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Citizens are facing a big issue. There are number of zombiesarrived in the city and are big threat to the human beings. Thewhole routine life is too much disturbed because of them as themayhem zombie gang is dead killer and they murder everyone. Peoplecan’t counter attack on them as they lack of weapons. They need anexpert zombie shooter and ultimate assassin that can overkillgangster zombies like an elite killer and turn them into the dead.Keep advantage of the dark night and assault them with headshots.Be a knife master and throw knife on them or shoot them with yourmodern sniper. Take a bomb squad with you for fighting with deadcreature. Keep an eye on their shadow in the darkness. Be a shoothunter to fight the battle with extra skill.Don’t lose your life inthe battlefield as it’s a death and life war and you have no healthkit. Kill them as a dynamic fighter with your army. Sniper andother weapons gun are given to fight the battleship. All the peoplewant see the street full of zombie’s blood after this epic clash.All of them are hopeful of winning city’s best sniper killershooter. So take your gun and shoot. War is waiting for theterminator. Get ready.Feature:- Dynamic game play- Multiple sceneto onslaught zombies- Impossible mission to complete- Throttle themin mountains and blast them in graveyard- No worries of bullets,strike your target with awesomenessOne of the superb gun shootinggames and zombie games is dead land zombie killer. So take yourpistol and save the world from this evil. Good luck!

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    Dead Land Zombie Killer
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    February 2, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Tapsformer, Inc.
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Are you hungry and looking for something really nice to eat? Webring a mobile pizza service in your town in which a crazy chef isbaking and cooking tasty pizza in bus and sell it to your street.You can have pizza with many shapes like heart, circle, round etc,as you like. There are number of items to decorate your pizza,first paste tomato sauce on the dough then garnish it withdifferent items like green and red chili, mushrooms, black olive,pineapple, onion, capsicum, cheese, chicken, salt, spices and eggs.Adjust the suitable temperature of oven and bake your pizza.Vegetables and fruits are good for health, so use as manyvegetables as you can. This kitchen bus does not only have spicypizza maker but also have a slush maker machine in it that preparesyummy banana, mango, orange and strawberry flavors of delicious anddifferent color frozen slush. So weather it is hot or cool, you canenjoy readymade pizza in your home, work place, tour, picnic or insome park, you don’t need to go to the bicycle to bring eatables,everything is just outside your house. Features: - 40+ levels toplay - Each stage is full of interest and enthusiasm - A mega gamewith unique idea - Earn as many coin as you can to win City BusPizza Delivery is one of the best cooking games for girls. Weplease to invite you to play our other casual games for kids forfree. Send your feedback at [email protected]
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Zombie Road Warrior 1.0.2 APK
Are you best driver in zombie world?Can you fight with zombie whenevery minute you are in danger? Some scientists were working onlatest inventions, they make many experiments and use differenttechniques. One day they succeeded to make a creation with chemicalthey make many experiment on its and conclude result that this wasnot any invention but unfortunately it was zombie virus which wasvery dangerous virus. They wanted to destroy this zombie virus butdue to not presence of zombie antidote it was impossible to destroyzombie creation and at the result of madness the zombie virus startto convert in civilians of grand city and they also become a hunterzombie. The government appeals you for help so ready to downloadthis zombie road warrior game and help other to get rid from thismonster zombie virus and safe your homelandAre you ready to huntthe zombie with your best sniper?Choose your best car from thegarage to get behind the wheels and ready to go for zombie VS manepic battle. Remember! you are the last hope for people so do notlet the zombie come near to you , kill zombies before they kill youor before you become a victim of zombie virus. Drive as fast as youcan but be aware from the hurdles put in your way by zombie, showyour zigzag driving and become a super zombie hunter by crushingzombie. Keep your finger on sniper button and shoot them with nomercy. Crush zombie come in to your way of zombie battle. Differenthealth center are placed for you in way so use them if zombie tryto attack. Different levels are designed for you to enjoy forseveral hours, 3D realistic environment with intuitive control andamazing graphics will give you real feel of zombie war Zombie gameplayThis zombie road warrior game is specially designed for zombielovers and roadway lovers with multiple challenges like shooting,zombie hunting and road racing so show your skills to completemultiple tasks in one game with no age restriction. No wifi noproblem just download zombie for one time and enjoy this epicgameKey featuresNumber of weapons, gun, rifle, pistol, revolver,sniper or rocket launcher.- Endless running, racing and zombieshooting all in one- Number of hurdles and obstacle in the path arewaiting for you- Vehicle can be changed into sports car forfighting- Real gravity and physics to boost up your skills- Earnpoint to get coins- Challenging trail zone for an elite killer- Usecoins to upgrade level- Experience rooftop murder while a rashdrive- No traffic and passenger vehicles or milestones to detractyour attention- Best zombie shooting game- No age restriction- Funfor all ages- No wifi no problem- Zigzag drivingWe tapsformer incassure you for best games in future and we are busy to entertainyou, your friend and your family so if you find any bug or majorissue in our games please inform us by mail or your reviews we willtry to solve that issues as soon as possible
Jungle Hunting 3d Shooter 1.2 APK
Real safari & jungle animals hunting simulator & 3d snipershooter gameHello, Say hi, to our ultimate 3d animals hunting game.Hunting in real life is full of dangers wild furious animals canhunt you in a matter of seconds. Many people love hunting and itstheir favorite hobby. Some girls and boys hunt animals in the darkforest along their friends, they do camping and cooking in thejungle, similarly old buddies go for hunting just like the youngguys. It's quite scary and adventurous to spot out wild beastsshooting them killing and surviving.Don't worry you won't have togo to the jungle for animals hunt. We have developed an awesomereal life jungle hunting animals game where you will have to findout your targets and take them down with modern army sniper andother guns, pistols etc.There are two categories of jungle animalsin this ultimate 3d sniper shooter hunting game at start you willhave to kill harmless animals like zebra stag fox & deer withthese animals you will be able to experience hunting & handlingarmy sniper and other guns. As you will go along the levels thegame will become very challenging you will have to target furious& wild animals like lions, bear & wolves. Here yourshooting skills will be judged you will have unlimited ammo butlimited power to fight them. Either you will have to kill them orget killed. These wild animals are going to counter attack willhave to aim right as they would become aware of bullets shots.Findyour target jungle animals in the forest, take them out withprecise aim in this ultimate hunting action game. Game play1- Findthe Target to shoot2- Accuracy in shots will result in instantanimals killing3- Game will become challenging as you willadvance4- Save your power for survival5 - Can run to follow awounded animal6- Earn coins unlock awesome guns7 - Run and keepshooting to survive wild animals attack8 - Aim right and get thejob donePlay our best hunting safari game rate us & give yourfeedback at [email protected] and stay tuned with us for ourupcoming hunting simulator girls games & free games for kids.
Highway Shooting Police Chase 1.0 APK
If you are looking for unique shooting games with extreme carstunts then must play highway shooting police chase.A mayhem groupof gangsters ruined the peace of city and high command hasannounced shoot at sight order for them. So have an ultimate battlewith them to be a terminator. The truck you are chasing is full ofknife master who throw knife, elite killer, shoot hunter and sniperkiller shooter with a bomb squad. It’s a game of life and death sotake you army sniper with you and have great headshots exact to thetarget to assault them. Show your dynamic engineering skills byfighting an extreme battleship while handling your monsterautomobile on the danger road conditions and other traffic. So be abest flying car driver and expert shooter to throttle the criminalgang on the street. Drift your flying car to the inimitablespeedway and dash to chase the criminal’s truck to onslaught themwith your modern sniper.Be brave enough to drive car like a prostunt driver on the challenging highway with full speed. Dodgeother passenger traffic carefully and cross barrier and hurdles ofthe track with care enough to avoid the accident. Boost up yourenergy, accelerate your engine for the adventurous and huddlejourney and drive ahead in the top gear in rush hour withawesomeness. Forget that you have a brake in your car, pay fullattention when you switch on the ignition once. Strike your bulletsperfectly to overkill terrorists and killers and turn them into thedead. Face the counter attacks by the dead fighters and assassinthem to end up the war and complete your impossible mission.Features:- Realistic gravity and physics- Freestyle fighting withweapons: gun, pistol, rifle, rocket launcher etc.- Each vehicle hasa health kit- Best racing car game in shooting scenario- Experiencethe thrilling episode of the shooting gamesOne of the most epic gunshooting games and car racing games is in front of you. Play it forfree and challenge you friends to show their shooting and drivingskills like you. Keep playing and keep enjoying but don’t forget torate. Have fun!
Dead City Cars Stunts 1.0.2 APK
Enjoy the most epic, incredible racing car game with ultimatemayhem on adventurous car ramps. Drive ahead the flying car oninimitable speedway. What the best of cars you still need? Performfreestyle challenging car stunt. Extreme speed and rash drive withno limit and brake is required for such a blast mission and deadlyjourney. Drive car to the terminator point and zombies are yourtarget. Smash zombies and hit them with your monster automobile.Follow milestone lights on the highway to get direction and dash onthe danger road conditions and don’t run out of balance whileclimbing bridge and hill. Switch on the ignition and drift your carin the start, be in the top gear after sometime to reach yourdestination, also dodge zombies to accelerate your power. But becareful and check parts of your vehicle such as windshield wipers,wheel and engine before you cross barrier in the rush hour. Alittle rest or leisure can cause serious death as there’s no rescuein the track.Challenge your friends for such as extreme car stunts.Use your best engineering and driving skills and be a pro stuntdriver to throttle your enemies and assault or onslaught livingzombies. Features:- Trial zone in the very first levels to overcomedifficult and dynamic ones- High mountain like buildings to jumpcar on rooftop- Bounce zombie to boost up your score- Realisticphysics and real gravity is involved- Tilt your android phone tojump roof challenges- Up to twenty loop for better experience-Upgrade your cars to face challenges efficientlyOne of the best carstunt games in 3d scenario that can be enjoyed by everyone and byall genre. So enjoy the fully sports episode in the city of badblood with great awesomeness. Have thrill and entertainment in onegame. We’d really appreciate your feedback.
Bunny Hunting Challenge 1.0.2 APK
Farmers grew carrots to sale in the city so that they can earn ahandsome amount for whole year. Farming is not an easy task as ittakes a lot of energy and time but farmers are facing a problemnow. A gang of rabbits has arrived in the village that stealscarrots every night. Farmers were worried so they decided to talkto the leader of rabbits. Leader rabbit calls his army and warnthem not to steal carrots any more but there are some bad bunnieswho always act against laws. Now farmers and leader rabbit hasdecided to hire a rabbit hunter. Mountain and valley is full ofgood and bad rabbits and it’s your duty to differentiate betweenboth.Assassin the rabbit huddle and be a terminator of battleshipagainst bunny. Face the hardships with awesomeness. Villagers havea lot of expectations from the expert shooter like you and withyour modern sniper. So take a exact target to overkill the bunniesand turn them into the dead. But be careful before you fire bulletseither you are going to murder and innocent bunny or a gangsterone. If you assault an innocent rabbit the game will be over soonly throttle and kill the bad ones. You do not have fear of anycounter attack from your enemies as it’s a one sided battle only.Prove yourself an elite killer and sock the bad bunnies in theirblood. Features :- Dynamic game play with amazing high definitiongraphics- Ultimate levels with a trial zone- Different environmentslike beach, mountain, street etc.- Variety of weapons, gun, pistol,sniper etc.- Headshots are preferable for you.Be a sniper killershooter and shoot the bunny. Free rabbit hunting games areavailable but “Bunny hunting challenge” is best of all. Play ourother gun shooting games with levels for free. So keep playing andwe are waiting for your precious feedback. Have fun!
Bottle Flip Shooting Expert 1.0 APK
If you are looking for the best gun shooting games to test yourshooting skills and aim, try this one. It’s not only a bottleshooting game but a great shooting simulator you ever had. Blastthe bottles and be the champion of your fight club. Use differentweapons gun, pistol etc. to assault the bottles, skull and bulbs.Strike the bullets with awesomeness and assault your target. Takethe mayhem aim to end up the clash of shooting bottles. Differentscenes are there such as graveyard, forest, beach, mountain etc.for your complete entertainment. Challenge your friends and testwho is the best shooter among all of you. Solve your impossiblemissions and tough challenges. Bottle shooting is not an easy task,only the best hunter like you can do this with all of his efforts.Shoot them all before the time over. Features:- Dynamic sounds ofbroken glass- Realistic three dimension effects- Multiple levelswith different aims and difficult targets- Ultimate bottle shootingchallenges for expert shooter- More than twenty levelsBecome abottle hunt master by playing such a challenging and unique game ofits category. One of the best bottle shooting games and timemanagement games is in your hands so what are you waiting for?Let’s download and start playing for free Good luck!