8.0 / April 7, 2015
(3.5/5) (33)


In this game :Good graphics , a set of weapons and can be found inthe game. An interesting plot , easy operation.

App Information Dead World

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    Dead World
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    April 7, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    125130. г. Москва, 2-ой Новоподмосковный переулок
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Tap Tap 3.0 APK
An entertaining game that helps pass the time at leisure in everysituation. The game is what you need in 30 seconds to set his ownrecord by pressing a button. The game has a leaderboard where yourwritten record. Install the biggest record is the main goal of thegame and played the first game you will want more and more time tomake taps for 30 seconds. The game will delay any person in hisworld of clicks.
Веселые Шарики 7.0 APK
Такая простая на первый взгляд игра, как шарики, вполне может статьинтересным занятием для провождения времениСуть данной игры оченьпроста: Делать группы шариков (от 3 штук) одного цвета. Многозахватывающих уровней.Главное отличие от аналогов: Каждая победаили поражение - смена уровня. Каждый раз есть стимул пройти каждыйуровень с первого раза!Such simple at first glance the game, as thebeads, it could be an interesting thing to do for spending timeTheessence of this game is very simple: Make a group of balls (3pieces) of the same color. Many challenging levels.The maindifference from analogues: Each victory or defeat - a change oflevel. Every time there is an incentive to pass each level thefirst time!
Space Star Shooter 9.0 APK
Space shooter pulls you into its three-dimensional world, where youhave complete freedom of movement, while struggling with hisenemies, namely the alien ships and meteors that are matched toyour spaceship and want to destroy it. Alien ships firing at yourship appearing out of nowhere, wanting to as quickly as possible todestroy you, while you are flying on the meteors that their mass ina collision with your vehicle can delete it in cosmic dust. In thegame you are given 3 life for which you have to score maximumpoints. Shoot the alien ships destroying them avoid collisions bymoving your ship. Your record will be shown to you on the mainmenu, gives to the ability to see your previous record and set anew one. And of course the graphics at the highest level, Starbackground makes it possible to feel like a real space and a guestwill not leave anyone indifferent to this game.
Hit The Lights 55 APK
For big fans of puzzle we present to you the game. At first glancethis game may seem daunting, but after going a few levels you'llunderstand that the important thing is to focus and understandingof the action that you are doing. This game is an unusualmozgolomkoy where you want in the correct order to remove or move aparticular item in order to achieve the main goal of passing alevel. The most interesting level you need to pass in the time andeach level for different times. The game has a save functionmileage level. Graphics fascinates and there is a bonus in theschedule, in the main menu, you can both enable and disable theflying meteor shower.
Dead World 8.0 APK
In this game :Good graphics , a set of weapons and can be found inthe game. An interesting plot , easy operation.
Aero Balls Plus 10 APK
Continued fascinating game Aero Balls ceases more interesting andexciting. On the field you can see once you attack the ball 3 whichwill eventually increase the rate. The objective is the same as inthe first episode of hold time as long as possible in the field.Avoiding collisions you hereby set your personal best time, whichis stored in the leaderboard. Also in this version, there arebonuses that you can buy before you start playing for points whowins the game, using power-ups you hereby make our life this game.
Aero Balls 20.0 APK
Exciting game develops reaction, attentiveness and vigilance. Thegoal is that you need as long as possible time to hold on to thefield that would not be collisions with other balls that nars andnot to crash into your bowl. The game begins with a "harmful" andthen with the ball every 5 seconds of starting to become more andmore, and each subsequent movement hinders the movement of yourball. Avoiding collisions you hereby set your personal best timewhich is stored in the leaderboard! Just in our game has some nicebonuses that you can buy before the game to win on points in thegame, using the bonus you hereby facilitates this game yourself.
Clash of the balance 20 APK
Incredibly - an exciting game that draws you from the first second.Fantastic graphics with a space theme will immerse you in an openspace, where you will play the role of an asteroid, penetratinginto the input point, and flying through the fire bars, which inturn if you linger on them may burn your asteroid. Our gamecontains 64 fantastic levels of varying difficulty. But the mostimportant thing is that control of the game you will be using theaccelerometer. Accelerometer - a sensor to determine the spatialposition of the object. To play you need only send your asteroid -turning the screen and at the same time to balance it so that anasteroid enters the inlet points to complete a level. Also in thegame has a save function mileage level, whic