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Princess Goldblade sets off to protect her sweet and peacefulcountry from monsters. Don't expect a fragile and vulnerable sillyprincess. There is a very strong and courageous heroine. Join heradventures and fight against hordes of monsters and also againstthe gigantic ones.In this platform game, you will run, jump, andcollect continuously. There are various levels like land of trinks,land of monsters, the feral bulls, a fall in the void and more.Ease the pains of the lovely rabbits, collect the coins, and blastthe bubble monsters throughout this amusing platform game.Features:- Adventurous platform game- Game for girls and boys-Suitable to kids- Bubble monsters- Cute graphics- Many stages

App Information Warrior Princess

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    Warrior Princess
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    October 17, 2016
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Daily Casual Games
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    Özden Sok. No:21 Elyssium Cool E10 Kurtuluş / Istanbul Şişli İstanbul 34381 TR
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