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This application is design and develop specially for guidanceofparents, teachers and students to clarify basic concepts ofUrduGrammar. Teachers can teach their students more effectivelyafterconsulting this app. This application is design according tobestsyllabus. This app includes: Urdu Grammar basic conceptsforPrimary level students. Wahid Jama (Singular Plural) MozakarMoans(Masculine Feminine) DarKhwasten (Applications) Ham AwazAlfazJumlay (Words and Sentences) Mazameen (Essays) Urdu Qwaed oInshaSo overall this is good guide app collectively for studentsandteachers.

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    Urdu Grammar
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    April 14, 2019
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Nai Abadi Tibba Sher Kot Kamir Road, Pakpattan, Punjab, Pakistan
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