1.1 / July 29, 2016
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Zombies Shooting: War Z is #1 FPS zombie shooter game that combinesthe everlasting entreaty of classic action with zombies killergames. The dead walking monsters are back in the town withsomething terrible virus. The world is taken over by the these deadcreature surfers around who scoff everything catch or hit, andwhose bite is infectious to all citizens zombies shooting game youhave to survive in crazy city which is overwhelm by killer zombies,take your weapon and reclaim what is yours! Accept the challenge tofight for survival of human in this Zombies shooting, War Z FPSgames 2016 3d.Enter a dark world where humanity is engaged in theultimate battle for survival in the face of a Zombie apocalypse inthis zombies roadkill 3d. Take a part in cruel resistance by deadwalking creatures in zombies shooter games 2016. Zombies runeverywhere in the fantasy city to looking for citizens to eat, youare involved in the war against the merciless and bloodyzombies.Features:-Thrilling Zombie Rush towards your & Hack andSlash style FPS War-Z- Aim to become a first class contract zombiekiller in zombies’ shooter games.- Stunning graphics with moreheavy & light Weapon store.- First person zombies shooting gamewith unlimited simulation in zombies games.- Scary and effectivesoundtrack and realistic physics.Now it's time to face theapocalypse world and blow the crap out of number of zombies!Download ZOMBIES SHOOTING: WAR Z and start the ultimate battle ofsurvival in the city against the cruel zombies.

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    Zombie Shoot: Z War
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    July 29, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Rival Spils - Hunting and Parking Games
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Tired of playing Zoo and Wild animal train and truck transportgames!, Here we are with an addition to animal train games.Thisgame will blow your mind with awesome Farm animal transportmissions. So once again add twist to the animal transport games andbecome an expert animal transporter train driver. So get ready forthe FARM ANIMAL TRANSPORT TRAIN 3D which is all about the farmanimals transportation concept.In 3D wild animal train drivinggame, you have a chance to act as animal transport train driverwith the best giant animals train. GREAT SIMULATION CONTROLSFirstof all you need to lift farm animals in the cages placed on thetrailer cabin of the train and then you have to transport anddeliver them safe to the nearby zoo to meet the demand ofanimals.FARM ANIMALSThere are number of farm animals as passengersthat you have to transport to the destination to complete the gamesuch as pig, dog, cow, horse, stag etc.Bonus LevelsSimilarly youwill take the injured animals from the jungle, zoo and from forestlake to the veterinary hospital by your mega train. While movinganimals keep in mind that you must transport them in a way thatwon’t cause them injury or needless suffering and use brake.TRAINSIMULATIONThis is one of the premium animal transport Steam TRAINsimulator that is going to be full of adventure for the animalgames lovers on the railway track with simply perfect controls.Yourduty is to ensure the quick supply of injured animals from jungleto animal infirmary. You will move this heavy duty animal carriagetrain to its target with precision and accuracy. Besides you’llenjoy more interesting levels in this animal transport train game.Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge animal traintransporter.Enjoy being the train transporter with farm animalslike cow cattle and goats, in a pleasing animal transport simulatorenvironment. Features:• Multiple levels with hardcore challenges •Realistic Advance Train transporter • Awesome 3D driving trainphysics • Amazing detailed textures of farm animals• Kid friendly•Quality farm environment Surely! You have not played such type ofanimal farm animal transport games as yet. So revive the uniquenessin animal train games blended with the concept of 3D trailer animaltransporter train games. It's your time to display some courage andresponsibility required to operate this heavy loaded train withwild and farm animals. So hurry up take it now and enjoy the driveof ANIMAL TRANSPORT TRAIN simulator 3D.
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Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A really amazingdinosaur simulator game.Get around with your dinosaur, eateverything you find on your way!Smash out everything in your way.Becrazy Dinosaur and hit objects in this dinosaur simulator a newaddiction to dinsaur games free. Dinosaur Rampage with actiongameplay.Take control of a huge Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and rampagethe city. Smash into cars. Knock over streetlights, mailboxes.Watch water pour out of the Fire Hydrants as you smash into them.Don't worry, this dinosaur will eat people. He just likes to playaround.The Jurassic beast strikes the modern city again. Dinosaursare back from the Jurassic Age! Play as an infuriated dinosaurwarped out of its time period. The city once yours is riddled bystrange, tiny, two legged creatures…they scream loudly and runpretty fast! Don’t let those tiny arms deter you from claiming backyour home! Wander around the city destructing whatever gets in yourway. Chase and crush invaders. Here is a chance to not only watchrealistic dinos in this age but also be one of them! City DinoRampage 3D features: •Realistic Animated Dinosaurs •Awesome 3D CityEnvironment •Play As T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or Velocipede •Smooth AndEasy Controls •Multiple levels with challenging gameplay •Installand play to become an ancient beast! dinosaur rampage,carnivorous,tyrannosaurus, Tyrannosaurus are back from extinction in theAfrican jungles. Help Trex for playing in the city Create havoc ofthe Jurassic era and win all levels. Look out for the other viciousdinosaurs.Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A reallyamazing dinosaur simulator game: get around with your dinosaur, eateverything you find on your way!With your giant 3D Dinosaur be sureand look around in all the corners and uncover all the mapsecrets.This Dinosaur simulator is something you will not want tomiss. You've tried Wolf Simulator, Bear Simulator, Shark Simulator,and anaconda Simulator. Now give Dinosaur Simulator a try!! Itsbig, its bad, its 3D awesomeness!
Horse Transport Truck 2017 2.1 APK
Horse Transport Truck 2017 is an extreme heavy engine truck drivinggame which is modern and best in horse transport games. Horse isthe king of racing and you have to transport horses from farm tothe citizens. This horse transport zoo animal delivery horse withthe blend of Horse Transporter Truck 3D is the best transportationgame. Buy a horse from farm market that is already trained in horsetransporter games .You have to load it to truck first then Become atruck driver to transport horse to its destination with transporttruck animal zoo games. play most realistic HORSE TRANSPORT TRUCK2017. superb in horse transport games.In horse transport games ourbasic aim is to load horses from the farm and take them towards thecity for sale. Long drive real truck driving games new alltransport, the user will have to operate the horses by using ajoystick and load them on highlighted spots in the transportertruck one by one. Once the horses are loaded in the truck, we willstart operating the truck by following a highlighted arrow. Oncethe vehicle will enter the city, it will park on highlighted spotsin front of the houses. Now we will start unloading the horses andpark them in their individual compartments .A specific time limitwill be provided to complete each level with horse transportgames.Farm animals specially the zoo horse transport and racinghorses are your cargo in this game, now excavate the cargo anddrive carefully the loaded truck on the road to transport the wildhorse to the destination. Delivered Horses to the buyers. It’s asimulator game to have fun with controlling horses and truckdriving as well with horse and trailer truck simulator.Discoverreal driving adventure with horse transporter truck , in one of thefinest horse transporter games. Add twist to truck drivingsimulator games and become a skilled transporter truck horsedriver. It’s time to showcase your driving skills by driving aheavy duty transport truck and enjoy the fun in transport games.Ready to play truck heavy transport games city driving top new free2017 simulator 3d.Features of Transport Truck Animal Zoo Games:•Control Beautiful Horses with horse transport games• Load anddeliver the Horse in a heavy vehicle• Ultimate fun of horse andtrailer truck simulator• Transporter truck simulator with zoo horsetransport• Endless fun with horse transporter games• Groundbreaking physics for smooth controlThis animal transport simulatorwith the twist of zoo horse transport. Unique blend of qualitytransport games mechanics and scenic rural environment to give theperfect 3D horse transportation simulator experience. Get ready tobecome the driving master in horse and trailer truck simulator withour HORSE TRANSPORT TRUCK 2017 vertex of transport truck animal zoogames.
Police Horse Criminal Chase 1.3 APK
Simply an awesome police vs thief chase game concept in horseriding games has arrived. If you like police games or police horsegames then please don't forget to download this latest police horsegames new addition of 2017! So are you guys are ready for one ofthe best 3D police horse chase games which is one of the classichorse racing games and a horse simulator having a brand new idea ofpolice chase games. Best police horse chase game out there withvariety of horses in one of the hottest police horse games withpolice chase games frisson to become a daring cop. In this policevs thief games various police horse chase missions where you runbehind the criminals, robbers and thief and control crime rate in3D fantasy city. POLICE HORSE CRIMINAL CHASE is truly going tospice up your inner police pursuit to show your anger in latestpolice games. The gameplay of horse police games is simple but withfull action and thrill which is will let you take control of apolice horse going crazy in the crime city. Culprits and lawbreakercriminals are trying to escape the crime scene. Meanwhile, you aspolice jockey arrive riding your horse and start chasing them inthe crime town in 15 police horse missions. Just follow thedirection arrows to keep track of them so robbers and criminalsdon't get away in this horse simulator game. You will love chasingcriminals while riding on your horse in newest police horse chasecrime city. Your police horse is professionally trained! let’s rideand chase and chase the criminals in crime town. Features:- RealHorse Riding and Simulation in police horse games.- Police vs thiefgames gameplay with multiple police horses. - Amazing 3D graphicsand exciting gameplay.- Become Police Cop to Catch Criminals incrime city.Are you ready the action packed ride on latest horsesimulator? The police horse games provides you challenging tasks tochase criminals which were unseen in other police horse racinggames. Horse games or horse racing games have a goal that makes youneed to be the fastest horse rider. One of the best police gamesand police horse games with Crime city police chase horse iswaiting for you. So get ready to play latest police chase gameswith thrilling police chase missions and enjoy the true horseriding with the super-hot blend of police horse games. You willdefiantly love the newest POLICE HORSE CRIMINAL CHASE and becomethe finest horse rider.
Christmas Santa Gift Delivery 1.0 APK
Merry Christmas to all 🔔 and it’s time to deliver some gifts as asanta 🎅 in Christmas gift games and santa gift delivery games. Playand be a part in spreading the wondrous joys in santa gift deliveryon this christmas event of 2017 in our santa games for kids. Drivearound in the santa christmas gift delivery car and deliver thegifts to all citizens. In santa gift delivery games our lovablesanta 🎅 is coming to spreading some joys among the children andbrings gifts for them. Santa christmas gift delivery in car is verynew idea and it’s never been so entertaining. So get ready tobecome Santa Clause and deliver gifts on this christmas of season2017 to all the citizens around the 3D town with santa games forkids. People will love your passion of spreading the joys amongthem in christmas gift games and santa gift delivery games with ourCHRISTMAS SANTA GIFT DELIVERY! Your major duty is to In christmassanta gift delivery you get to play as Santa and deliver Christmaspresent gifts to children in the 3D fantasy city and town. Beforejumping into santa games for kids please take in consideration thatpeople from all over the city depend on your santa gift deliveryskills to deliver all the gifts in christmas gift games. 🎅 Featuresof Santa Gift Delivery on Christmas 🎅🔔 Multiple superlative giftdelivering cars to drive in christmas gift delivery games. 🔔 Bestfun for kids and aims to drive a gifts car with santa games forkids.🔔 Car driving experiences with realistic precision steeringcontrols with accurate acceleration/braking.🔔 Realistic big 3D cityenvironments during christmas santa gift list. 🔔 Multiplechallenging santa gift delivery missions to accomplish. Are youready to fulfill your christmas gift delivery duty with our 🎅 santagames for kids? OK! then download rite now CHRISTMAS SANTA GIFTDELIVERY the best santa christmas delivery of gift game.