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Defense 3D action-adventure game released!" you're the only onewhocan do it! Tommy and Pillow, dreamland my friends .... Alltogetherdefend Dreamland against the trash monsters!! Tommycarelesslydiscarded trash in the real world has been a monster toattack thedreamland. Tommy is now be a hero to protect the root ofdreamland,the 'dream tree' cooperate with his toy friends. 1. Tommycan betransformed into hero has the ability to discriminate attacksoneach character dragon, zombie and robot. 2. Align each oftheEnglish words, he can summon other friends to Dreamland.3.Dreamland friends can grow up to 6 phases and transformedintothree stages. 4. A variety of different sizes and typesofmonsters, gates, and bosses attack the Dream Tree. 5. Completethestage total of 90 missions.

App Information Defense-RPG Shooting-piloFairy

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    Defense-RPG Shooting-piloFairy
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    September 16, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    서울특별시 중구 소파로 126(예장동 8-145)서울애니메이션센터 A동 303호
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Pilo Interactive Story Book3 2.4.3 APK
-Featured on the iTunes Korea Home Page-Featured on the iTunes Korea Kids > Best for Ages 5-Featured on the iTunes Korea Interactive kids stories-2012 Won in Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Bookscategory)-2012 Won "Grand Prize"in Smart App Awards 2012 (Children'sEducation)-2012 Won “First Prize” in Econovation Award at the KT App CreationContest-2012 Won “Excellence Award” in the Seoul Character Promotion andPitching Contest----------------------------------------------Book department of App store in North America: book 3 ranked 4th(2012. 12)Book department of App store in Japan: book 1 ranked 9th, book 2ranked 11th, and book 3 ranked 12th (2012. 12)Book department of App store in China: book 1 ranked 13th, book 2ranked 19th, and book 3 ranked 17th (2012. 12)Book department of App store in Korea: book 1 ranked 3rd, book 2ranked 5th, and book 3 ranked 6th (2012. 12)Ranked 6th overall at Podgate and 1st in book department (2012.12)Charts at the App store of N Store: book 2 ranked 3rd (2012.12)Selected as Today’s Featured Apps of Appheroes: book 3 (2012.12)----------------------------------------------2012 Selected as pilot support project for Animation pre-productionby the Korea Creative Content Agency--2012 Selected as overseas marketing support project for smartcontent by the Korea Creative Content Agency-2012 Selected as translation support project for smart content bythe Korea Creative Content Agency-2011 Selected as support project for smart content by the KoreaCreative Content Agency-2011 Finalist in the SPP Competition-----------------------------------------------●Pilo series, real-time 3D Story books●3D animation app book, emotion as warm as parents' love●Language education: English/Chinese/Korean recorded byprofessional native dubbing artists----------------------------------------------● Pilo is smart content that is a pure original creation inKorea.● Experience an amazing world of imagination and Pilo, a warmpillow doll, in your dream every night.● 3D animations of friends in the dream world and interactiveeffects suitable for various stories will provide the whole familywith pleasant memories.---------------------------------------------■ Major functionsListening in Korean/English/Chinese: You can listen to the Pilostory in Korean/English/Chinese recorded by professional dubbingartists, while watching animations.Choice of characters: You can choose the main character that youwant, either a boy (Tommy) or a girl (Sunny).Decoration of Pilo: When you choose and change the clothes ofPilo as you want, then it will be applied. If you touch Pilo, therewill be character interactions.Interactions: Scene after scene, funny and wonderful interactiveeffects will increase interest in reading.① Matching the key (Please match the shadow shaped like thepicture to open the door. If it matches, the door will beopened.)② Slicing fruits (Will Pilo be able to slice fruits well, likeFuti?)③ Playing the drum (Let’s practice the drum, which Pilo learnedfrom Tommy.)④ Making a cake (Let's make Toto's birthday cake together. You canmake the shape of the cake you want by moving pieces.)⑤ Making a train (Let’s make a train with Pilo’s magic stars.Please touch the train-like shadow on the bottom of thescreen.)⑥ Traveling by train (We will travel to the moon land where Totolives together with friends. If you touch the train, it will jumpand get a star.)---------------------------------------------● Service Contact: piloworld@gmail.com---------------------------------------------
Pilo English-voice recognition 1.0.2 APK
Voice Recognition Free English ServicePhonics Words Listphonics01(Cc)phonics02(CHch)phonics03(Bb)phonics04(Gg)phonics05(Gg)phonics06(Jj)phonics07(Ll)phonics08(Rr)phonics09(Pp)phonics10(Kk)phonics11(Qq)phonics12(SHsh)phonics13(Tt)phonics14(Dd)phonics15(Ww)phonics16(Aa)phonics17(Ee)phonics18(Ii)phonics19(Oo)phonics20(Uu)phonics21(a.e)phonics22(i.e)phonics23(o.e)phonics24(u.e)
Shaking pilo_talking Doll 1.0.3 APK
Repeat after You (Basic Function) Pilo will repeat you after ithears everything you say for up to 15 seconds. Shaking (After SignIn) If you put your mobile phone inside Pilo and shake it, you canenjoy various sounds. Choice of Emotions (After Sign In) When thereis no sound heard for 5 seconds, Pilo responds according to one ofyour choice of emotions, such as joy, anger, love, pleasure andsorrow. Recording (After Sign In) With pressing the record button,you can record up to 5 files, when you choose the Event in theChoice of Emotions. What you record can be heard when there is nosound for 5 seconds. Pilo Touch (Basic Function) Pilo respondsdifferently to your touch of the head, hands, chest, belly buttonand feet.
Pilo Interactive Story Book2 2.2.2 APK
● Service Contact: piloworld@gmail.com---------------------------------------------
nanobot 1.2 APK
Nanobots is the action games in anexcitingadventure, which covers the body to heal sick people bycombatingthe virus in the body masses.Story ContentOne day, geek three naughty children to play ininter-laboratoryDr. Genius is able to transform into little robotsrightnano-rays.Three boys will make it into the bodies of people infectedbyNanobots to turn into alien virus Nemisis bullion and Dr.fluxreborn as a hero fighting the virus with the masses.In the final section of the game wins showdown with the bossbullionvirus contains the information to obtain and treat theinfected bodyto obtain the vaccine item.Operating methodWhen the screen automatically scrolls to the touch and moveupthe character.
말하는 필로(음성인식-한국어) 1.1.1 APK
사용자가 말하면 음성인식을 통하여 필로가 알아듣고 대답해주는서비스입니다.소리퀴즈가 있어 각종 소리를 듣고 사용자가 한국어로 말하면 정답을 알려주는 서비스입니다.참고 사항1. 어린이 과몰입 방지를 위해 시작 후 15분이 되면 자동종료(필로의 작별인사)되어 메인화면으로 이동합니다. 하지만다시 시작버튼을 눌러 시작하시면 됩니다. 자동종료 시간을 설정하실 수 있습니다. (15분, 30분, 무제한)2. 정확한 음성인식을 위해 인터넷사용을 하고 있습니다. 15분에 1Mbyte가 소요가 됩니다.3. 한국어만 인식을 합니다.----개발자 연락처 :070-8650-6432서울특별시 중구 소파로 126(예장동 8-145)서울애니메이션센터 A동 303호That is a service thatthe user answers Philo is getting through voice recognition.A voice tells the correct answer quiz is a service user to hear avariety of sounds in the Korean words.Note1. (goodbye Philo) automatic shutdown after 15 minutes whenimmersed prevention for children and the moves to the main screen.But if you start by pressing the restart button. You can set upautomatic shutdown time. (15, 30, limit)2. We use the Internet for accurate speech recognition. It will be1Mbyte takes 15 minutes.3. The recognized only Korean.
Faceoff Human 1.0.3 APK
mart fashion bag has a 'NFC tag' inside of thebag so that the phone could showcool images and videos automatically through front cover. TheImages/Videos can beshift variously. Also, Costumers can make their own images andvideos.Patent Application (Domestic)‘Face Off’Ø Patent Application number : 10-2015-0049643Ø Trade Mark Application number : 40-2015-0045870Product contents:1) Surface Fabric : artificial leather; polyester 100%2) Cell Phone Pocket : band (NFC-tag)3) Cover front : Urethane Plastic (touchable)4) Size : Width 34cm, length 38 cm, strap 38cm5) Bag type : Cross Bag6) Color : Black / White7) Weight : 250g8) App Service : Google Play / Apple IOS9) Image : Polypropylene (Using cover front pocket, Images can beshift variously)Application Service1) Service Market: Google Play/ Apple IOS2) Serial number is located inside of the bag.3) Application will be registered by the Serial number4) Choose the video of the image from the Application5) The video you choose will be automatically save. No need toresetting, it will be played automatically when you put the phoneinside of your bag.6) You can have maximum of10 different devices with one serialnumber; bag(If you Download only for one, no further registrationrequired)7) Text supporting languages :Korean/English/Chinese/JapaneseNFC1) NFC function is available for only Android users due to I-phonedoes not support NFC function.2) Turn on the NFC mode from your phone settings.3) When you put your phone with NFC mode, it will automaticallyturn on and show the image you have chosen.4)If you don’t have the Application yet, NFC tag will lead you tothe Google store to install the Application.Face off Applications1) Application set _Monster/human/animal/illustration, andCharacterIf you press the image at the below, you can see the image youchose at the right upper side.Press the button Play.You can setthe sound and the time you want to play.1) Monster 2)human3)animal 4)illustration , and Character< Using variousImages, You can have various Styles.>
스마트토킹필로_성경_예수님이야기 음성인식 말하는인형 1.0.5 APK
"스마트 토킹필로 성경 예수님이야기 출시!!"스마트 토킹 필로 인형을 구매하신 분만 다운로드 부탁 드립니다.따뜻한 감성 캐릭터 베개인형 필로(PILO)와 스마트폰/앱(APP)이 만났습니다.“잠자기 전에 필로와 함께 놀아요~”Information-기본-필로는 100여개의 단어를 인식할 수 있습니다.필로의 말을 끝까지 듣고 아무 말이나 해보세요.-성경퀴즈-'성경퀴즈'라고 필로에게 말해보세요!다양한 성경퀴즈를 듣고 정답을 맞추는 필로의 성경퀴즈를 시작합니다."-성경말씀-'성경말씀' 또는 '예수님이야기1 ~ 5'을 필로에게 말해보세요!다양한 성경이야기를 필로가 재미있게 읽어줍니다."- '예수님이야기1', '예수님이야기2', '예수님이야기3', '예수님이야기4', '예수님이야기5'를 필로가읽어줍니다.-자장가 -'자장가' 또는 '꿈나라'라고 필로에게 말해보세요!잔잔한 오르골 자장가 소리가 아이의 수면을 도와줍니다.주의!필로는 자신이 말하고 있을 때에는 음성인식을 하지 못합니다. 꼭 필로의 말이 끝나고 또박또박 말해주세요!- 필로가 성경퀴즈, 성경말씀, 자장가를 하고 있을 때에 그만하고 싶으면 필로를 쎄게 흔들어 기본상태로돌아갑니다.- 음성인식 키워드 -설명서 참고사용방법1. “토킹필로”(talking pilo)무료앱을 스마트폰에 다운로드하여 설지합니다.2. 위에 있는 인증번호(S/N)를 토킹필로 앱 인증번호(S/N)창에 기입하면플레이할 수 있습니다.3. 토킹필로 앱을 시작버튼을 누르고 필로인형 엽구리에스마트폰을 깊숙히 삽입합니다.4. 토킹필로앱은 음성인식으로 구현됩니다.5. 필로 말이 끝나고 애기해야 인식할 수 있습니다..6. 15분(플레이타임) 이후에는 앱이 자동으로 종료됩니다.7. 안정된 인터넷 네트워크 연결이 되는 곳에서 할 수 있습니다.8. 전화가 오면 앱은 자동으로 멈춰져서 통화를 할 수 있습니다.9. 핸드폰 특성에 따라 기능이 제한될 수 있습니다.10. 안 주머니 전체 전자파차단 특수원단사용 전기파차폐율99.99%페이스북 팬페이지 : https://www.facebook.com/piloworld----개발자 연락처 :070-8650-6432서울특별시 중구 소파로 126(예장동 8-145)서울애니메이션센터 A동 303호"Smart Talking PhiloBible story of Jesus launch!"Smart Talking bought Delivery to download doll pillowplease.Emotional warm pillow doll character Philo (PILO) and smartphone/ app (APP) met this."Chilling with a pillow before bedtime" Information- Basic -Philo can recognize over 100 words.Heard of Philo say anything or try to finish.- Bible Quiz -Please tell Philo called 'Bible quiz!Start a Bible quiz to match the correct pillow to listen to avariety of Bible quiz. "- Bible -Please tell Philo the "Bible" or "1-5 Jesus story!Philo will read a variety of Bible stories is fun. "- 'Jesus Story 1', 'Jesus Story 2, "" 3 Stories of Jesus, "" JesusStory 4', '5 Stories of Jesus "to give Philo a read.- Lullaby -Please tell Philo called 'lullaby' or 'land of dreams'!The gentle lullaby music box sound to help the child sleep.CAUTION!Philo does not recognize your voice when you tell yourself. Justtell me the words of Philo finished neatly!- Philo the Bible Quiz, the Bible, and when you want to stop alullaby ssege shake the pillow to return to the default state.- Speech recognition, keyword -Reference GuideHow to Use1. "pillow talk" (talking pilo) The seolji download the free app onyour smartphone.2. If you write an authentication number (S / N) above the TalkingPillow app certification number (S / N) window   You can play.3. Talking app on the Start button, click Filo Filo doll in opencopper   The deeply inserted into the smartphone.4. Talking Philo app is implemented with voice recognition.5. Philo words can be recognized after the baby.6.15 minutes (playing time) after which the app will automaticallyshut down.7. You can network in a stable internet connection here.8. When the phone so the app can automatically stop the call.9. Depending on the cellphone characteristic features may belimited.10. Do not use a special cloth bag full electromagnetic shield theelectric wave shielding rate of 99.99%Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/piloworld