1.0.4 / May 12, 2015
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Planet Lizzie is dumping their criminal iguanas into Earth'satmosphere with a prison UFO in a brazen deportation exercise.Needless to say, the heartless humans don't allow it! They try tothwart the clever deportation plan with its army of animal defenseforce (ADF). The fate of these poor deported iguanas is now in yourhand. Can you maneuver the iguanas around as they drop down, tohelp them evade the ADF comprising spike-wheel hamsters, kungfuflamingos, steel-necked giraffe, camel copters and durian-flingingninja octopus?Simply tap and hold to move the iguana in onedirection, and release the finger to move it in another direction.Pick up precious gems that the careless humans fling into the sky,in order to build a new home with fellow deported iguanas in thenear future.Key features:- Developed with Unity and optimized forIntel x86 mobile devices.- Casual one-tap gameplay mechanic withextreme hilarity, addictiveness and love.- Gorgeous Unity enginegraphics and effects;- 30 levels of reflex challenge and comicrelief; An endless mode is unlockable in the end;- 10 onlineleaderboards to conquer - Are you among the world's best iguanasaviors?- 10 hair-pulling achievements to unlock;- Nomicro-transactions. No pay to win.

App Information Deported Iguana

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    Deported Iguana
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    May 12, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    CKS Studio
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    50, Choa Chu Kang North 7, #03-06, Singapore 689527
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Numerous adds a refreshingly addictive twist to a traditional butwildly popular 'clear the numbers' puzzle game formula.As the basicgame rule (such as the one adopted by Drop7), you drop number tilesonto a game board from the top, and number tiles that equal thenumber of tiles in a contiguous row or column of tiles are removed.There are hidden tiles which must be revealed by removing itsneighbouring tiles before they can be used. As game levelincreases, a new row of hidden tiles are added from the bottom, soyou must clear the tiles as fast as you can.Numerous adds a newtwist to this: if you trigger chains of removals, you earn bonusitems that you can use to get you out of knotty situation. Thesebonus items are:- increment item, which adds 1 to a tile value.-decrement item, which subtracts 1 from a tile value.- swap item,which interchanges two tiles.- bomb, which reveal or remove atile.As the level increases, hidden rows rise faster, but morebonus item slots are opened up, thus requiring you to graduallychange your strategy. As you are free to apply the bonus items toany tile you like, you're always in control of the situation, evenas it progressively becomes insanely challenging.Features of thegame:- Refreshing, addictive twist to a classical number gameformula.- Challenge you to change your strategy as levelincreases.- 10 leaderboards that pit you against the world's best,and 10 achievements to unlock.
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You've been transported to the world of Floras. By noble decree,you are tasked to build a floral kingdom on a magical hexagonalland where colorful flowers blossom all seasons and the sky rainspotpourris day and night.Floras is the latest puzzle game based onnumber fusion. 6 is a sacred number in Floras. Slide your finger inone of 6 directions to place a new color tile on a hexagonal grid(6 again!). Adjoining tiles of the same color fuse to become ahigher level tile. A level-36 tile turns into a floral castle,which can no longer be fused further. Create as many floral castlesas possible on the hexagonal grid until you run out of space ortime. The more floral castles you make, the higher you score, andthe more beautiful your floral kingdom becomes!As you progress tohigher levels, powerups appear to aid you in your kingdom building.An hourglass powerup help you reset the clock. A bomb powerup helpyou clear away single tile, preventing you from getting stuck.There are more ... but you'll just have to discover themyourself!Features:- 16 levels of insane addictions with increasingchallenges that will leave you hooked for weeks!- 10 challengingachievements to unlock.- 10 leaderboards to compete with masterfloral castle architects around the world. Go beat their scores!-Entrancing celtic folk tunes that will teleport you to a mythicalland of medieval fantasy.- IAP to remove ads and unlock 4 morebonus game boards.
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In year 2202, the National Interstellar Research Center ofSingapore stunned the world with a remarkable prototype of 'QuantumLeaper'. With this groundbreaking invention, the scientists areable to transport physical matters to a location light years awayin a matter of hours. In theory, they will be able travel to thebrightest nebula 1300 light years away - the Orion Nebula - in amatter of months.Two hundred years later, that theory is ready tobe tested. China builds a fleet of interstellar fighter jets atHarbin and outfit them with the Quantum Leaper. Their mission is toexplore the Orion Nebula to discover signs of life and to colonizeresource-rich planets. To safeguard against potential hostility,the fighter jets are equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, to beused against unfriendly alien life forms.The Quantum Leaper bringsthem to the brightest star of the Orion Nebula - star A. Two veryadvanced civilizations are discovered - an insectoid race, Zig, anda humanoid race, Proz. Unfortunately, without a means ofcommunication, the human is unable to deliver their peacefuldiplomacy. In no time, Zig and Proz form an alliance to launch afierce, high-tech military attack on the human.You're the pilot ofone of the fighter jets. Can you survive the allied alien forcesand return to earth safely?- Confront 14 types of enemies that dealunique and challenging attacks.- Personalize your gameplayexperience with a wide range of upgrade options and difficultyranks.- Engage in visually dazzling and atmospheric battles whilesoaking youself in adrenanlin-pumping techno music.- Compete ononline leaderboards and unlock 10 achievements.
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Digi Crush invites you to a world of addictive number-clearingfrenzies!Digi Crush is a unique puzzle game based on anumber-clearing mechanic. Tap two adjacent Digi birds (a Digi bird+ one of its 8 neighbours). If the numbers on their cards computeto a target value by either addition, subtraction, multiplicationor division, the two birds fly away! Do not let the birds reach thetop or it's game over!As the game progresses, new rows of DigiBirds are being rapidly added, and the player must clear thenumbers as fast as possible. Powerups are earned in the process tohelp overcome tricky situations. For example, there is a timepowerup for slowing time, bombs for clearing whole rows or columnsof birds.Features:- 15 challenging achievements to unlock and 3leaderboards.- 4 types of powerups to help get out of panickysituations!- 3 difficulty modes enable playing at casual pace orbreakneck speed!- Cute graphics and adorable Digi birds that sendyour heart ... err ... aflutter ;)!- Tremendous education benefit.You'll be able to do speedy mental maths in no time.
Word Bridge 1.1.9 APK
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Link up all the islands by building bridges with WORDS. Connect thewords by overlapping them at common/shared letters (i.e. like aCrossword puzzle). You must use all the given words, and you mustonly build one interconnected bridge structure. Can you tackle 40levels of mind-bending word puzzles?Features:- 40 levels ofmind-bending puzzles that also teach new English words!- Compete onleaderboards with the best bridge builders from around the world!-Soothing sea wave sound that makes u feel like you're on vacationas you play!
Diving Kitties 1.1.4 APK
CKS Studio
Join feline diving experts, Kaikai and Jinjin, on an underseafishing expedition! Catch as many fishes as possible until they runout of health! While common fishes like Dory, Sea Bass, Snapper canfetch some decent gold, precious and rare fish like the BlueMerlin, Golden Arowana and Walking Fish can net some BIG money!Avoid dangerous fishes like Shark, Angler and Puffer Fish untilyou've the invincible powe-up!Diving Kitties is the underwaterversion of your favorite runner game. Swim as far as possible, andcatch as many fishes as possible. The further the kitties swim, themore dangerous fishes they'll encounter. Help the kitties survivefor as long as they can!Features:- Cute fishes, cute kitties andjoyful undersea music!- 7 powerups: - Health boost: replenish 10%health - Speed up: kitties spin at x2 the speed - Magnet: drawnon-dangerous fish toward the kitties. - Invincible: kitties cannotbe harmed, allowing them to catch dangerous fish! - Double cash:fishes are worth twice the usual price! - Boomerang: Catch allfishes in the path of a flying boomerang. - Snail: Slow down allfishes, allowing easy catching.- 10 Leaderboards for you to recallyour best hauls and 10 achievements to unlock!