1.0 / June 5, 2018
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In this death racing missile shooter traffic rage game, wehaveblended all the adrenalin, fun and excitement ofdifferentchallenges for you to shoot and destroy all vehicles thosearecoming on your way on the fury roads in this endless racinggames.With the amazing racing experience of death racing andbreathtakingracing war, you won’t be played before like this gameof death carbattle games. Real death racer road rage car racinggame is achallenging max shooting racing game with modern missileshootervehicle on fury roads racing tracks to enjoy the real lethalmaxcar race with extreme speed on highway. Buckle up to take partindeadly racing challenges as a real car battle games death racerandexperience the much fast speed lethal missile launchervehicleracing movements and road rage on the fury endless racingroads forandroid devices. Enjoy driving and the metal race andshoot cars onfury road tracks and beat the rivals with your amazingattack onthe running vehicles on the highway in this fury roadaction gameroad rage. This death racing missile attack car racingand maxshooting game has multiple endless racing challenges to testyourdriving skills. Show your extreme fast mad car racing whilerushinglike crazy car fight and car war on the road the adrenalineyou cancollect different coins, boosts, weapons and missiles todestroythe traffic coming on your way on the death road. Dodgevehicles infront of you or destroy them with you missile or lethalweaponloaded vehicle because coming vehicles can slow down you andcanirritate you so shoot them on the death road and clear your waytorace and shoot vehicles fast as you can. Earn coins and makehighprofile score table. Unlike old fashioned car racing games,thisdeath missile vehicle road rage racing game comprises ofthrillingcar war and car fight game of death to make you real deathracer.So, join the breathtaking metal racing, car max shooting andmadcar racing fury road gun games 2018. Do you have road ragetrafficdestruction with missile launcher heavy vehicle skills,attackingand racing on the fury mad road in different environmentthose arereally entertaining and exciting to play? Use best drivingandracing with lethal vehicles skills to become a deadly deathraceron highway death road with different max cars and latestpowerfulgun racing war max shooting games. Shooting cars is funwhen withdifferent and thrilling racing rival missions on the deathroads,let’s race and shoot highway vehicles in highway metal racinggameof death mad car racing game. Complete you missions and becomeacar shooter death racer traffic rage missile shooter withhighdefinition 3d graphics, immersive shooting fury roadgameplayphysics, and multiple vehicles on garage, amazingbackground soundeffects and car max gun game 2018.Features:Highdefinition 3dgraphicsEasy and smooth controlsMad missile vehicleracer gamedifferent environmentImmersive gameplay physicsRace andtrafficshooting with missile game playDifferent addictive andthrillingmissionsEpic Race death road environmentCollect coins andlethalweapons on the roadEnjoy racing and shooting traffic

App Information Death Racing Missile Shooter Traffic Rage

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    Death Racing Missile Shooter Traffic Rage
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    June 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Thunderstorm Studio - Free Fun Games
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Army rescue offroad war truck simulator drive game is here to saveinjured soldier in battlefield missions. Do you love to rescue themilitary soldier's games? You have hired as an army vehiclesdriver. You have to drive army vehicle and you have to put yourdriving skills and prepare yourself for a dangerous ride onmountains on dangerous off-road tracks. Now you have a chance tobecome a military truck driver in this rescue simulator 3d game.You have played many army vehicle games but this rescue gamedifferent than others so become a part of daring rescue squad formountain ambulance truck in this simulator. It will have fun whilerescuing the troops from war field like no other rescue games. Thiswill teaches you how to save the injured soldiers in an emergencysituation and perform rescue duties as the best driver. The war isgoing on in the mountains and during the war, some heroes haveinjured and are in bad condition. As a best and skilled ambulancetruck driver in this game your duty is to transport army troops tothe military hospital from the war zone. Let’s pick up the soldiersfrom the battlefield and transport them to the given locations. Youhave to drive your vehicle through hills and dangerous mountainpaths where your target to drop them to military camp verycarefully without any accident. Because there are bomb mines,falling stones and narrow paths on the way. The time limit is thefirst challenge for you, so you have to drive vehicle fast andcarefully in limited time. Perform rescue operations perfectly andsave the lives of injures.This military vehicle drive with multiplemissions is exciting and thrilling game. Get ready for the mostchallenging and exciting military vehicle missions to save thetroop lives. Take the driving seat and as a trained driver getready for some exciting emergency military rescue missions. Playthis game as a real hero take high risk and save the lives in theemergency with quality 3D graphics, wonderful war environment, easyand smooth controls, cool animations and realistic background soundeffects. Your task is different in every mission, definitely, thisamazing game will not bore you. There are multiple challenginglevels you have to complete all to be a hero. If you will notcomplete your required task within the limited given time you canlose the mission. Now download this unique and adventurous armysimulator game and get enjoyment.Features:Multiple excitingmissionsRealistic and immersive physics gameplayAmazing 3DgraphicsCool animationsEasy and smooth controlDifferent task onevery levelRealistic background sound effectsPRIVACY POLICY:http://thunderstorm-studio.com/privacy.html
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The hunting fever is at the high so grab the archery and go forwild animal shooting. Real archery wild animal hunter - safarihunting is a unique game in which player can shoot beasts with bowand arrow instead of using a sniper gun. It may take you some timeto master shooting with archery but when you play it, it will beinteresting to target, aim and shoot with a crossbow to hit forestanimals. Get ready for beasts hunting, Kill furious beasts likebeer, wolf, rhino, boar, stag and fox with bow and arrow. Shootwild animals as much you can with archery in a beautiful naturalenvironment, mix up of multiple jungle animal sound effects.World’s greatest hunting experience while attacking and taking downwolves, bears, rhino, fox and boar. Feel like in realisticsatisfying hunting environment. If you got bored with other snipershooting games and need some more entertainment then here is theperfect situation for you. You can hunt multiple animals whileplaying the game. We here brings to you the real hunting experienceever with stunning 3D environment. Hunting animals is a passionwhich belongs to royal peoples. Only a mature hunter and who takerisk to hunt beasts with courage can face wild animal in junglewhere every step of hunter’s life is in danger. It will make youaddictive though it is difficult and not easy to kill dangerous forunexperienced person. But you have to show shooting skills as anexpert professional hunter and proof yourself a best shooter. Youraim to the target must be more precise, accurate and quickotherwise they will attack on you and you will lose.Let’s takeultimate crazy challenges with archery FPS hunting simulator. Shootlike a pro show your skills to take the perfect shot. Get thembefore they get you. This game will get you to the very best wildnatural jungle environment. This is a first person shooting gamewith efficient control, realistic background sound effects andeye-catching 3D graphics. Enjoy archery shooting animal withrealistic animations. There are multiple interesting levels, gamehas different challenging and exciting mission. To unlock everymission have to complete first one and become champion of huntingbeasts with crossbow. It’s absolutely free game that will give youplenty of fun and excitement while shooting bow and killing wildanimals.Features:Beautiful natural forest environment in3DRealistic archery and crossbow shooting experienceStunning 3DgraphicsMultiple amazing levelsImmersive physicsgameplayInteresting background sounds effectsEasy and smoothcontrolDifferent arrows and bowsPRIVACY POLICY:http://thunderstorm-studio.com/privacy.html
Modern Robot Car War Transform 3D 1.2 APK
Modern robot car war transform 3D is an action-packed game battlein real-time. If you are looking for something new then play thisrobot car war game and fight with the enemy robots. Get ready forsurprise attacks and destroy the dangerous enemy beast cars withdeadly firepower and bombs. It's time to be a hero in robot armor.You can fire unlimited missiles, shoot unlimited bullets on enemiesand enemy vehicles. This is the most advanced futuristic robot carfight game. This robot fighter game offers you the most thrillingbattle. Your robot is equipped with heavy guns in this game so youhave to defeat all the enemy monsters. This is time to save yourcity from the enemies, drive around the city roads, and look formonsters to kill them and reach the given destination in time. Getready to play this brand new robots attack game and feel thethrilling adventure of modern fight transform. Take your breath anddive into the future through this car simulation. In this stunningfighting games, you can test your fighting and driving controllingskills of war. You have to show your extra ordinary skills to killthe enemies and have to destroy all kind of enemy cars. It is noteasy to destroy the enemy robots because they can attack you. Killthem very quickly to use your heavy guns. You have a choice totransform the car into robot and robot into car anytime in thismodern war car transform game. There are different levels andexciting missions with well-designed realistic 3D graphics, amazingbackground sound effects and smooth control. Your mission is tokill the number of robots in each level and reach the safely at thegiven point. Be careful and stay alerted from the cross firing fromthe enemy side in the war zone. This is an action packed and thethrilling game will take you into the real war zone. Let’s play itwith ultimate enjoyment.★★★ Features ★★★★ Multiple missions andnatural war environments.★ Realistic 3d graphics★ Amazingbackground sound effects★ Exciting levels and full of fun★ Easy andsmooth control★ Modern car robotsPRIVACY POLICY:http://thunderstorm-studio.com/privacy.html
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