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Blinkbee’s restaurant app is an online foodordering system that can be assessed via web and mobile. The appcomes out with both rider app and customer app. The customer appwill allow customers to order food online and pay online as well.Once the order is placed, the manager of restaurant receives therequest and processes it further. The rider app enables to checkcustomers' location. Some exclusive features include:

Adding multiple branches
Display menu/ store location
Integrate loyalty software
Fully customizable
Website ordering

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ATM finder 2.1 APK
We often find ourselves, cash-strapped and inthe middle of nowhere, hunting for that ever elusive 'ATM'.Nevermore. With a refined Material Design in place, ATM Finder'sfacelift has been our biggest roll out till date. With an improvedprivacy framework, ATM Finder's geo-triangulation is not justsecure, but fast. ATM Finder's search dynamics now lets you searchand share Bank, location or provider names.
Aa-Ha! 2.0.7 APK
Discharge yourself from the cubicles and setyourself free to work from anywhere using synchronized web app andmobile app.Share Almost AnythingAudio, video, photos, files, docs or anything out there can beshared, synchronized, stored and retrieved across anydevices.Get Act TogetherGroup chat, set tasks for teams, organize a team event, set meetingreminders, schedule a client meet and lot more activities from asingle platform.
CardShopList 1.3 APK
Cardshoplist is the best Group-on clone.Theapplication provides access to deals around the city with purchaseoption.New Feature provides Deals around you on the map withLocation.
HailMyTaxi-Passenger 2.0 APK
HailMyTaxi is a service that relies ontechnology, you can locate the site, closest to your locationtaxis, and hail it from the application. HailMyTaxi allows you tocheck whether a taxi is available in your location, and rate thetaxi service you received.This app helps you verify all the taxi drivers that operate inairports and taxis in the City.Why HailMyTaxi ?* Intuitive and easy to use.* Automatic Geo location with map and GPS.* Current transition the approximate cost of the service prior toconfirmation.* Nips at hand to communicate with taxi drivers.* Emails confirmation to passenger about bookings.* View real-time location of drivers near the pick-uplocation.* You can enter the addresses of agile and easily.* Allows reservations service time before or in real time.
POP 1.0.02 APK
POP is an excellent communication app whichallows the users to chat across multiple mobile platform likeAndroid and iPhone. Users can chat for free and send internationalmessages just using the internet connection. The existing phonebookcontacts are used by the application which makes it very simple forthe user. The best part of the app is that it allows to sendimages, audio, and video messages across the chat. User can alsoparticipate in group chat. Thus POP is a complete solution forfuture generation chatting & messaging system.- Single/Group chat- Phonebook & Contact list- Audio & video message- Pictures/Audio /video files/ location sharing- Advanced notifications- QR code- Offline messages- Catch & share video and images- Friends Invitation by Email & SMS
HailMyTaxi-Driver 1.1.6 APK
The HailMyTaxi allows the taxi drivers tobecome visible to the customers easily via GPS facility. Passengercan contact the taxi driver via the SaaS based engagement method.The driver can keep track ongoing trip. He can manage the profileinformation. The details of the trip such as pick up and droplocation, time, round trip option etc., are received from thepassenger. The approximate fare is calculated based on kilometersand sent to the passenger. The payments can be received via card orcash. The driver app allows to view the statistical informationsuch as jobs done, jobs rejected, driven kilometers etc.Some of the features of HailMyTaxi - Driver app includes:1. Login2. Ongoing trip3. Completed trip4. Profile5. Taxi details6. Pickup/drop location7. Pick up time8. Passenger Mobile number9. Call passenger10. Confirm/reject trip11. Locate on Map12. Fare per Kilometer13. Total/ Actual Distance14. Waiting hours15. Waiting cost16. Notifications17. Statistics
Unieauction 3.0 APK
UnieAuction Mobile ApplicationPresenting the most reliable mobile app for conducting onlineauction. Unieauction manages multiple type of bidding under oneroof. The mobile app connects the user with the auction site atanytime from anywhere. The app supports multiple payment gatewaywhich can assure you of conducting auction securely and pay on thego. Conversion rate can be increased by attracting more mobileauctioneers and customers.The buynow option allows the user to buy products directly atmarket price without participating in auction. The app allows toutilize the autobid option which support automatic bidding withoutmanual interference. Social media is integrated for free sharing ofbidding products and information. Bonus can be earned by sharingthe details on Facebook, Twitter etc. Referral program allows toearn income by referring friends.Notable featuresPower packed platformMultiple bidding typeFully customizableRobust payment methodsMultiple payment gatewayBuy and Sell platformProfessional supportBuyNow optionAutobidSocial media shareReferral programDownload the app today, and start a hassle-free auction businessthrough mobile platform quickly and cost effectively.
MyCity MyTaxi - Driver App 1.0 APK
MyCity MyTaxi is an useful app which allowstobook taxi on the spot via smartphone. Customers can locate allthetaxis within the desired miles of distance. The drivers setthestatus as free, break, or service. Depending on thestatus,customer can engage the taxi. Once when the customercontacts thetaxi they become visible to the driver who will beinformed aboutthe location of the customer (pick up place) andthedrop/destination place. The arrival of taxi can be monitored bythecustomer via GPS facility. The distance and best route isselectedwherein fare is calculated automatically. MyCity MyTaxi isaneasily operable app by drivers with special login. Managersandcompany can monitor the drivers and trips done by themSome of the features of MyCity MyTaxi - Driver app includes* Dashboard with upcoming journey, response status etc* Statistical information like total trip, ratings etc* Driver status* Edit/manage profile* View transaction log* Assigned taxi* Ongoing trip* Completed trips with fare details* Upcoming journey