1.1 / January 10, 2017
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DEAD MISSION: ZombieDEAD MISSION: Zombie game is about theeradication of Zombie evil stretched everywhere and around you. Thehorrifying zombies are hungry and coming to catch you for yourflesh and blood. You will kill zombie coming out of their gravesand approaching you. You will shoot and wipe out the entireZombies. You will also enjoy the terrifying environment of DEADMISSION: Zombie. Game player has to destroy each and every zombiebefore they kill him. You will find monstrous Zombie and bloodeverywhere. The wickedness of Zombie is outside of cave and readilyspreading in surroundings. Horrible sound effects, animations andbackground music keep intact the game-player with the game. DEADMISSION: Zombie is a first person shooter (FPS) game with dangerousarmaments and spontaneous controls and heavy machine guns. Yourgame character will also perform as a sniper for shooting Zombie.Features:* Intuitive controls* Horrifying sound effects* Uniquesniper and horror game* DEAD MISSION: Zombie is an First personshooter (FPS) and 3D game

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    DEAD MISSION: Zombie
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    January 10, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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