/ February 13, 2017
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Death Run is where all you need to do isavoidthe fall! Grand Runners have to achieve their missions beforethetime runs out. Every level is an action puzzle. Jump,theft,destroy targets and don't forget to stay away from the edgesor youmay fall on the ground. It’s a fast-paced racethroughunpredictable obstacles & maze-like platforms. Try tosurvivein this open grand world as long as possible. Complete themissionsbefore you reach end of the track.

Don't slow down, auto, fall off and don't give up while runninginthis open world sky line.

Death Run Features:

1. Amazing action tracks!
2. Auto Running Mode!
3. Excellent sky and ground view with 3D effects.
4. Theft challenges.
5. Challenging action based missions to complete.
6. Smooth controls and addictive game play.

App Information Death Run - Auto

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