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Deadly Dino Hunting Wild Safari Jungle Survival 3D is anamazingwild safari hunting game where user is supposed to huntmultipledeadly dinosaur in open world jungle. The user will beprovidedwith the amazing hunting kit along with the best huntingsnipers.The user has to survive the jungle all alone where thesedeadlycreatures may tear you apart so become the most courageousandsurvive the jungle and leave nothing behind. In variousmissionsthe user will be attacked by these dangerous creatures anduser hasto survive the challenge so the user needs to raise theweapon andunleash the survival fury. Have the best sight on the thedinosaursfrom the top of mountain like a Mountain Sniper. Thebattles wherethe dinosaur will invade the metropolis city the userneeds to behighly efficient and super silent like an assassin, sohide on thetop of building and use the City Sniper Contract Killermethod andsecretly hit the target.

The Game Features one of the Best HuntingSniperRifles:

🔫 Dragunov SVU.
🔫 Dragunov sniper rifle.
🔫 M21 Sniper Weapon System.
🔫 M14 rifle.
🔫 M24 Sniper Weapon System.
🔫 M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle.
🔫 M40 rifle.
🔫 PSG1.
🔫 AS50.
🔫 Dragunov SVD.

Get Yourself Ready for the ultimate SurvivalChallenge:

In the jungle hunting user might get himself injured so userneedsto make sure that he/she must have the medical kit with himall thetime. Eat the food and regain the energy, travel back intime andhunt these historical creatures, defeat the monstrous andbecome aa survival hero. Take strong position in dessert likeaprofessional Desert Sniper and hit the target like a proFrontlineSniper Hunter in this wild Sniper Arena Hunting. Fight fortheliving one and hunt the dead ones by taking the fight to thenextlevel where survival is the only option because it is Man VsWildand man needs to survive against because this is theonlyoption.

Let us Explore some Amazing Features of the Game:

🔫 Survive the Deadliest Jungle and Become theultimateSurvivor.
🔫 Hunt the deadliest creatures using FPS Shooting Mode.
🔫 Survive the wild safari with courage and pride.
🔫 Use the deadly firearms and guns against the dinosaurs.
🔫 Hit the dino where it hurts.
🔫 Jungle Visual Effects (VFX).
🔫 Specialized Forest Sound Effects (SFX).
🔫 Realistic Animations like bullet animations.
🔫 Accurate and advance zoom in and zoom out procedure.
🔫 Save the life of citizens and don't let the dino escape.
🔫 Smooth and easy controls.
🔫 Accurate sniper scope, HUD and magazine.
🔫 Focus the dino using sniper scope.
🔫 Use unlimited ammo in this battle of survival.

App Information Deadly Dino Hunting Wild Safari Jungle Survival 3D

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    Deadly Dino Hunting Wild Safari Jungle Survival 3D
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    August 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    10 - 50
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Body temperature is overall temperature of ourbody or ability to keep ourselves warmth. Whenever any abnormalityin our body is detected the first thing we usually do is that wemeasure our body temperature. This can show the significance ofbody temperature. Heart Beats get lower in high temperature i.eFever. This application is a prank application. All healthparameters are very complex. Just take Menstrual Cycle as anexample, Period Tracker and Ovulation Tracker is involved in thiscomplex process. You can save yourself from diabetes by maintainingyour Real Blood Glucose Level and Real Blood Sugar Level, you canavoid many lethal disease by controlling your Blood Pressure andReal Blood Cholesterol. Oxygen level is measured from Pulse RateOximeter SPO2. Use this app for fun and entertainment purposeonly._________________________Highlighting Features of thisApplication_________________◔ User friendly interface that crates a pleasant feeling◔ Intuitive User interface which really helps the user◔ Free for everyone to use◔ No network Required____________________________Guidelines to use thisApplication____________________◔ Start Heart Rate Calculator Application◔ Pick Gender to proceed◔ Put Thumb/finger impression on the screen for processing◔ Wait to see the Result after few moments_________________________________Disclaimer__________________________________Body temperature thermometer is a prank application, users must nottake the readings obtained from this application considerable, thisapplication is designed for the entertainment of users so they mayentertain themselves.
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