1.0 / July 8, 2017
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Twist, Hit and Push the throttle and race for your life. Death Raceis a new concept Car Race game. Enjoy race with furious and fastcar racers in the latest death race car shooting. As the namesuggests, in death race car shooting you have to shoot down cars.Make a living out of the lives of your miserable rivals and theirwrecked metal battle machines. Fight in the Racing arena for yourlife and bring enormous joy to your spectators by killing down yourrivals. Push yourself to the edge and drive for the race of yourlife. One bad move and your life are over. So stay steady and fullalert behind the wheel. Put your eyes on the road and activate yoursurvival instincts as well. Push yourself to the limits as there isno room for mistakes. You mess up, you die, period.From the blendof shooting games and car games we bring you this amazing carshooter game called death race car shooting. Game play is simpleand to the point. You have to shoot down your enemies to come inthe first place. Remember, this is a race and you win when you arethe first one to cross the finish line. Your car is geared with upsome most fearsome firepower of the century. It can fire largebullets as well as it can fire missiles. Lock on your target andtake him out. Use the firepower and bring death to those who rideagainst you. It’s either kill or be killed. Choose yourself tobecome the prey or become the predator on the tracks of hell. Thegame is built to revive the intense battle mods and strategies.Built in multiple locations like snowy tracks, high mountains andfrustrating deserts with sun at 11 o’ clock, we hope to provide youwith the best of gaming experience so we have made this game muchversatile and very adventurous. It is more fun when to get tochoose your ride, with massive firepower implanted on them. Thistype of artillery is only famed from the best battleships of modernera. Utilize this firepower and take out multiple enemies at a timeor take them out one after another. Your rivals will bring theirbest to kill you and throw you off track, because only one personalive will cross the finish line.

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    Death Race Car Shooting
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    July 8, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Eventual Studios
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