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From the maker of Checkbook Genius! A widget for monitoring up to 8upcoming events. The perfect companion for any calendar app!DeadlineEye tells you how many days remain until your events. Carryyour countdowns wherever you are! Have a big trip coming up? Wantto keep track of how much time until those final exams? How aboutthose project milestones? Looking forward to an anniversary? Yournext vacation or holiday? You can watch the number of days countdown for all of these with DeadlineEye!

App Information DeadlineEye Widget

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    DeadlineEye Widget
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    October 12, 2018
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    Android 8.0 and up
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    Charles Tatum II
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    Small Screen Software 3824 Cedar Springs Road #238 Dallas, TX 75219
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Checkbook Genius 3 App 3.1.0 APK
SEE EVEN MORE SCREEN SHOTSAThttps://www.facebook.com/smallscreensoftwareMARSHMALLOWREADY!Manage any account with a balance – checking, savings, debitcards, gift cards, even credit cards – and avoid costly bouncedcheck fees or low balance surprises! Balance your checkbook withCheckbook Genius! And now, do it with a splash of color with thenew customizable color background! Recompiled and adjusted forAndroid Lollipop (Version 5.0), Checkbook Genius has been aroundsince 2009 and has helped thousands of users avoid overdraft feesnot just by flagging accounts that are negative, but when they’regetting low. Low balances – you pick what’s “low” – are flagged inyellow, while zero or negative balances are flagged in red. And youcan see all your accounts in one handy place!An easy-to-useinterface makes it a snap to enter checks (with automatic checknumbering), withdrawals, deposits, and more. If you pay billsonline, there’s even a place for you to type in confirmation orreference numbers! Handle transactions you create on a monthlybasis in one of two simple ways. Presets let you specify a payeeand an amount, and you can edit a preset any time if changes areneeded. Or create recurring transactions – you schedule fortransactions to be automatically posted to the accounts of yourchoice, and when the post date arrives (or if it has passed), yousimply approve each transaction to have it written to the accountand your balance adjusted. No surprises!Reconciliation is also easy– Checkbook Genius can bring up a single screen where you can see atotal of all your uncleared transactions. Then you tap anotherbutton to automatically create an adjusting entry in your checkingaccount. If you need to clear a bunch of transactions as a batch,that’s easy, too – you can mark every transaction in your accountwith one action, or specify a cutoff date.Checkbook Genius also hasa handy backup center, making it easy for you to migrate yourCheckbook Genius data from one Android device to another. Here’s alist of some of the features in Checkbook Genius 3 forAndroid:(NEW!) CUSTOMIZABLE BACKGROUND COLOR. Pick a backgroundcolor that suits your mood!(NEW!) PAYEE SEARCH. Find alltransactions matching a particular payee.RECURRING TRANSACTIONS.Great for managing transactions that occur regularly like rent,mortgage or car payments.CONFIRMATION NUMBER FIELD. Pay a lot ofbills online? Jot those confirmation or reference numbers in thisnew field for transactions!TABLET SUPPORT. If you have an Androidtablet, you can enjoy using Checkbook Genius in the easy to viewlandscape mode designed for larger screens and devices!PRESETS.Presets allow you to pre-define any payee and amount combinationfor regular use.SCRATCH PAD. A handy place to jot down reminders,built right into the app.SORTING. Sort accounts 6 different ways,and sort transactions 8 different ways.TRANSFERS. Move fundsdirectly between accounts.RECONCILIATION. Checkbook Genius totalsup all transactions not marked as cleared. The difference isautomatically added or subtracted from your account.AUTO-FILL OFPAYEES. Less typing! After entering the first two characters of apayee name, you’re presented with a list of payees. Just tap theone you want to use.CHANGEABLE LOW BALANCE INDICATOR. You candetermine what is “low”. If your account’s balance drops below thefigure you set, the account display appears in yellow.PASSWORDPROTECTION. Don’t feel like pattern-locking your Android phone?Create your own custom password or passcode.Stop giving money forbounced checks to your bank and know more about your money withCheckbook Genius!
MemoGenius 1.5.0 1.5.0 APK
Got a lot on your mind? Jot it down in MemoGenius, the easy,simple-to-use memo manager for Android. Think of it as a Notepadapp for your phone. Save shopping lists, titles, song lyrics,product names, prices, gift ideas, to-do lists, names of thosepeople you just can't seem to remember, web sites, and anythingelse you want. Sort the memos 6 different ways and search throughthem with a string of characters or piece of a memo. If your phoneis equipped with voice recognition, you can even speak the text ofyour memos!
LaundryGenius 1.0.0 1.0.0 APK
Just in time for Spring Cleaning! HALF PRICE SALE! Getsimple-to-use LaundryGenius now for just 99 cents! This is alimited time offer so grab it now! The perfect laundry timer forapartment dwellers! Keep track of timers for 4 washers and 4dryers. Can even signal you when it's time to add liquid fabricsoftener! Stop being a clock watcher and use your laundry time forbetter things with LaundryGenius!
Fuel Advisor (Ad-Free) 1.0.1 APK
Tired of high gas prices? Find out what you're spending withFuelAdvisor!Gas prices are sky-high AGAIN! In many cities, a gallonof gas costs $3.50 OR MORE!Ever wonder what you're REALLY spendingon gasoline? Many people don't see a relationship between theprices posted on a gas station sign and how much they spend on gasevery week or month. FuelAdvisor is a fuel cost calculator thatdoes all the math so you can know what to budget for gas. Help isavailable on every screen.
FuelAdvisor 1.0.2 APK
Gas prices are sky-high AGAIN! In many cities, a gallon of gascosts $3.50 OR MORE! Ever wonder what you're REALLY spending ongasoline? Many people don't see a relationship between the pricesposted on a gas station sign and how much they spend on gas everyweek or month. FuelAdvisor is a fuel cost calculator that does allthe math so you can know what to budget for gas. Help is availableon every screen. Don't want banner ads? Look for the ad-freeversion of FuelAdvisor for just 99 cents!
OutOf 1.0.1 APK
New! From the maker of Checkbook Genius comes this simple groceryshopping tool that's better than any notepad app. Use OutOf to keeptrack of the 12 items you mostly run "out of"! Enter the names ofanything you frequently use up - milk, paper towels, coffee,deodorant, soap, detergent - anything! When you run out of an item,simply tap the button so it changes from green to red. The nexttime you're out shopping at your favorite grocery store, tap theitem buttons to change them from red back to green. Perfect forsingles, students, or anyone who easily forgets just what they ranby the store to pick up! Works in any language worldwide! Don'tforget why you went to the grocery store - get OutOf now!
W.E.S. Scorekeeper 1.0.1 APK
Ditch the pencil and paper for keepingscorefor games like Scrabble(tm), Boggle(tm), Spades, Gin Rummy,Euchre,and Bid Whist! W.E.S. is a scorekeeper you can customize forthemajority of card, word and other table games. Keep score for upto6 players at once. Includes countdown & turn timers.Need help using the app? There's Help on nearly everyscreen.Just press the Menu button on your Android phone andtap"Help".Create your own look and feel for any game in Preferences.Changebackgrounds and fonts.When you end a game, W.E.S. even saves a log of your scoresforeach turn to the SD card on your Android phone!Play in style with W.E.S.!************************************************************IMPORTANT: This is NOT A COMPUTER GAME - it is for keepingscoreonly.************************************************************
Time, Distance & Money 1.0.2 APK
Time, distance and money - the three elements of interest to anyworking professional or job seeker. This new app from Small ScreenSoftware, maker of the highly popular Checkbook Genius app, letsyou test salaries using its salary calculator, maintain lists ofwork projects and timesheets, and even track offers. With the worldof work changing from permanent to contract/freelance, this is atool you won't want to be without. What is Time, Distance &Money? Time, Distance & Money is a program that givesrecordkeeping and math tools to working professionals. It consistsof three main pieces - the Salary Calculator module, the Projectsmodule, and the Offers module. The Salary Calculator module letsyou dynamically calculate salaries or pay rates based oninformation you enter, and lets you figure out your expected payfor time frames ranging from a week all the way up to a year. Theslider bar lets you add to or subtract from your "test" salaryfigure in 5 percent increments - see what a small bump will do foryour take-home pay, or see if you can cut your salary quote to thatprospective employer to stay competitive with other job candidates!The Projects module lets you keep track of work projects you mayhave, along with a timesheet section for recording any time anddistance you accumulate while doing your work. This module is idealfor information technology workers wanting to keep track ofmultiple projects. The Offers module lets you keep track ofsimultaneous offers you may receive from employers or work places.It lets you compare multiple offers in one convenient place, so youcan make the best choice. And you can keep track of deadlines soyou don't blow a big opportunity. Not sure if this is for you?Search the Android Market for the free 5-day trial today! If youalready like Checkbook Genius, you'll like this app, too! Time,Distance & Money - a great new tool for folks who are alreadyworking...or who are looking for a job!