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Make your touchsquid app look like the control panel of a spaceship. The Touchsquid app is a popular Universal Remote control forSamsung tablets and Phones with built in IR blasters.This themewill appeal to fans of space adventures and other science fictionstories. Goes where no other app has gone before!This is a Themepack for the Touchsquid remote app. You must have the Touchsquidapp installed first. Simple one button install. If you have morethan one theme we recommend you save separate profiles for them asthe Activity icons chosen stay with the profile. Switch customthemes by running the theme app. You can also set a suitable fontand font color from settings/themes menu.

App Information Deep Space Theme -- Touchsquid

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    Deep Space Theme -- Touchsquid
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    October 16, 2014
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    Touchsquid Technologies
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    2101 Philip Ave North Vancouver BC Canada V7P 2W5
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Media PC Keyboard / Mouse 9.00 APK
Full featured Universal Remote system for your PC! Great for Powerpoint presentations, video conferencing and much more. Controls anyPC running Windows. Special control layout for Windows MCE andXBMC. MAY NOT WORK WITH SOME NON-ENGLISH KEYBOARDS. Emailsupport@touchsquid.com if you have this issue.Touchsquid knows youlike to watch movies and TV shows on your Media PC or HTPC usingapps like Windows Media Center, XBMC and Netflix. This app turnsyour Android tablet into an awesome wireless mouse and keyboard. Abreeze to set up and use.It has a large track pad area, pop-upkeyboard for text, and the extra keys that windows has but Androidlacks. There is even a Windows Media Center button!The WindowsMedia Center Remote screen has all the shortcuts assigned tobuttons with appropriate icons. You still get mouse control andkeyboard access. Just touch the little remote icon.Step 1: Buy thisapp and install it.Step2: Download and install our free Windowsserver from www.touchsquid.com/MediaPC (must be exact includingCapitals. MediaPC not mediapc)Run the server, and leave itminimized. You can open it to adjust the mouse speed if needed.Support for gestures as follows:Single tap -- Left mouseclickDouble Tap -- Left mouse double clickLong Touch -- Right mouseclickTwo fingers slide UP/DOWN -- Scroll wheelRelax, grab a snackand beverage and settle down for some fun.
Touchsquid GR Home Remote 7.00 APK
Get the most out of your devices built in IRblaster with this powerful activity based universal remote controlapp. Huge database of over 900,000 devices almost guarantees itwill support your home system. Will even control the XBoxOne.Works on ALL phones and tablets with built in IR. Can also useExternal IR Blasters From Broadlink, Global Cache, Keene, andIRTrans.Sony tablets and Xperia ZL use Sony's built in database.Uses infrared and/or IP control. Control of a PC over WiFi requiresour server app from www.touchsquid.com/MediaPC. The device is underthe Media Manager category, brand Touchsquid.ACTIVITY BASED means one button to switch on all devices and setinputs for a particular activity. Typical activities are WATCH TV,PLAY DVD, and MEDIA MANAGER.Create a Room profile with all your devices. Then create activitiessuch as Watch TV, Play DVD. Save the profile. Finally add favoritechannels to an activity.Controls TVs, Set Top Boxes, DVD and Bluray players, CD and VCR,Receivers and amplifies, Soundbars, Game boxes and Mediamanagers.Uses infrared and/or IP control. A growing list of devices can becontrolled over wifi.30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Take your time to try it out and getset up properly.This version is limited to 6 devices per room profile, but there isno limit to the number of profiles. You can customize buttons andlayouts. No other universal remote control app is as versatile,except our own PRO version. Missing device? Contact support@touchsquid.com and we will try to get the IR codes and addthem.Setup is fast and easy.With this app and an infrared (IR) equipped tablet, you can take onthe higher end remotes. Need even more power? Macros? Check out thePRO version. Search TouchSquid PRO.Hardware volume button on your tablet sends IR commands for volumeup and down, can be held down.Themes are available to change the look of the app. Users can maketheir own, or choose from a growing library.
Touchsquid Version 4 HOME 4.991 APK
This version is no longer supported. Please get the latest from:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ts.universal.remote.control
Touchsquid GR PRO Remote 6.98 APK
The Ultimate Universal Remote Control app fordevices with built in IR, and other devices using an external IRblaster. Controls up to 15 devices in a room, unlimited roomprofiles. Up to 15 activities per profile. Touchsquid brings thefunctionality of a high end programmable remote control to yourphone or tablet.HINT: If it doesn't seem to work at first. Toggle AlternateIR in the Settings/Advanced menu.This is a completely new version with many great newfeatures:Now works in over 40 Languages! Built in context sensitivehelp.Magic Sync -- Synchronizes two or more Touchsquid remotescontrolling the same profile, so they remain in the sameactivity.Online database, the largest in the industry, is updated with newdevices as they become available.Pull Down and Popup menusReusable macrosUser settable screen backgrounds, use any photo or graphic as abackground.Full Screen -- Full function widgets work on Lock screenstoo.IP and Serial port control of many newer TVs and AV Receivers. Alsosome Set top boxes.Too many remotes? This will be the only one you need!30 Day Risk free Money back guarantee! Take your time and get itset up properly.Control of a PC over WiFi requires our server app fromwww.touchsquid.com/MediaPC. The device is under the Media Managercategory, brand Touchsquid.ACTIVITY BASED means one button to switch on all devices and setinputs for a particular activity. Typical activities are WATCH TV,PLAY DVD, and MEDIA MANAGER.Supported devices with built in IR:Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6 smart phones, including Mini and MegaGalaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Tab 4HTC One M7 and M8Samsung Note 3 PhoneSamsung Note tablets, all modelsMedion Lifetab 7852LG G3 Superphone.If your tablet lacks a built in IR blaster, you will need anexternal wireless device to do the same job. This app supportsthe Global Cache IP2IR, WF2IR and GC-100. It also works with KeeneKIRA, and IRTrans LAN I/O devices.Control of a PC over WiFi requires our server app fromwww.touchsquid.com/MediaPC. The device is under the Media Managercategory, brand Touchsquid.You get unlimited free upgrades to support new devices, and freetechnical support.Getting Started: Before you can see the remote control screen, youmust configure at least one device and one activity. Whencompletely configured you will see a green light beside the item.If it has a red light it is not configured yet.Features:40 screens of 24 favorites each. Favorites can be a channel,website or a user defined macro button.RUN APP feature allows you to run other apps from insideTouchsquid. Great for program guides and specialized remote appslike Google TV.Magic Sync synchonizes two or more apps on separate androids. Aslong as they have thee same profile loaded it should work. Activateit in the Advanced Settings.
TS Capture 3.00 APK
Now works with HTC One built in IR and Broadlink RMblaster..Infrared Capture application for use with TouchSquidremote app. REQUIRES IR blaster accessory Global Cache iTach orKeene KIRA or IRTrans Lan I/O.Some Samsung tablet models have IRtransmitters but none have IR receivers so cannot use this appwithout one of the above external devices. Don't buy this appunless you have one!Report bugs or get help fromsupport@touchsquid.com
Steampunk Remote by Touchsquid 1.03 APK
Turn your Touchsquid app into an elegant Steampunk RemoteControl.Change the look and feel of your Touchsquid app to matchyour personal style! The Touchsquid app is a popular UniversalRemote control for Samsung tablets and Phones with built in IRblasters."Steampunk is modern technology—iPads, computers,robotics, air travel—powered by steam and set in the 1800’s."--ministry of peculiar occurrences dotcom Imagine today'stechnology as it would be if designed in the style of Jules Verneor H.G. Wells!This is a one touch install theme for the Touchsquidremote app. You must have the Touchsquid app, any version,installed before installing this theme.This theme took many hoursof labor to create, elements were 3D modeled in Autoship andrendered in the Bryce ray-tracer.To install, run the app and touchthe install button. When you run Touchsquid the theme will beinstalled as a custom theme. You can still switch back to thebuilt-in themes through the OPTION button. You can also set asuitable font and font color from settings/themes menu.Look forother Touchsquid themes to follow shortly.The only Steampunk RemoteControl on google play.
Touchsquid Version 4 PRO 4.991 APK
This version is no longer supported.Get the latest from:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ts.universal.remote.control
Touchsquid Remote 6.98 APK
One touch Activity start! Power on all devicesand switch inputs with a single touch! Beats other Universalremotes by adding thousands of favorite channel icons and Wi-ficontrol.You can use it to control HD and 4K TV sets, projectors, HTPCs, DVDand Bluray players, media servers, games and more. Have a high endsystem? Curtains, lighting and many more devices can enhance yourhome theater experience.Works with all Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5/S6 models includingMega..Also supports the following tablet models:* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Tab 4* Samsung Galaxy all Note models from 3 up* Almost all newer Samsung tablets* HTC One* Medion Lifetab 7852* LG G3 SuperphoneDevices with no IR blaster can use IP control on many Receivers,TVs and Bluray players. Infrared devices can be controlled withexternal IR blasters such as Broadlink RM, Global Cache, Keene andIR trans.With the largest device database in the industry, updated daily,odds are 99% that we have your system covered. If you can't findyour device, email support@touchsquid.com with Brand and Modelnumber, and we can usually add it promptly.All the popular American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands arecovered, but also obscure and high end brands the competitionlacks.The Great Remote is finally here. The best Universal Remote ever!The trial runs free for 10 days, then you will be offered theopportunity to purchase the Home or PRO version in-app.This is a ground up re-write of the pioneering activity basedTouchSquid app. It is the direct result of user feedback and wishlists. Thank you loyal Squid fans for helping to make this the mostcomprehensive Universal Remote control for Android.Languages available:العربية:Arabic * Български:Bulgarian * Català:Catalan *Čeština:Czech * Cymraeg:Welsh * dansk:Danish * Deutsch:German *Ελληνικά:Greek * English:English * Español:Spanish * Eesti:Estonian* فارسی:Persian * suomi:Finnish * Français:French * עברית:Hebrew *हिंदी:Hindi * Kreyòl Ayisyen:Haitian Creole * magyar:Hungarian *Indonesia:Indonesian * Italiano:Italian * 日本語:Japanese * 한국어:Korean* Lietuvių:Lithuanian * Latviešu:Latvian * Melayu:Malay *Malti:Maltese * Hmoob Daw:Hmong Daw * Nederlands:Dutch *Norsk:Norwegian * Polski:Polish * Português:Portuguese *Română:Romanian * русский:Russian * slovenčina:Slovak *slovenščina:Slovenian * Svenska:Swedish * ไทย:Thai *tlhIngan:Klingon * Türkçe:Turkish * українська:Ukrainian *اردو:Urdu * Việt Nam:Vietnamese * 简体中文:Chinese Simplified *繁體中文:Chinese TraditionalExisting registered Touchsquid users can try this app withoutdeleting the old versions. You will automatically be licensed forthis version.The Universal Remote control has moved one step closer toperfection!