsteps of ancient Inca warriors and hunters seekingAtahualpa's treasure. ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦Visitthe sacred valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, follow the trail ofancient Inca weapons and Inca warriors, exploring the Inca kingdomsof Cusco, Quito and Pisaq. If you like quest games this jewel questcombined with adventure quest will be to your liking. Join the“mighty quest for epic loot” and enjoy all Inca kingdom adventuresthat Find Hidden Objects Inca Quest offers for free! Download now!
German Trivia Quiz 2.1 APK
Casual Games and Apps
You enjoy playing quiz games and you are particularly interested inGermany, thinking you know everything about it? Well, buckle up,time to test your knowledge of Germany with ultimate German TriviaQuiz! Prepare your wits and nimble fingers, think fast and answercorrectly as many questions as you can. This cool quiz game mightjust turn out to be the impossible game or the hardest game in theworld! Prove that for you it is a piece of cake! Have fun and learnsomething new about your favorite country! Download German TriviaQuiz for free and enjoy fun and challenging trivia questions! ✔✘ 5levels of difficulty in the endless German trivia questions andanswers ✔✘ choose one of the offered answers and do it fast, theclock is ticking ✔✘ give the answer quickly and win extra pointsfor being fast✔✘ be careful not to make three errors in a row orelse you'll have to start over ✔✘ try to collect as many coins asyou can, and you can buy an extra try when you make threemistakes✔✘ log in with Facebook and win free coins, check theleaderboard and beat the high score Don't you love Germany, theland of salty pretzels and cold beer, tasty sausages, amazingvariety of bread and cheese, the land where fairy tales of BrothersGrimm come to life on the bank of Rhine? Germany is one of the mostattractive European countries with its ravishingly beautifulforests, such as the Black Forest, thousands of gorgeous castlesand amazing landmarks. “German Trivia Quiz” offers an adventurethrough the German “fun facts trivia”, “German food trivia”,questions about history, geography, culture, entertainment, thisquizlet has it all! Test your knowledge about German cities Berlin,Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Leipzig, Cologne and manyothers. See if you can recognize them by pictures of landmarksalone. Can you recognize Berlin TV tower, Alexanderplatz, AltePinakothek, Frauenkirche and Holstentor? What do you know aboutOktoberfest, and what other German festivals have you heard of?What are dirndl and lederhosen? How about Fasching? What is Bavariamost famous for? Do you know all the splendid palaces that Ludwigof Bavaria has built? Which castle is your favorite,Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg, Lichtenstein, Sanssouci or Linderhof?Do you know who or what is Lorelei? How many types of beer arethere in Germany? When are you supposed to eat the weisswurst? Whatdo you know about Berlin Wall? How well do you know the greatestfigures of German history: Goethe, Gutenberg, Marx, Freud, Engels,Farenheit? How about Brothers Grimm, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach,Wagner and many others? Who was known as the iron chancellor? Whois the red baron? Who invented gummy bears and what are the thingsyou ought to know about German autobahn? What do you know about theorigin of Mercedes, BMW and Audi? Germany has one of the richestcultural heritages, this quiz will not only test your “generalknowledge” about it, but it will also teach you something new.“General knowledge questions” and fun “trivia questions” willentertain and educate you at the same time. This amazing impossiblequiz is at the same time a “knowledge quiz”, with questions andanswers you'd need to think about before you decide on the answer,and a “picture quiz” that will challenge your recognition oflandmarks, monuments and landscape of this beautiful Europeancountry. Answer all the “trivia question” and become the ultimateconnoisseur of Deutschland! German Trivia Quiz is a game suitablefor adults and older kids. It can be an excellent learning game forkids with lost of interesting facts, or a great brain trainer forevery quiz wiz out there! The best “brain games” are entertainingand educational at the same time. Don't miss the opportunity to geta free download like this. If you like brain teasers, answeringmultiple choice questions and riddles, you will love German TriviaQuiz! Download it for free now, quizup and conquer the top of theleaderboard!
Quiz Me - What Animal Am I? 2.1 APK
Casual Games and Apps
Do you like animals? Are you an expert on the entire animalkingdom? Prove it with Quiz Me – What Animal Am I, one of the bestanimal games ever! “What Animal Am I quiz” shows you an “animalpicture” and four possible answers. It's up to you to choose thecorrect answer! Observe carefully and think fast! Prepare for anexciting ride through the labyrinth of quiz questions about animalkingdom and all animal wonders of the world. This quiz game withanimal pictures may be a piece of cake for you, but it may alsoturn out to be the hardest game in the world, an impossible gameeven. Test yourself, show everyone how smart you are, and in themeantime learn something new. Download for free Quiz Me – WhatAnimal Am I, a fun quiz game about animals of the world, and enjoyexercising your mind! ✔✘ 5 levels of difficulty in endlessquestions and answers quiz✔✘ choose one of the offered answers anddo it fast, the clock is ticking, beat it ✔✘ give the answerquickly and win extra points for being fast✔✘ be careful not tomake three errors in a row or else you'll have to start over ✔✘ tryto collect as many coins as you can, and you can buy an extra trywhen you make three mistakes✔✘ log in with Facebook and win freecoins, check the leaderboard and beat the high score Are you readyfor a real animal jam? Prepare your eyes for an abundance of animalpictures and make sure you recognize them all! Surely you willrecognize species like fox, cat, dog, hamster, tiger, jaguar,monkey, scorpion even wolverine. But do you know how a chinchillalooks like? How about komodo dragon, capybara, elk and mongoose?What's the difference between salmon and barracuda? Do you know howsalamander looks like? What about the difference between ram andsheep? What animal are you? If you like to play picture quiz games,you will love the quiz questions and answers in this game. Whichone is leopard and which one cheetah? Choose the right “animalpictures” and be quick. This knowledge quiz will be quite achallenge for your wits. With this free animal game you will learnanimal names you have never heard of. Do you know what is ibis,caribou or rail? Do you know the difference between cobra andviper? What are emu, alpaca and loris? What' the difference betweenalligator and crocodile? How about hedgehog, sea urchin andporcupine? Make a quizduell, challenge your friends and competeagainst each other in general knowledge quiz about animals. Picturequiz questions and answers have never been so intriguing. Generalknowledge questions in this “picture quiz” might make an“impossible quiz” and an excellent brain trainer. Become theultimate connoisseur of the animal kingdom and exotic animals! Thebest brain gym for every quiz wiz out there awaits you with a freedownload of the brainiac test. Knowledge is power, and with thesetricky questions you will feel a real adrenaline rush answeringquestions about animal wonders of the world. If you like brainteasers, riddles, mind games, you are smart and you like questionsabout interesting facts, this is the right game for you. DownloadQuiz Me – What Animal Am I now for free and have fun playing!
Cute Tiger Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Casual Games and Apps
Hear the roar of the jungle every time you look at your new livewallpaper, because here comes ☺ Cute Tiger Live Wallpaper ☺! Withthis amazing free download, your own “virtual pet tiger” will bealways with you! One of the best “animal dress up games for kids”awaits you if you download this free app for Android™! Play withthe adorable “virtual pet buddy”, dress it up, change the hats,necklaces and glasses, choose your favorite backgrounds and muchmore! This surely is the best “tiger wallpaper HD” on the market!♥ Adorable “tiger cub backgrounds” for girls and boys!♥ DRESS UP your own “Bengal tiger” in a fashionable manner!♥ The wallpaper app is very easy on the battery – it will sleepwhen the phone is inactive!♥ Cutest “virtual pet wallpaper” on the market!Open your eye of the tiger and see that the only thing you needis this “virtual pet animal background”! If you download ☺ CuteTiger Live Wallpaper ☺ , you will have the most adorable pet dressup game and the sweetest tiger HD wallpapers! Play with the babyanimal, dress it up, place the tiger in the jungle or on the beach,or unleash all its might in the comfort of your room! Many hours offun are guaranteed if you download this unique “interactive virtualpet live wallpaper”!♥ Original art work!♥ Tablet support!♥ Wallpaper is running fast and smooth – based on OpenGL.♥ Highly customizable – play a “cute animal dress up game” – changethe type of the cub's hat, necklace and glasses!♥ Ten background images, plus three foreground types!♥ Parallax 3D effect – turn it on or off!♥ Pet the tiger – it reacts to your touch!♥ Tap left or right – this adorable baby animal will follow youtouch with its eyes, move its mustaches and paws or becomesleepy!♥ Turn the sounds on or off – choose whether you want to hear thetiger noises or not;♥ Animations – you can turn them off – but then the adorable petkitty cat won't react to your touch;♥ Thought clouds - cute cub has a message for you – it will ask youto pet it, play with it or just pop a random 'I love you!'message!♥ Change the color of the animated particles on thebackground.If you have always longed for an exotic pet when you were a kid,now is your chance to have the cutest tiger cub as your virtualbuddy! Do not worry, it won't bite! Where it might seem as aferocious wild animal, it is, in fact, an adorable little babykitty, longing for your attention! Turn the cub into a princesswith pink ribbons and flower necklaces, or make a real gentleman,with a top hat and a bow tie! Don't forget the cool cat glasses anddifferent background images! ☺ Cute Tiger Live Wallpaper ☺ is acute animal dress up game that both kids and adults can enjoy, and,at the same time, a cool tiger live wallpaper for smartphones andtablets! Tap on the screen to make the cute pet blink, look leftand right, or stroke its fur to make it purr and become sleepy! Butwatch out! If you make it angry, it might roar!Toddlers and kids will enjoy one of the best “tiger dress upgames” and “cute wallpapers” with this fun app for Android™!Parents, stop your search for the perfect interactive virtual petlive wallpaper, because ☺ Cute Tiger Live Wallpaper ☺ haseverything that you need to keep your kids occupied for hours, andyou can even have some fun yourselves! With ten amazing backgroundsHD and a cute baby animal, which you can dress up and take care of,it surely is one of the best “virtual pet apps” on the market!Great for boys and girls, kids and toddlers, even adults! Have funwith these “cute animal pictures” and backgrounds and enjoy yournew best friend – virtual pet tiger!* This is a free and ad-supported app. The ads can be removed bypurchase. Your feedback is of great importance to us, feel free torate and share your opinion with us.* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Sleeping Music for Children 2.0 APK
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It's bedtime and you don't know how to put your baby to sleep? Tryplaying ♫Sleeping Music for Children♫ and you will see how easy itis to hush a baby in just a few minutes! It is specially designedto soothe an infant into a dream with the help of “lullaby songsfor kids” and beautiful nursery rhymes. The collection of relaxingmusical pieces and lyrics for children is a perfect choice fornighttime! Download this free app for your Android™ mobile phone ortablet, and play sleeping music of the lullabies until your childfalls asleep. Kids adore lullabies, so get this app and give yourchildren the pleasure of listening to their favorite “nurseryrhymes” for babies and toddlers! Download Sleeping Music forChildren, your child will sleep like an angel, and you won't havetroubles with putting children to sleep again!✰ Sleeping music forbabies, toddlers and preschoolers!✰ Collection of best lullabiesfor children and nursery rhymes for kids!✰ Perfect soothing soundsto sleep to!✰ Play the lullaby songs all night long, or set a timerat five, fifteen or thirty minutes, or one, two or three hours!✰Help your kid fall asleep in no time!Babies wake up many times atnight because they get hungry or wet, and sometimes it is hard toput them to sleep again. Induce healthy sleeping habits to yourchild with the use of “Sleeping Music for Children”. Provide yourchildren and yourself with some nice sleeping by playing lullabiesfor kids accompanied with soothing music. This free app contains“best music for children” and the variety of nursery rhymes whichall kids simply adore, newborns, toddlers and preschoolers! Theywill listen to free music, and the best part is that you can playthe list of “baby songs” over and over again! When bedtime comes,just play the “children's sleeping music” constantly, or set atimer, and you will have your child dreaming profoundly for thewhole night. Relaxing sounds of the lullabies and educative lyricsfor children make this app a perfect choice for your mobile phone.If you download Sleeping Music for Children, you can play this“sleeping music” box with lullaby songs wherever and whenever youwant!♪♯♪♫♪♯♪“Baby lullaby music” in this set of bedtime musicoffers both children and parents a relaxing background of soothingmelodies and white noise for sweet dreams. Lullabies have been sungto children for many many years because they have a calming effecton kids, and cause sleepiness in short time, thanks to therepetitive rhythm of piano music and lulling lyrics. Download thisfree list of toddler music and lullaby songs for babies and youwill see – bedtime will never again be your nightmare, but thefavorite part of the day for you and your baby. When your kid hearsits lovely nursery rhymes and goodnight songs, it will fall asleepin an instant, no matter whether your kid is an infant, a toddleror a preschool boy or girl!♪♯♪♫♪♯♪Ensure that your kid spends anight of sweet dreams by simply playing lullabies for babies. Playthem to your baby kid during the night and day when it is its usualbedtime, or to toddlers when you want them to calm down and have anap. Older kids, like preschoolers, will ask for their lullabieseven when it is not bedtime, since they like to listen to thelyrics of the nursery rhymes for babies and children because of thefunny text and the stories they can learn from the lullabies. Thisbaby music app is multifunctional – provides kids and parents with“sweet dreams”, makes the home atmosphere calm and relaxed, teachestoddlers and preschoolers some educative stories via “lullabylyrics”, and much more! Download Sleeping Music for Children andsee it for yourself!