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With this fantastic hobby you can fix the most rotten mouths andall kinds of oral cures! In no time you open your own dental officeand all city people want to come to you for counsel and cures themof their mouths. You can specialize in pediatric dentistry anddental surgery and complete all your career. You must be carefulnot to let them no harm, for it will not come back and have toclose your business.To hold them harmless you have at your disposalall the necessary tools: calipers, mirrors, anesthesia, syringes,catheters, vacuum saliva, spatulas ... etc. You'll have to whitenteeth if they come with yellow wheels, get the wheels if they arerotten, fix cavities if they are chopped, remove tartar to bleedinggums heal them. For people with misplaced teeth moved and you canplace them dental, fixed or removable appliances so they lookperfect smile. You look capable of performing the task withoutcausing pain? You just have to get started and show your skillswithout causing any damage.This is your chance to start your careerand make money, have to serve them as they come very bad mouth andmake it happen again to go keeping it in good condition. You shouldadvise them not to eat foods so that your teeth do not bite, suchas candy, sugar, pastries ... etc. Who said that going to thedentist is painful?

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    Dentist Mouth Games
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    April 27, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Nadine Games
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