1.0 / September 25, 2017
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Get into the dangerous danger and fight against the deadpeople.Clear the horror and fear from the world and defeat all thedeadlyzombies out there. Be the first person shooter and you arethe onlyone combat avatar who can change the frontier of the entirecity.Use your shooting skills in this deadly zombie killing game.Thefull of adventurous zombie hunting game is waiting for itsmasterof dead hunter to play this extra-ordinary thrilling deadlyzombiegame and kill all the forest zombies apocalypse and finishthespace front-line. You have to stop and kill the deadly zombieinthe dead target zombie game because they are injecting virus ontheinnocent people of the city and you as the combo armycommanderhave to rescue them all. You have all your army forcedbullet proofweapons with you. Take the fury sniper gun for thehunting of thezombies and clear the massacre. Reload your grenadelauncher forthe furious shooting on the dead target. The mostimportant MP5 forthe long range shooting and the fast rifles forthe destruction ofthe dead house of the zombie frontier. Anti-virusRGP guns for theremoval of the virus given by the zombies and alsoannihilatehordes of the living organic. The apocalypse game of thedeadlyforest zombies, they are spreading all around the streetsanddestroying the peace of the country. So become a brave armyhunterand save the world from the fear of the zombie hunter. Makearevolution into the world and save the world from the zombiehunterattacks. Do save yourself from the new deadly zombieshuntotherwise they will hunt you. Be the survival rescuer anddefeatall the plague of deadly zombies in every mission. You haveall thesupport from the IGI frontier and do show your bestperformance inthe zombie hunter game. Be the best ultimate zombieassassin roadkiller. And end this zombie war assassin forever.Features: • Full3D graphics of the zombie hunter • Camera view andamazing soundsystem of zombie killing • Automatic reloaded machinegun • Easy tohandle the AK47 • Missions to play

App Information Deadly Sniper Hunting-Zombie Shooting

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    Deadly Sniper Hunting-Zombie Shooting
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    September 25, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ferozepur Road Lahore, Pakistan
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Hello, games lovers, come on to play a wonderful game of Tractorsand trolley at the place where you love to play either on plan roadjust like a car or jeep driving or on mountains while driving as anexpert driver. This is real tractor drive simulation on 3Denvironment. Jungle roads and farm roads both presents joyfulexperience. Drive a traktor which is 4x4 vehicle. Same like SUV. Invillage really a fun where you can enjoy the passion of loadergames or harvester machine. High speed racing car or slow drivetractor both give intense pleasure like city driving and villagedriving. Tractor is just like crane driving, as crane move slow andrequire high skills of driving. Tractor can also run on mountainsand jungle. You can also drive it on canal side as it is 4x4.Mountain car run in speed where speed driving skills require. Roaddriving is wonderful. SUV is good car also for mountains and desertdrive. Drive a car on rough road is same as tractor on rough roads.Loader driving is also similar to tractor simulation silage. Expertdriver can drive loader van or truck. Tractor can also run on mudand in jungle where you can collect cut woods. Lorry drive is toughon village road. Unlike, mountain bike or mountain car tractorcannot take jumps. But there should be mountain tractor which cantake jumps like mountains car. But tractor can be drive in saltrange. This games are equally for adult and young population. Youcan call it also as children games. Student always like racinggames whey then can enjoy high speed. But villager has to runtractor in slow motion drive. It is not baby games.In the villageusually Chaudhary has traktor trolley and they use it fortransportation and loader vehicle. They usually have in their homesbicycle, motor bikes and cars as well. They enjoy morning drive oftractor on the grass and on the farms. They also keep in their roadloader trucks and air jets. When they go to fields the can also runor drive slow games.This games is called tractor games 2016 as itcontains all good features of mobile games. Police vehicle runfaster than the tractor while army vehicle run more faster as well.This is latest games. Police tractor is good also for play.Citytransportation is different from village life. In city roads thereis happy drive while people of village love tractors trolley andloader vehicle. Army tractor is also good. Army vehicle drive isvery lovely.This is a transport app as well and can be consider aseducational games. Belarus tractors are more popular than Africantractors. In classical games classic tractor are used which can runon rain as well. Drive in rain is very enjoy full. This is a freegame where you also have to park tractor. As tractor parkingrequired high skill. Drive with skill is amazing. SUV drive is verygoon. Mountain drive is always fun. But I always like desert drive.Now students like latest 3D games. Army tractor are very strongvehicle as they are considers as construction vehicle as well. Thisis latest games for public drive and village drive this is not likehelicopter drive and commander games. In this game there is no airshoot or gun fire. No weapon is used in this game. This is justlike a racing games. Tracktors are 4x4 vehicle just like SUV whichis also 4x4. Therefore you can enjoy drive simulation of racinggame at 4x4 jumping car at mountains and plan roads. People alwayslike racing games. This is a 2D games. Hill climb games are veryattractive to play. But whenever I go to desert I drive desert jeepthere. Crops cutting with traktor is so nice. Lorry run veryslowly. Commando games not usually contains tractors. Real gamesare very difficult to play.Laptop games are similar to tab games.
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ISIS Apache Heli Defend
Animal Safari Shooter 1.2 APK
If you love to play wild animals hunting games, then you are atright place. Let’s play a magnificent jungle adventure huntinggame. In this game, you can hunt different wild animals likeDeer/stage, wolf, lion and tigers. This hunting games containdifferent jungle animal hunting challenges in differentenvironments. Your first challenge is to hunt lions and wild bears.You have to shoot them very quickly before they attack on you. Tryto kill animal from distance don’t go very close to lions they canattack on you. Use your sniper gun to shoot them. Head shoot cankill wild animal easily. Lion hunting is difficult than deerhunting. In deer hunting games you just have to shoot deer withyour gun or hunting riffles but in lion and wild animal huntingthese animals can attack on you and can kill you. Apart from lionhunting, deer hunting you can hunt many other wild jungle animals.You can go into forest freely to find the hunts.Hunting is anecessary thing for a commando who alone penetrate in enemy areaswithout active supply line. Every perfect army commando is taughthow to hunt animals for survival in jungles. When army commandos goto missions to fight battle in warzone they have to live in junglesand isolated areas. It becomes very difficult to supply food tosoldiers in battlefields where brave soldiers are busy in combatfight. Sometime army or police helicopters drop food but most ofthe time they have to eat hunted animals. That’s why a commandoshould be perfect hunter for her survival. This is a marksmansniper war that every bravo modern commando shooter learns in everymodern army training basecamp. Even from old era soldiers aretrained as archer shooter and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriors and knights were expert in hunting the runninganimals.Shooting a moving object is always difficult than shoot afix object. Improve your sniper shooting skills to hunt dangerousanimals like lions and tigers. They become more fury and aggressivewhen they hear gun fire and blast sound. They can attack on you andyou have to kill them before they reach to you. Kill and shootbefore you are killed.So let’s go to mountains jungles and forestto find the deer and hunt them like an expert secret assassin. Useassassination techniques for target killing of animals. Wiselychoose your weapons for each kind of animals. Deadly dino huntingis a crazy idea. Dino are very dangerous to hunt. You need veryquickness and accuracy to dinosaur hunt. Dino are very powerful andstrong. You should be a perfect huntsman. Summer is a perfectseason for deer hunting.Dino Hunting takes you to the new horizonsof hunting wild and deadly dinosaurs in a complete natural, grandand dense forest environment of jungle for those who are good inhunting deadly animals in addition of good shooter as your missionimpossible is to stay alive and strike as much as possible to keepplaying this 3D shooting game. In this hunting game encounter youare equipped with modern sniper shooting guns arsenal. Fighting thewild & deadly Dinosaurs in a dense Jungle environment is fun soall those who are top shooter is ready to find and kill Dinosaurswith best sniper guns in an encounter of Dinosaurs who are readyfor rampage. It’s really adventure game for hunting lovers to havefun in Dinosaurs hunting, since you are equipped with a variety ofsniper shooting guns the game becomes thrilling as well as achallenging to play. Hunt the wild dinosaur to hit the target in anadventure Jungle environment to avoid clash of civilization asDinosaurs wants to get in to city for ultimate rampage &destruction so you super hunter The challenge has to be completedwithin limited given time. This Dino Hunting game contains multiplelevels with increasing difficulty levels. On successful completionof existing level, player will land on next level with enhancedcomplexity and will get a new unlocked sniper gun. Then you willbecome best animal hunter of 2016.
Horse cart race 1.0 APK
Have you ever been in a horse cart race? No? Don’t worry; this isthe modern horse cart racer game. Win a crazy Tonga racing and givea competition to other horse carts. Go cart horse racing is themost unique and traditional racing game for all the age group wholove to ride a horse cart. You get a chance to compete with otherhorse cart racer and become a racing champion. You have to load thecargo and passengers on to your horse carriage and take them to thedestination. During the horse car transport, you will get a chanceto compete with other horse carriage transport drive. During therace, don’t get the cargo fall on the off road otherwise you willlose the game. The other buggy driver will try to get yourpassengers and cargo to fall on mountain road but you need to befast so that they cannot catch you. DUTY AS A HORSE CART RIDER:Drop the cargo and passengers on the cart horse to the destination.Be as fast as you can. Complete different missions and try to winthe horse cart riding race. Be a skillful rider on the mountainbumpy off roads. Enjoy every level of the horse village transport.Gradually the difficulty level will be increased. A stunning gameplay that provides you amusement and fun with its creative theme.Moreover, multiple camera angles and realistic mountains as well asrivers will attract the user attention towards the game. You haveto show your professional skills and your intellectual level willrise up with your extraordinary performance. Get ready toparticipate the competition with your racing horse buggy and defeatthe opponent horses to clear the challenge.  FEATURES: Selectdifferent horse carts. Awesome sound track and 3D graphics. Easy touse controls for the riding Realistic environment and atmosphere.
Bravo assault commando attack 1.0 APK
Reload your super fury machine gun for the counter attack of theterrorist and shoot them all in just one fire gun. The full ofaction-based SWAT counter fire shot game is waiting for the elitecombo army striker to face the threats of the battle field and makethis war a survival army combat warrior. You are all alone in thisultimate counter shooting frontline mission. You as a lone wolfcommander have to defeat all the enemies and make their bad planinto failure. Take a strong aim on the target and shoot them allfrom your fury sniper bullet proof gun. There are many modern armyweapons, will be given to you for your protection like: RGP(rocketpropelled gun) Ammo The ultimate M16 for the long range attacks onthe enemies. You also have the option of MP5 and the dangerous MG42which will help you in the dark nights attack. For the destructionof the tanks and the base camps of the enemies you have the AK47and the grenade. And many more anti-aircraft guns to take thisoperation to a death end. For your safety you have the reloadedpistols and the most modern machine gun. Sharp and fast sniper gunfor this mission and many more. The enemies are crossing theirlimits, but you as the IGI trained officer have to beat them anddestroy all the base camps and the networks and this is your dutyto firstly weak the power of the rivals by vanishing the tanks andtheir cobra coppers. There will be the cobra helicopter and themost important army f16 heli and rescue the world from the terrorand pull the trigger and kill it. You’re shooting hoops skills andyour strategy plays a very important role in this operation of theforce counter critical strike. You as a frontier commando have tobe very clever in your very action and should have the fully focuson the mission and stay calm and do not lose the patience. This isthe most epic war and you have to act like a brave army rescuer andinfantry every corner of the down town and finish the blackout fromthe world by playing this city street war zone. Features: fullyarmed- forced base grenade man graphics easy to handle the assaultrifles and other reloading option and also the facility of armymedics dangerous missions to un-lock Thrilling and adventurous warcombat zone locations and sound system.
Commando revenge mission 1.0 APK
Want to play fearless and daring games then welcome to the mostexciting and deadly battleship commando shooting game and tie upyour shoe for the heavy military war mission. Features:• One to onecorrespondence shooting battle• Automatic reloaded rifles• Full onfirefighting i.e. missiles, rocket launcher and many more• Enemieskilling In this game of elite commando you will find lots of thrilland action. You will handle the enemies face to face and have toshoot them to save the world. If you want to become a game boy inthe armed combo war then you should be very careful in your movesand become the survival.In this game of army military mission youhave to beat both the time and the terrorist because a littlemistake may cause you a big harm, so should be very much attentiveand use right and fury strategies on defeating the evils and becomethe real combat army soldier. Be an elite striker and show theenemies no mercy.Main features: • 3D graphics• Full on sound trackand camera system• Many missions to open • Unlimited bullets proofpistols and FPS shooter• Totally war environment The counterstriker game, you have to take an aim on your target and thenshoot. Without any focus you will be unable to defeat your enemy.But in all these procedure you have to show efficiency because abit late in any work will make your game over and you will lose allthe staff and the mission will be not successfully completed. Bebrave and show courage to win this gun game.You will be all alonein this gun game. You have to chase the bad people with the help ofthe map or you can get their exact location through mobilestriking. This is the modern sniper game and you will find verymuch extra ordinary ultimate shotgun fight in it. Be first forshooting the bad people otherwise they will trap you and you willbe killed by them, and then it will be not possible for you to beatthem or also not able to unlock the other level of the snipershooting game.There are also lots of features and a heart takenstealth action to discover. So, be ready for the fun and excitementand rescue the world. You have to be protected for yourself and forthat you will be wearing the bullet proof vest which will save youfrom the bullets fired by the enemies. You will also findcheckpoints and different bonus like life, unique pistols and soon.
Highway luxury Prado Simulator 1.0 APK
Want to drive the free style luxury Prado car racing game thenswitch towards the extra-ordinary luxuries Prado car racing game.Bea professional Prado car parking driver by playing this ultimatePrado stunt car parking game. The most luxurious model of the Pradocar have been assigned to you so that it would give you therealistic Prado driving environment to you. Be careful whiledriving the most furious luxury Prado car racer because you have tocross the most dangerous heavy traffic and the drifting anddrafting twists and turn in the new game of the luxury Prado carsimulator.Give a race to your accelerator and let the fire burn onthe highway road. Through this game you can also improve yourdriving skills and become the most trained Prado driver ever.Dosome action stunts. The road is all yours. Drive the luxury Pradosports car and make some extra- ordinary stunts and moves on theroads. So here it is the game of the most epic luxury Prado parkingmania. Play the ultimate luxury Prado car parking levels and make arecord in the parking simulator world.Features:3D camera view ofthe luxury Prado car seriesLevels to play Great sound and easy tohandle the furious Prado carGreat grip on the gears, clutches andbrakesReverse gear and back view camera