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Just talk to the Talking Cat & Dog. The cute kitten answerswith her funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Witha lot of exciting inside games with many levels to play! Spend sometime with these two little friends and their great play activities.This cat is Babsy's favorite cat! If you like Talking Animals gameslike talking cat or talking dog, funny games, talking games or catsimulator games then you will love my Talking Cat & Dog! Try itout! ★★★ Features: ★★★ ✔ Talking Animals Game: Talking cat with dog- talking kitten - talking kitty ✔ Talking game - Talking Pets -Virtual Pet - Funny Games ✔ High quality 3D graphics ✔ Voiceinteraction ✔ Leo & Lea's Kitty Piano ✔ Pets animations: meows,barks, dance, etc. ✔ Cat games free If you like themes like dog andcat run simulator, take care of a cat, cats games in general. Thisapp is like gold for you. You will love it! Talking Cat & Doghas many funny games waiting for you. Talking Cat & Dog is afree pet app and one of the best Talking Animals games - downloadthe funny cat game now and just talk funny stuff and enjoy it! Ifyou like Talking Cat & Dog then please rate it with 5 stars!Thank you! This game is specially made for teenagers and adults ofall ages!

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    Talking Cat & Dog
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    September 5, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Fart Sound Board: Funny Fart Sounds & Boo Buttons 6.2 APK
Top free fun fart app! +++ 20 Fart Apps in 1! +++ --- Features--- -Funny Games - Crazy Games - Fun Games - Fart button - fart buttons- Fart sounds - Despicable Farts - Poo Sounds - Whoopee cushion -Fart games - Fart app - Fart bomb - Fart detector - Fart Machine -Fart Music - Fart Noises - Fart Prank More info about the funnygames and crazy games of the funny Fart App: - The automatic PocketFart Machine Extreme FX: A fart will play when a voice or a noiseis too loud. You can set up the sensitivity with one simple slideand choose the trigger modus, sound movement and touch. Extremelyfunny when the phone is hidden somewhere - The mega Fart SoundBoard: With this crazy and vulgar soundboard blaster you can playeasily by pressing different buttons. - The piano: Play the pianowith tons of great inverted burp notes. - The whoopee cushion:Warning: Do not sit or think about letting somebody do it as thephone will not carry the weight of a human being. - The explosivefart grenade: Let the brown thunder grenade explode in the time youdefine! You can set the seconds of the deflate alarm timer and hidethe device and let it explode - Pull my finger 3D: Pull the 3Dfinger and hear the different farts - from wet to atomic. This is agreat functionality for kidding friends. - Stinky A** Detector:Find out if your friends are stinky. Great FUN at parties! Advice:By using this tool, do not let you friend discover that you moveyour finger on the secret slide bar. - The talking fart: Talk tothe elephant and he answers with his funny voice and reacts to whatyou say or your touch. - The fart shaker: Shake your phone! The onewho shakes the phone the most will be elected as Flatulence MegaMan! - The fart games: Collect points by quickly touching the rightbutts. Pay attention to the wrong ones which are red. - A.. Lighter- Funny Jokes Collection - Fart lie detector: Did one of yourfriends drop a bomb? Find out the truth! - Match pairs: Find thesame looking images on the board and train your memory with thiscool match 2 game. - Fart wheel: Turn the wheel clock and anticlock wise to listen to the different fart and poo sounds. - GiftPrank: Give a wonderful presents to your friends and let them openthe mysterious box. - and more... Download Fart Sound Board: FunnyFart Sounds now! Please rate the Fart Sound Board: Funny Sounds appwith 5 poo ... ehhhh .... sorry.... with 5 stars if you like it ;-)Thank you!
Stickman Run: 1 2 3 Go Running 6.0 APK
Life is short but running makes it seem longer!The addictiveStickman Run is now available on the market, for free! All yourfriends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?! Stickmanwants to escape from the world created by his designer and you haveto help him through all his struggles. Test your reflexes as yourace along the bridges. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoidobstacles, collect coins and see how far you can run!You will haveto run like hell to escape from this virtual office temple! Allyour abilities will be required to dodge all the office tools onyour path. Run, skip and evade a great amount of staplers,paperclips, scotch tape, pencils like spears, pens, erasers,highlighters, markers, scissors, rulers and many more, to give ourbrave hero at least the illusion of freedom. Every collision canbring him a step closer to his confinement or even death.3, 2, 1go!We challenge you! Show us what you can and do your best!If youcannot save our reckless super crazy character from his prison, hewill probably need some surgery to get back on his feet and beready for a new escaping attempt.Features: ★ Easy touch control★Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning, and sliding.★Colorful graphics and smooth animations★ The coolest Stickman everto play with!★ The never-ending mega game★ Time change like: Night,day, sun rise, sun set and moon rise / set★ Special abilities:✔Thunderbolt / Lightning: Makes you run much faster (at a nearlyuncontrollable speed)✔ Chronometer: Resets your speed to normal(slows you down)✔ Shield: Makes you invincible for 10 seconds (Theonly thing you have to remember is to turn at every corner)Advise:Catch the chronometer during your rush through the city to slowdown the speed and increase the possibility of gettingfarther.Warning: Avoid the thunderbolt power up, as it will giveyou a turbo boost that makes you incredibly fast, but you willprobably quickly lose control of Stickman. The only way to stop thehigh speed is to take a chronometer.If you like racing, stunts,sprint, doodle, adventure and action games in general then you willdefinitely love Stickman Run. Fun is guaranteed!If yourphone/tablet/device has enough CPU processor speed, this game isdisplayed in HD.
Talking John Dog: Funny Dog APK
Just talk to the talking dog John. He answers with his funny voiceand reacts to what you say or your touch. With more than 10exciting inside games with many levels to play! Become the owner ofthis slightly loony dog and share some amusing experiences withhim. He does pretty much the same things a normal dog would do, butin his own foolish way. If you like talking animals games liketalking cat or talking dog, dog simulater or dog games then youwill love Talking John Dog! Try it out! My Talking John Dog is afree Talking Dog games app - download the funny Talking App TalkingDog John now and enjoy it! ★★★ Features of Talking John Dog: ★★★ ✔High quality 3D graphics ✔ Talking Animals - My Talking Pets - MyTalking Dog - Talking App ✔ Sweet Dog Game - Dog Games - VirtualGames ✔ Fun Games - Funny Games - Crazy Games ✔ Voiceinteraction/animations with talking dog ✔ Funny animations and coolspecial effects Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with the funnygames app my Talking John Dog! The Talking Dog is specially madefor teenagers and adults of all ages.
Princess Unicorn Surprise Eggs 8.0 APK
Have fun with the virtual simulator of the amazing surprise eggs.If you have kids that love to unwrap (unbox) surprise eggs, thiswill be the ideal app for them. In this application you will find agreat variety off eggs and a lot of interactive surprises to playwith. You will find numerous collectable gifts belonging todifferent categories such as, lovely princesses, farm animals,precious jewels, cute pets and puppies, etc. If you like eggsgames, chicken egg games, chocolate eggs, candy surprise eggs, toysgames, princess games or surprise eggs games in general you willlove Princess Unicorn Surprise Eggs! Enjoy hours of fun andlaughter with Princess Unicorn Surprise Eggs! If you like PrincessUnicorn Surprise Eggs then please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!How to play Princess Unicorn Surprise Eggs: 1) Choose the egg youwould like to unbox 2) Use your finger to scratch away the paperfrom the egg 3) Slide the finger down the screen to break thechocolate egg or activate the function button and shake the phone.4) Pinch or press open the egg yolk (little box) containing thesurprise - open egg to get surprise toys 5) Slide up to collect thesurprise in your album If you touch on the collected objects in thealbum they will a sound will be reproduced. If all the objects arecollected the album can also be used as a fun soundboard. You willbe able to her, dogs barking, cats meowing, sheep bleating, horsesneigh etc. Each surprise can be observed in the detail before ithas been stored in the album. Princess Unicorn Surprise Eggs isalso the perfect chocolate eggs app to prepare you for Easter ;-).Princess Unicorn Surprise Eggs is one of the funniest egg openinggames and super eggs games!
Baby Babsy Amusement Park 3D 18.2 APK
Begin a new amazing adventure with Babsy the talking baby. Enterthe theme park with her and check out all the marvelousattractions. Walk Babsy around the park in order to reach thedifferent attractions. Take a ride on the bumper cars and try tohit as many opponents and as often as possible to win thecompetition. Participate in an exciting boat race on the littlelake. Hone your driving skills and win the race. Take a ride on abreathtaking rollercoaster and a fun. If you should feel a littlebit tired you can enjoy the view from the ferris wheel or walk tothe magicians pavilion. The magician will entertain you by lettingastonishing surprises appear for you. If you like theme park games,simulator games, rollercoaster games, simulation games or fun gamesin general then you will love Baby Babsy Amusement Park 3D! - - -Features: - - - ✔ High quality 3D video graphics ✔ Talking baby ✔Amusement and theme park with rollercoaster etc ✔ Baby run gamewith Babsy ✔ One finger control joystick ✔ Jump button to climbover some obstacles ✔ The baby repeats everything you say with afunny voice ✔ Background music and sounds This game has beendesigned for teenagers and adults of all ages! Baby Babsy AmusementPark 3D is a funny and free game! Download Baby Babsy AmusementPark 3D now and please rate it with 5 stars if you like it.
Princess Game Salon Angela 3D - Talking Princess 4.0 APK
Meet Angela the super star princess. As all the celebrities sheneeds to look beautiful in every occasion as she can never know whoshe is going to meet.Unfortunately to look always beautiful can betiring, for this reason Angela will need your precious help andcouncil. In this princess salon game you can land a hand to ourgorgeous and magical princess to get ready for her publicappearing’s.You can make Angela start with some relaxing spatreatments (Pimple Popping Game) to make sure that her skin isclean and as smooth as the one of a baby. Wash her hair and make itshine with some cool glitter effects.As second step help my Angelachoose the best matching mascara, hair color and style. Moreover ifyou should think that she would look nicer with a different eyecolor, you will be able to apply her some colored contactlenses.Next assist her in choosing the perfect make up and applyher a bit of eye shadow, lipstick, blusher etc.To complete yourwork it remains only to choose the right clothing and accessoriesfor her big day.Now thanks to your help the magical princess isready to face every photo shooting and all the paparazzi’s that shemight encounters on her way.At the end of the makeover you canspeak with Angela and she will repeat everything you say.After themakeover, you can save and share the pictures per mail, withWhatsapp, Twitter, Skype, or simply upload them to Facebook,Flickr, Dropbox etc.If you like hair salon games, princess salongames, baby games, girl games, pimple popping games, baby caregames, dress up games, makeup games, makeover games or princessapps in general you will love Princess Game Salon Angela 3D -Talking Princess! How to play: To get read of the despicable pimpleyou need to rub on them until they disappear.To apply a mask simplyselect the type of mask you want to use and then spread the producton Angela's face with the finger. To clean it either use the watershower or switch to the next beauty product.Some of the make-upproducts will automatically be applied on the model by simplyselecting the desired icon (color), other will need to be appliedwith your finger. ** Features ** - Pimple Popping Game- Spa Section- Makeup Section - Princess game for people of all ages who loveprincess salon games- Fashion dress up Section - Make her ready forthe Cat Walk, she is the cat’s pyjamas ;-)- Choose the skin color-360° View to have a better look at the model- Many differentbackgrounds: Sea side, her room, forest, castle etc.- Differenthair styles to choose - Try different hair dye, lipstick colors,eye color, eye-shadow.- Accessories, including earrings, necklaces,crowns and a hat.- Small face tattoos- Blow soap bubbles- Talkingpart with Angela talking and repeating everything you say- Shareyour awesome girl pictures easily on facebook, mail etc. with fewclicks.The princess is a big fan of the talking Babsy baby!PrincessGame Salon Angela 3D - Talking Princess is a great princess game!Please download Princess Game Salon Angela 3D - Talking Princessnow and rate it with 5 stars if you like the angel game it. Thankyou!
My Talking Baby Music Star 3.3.0 APK
Talk to the Talking Justin West Baby and get into his dreamingworld. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you sayor your touch. With 4 exciting inside games with many levels toplay.Our sweet baby just fell asleep and you will be able to seewhat is going on in his little head while he is apparently restingpeacefully.Spend some time with Justin the dreaming super star andhis highly entertaining activities. He will show his talent and howmuch he likes performing for you. He is a little actor that likespretty much all kind of music as rock, blues, hip hop classic,tribal etc. You will see him playing a guitar, a piano, drums andother instruments dressed up in different pretty cool outfits. Evenif Justin has an artistic personality he is still a baby, thereforedo not expect only crazy things from him. In fact he likes to doalso the normal things every kid of his age likes such as hugginghis brown teddy bear, playing with his toy airplane, tasting newfood, throwing stuff around etc. After having such a an excitingdream he loves to take a warm relaxing bath and to blow big soapbubbles that fly all over the place.If you like talking games liketalking cat or talking dog, baby games, baby care games, baby pandacare, newborn baby games, baby girl games or baby apps in generalyou will love My Talking Baby Music Star! Enjoy hours of fun andlaughter with this talking and free virtual baby app! If you likeMy Talking Baby Music Star then please rate it with 5 stars. Thankyou!★★★ Features of My Talking Baby Music Star: ★★★✔ Baby Game -Baby Games✔ Talking Game - Talking App - Talking Baby✔ High quality3D video graphics✔ Cool voice interaction✔ Baby Piano✔ Excitingtouch game with 20 levels inside - for free✔ Great numbers game -check now the IQ and your brains memory✔ 1 to 60 game incl. 1 to60, A to Z, 2 4 6…, 1 3 5 …, hex, roman numerals, periodic table,octal, etc.✔ Many different animations✔ Gets angry, smiles, laughs,dances, jumps etc.✔ Fun for all✔ Amazing soundboard with many funnysounds: animals, cow, cat, rooster, fart, gun, scream, bomb, etc.✔House gameExtra Content:★ Comics & Cartoons: Comics involvingdifferent subjects as for example: jobs, neighbors, doctors,fishing, homeless, old stories and many more.★ Jokes Collection:Funny jokes divided in different categories. You will find funnyjokes about: weather, teachers, insects, robbers, etc.★ Generalknowledge: Do you know all the things about history, curiosities,geography, buildings, monuments, science, etc.?★ Photo FunFunctionality: Create funny and fake images/pictures and share themwith your friends★ Great and wonderful images out of the space. Youwill see the space shuttle, the moon, burning rockets, turningsatellites, astronauts, the first men doing a moonwalk, and manymore...★ Stickers★ Kids paint: Super entertaining tool to try anddraw a picture with your fingertip. There are also a lot ofpredefined cartoon pictures that can be colored such as a wonderfulprincess, nice toys, a clown, a long snake, a sea star, a koala, ahelicopter, ships and many more. Discover the artist in you!★Pairs: Find the same looking images on the board and train yourmemory with this cool match-2 game. ★ Sliding puzzle: Touch andslide the pieces of the puzzle where they belong to recreate theoriginal image. ★ Pair Up: Match up the pictures that belongtogether (that have something in common).★ Quiz★ Two Players SuperDuel GameEnjoy hours of fun and laughter with the funny app MyTalking Baby Music Star! My Talking Baby Music Star is especiallyfun for children.