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When you want to relax in a comfortable, funand make a fresh mind, this time Vemale has some interestingportrait of the comfortable place to relax. The place itself iscreated relaxing outdoors beautiful, cool and certainly as one withnature.
Might be your dream to have a modern residence with a beautifullandscape and not look stiff. Here are the inspiration for thelandscape design students looking for a minimalist modern look toyour garden area. The park is made and neatly managed to appearsmooth and modern.
Currently the demand for land and houses increased sharply. This isnot out of the rapidly increasing population growth in every year,while land in the big cities is very limited. To circumvent it,then comes the minimalist trend. The house itself has a minimalistconcept is simple, simple, yet modern. Houses of this type does notrequire a large area as a base pembangunanya. Now because oflimited land, a minimalist house has a size that is not too big sofor homeowners who have family members quite a lot or have a lot ofstuff, this will be an obstacle.

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