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Deer Hunting African Savanna takes you back toyour favourite hobby that is also your ultimate passion, hunting.Deer Hunting African Savanna offers you a lush green africansavanna to spend your leisure time hunting. The deer huntingtrophies are a popular way to show off your passion for hunting andDeer Hunting African Savanna lets you do that. Deer Hunting AfricanSavanna also allows you to showcase your shooting prowess to theworld. Deer Hunting African Savanna has all the elements for you,the ultimate hunter, to enjoy doing what you are so passionateabout.

As a retired solder, a master sniper, you have your most favouritesniper rifle with you. And while living in the country side therehave not been many chances to follow your passion for collectingdeer hunting trophies. Now you have gotten a chance to move toAfrican Savanna to pursue your passion for deer hunting. DeerHunting African Savanna enables you to shoot and hunt deers/stagsand other trophies. Deer Hunting African Savanna is all aboutcollecting deer hunting trophies. You can showoff and improve uponyour sniper shooting skills with your beloved sniper rifle.

Deer Hunting African Savanna offers a vast range of features foryou to follow your passion for deer hunting. Deer Hunting as asport is famous world over, and your goal is to become the best ofthe lot. Deer Hunting world awaits your shooting and sniper prowessand expert skill.

Deer Hunting African Savanna has many features to offer like

★ Beautiful Jungle Environment
★ A great way to enhance and improve your sniper shootingskills
★ A great way to spend time
★ It's FREE
★ Contains amazing 3D graphics animations
★ You don't need an active internet connection to play
★ Deer hunting at its very best with Deer Hunting AfricanSavanna

What are you waiting for? Download Deer Hunting African Savanna andEnjoy!

App Information Deer Hunting African Savanna

  • App Name
    Deer Hunting African Savanna
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 6, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    SMG - Super Megatron Games
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
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In the border town of your country where thereis a lot of crime and criminals use the border to move illegalarms, ammunition and life threatening drugs in your country. Youhave been a trained Police Sniper in your career of over 20 yearsand have been working across the country in several missions whereyour sniper skills and the skills to kill criminals with one haveproven to be the best. Border Police Sniper Battle gives you theability to kill the criminals, drug lords and drug traffickers inyour border area by using your superb police sniper experience andby ensuring that your police sniper skills are not only used butalso improved with each kill of the terrorist. Border Police SniperBattle is the game that allows you to protect your country’sborders by playing the experienced police sniper who fears nothingand kill all criminal elements, drug lords and smugglers. BorderPolice Sniper Battle depicts the story of a brave police sniper whowould stop smugglers and criminal elements and kill them and chasethem down to their eventual end and coming up as the victoriouspolice sniper.You are living a comfortable retired life in your small border townwith the neighboring country, connected through a desert whichmakes the border control patrol very difficult. Recently, there hasbeen an influx of criminal elements despite the sniffing dogs atentry point, terrorists and criminals have been able to breakthrough the security of the desert border police and they are ableto bring in illegal drugs and arms in your town which leads to anincrease in crime. You have been asked by your police department tore-join the police force and play your role as a police sniper tokill the drug lords, terrorists, smugglers and criminal elementswho are crossing the desert border to enter your town that isconnected to the desert. The desert is one of the most difficultterrains to hide and shoot the criminals but your skills areimpeccable as a police sniper to target, shoot and kill theterrorist hiding in town and securing the roofs of their ownedhideouts of your town.Border Police Sniper Battle is the game to play with multiplelevels and an easy to navigate user interface which allows you justfocus on your role as police sniper and just kill, kill and killthe criminal elements, terrorists, drug lords and smugglers.
Prison Escape Survival Island 1.7 APK
Prison Escape Survival Island is the game tolet you escape island prison by fighting off the guards andcompleting missions. Prison Escape Survival Island starts with yougetting unlocked from your prison cell where you are kept as avictim not as a convict. Prison Escape Survival Island allows youto escape the dreaded island and prove your innocence. With PrisonEscape Survival Island you will be able to escape to your countryfrom this dreaded island. Prison Escape Survival Island will ensureyou have the missions to keep you hooked while playing thegame.You have been a secret agent for your country but got caught whilefulfilling a covert mission. Enemy forces have imprisoned you inthe deserted island with hardly any life except for the tightsecurity and guards. Your aim is to fight your way to yourindependence. You will have to use your fist and intelligence toensure you are able to get out of this hell of a jail. Your goal isto get to the escape point after you have dodged the guards andfought them off. With Prison Escape Survival Island you will betested severely while trying to escape and the survival willdepends heavily on your training as a spy. You will have to followthe missions as told or else it would be very difficult to leavethis isolated and deserted island.Prison Escape Survival Island offers amazing features andentertainmet- Beautiful Island Landscape- Realistic Jail Environment- Thrilling Game Play- It's FREE!!- Great Missions to keep you hooked!- Amazing UI/UXEnjoy playing Prison Escape Survival Island!
Prison Escape Bus Transporter 1.7 APK
Prison Escape Bus Transporter would let youget escape from the enemy country's police bus where you are takenfrom the jail to the court. Prison Escape Bus Transporter allowsyou to use multiple skills you have as a trained spy for yourcountry by fighting, running, shooting and driving cars. PrisonEscape Bus Transport would allow you to fight police and securityofficials of the enemy country. Prison Escape Bus Transport wouldlet you chase, fight criminal and on duty police squad of the enemycountry. Prison Escape Bus Transporter would ensure you escapegiven you have necessary skill to change clothes into normalpeople, sneak out of eye sight of the police, fight with the onduty police, use an escape car as well as fight the criminal policethat is taking you to the court house for trial as a spy in theenemy country. Prison Escape Bus Transporter will let you jump outof the bus and break open the door and run without a chase.You are a veteran police officer who has years of experienceworking under cover and you are now asked to goto an enemy countryto serve as an under cover spy but you are caught while doing so.You only hope is to escape the prison during bus transfer and youwill then escape to your country using a helicopter. Prison EscapeBus Transporter lets you fight, kill, avoid chase of, an drive offin a car where a helicopter is waiting for you to take you home.Prison Escape Bus Transporter is the game to show your ultimatesurvival skills by ensuring you dont get caught and you escapepolice custody with a fight and complete your mission of escapingto your own country. You must jump onboard the opportunity toescape the prison bus and fight the cops and criminal police. Youryears of training as a spy allow you to fight, avoid chase anddrive car to safety where a helicopter will take you to the safeland of your own country.Prison Escape Bus Transporter is the best game for prison escapeduring bus transfer. It has different levels and each level has adifferent mission to accomplish. Each mission you complete, you getone step closer to your freedom. Each mission is as important asyour life, so play with all your skill to fight, avoid chase andwin your freedom by ending the game with a helicopter ride.
Sniper Shooter : City Assasin 1.8 APK
Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the missionbased game to free your city of the unlawful elements by playingshooter, sniper and assassin to the enemies of the peace in thecity and bring the city back to its former glory. Sniper Shooter :City Assassin lets you enjoy the immersive 3D experience, withrealistic arms and ammunition powered by the realistic and realcity life experience. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the game toplay for an immersive city life exposure while fighting the crimeand being the assassin, killer and shooter of the terroristsdisrupting peace in the city. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is oneof the best games available based on the city wide terrain to fightcrime and terrorists while giving a real time experience of using asniper rifle to shoot, target and kill the terrorists andassassins.You have been an experienced shooter, killer and a sniper for yourcountry having served in many wars and missions, official missionsor black ops. You are now requested by the government to takecontrol of your city back from terrorist organizations by helpingthem target the people guarding the buildings in the city that arecontrolled by the terrorists for their evil plans. Sniper Shooter :City Assassin has given you the opportunity to target and kill theterrorists and their killer guards by sniper rifle. Sniper Shooter: City Assassin 3D would help let you bring peace back to your cityby utilizing your sniper and target skills by aiming the target onterrorists and killing them by being the terrorist killer andassassin.Sniper Shooter : City Assassin lets you learn the sniper rifleusage in the game as well as help you restore peace in your citywith the three missions that involve you kill, target andassassinate terrorists. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the 3Dgame to shoot, target and kill terrorists.
Flying Army Tank Simulator 1.6 APK
One of the most eye-catching combat scenes inmovies are when the tanks are approaching fast, despite a ruggedterrain, tanks march like a strongly built elephant thats in itsfull swing and focused on the target. Flying Army Tank Simulatorallows you to drive the amazing army tank in modern, city, urbansetting and collect all glowing pins. Flying Army Tank Simulatoralso allows you to fly the amazing army tank and complete all themissions. Flying Army Tank Simulator teaches you to learn tocontrol, move and drive the amazing army tank. Flying Army TankSimulator also makes you a better pilot at flying the amazing armytank.Imagine a city where you have to complete missions by driving andflying the amazing army truck and all that's offered by Flying ArmyTank Simulator. Flying Army Tank Simulator makes you aprofessional, perfect and expert pilot by enabling you to fly withrealistic graphics and be able to complete those missions anordinary pilot will not be able to achieve. Flying Army TankSimulator also makes you a great driver and that too of an amazingarmy tank.Flying Army Tank Simulator comes loaded with many missions andloads of features like:- Beautiful City Environment- Amazingly addictive game play- Multiple levels that challenge your driving and flyingskills- Easy to Use- Beautiful Tank- You will become a better driver and pilot of tank- It's FREEEnjoy Flying Army Tank Simulator, the best 3D Tank flying gameavailable!
Survival Island Gangster Squad 1.3 APK
Survival Island Gangster Squad narrates thestory of the Gangster who gets betrayed by his own squad and gotlocked up in the Jail in a deserted island. Survival IslandGangster Squad is a story of betrayal, lawlessness, gang wars andbattles. Survival Island Gangster Squad would start from the Jailcell and move onto an engaging yet gripping finale of savagebattles between the Gangster and the savages. Animals and beastswould join in as well in this lonesome island presented in SurvivalIsland Gangster Squad. Survival Island Gangster Squad would keepthe player engaged and hooked until the Gangster escapes thisisland and survives.You will be playing the gangster who was betrayed and jailed up inthe deserted island by his squad. Your job would be to ensure youare able to overcome all odds and survive the most gruesome andhorrifying survival stories. The horror and terror in this islandwould remind you of the halloween and the haunting costumes worn onthe Halloween eve. You would have to be successful in overcomingall odds and winning all battles and fights you would have to fightto survive and escape alive from the island. The only goal in mindhas to be the survival and escape. Once escaped from the island,you will be able to live and breathe with freedom.Survival Island Gangster Squad comes loaded with awesomefeatures- A beautiful environment which is thrilling yet haunting just likehalloween- 3D graphics and amazing animations- Understand of what it takes to survive in the Island- To be able to survive is a lesson in itself- thrilling fights and battles- it's FREE!!What are you waiting for? Download Survival Island Gangster Squadand PLAY!!
F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack 1.6 APK
F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack lets youdemonstrate your aircraft and plane flying skills and abilities bytargeting ships, anti aircraft guns and other enemy flying aircraftand plane which are all shooting at you. F16 Fighter Flight AirAttack is the game to learn to engage in air to air combat and gunfight with the enemy warcraft aircraft and plane. F16 FighterFlight Air Attack is the best game available that has missionswhich proceed gradually by raising difficulty levels that you wouldenjoy. F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack is set in background of a airto air, air to land and air to sea combat and war through your waraircraft and it tests your plane flying skills. F16 Fighter FlightAir Attack has different fighting modes that test your gun firingskills, bomb dropping skills and air to air dog fight skills.You are playing an experienced airplane and warcraft aircraft F16fighter pilot who has served his country for decades on a number ofmissions and performed your duty to the best of your abilities.Enemy has attacked your country and your country has asked you togo behind enemy lines and destroy enemy aircraft and other gunsinstalled on land and airplane carriers. Your job is to fight andair to air, face to face air combat using your F16 fighter aircraftand plane. You will have to drop bombs on enemy anti aircraft gunsby dropping bombs on them from air using your F16 fighter aircraftand plane. With F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack you would be able tocomplete the missions and destroy enemy war aircraifts and win thewar for your country.F16 Fighter Flight Air Attack is the best game available on theplay store withMultiple levels to test your skills as an F16 fighter pilotInteresting and realistic gameplayExcellent UX

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ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value