1.0 / July 9, 2018
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Mission Desert Soldier Strike : It is one of the best strike gameina beautiful middle east desert. Be a best commando as you havebeencalled to show your sniper shooting skills, being an elitesniperuse assault guns to take a enemy under control. You can takeheadshot of enemies. You are only one and there are many enemies.Snipeand shoot your enemy before they hunt you down within thelimitedtime in this real gun shooting game. The moment you fireit, moveyour foot your gunshot and footsteps will be heard &enemy wouldget to know about your presence, so start shootinguntil every oneof them is down in your mission! ==GAME FEATURES==★Get a chance tobe a commando in this game. ★ Auto Shoot optionavailable. ★ AAAquality modern graphics with easy controls!★ 30Weapons: guns,pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, ak47★Small size (40MB, No additional downloads)★ Perfect optimizationeven for weakdevices!★ Enemies can hear your gun sound and footsound, so becareful. ★ Take a Sniper headshot so that otherenemies cannot bealerted. If you are dead don’t forget where youget hit for counterstrike get your revenge in next game. Are youready to strikecounter enemies?

App Information Desert Soldier Strike

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    Desert Soldier Strike
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    July 9, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    ActionCrab Games
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    Kantstraße Berlin, Berlin 10625 Germany
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