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Lets go hunting with Deer Hunting 2016- Sniper 3D.The hunting feveris at the high, so its time to grab all the equipment and gun andprepared yourself for the deer hunting in the snow valley. As theseason is on! so hunt as many deer as you can to become theultimate deer hunter .Deer becomes most craziest when snow seasonstart and lovely snow falls on mountains. you like to hunt inadvance winter envoirment. There are large numbers of deer . Youhold your comando sniper gun and select a safe place to snipe crazystags. Deer Hunting 2016- Sniper 3D is most attractive and amazingaction game with full of adventure in the most realisticenvironment with realistic jungle trees, mountain, water lakes andgrass etc.Deer Hunting 2016- Sniper 3D is an amazing and addictiveaction game to take you to an ultimate adventure in the mostrealistic environment with snowy mountains. Those who love thehunting game will love this first person shooter sniper game. Allyou have to do is, grab your sniper rifle and go hunting the Deer'sin jungle. So, lets go hunting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment. The deer might be unaware of your presence so giveyour best shot and take as many Deer's home as you can.You will seethe most amazing winter scenes in the game, sound of weapon,mountains and animals.TOP FEATURESFirst Person Shooting Amazingsniper rifle with scope to zoom.Stunning 3D Graphics Real TimeJungle Environment with Snow Mountains8 game play mission withdifferent tasksReal sniper hunter gameSnow season with lovely snowfallsModern sniper and hunt experience.HOW TO PLAYRotate your gunaround with screen swipeCamera zoom to get accurate shotsMissionbased game play to complete all missions Shooting accuracy andskills

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    Deer Hunting 2016 - Sniper 3D
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    March 29, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Urban Play Games
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Aim and Shoot! Safari Hunter 2017 offers you the unique game-playthat you can hunt wild animals not only on foot but also on a fastmoving vehicle!Let’s play an awesome unique safari hunting game.You are an expert hunter ready to shoot animals from a movingsafari vehicle in a South African jungle. The great vast jungle isfull of wild animals. You hunt the animals of your choice withinthe time limit.Safari Hunter 2017 lets you hunt the biggest andmost dangerous animals in the world. With access to powerful gunsyou will rely on your marksman skills to kill and trap animalsincluding Zebras, Bears, Moose and even stags escaped from parks.Moreover, chasing your targets on a moving truck makes the gameeven more challenging. Arm yourself with shotguns, assault riflesand the latest military gear to complete Dozens of hunting missionsacross the globe.Safari Hunter 2017 Features:-Lush Forests-VariedGame play-Different Seasons-Sniper and Assault Weapons-Variety ofAnimals- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome sound effects
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Heavy Cargo 🚛 Transporter Truck Driver 2018!Get ready for anexciting OFF-ROAD Transporter driving simulation experience, theGame of all time which beats all other truck games, cargo games,tractor trolley games and car transporter games. In this Grandtruck transporter simulator, you get to drive around in differentvehicles such as a Extreme Truck Trailer, a Big Off-road CargoTruck also known as 18 Wheeler Cargo Transport-er Truck. You willuse this 18-wheeler to transport cargo trailer around the city anda big off-road uphill track in grand truck lorry which would be funto play. This Heavy-Duty Truck, Cargo game, will surely test youpro driving skills when you have to drive an 18-wheeler trailerwith heavy duty transporter. Heavy Cargo transportation is itself achallenging task but its challenge multiplies when it is inmountainous and hilly environment. Mountain driving tricks are muchdifferent from road driving. You should face multiple dangerousturns and steep climb movement.Become a truck 🚛 driver 2018 in thisexciting new 4wd Big Truck Simulator 2018 3D game. Get in yourtruck and deliver cargo to your ending point. Carry all the cargomaterials and other things very carefully to your destination.GoodsTransportation MissionsTransport goods in your transporter truck orjust load cargo in your cargo lorry or Transport oil in your oiltanker and take it to different places, like uphill Off Roadmountain track or urban city. Get behind the wheel of your eurotruck and make sure you successfully complete your truckingmissions.You might have a played many Free cargo transporter games,racing truck games, car transporter games, truck Parking 2018games, snow mountain games, and other future Cargo truck games butthis Off-road Uphill Snow Truck Driver 3D 2018 will offer you anamazing control of real off-road truck driver. Do you think you caneasily become a huge lorry driver that carries a heavy load? GrandTruck driving may not be that easy as you might know. Your job inthis game is to load the heavy cargo on the car transportertrailer. Deliver cargo in the 4wd cargo trolley truck. Drive thevehicles from the truck parking lot to the other points in the mapand earn some cash.Features: • Hilly and mountains Environment.•Exciting New 15 Levels.• HD Sound Quality.• Friendly Mode Game.•New Models of Trucks and Trailers• New models of 4x4 Jeeps andvehicles.• Realistic physics.So, are you ready for the best multieuro simulator game of all time, accept the challenge you eurotruckers out there!Enjoy the Game and waiting for yourFeedback.Good Luck!
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Welcome to the world of Offroad Driving School 2016 !OffroadDriving School 2016 is the newest open world 4x4 car drivingsimulation, drive offroad 4x4 vehicles on a secluded forest islandwhere you can perform awesome stunts, smash into interactiveenvironment objects and explore the amazing offroad mountains.Choose your favorite vehicle and drive it through a rugged terrainon a secluded, hilly island, and incur car damage by flipping yourcar, driving through water, and bumping into mountains. Relive theadventure to enjoy off road driving with heavy vehicles likemonster truck and SUV’s. The rugged terrain is not easy to driveon, but with your perfect off road driving skills you can overcomethe challenge. Unlock all vehicles to experience the real thrill ofdriving. Play truck simulator off road & drive through mud,water and mountain steep paths. Rally along the hills and evenperform stunts with your off road trucks. The game consist of 8challenging levels to accomplish and one free style mission foryour learning, no time limit in this mission. Drift over the hillsand enjoy the adventure driving.Features:Amazing Selection Of HighQuality 4x4 Vehicles•Spectacular And Challenging 3D Environment ForOffroad Racing.•Realistic Driving Experience•Detailed And Complex4x4 Physics•Responsive and Realistic Gameplay•Smooth And EasyControls•Engine, Brake and Boost Updates•Cool Visual And SoundEffects•Realistic Weather Effect
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Try Highway Traffic Bike Rider in 3D!Highway Traffic Bike Rider isthe best freestyle motorcycle game with a realistic feel. Grab yourawesome motorcycle and prove you are a true city traffic rider.Ride into the city streets at the speed of lightening HighwayTraffic Bike Rider! Show off your freestyle driving skills andbecome the best motorcycle rider! In the Highway Traffic Bike Rideryou will feel like you are riding a real motorcycle. Ride throughendless traffic and a realistic environment.FEATURES of HighwayTraffic Bike Rider:Realistic game soundsStunning 3DGraphicsRealistic motorcycle handlingTilt steeringEndless gamemodeDifferent motorcycles to choose fromEasy to learn and driveRichtraffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.Highway Traffic Bike Rideris simple yet challenging to play. Just tilt your phone to steeryour motorcycle to the left or right. Accelerate the gas (right)button to speed up and push the brakes (left) button to slow down.The faster you drive the higher you score. Highway Traffic BikeRider 2016 is an exciting motorcycle game, so get Highway TrafficBike Rider, drive through traffic at high speeds and become a realmotorcycle Rider.
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Get ready to enjoy the off road adventure of Off road Coach BusDriving 2016. Travel through the hills and dangerous paths to reachthe destination and also show your coach bus driving skills.Atransport simulation game with extreme off road driving, Not justanother simulation game, this time double the fun and more action.Bus driving gets more exciting when you navigate on the hill roads.Experience a gorgeous hill station like never before. Don’t letcurvy paths and treacherous turns slow you down. The passengers arewaiting, SO HURRY UP!This off road hilly tourist station is famousfor its spectacular scenic views and great weather. All thetourists and the passengers are waiting on the bus stops, to starttheir day. With your timely pickups, great driving skills and beinga polite bus driver, that’s all they need in this Bus drivinggames. This unique bus simulator has three different controls,which will help you roam around in this great environment withoutany hassle and will also help you control the bus efficiently inall these sharp twist and turns. Keep an eye on the speed o meterof the bus, don’t over speed, as the tourists are very important toour valley. Timings are very vital in these bus games, so keep aclose watch on the watch too, as they are all waiting on the busstop and you are the only means of moving them around in this offroad bus driving simulator.Act as a Bus Driver, pick up thepassenger and drive through the dangerous and challenging hillroads and drop the passenger safely at the destination. All thegreat animations and the driving thrill make this off road busdriving as one of the best bus driving games 2016.Features:• Offroad Hill Driving Simulator • Enjoy the Dangerous Mountains, Hills,Steep Paths and Awesome 3D Environment• Incredible Indicators andLights• Amazing Weathers - Thunderstorm, Rain, Sunny Days &Night• Multiple Game play Levels to Accomplish• Pick and DropTourist to their Destinations• Epic 3D Graphics of Curvy Tracks.•Realistic hydraulic physics
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Jungle Werewolf Survival Simulator 3D the latest simulation gamethat offers you the role of the canine prey hunter to hunt downvarious animals. Love animal simulation games, then it’s time totake control of this Giant wolf and attack all but beware there arecarnivore animal like jungle lion, tiger and jaguar.Live the lifeof an Angry Werewolf trying to survive and hunting prey in thejungle. Search for food and fight for survival! Fight for your lifeagainst brutal animals like crocodile attack, dino survival andvampire 2018. Werewolf run in the ferocious jungle in search ofpreys! Show the wilderness and anger of a wild wolf in wolffighting games! Rage off in the jungle and complete animal killingquests!This Vampire 2018 Werewolf tycoon is here for you to unleashhidden cruelty of a real beast. This werewolf Simulator 3D is madefor all lovers of wild dragon games, animal Simulation games andDinosaur games 2018. In this one night werewolf game, you can dowhatever you want in the epic journey fantasy war of medievalkingdom! Complete different wars and battling missions in monsterstrike, kingdoms, lords, and kill different strongest wild animalslike dragons in the werewolf games 2018. This is the perfect timeto unleash the beast in you. The action-packed werewolf simulator2018 provides a realistic 3D effect in the various missionsavailable. Be a ferocious Hunter and hunt down other jungle animalslike jungle Lion, tiger, bison, gazelle, hare, elephant, farmanimals and many more wild animals of jungle.Dive into theatmosphere of grim darkness of our past as a mythical monster! Riseup your fighting, hunting, and survival skills to stay alive, howlon a full moon and enjoy Jungle Werewolf Revenge Horde SurvivalGame 2018.Don’t forget to stay alerted all the time and maintainyour wolf’s health, energy and hunger indicators to survive andhave fun playing Wolf Life Simulator, werewolf fighting games! FreeFeatures:★ Three Different Modes★ Realistic HD Graphics ★ Thrillinghunting challenges★ Realistic Werewolf animations★ Realistic gameplay and cool sound★ Explore the huge environment★ Map includesMountains, Caves, and Rivers★ Dynamic weather including snow andrain storms