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    March 13, 2014
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    Via G. Peroni 452 (Technology Park - Tecnopolo Tiburtino) - 00131 ROMA
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Goth-Amok 2.5 APK
“Goth-Amok”-Interactive Book Adventures-Let's launch out into purescience fiction You can read it as a book, play with it as a videogame and download is as an APP! An exciting journey of visualatmospheres of the imaginary, enigmas, mysterious codes andnarrative junctions: you can have fun while moving in that storythat you yourself will have the possibility to change according toyour choices, since in Goth-Amok the real protagonist isYou.Abducted by age-older than men creatures, you wake up obliviousin a cell of a mysterious underground dungeon. After a daringescape, you will find yourself counting just on your own strengthand intelligence to avoid your chasers. Among non-human creatures,odd alleys, traps and riddles to solve, you will have to detect thereasons of your abduction and find the road throughout theunderground laboratories up to the ruins of the lost land, whereGoth-Amok, the portal on the Elsewhere begins. An unprecedentedstory. A great adventure at the edge of reality. The destiny of ourand other, strange worlds...depends upon you.MAIN FEATURES:-Management of the protagonist's phobias that influence the gameexperience; - Save of the game progress made throughout thebookmarks allowing the player to start again from chosen points toselect new roads; - System of mini aims (achievement) throughoutthe game and comparison with the other players.- Captivatingriddles and cosmic symbols: the dice rolls are a distant memory; inGoth-Amok, in some moments is fate or the randomness of the momentthat occurs along the route to release the values of events. Theoutcome each time is different and so the story too takes differentshades.- Section Combat: at some times, if you want to find out howthe story continues will have to fight with your enemies, guardiansand creatures of Goth-Amok underground passages, which coming outfrom the plot of the story. So you can measure yourself with yourown psycho-physical characteristics.- Animated backgrounds andseductive design.- Introduction video, music, illustrations andunpublished visual atmospheres carefully detailed.- Test yourselfexploring the mysteries of Goth-Amok.http://www.goth-amok.com
Leonardo da Vinci - il genio 3.0 APK
La più completa APP su Leonardo da Vinci, un uomo d'ingegno e ditalento universale.L'APP è suddivisa in 4 sezioni: La Vita, LeOpere, I Disegni e Letteratura.Leonardo da Vinci è inoltreun'applicazione ricca di immagini, foto e curiosità sul genio delRinascimento.The most complete APP on Leonardo da Vinci, a man oftalent and universal talent.The APP is divided into 4 sections: TheLife, The Works, Drawings and Literature.Leonardo da Vinci is alsoan application full of images, and curiosity about the genius ofthe Renaissance.
Sergio Leone 1.0 APK
Una prima APP gratuita per omaggiare il Re del Western SergioLeone, uno dei pochi registi italiani di assoluto prestigiointernazionale (la sua impronta è infatti rimasta impressa nellastoria del cinema: nel dirigere i suoi capolavori dipingeva infattidei veri e propri affreschi).L’APP è suddivisa in quattro sezioni,che oltre alla biografia illustrano le caratteristiche tecniche eartistiche del regista, i suoi capolavori nonché alcune curiositàmeno conosciute su Sergio Leone (non tutti sanno che i primi filmdi Carlo Verdone sono stati prodotti proprio dal genio del westernperché era amico di suo padre Mario Verdone).A first APP free topay homage to the King of Western Sergio Leone, one of the fewItalian directors of prestigious international (his mark has infact remained etched in the history of cinema: in directing hismasterpieces painted frescoes in fact real).The APP is divided intofour sections, which in addition to the biography illustrating thetechnical and artistic director, his masterpieces as well as somelesser known curiosities of Sergio Leone (not everyone knows thatthe first film was produced by Carlo Verdone own genius thewesterns because he was a friend of his father Mario Verdone).
App 'Delta Star PicturesApp 'Delta Star Pictures