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Dome is one of the architectural elements are always used. He isshaped like half a ball, or a curved surface such as a cone out.There is also a form of 'dome plate' (due to the low peak and alarge base) and the 'onion dome' (as almost like the shape ofonions).Usually the dome will be placed at the highest point on topof the building (as the roof). He was placed on the frame of thebuilding plot by using a layover dome (pendentive).The dome can beconsidered as a gate that is screwed to the frame buffer. Thismeans the dome has a great structural strength. Just as the bridgegate depressed, the dome can be made of brick and concrete course,depend on the power of pressure and shear. However, modern dometypically made using aluminum alloy, keluli or reinforced concreteas a frame and compacted with pieces of aluminum, copper,polycarbonate or glass as necessary.

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