1.0 / July 18, 2017
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Start the carnage and Inhale the petrol fumes! The game offersvarious tracks and events across the nation for endless racing anddestruction driving pleasure. GAME FEATURES- Choose manythoroughbred all American (USA) muscle cars- Customize and improveyour car by fitting upgrades- Intense high speed racing action-Choose and modify control system to facilitate your driving style-Explore multiple events like last car driving and demolition raceswhich are in arena, 8 track, speedway and ovals.- Real-time cardestruction and damage deformation using our crash physics engine-Realistic car wreckage and debris simulationRACE TRACK &SPEEDWAY EVENTSDrive on race and speedway tracks which is quite achallenging experience. These races are known as banger racing andare sometimes called as enduro racing elsewhere. Race on dirt, racetracks and try to win by reaching the finish first or throughendurance as you disable your opponents and survive to be the lastman standing after the racing carnage. You need to have gooddriving skills to win on this (dirt) race track, it will surelysatisfy your quest for destruction GAME-PLAY INFORMATIONHave funsmashing and destroying your adversaries, In this derby simulatorprotecting your car and giving car damage to others is the key tobecoming victorious. Smash rivals from the side of their vehicle orfrom the rear. You can also opt for a reckless head-on collisionsbut survival is not guaranteed as engine might die or cause otherextreme damage to occur. Boost the damage you inflict on an rivalby using the nitro boost. All the Nitro boosts can be purchasedbefore the race.CAR UPGRADESPick from various cars genres likeMuscle, Stock car, or even an Armored pick-up truck. All of themhave their own superb handling and drift capabilities. Buy upgradesand use armor upgrades to strengthen your endurance; or engineupgrades to boost your speed! Wins let you earn more money &cash during wreckfest races!Tune your car and join the mayhem as weget into some wreckfest in 2017. Let this demolition derby gameswhirlpool you around your rivals and give you the ultimatedemolition derby game experience now!ARENA DEMOLITION DERBIESTheseare traditional demolition derby events that are run in an arena.All the drivers must start in opposite directions and try to smashthe other cars and be the last man standing to win the race.

App Information Destruction Derby 3D : Demolition

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    Destruction Derby 3D : Demolition
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    July 18, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Racing Games.
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    Trump Tower, Suite 502, 55th Floor, 721 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022 (Midtown Center) U.S.A
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